he wants to know your opinion on him

Comfort Sentence Starters, Part II

“Hey, it’s all right. Everybody argues sometimes.”
“Just because you didn’t agree doesn’t mean it’s over.”
“The fact that you fought means s/he cares enough to want to change your opinion.”
“Come on, you know that doesn’t really matter to her/him.”
“No, don’t say that. You’re going to be okay.”
“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.”
“It isn’t anyone’s fault. Sometimes love just changes.”
“You gave it your best shot, that’s all anyone could ask of you.”
“I’m here and I love you.”
“ I don’t care if you need to stay up crying all night long, I will stay with you.”
“Love is never a waste and you know that.”
“We don’t have to talk about it right now, but I’m here if/when you want to.”
“Just because it happened once doesn’t mean it’ll happen again.”
“You are beautiful and capable and strong. You’ll overcome this.”
“I’m sorry you’re hurting so much.”
“You’re not alone in this. I’m here for you.”
“You are important and you matter.”
“When all this is over, I’ll still be here and so will you.”
“I can’t really understand what you are feeling, but I can offer my compassion.”
“You won’t drive me away. I’m not going to leave you or abandon you.”

The Eleven Satanic Rules Of The Earth
  1. Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.
  2. Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them.
  3. When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.
  4. If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy.
  5. Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.
  6. Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved.
  7. Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained.
  8. Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.
  9. Do not harm little children.
  10. Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food.
  11. When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.

A Love Like War

rating: explicit

words:  173835 (eighteen chapters)

pairing: Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles

tags: famous louis, professor harry, lots of angst


“I want your help.”
“Are you sure validation isn’t the right word?” Harry frowns. “Because, Louis, my professional opinion won’t change just because you’re being nice.”
“I don’t want your professional opinion on my work to change. I wanna do better work, so you and everybody else can have a new opinion”, he states simply.

Or: the one in which Louis Tomlinson is a cliched rock star, he’s got everything except for love. But then he meets Harry Styles; the man that, against all odds, saves him in every way a person can be saved, even when Louis didn’t know he needed saving in the first place.

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Dating Bambam would include

!! oops sorry i wasn’t clear haha i meant can you write a “dating bambam would include” list😅❤ hehe thank you❤

Note: Ah I see what you mean! That’s what I get for not reading things properly! I’m very, very sorry! Here is your request!


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  • Him asking for your opinion on his hair before anyone else after it gets dyed because 1) your opinion means the most, and 2) it gives him an excuse to send you selcas and 3) nothing fuels his ego more than being complimented from you
  • So many messages 
  • Especially when he’s on tour
  • You’ll have so many updates through messenger, snapchat and snow - which makes you question how much work he actually gets done during the day. 
  • Him dedicating a day to cuddling with you when he gets back from tour because god knows he’s needy and wants those cuddles
  • So much skinship
  • Kisses on your face and hands and the rest of your body
  • His band members spending about 80% of their time telling the two of you to get a room or teasing you both
  • Bambam ignoring them because he’s “too mature” for them
  • Grumpy maknae
  • But always cheers up when you give him a reason too, mainly through kisses and hugs and spontaneous dates
  • And that’s what he loves so much about you because you spend so much time dedicated to making him happy and he fully supports that and does the dame for you. 
  • Expect random presents from him, especially after tours because- 
  • “I saw it and it made me think of you”
  • Which can sometimes lead to you having very strange, random objects in your house. 
  • “What an interesting ornament you have there, what it is {y/n}”
  • “Honestly Mum, I haven’t got a clue what it is.” 
  • Him loving to travel with you and taking you to places you’d never been before 
  • Taking you on a tour around his home town in Thailand and teaching you some simple phrases in the language 
  • Being so proud when he finds out that you love it all. 
  • Honestly, just being the cutest couple ever tbh
  • Him holding your hand and kissing you in public when you’re anxious because he knows it soothes you 
  • Doesn’t really give a shit about what the press says because he loves you and that means more than everything to him. 
  • True happiness when the dating ban is lifted even though he’d been dating you for ages before that anyway

Night time

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  • This maknae may looks as though he’s all sweet and innocent but don’t be fooled
  • He can be very charming and seductive when he wants to be 
  • Not to mention sexy af
  • But you probably shouldn’t tell him that unless you want his ego to blow up like a balloon 
  • But putting all of the sexy stuff aside, he is very sweet 
  • And sometimes just really wants to lie next to you
  • It feels so real for him
  • Holding you in his arms
  • He can’t help but think about hos lucky he is to have you in his life and how you love him like you do
  • Sometimes he’ll just hold you in his arms, running his fingers through your hair and grinning because he’s just so happy about you and about life that he can’t help but just grin as he drifts off to sleep. 
Where did the knife go?

Sangwoo has it.

I think Sangwoo fully intended on stabbing and killing the police officer. He thought he was 100% onto him and was posing a threat. After all, he knew that he’d seen the dash cam footage.

As far as Sangwoo was concerned, Yoonbum was in the closet, hence why he asked if the officer wanted to look in there and why he was so confused that he wasn’t actually in there.

This is my take on it. Feel free to share your opinions?

I know this chapter came out last week and i’m a bit late to the party ahah.

Do You think Newt ever went through a suicidal part in his life?

I dont know why but I really want to know what y’all think. I mean, he lived in the shadow of his older brother, he wasn’t very popular in school. He had Leta but she was just using him. A part of me wants him to be but I think it’s just my own selfish want because I really want to connect with Newt in this way. What is your opinion?

right in the feels
I do ship destiel as many other fans but I think it’s wrong to hate on jensen because he’s telling the TRUTH. It’s like telling a child that santa isn’t real. Jensen doesn’t deserve this and I’m not angry and disappointed at all although I always shipped destiel. Dean loves cas just as much as he loves Sam, they’re family. I just think that some of us want to see this because of the special bond between dean and cas you know cas gave everything up for dean and that shows how much he must love him. Same did dean for cas. But this show isn’t about romance or anything like that it’s about friendship and FAMILY. If you have a different opinion then it’s your problem but it’s not ok to treat jensen like that because he just answered the question that he was asked.

The Bad Touch

Reid x Reader smutty smut smut

It was 2am by the time Spencer crawled into bed with you and you were silently fuming.

This week was meant to be his annual holiday, his time off from the BAU that they couldn’t take away from him. You knew his job was important, you’d known that ten months ago when you’d started dating following a two month flirtation every weekend in the book store you worked at. But it didn’t stop you being pissed. His request for leave had been granted six weeks ago, and you’d had a week full of activities planned which included meeting your parents who were only in town for a few days.

But on Monday his phone had buzzed. You’d begged him not to answer it, knowing it would be his boss. He didn’t want him to come in, only wanted to email over a map and some coordinates for Spencer to take a quick look at and give his opinion. But Spencer had gone in instead, calling you four hours later from the jet.

Okay so there had been three children’s lives at risk. You’d been annoyed but you’d followed the case on the news and earlier today, the unsub had been apprehended, victory for the team. Your boyfriend, a hero yet again.

What had pissed you off was that you knew Spencer was back in town. He’d text you from a bar where he’d been dragged out to celebrate with his team. There wasn’t even an apology or a “come out and meet us.“ Just a “We’re back, I’ll be around tomorrow, I’m just out for a drink to celebrate, Derek forced me out.”

You texted him back telling him you missed him and could he not come over now? After all, this week had meant to be your time together, you were due back at work on Monday and you’d hardly seen him. He replied two hours later saying he was on his way back and would use the key you’d gave him two months ago, and to go to bed; he’d meet you in there.

That was pushing ninety minutes ago.

He finally staggered into the bedroom nearly falling over as he tried to take his clothes off. Slipping into bed, he tried to cuddle you but you shrugged him off.

“Y/N? What’s wrong….” he slurred his words ever so slightly, a strong stench of whiskey emanating from him.

“Can you really not figure it out? This week was meant to be our week together. And this is the first time I’ve seen you since Monday morning and you’re wasted,” you hissed at him.

“Everyone…. Everyone kept buying me drinks, they wanted to congratulate me.”

Of course they did, because it had been his breakthrough that has solved the case.

Didn’t make it any better for you though.

“You didn’t have to take them though. Hell you shouldn’t have even been on the case. I’m glad it was solved and everything Spencer but I’ve wasted almost a week of my holiday here for nothing. You could have come straight here to me tonight, or even text me and asked me to come and meet you, I would have been happy with that. But no. It’s 2am on Saturday morning. And you’re fucked.”

You shrugged off his touches again, rolling to the edge of the bed and pulling the blanket tightly around you. You could almost hear the cogs in Spencers brain turning, trying to think of something to say to make this better but eventually he gave up. Sighing a huge breath, he rolled over himself and within minutes was snoring lightly.

“Y/N….. Y/N…. Wake up.”

Someone was rocking your shoulder gently trying to drag you out of the dream you’d been having. You’d been riding a rollercoster with Ned Stark and Tate Langdon. Weird….

Opening your eyes and rubbing them, you could see Spencer crouched down by the bed.

Any normal person would have been still passed out next to you, sleeping off their hangover. But not Reid. You’d quickly discovered that he didn’t get hangovers, ever. How, you did not know, but science totally needed to study him to find out why.

You pursed your lips at him giving him a look. So not only had he pissed you off royally already, but he was waking you up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday.

“What time is it?” you demanded to know, your tone harsh.

“It’s erm…. 9am.”

Alright not quite the crack of dawn, but still.

“I made you breakfast in bed,” he told you with a hopeful smile on his face.

You glanced past him seeing a tray balanced on the bedside table. So he had.

Well, that was something.

You wiggled into a seating position, your back against the pillows and headboard as Spencer positioned the tray over your lap, sitting on the edge of the bed next to you.

Orange juice and hot coffee, pancakes and bacon slathered in maple syrup just how you liked them.

You looked at the food, your stomach letting out a tiny rumble. It definitely appreciated the sight and smell of the food. Glancing at Spencer you saw him watching you intently.

“I’m still mad at you,” you told him, taking a sip of the coffee.

“I know. I’m gonna try and make it up to you today.”

Spearing a piece of pancake with your fork, you raised it to your mouth asking “How?” before devouring the food.

“Well, when you’ve finished your food I thought we could go out and spend a few hours at the zoo. I’ve checked out the feeding time for the elephants and if we get there at the right time, we can get up real close.”

Elephants. Your favourite animal ever.

“Keep talking… ” you continued eating.

“And then this evening, we can order take out and have a Disney film marathon.”

He was slowly wearing you down.

“Still doesn’t quite make up for missing a week full activities.” The food was delicious and you swilled the remaining few pieces down with orange juice.

“I know. That’s why tomorrow we’re catching the amtrak to New York. I’ve book us tickets to Wicked and then we’re staying over.”

“I have work Monday,” you reminded him.

“You don’t. Hotch gave us all Monday off. I called in a favour with your boss. Penny used to work in a bookstore when she was in college. She’s gonna cover your shift.”


“And I’ve called your parents and assured your mother that yes, I do in fact exist and will definitely be coming home with you for thanksgiving break. Hotch has already granted the leave considering I came in and gave up my holiday this week. I’m sorry. I’m still new at this relationship stuff. I’ll try harder.”

How could you be angry now? Like seriously.

You set your knife and fork down, finishing off the OJ before Spencer took the tray off your legs.

“Are we okay?” he asked softly.

“We’re okay. I know your job is important but if we’re going to work, then I have to be important too. You’re entitled to time off, in fact; you need and deserve it or else you’ll burn yourself out.”

“I know. And you are important to me. I hope you know how much?”

He leant in and brushed a loose lock of your hair back, before cupping your chin and bringing his face close to yours, licking his lips.

You knew that look…

“Morning breath… I haven’t brushed yet.”

He shrugged, “You’ll taste of coffee and OJ. And even if you didn’t, I don’t care.”

“I do though. I’ll be right back,” you pushed him gently away and slid out of bed, padding out of the room and into the bathroom.

Quickly squirting toothpaste onto your brush you began to clean your teeth. Hearing a noise, you glanced to the door and saw that Spencer had followed you and was leaning against the door frame.

“Stop watching me!” you exclaimed, toothpaste dribbling down your chin.

“Why?” he slid into the room, coming to stand behind you and resting his hands on your waist.

“Because! This is hardly a sexy sight, Spencer.”

“White stuff dribbling out of your mouth…. I’ll just pretend it’s something else,” he grinned and you laughed, spitting into the sink.


“I try.”

You began to rinse with fresh water as Spencer pulled your hair to one side, softly kissing your neck just under your ear lobe. You sucked in your breath quickly almost choking on the water, he knew you were sensitive there. You could feel his mouth curling into a smirk, his hands slipping under the hem of your tank top and skating over your tummy, meandering upwards to your chest.

Leaning forward slightly, you spat again into the sink, your butt nudging against Spencer’s front and feeling something hard. His hands moved higher, cupping your breasts under your top.

“Spence…. Come on. I’m trying to do something here,” you whined, wishing he’d just let you get on with this so you could get back to bed with him.

“So am I. I’m trying to make it up to you,” he nibbled the outer shell of your ear as his fingertips grazed over your nipples eliciting a gasp from your lips.

“So let’s go back to the bedroom then….. ” you breathed out, your eyes half closed as he work his hands over your now puckered chest, pinching and tweaking the way he knew you liked.

“Nah… It occurred to me earlier that the bathroom is one of the few places we’ve not done it.”

“Because my shower is tiny and you wouldn’t fit in my bathtub,” you wriggled backwards, nudging against him with your butt.

“Yes but the cabinet your sink is on is fairly sturdy. Just roll with me here, I’m a genius; I’ve got this sussed.”

“If we break my sink, you’re buying me a new one,” you gave in to him, one of the his hands had slipped downwards into your bottoms and was stroking against your panties.

“Fair enough.” You could hear the triumph in his voice and he removed his hands from their positions on your body and quickly spun you around so that you were facing him. Cupping your face with his hand he ran his thumb across your bottom lip, your mouth parting for him and darting out to swipe over the tip.

“Now that you’re minty fresh, I can do this,” Lowering his head his pressed his lips against yours, softly at first and then quickly moving urgently against your mouth.

Tilting your head to avoid your noses knocking you matched his pace, letting out a short moan as he sucked your lip into between his, nibbling it. You reached your hands out to touch him, moving straight to his groin. He stepped back, still keeping his mouth to yours. Pulling his lips away slightly he whispered, “Nope. This is about me making things up to you remember. No touching me until you’ve come at least once.”

He resumed his kisses before you had chance to respond, his hands starting to roam over your body, pulling your nipple through your top as he passed over them. You groaned into his mouth. Reaching the bottom of your tank top he gripped the fabric and yanked it upwards, breaking the kiss so he could pull it off you.

“Better,” he announced, his eyes drifting to your chest. Crouching to the floor, he slipped his fingers under the waist band of your sleep shorts and pulled downwards, dragging your underwear down too. He lifted your legs one by one and tossed the garments to one side. “But THIS is even better.”

Spencer started kissing up your leg, soft kisses followed by nips with his teeth and short licks with his tongue, he slowly worked his way up your body until he reached your chest.

Now level with your breasts he let out a slow blow, his breath cool against your hard peaks. Dashing his tongue out, he flicked it roughly against one and you reached back and gripped the edge of the cabinet to steady yourself. Looking up at you and smirking, he pursed his pink lips and wrapped them around your nipple, sucking it into his mouth.

“Ugh,“ you let out a small groan followed by a much longer one as he worked his mouth on you, flicking his tongue rapidly and sending ripples of pleasure straight through you.

Not wavering in his motions he gripped the leg that was closet to the bath tub and raised it so it was bent at the knee and resting on the edge of the tub. Tracing a line with his fingertips from your foot all the way up to the top of your thighs, he stopped when he reached your most sensitive parts. You whimpered in anticipation of his next move, your breath hitching in your throat as he teased your chest.

“Am I forgiven yet?” he asked releasing you from his mouth and peppering kisses across your breasts until he reached your other nipple, never the type to favour one over the other.

“If I say yes does that mean you’ll stop?” you rasped.


“Then no, you’re not forgiven.”

“I’ll just have to work harder then won’t I?” he responded, latching on to your other nipple, biting down on the already hard nub and swirling his tongue over it.

“Oh fuck Spence…. ”

His fingers started to move again slipping between your legs where you were already wet for him. Dipping his finger inside you, he coated his finger in your excitement before dragging it forward to your clit. Using your own wetness as lubricant, he began to massage your clit.

Your gasps become more frequent, your breathing turning into panting as he played with your sensitive nub, alternating between slow, torturous circles and rubbing it from side to side, increasing the pressure. His lips on your chest and his hand working magic between your legs, it wasn’t long until you were a quivering mess, your fingers gripping the solid wood of the cabinet to keep yourself from collapsing.

“Fuck…. Oh fuck… Oh… Oh god… ”

“Come for me, Y/N,” he murmured, his words vibrating through your chest. He adjusted his hand quickly, exchanging his fingers for his thumb on your clit, the wider pad of it pressing against you as his slipped two fingers inside you. Curling them gently and rocking them back and forth, he increased his momentum on your clit and had you clenching around him in seconds, his name on your lips as you come.

Satisfied with your cries, he waited for you to stop moaning before retracting his hand from you and standing, his legs cracking slightly as they straightened up. Placing his hands to your hips, he lifted you onto the edge of the cabinet, being careful not to push you too far back or risk your butt falling into the empty sink.

Pushing his own pants and boxers down, you watched as Spencer gripped his cock, stroking it a few times before positioning it at your entrance and pushing quickly in.

You both groaned as he filled you completely. No matter how many times you do this, you’re still amazed at how perfectly you slot together.

Spencer lowered his head to yours, catching your lips in another mouth watering kiss as you wrapped your legs around his waist as he started to thrust.

You held fast to the cabinet, not letting him drive you backwards with his force and providing the perfect amount of reiststance for him to thrust against, his own grunts coming thick and fast now.

“So…. good. So…. fucking…. good,” he choked out as you squeezed your inner walls around him, feeling him knocking against your g spot and causing a new wave of euphoria to burn through you. Spencer’s mouth nuzzled against your shoulder, finding a spot on your collarbone to nip on.

He gripped your hips hard, pulling himself nearly all of the way out and slamming into you again, once…. twice…. three times until you felt his mouth open wide against your shoulder, a low growl leaving his throat as he emptied himself inside you, his cock twitching as he came .

You both remained wordless for a moment, the sounds of panting filling your bathroom, the scent of sex permeating the air.

Raising his head from your shoulder, Spencer released the grip on your hips and raked his hand through his hair, pushing it back.

“Am I forgiven now?” he asked, a knowing smile on his lips.

“Hmmmm. I think so. But then again, it was nearly a full week. Maybe a couple more orgasms wouldn’t go amiss.”

He chuckled and rested his head to your forehead.

“What about us going to the zoo?”

“Fuck the zoo,” you told him. “We’ll only end up seeing animals screwing anyway. We can put on our own mating show here.”

“You and me baby, ain’t nothing but mammals, so let’s do it like they do….” He began to croon the old Bloodhound Gang song and you joined him, laughing.

“On the discovery channel.”

Too perfect for each other

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Originally posted by harley-quinn

Draco Malfoy was your best friend since your first year. No matter if it came to studying together, cheer up each other, mocking and laughing on other people, or stand up for each other, you always be there for him and he always be there for you. Your relationship was never more than friendship, but you always had those little inside jokes, like “You’ll always be mine”, or “One day when we’ll get married…” but those weren’t serious. 

But Draco Malfoy was your crush since your first year aswell. Even if you knew each other better than yourselves, somehow he never noticed you wanted more than just being his friend. But this was your sixth year, and you understood you can’t wait for him forever; if he only wants to be your friend, then be it. 

This is how you started dating with Theodor Nott. What was Draco’s opinion of this, you didn’t know - he simply ignored to speak about him with you completely. 

Theo was nice with you at the beginning, but very soon, he wanted to your relationship became more physical. But you didn’t want to hurry, you wanted to know him better before you may do something that you’ll regret later. After two months, the little sparks started to fading as he became a complete impatient child.

You stood up in front of the Transfiguration classroom with Theo by your side. He rested his hand on your hips, but as you chatting with Blaise and Draco (who rather was silent), his hand wandered down to your bum. You gave him an annoyed look and wiped away his hand.

“What? I can’t touch my girlfriend?” - he asked almost offened.

“Not there and not in front of everyone.” - you said simply.

Theo frowned; he clearly didn’t like this attitude, and placed back his hand on your butt like nothing happened. You took a step forward.

“Will you stop act like I’m your property?!”

People around you glanced at your direction, but as McGonagall opened the door, they’re started going inside.

“You’re my girlfriend!”

“If you think the two things are the same, you’ll better leave me alone.” And you left him before he could say anything. There was one empty seat next to Draco and Blaise, and since you didn’t want to sit next to your boyfriend now, you took your place next to the blond boy. You just sat down when Pansy stood next to you.

“Excuse me, that’s my spot.”

You looked down to the desk like you were searching for something. “Excuse me, I didn’t see your name here. Find an another seat, there are plenty of there.” You heard as Blaise suppressed a giggle, and before Pansy could say anything, McGonagall spoke.

“Miss Parkinson, do you need a special assistance for finding a seat? The class is already started, you see.”

She gave you a last, angry look, but you just smiled at her.

“Finally.” - Draco whispered to you.


“Finally somebody stood againts her. I swear she’s walking around here like she’s own this fucking place.”

“Like you?” - you asked with a little smirk. First he looked offened, but then his face expressions became more playful.

“And like you. You can have that position, princess, not her.” You let out a friendly smile at him; since you were with Theo, he didn’t call you princess.

At the class you practiced nonverbal spells, and Theo accidentally blown up his cup. 

“Be careful Nott, you almost blow up Granger in front of you. Just almost, pity.” - you both laughed, and Theo clearly didn’t like that. But now, you didn’t even care. 

As you left the classroom, Theo rushed out and bumped into you so hard you dropped your bag and almost fell down, but he didn’t even bother to look back at you. 

“Hey!” - Draco shouted after him, but he already disappeared in a corner. “Are you okay?” - he asked with an angry face. 

“Yes.” - you said while Draco handed your bag to you. “Arsehole.”

You avoided him at the rest of the day, but now you were sure: you’ll break up with him today. 

But after dinner, you couldn’t find him anywhere. You sat down next to Draco in a leather couch and rested your head on his shoulder. He embraced you by your waist.

“Your boyfriend wouldn’t be happy if he see us like this.” - he said with an amused voice. He didn’t care what Theo would think.

“He would be my ex if I could find him earlier. Any idea where is he?” - you sighed.

He leaned back to so he can saw your face. “You want to break up with him?”

“And I will. I won’t let anyone to treat my like this.”

“Finally. I wondered when will you come back to your senses.”

“Draco, if you hate him, why didn’t you tell me earlier? You didn’t spoke about him with me at all.”

“I don’t hate him. But… you deserve better.”

“Like you?” - you asked him second time on that day. 

“Come on. We’re too perfect for each other.” -he smirked and you rolled your eyes on him. 

You didn’t find Theo at this evening, but soon you found out where he was hiding: next morning at the toilet you overheard a conversation between some fifth year girls, one of them clearly described your boyfriend apperance on her bed. 

Full of anger, you went back to the common room - it was saturday morning and a lot of people were outside, but some of them was in there, including Draco, Blaise, Pansy, Daphne and of course, Theo. 

“Oh, hello love.” - he greeted you. You cocked your eyebrows and sat in front of him at the table. 

“Hello, love.” - you said your last word like it was some disgusting taste in your mouth. “Care to tell me where did you spend your last night?” 

“In my bed?” - he said easily.

Your friends came closer to you. “Oh, please. I know you cheated on me with some fifth year slut.” You glanced at Draco and you saw his face expressions darkened. Theo remained in silent; you could tell he was thinking about what he should say. 

“At least you don’t even deny. But I thought I deserved better than this.” - you said in a low voice as you stood up. He followed.

“Just because she let me in her bed it doesn’t make her a slut. You should’ve done the same and we didn’t end up like this.” - he said, and you so taken aback you were speechless, until Draco stood between you. 

“Watch your mouth, Nott.” 

But he just snorted and looked back at you. “Oh, of course, I almost forget about this.” - he pointed at Draco and then back at you. “You can keep her mate, but don’t expect much.” And before Draco could say back anything, you already pointed your wand at him, and yelled “Tentaclifors!”, so in the next moment, there were a tentacle where Theo’s head should’ve been. Everybody laughed while he bumped into everything as tried to excit the common room. 

“Such a shame I don’t know the countercurse.” 

You stepped closer to Draco and whispered him. “Actually, I do.”

“Wanna go out from here?” He asked and you nodded, knowing where he wanted to go. There was an old, empty classroom what haven’t been used in decades, probably. You always go there if you wanted to be a little bit alone. 

“Are you feeling all right?” - he asked in a concern in his voice when you arrived to the room. 

“Sure. He is a wanker, I don’t care.”

“You know, after all this time, you can still surprise me. You have this nice, innocent face with your big eyes makes you so cute, but you’re the most badass girl I’ve ever met.” - he smirked, and you rolled your eyes with a smile but stepped closer to him, grabbed his collar and kissed him fiercely. He kissed you back and wrapped his hands around your waist, but pulled back slightly after a minute to catch his breath.

“And still surprising me.” 

“Draco, I have a crush on you since forever. If you said you didn’t notice you’re an idiot.”

“I’m not at idiot.” - he snorted. 

“Yes, you are.” - you said as there were still just a few inches between you. 

“Shut up.” - he smiled. 

“Make me.” 

And this time he kissed you with a lot of passion; his lips was soft and his tounge was gentle but full of desire. He pulled you as close as he could to himself while he held you by your waist, your bodies now completely pressed to each other’s. You run your fingers in his silk blond hair. You two were completely melted in each other before he pulled back, and placed two more little wet kiss on your lips. 

You were speechless as the kiss ended; you waited for this for so long, and it felt just perfect. You felt your head was hot and red.

“I think I made you.” - he smirked. 

“You can make me more often.” 

He smiled at you and kissed your forehead before hugged you tightly.


PSA: you can have as many different weird headcanons or theories as you want about lazytown, but that does NOT mean that you should envolve stefan and ask him what he thinks about them. the purpose of talking to stefan isn’t to overwhelm him by asking his opinions on your Super Edgy Lazytown Theory™ , or to continuously mention sportarobbie to him, especially considering that we already know his opinions reguarding sportarobbie and lazytown theories in general. he isn’t obligated to answer all your questions, and you should really only contact him if you’re wishing him well or something along those lines.

some of y’all are so dumb like come into my inbox yelling at me if u want lol but yall live in this political bubble here on tumblr and dont seem to understand how the world works like YES i will accept the support of any republicans who speak out against trump because that’s IMPORTANT in order to defeat him. we need majorities to make sure what he wants to implement doesn’t go through. this isn’t some free you’re-perfect-now pass to republicans in congress/the goverhment but it IS important that we get their support too like sometimes i feel like you guys just type as many buzzwords as you possibly can into a post and click “post” knowing your dumbass opinions will be validated by other hive minded tumblr users reblogging your stuff but like…… i’m disgusted by like pretty much every republican lawmaker but i’m not a fucking IDIOT and i recognize that in order for this country to FUNCTION there needs to be a certain amount of bipartisanship, and we really should be calling up our republican senators/representatives etc and attempting to get them on our side because we alone cannot stop trump - not when the government is majority republican

Meddlesome Magical Cookies (Carlos/Reader)

Hi…. So I don’t know what to say other than I’m even deeper in this hole than I thought, so I found myself writing this and now I find myself posting it. I don’t know whether anyone could want any more of my rambling writing, but just let me know if you do, or if you have any ideas you’d like to suggest,

Summary: Mal’s revenge plot doesn’t go to plan, Carlos is the sweetest person in all of Auradon, you find the whole situation emotionally draining, and nobody deserved to pass Goodness 101 because they’re all evil masterminds.


Mal maintained that Carlos had it coming. That little shit had been ruining her and Ben’s dates all week for no apparent reason other than he was bored. She figured the least she could do would be cast a little teensy tiny spell on him in return. It was just your luck you got dragged into it.

Jay was an awesome person in your opinion, you hadn’t known him well a month ago, (hell it was only a week before that that you’d joined Auradon Prep in the first place), that was until you were paired together for a school project. You’d discovered he was a good guy and a great friend. It hadn’t mattered to you in the slightest who his parents were, and you had speedily become close friends with the Rotten Four, even declaring yourself their official parent after observing through their telling behaviour and rushed stories how awful their lives had been so far. You knew better than most that someone’s family had no effect on who or what they were, curtesy of your own parents.

You had been lifted out of school for the past week in order to visit Olympus and spend time with your parents (you really loved your parents, your Dad Hercules would relive you of your studies so you could spend the day together, and your Mother Meg would simply bail you out because she knew how much it sucked), and Jay had been nice enough to compile all the notes you needed. You were only annoyed at yourself that you’d forgotten to pick up the notes yesterday evening like you’d both planned and now had to drop by Saturday morning. It was comical really; how were you to know Mal had fed Carlos an altered batch of love potion cookies the night before, leaving adequate time for the spell to take effect by morning (it was a different recipe to the one she’d used on Ben, she had after all wanted different results). This one decreed whomever the affected saw first became the object of their unbridled affections. To put it simply, Carlos would fall in love with whoever he saw first that morning.

You knocked on the door.

You found yourself fidgeting as you waited, regretting not making more effort this morning, you didn’t care at all what Jay thought of your appearance, at least no more than anyone would care around their friends, but Carlos… Let’s just say you had a borderline unhealthy need for him to find you attractive. It was just, he always looked so goddamn attractive and his freckles were unfairly cute and his smile was lethally beautiful so you just, sort of hoped, that he might feel the same kind of way about you. Well. You thought that slim possibility was now nonexistent.

You knocked on the door again.

Jay, ever the heavy sleeper, didn’t emerge from underneath his mound of bedding. Carlos, ever the light sleeper, was unceremoniously awoken. He shuffled towards the door, opening it while rubbing his eyes and letting out the most adorable yawn fathomable.

“Hey Carlos- oh sorry, did I wake you?” You winced studying the boy’s sleepy disposition.

He watched your beautiful eyes scan his face, the concern for him in them making you all the more attractive. You were only wearing super causal clothes (in fact you’d slept in the shirt) but you looked incredible, mildly nervous at his prolonged silence and dark circles were visible under your eyes, but incredible nonetheless.

“Carlos? You okay there?”

He coughed. “Yeah. Yes, I am- I’m fine.”

You smirked dubiously. “You sound it,”

“So, uh, what can I do for you Y/n? I mean, how can I help?”

“I haven’t been here all week, and Jay had a bunch of notes to give me.” Your voice lilted at the end, the statement coming out as a bit more of a question as you peeked into the room.

“Well you can come in, if you- if you want? We can look for them, and, um, we can wake Jay up and make him help,”

“Awesome. Thanks Carlos.” He didn’t know whether his heart swelled at the smile of relief that spread across your face, or at the way you said his name. His heart always missed a beat when you spoke it, but now the effect seemed amplified somehow.

Your smile turned wicked at the sight of Jay soundly sleeping. You dropped your bag as quietly as you could on the floor, and crept forward. “Wake up Jay,” you exclaimed painfully loud, jumping on top of the slumbering boy.

The boy in question groaned loudly. “Y/n? Is that you?”

“Yeah, I’m really sorry I couldn’t resist.” You explained impishly.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s not a bad way to wake up.” Jay tugged down the duvet and grinned lewdly up at you, nodding at your straddled position over him.

You rolled your eyes at his innuendo, and moved to climb off of him when you heard a noise behind you.

Both you and Jay turned around curiously. “Carlos. Did you just, growl?” Jay asked disbelievingly.

“Don’t touch Y/n.” Carlos was stood with his fists clenched, his chest heaving and the rage practically rolled off him in waves.

“What did you just say? Did you just tell me not to touch Y/n?” Jay clarified bemusedly as you carefully slid off the bed.

The younger Isle boy didn’t cease to look distressed and you approached him, your confusion evident.

“Are you okay?”

“I don’t-” He stopped, stretching his hand out towards you. You took it immediately and then Carlos had his arms wound around your waist, and his face nuzzled in the crook of your neck. What. You looked at Jay, who was trying not to laugh and failing miserably.

The boy currently wrapped around you let out a noise between a hum and a sigh, obviously contented. You felt his warm breath fan your exposed collarbone and you tried really really hard not to blush as red as Ariel’s hair.

“Carlos?” You questioned. No response. “Honey,” you implored, the word rolling off your tongue far smoothly than could be expected, and he finally lifted his head with a dopey smile. “Have you been feeling… weird lately? Maybe because you drank something, or you met someone strange?” Jay nodded his head at your assumption something unnatural had happened to Carlos to make him act this way. He looked thoughtful.

“He wasn’t like this yesterday,” Jay offered, his lips twitching unbidden. You knew why he was fighting a smile. You could practically feel Carlos staring at you intently (read: lovingly).

“Carlos what did you do last night?” You probed but it fell on deaf ears. Carlos had began to fiddle with your hair idly and yet again you resisted the compulsion to let a rosy blush consume you.

“I want more of Mal’s cookies.” Carlos murmured absently but with surprising determination.

You and Jay shared a look.

“Mal’s cookies?” You both said in perfect time together.

“They were really good,” The freckled boy muses, more to himself.

You conspire silently with the older VK yet again and know exactly what you have to do.


“Mal.” Nothing.

“Mal!” Nothing again.

“Mal, open the door right now or I swear to Hades I will-”

The door swung open.

“Jay it is a Saturday, what is wrong with you?”

“What did you do to Carlos?” Jay asks assertively, leaning against the door frame. Her smirk is delightedly cruel (some things never change) and she goes to answer him when she spies you. And Carlos. Who had refused to let go of your hand as you journeyed over there and now in addition held your waist and was he- Yes. He was now smelling your hair.

“Oh this is much better than I planned.” Mal sniggered, crossing her arms. “Hey Y/n.” You quirked an eyebrow. “Having fun?”

“Mal.” You said sternly ignoring Carlos’ breath which tickled your ear. This boy was going to be the death of you. “What the hell did you do to Carlos?”

“Well considering this turn of events, I’d say I’ve helped him act on his feelings.” You didn’t think to much on that, you weren’t sure you could handle that at 8:48 on a Saturday morning.

“Mal just tell us what you did.” Jay stood firm, crossing his arms and looking protectively over at you.

She sighed, “you’re no fun,” she strolled over to her bedside table, casual as you like and grabbed something from it. You all stepped into the room. “Here.” Mal tossed the item at Jay who caught it effortlessly.

“You didn’t.” He said upon seeing what it was.

“I didn’t. It’s a different recipe don’t worry.”

“What’s going on?” You asked.

The purple haired girl turned more somber as she caught onto how confused and unamused you were. “I’m honestly sorry you got pulled into it Y/n, I figured he’d see Jay and it would be really funny-” Mal actually looked kind of contrite and you squeezed her hand.

“Just tell me what you did,”

“I gave Carlos a love potion. One that worked by making him fall in love with whoever he saw first this morning.” Her face was mostly impassive but her eyes looked worried. Auradon was fast giving her a new moral code.

“Love potion?” Carlos himself questioned, his grip on you tightening.

“Why?” Jay queried.

“He’s been messing up my dates with Ben all week. For no reason. I thought this would get him to lay off,”

“Can you make an antidote?” You interjected trying not to seem too upset. It wasn’t because Carlos was now in love with you, that was pretty much a dream come true, but you wished it wasn’t induced by a potion and spell.

“Sorry, you kind of have to let it run its course,”

“And how long will that be?”

“I’ve no idea,” You glared at her. “Whoops?” She tried.

“You’re so lucky I love you.”


It had been a week. And you were an awful person. A truly reprehensible excuse of a hero and you parents should be ashamed. Why? Because you had loved it.

Carlos pretty much hadn’t left your side. He had arrived outside your room every school day at 8AM, accompanied by some kind of breakfast treat he’d been persuaded into buying at the bakery and, obviously, Dude. You had established a routine of him being adamant you couldn’t pay him back, and you trying to outwit him and sneak him the money at some point in the day. He always won (thievery and its trappings had been Jay’s speciality sure, but that didn’t mean Carlos was bad at it) and you always pretended like it wasn’t adorable.

He walked with you to every class and tried to meet you after every one concluded. On the few occasions he hadn’t been waiting for you when you got out, you only had to listen for thudding footsteps and know he was racing to arrive before your lesson ended and hadn’t quite succeeded.

He was glued to your side at lunch, and you were required to taste every single item on his plate to affirm it’s deliciousness, even when you had food yourself (“mines better, just try it”). Even in general he was very big on sharing things with you and didn’t care about displaying his affection for you in public. Thankfully, that eased up after the first day otherwise you would have gone round the whole time looking like a tomato.

Your friends thought the whole thing was hilarious. Evie would constantly coo and remark on how cute a couple you were which would have Carlos grinning like a fool and you shooting her deadpan looks. Jay was amused by the whole affair and hadn’t stopped teasing you for even a second. Ben (arguably your closest friend) was at once concerned about Mal using disruptive magic, confused by the strange dynamic, and oddly smug in his insinuations that hinted he knew how this would pan out. Lonnie and Jane had reactions that best reflected the general consensus at Auradon Prep. They hadn’t even realised Carlos was under a spell. On Tuesday Lonnie had made an innocuous off hand comment; “I’m so glad you and Carlos finally got together, the suspense had been killing me,” to which you had spluttered out an explanation before making a hasty departure. Jane had been the same, but this time you were calm as you informed her of the situation and she was the one sputtering. By the time a week had passed they all acted as if they knew something you didn’t. It was infuriating.

Mal’s reaction was… Bizarre at best. She had been avoiding you, you assumed out of guilt, but an inordinate amount of times in a day you would catch her staring at you and Carlos. Her expressions ranged from surprise to glee to mischief to amusement to worry. Whatever it was, you knew Mal wasn’t great at ‘touchy feely’ stuff, so you maintained you would wait for her to come to you.

As for everyone else, you wanted to scream. No one had batted an eye, not even blinked. And it wasn’t like Carlos was subtle, sure you wouldn’t let him kiss you (the lack of consent would make your skin crawl), but he had been fairly happy with finding other ways to be obscenely romantic and adorable.

You were incredibly shocked when nobody commented or seemed surprised as Carlos positioned himself half on top of you in the Cafeteria and tried to ply you with fries. Surely someone should be surprised by these developments? This wasn’t Carlos’ normal behaviour, he was under a love spell for crying out loud. But still, not a single person seemed confused by this turn of events.

All in all, you were in far too deep and didn’t really want to dig yourself out. However, your father had one of the best moral compasses in the world, and you knew what the right thing to do was.

Enough was enough. Despite how much you had guiltily enjoyed Carlos being in love with you all week, it was wrong. And you told him as much.

“Y/n, wait,” He pleaded as you all but dragged him to Evie and Mal’s room. “I don’t want to lift the spell.”

You faltered for a second but continued climbing the ornate stairs. “You’re not thinking straight. You don’t know what you want.” You could see the girls’ door at the end of the hallway and strode towards it.

Carlos ran ahead of you, walking backwards as he tried to stop you getting to the door. “I know I don’t want to stop feeling like this.” You avoided his eyes. “Y/n,” He tilted your chin up, forcing you to look at him. “I love you.”

This had started as a joke but it didn’t feel very funny now.

“No you don’t.” You said firmly and he tried to argue back but you kept talking. “Carlos. You have been so amazing to me this past week, and I’ve loved you loving me, but this isn’t right. There is someone out there who can make you feel this way, without a love potion, and I can’t keep you to myself and deprive you of being in love for real.” You felt stinging tears form and you willed them not to fall. Since when were you so emotional? God, this whole thing was so dramatic. You turned away from Carlos, who looked painfully crestfallen. Your only solace was that you weren’t the only one who’s eyes were swimming with unshed tears.

You rapped on the door twice.

Evie answered it, looking bubbly and chipper as usual. However she immediately seemed to understand how distraught the two people knocking on her door were and so sobered quickly.

“Are you two alright?”

“Is Mal here?” You asked insistently.

“Yeah she’s right- Mal, Y/n and Carlos are here to see you.” Evie interrupted herself, summoning her best friend.

“Well if it isn’t my favourite couple,” she smirked as you entered the room, emerging from the bathroom herself.

“Undo the spell.” You ordered.

“Y/n I need-”

“I know you said it wasn’t possible but there has to be an antidote or an anti spell or some vodoo pendant to make this go away, I mean half my family are gods I’m sure there’s someway we could-”

“Y/n, Y/n listen to me.” Mal cut you off, grabbing your shoulders and halting your rushed expulsion of words. Her eyes flicked to Carlos who was moping in the corner. “I have to tell you something about the spell.”

“What? What now, it lasts for a year?” You ran your hands through your hair before tossing them up in frustration.

“Does it?” Carlos said hopefully from the other side of the room. You glared at him.

“Carlos. Stop. You’re not really in love with me and you never could be. Stop fighting, we need to remove the spell.” You spat, aware you were being mean but you couldn’t bring yourself to retract your words. Couldn’t he see this was hurting you just as much?

“I don’t care about the stupid spell, I love you. Why can’t you understand that?” He surged across the room towards you, staring back at you fiercely.

“No you don’t. You only think you do.” You insisted, your faces mere millimetres away from each other at this point.

“Uh, guys?” Mal piped up from beside you. “I have a confession to make.”

“What?” You and Carlos snarled simultaneously.

“The love potion only lasted 24 hours.”


“What?” You whispered.

Mal scratched the back of her neck, torn between feeling remorse at how upset her friends clearly were, and pride at how this whole situation had turned out.

“We kind of found out on Wednesday, the recipe, the one I used for the cookies, it was only for 24 hours.”


“Everyone else knows,”

You gulped. “Let me get this straight: Carlos hasn’t been under a spell since Sunday morning?”

Mal nodded.

“All week, that wasn’t a spell, that was all him? All genuine?”

Mal nodded again.

“Carlos is really in love with me?”

“Maybe you want to ask him that. We’re just, we’re gonna go.” Mal backed out the room, only pausing to grab Evie who had been watching the exchange with glowing eyes, and would have continued to do so if she left her.

The door shut with a loud click.

“You love me?”

Carlos was now somehow sheepish, and sheer adoration coursed through you as he shuffled his feet and fidgeted. “Carlos?” You had stepped apart during the revelation but now you closed the distance.

His eyes locked on yours. They seemed, almost sad. “Yeah. Yeah, I do. I love you so much Y/n.”

“Well good,” you laughed shakily, tugging him forward. He awkwardly collided with you, the very definition of surprised. “Because I love you too.” You didn’t realise until you said it how true it was. You loved Carlos.

He smiled so sincerely and so widely you couldn’t help but mirror him. He linked his fingers with yours, studying your face carefully.

“Can I kiss you?”

“I would be offended if you didn’t.” You grinned, leaning towards him and kissing him on the mouth. It was a kiss of contradictions; it was all at once bruising yet tender, sweet yet lustful, soft yet passionate. One of your hands still awkwardly grasped his shirt, the other played with the hairs at the nape of his neck. Carlos’ hands didn’t seem to know where to rest so they travelled up and down your sides. Your noses brushed gently as you pulled away and you couldn’t help but smile dopily. Yet again he wore a matching expression and you rested your forehead against his.

“Hey, how come you were ruining Ben and Mal’s dates in the first place?” You asked curiously: in your mind it was the only happening left unexplained.

Carlos smiled, rolling his eyes, presumedly at himself, “I was sulking because you’d gone to visit your parents, and Ben and Mal seemed so happy and I was jealous so I-”

He didn’t finish because you started laughing. All of this was the result of Carlos’ intense moping. “I’m an idiot, aren’t I?” He sighed but there was an easy smile on his face.

“Yes you are.” You admitted as you chuckled and pulled him back towards you. You kissed him eagerly, intent on making up for lost time. You shivered, like an electrical current was surging through you, and it felt addicting.

Your love for Carlos (like his love for you) thankfully, wasn’t from a batch of enchanted cookies, or a mystical spell, but it sure felt magical.


“So let me get this straight: you can run head first into the maze every day without hesitation, but when it comes to telling his how you feel you’re terrified?” Minho asked looking at you incredulously. 

“I know how it sounds, quit looking at me like that shuck-face.” You said shoving him. 

“You know you don’t have to tell him right? No one’s forcing you to do it. Besides do you really wanna be with Gally?” Minho asked jokingly. 

“Shut up!” You said laughing, he had a point. Gally could be brash and temperamental but he’d never been anything but nice to you. He’d been the one to pull you out of the elevator when you first arrived and despite his own personal opinion, he helped you become a runner because he knew it was something you really wanted. He’d always looked out for you. 

Over time your feelings for him had developed from those of admiration and friendship to romantic ones. 

“Look there goes your boyfriend.” Minho teased as the two of you got closer to camp. A small blush came to your cheeks and you were hoping it could pass as a runners flush. 

“You’re my best friend, but remember that even that won’t stop me from punching you slint-head.” You threatened. 

“Good luck.” He told you before he headed to the runner’s hut. 

You took a deep breath and made your way towards Gally. 

“So you made it out of the maze in one piece.” Gally greeted. 

“Don’t I always. I was hoping I could talk to you for a second.” You said fighting the urge to run back into the maze to avoid facing him. 

“Alone.” You added as you noticed all the other builders.

“Sure.” He said as he led you to your personal hut. 

“Gally, I’m going to say something, but please don’t say anything until I’m done.” You took a deep breath as he nodded looking somewhat nervous. 

“Gally we’ve been in the glade together for about a year now, you helped me through so much in that time and I consider you one of my best friends.” You paused to take a breather before going on.

“The thing is I’m pretty sure I like you more than a friend should like a friend. What I’m trying to say is that my feelings for you aren’t platonic anymore, they’re romantic.” You told him. 

The air between you two was filled with silence. 

“Are you finished?” Gally asked after about two minutes; you nodded.

“Them I’m glad I’m not the only one developing feelings. (y/n) you’re amazing and beautiful. You’re funny and smart, I’d be crazy not to fall for you” Gally said closing the space between the two of you and wrapping his arms around you. You let out a sigh of relief and returned his embrace. 

Requested by anon

Being married to Ivar would include :

(More prompts! Woo Ivar :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it! Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him trusting you to rule by his side and valuing your opinion

-Him loving to wake up with you in his arms and just not wanting to let go

-You being the only one who can calm him down when he gets mad and the only one he wants to see

-Him being happy that he can look at you working and teasing you while you’re at without having to eavesdrop anymore

-Him always kissing you good morning and goodnight because he wants you to know that he always love you

-Him always laying his head on your lap after a long day and just being able to have a silly banter with you

-Him vowing to protect you from any harm and him truly keeping his promise

-Him inviting you over by the river just to relive the memories of your childhood together

-You and him spending some nights not sleeping at all as you both get busy pleasuring one another

-Him finding you beautiful no matter what and usually telling about it just to see you get shy

When we first become friends, my first question isn’t going to be “dog or cat?” or “cookie or ice cream?” or “BBC Sherlock or Elementary Sherlock?”, no it’s gonna be “did you support Trump in 2016?” because now I cannot become friends with someone until I know you if were supporting someone and his cabinet that hate me and who I am, or not.

Yeah I’m only sixteen and yeah maybe I am overreacting because maybe Trump can’t do half the things he says he wants to, but the fact that you supported him even after he said he would do this or that, it scares me. It scares me because what does that say about you and your opinions? What does that say at face value. Because yeah, you may not believe in every single thing he said, but no one will want to listen to you for an hour on how you don’t support him about this but do about that and maybe not all of this but most of that, I don’t want to listen to you validating yourself in why you chose them when you yourself didn’t believe in everything he said, because at face value, giving him a vote, is giving a vote to everything he wants to do, you can’t nitpick everything when it comes to elections like this.

I don’t care if I was friends with you before, if you’re gonna sit there and care more about your dad’s right to own a gun then millions of people’s right to their lives, I am going to cut all ties with you as much as I can.

I will not listen to you nitpick about every little detail when people are fearing their lives. Your opinion on that you liking him do this but not that but still supported him anyway, does not matter to me more than my own anxiety and fear.

im so confused i just saw straight up poe dameron hate on the star wars tag?? i didn’t know that was even an option like whats wrong with people? they called him uninteresting?? Like stfu? sure you can have your opinions but im pretty sure it was just some racist kyle ron stan thats upset because they didnt get what they wanted

Got7 reaction

Got7 reaction about accidentally walking in the bathroom while you shower


Mark is such a flirt. He probably knew you were showering but acts innocent. He just wanted to see you naked again.

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Lots.of.shower.sex.with.JB  Like for real he is so hawt I can`t even write more here you have it: shower sex

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Jackson will always be Jackson. Before he joins you showering without asking he may even make a backflip in the bathroom to impress you. He is a sexy beast tho just look at him.

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Daddy af. He does what he wants and he isn`t really into the cutsie stuff. He will walk in if he wants to, so get used to the hickies he will give you while you want to shower. 

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He is the most mature of the group in my opinion. He would take a few seconds to admire your body and apologise. He may even ask you if he can help you if you know what I mean.

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He would probably be the most shy one but he ain`t innocent at all. He will smack your ass while dabbing no I`m not sorry.

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I actually don`t know what to say about Yugyeom after I saw hit the stage. He will probably go outside and wait. When you are done showering he will seduce you with his dancing and make you dirty again. 

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Got7 as youtube gamers

A/N - Something a little different here requested by an anon. So I’m going to basically list each of the member’s youtube counterparts plus the type of games they play most. And hopefully it gives some of you the opportunity to find more youtubers to watch hehe~ Keep on sending in your requests everyone!

Mark: OMGItsFirefoxx. Doesn’t care what people think and just plays whatever the hell he feels like, regardless of some people’s opinions. Plays a lot of new and popular games that gets everyone really hyped and interested.

JB: Cryaotic. Has that whole ‘mysterious no facecam’ aura when really he just wants to play some good games y’know. Loves to play in depth story games so he can really immerse himself and the audience into the video.

Jackson: Markiplier. Everyone knows him and everyone loves him. He’d really like to do fan created games, much like Markiplier, because it gives him the chance to showcase their hard work and how talented they are.

Jinyoung: Ohmwrecker. Been around on youtube for absolutely ages and is finally getting the appreciation he deserves. Would love playing old style games that get everyone feeling all nostalgic as they watch him.

Youngjae: ZeRoyalViking. He’s fun, cute and just a genuinely nice guy. He’d love playing multiplayer games so he can have a chill time recording with some of his best friends. Youtube should just be having some fun with mates, right?

Bambam: JackSepticEye. Has become pretty well known on youtube and is one of the most humble youtubers around. Plays a mixture of everything from random stuff to thought provoking storylines.

Yugyeom: BryceGames. He’s just here for the fun. Loves games and loves recording stuff. Probably plays a lot of random games he comes across while searching for something completely different.

anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on the characters so far? Sangwoo, Bum, Seungbae, and even Ji eun *rip tho*. I'm really curious if something changed for you in those last chapters, because of the wild turn and stuffs

So, I don’t think my opinions have changed all that much but here you go:

Sangwoo - I hate him (not literally) but I also love him. He’s extremely terrible, I know, but, to put it in a simple way, I just find him interesting. I want to know more about him and see how he became what he became and why he became what he became. I think what I enjoy the most about Sangwoo’s character is that he’s an example of what someone can become when they suffer and are pushed to a certain limit. What he does is horrible but it’s something that happens. Some people forget that Sangwoo was made a killer by the environment he lived in (not that this justifies his actions or anything of the like because it certainly does not) and just say he’s trash because he’s trash. Well, that trash was crumpled, trampled on the ground, and degraded to shit before finally making it to the actual dump. Just something for thought. And, in general, I just sometimes like characters who are morally wrong. I think I feel better about myself in acknowledging that I haven’t reached such a level nor will I ever. It’s a bit narcissistic in the end, but that’s just how I am I guess.

Bum - I love him because I can empathize with him the most for a number of personal reasons. Bum has always been a victim and it just really breaks my heart to see what he’s experienced throughout his life up until now. I love Bum’s character.

Seungbae - I don’t completely hate the guy but I dislike how some people are constantly overhyping him. Until he actually does something, I’m just… indifferent toward his character.

Ji Eun - In the beginning I thought she was really cute and was hoping she wouldn’t take the typical rival route but she did so I’m mostly just disappointed with her character. I do feel bad for her character, though. What happened to her in the end was horrible.

  • whenever you try acting cute around him he’ll do his best to brush it off, but he’s actually so easy to read and he becomes a flustered mess because how can you be so adorable……
  • sends you pics of his cat whenever he visits home because he knows you like pics of animals
  • the first time you texted he kept annoying seungkwan to help him think up witty responses and now like seungkwan makes fun of vernon for it all the time whenever you’re over at the dorm because vernon gets suPER embarrassed about it like dude ple a s e  don’t b ring that uP…..
  • gets really excited when showing you around korea, specifically hongdae because he grew up there and he just wants you to experience everything he loves about the place he calls home
  • keeps his lyric book a secret from everyone else but you because he feels like you really inspire him and he wants to know your opinion on what he wrote before he shares it with anyone else
  • whenever you trick him into watching a scary movie he hides his face in your neck and completely forgets about the fact that he’s shy of skinship 
  • his phone background is a picture his mom took of you together and that his sister decorated with cute stickers on this app because she thought you were really pretty and keeps asking vernon to bring you over for dinner
  • he likes taking walks with you at night because it’s quiet and you two can talk freely and also when you grab his hand you can’t see him blush because it’s dark
  • when you’re angry or upset with him he makes it up to you by buying you your favorite ice-cream and candy and bringing it over in a bag and sort of apologizing while giving you the lost puppy dog eyes and you can’t resist so 
  • finds you most attractive when you’re laughing. he really loves the sound of your laughter, even if you yourself don’t. he once told dk if he could have a ringtone he’d want it to be your laugh. dk thought that was hilarious so he told you but vernon never found out 
  • likes it when you play with his hair while he’s relaxing. also likes it when you two are watching a movie together or laying around on the carpet reading webtoons on his phone
  • always tries to impress you with fancy dinner dates but at some point you’re like vernon let’s just eat pizza together in the pledis practice room and play j.cole really loud and he’s thankful for that
  • whenever you kiss him out of the blue his ears turn red
  • he’s tried to give you surprise kisses, but he always ends up chickening out at the last second because what if he misses your mouth?? he would never live it down
  • seungcheol jokingly bought you and vernon couple tee’s and vernon was like nO but you were like yes and now you two wear them as a little inside joke
  • you keep asking to braid his hair and he’ll get all whiny about how he doesn’t want you to but ends up giving in after you bribe him with chocolate 
  • likes going to bakeries with you and looking at all the sweet stuff even when he’s got to diet.
  • says he doesn’t like it when you fee him because he can do it himself and it’s embarrassing, but secretly he really enjoys it 
  • when he kisses you, he likes holding the back of your neck. you don’t know why but the reality is he saw it in a drama and thought it was cool
  • if he thinks you two are in a crowded place, he turns around and offers you to take his hand and it’s like the only time he openly initiates skinship in public but he looks really serious and worried about you getting lost from him
  • you two play with all the dogs you see around the neighborhood and when vernon is alone the owners ask him where you are and send little winks his way and vernon gets sUPER rED like !!!! 
  • whenever you’re stressed he feels horrible that he can’t do anything so he wraps you up in a blanket and kisses your forehead and promises that anything you want or need - he’ll get it for you right away
  • would probably make trips to the grocery store at 3am if you wanted him to 
  • whenever he’s upset or mad about something, he likes it when you talk to him soothingly. he finds comfort in your voice, especially when you tell him that you’re there to support him no matter what
  • when people bring up sensitive topics that hurt him, he won’t tell you how he’s feeling right away, but you’ll be able to read his expression and offer words of comfort and he’ll be thankful for that all his life
  • his dad keeps trying to give him dating advice and all of it is ‘outdated’ according to vernon 
  • appreciates the fact that you take his love for lyric writing and music seriously and when he wants someone to talk to it about, you’re all ears and you always strive for giving him an honest opinion
  • gets jealous when the hyungs hang around you or tease you because what if you fall for them because they’re older or more mature……
  • once tried to impress you with his knowledge about something but jun corrected him and vernon took it personally so you had to assure him that no, just because he forgot where the capital of China was you don’t love him any less
  • hates when you tease him by saying your favorite is mingyu because hey- mingyu is tall but vernon’s still growing too!
  • thinks it’s really cute when you tried on the bandanna that he wore for some adore u performances,  forced seungkwan to take a photo of you so he wouldn’t have to do it himself
  • eye smiles when he laughs at your jokes and keeps saying that he’s never meet someone who could make him laugh so hard he snorted it other than you
  • although he can be shy around others if someone is bothering you, vernon is levelheaded about the situation and politely tries to get you out of harms way. even if his shyness pulls him back, he’ll never tolerate anyone being rude to you in front of him
  • whenever he wants to cuddle he can never…..say it……so he just sort of opens his arms and turns his head away but motions for you to come into his chest. likes resting his chin in your hair.
  • sleepily murmured that he loved you before knocking out into a nap and didn’t remember that he said it when he woke up
  • you rapped his parts in ‘ah yeah’ and he thought it was amazing so he took a video and sent it to everyone in the group chat like ‘look at the person im dating, you wish you guys could find someone like this’
  • pretends to be mad when you steal his snapbacks, but in reality thinks you look a+ in them
  • you know his weakness is tickling so whenever he’s ignoring you for work, you attack him with tickles and you two end up on the ground rolling around in breathless laughter
  • the first time he gets serious with his feelings, vernon has to pause a couple of times before the words ‘i love you’ come out crystal clear and you throw yourself into his arms and he’s more than happy with your reaction
  • you got a bubble machine and he said it was childish but then you ended up turning it on and dancing around in a bunch of bubbles to adore u
  • vernon isn’t good with controlling his blush but he’s good at making you fall for him even harder each and every day 

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