he wants to be with her

Caryl : briefly summerized by cats. 

Daryl at first :

Carol at first : 

Then he gave her a cherokee rose. 

And a massage. 

At the prison they were happy but she was sent away and he was like : 

But she came back at Terminus like : 

Then they were reunited and closer than ever : 

She wanted him to take a shower :

They tried to fit in Alexandria…But inside they were not okay… 

But soon they will be again. 

PSA for the C$ fandom:

“Weak” Emma in the Wish!World is not her true self. Regina’s whole expressed and demonstrated purpose is to restore Emma to who she really is. 

Weak Emma who is dating Killykins is, tragically, the “real” Emma–and his stated purpose was to “[be] the one to break down [her] walls.” 

Regina is trying to bring Emma home to herself; Killy is trying to make Emma be what he wants (his happy ending). 

See the difference? 

PS. Sitting around and/or shouting a lot while letting other people either make plans or act to solve problems is one thousand percent in character for Killy. Sorry. 

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Weary With Right Angles 'verse, wedding (this got me through finals last year thank you soooo much for being awesome/writing/existing)


Clarke’s never been sure about weddings.

She gets marriage: you love someone, you’re planning to have some kind of family with them, you want to benefit from their better health insurance or get tax breaks or whatever. It’s never been something she’s connected with like she thinks she was supposed to be; she never fantasized about being a bride, about her dress or her ceremony or any of that. It just didn’t appeal to her that much.

Which doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to get married, of course. She adores Bellamy, and she’s going to spend the rest of her life with him. Marriage is just logical.

But she still kind of panics at the ring.

“Uh,” he says.

Honestly, physically recoiling was–not ideal, but she recovers enough to cup his face and kiss him. He hasn’t even asked the question yet, but the kiss makes him smile.

“I’m getting some mixed signals here,” he murmurs. “Too soon?”

Clarke graduated last week, and she’ll admit she never pictured herself as one of those people who settled down right out of college, but it seems like a moot point, given she’d been settled down before she even left college. She’s so settled sometimes that it still freaks her out, that taking a step back and looking at her life is almost staggering. It’s not like she’s happy all the time, but happiness is a default state in a way she never quite imagined it could be.

“Not too soon,” she says. “I just–child of divorce, you know?”

“I know.” He kisses her again. “Do you not want to get married? This can just be a cool ring you wear on a different finger.”

“Bellamy,” she says, smiling. “Of course I want to marry you. Did you have a proposal speech? I bet you prepared something. I want to hear it.”

“It’s nothing you don’t know.”

She nudges his jaw. “Please?”

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DID SOMEONE SAY KIYONOYA? (Hi, my name is Maxx and I ship everything). OKAY SO, Kiyoko would be the most supportive girlfriend, especially after her experience as manager, but Noya would also support the heck out of her. Like she never expected it, but he turned into her own personal cheer squad when she was going through Uni and having issues with some of her more advanced classes. And he always makes sure that she's taking care of herself, even though he doesn't really need to. (1/3)

He’ll make her tea and is always asking if she’s eaten yet (tho lowkey sometimes she thinks it’s because he wants some of her homemade rice balls). They’re also one of those couples that go out and /do things/ - like they hella love karaoke and Noya cheers the FREAKING LOUDEST for Kiyoko. They also frequent cat cafes, because they’re Kiyo’s favorite. Noya’s usually a bit to excitable for cats, but Kiyoko tends to mellow him out a little bit. They always get bubble tea while they’re there.   (2/3)           

ALSO NOYA TOTALLY MELTS WHEN SHE CALLS HIM “YUU” . It like breaks down his brain and he gets the biggest, dopiest smile on his face. And when they’re being cuddly and kissy, he calls her “Shimi” and she blushes /so freaking hard/. They do a lot of spooning with Noya as the big spoon, but when they’re on the couch, Kiyoko usually props her feet up on the ottoman and lets him rest his head in her lap. Snuggles and action flicks are a must on rainy days. (3/3)            

YUU AND SHIMI I’M SCREAMING (also thank you for saving our poor anon~)

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Basorexia for Perc'ahlia? ;; v;;

basorexia: an overwhelming desire to kiss (ho dang i love this, yeeeeesssssss moar kisses)

The real question is, when does Vex ever not want to kiss him?

Most of the time, when she wants to kiss him, she does it. After he gives her arrows she’ll lean up, hand on his shoulder to pull him down a little to her height, and peck him on the cheek; in Whitestone, the kisses had been softer, kinder, meant as comfort and reassurance; after he’d titled her in Syngorn, she’d taken his face between her hands and pressed her lips to his, not trusting words to express the depth of her feelings - because she has a lot of them, and not much practice in letting them out, and she so very, very badly wants to tell him.

But she won’t. Hence the kisses.

But there are other times, too, like when he does something especially clever and it works, and his whole face lights up like a child given a Winter’s Crest gift, or when they come out of a close-won fight and adrenaline and fear thrum in her veins, desperate - especially now, with Glintshore still looming large behind them - to know that he is here and safe and that he lived through the fight as she did.

Down in his workshop, too, when he’s intent and focused, nimble hands working little miracles upon her arrows, her broom, or whatever else he’s working on on that given day; she wishes, quite often and usually only in the privacy of her own bed, that his hands would work miracles on her, too, and she has to remind herself not to kiss him in case he drops an arrow and blows both of them up.

And then their talk in the woods happens, so much said and still more left unspoken, and just as he turns to walk away Percy doubles back and he’s the one kissing her, tipping her face up til he can lean down to it, cupping her face in his hands, and she practically falls against him and oh, oh no, this isn’t going to make wanting to kiss him any easier to push away, is it?

purificr replied to your photo “i love drawing kled’s expressions :^)”

OH NO why is he crying ??

he lost someone very important to him, and they only brought him her scarf

its riven


Gibbs: Something on your mind, DiNozzo?
Tony: If Ziva were up to something, you’d want to know about it, wouldn’t you?
Gibbs: I’d want to know she’s safe.
Tony: But you’d respect her privacy.
Gibbs: Unless she was in too deep.

1) Yes, Tony is obsessed with Ziva’s whereabouts, but the guy is so clearly in love with her that it’s no wonder he’s worried she’s up to no good.

2) I really love this exchange, for some reason. I love that in this entire episode, Gibbs is basically giving “them” his tacit approval, just in the way he reacts to Tony’s questioning and encourages him to check up on her when his gut is telling him something is wrong.

3) I feel like there’s a bit of a parallel between the way Vance uses Ziva to do his dirty work, and the way Gibbs uses Tony to do his. Only Vance is coming from the same place Ziva is (revenge), while Gibbs comes from the same place as Tony (love/concern). Gibbs knows that Tony is probably the only person in this room who loves her more than him, and he’s the best shot they have at making sure she’s safe.

4) Also, in retrospect – I’m totally pretending this is exactly where Gibbs is coming from in 11x02 (spoiler alert I couldn’t wait and I may have jumped ahead)


Sassy Miss (Jinyoung)

Originally posted by jypnior

Type: Fluff 

Request: OMG I LOVE BABIES ! Ok ok ok you will get spam but I just love it so much, so can I request a JinYoung scenario when his little girl gets sassy and savage while talking to others members ? :)))

“Sunyoung we’re here” Jinyoung whispered to his 3 year old who was playing on Jinyoung’s phone. She groaned as Jinyoung took the phone from her “your uncles want to see you” he spoke as he opened the door to the dorm. “Hello” he calls out as BamBam pops out “there’s my favorite little girl” he spoke as Jinyoung put her down. She scoffed and walked past him “can’t tell you two are related” BamBam said sarcastically as Jinyoung smiled. 

Sunyoung sat down and Mark brought out CoCo for for her to play with, which the little one gladly did. “Sunyoung do you want to feed CoCo a treat?” Youngjae asks as he holds a dog treat out for her to take. She practically rips it from his hand and gives it to CoCo. “You need to be nice-” “no” Sunyoung cuts him off. Jinyoung sits back and watches his group mates try to get Sunyoung to be nice to them.

“She’s not a people person” Jinyoung spoke “she’s 3 they’re social creatures at this age and yet she’s not” Youngjae says as he watches the little girl and CoCo bound. “She likes me and her mother, her big sister, and her little brother. Maybe she just don’t like you guys” Jinyoung says as he looks at his daughter. “Sunyoung do you like us?” Mark asks as she just shrugs. Soon Mark picks up CoCo making Sunyoung cry out “she’s only going to play with you when you start being nice to us little lady” he says as he goes to put CoCo away.

“Daddy” Sunyoung whines as she goes up to him “I can’t help you here. Be nice and CoCo comes back” he said shrugging not giving her sympathy. She glares at him before moving away “how about we play horse?” BamBam says as he bends down in front of her. She rolls her eyes before she climbs onto his back. “She’s a piece of work” Mark says as he comes back into the room. “She’s my baby girl I don’t care” he says as he hears her laugh at BamBam’s horse act. “Don’t drop my daughter” he calls as BamBam smiles “I wouldn’t” he says as he continues playing with her.

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Im really scared to see what's going to happen with Ruby this volume. I'm not just scared for her well being since that crazy dude is after her, but I'm afraid of what could happen with team RNJR, more specifically with Juane. I feel like there's going to be a moment when he basically tells Ruby it's her fault that Pyrrha is dead. Gosh, Ruby would be heart broken and even more guilty. I don't Jaune will purposely do it, but I definitely think this is gonna happen at some point.

If he did there would be no truth behind it. Ruby did, literally, everything she could to save Pyrrha and while I fully imagine that Ruby blames herself for not being fast enough - she isn’t at fault. 

If I’m being 100% honest, and this might come across negatively so…warning for that, I don’t want Ruby’s story to have anything to do with Jaune. It already bothers me that any time I want to see her this season I have to see him too. Ruby’s story and her character are so much more important than him and I want team RWBY back together. So if him saying that to her is enough to drive her away, then that’s fine with me. 

I’ve Got You (Bucky x Reader)

Summary: It’s Tony’s turn to pick a movie but all he wants is to get you and Bucky just a little bit closer. 

A/N: Be easy on me, it’s my first one but also shout out to @after-avenging-hours for helping me get this up lmao (also gif just because his arm)

Word Count: 2947
Warnings: mild swearing, Fluff?

Originally posted by jason-todds

Tony smirked as he pulled out a DVD from his collection, eyeing the group scattered around the living room. He caught Clint rolling his eyes at his actions and began to tsk, wagging his finger mockingly.
“Now, Clint.” He scolded, “It is my turn to pick, so none of you can complain.”
Natasha scoffed as she took a seat on your left and you grinned up at her.
“How much do you want to bet it’s something dumb like ‘The Wolf of Wall street’ or, what was the one he made us watch last year?” you asked the redhead.
Bucky entered with a bowl of popcorn and made his way through the legs of those on the floor to the couch. “Snatch?” he asked, taking his seat on your other side and placing the popcorn on his lap.
Natasha reached over you to grab a handful. “That’s the one.”
“Not ‘Snatch’ and not ‘the wolf of Wall street’!” Tony declared. “I thought we could try something a little different tonight.”
“Good different or bad different?” you chimed in.
“You’ll see.” Tony replied, the shit eating grin never leaving his face.

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a drabble from this post

He calls her “Miss Goldstein” and it breaks Tina’s heart. He looks merciless, and she wants to cry again because oh god, what has she done? He interrogates her ruthlessly. Tina starts to feel a faint pain, like a contraction, low in her belly. She can’t stop panicking, oh god what’s going to happen to her? What will happen to Newt? And her sister? And oh, she can’t bear to see Percival looking at her like a dark wizard and she cries again. He’s relentless, he presses her with his questions again and again and now the pain is stabbing her belly. Tina wants to throw up, she wants it to stop, oh please it has to stop. The pain starts to become unbearable in her belly and she sobs and sobs and suddenly there’s red on her trousers and Tina can’t breath anymore. She thinks someone called her name but she doesn’t know, everything’s becoming a blur of pain and tears. Before plunging into darkness, Tina hears again her name. It sounded like Percival, she wanted to hear it again, but it was too late.

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Aww I love these! ❤ The animals remind me of a couple of episodes where Joker had…hyenas I think, or some similar feline. I kinda want to know 17 for your Joker now.

Well he surely wouldn’t want children, plus he already had enough of that experience in his life, cuz he kinda raised Scar all the way from that age, cuz just like with cloned pets and such, when the doctor presented her to him she was a baby.
As for marriage… we’ll see. He’s not really a fan of idea, cuz the fact that he feels something towards her is already a big issue for him to handle and he tends to blame it on her having his DNA. And that’s partially the truth seeing she’s only living creature he likes at least in some way. They’re a bit like Jekyll and Hyde  to certain extent. 
But… to be very honest I kinda tempted to make that happen at some point xD It would take a hell of a lot of trouble for him to ask her to marry him though, like it will have to be near death experience or something xD

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are there any pics of Namjoon with his sister?I imagibe her to look like how Namjoon looked in House of army?I remember him telling that he has kinda awkward relation with his sister and she's 97 liner.

i have never seen one. even if i come across one, i wouldn’t save the photos, let alone share it anywhere. imo this belongs to his personal life and unless he himself wants to share it, we shouldn’t dig deeper just to satisfy curiosity

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Another theory about how Blake got into Beacon with her own name: Ozpin has a history of ignoring the origins of his students if he thinks they're good enough for Beacon (see the Branwens, Ruby, and most likely Jaune). And we see plenty of people who aren't Huntsmen using similar weapons (e.g. Torchwick and Junior), so its not inconceivable Blake made something like that

it’s possible it’s the other way and he recognised the name when no one else paid attention (he knew she was a Faunus and likely made the connection), which could well have been his reason for letting her in - either as a ‘redemption’ or because he wanted to see what she’d do - ‘Belladonna’ probably isn’t that unique a name in-universe and she was passing herself off as human, so she could well have slipped under the radar (and… we don’t actually know how much of the White Fang’s leadership is public record - like, we know Adam is known to the public, but then he doesn’t do much to hide himself and is outright fanatical. the leader even when it was just a protest organisation for an oppressed minority may well have been kept secret from public record if only to reduce the risk of assassinations)

and yeah, that was the point i was trying to get to - weapons and fighting aren’t unique to Huntsmen and Huntresses