he wants to be sure he has her permission


dicksa fic for @queenofglass. Thank you for your donation to fight Nazis!

Request: Jon has to marry them fast because she’s pregnant.

“You wanted to see me?” Sansa asks, her furs sweeping the rushes, as she comes to stand before Jon.

“I did,” he says, pushing himself to his feet from where he was seated, pouring over a map and trying to focus on battle plans with Dickon’s words playing over in his head. “I had an interesting meeting with Dickon Tarly this morning.”

Her eyes dart to the floor and back up again. “Interesting how?”

“He asked permission to marry you.” He waits for her distress, as she clasps her hands before her, but her expression remains unchanged. “You don’t seem surprised.”

“I’m not.” He catches the swallow of her throat above the silver clasp holding her furs about her shoulders. “What was your answer?”

“I’d need to speak to you first. I’m not sure I believed him that you wanted to be wed. Do you?”


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bloody-bee-tea  asked:

So could I maybe have some ironpanther with a side dash of natasha&tony friendship? If that is too vague I'll come up with a scenario but I just crave me some ironpanther and you write Nat so beautifully aggressively caring, I just need that too.

I started a different story and decided it would be a different post entirely because it wasn’t going in the direction I wanted it to. So I guess keep an eye out for that other story too? Anyway, I hope you like it! Look out for under the cut! (Can anyone tell that I have difficulty figuring out how to write T’Challa and Shuri’s speech patterns lol?)

This work can also be found on my Ao3 here.

Natasha Romanova was a menace.

“You are pouting,” Shuri said, not even bothering to hide her grin.

T’Challa crossed his arms over his chest. “I just find it hard to believe that every time I have a moment to spend with Tony, the Black Widow needs him for something she cannot possibly handle herself.”

Shuri glanced over at where Natasha and Tony were currently bent over a five-thousand piece puzzle she’d said had a secret message encoded on it. “She is certainly devious. I cannot think of one thing she has asked for help with that he could say no to.”

“…He could have done a puzzle with me.” His sister began to laugh quietly. He couldn’t blame her. His cheeks were burning having said it. What a petty thing to say.

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What is apparent throughout the whole episode, from every interaction between MH and BS, is THAT MIN HYUK IS MAKING EVERYTHING ABOUT BS. He wants to help her, but in a way that doesn’t get her killed or hurt. He knows best how she rushes to help those she loves, how recklessly with a complete disregard of her own safety. HE KNOWS BECAUSE HE TOOK THAT KNIFE FOR, HE KNOWS IT ALL AND HAS A SCAR TO PROVE IT. So all he wants now, is to make sure that she doesn’t find herself in the same danger.

He is literally imploring her here not to do this own her own, not to abandon her own safety, because he is desperate to protect her and that very desperation makes him put on her that key necklace and beg her to wear it all the time. It has a tracker device and he does it without her permission but he would rather have her hate him than have anything happen to her - HE IS READY TO PROTECT HER FROM THE WHOLE WORLD, EVEN IF IT MEANS PROTECTING HER FROM HERSELF AND HER OWN SELFLESS HEART.

This whole moment is so beautiful and precious because BS in her stupor and grief is almost oblivious to most of what MH is saying to her, but he is so desperately trying to get through to her, to soothe her (OMG! That little gesture of placing a blanket on her knees! You don’t see it but you know he did it because she is unable to do anything in her state), to wipe away her tears while being on his knees the whole time.

Blood of Gods 1/?

Originally posted by gertieparr

NOTES: This is the first chapter of my Ivar’s fanfic (I joined the prologue too for it to have more sense). It takes time after Sigurd’s death and it does not follow the exact story of the tvshow. English is not my mother language so I apologized for wrong grammar or spelling. The story behind Enia it’s all invented but Asturia kingdom (now a days the region of Asturias) and it’s celtic culture it’s all historical. 

MENTIONS: @nothingbuthappydays @kirah34 @hornyorca  (If you wanna be mention in the next parts please do tell me).

The cold wind was hitting Enia’s face; it reminded her of the mountains which had seen her grow.  All of the memories of her younger brother came to her mind while she was looking at the crowd before her, it was a group of Christians celebrating a funeral but the person who got all of the Celtic woman’s attention was the man officiating it. He had been the one who stole Nel from her, and he would be the one regretting it.

“What are we going to do to get him back my queen?”

“Whatever it takes.” The response that left Enia’s mouth was full of fury. She turned her head looking at the loyal man next to her. “And do not call me queen. I’m not one.”

All of Ragnar sons were discussing what to do know. After Sigurd’s funeral, in which Ivar had been silent, they had to decide where to go.

“Prince Bjorn.” The oldest of the siblings turned to the man approaching him. He was holding a hooded person right beside him with the help of two more men.

“Who is this?” All of the men in the booth were looking at the mysterious figure in front of them.

Before the fighter who had break in the reunion could say a word the person lowered the hood showing everyone its face. Bjorn eyed the young woman, she had blood on her clothes, her long-brown hair was held in a braid and her eyes were as green as a field right after it rains but they hid a blue color that could drown you, none of them had seen such beauty before. He looked at the man again and he saw that he was carrying a sword covered in blood too in the opposite hand to the one holding the girl.

“She hasn’t said a word. She appeared from nowhere and started attacking us.”

“And why do you bring her to us instead of killing her yourselves?”Asked Halfdan after hearing that she had killed their people.

The girl laughed at the question as the three soldiers looked at each other concerned. “They could not have done it.”

“She wanted to see you. That’s why we are bringing her here.”

“Why do you want to see us?” Hvitserk was already curious about her but the thing she said made his curiosity grow even more.  

She looked at the three men by her, Bjorn understood the look in her eyes and asked the men to release her and go. The young woman rubbed her wrists while looking at the place where the now four sons of a King and two men she didn’t know were standing. She knew who Ragnar Lothbrok was, and if his sons were half of the man he was, she would not have to worry.

“I have to admit that I thought that people had been exaggerating about your fighting skills, but they were right. Your warriors were definitely the boldest ones I’ve seen.” She smiled at them thinking about the reason why she had come there; those people could be the help she needed.

“What is the reason of your attack? You’re just one, we can kill you before you blink.” Neither Ubbe or the rest of the men there did know how to think about her, it was obvious that she wanted something from them but what, and most important, why did she had that confidence when she were surrounded by the best Viking warriors. She might had something that they were interested in.

“The reason of my attack was plainly draw you attention and now that I have it I would like to introduce myself. My name is Enia and it is clear that I’m not a Christian so as you can guess, we have the same enemy.”

 “You aren’t a Viking either so why do you think we will be friends? And more significant, do you really think that we will not kill you for attacking us?”

“You must be Ivar…” Enia smiled at the youngest son, Ivar instead looked at the girl with anger and that amused her. “I heard that you want to see the Mediterranean. One of my men is from the town that the Moors call Arromana, it’s the most important place in Saracen Spain and he would happily be your guide and translator.”

“In exchange from what?” Bjorn was now interested, if he and Halfdan had a person who knows the territory they were going to they would get rid of any problem.

“In exchange from nothing big, just letting me join you on your next raids against the Christians.”

The men there viewed each other thinking about the deal that the mysterious woman offered them. Harald, who was the only one that hadn’t speak yet, stood up from his seat and approached her.

“My plans are not in here or the Mediterranean, but I hope they take the deal. It’s always a beautiful sight a woman who knows what she wants.”

After saying that Harald exit the tent followed by his brother Harald. This last one gave a nod to Bjorn letting him know that he would accept whatever he decided.

“How many are you?” Ivar stared at his oldest brother annoyed by the fact that Bjorn was going to say yes to the proposition.

“There are ten men and four women, but one of the men is your future guide and the other is a druid who does not fight. That makes us thirteen warriors.”

“A druid?” Neither Hvitserk or any of his brothers knew about Celtics and their culture.

“A druid is the most important person in a tribe after the leader, sometimes even above them. He dedicates his life to our people and our Gods. He’s a medicine man, a seer and a lorekeeper of nature among many other things.” Explained Enia.

“What do you say brother? You’re going to be the one leading the raids…” Bjorn was praying for his younger brother to take the deal. But it seems that he wasn’t very pleased with the girl.

“I do not wish to have weak warriors and a stupid woman who thinks she’s better than us in my army. We are Vikings, we don’t need you and we’re not accepting the deal.” Enia looked at Ivar with a serious face. She was clearly bothered by the words of the prince.

“My people are not weak. They could have attack you while you were crying the brother that you killed, instead I told them that I were going to talk to you and see if you were half of the man your father was. But I can see that you’re not.” Ivar was now red of anger towards Enia. But she didn’t seem to be worried about him because she turned to look at Bjorn who was now pissed off at his little brother . “You don’t have to worry, Altair will be your guide.”

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Nicotine Sweetness

Trigger warning: smut, Knife and gun play {Read at your discretion, if this may scare you then please don’t read it.} (Note: I should note that they wouldn’t do this without a serious discussion of prior consent and some kind of safeword signal. This scenario assumes that, just for the sake to be able to quickly get into the smut.)

Namjoon luckily gave you the head ups that their latest deal went tits up. You say that, knowing that he wasn’t some altruistic angel, sent to pre-warn you of your boyfriend’s foulest moods, he was very much hoping that you would calm him down for everyone else’s sakes. So that’s what you planned to do, not necessarily because you wanted to help out Yoongi’s right hand man, but because you loved it when Yoongi was pissed. That always led to the best sex.

You made sure to lay out Yoongi’s favourite toys on the desk of his office, a bowie knife, the weapon he used on his first ever casualty, and a custom Colt M1911 pistol with an engraving of his psuedonym, Suga.

You would usually put on a pair of lacey lingerie, a black as bruises he may leave if he feels like spanking you, but Namjoon had texted the number 10 for a reason. Lingerie would just get in the way, Yoongi would rip it off anyway, even if he liked how it made you look like his perfect little whore. But you were his little perfect whore, you even set out his favourite Cuban cigars and ashtray on his desk too, you knew how Yoongi liked nothing more than a nice cigar and his perfect whore on his lap after a stressful day ‘in the office’.

When Yoongi returned home, he headed straight to his office, pleased to see his Kitten had everything set out for him. She really was perfect; he had trained her well. She knew just what he needed and right now he needed her. He sauntered over to his desk, taking his seat in front of it, holding the cigar in his hand as his Kitten dutifully lighted it, whilst staying on her knees, right by her Daddy’s feet. After taking one inhale of its nicotine sweetness, he exhaled into his Kitten’s waiting mouth. He pulled back and smirked, grateful that his Kitten was so pliant, especially considering the night he has had.

You only exhaled when he gave you permission and then proceeded to look down until Yoongi choose to instruct you otherwise. He picked up the Colt, assessing the familiar weight of it in his hand before he got his Kitten to look up at him. He didn’t need to ask, his Kitten knew what he wanted her to do and so she did. You licked the barrel like it was the sensitive slit of Yoongi’ cock, making sure to press your tongue as slowly as firmly as you would with him.

At first, you were reluctant to do this, finding it pointless to simulate oral on Yoongi’s favourite gun when you could just be giving it to him, but you grew to love it. Not just because it made him happy but because there was some kind of sick, twisted frill that came with it. You questioned whether Yoongi really had fucked with your head but you didn’t care. Yoongi may have changed you irrecoverably, but you didn’t regret it because you never felt this kind of mind numbing pleasure with anyone else.

At this point, you had bobbed down up until the trigger, your lips touching Yoongi’s cold fingers, giving them a butterfly kiss everyone you deep throated the Colt. You mainted eye contact with Yoongi, even as he pulled the trigger, both knowing the gun to be empty, but your complete compliance, your ride or die mentality was what Yoongi loved the most. Yoongi could never harm his Kitten, the person he treasured most in this cruel world, but he always loved dabbling with danger, that’s how he got into his profession anyway.

He gave you a pat on the head to instruct you to release his gun, so he could then place it back on the desk. Yoongi then wordlessly got you to undo his belt using your teeth and pulled you unto his lap, once it was removed of all unwanted fabric. You were well trained at the point because unfortunately with Yoongi’s line of work there were the occasion fuck-ups. He then proceeded to smoke his cigar, his second, as you slam yourself onto his length, the gun play making you wet enough to take the quick entrance.

You rid him as hard as you could, knowing that the harsh sound of your skin slapping was therapeutic for Yoongi. It was some kind of kinky metronome, something only a sadistic pianist like Yoongi could fully appreciate. Your body kept such a steady rhythm, the monotonous sound being the perfect soundtrack for Yoongi clearing his head of the day’s hardships. It didn’t hurt the the harshness of your descents made him harder too. Yoongi has always been drawn to roughness, the painful pleasure always serving to remind him of the delights of living a sinful life such as his.

Whilst you knew that Yoongi liked his Kitten to be obedient, you also knew that a tiny bit of teasing made me cum that much harder. After a few more minutes of your steady and harsh, skin-slapping rhythm, you switched it up. You moved at a snail’s pace, letting yourself and Yoongi savor in the feeling of all the bumps and veins of your walls and his cock. You weren’t technically breaking his orders, you were still riding his cock, just incredibly slowly. Just before he spanked you, you slammed yourself back down, drawing out an expletive from your Daddy. You then proceeded to ride him as normal. But it had worked, Yoongi now wanted nothing more than for you both to cum.

Yoongi grabbed your hips with a bruising force and helped guide you into many different rhythms and styles of riding, switching it up before each one got to stale. His mouth in a slight smirk, his cigar clenched between his teeth. The frequent changes bombarded you with constant and overwhelming stimulation, sending your senses into overdrive. You were close and Yoongi, the smug prick, knew it.

Yoongi had one final trick up his sleeve. He picked up his bowie knife and delicately traced your collarbone with it.

No matter how many times you engaged in knife play, it always took your breath away. You couldn’t explain it. It wasn’t because you didn’t trust Yoongi, you really did, it just excited you to the point where you would forget how to breath for a split second. You slowly exhaled when he slowly pulled the knife away. He then continued to trace parts of your body, all the while knowing that the knot inside you was growing.

You were so close you could cry, everything was great, the riding was rough but something was missing. Just when you thought you couldn’t cum, Yoongi held the knife to your neck with a bit of pressure, it leaving you a bit breathless. It was just what you needed. You came so hard that you almost blacked out, forcing Yoongi’s own orgasm from him with the tightness of your dripping cunt, his cum painted your velvet walls.

As your breathing calmed down, Yoongi placed the knife down and petted your hair, a silent thank you and a sign of the aftercare you could expect soon.

Black Lace

Jimin x Reader

College!AU and Roommate!AU


Featuring Wise Friend Hoseok

Language, Suggestive Content, Implied Smut at end

“This is my gift to you: a single girl to live in your apartment. At best, you can date her and live happily ever after, or at least be friends with benefits until it gets awkward and one of you moves out. The worst case scenario is that she gives you killer dating advice and has single friends. You can’t lose!”

Summary: Jimin attempts to woo his attractive new female roommate with a touching, misguided attempt at a birthday gift. 


Jimin and Hoseok took a day during winter break to show up at room 1273 to help move some stuff into the apartment, and Jimin was beyond shocked when the person who opened the door was female. A very attractive female, nonetheless.

“Hi! You must be Jimin! My name is Y/N and Hoseok’s told me all about you. It’s a bummer we couldn’t meet up before I moved in, Hoseok said you were really busy with work and stuff.” The girl held out a hand to Jimin, who struggled to maintain eye contact with her long enough to avoid murdering Hoseok with his eyes. Jimin had actually been surprisingly not busy for the last several weeks and Hoseok knew that.

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To read Part I, click here. 

To view the story page, click here.

I post new instalments on Fridays at 6pm EST. If you give it a read, please don’t be afraid to let me know what you think :) And thank you to those who left comments after last week’s instalment - I didn’t post some due to spoilers, but I so appreciate your readership!

Part II: The Songbird

As it has been said:
Love and a cough cannot be concealed.
Even a small cough.
Even a small love.

- Anne Sexton, from the poem ‘Small Wire’

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i really want to write the batfam as like. a mafia. idk i like mafia verse things.

because imagine damian as the little mafia prince. spoiled rotten, nose stuck up in the air because if you fuck up his father will hear about it, and if you fuck up even worse, his grandfather will hear. and no one wants bruce and ra’s on their ass.

babs being their intel. she knows exactly where and when everything goes down. she daylight as bruce wayne’s personal assistant/handler and since she’s the police commissioners daughter, no one expects her to be involved with the mafia aspect. just wayne enterprises.

dick is the lawyer figure. he’s charming and intelligent and talks his way out of his cases. aside from family business, he likes to take a lot of pro bono cases. especially those involving human and civil rights. he also gives a lot of money to organizations helping kids with less than two parents. that’s kind of his thing.

jason is their enforcer. he likes to break things.

tim handles the finances. he really wants to go on fun things with cass and jason but he likes his computer a lot. he settles for being steph’s personal body guard. even if she doesn’t need it.

steph handles a lot of their underground stuff- the fight club type things, anything that has to do with prostitution (she doesn’t judge for girls selling their bodies, but if they’re gonna do it, she’s gonna make sure they’re fucking safe, and no one hurts her girls) and if anyone puts their hands on her or any of the girls without their permission, she’s more then ready to kick their ass while jason just shakes his head and says “shouldn’t have done that, asshole”.

cass is the assassin. she’s quick and efficient and takes people out without question.

it’s probably been done. but now i have it in my head and it’s going to a place and i need someone to write this with me

anonymous asked:

quick prompt: "he's your droid, can't you get him to stop barging into our quarters?" :D

“Cassian, are you aware there is an intruder—” Kay stops, standing in the doorway. “Oh. I see that you are.”

“Kay! Privacy, remember?” Cassian snaps. He lunges for the sheet crumpled uselessly at the foot of the bed, trying to pull it up over Jyn’s naked body. “Close the door.”

“Kriffing hell! He’s your murderbot, can’t you get him to stop barging into your quarters?” Jyn sits bolt upright, not bothering to cover herself, and glares at Kay. Her hands are curling into fists.

Cassian sighs. He should have known the over-protective streak in Kay’s circuits would cause trouble sooner or later. “It’s his security protocols. He scans for intruders, and technically only MSF personnel are authorized to be in the building…”

Jyn scrambles out of bed and snatches up her clothes. “Guess I’d better leave, then, since I’m not welcome here.”

Cassian bites a curse off his tongue, since it won’t improve the situation. Jyn is clearly not in the mood to be coaxed to stay any longer. Still, after she yanks her shirt over her head he reaches for her hand and dares a swift kiss to her knuckles. “See you tomorrow night?”

“Maybe.” She pulls her hand away, but stoops to sweep her lips across his before she strides out, still glaring at Kay.

Kay remains in the doorway, gears whirring as he turns his head to follow Jyn’s progress down the hall. “Should I escort her from the premises?” he asks.

Kay.” Cassian puts his head in his hands. He takes a deep breath and reminds himself to lower his voice. Shouting at the droid won’t do any good. “Close the door,” he repeats.

Once the door is shut, Cassian throws the sheet aside and starts picking up his own wrinkled clothes. He might as well head to the freshers now that his plans for the evening are shot. “We’ve had this discussion before, Kay. Jyn isn’t an intruder. She’s my guest.”

“You’re too trusting, Cassian. I realize that sexual attraction impairs mental acuity in humans, so let me remind you that the total cumulative time you have spent with Jyn Erso is still less than forty-nine standard hours—”

“Kay!” This time, he does shout. “Let me be clear. I want Jyn to have access to my quarters any time she happens to visit, wherever I happen to be stationed.”

“That directive is unnecessarily broad and could well lead to a serious security breach.”

Cassian forces his jaw to unclench. “I didn’t say you should give her access to our entire facility,” he points out, although he’s sure Kay is fully aware of all the implied parameters of his statement. “But she has my express permission to be in my quarters, do you understand?”

“Even if you are not present?”

Cassian pauses while he’s fastening the clasps of his shirt, momentarily flustered by the mental image of Jyn waiting for him in his bed. He doubts she’d ever do such a thing, but if he were to be so lucky… “Yes, even if I’m not here.”

Kay’s joints click as he straightens to his fullest height, a characteristic reaction when he thinks that his analysis is being ignored. “Jyn Erso’s behaviour is unreliable and erratic. The odds of her creating an problem for an MSF mission at some point are high, Cassian. Very high.”

“Please, Kay. Just finish your patrol.” Or whatever you were up to when you ruined my night, Cassian thinks. “I appreciate your input, but let me worry about Jyn.”

“You are less stressed in her presence,” Kay says unexpectedly. “Which is the sole reason I haven’t advocated barring her from mission facilities altogether.”

Cassian stops with his hand on the door, his towel over his shoulder, and looks up at Kay. “Really?”

“All biometric measures indicate it.”

“Huh.” He sucks in the muscles of his cheek, trying to quell a smile that would only give Kay more reason to question his judgment.  

“I still think I’m right about her,” the droid adds. But his sub-vocalized tone is quiet enough that Cassian can pretend not to hear.

Apparently I’m in a mood to write MSF AU snippets tonight…

Two things: this is backstory for the conversation in this chapter when K-2 tells Jyn that Cassian ordered him to let her into his quarters. And Jyn’s “murderbot” nickname for Kay is borrowed from the wonderful writer Martha Wells, who created it for her novellas about a very diffferent kind of droid.

Joy-Anna Duggar’s Husband, Austin Forsyth, Deemed ‘Arrogant’ And Rebellious By Family Member
Joy-Anna Duggar’s husband, Austin Forsyth, has been friends with the Duggars for many years. However, a surprising member of the family has reportedly complained about the 23-year-old house flipper. Joy-Anna Duggar, 19, carefully followed her family’s relationship playbook after Austin Forsyth asked her to enter into a courtship with him. The couple only went on chaperoned dates, kept their physical contact to a minimum, saved their first kiss for their wedding day, and got pregnant soon after they tied the knot.

However, Joy-Anna Duggar’s sister-in-law, Anna Duggar, reportedly doesn’t think that Austin was husband material. A Duggar family insider recently told Radar Online that Austin has a rebellious streak that has ruffled a few feathers, and Anna has been especially “disappointed in his character.”
“He was more of a rebel child,” the source revealed. “He was immature, arrogant and lacked experience.”It’s unclear why Anna Duggar or any other members of the family would feel this way about Austin Forsyth, but apparently his behavior didn’t raise any red flags for Jim Bob Duggar. All potential suitors must get Jim Bob’s permission to court his daughters, so Joy-Anna wouldn’t currently be married to Austin if her father disapproved of the match. As reported by CafeMom, the Duggar family patriarch even made Austin fill out a 50-page questionnaire to ensure that he would make a suitable son-in-law. Austin’s father also wanted to make sure that was mature enough to get married, so he told his son that he had to flip five houses before he would be given the blessing to ask for Joy-Anna’s hand.
Many fans may find it surprising that Anna Duggar has complained about Austin Forsyth’s character because they don’t exactly see her husband as a great catch. Josh Duggar sexually molested Joy-Anna and three other sisters—Jessa, Jill, and Jinger—when he was a teenager, and he has confessed to being unfaithful to Anna. More recently, he drew the public’s ire by attempting to join a breach of privacy lawsuit filed by his sisters/victims. Josh claimed that his own privacy was violated when the police reports describing his actions were made public, making him a victim as well.As the Hollywood Gossip reports, he eventually withdrew his motion to intervene in his sisters’ lawsuit and filed a separate suit against the defendants. Anna has stood by her man through it all. Josh Duggar thinks his sisters’ molestation claims brought him “unwarranted” scrutiny.
While Anna and other members of the Duggar family may find Austin Forsyth’s supposed rebellious streak off-putting, some fans think that his wife needs to be more of a rebel. Austin recently got Joy-Anna Duggar to go dirt bike riding for the first time, but she did not break her family’s strict dress code by wearing pants or shorts. Instead, she donned a long dress. As the Inquisitr previously reported, some fans believe that Austin is to blame for her unusual choice in attire because Joy-Anna once said that her husband prefers for her to wear dresses. Anna Duggar might decide to put her alleged animosity toward Austin Forsyth aside after she and Joy-Anna Duggar give birth. Anna’s baby boy is expected to arrive any day now, and Joy-Anna recently announced that she’s expecting. Because their babies will be so close in age, they’ll likely be playmates someday

Thoughts? (Annie)

anonymous asked:

Do you think there would have been ways for Silver to make different choice, not to betray Flint and Madi and just walk away, or something? He didn't have to fight that war, he could have just quit and left them to do it on their own.

“He should have walked away” - I’ve seen that before. It looks good on paper, but I think it’s a bit naive - and missing some crucial aspects of the situation.

First of all, when, exactly, should Silver have walked away?

Between season three and four, when they were prepairing to retake Nassau from the governor and it all looked bright and hopeful, at a time where he was falling in love with Madi, and he and Flint had become friends?

After their arrival at Nassau, when he was trying to survive and find Flint and Madi - or after the pirates had retaken the town and Flint had offered himself as collateral, at a point where Billy wanted to see Flint dead?

After the Spanish invasion, when he felt he had to keep fighting for Madi’s sake? Once he realized she was alive, but that Flint didn’t intend to trade the cache for her life? 

Or at that point on Skeleton Island, when Jack told him of Marion Guthrie’s offer? Sure, Silver could have turned against Jack, let Flint and Madi deal with him, and then disapear. Theoretically.

But among all those people in Black Sails who do what they want, who do what they think is right, without asking for permission, why would Silver be the sole exception? 

It’s made clear through season four that Silver sees the war as a waste of lives and resources, and he suddenly finds himself in a position where he has the chance to end it. In what world does Silver owe it to anyone to walk away from that decision? To whom does Silver owe it not to make that choice? To Madi? At that point, Madi is only still alive because Silver has been willing to oppose Flint and trade the cache for her life. To Flint? Who, from Silver’s perspective, has betrayed Silver by taking the cache after promising him he wouldn’t? Who, from Silver’s perspective, won’t stop until the entire world is set on fire?  

The only way I see to blame Silver for making that decision - to say that he shouldn’t have done it, that he “didn’t have the right” - is to look at it from a viewpoint that sees an obligation on his side to subscribe to the goals of the war that Madi and Flint fight, even though it has become clear that for Silver, war is something different entirely -  it’s a fucking nightmare. But there is really no reasonable way to make the demand that Silver should think of the war in different terms. There’s no reasonably way to prescribe someone a different world view. And there is no reasonable way to blame a character who is very much not an idealist, who has been explicitly shown to care for individuals more than ideas, to ignore all that and just step away. 

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Melt verse: obi and shirayuki having a baby moment. Either obi talking about his insecurities, feeling the baby kick for the first time, the two of them talking about being parents. Idk you pick

It’s a rainy day, the type that saps his strength and makes his bones ache with mild pain along old breaks. Goosebumps form along his skin and he quickly puts on his shirt, fastening buttons, before reaching for the straps that cross his shoulders and chest. Pulling the leather tight, he glances across the room where Shirayuki sits curled up on the window seat, still in her night clothes and cup of tea in hand. She stares at the rain fall through blurry panes of glass and absently rubs her stomach.

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How to get along with your boss (and accidentally seduce him in the process)

Chapter 2

Newt’s trying to read the report Kenneth has handed him just minutes ago while wondering why Tina is looking at him in such a weird way.

“What is it?” He asks. Pickett must be curious as well because he climbs up from his left pocket and sits on his shoulder while turning his head to glance at Tina.

“You gave him a copy of your book,” she whispers and looks around to make sure none of the others are listening. Newt frowns, confused by her actions, trying to find a reason why she doesn’t want anyone else to find out; it’s not like he has done something improper, right? Percival actually looked pleased when he thanked him for his book.

“Yes, I did,” he did it yesterday in fact. Percival has been so kind to him lately; he signed all the permits Newt needed to keep his creatures with him, he also gave him a special permission for Pickett to be with him during working hours. So when the first few copies of his book arrived he thought it’d be perfect to give one to Percival.

Newt’s so happy he’s finally making friends because of the effort he has put into being nice to his boss.

“Newt, I told you he might not- Wait, why is your bowtruckle looking at me like that? Why did you bring him here in the first place?”

“Percival says it’s okay,” Newt protests, pressing his lips together.

“Stop pouting! That doesn’t work on me.”

The magizoologist frowns.

“I’m not pouting! It’s just… What’s the problem with Pickett? He’s a well behaved bowtruckle… most of the time.”

Tina sighs, her expression turning soft as soon as her eyes meet Newt’s. She takes his hand. “I’m not trying to upset you. I just want you to be careful, Picquery might not be as tolerant as Mr. Graves… Actually, he’s not usually like this, but you appear to be an except-”

“Talking about boss, are we?” Fontaine leans in, making Tina groan out of frustration. “By the way, does anyone know why is he acting so… odd lately?”

“What do you mean?” One of Weiss brows quirk up when she turns around from the shelf where she’s putting the finishing documents. The witch moves her wand and the reports on her desk start floating and get in their respective binder.

“I saw him smile the other day,” Fontaine says and with that he captures the attention of the whole department. “Like he was… happy?”

Kenneth shakes his head.

“It cannot be. Boss does not smile, it’s his thing.”

“Maybe Abernathy finally did all his paperwork on time,” Roberts chuckles. But Abernathy just shakes his head.

Newt looks at them almost in confusion; that has to be some kind of joke he doesn’t get because Percival is always smiling. Of course he had believed them that first time they warned him about the Director, but now that he knows him he’s almost sure is all part of a very complicated joke.

Still, just because he wants to be sure he says: “But Percival is always happy!”

There’s a long silence that spreads in the room and the aurors look like they have been frozen in their spots. Weiss mutters, looking at him in shock ‘Percival?’

“Don’t call boss by his frist name when he’s around, okay?” Roberts is the first to break the silence. “He doesn’t like it.”

Newt tilts his head to the side, staring at her. He’s even more confused now.

“But he told me-”

“Wait, what do you mean that boss is ‘always happy’?” Kenneth cuts in, leaning over Newt’s desk.

“Perhaps ‘happy’ has a different meaning in England,” Fontaine says.

“Okay, that’s enough!” Tina snaps before anyone else can respond to the auror’s comment. “We have work to do.”

Abernathy seems like he wants to argue, but just when his lips are parting, a bouquet of flowers float inside the room along with a note. They land over Newt’s desk.

“Forget-me-nots and gloxinias!” Fontaine walks towards him, delighted. “Okay, Scamander spit it out! Who sent them?”

“I think is Sanders from the international travel department,” Weiss comments, her eyes glued to the bouquet. “I was talking to him the other day and he couldn’t stop talking about Newt’s adorable curls. He has a big crush on you. Though if I were you I wouldn’t go out with him, he seems a little bit obsessed if you ask me.”

Newt blushes bright red; people definitely don’t have crushes on him, besides, flowers are not only to show someone you want to pursue them romantically.

He takes a deep breath and relaxes as soon as he sees they’re from Percival; he must’ve thought it would be a perfect gift to thank him for the book.

“Oh Mercy Lewis why?” Newt gets startled when he hears Tina gasp next to him. She’s the only one close enough to read the note, which is why everyone else in the room stare at her in anticipation.

“Who is it, Goldstein?” Kenneth demands.

“Quite a great first impression you made, huh?” Fontaine winks at him. He ignores Kenneth, who’s currently with his eyes fixed on Tina. She ignores him too.

“What do you mean?” Newt asks, looking down at his bouquet.

“Well… gloxinias,” he says as that’s explanation enough, which is not.

Roberts rolls her eyes at him. “Not everyone in this room is a nerd like you, Fontaine.”

“Could you please leave that for another time? Scamander hasn’t told us yet who sent-”

“Actually, this doesn’t concern any of us,” Tina protests, cutting Kenneth off again. “He doesn’t have to tell us anything.”

“Oh, I don’t mind, Tina. It’s not like it’s a secre-”

But his friend shushes him and Newt realizes that Tina doesn’t want the others to find out. He has no idea why.

“Let’s get back to work.”

“You’re such a killjoy, Goldstein.”


Weiss, Fontaine and Newt are called by Picquery to assist during an interrogation the Director is going to lead. At first Newt’s not sure what he’s doing in there; the other two aurors were the ones that found and captured the wizard so there’s no doubt why they must be present, but why him?

He voices his questions out loud and then Fontaine opens the binder he’s carrying. “We believe he’s part of a group that’s trafficking with some kind of venom and we need to be sure what kind of venom it is.”

Newt bites his lip, worried. If he’s actually trafficking with something like that, it means they’re also keeping the creatures that produce it.

Percival is already waiting for them when they arrive although he only looks at Newt when they get close enough.

He smirks.

“Did you like the flowers?”

“Of course! They’re beautiful, thank you,” Newt smiles back.

At the sound of someone choking he turns around. Fontaine is coughing, face red, while Weiss is patting him on the back. They both look shocked.

“Coffee was too hot or what?” Percival glares at the wizard. “I need you to focus here.”

“Yes, Sir,” Fontaine manages, Weiss just nods.

“Well, tell me everything you know.”

“Name’s James Clarke. Lives in Brooklyn. He has 35, no family. We believe he started working with the group about a year ago. He says they’ve been trafficking all kinds of venoms, although to be honest I think he has no idea what kind of products they’ve been selling. Says he doesn’t know who’s in charge.”

“Well see about that,” Percival grins. “Follow me, Newt.”

The last thing he hears before they enter the other room is Weiss and Fontaine talking about the prisoner: “Now I feel sorry for the poor guy, boss is gonna end him.”

“If he’s smart he’ll tell boss everything he knows before Mr. Graves starts the second part of the interrogation.”

The door closes by itself and Newt finds himself sitting in front of a man with brown hair and a tired expression on his face.

Graves doesn’t sit, he just glares at the wizard, standing close to Newt.

“You’ll answer every single question he asks you, is that clear?” He growls and the man nods looking almost relieved to know he’s going to talk to Newt.

“Ask away, doll,” the wizard smiles at the magizoologist, although the grin lasts about three seconds, the time it takes Percival to lean and frown at him.

“Don’t call him that,” the Director warns.

“R-Right. Sorry.”

Newt chooses his questions with care; since the other one appears to have no idea about magical creatures, he focuses on the color and smell of the venom. Then, the wizard mentions to have seen its effect: nausea, fever and severe inflammation of arms and legs. Like something meant to incapacitate, if taken in small doses.

“It has to be Acromantula,” Newt breathes and even though he knows the next answer he asks if the other knows how many of them they have.

“Dunno, but they’re probably all dead by now.”

Newt knows it, it’s impossible to get their venom unless the creature is dead, but it still hurts him to hear someone say it.

“Don’t be sad, doll. They’re just beasts.” Newt blinks when he feels the hand around his wrist, but the sensation only lasts an instant, because before any of them can react the man releases him like he has been burned and two seconds later he’s on his knees, hands behind his back.

Noticing Percival is now closer, but no wand in his hands, Newt deduces he must’ve used wandless magic; it’s really impressive the control the Director has over his own power to use it as he pleases.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine, Percival.”

Since the wizard is already scared enough, the next questions the Director asks are answered quickly and without hesitation.

“That’ll do,” Percival says. “Weiss and Fontaine will take it from here.”


It’s late when they finally finish and Newt is exhausted, but he knows he has to feed his creatures before going to sleep. Tina and Queenie already left MACUSA, so it looks like he’ll be heading home alone.

“Newt?” Percival’s voice startles him. “I was wondering if I could… take you home. You are staying with auror Goldstein and her sister, right?”

He nods. It seems unnecessary to apparate together since he already knows the way and because they both live in completely opposite directions. It’ll only take Percival more time to reach his home. Newt’s about to point that out, to tell him it’s not necessary, but stops himself before doing so. Theseus has told him that it’s important for people to trust each other, so maybe he should just accept.

“Yes, thank you,” he says and when Percival grins he knows he has done the right thing. When they both head to the closest apparition point Newt thinks back about the interrogation and he says: “It must take a lot of power and ability to control wandless magic the way you do. It’s pretty impressive.”

Percival looks back at him, his face suddenly red.

“It’s just practice,” he assures, although he looks quite pleased. “You can do it too. Actually, I can give you private lessons if you want.”

“Really? That’d be great!” Newt says missing completely the way Percival’s eyes darkened and how his voice turned into a deeper sound.


They apparate outside the building; they have to enter on foot and carefully since the landlady doesn’t want men in there and the majority of the people that live inside are muggles.

Newt opens the door with so much care, but hesitates before walking inside. He looks back at Percival and bites his lip.

“Would you like to come in?” He asks. Percival’s grin become wider when his eyes meet Newt’s.

But then Queenie appears on the doorway.

“Hello, Mr Graves,” she greets then, while looking from him to Newt she adds, giggling: “Don’t worry! All your thoughts are perfectly safe with me!”

Percival just groans at that, like he’s being tortured.

“I cannot stay today, Newt,” he says. “But I’ll see you tomorrow, alright?”

Newt feels Percival’s warm hand on the back of his neck, caressing him; he remembers one time he heard her mother talking to his father about soft touches. He finds himself enjoying the touch so he supposes is alright.

“I’ll see you,” he says and for a moment has the feeling that Percival wants to say something more, but he doesn’t, he just smiles and walks away.

“So it’s official now, huh?” Tina asks, when Newt sits at the table.

“What is official?”

“My boss is… You two are…”

“Friends? Yes, we are,” Newt beams.

“Friends,” she repeats carefully, slowly, almost like she wants to process every single one of the letters of the word.

“What about the flowers, sweetie?” Queenie asks, her voice soft and patient.

“I think he wanted to thank me for the copy of my book.”

“I see,” Queenie says at the same Tina rises from her chair and blurts out: “Where’s the whiskey?”

“In the counter, but please don’t drink too much, Teenie,” her sister replies. Then she turns her head back at Newt. “Listen, honey, I want you to think carefully about what Mr. Graves has told you and all the times he has been ‘kind’ to you, okay? Could you do that for me?”

Newt promises, but doesn’t see the point.

“Just tell him, Queenie,” Tina says, taking a sip of her drink.

“It doesn’t work like that, Teenie.”

“Fine,” the other sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose. “But the others know now and I just have a feeling that’s going to be a nightmare.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Nothing, it’s just about a couple of reports she has to do, honey, nothing to worry about.”

Newt’s not sure if he should believe them, but he remembers he has more important things to worry about like feeding his creatures.

TWD - Negan Imagine ~ "Sing me a song"

An imagine about the 7th episode of season 7

I’m following the storyline of the TV show, so I wrote parts to the other episodes as well that are connected.
BUT they are all written the way that you can read them separate without having read any other part!

part 1 is about the final scene of season 6
part 2 is about the first episode of season 7
part 3 is about the readers arrival in the sanctuary (for 7x02)
part 4 is about 7x03 “The Cell”
part 5 is about 7x04 “Service”
part 6 is about 7x05 “Go Getters”
(7x06 had to be left out because of the small timeframe between the visit in Alexandria and this episode)

Originally posted by dancing-at-the-funeralparty

You sat on the corner of your bed in your room, looking outside. 

Well “your room” was not your favorite description, since it was in the Sanctuary where you had to live since Negan had taken you with him after the line-up.

But this place wasn’t only the place where you had to live, it was also the place where Negan tortured your brother Daryl and turned him into a mess with an empty glance leaving you the hope that deep inside was still the real Daryl. Negan hadn’t turned you into one of his wives, he said he had other plans with you, whatever that meant.

You stood up and turned around to Negan who stood smirking just a few meters away. 

“See that? A fucking brand new day and damn, that day would start even fucking better if it was right after a fantastic fucking night like that one we had a few fucking days ago”, he said chuckling, earning a glare of you. 

Negan hadn’t forced you to sleep with him since you where here, but that didn’t change that you had the constant feeling that your decisions could effect your brother and your group. 

You didn’t want him to hurt another one and you didn’t know what he was else capable of doing.
“You seem a little tensed…what about if we go outside and catch some fresh air”, he said chuckling before he took you out with him.

As you stood outside the Sanctuary, you saw some trucks coming from Hilltop. They stopped before you and Negans men began going through the stuff they had taken from Hilltop.
You desperately tried to find Daryl behind the fence where they held the walkers, you knew he was there, but the trucks covered your sight.
”We’re gonna find something damn nice for you for sure between all this stuff”, whispered Negan smirking in your ear.
Suddenly you heard shots that lead your eyes to one open truck where someone you knew pretty good stand.
A maschine gun in his hand and a dead savior next to him, yelling he only wanted Negan.
How did he even get into the truck?!
Negan began to whistle and pulled you with him behind one of his men
And that was the moment Carl noticed you and Negan.
“You took that gun ‘cause it looked cool right? Yeah, you did”, said Negan chuckling staring at Carl.
“I have to be honest, you scared the shit outta me”, added Negan loud yelling.
“First let her go”, yelled Carl nodding at you and pointing the gun at Negan.
“Youre not making the rules here Kid”, laughed Negan, before Carl immediately began to shoot again at the men before him until Dwight pushed him to he ground.
Hell, how much you wished Dwight would finally fuck off.
The tense in your body increased as Dwight pointed his gun at Carls head before Negan raised his voice at Dwight and went over to Carl while you were eying his actions warily.
“Don’t have to glare like that Sweetheart. Not gonna kill this badass kid”, he said chuckling in your direction before he offered Carl his hand.
“C’mon I’ll show you around”, said Negan looking down at Carl who made no actions to take Negans hand.
“You really not gonna take my hand? You can be glad that you even have a hand left!”, said Negan chuckling.
“Same as your boy Daryl over there!”, continued Negan turning to the fence.
You finally saw Daryl, he was eying the scene but he seemed like they didn’t beat him again, which gave you some release.
“Your job hot enough for you? Would be fucking hard with one arm”, chuckled Negan, while your glance didn’t leave Daryl. 
You could only see him for a pretty short while when you could and you just finally wanted to hear his voice again.
Carl finally took Negans hand and got pushed again on his feet while you saw how Dwight dragged you brother out of the cage.
“Dwight boy, get Daryl to the kitchen and prepare something nice for us”, said Negan to Dwight who got a strong grip on your brother.
Daryls glance didn’t leave you and finally you saw some emotions back in his eyes not that emptiness you had seen the last days when you saw him.
Negan laughed and took you and Carl over to a door. 
“What are you gonna do with me?“, asked Carl with an angry undertone.
“Listen Kid. Number one. You’re a fucking badass. Don’t shatter that image I have of you by being scared. Number two. You wanna ruin the surprise? Screw you kid, seriously screw you”, he said chuckling before he his arm around your waist was back again and the other one was resting on Carls back.

Walking inside you suddenly stumbled and immediately felt a strong grip on your arm. “Got ya. You’re alright Sweetheart?”, you heard Negans chuckling voice say as you turned to him.
“Yeah,…I’m fine”, you muttered eying him warily before he opened a door and went inside with you.
You were standing on a platform inside the hall, hearing the voices of the people coming from its middle.
“Watch this”, said Negan grinning and walked over the railing.
Negans voice sounded through the hall announcing that everybody would get vegetables to dinner no matter how many points they had.as you and Carl stood next to him.
The saviors clapped in their hands as they heard what Negan had said while he turned around to you.
“See that? Respect..cool huh? they’re still on their knees”, he said grinning to Carl while he leaned with his back against the railing.
“As you were!”, yelled Negan walking away.
You began to walk as you saw how Carl was still looking down to the people.
“Carl?”, you asked. He directly looked up to you, ripped out of his thoughts before he came over to you.
You saw Negan turning around as he saw that Carl and you weren’t directly behind him and turned around walking back to you slinging his arm around your waist once again.
“And within a second walking is a lot fucking more enjoyable”, he muttered grinning in your ear while he squeezed your waist slightly making you huff.
Then you walked again through the corridors not knowing where Negan would take you.

There you stood, before the couches that were filled with women in dresses and dessous.
You felt the same feeling in your stomach and throat area as you had when you were short before throwing up.
That was just disgusting.
Of course you knew that he had wives. But seeing them, and seeing how many of them he had was just something complete different.
All eyes were on you and Carl for a short moment until some of the women began to talk again.
“Is she a new-”, asked one of the women sitting on the smaller couch.
“No she’s not”, growled Negan before he looked around in the room.
You caught two of the women looking over to you, anger in their eyes. 
Before you could think more about the two wives you heard a loud voice.
“Do not fucking look at her like that”, growled Negan loud the women jolting up in shock.
Trying to blend out that you were in this room you sunk in your thoughts for a short moment.
You had no idea if he stayed the nights after he had slept with his wives like he did with you or if he just left after it was done.
Well, to be honest, you didn’t really want to know. 
Your glance landed on two other women.
The blonde one was crying and the other one talking to her.
You knew about the talking one that she had been Dwights wife Sherry.
Negan looked at the both women and waved Sherry over to him and went with her to a bar that stood in one corner of the room.
“What a fucking dumbass…”, you growled muted to yourself crossing your arms looking at all these women while Carl just swallowed hard.
You saw Negan talking to sherry while he nipped on a glass with some scotch.
He was either threatening or manipulating her.
Well, probably rather both.
But, you just heard pieces of sentences.
The things you heard were that he was talking about one of his wives having something with a “Mark”, it seemed like he wanted to threaten Sherry to tell him what she knew.
And from the way he walked over to Amber you could assume she did.
“Amber, baby. You know I don’t want anyone here that doesn’t want to be here, right?”, Negan said with a slight grin on his lips.
“So if you want to leave and go back to Mark you can. But what can’t you do?”, asked Negan looking down on the blonde women.
“Cheat on you”, she directly said her lips trembling.
Negan grinned as he told her that there were others loving to have her place and she could go back to Mark and her Mom if she wanted to.
“No…. I’ll stay. I’m…I’m sorry”, she assured.
You swallowed, you knew that this meant something bad for Mark.
Something pretty bad.
“You know what that means, right?”, asked Negan before he repeated it again.
“Yes…I love you, Negan”, she said looking at him.
Did she really just say that she loved him after what he had said?!
“Oh, of course you do, darlin’. I don’t know why you’re crying. It’s all gonna work out aces for you”, Negan said before he chuckling pressed a kiss on her forehead.
Yeah alright, you could understand that she was done and scared, you really could but she just accepted that Negan would fucking burn her guys face while she admitted her love to him, the one who would torture her man for a mistake they both did?
Gave him the permission to do so with no resistance?!
What the fuck?!
Negan stood up and walked back over to Sherry, a grin on his face.
You were pretty sure that this shit was all just about might, showing who’s the boss and keeping everyone in the lane he wanted them to be and not out of jealously caused by emotions.
That has been already pretty clear to you since he had offered Dwight to sleep with one of them as reward.
He had no emotional connection to them, when he had emotions at all, they were just there to satisfy his sexual drive with the “advantage” to not have to work for points.
The deal was crappy but that still didnt let you pity amber that much, you pitied Mark.
He had no choice.
You looked at Carl who seemed also shocked.
Just that he didn’t know what Mark would await.
As you looked up you saw Negan talking to Sherry.
You overheard her say that Negan was an asshole wheron he answered that he knew he was one, wow at least he knew that, but that the messed-up thing was that she liked him anyway.
You first thought that she would oppose herself somehow, not talking back, no, but maybe a glare.
But she just accepted it as he bowed down and began to kiss her, she even joined him doing so.
You huffed annoyed.
He was just such a fucking douchebag.
He opened his eyes looking at you and let go of Sherry.
Your eyes were filled with hatred and disgust and he seemed to notice that. “Looks like my number one is fucking jealous”, he said walking chuckling over to you.
The room was suddenly way more silent than before.
You saw that the most women had stopped talking and watched how Negan walked towards you.
“Not really”, you growled as he stood close before you making him chuckle.
He moved his face closely before yours, so close that your lips almost touched. He was short before kissing you.
“Don’t”, you growled at him glaring in his eyes.
You wouldnt kiss him here, now, in the middle of his damn harem.
You saw Negan backing a little bit back, chuckling before you heard how the door opened and Daryl and Dwight stood before you.
Daryl carried a plate with fruits and else on it and Negan ordered Carl to take it.
“Why you got him here”, you heard Daryl suddenly ask and it seemed like forever that you had heard his voice. 
“Whoa Daryl! Careful! Dwight get him a mop and lighten up the fireplace, we three gonna talk a little bit in the meantime”, said Negan chuckling walking out of the door.

A short time later you walked into Negans apartment, it wasn’t like the other ones, it was pretty fancy.
“Are these women-”,tried Carl to ask but couldn’t finish
“Yeah they are all my wives”, he said grinning
“Asking yourself why I didn’t make her one?”, asked Negan Carl who was looking at you.
“Gonna tell you why. I’m not gonna let her fucking deprave between them. You know what, she’s somehow one-of-a-kind, I’d be so fucking dumb if I wanted her only to screw her”, Negan said smirking.
“But…are you sleeping with all-”, Carl started again.
“Always wanted to screw a whole bunch of women. Why taking the old rules serious and screw just one… I mean, even if I could consider that with the Sweetheart because damn its good with her”, he pointed at you enjoying your hateful glare before he continued.
He seemed to enjoy teasing you a lot.
“You have to know that fucking her is really great. You’re getting addicted to it!”, he called grinning now earning an upset growl from you.
Couldnt he just shut up for a moment?
“What Sweetheart? That was a fucking compliment!”, he said grinning stroking his beard.
He looked back at Carl who looked the same way at him as you did right now. “Let’s talk. Sit”, he ordernd pointing at one of the benches facing the Black Leather Couch Negan took you with him on.
“I wanna get to know you a little bit better”, Negan said leaning his elbows on his knees.
“Why?”, asked Carl.
Negan chuckled staring at Carl and began to tell him why he thought that he was smart and that because of that he should know that he’s not gonna let his actions slide.
“I can’t….You know it’s like talking to a birthday present. I wanna know what Grandma got me! Take that shit of!”, he said chuckling amused.
He wanted what?!
“No”, said Carl calm.
“Two fucking men! Two!”, yelled Negan staring at Carl.
“You really wanna piss me of?”, he asked Carl threatening while you felt your heart beating faster.
You swallowed as Carl began to lose the bandage.
You hadn’t seen him without his eye and you were pretty sure that he didn’t either. It was easy to see how much it bothered him to take the bandage of while Negan chuckled.
As Carl finally pushed his hair to the side you could see the wound that was once his eye and all what Negan did was fucking laughing.
You could see Carl breathing heavier his glance becoming hurted as you looked concerned at him.
You wouldn’t let Negan hurt him.
“Crap! That is fucking disgusting no wonder you’re covering that up!”, Negan said laughing while you saw Carls lips trembling.
“Have you seen it? I mean that is gross as hell!”, Negan said while you felt the anger your stomach becoming more and more. 
You hated seeing him doing that to Carl.
Negan kept talking as you saw how tears began to roll down Carl’s cheek making your heart cramp. 
“Negan stop! Don’t you see that he’s crying?!”, blustered out of you almost yelling.
As he heard your voice Negan suddenly stopped. His glance turned from amused to actually kinda concerned and the grin from his lips disappeared.
“Holy hell, kid…”, within a blink Negan turned concerned.
Truly concerned, not played.
“Look I just…It’s easy to forget that you’re just a kid…And I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings or anything….I…I was just screwing around…” He continued and it was hearable that it was difficult for him, that he was actually sorry.
That was probably the first time you saw Negan being completely humane for some time.
And you didn’t know why but it changed your view on him a little bit in that moment. You still despised him but you hadn’t thought before that seeing Carl cry in front of him would let him show some true emotions.
There was actually something humane in him left.

It suddenly knocked on the door and a stout man came into the room, Lucille in his hands.
You hadn’t noticed that he had left the bat outside.
“Seriously? I never do that”, he said before he looked grinning at Carl. “I guess a kid firing a machine gun is a little bit of a distraction. All jokes aside, you look rad as hell. I wouldn’t cover that shit up. It may not be a hit with the ladies, but I swear to you, no one is gonna screw with you looking like that”, he said somehow encouraging on his very own way to Carl.
You looked at Carl who had still tears in his eyes while Negan screw around with the man that was standing before the couches.
Asking him serious if he had treated Lucille like a lady and so on until the man just stood bewildered before him.
“I’m just kidding! Bats have no pussies!”, Negan said suddenly chuckling again.
“Fat Joseph”, the name Negan called him, laughed nervous but relieved.
“Out”, ordered Negan and the man immediately rushed out of the room.
“See that? Thats what I meant. Men cracking each others balls. Thats some shit your dad should have taught you”, said Negan standing up and walking a little bit around before he stopped before the couches again and looked from you to Carl.
“You know what? Why don’t we talk a little bit about her”, he said pointing at you chuckling. “You know whats interesting? She can control herself when she has to, which is pretty fucking impressing, when you see her glaring and growling at me! There’s some assload of hate in it!“, he said chuckling before he continued.
“But the moment she saw you cry…POW! It fucking bursted out of her”, he chuckled looking from Carl to you. “Really interesting”, he said grinning stocking his beard trying to hold your glance.
He went silent for a few moments until his voice raised again.
“So Carl, you like music or so?”, Negan asked.
“Well, uhm…yeah”, answered Carl quielty.
“Sing me a song”, said Negan.
“Uhm…What?”, asked Carl and spoke out what you thought too.
“You mowed over two of my men with a fucking machine gun. I want something in return for that”, Negan said. 
And that was a song?
“I..I can’t think of any”, stuttered Carl, his glance going down to the floor.
He seemed insecure and helpless, something you hadn’t seen Carl in huge while and you definitely hated to see him this way.
“Bullshit! Think of a song your mom sung to you or your dad had on in the car! Start singing!”, ordered Negan
Then Carl began singing.
Slowly, his voice cracking and silently sniffling he sang “My only sunshine”. 
You looked concerned to him and glanced over to Negan who was swinging his bat as if he would train bashing heads. 
You looked slightly annoyed by his actions to him as he winked at you while Lucille swung around him.
As Carl had finished Negan walked over to the couches again, complimented Carl grinning and told him that “Lucille” loved music, but not as much as bashing heads.
He sat down next to Carl and asked him if his mother sang that to him.
You swallowed hard, that theme was complicated for Carl.
He had to shoot his own mother. 
Even if it was necessary, no one could get over that.
“That was some example for breaking balls by the way”, said Negan and got smirking up.
Even if you despised what he let Carl do, it was nothing against that what he usually did against people who had done things like Carl.
Maybe he had a bad coincidence or even something else?
“Kid, Sweetheart? Come up, the irons ready”

You found yourself in the big hall, surrounded by Negan, Dwight, Sherry and Amber, even Daryl and tons of other saviors, after Negan had held a speech about how important rules are.
That you were standing here again got you back to reality.
From the man who felt truly sorry about making a “kid” cry he changed again to the man who was about to burn someones face.
Before you sat the guy, named Mark, tied on a chair sobbing and completely done.
No wonder, the iron was already waiting for him in the fireplace, you pitied him.
Negan had shown Amber some options, they were for sure all not great, but at least she had one and she took the one where only he got punished.
You saw how Dwight fished the iron out of the fire, Negan taking it after he had slid a thicker glove over his hand.
You swallowed as you saw how Negan took the iron in his hand.
”You can look away If you want to”, Negan said grinning to you before he took the iron in his hands and earned a glare of you.
“Mark, I’m sorry. But it is what it is”, said Negan slightly grinning.
You searched for your brothers glance that seemed as bewildered as yours.
Then you heard a scream that let your blood freeze.
You immediately stared in the direction of the young man who got an iron pushed into half of his face.
His screams sounded cruelly through the hall.
You gasped for air, seeing Carls and Daryls glance.
All rules aside, that was just insane and disgusting.
Negan finally pulled back leaving the man unconscious as you saw how a puddle created under his chair.
“Now that wasnt that bad, was it?” asked Negan.
No of course not, he had just a fucking iron in his face, laid unconscious there embarrassed in front of everyone he knew.
“Jesus, he fucking pissed himself”, spatted Negan annoyed going over to Daryl as your heart made a step.
“Clean that shit up”, he ordered.
You glared at Negan who looked chuckling over to you and slung his arm around your waist.
You felt your body tremble in disgust and anger as Negan waved his doctor over to Mark.
”Let Marks face be a daily reminder to Mark and to you that rules are fucking important!,”, yelled Negan before he went over to Carl with you.
“That was some fucking  sick shit right? You probably think that I’m a lunatic. Come on lets find out what to do with you”, he muttered to Carl leaving the great hall and your brother behind.

You felt more anger building up in you while you were walking back to Negans appartment. You could control yourself, especially to protect Daryl and the others, but all what happened had build up in you finally wanted out.  
That punishment had been the last drop.
“Whats wrong Sweetheart?”, you heard Negan chuckle.
You had to say something and satisfied this urge as you began to speak calm but with a trembling anger filled voice.
“Whats wrong? You just fucking burned a mans face and humiliated him in front of everyone”, you said but you hadn’t finished yet.
“Rules Sweetheart. He did not follow them. Yeah and I burned his fucking face. Ain’t my fault if he is a fucking pussy and fucking pissed himself. Amber had the fucking choice”, he said serious but still grinning.
“Of course he pissed himself, you burned his damn face…I wouldn’t have let you do that”, you growled.
“Oh really?”, his eyes glowed in curiosity.
“I would rather have to live out there again having to kill and fight against tons of walkers every fucking day. I wouldn’t have let you hurt and humiliate someone I love especially if it was my fault too and if I had another choice. I wouldn’t just let you do that without any resistance”, you growled.
It was out, finally.
Negan looked at you smirking before he began to chuckle.
“Woah Sweetheart! Is that the fucking anger you build up while you glared at me controlling yourself? But damn. You wouldn’t let me do this because you’re one brave fucking thing! Some fighter like Carl over here! I like that! But they’re not like that Sweetheart, they’re not”, he chuckled.

”Can I put the bandage back on?” asked Carl as you were sitting again on the couch, Negan looking something up in a notebook.
”No”, he said while he put one of his arms behind you on the edge of the couch, his fingers slightly placed on your shoulder.
“Why the hell not?!”, Carl suddenly stood up and glared angry at Negan.
“Look at this badass! because I am not fucking done with you”, answered Negan.
Carl let himself fall back onto the bench and glared at Negan.
“What?”, Negan asked grinning.
“Why haven’t you killed me? Daryl? My Dad?…or (Y/N)”, Carl asked.
Negan looked grinning at Carl.
“First of all kid, leave her out of that game, got that?”, Negan said slightly smirking but still serious.
Carl looked over to you and nodded. 
His glance was a little relieved, even if it was still concerned and upset.
“Good”, Negan said before he told Carl that your brother would make a good soldier, Rick bought him good stuff and he, Carl, would be more productive and fun to break.
Carl huffed.
“What I think is, that if you would know how dangerous we are you would kill Daryl, my father and me… but you just can't”, he said.
Negan glanced grinning up to Carl.
“Yeah, maybe you’re right”, Negan answered smirking.
“Lets take you to Alexandria!”, said Negan finally after a pause and got up.

You were sitting in the truck while it was driving over the empty roads, almost on Negans lap because there was so little space.
You watched out of the window thinking about that Daryl would be in the Cell again because he had rioted somehow when you were about to drive away.
On the one side you were glad that they hadnt stole everything of his character when they tortured him, on the other side…he would get punished for that again.
You felt Negans breath against your neck as you watched how you drove past the mattresses the saviors had burned and you felt how a shiver run through your body.
Negan chuckled seeing your reaction before you felt how his lips were placing themselves on your neck.
You slightly shifted away from him hearing him chuckle more.
You didn’t need him even closer than you already were by sitting half on his lap. 
Especially when Carl was sitting right next to you.

And then you finally stood in Alexandria again, before the door of Ricks house as you saw how Olivia opened it.
Negan walked straight inside pulling you with him.
“Wheres Rick?” he asked.
Olivia stuttered, you could see the fear in her eyes as she assured that Rick was outside searching for stuff and wouldn’t be back soon.
“We are practically starving”, she said, you could see her lips tremble.
“Starving?”, Negan asked smirking. “You?”, he pointed at Olivias body.
He was just such an ass.
“By practically you meant “not really”, he asked while you saw how Olivia tried to not cry.
But then it overwhelmed her and you heard a loud sob as she turned around sniffing.
“Really?”, asked Negan as he turned around to you and Carl while you glared hatefully at him.
That comment had just been unneccessary.
Negan eyed you before he turned back to Olivia who tried to control her tears.
“Excuse me”, he said before he asked her after her name.
“Sorry for being that rude. We have to get along because I guess we’ll have to spend some time here until your leader returns…”, he said before you thought you’d didn’t hear right what the heck he was saying to her.

A loud slap noise sounded.
She had slapped him.
Olivia had fucking slapped Negan!
You couldn’t prevent a grin forming on your lips and a giggle traveling up your throat leaving your mouth.
God how much he deserved that.
You saw Negan turning around to you looking grinning at you.
“Oh, that’s what’s making you laugh? Gleeful huh?”, he said smirking looking in your eyes. “You should laugh more often, Sweetheart, I like that”, he said before he turned back to Olivia who looked stills shocked.
“What if you make us some lemonade Olivia?”, he asked before he ordered Carl to show him the house.

Negan seemed like a big kid exploring the house.
He took his shoes of, tested the carpet.
Threw darts and seemed to have a hell of fun.
He seemed to really enjoy that.
You went from room to room and saw how Carls glance changed as you came near a certain room.
Judiths room.
But then you were standing right before it and you swallowed as he opened the door.
Negans eyes got big, his grin mixed with a smile.
“Look at that angel”, he said going to Judith and actually taking her on his arm, teetering her slightly.
You were eying his every move and so did Carl.
Negan looked smirking over to you, his tongue between his lips.
”What Sweetheart? Wanna have one of those precious little humans too? Making one would be sooo much fun!”, he said chuckling earning a glare of you. 
”No seriously, isn’t she precious”, he said looking at Judith, his eyes somehow softened. 

There were you sitting.
In rockers on the porch Negan next to you with Judith on his lap almost sleeping.
He looked somehow different since you sat here.
Yes he still had something of his weird glance in his eyes left but there was also some kind of softness.
He had his hand placed on your thigh after a while, but not on that lewd kind of way you expected him to, no, he was even stroking softly with his thumb over your knee. It seemed, actually, as weird as it sounded to you, like some kind of loving gesture.
You looked how a man from Alexandria walked past the porch you were sitting on. “Hi neighbor, why don’t you come by later? We’re maybe grilling out”, Negan said somehow chuckling happily to the man who looked confused at Negan as he heard his words.
Negan chuckled then leaned back again into the rocking chair.
You felt how he took your hand into his and lead it to his face.
You felt how he brushed his lips against your knuckles as you felt how some fuzzy feeling made its way into your body.
God no.
Not that feeling again.
That was Negan, you shouldn’t feel that.
And also, who knew why he did that?
It wasnt definitely all played. You could see it in his eyes.
They probably kinda backstabbed him if he wanted no one to see the difference in his glance.
His consternation when he made Carl cry had been real, the way he acted, he hadn’t planed this.
But how far did this humane in him go?
You just didn’t know and that made you warily.
You turned to him looking slightly confused into his eyes. You also didn’t expect him to do such a gesture the soft hand on your knee had already surprised you.
“Got fucking red cheeks Sweetheart, you like that, right?”, said Negan chuckling placing a light kiss on your knuckles, his signature grin was mixed with the softness that surprised you every time again when you saw it
Now you first noticed the blush that had created on your cheeks and you realized that you couldn’t hide it now he had seen it.
“You do-o-o”, sang Negan chuckling.
“Hell…"you sighed huffing trying to get rid of your blush and that feeling in your stomach while you leaned back in your rocker.
You couldnt really estimate Negan.
And that bothered you.
Especially since that whole thing started it was so important to be able to interpret the actions of others to prevent yourself from bad surprises.
But Negan was something different, which didn’t mean that this was something good.
He was the giant asshole on one side who bashed heads, had a damn harem, threatened, manipulated people and burned peoples faces and on the other side someone who couldt get along with a “kid” crying because of him, who couldnt even stand when someone was glaring at you and who was sitting in a rocker with a baby on his lap while he softly kissed your hand.
“Carl, I thought about what you said, maybe killing you, Daryl and your Dad wouldn’t be such a bad idea, maybe I’ll consider it”, he said suddenly.
There it was showing up again, the asshole part of Negan.
All you hoped was that it was just one of his sick jokes…

part 8  (all other parts)

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Of Fears and Insecurity

Summary: The first time she caught a glimpse of him, he was being praised by her father and somehow, that made it all the more worse. – Zelda, Link and a little bit of insecurity. Oneshot.

Relationship: Link & Zelda (BOTW)

FFNET Link: x

Notes: Have some zelink first meeting before calamity ganon strikes because why not? This is also crossposted on fanfiction.net, if you wanted that kind of format.

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when yuuri moves to russia, he wants to maintain his ballet training, and so keeps up with the occasional lesson. after some begging (from viktor), lilia lets him use the studio whenever he wants to, as long as viktor doesn’t come with him, because viktor is not great at ballet, and she knows this. she also knows he’ll just distract yuuri, and if her studio was going to be used by someone that wasn’t one of her students, she really didn’t want viktor there to distract him

so, anyway, yuri also has permission to use the studio when he can (and, really, needs to, so that he can keep up with the exercises that lilia gives him and practice as much as possible to keep on top of skating).

so one day yuuri and yuri are at the studio at the same time, and they try really hard to ignore each other, because yuuri is pretty sure that yuri is just going to make fun of him, and yuri is kind of freaking out because yuuri is amazing at ballet

finally, when they’re both taking a break, yuri stalks over to yuuri, and yuuri winces in preparation for whatever he might say.

“don’t you dare fucking mention this to anyone else, but show you how you keep your leg so straight.”

yuuri stares at him, but from that day forward starts giving yuri pointers. lilia almost smiles when she catches them at it one day.

rose tea, rose glasses

pairing: technically none but there’s definitely some Feelings towards mc on saeran’s part, and some Interest from rika
notes: spoilers for v’s route up to the end of day 6

The lull in conversation is comfortable, punctuated by the gentle clinking of spoons against porcelain and soft warbling of nighttime creatures.

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gaby x illya for the who does what meme thingy majiggy ;)

  • Gives nose/forehead kisses. Illya. It’s easiest to reach her there for quick pecks.
  • Gets jealous the most. Both. Illya is overtly the more jealous of the two. It’s a real issue — he’ll rage and pout and act possessive. Gaby has to work to curb his jealous nature. Hers is more subtle but way deadlier. She doesn’t try to compete with other women or shout or any of that. Oh no. Gaby, her abandonment issues on full display, protects herself with feigned indifference. She walks away. She puts on a show of ignoring him. If she’s feeling particularly spiteful, she’ll encourage Illya. Anything to belie how weak she is for him. 
  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive. Illya. Gaby is a drinker and a dancer. She’ll go out with her girls and Illya be there to put her to bed.
  • Takes care of on sick days. Both. Illya fusses to the point that Gaby shamelessly takes advantage of him but he can hardly be upset at her. Gaby has a much more tough love approach —  necessary to convince the Red Peril he his mortal —until she can’t help but melt into a puddle over his puppy dog eyes.
  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day. Gaby. She is, as a rule, the Instigator of Fun and Illya needs and loves her for it.
  • Gives unprompted massages. Gaby. She likes being able to reach Illya’s shoulders and relieve some of that tension. When he’s sitting playing chess or writing up reports, more often than not Gaby is behind him working those strong, magical fingers of hers.
  • Drives/rides shotgun. Gaby drives, Illya is shotgun. Of course.
  • Brings the other lunch at work. Illya. He’s gotta make sure his gal gets three squares. Gaby gets distracted easily. 
  • Has the better parental relationship. Illya. Even with all his neuroses, even with his father in the gulag, he is the quintessential good son. Gaby “doesn’t have a father” long before Udo Teller is killed.
  • Tries to start role-playing in bed. Gaby. The little minx does like to make her Russian giant blush. She’s also damn good at figuring out what Illya wants but is too polite/repressed to put into words. Once he has permission/an excuse Illya is into it. Every time he says, “Your fiance would…” in the movie proves that once he’s in character he’ll commit.  
  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer. Illya. Gaby is a drunk dancer from way back, but she always looks good doing it. Illya, the lanky dork, has zero moves at the best of times — unless it’s a waltz. Mama K made sure her boy could dance like a gentleman.
  • Still cries watching Titanic Bambi. Gaby. The girl wants to pretend she has no feelings, but that’s a big, fat lie. She inhales sad movies and books and goes off on crying jags, all that repressed emotion just flattening her.
  • Firmly believes in couples costumes. Both. Gaby for roleplaying reasons. Illya because nothing says MINE like matching costumes.
  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas. Illya. When this big romantic was role playing as her fiance, he makes sure his woman knows she deserves the finest clothes and jewelry. Gaby, ironically more affronted by price tags (“Have you seen the price of this handbag?”) would buy sensible presents but add a personal touch. 
  • Makes the other eat breakfast. Both. Whoever gets up first. Gaby is not much of a sleeper, so she likes to be occupied early in the morning. If she’s crashed out or hung over, Illya makes sure she eats a hearty breakfast.
  • Remembers anniversaries. Illya. Say it with me: BIG OLE ROMANTIC SAP. 
  • Brings up having kids. Gaby. Illya is the family man; it’s unspoken but very clear that Illya wants kids. Gaby hardly remembers having a family of her own; the concept is appealing but she is wary about the execution. They both know this about each other. Illya is patient, so he waits for Gaby to bring it up herself.

I like the idea of Killian asking David for his blessing, and here’s why.

He doesn’t need it. We don’t even have to argue about that. If Emma and Killian want to get married, they’ll get married. It’s been well-established that Emma does what Emma wants, and Killian does what Killian wants. Neither of them need anyone else’s permission. I mean, what’s David gonna do, stab him? Come on.

But two things. First of all - Emma missed out on her royal upbringing and all those princess milestones. Killian has been the one to catch her up on them. He escorted her to her first ball and made sure she got her first dance, he kisses her hand and treats her like the princess she is. So it makes total sense to me that Killian would follow the traditional steps as much as possible and treat the whole thing like he’s a suitor wanting to marry the crown princess.

And here’s the other thing, and the reason why I really like this move. David (like Killian) is from a realm where, one would imagine, men do generally ask the father of the woman they want to marry for their permission or their blessing. And despite that, David has not been a part of any of the major moments in Emma’s life. He gave her up as a baby and got her back twenty-eight years later, at which point she’d already found and lost her first love, had a child, and done all kinds of things that David would never, in a million years, have imagined (or wanted) for his little princess. She’s living with a pirate, and we saw that while David was happy for her, he was also a little sad to “lose” her to an extent. None of this is what he ever thought would happen when he became a father to a little girl.

Also, David has been living in the twenty-first century for maybe a year. He grew up in a pseudo-medieval world with very different social norms and values and then he was in a coma for almost three decades. Yes, he’s got some traditional notions that prompt him to ask about Killian’s “intentions” and punch the guy who slept with his wife. That’s David. That’s who he is.

Asking for his permission here means a) following a tradition from his realm, and b) involving him in this part of his daughter’s life. So I like it. It’s not Killian and David making a decision for Emma, and it’s not actually about needing permission. I mean, they don’t need to get married at all. They already live together. Getting married will change nothing. So why? Because of the symbolic meaning. And the same applies to asking for David’s blessing.

It’s not about Emma and Killian. It’s about David. And it’s considerate and respectful and just nice and it shows why Killian has a place in this family, because he gets it.