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I love your writing so much!! Your fics are literally amazing. Keep up the good work!! :) as long as requests are open, can I request one with the MC surprising the RFA by coming home early from a long trip?

a|n: thank you for your kind words!
oh jeezus. you didn’t specify to me if this was supposed to be fluff or not.

sooooooo …. my fingers may have slipped a bit lolol who am i kidding this is pure blood angst


  • ( breathes ) you told him you’re gonna be gone for a whole month due to a convention you had to attend on another city
  • and he had been calling you without miss everyday
  • each call, zen would always emphasize how much he misses and craves for you everyday since you left isNT HE SUCH A SWEETHEART
  • he asked you one time if you’ll be coming home any time sooner
  • you’ve only been gone for 10 days??
  • and the convention’s gonna last for a month??
  • disappointed on your last call, he said he’ll try to suppress the growing loneliness he feels
  • and you’ve felt so bad that you decided to cut the trip short
  • you did not notify zen though that you’d be coming home immediately that night after the call oh BOI
  • you took the very last bullet train back home aaaaand
  • there you are
  • standing on the front door of your shared apartment with zen
  • but- the lights are turned on??
  • you gently tried to turn the knob and you discovered it was not unlocked
  • confused as you are, you silently entered the house
  • and there you saw him
  • half-naked
  • with an unknown woman below him she was beautiful you sadly noticed this
  • “Oh my god …” you were so surprised that you were only able to utter his name as a tear rolled down your cheek “Zen …”
  • he immediately scrambled off of the woman and horror doused over his features like he was bathed with cold iced water
  • “MC - Let me explain -” no
  • you did not need to hear any patched lies and excuses
  • you left


  • jaehee accompanied you to the airport since you’ll be gone for a whole month for a seminar because of your job
  • you two parted ways happily that you had been so excited to return home back to her arms
  • she had been very supportive of you whole throughout the career path you chose she had been an angel towards your hardships
  • but you noticed her calls have turned from everyday to every other day
  • at first, it did not or did it?? really matter to you
  • as you thought that maybe she was just very busy??
  • you tried to understand, sure, even if
  • you already started feeling like you’re the only one who seemed to have been missing her so bad
  • so you decided that you’ll surprise her by going home earlier than expected
  • and you were lucky that the seminar ended 5 days earlier than the due date
  • excited as you are, thinking you’d surprise her, you did not alert her of your arrival
  • it turned out the opposite
  • as there she was
  • with a man
  • having coffee ( it was yours and her shared habit every afternoon ) on the cafe located just below your shared apartment
  • but what hurts the most was when you saw the man kiss jaehee
  • as he held her hand
  • and she genuinely seemed happy with the gesture
  • you knew from that moment that you had no one to come home to
  • but what hurts the most was the feeling of being replaced 


  • business meetings both domestic and international were nothing new to this man
  • even tho at first he was a bit hesitant to let you go on your very first business meeting for a month ( he was very much afraid of letting you go alone and you found this fear a bit irrational but it’s jumin just worrying for your safety so you dismissed the thought )
  • he did
  • ever since you left to take care of some business for C&R international dundundunn be proud you’re their department’s sales manager
  • he had been calling you every hour of every day
  • at first, it felt like he was still with you everyday, eagerly waiting for you to answer your phone despite both of you having extremely busy schedules
  • but then the calls suddenly STOPPED
  • and you were a bit puzzled at his sudden silence for days
  • he’d call you today then it’ll take him another 3 days to call you back
  • you tried asking jaehee regarding any changes with jumin and she just said that he had been very busy with his proposals and investors and other business meetings
  • but you noticed that during each calls, jaehee seemed to want to tell you something more than intended
  • but you dismissed it as maybe she just wanted to ask you something personal and maybe decided to put it on hold till you get back
  • one call happened when jumin dialed you but it seemed to be on accident
  • you can hear light shuffling on the background and a few laughter
  • but he was not answering so you ended the call
  • bothered as you are, you decided to cut your trip short and return earlier than usual, you tried ringing him and tell him that you’ll be home that day but he told you upon answering that you should call back later as it’s not a good time and he’s with some of his clients over dinner
  • heck, you even bought him a vintage wine only exclusive in that country you went to, thinking it’d surprise him and you’d be able to share a drink or two
  • you decided to go directly to his office since you thought he might still be in
  • and you were right since the lights were on
  • you prepared the wine
  • and of course, yourself
  • but it turns out you were the one who was severely surprised instead
  • the first thing you notice was she was beautiful
  • even more beautiful than you are
  • you caught them just in time where jumin was about to kiss her
  • that you accidentally lost your grip upon the wine bottle
  • she spotted you on the door because of the noise, all dumbstruck at what you’re witnessing
  • and she pulled away from the kiss jumin was about to give her, horrified of being caught in the middle of the deed
  • he scrunched his face as he turned to the direction to where the woman was looking and to where the breaking noise originated
  • and his eyes widened in dread and surprise when he spotted you
  • you tried hard not to cry, believe me, you did
  • but even your own tears betrayed you
  • you silently proceeded to go, not wanting to hear any possible lies he might come up with, ignoring his calls upon your retreating figure
  • and excused yourself from his office and as well as his life


  • being both game enthusiasts, you decided to go to a LOLOL convention held at another prefecture
  • since yoosung couldn’t go and it was his dream to have the autograph of the LOLOL creator himself
  • you decided it’d be a great gift for your anniversary with him it was a secret plan
  • you kept the rest of the details as a secret and did not tell him that you’d only be gone for like 3 days
  • but instead you told him you’d be away for a month
  • at first he was against it but then he decided it’d be best if you go
  • he was all cries and whines and promises that he’ll be good and that he’ll be missing you
  • so when you arrived at the place
  • you were trying to reach him for the whole 3 days but his phone was out of reach
  • school was out and you thought maybe he just forgot to charge his phone
  • and abused his freedom to play LOLOL all day and night
  • 3 days passed and you successfully retrieved the gift you got for him
  • and you were super excited to go home
  • you were on the front door
  • when you heard giggles inside the house
  • you slowly opened the door and your nose was engulfed with an unfamiliar strawberry scent
  • that you knew belonged to neither of you
  • you furrowed your brows as you saw how thrashed the place seemed 
  • your eyes widened when you saw two figures on the sofa, cuddling with the lights off and a horror movie playing on the screen
  • yoosung’s amethyst eyes widened upon seeing your figure looming over them
  • in your hand was the present you were supposed to give him today
  • you did not expect he’d give you one tho
  • and a very painful one at that
  • he looked sad as he hurriedly stood up, standing in between you and the girl beside him
  • “MC?! Wait, I-I can -”
  • “Shut up.” you gritted your teeth as you tried to muster up a very bitter smile “See this?”
  • you raised the hand that held the autograph you worked so hard to get just for him
  • and ripped it on his face
  • “Happy Anniversary. Enjoy it with her.”


  • your heart skipped a beat when the costume you ordered arrived in town
  • its been 2 weeks since you last saw seven and now that the costume finally arrived, you were so excited to finally go home
  • since the day you’re supposed to arrive back
  • and the day of his birthday were the same
  • you planned to go home a day earlier than usual
  • the carrier told you to come pick it up since you and seven live just near the post office
  • it was your surprise for his birthday
  • it was a limited edition neko atsume neko costume for couples
  • he had been wanting it since it was released but the place where it was being sold and your prefecture was far apart
  • that you told him you’d be doing work at some place but in truth, you just waited for 30 days just to be able to purchase the item
  • you planned to take a lot of pictures together
  • before going home, you bought a cake and some balloons and of course, some fanta and phd pepper as a gift to your very hard working hacker he once told you he wanted to drink strange flavours of sodas and juices aside phd pepper while wearing a neko costume LOLOL
  • you came to the post office just a street away from your place, with the cake in hand and the juices too
  • but what surprised you when you saw seven’s car passing through in a leisurely manner
  • but what took your breath away was when you saw a woman on the seat that’s supposed to be yours, her arms encircled upon Seven’s shoulders as she peppered his cheek with kisses
  • Seven turned and planted a light smack on her lips and they both laughed as if there was something funny
  • you couldn’t believe what you just saw
  • that the shock made you lose your grip on the box of his supposed to be birthday cake
  • and it smashed right through the ground
  • tears pooled your eyes as you proceeded to throw the remaining present you prepared for him and decided to not even pick up the costume anymore the EFFORT you spent hurt more than the money you used to pay for everything
  • you went home one last time that day, before they even got the chance to go back, and gathered your things
  • you tried your best not to tear up while saying goodbye to the apartment you’ve grown accustomed to
  • you left and made sure you were so far away from him he’d never consider looking for you
  • not that he’ll go looking for you anyway. he seemed to be so happy with somebody else already.

** on a keynote, i am not promoting cheating. nobody deserves to be treated that horribly. you all are wonderful people that deserves all the love in this world~

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What does everyone in the baseball team want to do after high school?

One of the reasons Dallas studies the hardest out of everyone is because he wants to maintain his grades and stay on the baseball team. This boy wants to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a professional baseball player. He’s already being eyed by a couple of mlb franchises, and he was honestly, really hoping, expecting Malek to come with him to the MLB draft, but Malek has Other Plans. Malek really wants to become a marine biologist. He wants to earn a PhD too. I wrote in my notebook, Malek plans to double major, and well. You know Malek. He loves suffering. The idea of university life Excites him.The only downside to that is he’ll be separated from Dallas and Poppy. It doesn’t matter. He’ll probably call them a lot anyway. Maybe secure himself a place in Dallas’ life permanently by asking him out. He’s got everything under control. Poppy. I’m thinking Poppy wants to go to college but she’d be a little intimidated by university. And she really loves the small town, so she might take arts in a small local college. She wants to be a tattoo artist. Dev encourages her, because he has her back no matter what. whilst both her doctor parents kinda disapprove, but they don’t say anything about that.

Parker’s parents expect him to take law, in some Big University, but Parker really wants to study entomology, if not that, being on his grandmother’s farm got him into agriculture. He’s been helping his grandmum develop a lot of peach varieties. 

Phoebus, y’know, he likes observing, and staying in place. He loves astrophysics and he’s been well-groomed to Become An Actual Nasa Scientist. Ari, on the other hand, likes building things. They really like robotics, but they haven’t thought about the future much. Phoebus’ dreams are really big compared to Ari, who consider themself to be much more “realistic” than Phoebus.”Outer space is scary but since you’re so insistent, I’ll contact NASA myself, and request them to blast you into the sun,” Ari would say, whenever Phoebus would suggest Ari could be an engineer there. Phoebus laughs. They have a weird way of showing their affection. 

Sara would absolutely love to become an architect. She’s been rigorously studying Calculus and several Other Mathly things to prepare herself. She’s already good at mechanical drawing, it’s all set for her. She spoke to Malek once about Math. She asked if she could look at his homework because she forgot hers at home. Dude was nuts. His homework was color-coded. His answers were essays. “Explain how you solved this problem,” What the fuck, who has the time, Sara thought, while pulling out several markers, intending on doing the same.

Can’t elaborate on Tyler and Blake because it might be plot-relevant. 

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Please tell me your academic Nursey headcanons.

OKAY so at first Nursey is afraid to tell his professors/mentors that he wants to apply to PhD programs because he thinks everyone sees him as this “chill” guy who isn’t “serious” enough for academia, which is a load of shit because he’s one of the top students in the English Department at Samwell. 

He throws himself into work once he gets the support of his favorite professor doesn’t tell the team. Everyone notices that he’s working really hard on something and he’s staying up late at night to work on his grad school essay. 

Chowder is the first to find out that he’s applying to PhD programs and he’s SUPER supportive. He tells Nursey that he’d definitely take his classes, but promises not to tell the rest of the team about his plans until he’s ready. 

Nursey applies to a bunch of different programs around the country. As much as he loves New York he doesn’t want to stay there his whole life.

I’m looking at PhD programs now and I’m not that up to date yet (I have two more years) but I see Nursey going to school in another major city if he had his choice. I also think that Samwell has an excellent English department and Nursey would have access to conferences and research opportunities at the undergrad level that would help him. 

I also think Nursey struggles with impostor syndrome, like all future academics. He wonders if he’s good enough and he worries that he’s not doing enough to prepare. And no one really sees that struggle because he tries to act all chill. 

But when he gets in to a program he cries because all his work paid off and maybe, just maybe, he can make a difference with his research. 

ratings: kirk langstrom edition

Classic Edition, an absolute all around dweeb boy.  Likes batman a lil too much but that’s okay, he wants to make a difference.  I have questions about his phd since he’s just drinking bat glands left and right but at the end of the day, slightly oblivious furry fanboy not so good at hero-business and takes a wrong turn into being a rogue. 9/10.

Fucking Asshole 1.0, wears that goddamn face 90% of the time, probably salty about how his thesis got rejected from a science journal and now wants to terrorize the board of directors as his college days fursona. Said fursona is pretty chill though, snacks on fruit like a cool kid. Loves his wife more than he loves being a dickwad so that’s something. 7.5/10

Fucking Asshole 2.0, decided that being a pile of batpoo sprinkled with salt wasn’t enough, time to pump it full of seething resentment and poor hygiene and the offputting smell that permeates from guys with religious devotion to poorly made machismo renditions of action movie heroes.  Needs to manage his baggage better.  Probably breathes really loudly.  No wife for moral grounding, but hats off to you for being a Renfield-looking weaselly fuck, great presentation. 8/10


:( 7.5/10

möthèr fuqeur 0/10

- Dear America !

America was built by the labor of slaves, blacks. And is still being supported by the hard work of immigrants and other nationalities. The United States of America isn’t at the least united at all, it’s even more divided than ever. It is us the blacks, Africans/ African Americans, Latinos and other beautiful nationalities that make up this country. We are the back bone. The hard working. We do the jobs that others don’t dare to do. Yet we are the minorities. We get looked down upon. We do all the work and never get the credit we solely deserve. We work our asses off and make it to the top of our professions and still if that company has an ideal image in mind they will pick that white man over the black man or Latino who has experience, several degrees.. the Bachelors, MBA or Phd because he still isn’t what that company wants to project unto white America. I was born NOT in this country I came here at age 4. I’ve always been a hard worker and I still am, do you know how frustrating it is when some challenges your intelligence because they hear a little of your accent after every other two words. Of thinks less of you because your skin is darker. Do you really understand how it feels when people think just because you came from a country that America portrays as a 3rd world country, that you was one of the lucky ones that survived and came to a country to better yourself? No of course some of you don’t because you were born here and everything is handed to you, yet some of you still amount to nothing with all the privileges in front of you, you still end up no where. Yet hate on the little black boy or Latino girl who grew up and made something of themselves.


gmw au month: Oh the Humanities

At the small yet prestigious Adams College in small town Pennsylvania there is a group of young professors that make the School of Humanities the most popular on campus.

Riley Matthews attended Adams College, her parents’ alma mater before moving to New York to try and make it in the theatre world. After her 27th birthday, with one off-broadway play and a few hundred auditions under her belt, she moved back and took a job in her old department. Now, five years later she is on track for tenure and takes her job very seriously, doing her best to teach her students even though most of the time she feels like a failure and a fraud. The department chair is one of her old professors, a grumpy old man close to retirement who still treats her like a student and takes every opportunity to drop department issues into her lap. When she quite literally runs into the new English professor at the school’s start-of-the-year event everything changes.

Maya Hart moved back to Pennsylvania with her lifelong best friend and got a job with the college after a few years of barely leaving her studio. Last year she didn’t take teaching very seriously, but slowly she has come to love her students and wants to do for them what her professors did for her even if that means dealing with departmental politics. Something she is serious about though is the decades long feud between the studio and performing arts. Riley may be her best friend but that won’t protect her from the epic pranks she and her students have planned. 

Farkle Minkus spent his whole life being trained to join his father at the family company. His family was surprised when he decided to abandon that plan and study science. They were even more shocked when he changed his major after a single Philosophy seminar during his sophomore year. After earning his PhD he knew he wanted to continue in academia to try to understand all the mysteries of the universe and accepted a position at Adams. He is waiting to find out if he is going to offered tenure for next year, and at 33 he would be the youngest professor in the school’s history to receive the honor. Finding his way to Adams also meant reconnecting with his old family friend Riley Matthews who makes sure he has a social life.

Isadora Smackle is a literal rocket scientist. A full time employee at NASA she also travels the country as a guest lecturer. Adams College is a favorite due in no small part to the presence of Farkle Minkus, her former nemesis in college whom she’s never quite forgiven for abandoning their shared love of science in favor of philosophy. Graduating high school at 15 she didn’t have many friends when she got to Princeton. Farkle, although he was a year ahead and four years older, was nice to her and challenged her. After a few months of friendly rivalry though he switched majors and stopped talking to her. He is never anything but kind to her on her twice annual visits to Adams, but her pride won’t allow her to give him a second chance.

Zay Babineaux came to Adams looking for a new path after a knee injury ended his dancing dreams. Sometimes he really feels like a cliche. He started the same year as Riley and at first the two could barely tolerate each other. After being forced by their department heads to direct and choreograph Pirates of Penzance together they developed a solid working relationship and eventual friendship. He still teases her daily that musicals are the best theatre and dancing the best form of performance art. He’s surprised when Riley introduces them to the new English professor, seeing his childhood best friend for the first time in years.

Lucas Friar never saw himself being where he is today. After flunking out of veterinary school, unable to handle the pressure, he fell back on his second love. Everybody loves a good story. He quickly becomes known as the cool teacher™ much to Maya Hart’s annoyance. He’s always had a problem with his temper but he’s come a long way with it. Zay remembers him as an angry teenager though and it takes longer than he’d like to convince him that he’s changed. At the school’s start-of-the-year event he runs into a pretty brunette who incorporates him into her world and changes everything. 

by the skin of your teeth (part six)

inch by inch the plot slowly creeps forward

this was a tough one because there are really only so many ways you can describe long tense silences and people glaring at each other. 

and also because the name ‘Fiddleford’ kinda has a negative impact on dramatic tension, tbh. 

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You should write about a pancake disaster with whatever characters you want, you know exactly what the situation is lol

Alright sp00ky, *cracks knuckles* Let’s get down to business.

(Just a little backstory real quick. So, a friend (totally not the person who sent this in) was making pancakes for herself, and she dropped one on the floor. It is much more hilarious than it sounds, trust me)

Saeyoung was home alone today, MC was out of town with her friends, and Saeran was with Yoosung. That left poor little Saeyoung to fend for himself. MC had gotten rid of all of his junk food in hopes of making him eat a bit healthier. He really just wanted to drink a PHD Pepper right now, but alas, there were none. There wasn’t even a single drop!

“Screw this new health thing,” he groaned and walked into the kitchen. He was so hungry. Saeyoung looked through the cupboards for some food when he spotted pancake mix. He could make pancakes! How hard could it be?! He took the box out, grabbed a bowl, a whisk, milk, eggs, and some butter.

He bit his lip in thought as he read over the instructions. “Okay, two cups of the mix, two eggs, ½ cups of milk, and ¼ cup melted butter,” he said aloud as he started to get the ingredients ready. “…Can I just put the butter in the microwave?” He shrugged and put the ¼ cup of butter in a mug and put it in the microwave.

Saeyoung quickly measured out all the ingredients and threw them in the bowl. This was his first time making anything. He was even going to use the stove! MC was going to be so proud of him. He heard a beep from the microwave and ran to take the butter out. This was kind of fun. He should cook more often. He can be a good husband to MC and take the load off of her already busy plate.

He mixed all the ingredients together and mentally patted himself in the back. He was proud of himself. He turned on the stove and put a pan on it. He sprayed it down with that weird butter stuff. “What does this taste like…?” He opened his mouth and sprayed it into his mouth. “Ew!” He quickly spit into the sink and rinsed his mouth of thouroughly. What kind of monster made that?! He quickly capped it back up and shoved it in the cupboard.

Once the disgusting taste was out, he spooned some of the batter onto the hot pan. “The messenger should hear about this~” he pulled his phone out and went into the messenger.

707: Guys! Guess what!

Saeran: don’t care

Jumin: You’ve given up on stealing Elizabeth the 3rd?

707: lolol no.

707: Elly loves me. We’re meant to be together

707: anyway, I’m making pancakes

As he was saying this, he realized that he should flip them. He took a spatula out and flipped the pancake over. It was completely black on the outside. “I’ll get better at this…”

MC: Saeyoung Choi! Don’t you dare burn the house down

707: Does my honey really not have any trust in me?!

Saeran: no, none of us do

707: So mean~!

707: *frustrated emoji*

Jumin: My pancakes are better than yours. You should stick to computer work.

MC: Hey! He’s good at other things!

Saeyoung took the pancake off the pan and put it on a paper plate. He poured some more batter in the pan and smiled. “This one will be better.”

Jumin: Oh? What is he also good at?

Saeran: being annoying

MC: He’s good at being a great husband, math, coding, umm…

Jumin: See? He is not good at anything else

707: *annoyed emoji*

707: You’re all so mean to me. I’m good at everything!

707: I’m leaving. I’ll update you on how my lovely pancakes turn out.

707 has left the chat

After all the batter was used up, he looked at his pancakes. The last one was the best one. He was so excited to eat it. He picked it up and went to bring it to another plate when all of a sudden a soft PLOP noise rang out in the kitchen.

Saeyoung looked down at the ground and burst out laughing. He whipped out his phone and took a picture of the fallen pancake. He went into the chat and flipped out

707: GUYS



707: *picture of pancake on the floor*

Jumin: Stop spamming the chat


MC: You are now permanently kicked out of the kitchen

Saeran: what is wrong with you


MC: You are never allowed to handle food again

707: Just look at him. He’s all helpless and laying on the floor. Poor baby

MC: Pick him up! I don’t want to have to clean the kitchen when I come home tomorrow.

Saeyoung sighed and picked the sad looking pancakes off the floor.

707: is it okay to eat this?

MC: don’t you dare

He took a bite out of the sad floor pancake and shrugged. It didn’t taste the best, but it wasn’t horrible.

707: I took a bite…


707: oops

MC: You idiot! You’re going to get sick!

707: shrug

He put the floor pancake in the trash and went to the others. He took another bite out of the next one on top. “These are horrible! I thought I did good!”

707: these are gross…

707: I don’t want them anymore

707: what should I do?

MC: sigh

MC: Put them in the fridge. I’ll see what I can do.

Saeyoung out the nasty pancakes in the fridge and went back to the cupboard. He grabbed a cup of instant ramen and opened it up. Maybe he should have just made ramen from the start…



I started a new wolfstar fic, Palo Alto. Non-magical modern AU set in Northern California. Premise and situations based on my experiences in the weird hippie/corporate cyclone that is the Silicon Valley tech industry.

Headcanon Casting

Dev Patel as Sirius Black. Able to sweet-talk free drinks from any bartender. Aced his computer engineering classes without breaking a sweat. Could’ve been captain of the Stanford rugby team if he’d given a shit. Left his controlling family when he was sixteen and hasn’t thought about them since, not even once. Doesn’t date, because the bay area is full of self-absorbed losers who aren’t worth his time. No, he will not be telling Remus that he might possibly want to date him, because he’s not a fucking fifteen year old whining about his feelings, and their relationship is comfortable the way it is. Anyway, it’s just not the right time, okay? No, he’s not insecure at all, why do you ask?

Jordan Fisher as Remus Lupin. The (relatively) nice one. The (relatively) quiet one. The one who gets them out of trouble with a wide-eyed declaration of innocence. Grew up in a sketchy part of Oakland, before it was gentrified. Parents died in a car crash right after they’d learned he’d been accepted to Stanford on full scholarship. Comfortably pansexual for as long as he can remember, but reluctant to enter a long-term relationship. Trying to crack the code for managing his spondyloarthritis symptoms, with marginal success. Music snob, vegan, and yoga enthusiast, but he’s really not one of those NorCal people, he swears. Wants to apply for his PhD in Political Science, but is equally petrified of failure and success.

Suraj Sharma as James Potter. The total package. Star athlete. Certified tech genius. Ripped bod. Hilarious prankster. Ruthless heartbreaker. Snappy dresser. This is all true, ask anyone. Well, don’t ask Sirius. (“He’s an overdramatic mother hen who can’t keep a straight face during a prank to save his life.”) Don’t ask Remus, either. (“He tries to act like a douchebag pulled from a VH1 reality show, but he’s a sappy romantic at heart.”) Just take James’ word for it. He’s a catch, and one day, the ladies will realize this, specifically Lily Evans, his future wife, whom he is currently in the process of sweeping off her feet. In fact, she only mocked him four times yesterday. He’s nailing it.

Michelle Hendley as Lily Evans. Trans activist. UC Berkeley drop-out. Wants to go back eventually, but the sweet health benefits and salary at her job are allowing her to stay on hormones and afford the fancy, organic types of frozen meals. Thwarter of the Marauders’ pranks as often as possible. No, they are not funny, they are hella immature. Especially James, ugh. If you catch her laughing at their antics, she is laughing at them, not with them. And no, she was absolutely not staring at any of them when that prank with the itching powder went awry and they had to strip off their shirts in the kitchen. Especially not at James, ugh.

Jeremy Allen White as Peter Pettigrew. Student of life, not school, okay? His old man inherited some shitty houses in Mountain View that are worth millions now, so he helps out with the maintenance for a portion of the rental income. You know, when he has the time. Does a bit of dealing as well. He delivered some of his best shit to the Marauders’ house five years ago, stayed for the party, started sleeping in their couch, and (much to Sirius’ chagrin) he’s been a member of the gang ever since. He borrows their underwear and eats their food, but he also fixes the plumbing and cleans the pool, so it’s a symbiotic relationship, man, very balanced energies.


I’m aiming for updates every Sunday. It’ll be a long, slow burn, but it’ll be a fluffy ride for the most part, except for the angst that Sirius brings upon himself, the poor guy.

Shout out to @real-live-lycanthrope, @mirgaxus and @whenifeedthetree, who all have mad writing skills and mad beta skills, and are the reason this is being published at all.

Check out Chapter 1 here on AO3 and let me know what you think. Thank you so much for reading!

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Do you know if there are any fics with very light Dom/sub? As in it's basically not even that, but Jensen lightly tells Jared what to do just a little, if that makes any sense? Thank you and sorry for bothering you. :)

Hiiii! Sorry I’ve had this message sitting in my drafts forever! You are not bothering me :) First thing you should check is all the alpha/beta/omega fics I’ve recced, because those have a lot of this theme. But if that’s not your thing, here’s a little list of all human J2 rps. It’s been a while since I read these fics, so I’m not sure how mild these are, but I had them bookmarked as bossy!jensen and hopefully they are what you’re looking for!

Laundry Day by dragonspell
Warnings: underwear sniffing, whatever the proper term for that is.
Summary: Jensen catches Jared jerking off into his underwear. He decides to do something about it. Words: 2,260
Tags: jared/jensen, rps, oneshot, smell!kink, blowjob, kink:dirty talk, rimming, praise!kink

Off Duty by strangeallure
Summary: Jensen’s with the NYPD, Jared works at this bar that’s popular with police officers. One night, they both get sick of the status quo. Words: ~ 3,700
Tags: jared/jensen, au, cop!jensen, bartender!jared, bottom!jared

A Loft With A View by zubeneschamali
Summary: At first the hot guy in the condo across the street doing pull-ups was just distracting to Jensen. Then he became a turn-on. Jensen just hopes they never meet, because he’ll never be able to look the guy in the eye… Words: 6,138
Tags: jared/jensen, neighbors, kink:voyeurism, au, body worship, first time, bottom!jared, top!jensen, coffeeshop

Fruit Punch Lips by tebtosca
Warnings: Underage (Jared is 17, Jensen is 21)
Summary: Jared thinks he doesn’t want anyone to see him like this. Turns out there is one exception. Words: 2,254
Tags: jared/jensen, au, neighbors, first time, panty!kink, bottom!jared, frottage, praise!kink

I’ve Got Your Number by morrezela
Summary: Jared is a submissive kind of guy who just can never catch a break because of his size and boisterous personality. Cue Jensen who is more than willing to help him out. Words: 2,631
Tags: jared/jensen, au, alphamale!jensen, submissive!jared, oneshot, bottom!jared, ‘verse

Do It My Way by waterofthemoon
Summary: Jensen thinks Jared was a little too interested in filming a certain scene in Heart and stakes his claim on Jared in bed that night. Words: 1,722
Tags: jared/jensen, non-au, pwp, possesive!jensen, bottom!jared, top!jensen, established-relationship

Tension knots by sammehsayum
Summary: In his last year of high school football Jared screws up his back and is recommended to Jensen Ackles: massage therapist. Words: 5,800
Tags: jared/jensen, au, hurt!jared, massage, hurt/comfort, praise!kink

Blush and Bashful by tipsy_kitty
Summary: Jensen’s new favorite hobby is making the bookstore clerk blush. Words: 2,900
Tags: jared/jensen, pwp, shy!jared, confident!jensen, first time, bottom!jared, top!jensen

Graduate School Is For Good Decisions by jackles67
Summary: Jared’s never bottomed, but he wants to try it. Who better to do that with than his PhD advisor, aka the one person he’s really, really not supposed to fuck? Words: 2,112
Tags: jared/jensen, au, first time, bottom!jared, top!jensen

Ready for My Close-Up by cherie_morte
Summary: Jensen gets a little bossy when he directs. Jared likes it just fine. Words: 2,353
Tags: jared/jensen, non-au, director!jensen, bottom!jared, top!jensen, established-relationship

Misha about Vicki

(I accidentally made yet another transcript! It’s from Misha’s panel at Vegascon.)

Fan asks how it was to work with Vicki on a project like TSA America.

Good, thanks for asking! Yeah. Vicki is my spouse and we’ve done a lot of projects together over the years. We’ve had a lot of schemes, we’re both schemers. So when we were in high school we started businesses together. One of our first businesses was Russian collectibles, which was an import/export company where we would get like Russian matrioshka dolls and /?/ boxes and sell them at Nordstroms. And Nordstroms actually – I think we were seventeen at the time, and Nordstroms was like yeah, we’ll do it. And we printed up like ten thousand business cards and then went, anyway, let’s go to college instead. So we scrapped that. And then we found something else, what was that, summer camp for kids. It was called Youth for a Better America, and we did this pilot summer camp program and kids came in, it was great. We were eighteen or nineteen at the time. Printed up ten thousand business cards, and then were like, nah this is a lot of work. Let’s just finish college. And so we had a long string of situations where every time we printed up the business cards it would be the death knell to whatever we were doing. So now we’re superstitious about it and will not print business cards ever again. I haven’t had a business card in like ten years. It’s bad for me. 

But we’ve done a lot of weird creative projects together. And I like working with her cause she’s really good at having ideas that, um, normal people don’t have. She doesn’t have a – there’s a part of her brain that is defective, the part of the brain that tells you, like, oh, no this is too difficult, or this is not feasible, or something like that. She doesn’t have that. (Fan: I think you two share that.) Well, I think I have gleaned that from her. I definitely got it from her. Because she, she was this kid who, when she was sixteen, she like, made a video about this orphanage in India and then put in on like public access television in Washington DC and raised twenty thousand dollars and went, at sixteen, by herself to an orphanage in India. Worked there for two months and brought babies back with her. Which was crazy! I cannot believe that somebody would literally give a sixteen-year-old child babies and say, here! Take these back across the Atlantic with you. It was not good! She did not know how to take care of a baby. Apparently she was trying to piss the baby to make it stop crying. So, you know, it’s not a good idea to give a sixteen-year-old a baby. Anyway – so it’s fun, you know, like the TSA America thing, that was really her – the germ of it, that was her idea. 

(Vicki’s more Misha than Misha, lol. I think there’s a lot of truth to what he says, that she rubbed off on him and played a big part in helping him become who he is.)

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Headcanons for bachelors/bachelorettes old hairstyles/colors, maybe when they were kids


-A common headcanon for Seb is that he was a ginger as a kid, and I support that theory 110%. Although honestly, I could see him as more of a strawberry blonde growing up rather than straight-up red like Robin’s. I think he’d have started dying it literally the second he hit puberty–honestly emo kids are COMMITTED AF. He’s def been dying his hair black since he was, like, 13. 

-Maru’s lightish brown hair is natural. It’s been the same style since she came outta the womb tbh, and she’s never once changed it. The only thing she’s ever done is let it grow semi-long a few times over the years, only to cut it off to its usual length every time. Since she’s only half black, she didn’t inherit the coarse hair. She ended up with hair similar in texture to Robin’s (at least that’s how it looks to me from her portraits).

-Alex’s hair has stayed relatively stable over the years, but he didn’t know how to style it until a few years ago when he befriended Haley and she gave him some tips. Also he probably bleached and/or shaved it at some point in high school as part of a sports team thing because they always did shit like that as team bonding before big competitions and whatnot.

-Penny is a natural redhead, but she went blonde for a while because she was teased for being a ginger. Once she moved to Pelican Town with Pam, she stopped because she realized that nobody there would dare to make fun of her.

-Abigail has dyed her hair so many times over the years that nobody knows what her natural color really is. In reality, she grew up as a natural brunette, but as we all know, once she became an adult, the [SPOILER] wizard hair took over and she’s permanently purple now. She’s tried re-dying it black, red, pink, anything…but strangely, not a single color stays for longer than a day or two.

-Harvey’s hair was prob pretty normal for a while but he totes had his hair long (at least past his shoulders) when he was in college, at least as an undergrad. Once he went for his PhD, he wanted to look professional so he’s kept it short since. After seeing Elliott, though, he secretly kicks himself for not letting it grow. It’s too late to get back into it now, though.

-Haley is a natural blonde but she bleaches it to make it blonder. She’s tried every product in the book but nothing makes her blonde enough except good old-fashioned bleach. She definitely participated in that hair trend of 2011-ish though, when everyone dyed a streak of their hair red, blue, or purple with hot kool-aid.

-Leah is a total hippie, as we all know, so there’s no way in hell she’s ever dyed her hair. Also she’s been growing it since she was a girl and has only ever gotten it trimmed.

-Elliott…grew up with typical dude hair. He probably went to a private liberal arts college and, after being surrounded by unique people for so long, he decided he wanted to try something different. So he let it grow…and grow…and grow. The only way he knew he could pull it off is if he took really good care of it. He gets a lot of positive attention from people for it, and as an unapologetic attention whore (this isn’t an insult obviously, we all love him for being this way) he will never look back.

-Emily’s hair has been naturally blonde like Haley’s for most of her life, but she was tired of looking like everyone else and decided on a whim in her early 20′s to dye it a crazy color. She ended up loving the look and kept it ever since.

-Shane, before the depression hit him, loved hair gel a little too much (hello, faux hawk). After he came to live with Marnie, he stopped putting in effort because he didn’t see any point if there was no one to impress. In my eyes…he’d gel his hair again when he started dating the farmer.

-Sam, in a similar vein, uses every hair product imaginable to give him the super saiyan look. He wore his hair that way once in high school on a dare and became popular for it so he kept wearing it, as an extended joke. After a while it just became habit and he considered it a crucial part of his identity. Also!! Before the spikes, he definitely flat ironed it every day to get that sweepy skater dude hair that was so common in the mid-2000s, lol. He’s probably experimented a few times with home hair dye kits as well, but we all know Sam, and we all know it never turned out.

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ok but why did harry have to grab his junk? what is going on? i don't get it. what are the logistics behind needing to grab it? disclaimer i don't have a dick i don't know how they work.

lol well as someone who also does not have a dick, these are my top options for why i think he would feel the need to take care of his junior while sitting down:

1 - he needed reminding it’s still there.  i don’t think this is harry’s reason, so we’ll go on to number 2.

2 - his junior had gone somewhere it shouldn’t have or he didn’t want it, like the opposite trouser leg from where it usually resides, and he wanted to get it where it would be more comfortable.  we’ve seen harry do this in concerts and such, and this wasn’t the fidgeting or fingers down the inside of the trousers/inside the pockets we usually see for that, so my guess is this also isn’t the case.

3 - he was going commando, he’s got a pretty huge dick (i affectionately refer to it as PHD for short), and he wanted to be sure not to a: sit on it, or b: have it get wedged uncomfortably between his legs as he sat down.  considering his grabbing of said junk appeared to mostly just keep it all in it’s place, this is my personal guess.  lol  he may not have been commando, he may have been wearing some loose boxers that would still give his not so little guy freedom to roam, but either way those trousers, while well fitted, don’t give nearly the same support as the skinny jeans he more often wears and therefore his dick has a lot more opportunity to breathe and move about than he’s used to.  haha

so anyway, yeah.  hope this helps!


Immigrant || I’ve lived in the USA 18 years & I’ve grew into a intelligent, caring and hardworking young man. To deprive others of the chance to come here and make this their home too, to make something of themselves as well is a gross act. #icondemnthemuslimban : America was built by the labor of slaves, blacks. And is still being supported by the hard work of immigrants and other nationalities. The United States of America isn’t at the least united at all, it’s even more divided than ever. It is us the blacks, Africans/ African Americans, Latinos and other beautiful nationalities that make up this country. We are the back bone. The hard working. We do the jobs that others don’t dare to do. Yet we are the minorities. We get looked down upon. We do all the work and never get the credit we solely deserve. We work our asses off and make it to the top of our professions and still if that company has an ideal image in mind they will pick that white man over the black man or Latino who has experience, several degrees.. the Bachelors, MBA or Phd because he still isn’t what that company wants to project unto white America. I was NOT born in this country I came here at age 4. I’ve always been a hard worker and I still am, do you know how frustrating it is when someone challenges your intelligence because they hear a little of your accent after every other two words. Of thinks less of you because your skin is darker. Do you really understand how it feels when people think just because you came from a country that America portrays as a 3rd world country, that you was one of the lucky ones that survived and came to a country to better yourself? No of course some of you don’t because you were born here and everything is handed to you, yet some of you still amount to nothing with all the privileges in front of you, you still end up no where. Yet hate on the little black boy or Latino girl who grew up and made something of themselves.

I’m really happy.

The man and I prepared stuff for his final presentation on Tuesday - if he passes, he’ll have a doctorate (PhD) in Electrical Engineering! If anybody wants to keep their fingers crossed for him, the presentation and the oral exam are on Tuesday, 2.30pm.

I listened to great music today.

I knit a lot.

I spun yarn, for the first time in months.

Now I’ve made myself a huge mug of hot chocolate and write with Lenka.

Life is good. :)

when we were kids, like 7 and 8, my brother loved pulling this lame ass joke on me, and I fell for it way too many times:

he: you want a phd?

me: -soft gasp- yea

he: call 111-241-241

me: -calls-

guy on phone: Pizza Hut delivery, may I take your order?

For the record, Tony Stark would like to state that there were TWO books and THREE GODDAMN MOVIES that told us cloning dinosaurs was Number One in the Great List of Epically Bad Ideas.

It is not true that he’s just being a sore loser because he didn’t think of it first.  Tony’s a mechanics guy, not a genetic engineer.  He probably could get a PhD in genetics if he wanted to, but yeah, TWO BOOKS and THREE GODDAMN MOVIES.


So of course, OF COURSE, the whole Jurassic World thing was a disaster waiting to happen.  Of course the Avengers would get called in to clean up the mess.  Of course Hulk went SMASH!  Of course, Thor would totally enjoy kicking rabid dinosaur ass.  Tony thinks the Asgardian said something like: “This is like hunting the AAAAAARGGGGHHHbeast from the Planet of OHGodFUCKNO.  Most invigorating!”

(Shut up, Tony had mad writing skills, okay?)

Of course Clint went, “Aw, raptors.”

Of course Natasha was gloriously badass.  As usual.  Also, she was the one who took down that scientist who was actually a HYDRA plant and was going to make off with dinosaur eggs. 

Wanda was the one who figured out the Squid Nazi’s evil intentions.

Of course Count Buckula a.k.a. Russian Winter of Death and Destruction did his Murder Strut™ even while he made sure the rest of the team did not get turned into dinosaur dinner. 

And yeah, Rhodey totally rocked it out in his upgraded War Machine armor (You’re welcome, Rhodey Boo-Bear). 

Ant Dude apparently got along with prehistoric motherfucking giant ants.

Sam apparently could talk to pterodactyls.  (“Tony, they’re just prehistoric birds, to be honest.”)

And if you’re dealing with dinosaurs with stealth abilities and uncanny intelligence, it never hurts to have Vision in your corner. 

But leave it to Cap to actually end up befriending the genetically modified and intelligent T-rex. 

“Um, Cap? You know you can’t actually keep that as a pet, right?"  Tony had to be the sane one of this group. 

"He’s not a pet, Tony.  He’s my friend.  Aren’t you, buddy?" 

They had all seen some weird shit in their lives, but the sight of the ginormous T-rex leaning down and demanding scritches from their fearless leader was probably one for the books.  The goddamn thing was actually purring. 

Also, the T-rex was viciously protective of Steve and had taken down Stealth Predator Evil ARRRGH-Rex Dinosaur in his defense.   

"Barnes, DO something about that husband of yours!”

Bucky shrugged.  “I could always use some back up in looking after this punk."  HE got to pet the Rex too.  "We understand each other.”

Well, shit.  It looks like they were going to have to figure out how to bring Devil Dinosaur home…


A Cap and His Dinosaur, A Blanket Fort Headcanon because apparently Planet Hulk did not end happily ever after?

There Might be Some Flaws in this System

Soul mate AU where you’re born with the first thing your soul mate will say to you on your body, in the place the person will first touch you

Malcolm woke up every day and cursed the thing that decided that his soulmate’s first words to him would be “is that seat taken?” in a city made up almost entirely of public transportation. To make it worse, it was on his shoulder, that was the most likely spot for someone touch him if they need his attention. 

In an attempt to make sure when he met his soul mate, it was really them, Malcolm decided to make his first words to them something that almost no one would ever say. 

“Is this seat taken?” A blonde girl asked on the subway. 

“Snow cones.” Malcolm replied, his answer since he was twelve. 

The blonde raised an eyebrow. “What?” 

“Sorry,” Malcolm rolled up the sleeve of his tee shirt, “I’m kind of waiting for someone.” She nodded understandingly. “The seats not taken, by the way.” 

Mitchell spent a lot of time thinking about who his soul mate would be – a woman? Or a man? Or a momen? Or a wan? 

He also thought about how angry he was going to be when he met them. Eight times a week, Mitchell had to go through with concealer to cover the tramp stamp that said “snow cones” before heading out on stage. 

He left the show every night covered in glitter – a trademark of Broadway – and got onto his late night subway back home. 

Malcolm didn’t usually end up on the subway this late, but he got caught up in his work. His PhD program was killer, and all he wanted to do was go home and go to bed. 

He put his headphones in and opened his book, trying to unwind for a few minutes. 

He felt a hand on his shoulder, pulled out his headphones and looked up. He was taken back by the stranger in front of him. He definitely was the prettiest boy Malcolm had ever seen. In a bit of a daze, Malcolm responded with his typical “Snow cones.” 

Suddenly, the boy’s face went bright red, he pivoted on his heals, and started to walk the other way. Malcolm wondered if he had suddenly insulted the guys ancestors or something. 

“Wait!” Malcolm got up and tried to get the boy to come back, but he only managed brush the small of the stranger’s back, before the boy turned around. 

“Why?” He demanded from Malcolm. 


“Do you know how embarrassing it is to live your whole life with  a tramp stamp that says ‘snow cones?’” Malcolm watched him turn around and lift up the back of his shirt. 

Malcolm’s face went red too. “Um… so you’re … um, why don’t we sit and talk about this.” 

The subway jerked forward, coming to a stop, and Mitchell was pushed into Malcolm, just enough that their bodies touched. 

“You’re lucky you’re cute, snow cones.” 

“Malcolm. My name’s Malcolm.” 

“I’m Mitchell. Let’s sit.”