he wants people to suffer


I want you to watch as I take her life.

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paul can be ok john is just constantly mean and mad at ringo

i feel like pauls meanness doesnt affect anyone..like if paul says something mean to ringo or george theyre like “cool whatever paul” but john is mean to hurt people….hes constantly trying to bring ringo down and it always works. john is mean bc he wants people (specifically ringo) to suffer…paul is mean bc he wants people to think hes cute and snarky

Modern AU Jehan Things

(Based shamelessly on the shit I do)

• Could live off of chai lattes

• Walks around outside barefoot because he feels more in touch with nature that way

• Long runs in the moonlight

• Doesn’t really give a damn about what he looks like, but does have some “special” shirts (special meaning they’re so horrifying that he literally wears them just to watch Parnasse cringe)

• Smokes electronic cigarettes because he doesn’t want other people to suffer from second hand smoke

• Is only religious for the aesthetic

• Looks at every flower and says, “That’s my favourite kind of flower!”

• Gets unnecessarily emotional about penguins (“You guys don’t understand! There are gay penguins! And penguins give each other rocks to show affection! They are the best!”)

• Is secretly a badass and gets into so much trouble trying to defend other people

• Can’t tell if he’s an insomniac or just has a book addiction that keeps him up all night

• Used to try to cover up all his freckles with makeup but then discovered that his friends like them and stopped

• Wants to save the bees. And the whales. And elephants.

• Wants freedom for mankind and would willingly give up his life for that

• Loves his friends passionately

• Loves Montparnasse more than anything