he wanted to win really bad

some Good things from the mogami arc

- that time at the start of the arc where mob got harassed by a couple of high school students and all his friends stood up for him

- mob letting dimple possess his body because he trusted him even when dimple didn’t really have much faith in himself and in return dimple didn’t betray that trust and also went to rescue mob when he was trapped in mogami’s world and now im crying fuck

- just reigen and dimple refusing to abandon mob tbh

- mob knowing the world isn’t as bad as mogami made it out to be because people actually care and support each other

- 100% courage

- minori wanting to change and be a better person at the end @ ONE where is she let me see her again


- reigen winning at rock paper scissors

a few things i noticed from the vlive

  • all of the low murmered talking to each other picked up on the mic
  • the members looking at themselves in the mirror behind the camera
  • jungkook and tae laughing about writing spanking punishments
  • jin and jungkook arguing and jin yelling that he told his team they should’ve put begin on their board when the other team called it
  • when maknae line won and got the acrylic suga stands jimin deciding he was getting one, making jk and tae rock paper scissors for the other 
  • junkook spinning the board after winning
  • the constant beautiful sope
  • everyone but jimin got up to take the pictures and he sat there until someone called him over to the side
  • jimin saying he’s surprised how many pictures of namjoon there are on the phone they used to take the pictures
  • jm just giggling the whole time in general
  • hobi cleaning namjoon’s ear w the qtip
  • hobi saying he really wanted the acrylic suga stand prize
  • yoongi making up twister rules and jungkook continuously calling him out
  • namjoon: “jimin i wonder how bad you would be at this game [twister]”
  • Winner™ jk happy he collected all the photo cards first
  • yoongi flawlessly bullshitting that the rock paper scissors game was to decide who picks the punishment and not who gets the punishment after losing it
  • yoongi marking the punishment paper from his team so he could tell it and avoid it but accidentally drew it anyway
  • jin writing the kiss namjoon punishment, saying he didn’t think of having to get it himself, suggesting that only one person should take the punishment, asking namjoon if he wanted all of them to kiss him or just one, and doing The Most™ as with getting the punishment on the vlive before the wings album
  • exasperated namjoon asking if they could do the kiss later off screen then changing it to him getting a kiss instead of giving it
  • yoongi clapping off beat at the end bless

All these posts that are all smug about JJ failing and I’m over here crying.  I mean, yeah, he’s kind of an egotistical jerk at times and I didn’t really want him to win but I didn’t want him to have a total breakdown because the pressure was too much, I mean poor dude, he’s worked so hard and he doesn’t deserves that.

His girlfriend is a gift tho.  I really like her.

Imagine your OTP meeting while standing next to each other in line to vote

And they’re both cautious because they’re each blue in a red state but don’t know which party the other one supports, but they end up chatting somehow

They’re careful to avoid talking politics (despite it being the massive elephant in the room) cause they’re gonna be stuck in line for at least another hour and the last thing either one wants is to start a political argument

But while talking about all sorts of other stuff, they really hit it off (and really think the other one is cute as hell) and the long wait isn’t nearly as bad as it should have been

After voting, they go their separate ways

But then they bump into each other again that evening at the local gay bar, which is hosting a party to watch the election results and toast to victory if she wins, or drown your sorrows if he does

And as more and more electoral votes are announced, they clutch each other’s hands tightly in nervous anticipation…

Hello, yes, I just want to talk about Christophe and Viktor. I never thought of Christophe as somebody who would try and get in-between Yuuri and Viktor, and hey, I was right. He’s just a really great friend who wants to have a good time.

As we all know, Viktor grew popular at 16 when he won gold at Juniors, then kept on winning things.

This is the European Championships and as you can see, the other medalists are probably older. Maybe in their 20s. Like Yuri P, Viktor was probably the youngest when he debuted in the senior division. He probably had no friends. Even in Juniors, he was probably so focused on skating that he didn’t make the time. He just had Makkachin.

And then Christophe came along.

Look at Viktor’s face! This might’ve been the first time (in a while) a skater around his age was trying to talk to him. Just another kid like him who’s trying to make it big on the ice. 

Viktor wants to know his name. “See you at the World Championship!” He immediately uses ‘Chris.’ He probably snuggled with Makkachin later on and said, “I made a friend!”

This is where their friendship started. Christophe might very well be Viktor’s first true friend and they sound fond of each other. They definitely see each other as equal rivals.

This is a broship that set sail ten years ago and here it is, still sailing along.

let me tell you why i’m absolutely in love with hamilton: an american musical.

the show’s diversity, for one, is an incredible and crucial aspect of its success. never before has a broadway production given so many traditionally white roles to people of color. hamilton provides POC actors with opportunities so fantastic that many would fight for, and that’s just a really really neat concept to me.

very few shows (or movies, or books, or tv programmes, for that matter) convey their protagonists as deeply flawed, or their antagonists as hidden “good guys”. well, actually, many do, but not in the way hamilton does. alex cheated on his wife, he’s arrogant, he somehow always beats burr. burr does everything he does for theodosia, he just wants to win for once, he’s one of the most intelligent men of his time. in hamilton, there really are no good guys or bad guys. everyone’s just a person, with positive and negative qualities, and i find that really touching.

hamilton’s music is unlike the music of any show in history. it’s a hip-hop musical about the founding of a nation, for goodness’ sake! hamilton is a story told through song. there’s not a full moment onstage without music, and each song beautifully and brilliantly flows into the next. the show contains some of the most meaningful raps of all time, and they’re all about the founding fathers. dwell on that for a moment.

that’s my final point. being the brilliant hip-hop history phenomenon it is, hamilton has educated millions, including myself, about their past. before this year, i never thought i could be so obsessed with american history. hamilton has inspired me to do my own research and learn more about all aspects of our history, rather than focusing on the victories and the people who lived through the end. be honest, before listening to the soundtrack, how much did you know about john laurens? hercules mulligan? aaron burr, even? if you’re anything like me, chances are you’d never heard the names. these are the people you don’t hear about in the lectures.

so i’d just like to thank @linmanuel and anyone and everyone who has ever been involved with or changed by hamilton. thank you for teaching us.

how gabe meets mrs. agreste, an angsty au

I have this idea floating around in my head that Gabriel is Hawkmoth (as usual) is fighting this villain, but doesn’t want to declare champions. He’s not going to put anyone else at risk (he doesn’t want to focus on protecting anyone else).

So in a really bad fight, he’s in a pinch, and he’s like “FINE NOOROO” and declares this girl his champion, and they fight together.

SHE LAYS IT ON THICK AF, she’s flirting with him so hard, she’s so into him, and he’s like “shit shit shit I’m so dead this is how I die” because it’s this beautiful girl who’s being a total superhero.

When they win, he takes her back to her apartment to de-transform her on her balcony and she invites his ass inside for dinner and he’s like “just kidding, this is how I die.”

He de-transforms her, and she has no idea what happened, who the hell are you and why the fuck are you in here? 

She punches Gabriel because I as a writer and fan of gabriel agreste will never be satisfied otherwise

Poor Gabe, no one told him that his champions would loose their memories of being an champions

who should you fight: overwatch offense edition

Genji: sure. you could fight genji. you probably won’t win. he’s a fucking cyborg ninja with a sword longer than his torso. he’s also a total sweetheart and hanzo already killed him so you would feel bad. unless you’re a healer main, in which case, kick his ass the second he asks for healing.

McCree: Part of me wants to encourage people to fight him. I’ll fight him. But really, the poor guy just needs a friend. fight him, but then get a drink with him if he doesn’t destroy you. he probably gives good hugs.

Pharah: DO NOT FIGHT PHARAH. You will die. she will rain justice in your entire ass and you will be dead.

Reaper: do it. kick his ass. he’ll probably wreck your shit, but if you throw him into a wall and fight him without his backup you can probably 1v1 him and live for a while. if you can keep a distance you might even win.

Soldier:76: absolutely fight him. Reaper will back you up. stay nimble so he cant shoot you easily. he’s a grumpy old man. confuse him with memes first.

Sombra: you could fight her and win pretty easily. But she’ll own your entire ass later. she will get her revenge when she releases those pictures of you that you want buried forever. choose wisely.

Tracer: why would you want to??? let the lesbian live. she’s too pure to fight. besides, she’d probably kick your ass, and she’d feel bad about it, and then take you for tea after. 

Dating Kim Jongdae Would Include

Huang Zitao/ Tao| Kim Jongdae/ Chen| Park Chanyeol| Kim Junmyeon/ Suho| Kim Minseok/ Xiumin| Oh Sehun| Kim Jongin/ Kai| Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.| Byun Baekhyun| Zhang Yixing/ Lay| Lu Han| Wu Yifan/ Kris| Mafia!EXO|

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

I don’t own the gifs/images used.

In The Daytime

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  • The two of you pairing up to be an indestructible team of pranksters that constantly win prank wars and will beat anyone that tries to get their own back.
  • Him always teasing you, that could be in a completely innocent and playful way or the most heated and sexual way.
  • Bad jokes and awful puns.
  • Him flirting with you all the time, but sometimes he’ll pull really bad pickup lines just because he can.
  • “Is it hot in here, or is it just you?”
  • “No, it’s you. Because you just crashed and burned.”
  • Him wanting to cuddle with you a lot. That could be in bed, or on the sofa, or in the EXO dorms where others complain loudly about the two of you needing to get a room.
  • “Gladly”
  • Him constantly challenging you to singing battles even though he’s obviously better than you. But he always convinces you that you’re the winner every time. 
  • Him singing songs for you when you’re upset with him because he knows that if nothing else works, you’ll always fall for the sound of his singing voice.
  • Him singing his “Hello Angel” line sometimes when you walk in the room.
  • “Waaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeee!”
  • Him shouting things to you across the house because his boy has no chill.
  • “Will you shut the fuck up I’m literally in the same room as you, Jongdae.”
  • Arguing will consist of playful arguments most of the time, mostly about who is cuter, or who loves who the most,(usually ends in you telling him to shut up.) But sometimes the arguments can get kind of bad and serious.
  • Him getting sulky after a fight and refusing to move from the sofa.
  • Until it comes to him wanting to go to bed, when he’ll come back upstairs and climb into bed, hugging you to tell him he’s sorry.
  • If you don’t accept his hug then expect him to start singing softly.
  • “Is it too late now to say sorry?”
  • “You dare sing Justin Bieber to apologise and you’ll be on the front door step.”
  • In interviews he’ll always drop lines that only you’ll understand, like an inside joke, and even though it will leave everyone else in the room looking confused, he’ll just give that certain smile at the camera because he knows you’ll be watching.
  • Jongdae having such a witty mouth, a day doesn’t go by when he won’t give you some kind of assy comeback or tease you.
  • Him insisting on having a movie night and that you can pick what you want to watch, but when you pick he’ll only complain through the whole thing anyway.
  • Him saying that you can pick the music in the car, but rejecting everything you suggest.
  • “What about bigbang?”
  • “No, I listened to that yesterday.”
  • “Okay, then what about BTS? o r Yoongi’s mixtape?”
  • “No… I want to listen to Minseok’s new song.”
  • “Of fucking course you do.”
  • Him spending 60% of the time with Minseok, and the other 40% talking about him to you.
  • “Minseok Hyung taught me this.”
  • “Yeah, you’ve only mentioned it five times in the last three minutes.”
  • Him getting you to help him when it comes to learning Chinese because he struggles with it and you’re the best motivation for him.
  • Snowball fights with the rest of EXO
  • But Jongdae getting jealous when Chanyeol “accidentally” fell over and landed on top of you.
  • The other members flirting with you, just because watching Jongdae getting annoyed is funny, plus you never understand the innuendos, unless Jongdae is the one to make them.
  • “How do you not understand, {y/n}! Baekhyun said he wanted to get into bed with you!”
  • “Maybe he just wanted a nap?”
  • Him teasing for your height
  • And you teasing him for his
  • Him kissing you a lot.
  • Like little pecks on the mouth aren’t enough for him, he likes to have a full on makeout session before he leaves for work otherwise he feels deprived.
  • A lot of dates
  • PDA all the way
  • Ass grabbing
  • Him teasing you because he’s little shit and doesn’t give a fuck if anyone sees, he just likes watching you get all flustered.
  • Him smirking at you after teasing you in public because he knows what he’s getting when you both get home.

At Nighttime

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  • Him hogging the blankets while he sleeps you you have to pull them away from him otherwise you’ll be shivering all night
  • Him waking up and feeling bad about it.
  • Him wanting to be the small spoon, but he’ll be the big spoon for you because he’s sweet and will do pretty much anything for you.
  • Him singing you ‘Best Luck’ to help you go to sleep because he knows how much you love it.
  • He’s going to be into doing sex at night time
  • His moans are Godly but he prefers to hear you
  • If you refuse to moan then you better be ready for him to get rough
  • Him talking dirty because he knows how much it turns you on.
  • Sex is about pleasing you.
  • Unless you’ve been bad and have made him jealous.
  • “I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t even be able to think about him, all you’ll be able to do it moan my name jagiya.”
  • He’ll do everything he knows you like because he’s a gentleman and lives to see you flushed and hot beneath him.
  • He’s going to be very confident.
  • It doesn’t help when you feed his ego
  • Or when you can’t walk the next morning.

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A part of me actually wants Yuuri to win silver, and either Phichit or Yurio to win gold. i feel bad saying that because i also wants him to win so bad but I'm just so curious about what would happen after that. Would they still go with a wedding? (i would assume so) would yuri retire or keep skating, even more determined than before? what would the banquet look like now that he was so close to the top and that he is actually friends with the other skaters. I'm really curious

Those are really good questions! I’m really curious about Yuuri after the GPF. lsfjsd; omg another banquet x) Thankfully Yuuri knows the skaters better now LOL

I’D CRY TOO ANON. Maybe we’ll finally get all those Victuuri moments in ep 12. That’d be quite sweet ;__; But whoever wins that gold medal, it’ll be interesting to see what path Yuuri and Victor take afterwards and what the skaters’ reactions will be!

some thoughts and facts about 601

So this morning (because I’m on the other side of the globe) I watched the premiere. 

Anyway, this is some kind of a review, thoughts, gifs, etc; all mixed up about 601. Let’s see:

1. This is one of the greatest episodes I’ve watched in a long time. I was not a fan of 5B and this premiere has really made the difference. The plot was intriguing and it remembered about the old days: the good old days.

2. Poor Frankie Vargas. I wanted him to win and I had the feeling that he could win as well (you feel me, @lauraquarium ). But when I saw this:

I had the feeling that something BAD was about to happen. I don’t know, I saw this victory too quickly and in the Scandalverse you never know until the very end of the episode. Again, POOR FRANKIE.

3. Fitz and Olivia. This is, in my opinion, the scene that summarizes the episode for them:

Fitz going after Olivia. They are in friendship mode on. I like it, I mean, it’s a good start if we want them back together someday (if Shonda let’s that happen, of course). OLITZ IS FAR FROM OVER

4. Jake Ballard. I don’t care where he is or what he does if it is a normal episode. But in this episode Frankie Vargas was killed.

So “Where’s Jake?” could be answered with: killing Frankie Vargas, maybe?. He was with Fitz in the room but all is possible here. Well, I’m sure we will know in a few weeks but Jake is one of the options on the table.

5. Survival of the Fittest. Mellie has lost. And what really scares me is the way Olivia takes this lost. 

First, she calms Mellie but then:

Papa Pope might be right about Cyrus but I’m SO tired of this relationship.

After listening Papa Pope she goes back to the White House and is again that Olivia Pope hungry for power (bye white hat). She is still controlled by Rowan. 

And next: even if Mellie says she doesn’t want to run anymore, she NEEDS to run because she can’t keep herself from power because she is addicted to it.

6. Actor Cyrus Beene. This scene really broke me and not because Cyrus just saw a shooting. This broke me because this shows how far a person can go just to have power. Cyrus is capable of doing this, of course. He is a political monster. Look at this:

7. I laughed at this:

8. So, we have a wedding soon, I suppose:

9. Susan Ross and Lizzie Bear were not in the episode and that doesn’t make sense, unless the flashbacks of 602 explain this. Something must have happened to them, I guess. I hope not to Susan, though. I love her so much, just look at this:

Susan is a national treasure

Feel free to share your thoughts :)

one thing I noticed about Yuri On Ice is that there are no really big hardcore rivalries. You see it off ice a bit with Yurio and Yuuri of course but even that you know is turning into a respectful friendship and it was more one-sided anyways. They are all competitive and make fun of each other but nothing is bad spirited, even with JJ acting out and running his mouth, you see in episode 9 that he just really wants to be the next best skater like all of them and make his family (one with big ties to famous skaters) and country proud of him. You can tell that the creators want you to love all of the characters for their individual aspirations. They just all want to win and prove their worth but they do it without tearing each other down for the sake of cheap drama. I find it a bit more realistic in terms of sports I’ve played or ones that my brother and family have taken part in.

Okay so i just finished rewatching fmab for the 2nd time and here are some things I love about it:
•The universal fear of the Briggs soldiers. Like the bad guys are really convinced that theyre gonna win the battle until “THEY’RE BRIGGS SOLDIERS OH NO WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE”
•they got a tank into Central????
•the agreement that Ed has terrible taste in everything
•Greed insisting he doesn’t want friends and then having a breakdown when he doesn’t
•the build up for most of the series to seeing hohenheim for the first time and it turns out he’s actually a really awkward, superpowered dork
• Armstrong making friends by showing off his muscles and this only ever working on Sig Cutis and they probably bond over workout routine and protein shakes or something
•Roy at first seeming like he’ll be the stoic, harsh leader but it turns out he likes dogs and procrastinating while still being able to decimate an army and kill a homunculus in a fit of rage
• Winry and Ed loved arguing with each other so much they decided to get married (I’m exaggerating slightly bc they do love each other but someone who doesn’t know either very well might be a tad confused)
•Ling being an awesome Slytherin prince and teaming up with a demon and eventually becoming bffs bc there’s not much else to do when you share a body for months and he seems like a decent enough guy
•Armstrong AKA the guy who probably cries over butterflies, having the most terrifying soldier ever as his sister
•Omg Pride’s design is so cool!!!!
•They never ever forget a character ever. Hughes death that you expect will probably be forgotten or glossed over? Nope. Still has a big enough impact to send Roy on a revenge rampage and me into tears
•Envy being the biggest and possibly most human- hating homunculus but still getting his butt kicked 24/7
•The whole time Greedling fought Wrath the last time I had Garnet’s song “Stronger than you” stuck in my head and it seemed really fitting

•okay so I know that Fuery is very minor character but whenever he comes on screen i still stare at him cause I’m not totally sure how they managed to make a character so adorable •ROY CARES SO MUCH ABOUT EVERYTHING AND SO DOES RIZA •happy endings are my weakness (Greed lives and moves to Xing with his bff okay he totally does)
Until Dawn - Who You Should Fight

Ashley - Do not fight her. First off, she WILL leave your ass to get killed by the wendigo. (She remembers that shit.) Second off, she hasn’t done anything to you why would you she’s just trying to survive and she’s in a panic pls don’t she is so afraid

Chris - Why would you ever want to fight him he’s just a cinnamon roll nerd trying to survive. And even if you tried, he would probably just apologize to you or some nerdy shit and make you feel bad so really there’s no way you would win from a moral standpoint


Jess - Pls don’t, she’s smol and confused and just wants to live in peace. She’s already had enough, don’t make things worse, she’s trying her best. (Also, if you tried, she would probably kick your ass anyway, and she’ll probably do it with snowballs to add insult to injury)

Josh - Don’t unless you wanna get your ass kicked by Chris and Sam both. Also no??? Like he doesn’t deserve this??? He’s severely mentally ill and has no idea what’s going on??? Why would you do this

Matt - No, he’ll rek you. He’s like the nicest dude there so why would you want to? Also, he’s super sporty and athletic and strong and he would hurt you

Mike - Don’t fight him. First of all he lost some of his fingers so that’s just kinda rude. Second of all he will outsmart you with logic AND beat you with sheer strength. You’re losing on more than one front and that’s no fun

Sam - NO. SHE IS ATHLETIC AF. SHE ALSO THROWS VASES LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS. Also she’s a pacifist but she will kick some ass if she sees it necessary to do it. Just don’t she’s been through a lot she just wanted to take a damn bath and then this shit happens

The Stranger - Don’t. He’s got training dealing with superhuman monsters and shit he will eviscerate you. Like, do you remember the Navy Seal meme thing? He’ll be like that except he actually will end you


Wolfie - No??? Why???

Beth - YOU DON’T WANT TO INVOKE HER FURY. Sam is her gf and together they are sporty gay nerds. But unlike Sam, she isn’t a pacifist so she will have no inhibitions ripping you to shreds

Hannah - If you lay a finger on her you’ll have to deal with the fury of both Sam and Beth so it’s best not to unless you WANT to get torn apart

Wendigo - ????????????????????????

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Forgive my ignorance, but what hug is Ben referencing?

Apparently at the end of the History video the original ending wasn’t them just walking away from each other. they ran back and hugged and that was the original ending. Ben cut it because he didn’t think it fit (Ben, I love you, but you’re an idiot the fans sustain on that kind of stuff). So he’s saying he’ll release the cut hug from the cut history which is nominated for best music video at the Brits.

Storytime! Obizenyuki HC's

Prompt: Every Friday and Sunday, Obi, Zen and Shirayuki have a Story-telling competition! Whoever loses has to serve the other two.

May the best person win!!


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o Zen is the worst at this                                                          

  - It’s already canon he is bad at writing letters so this makes sense

  - he’s just terrible at interacting with people who want to hear zen speak, not prince zen.

  - ends up serving Obi and Shirayuki every saturday and monday



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o She is really good at this!!

   - She’s taking inspiration from books she’s read in the past, adding magical herbs and such.

  - everyone loves shirayuki so her social skills are pretty high

  - she can read people well, so she knows what her boyfriends want

  - she just wants to spend a day with zen and obi, is that too much to ask Izana??






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o boi knows shit

  - he’s just telling them about his adventures as an assassin

  - he scares the shit out of zenyuki

  - but he wins

  - every time

  - obi you’re worrying ur boyfriend

  - and shirayuki too

  - never lets Zen live it down

  - ten years from now: “remember when i beat you at story telling, babe?”

  - “yes, obi. now, let me take care of this paperwork.”

Idea by @akai-vampire brainstorming with me :D

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i really reeeaaally wanted beebo to win especially bc he worked on this album himself but please don't hate on Cage the Elephant bc Tell Me I'm Pretty is actually an amazing album. It sucks bc i definitely want Brendon to win but i also feel bad that people are saying Cage the Elephant didn't deserve it

Yeah obviously no one should be hating on them, it wast their call and Brendon def wouldn’t want you to do that

paladins’ secret talents

  • lance is good at crosswords puzzles. mostly because he gets bored and learns a lot of random facts off the internet. if he put hismind to it he can solve basically any puzzle but 99% of the time he cant be bothered/ gets immediately distracted. also really good at rhyming and puns, which isnt really much of a talent but lance considers it one anyways.
  • hunk can whistle like nobody’s business. doesn’t do it very often but lance thinks it’s so freaking cool he always shows him off at parties “hunk show them your whistle skills” hunk also owns every crane game machine and usually gets stuff for everyone else because he feels bad about winning the big prizes and keeping them for himself. also he’s the only one in the group who can actually wrap a present, nobody understands how even shiro messes up but everyone asks for hunk’s help wrapping presents.
  • pidge is good at anything you do with your hands. they can do origami and juggling really well. if they really wanted to they would probably rock at playing piano. also out of the group theyre the best at learning languages, which comes in pretty handy with the various aliens they come across. pidge can also hold their breath the longest, which doesn’t sound like much of a talent until the gang realize they can hold their breath for almost 8 minutes and it actually scared shiro so pidge isn’t allowed to do it anymore
  • shiro can do uncanny voice impressions of tv characters. it scares everyone the first time he does it. he also learnt card tricks when he was younger and knows a bit about small magic tricks that involve deceiving a person. shiro also has a pretty calming singing voice but he gets incredibly embarrassed singing in front of the others. somehow though keith and pidge manage to persuade him into singing a few lullabies and everyone falls asleep at the end of it. (allura and coran are incredibly impressed they thought nothing could calm the younger paladins down)
  • keith is good at little house related work. Sewing, cleaning, laundry, etc keith knows all the best tricks for them. kid lived by himself mostly on survival instinct and learnt the hard way that it’s easier to just patch up your ripped blanket than get another one. also he’s super duper flexible and it isn’t a huge shock to everyone when keith can just casually put his leg behind his head but one time in the middle of a fight with lance he stared at him, crossed his arms, and just did a perfect squat that made lance speechless and everyone else was screaming 
Who You Should Fight In Kisaragi Academy?
  • Seiko: No! Don't fight her? What is wrong with you? She has done nothing wrong! She just wants to be gay with Naomi and be happy.
  • Naomi: Yea you can probably fight her, but only if you want an entire squad of highschoolers to show up and kick your ass. She has a protection squad. Fight her only if you want your ass kicked
  • Satoshi: Yes fight him. I don't know why you'd want to hurt him, he hasn't done nothing wrong. But he's an anime protagonist, so he probably needs a good ass-kicking. Kick his Onii-chan ass.
  • Yoshiki: yes fight him. He is always ready to fight and always
  • ready to kick ass. Fortunately for you, he's not very good at it, he's a band nerd. You'd win but at what cost? You'd feel really bad.
  • Yuka: Do not fight Yuka. Satoshi will show up out of no where and he will slam dunk your ass into hell. You will die. Do not touch Yuka
  • Ms. Yui: What? No! Why? She just wants the best for every single one of her students, there is no reason to fight her! She has a cute panda necklace for god's sake! Do not hurt Ms. Yui. Do not fight Ms. Yui
  • Morishige: Yes. Yes fight Morishige. He is defenseless and a fucking nerd. Kick his cold and calculating ass. Just break his glasses and boom you win. easy.
  • Mayu: No! No Way! She is going through enough as it is! Leave her alone! Do not touch Mayu.