he wanted to kill me i took so many


I have come so many thousands of leagues, and for what? Who have I served? I have lost my daughters, Robb does not want me, and Bran and Rickon must surely think me a cold and unnatural mother. I was not even with Ned when he died … Catelyn had not eaten today. Perhaps that had been unwise. She told herself that there had been no time, but the truth was that food had lost its savor in a world without Ned. When they took his head off, they killed me too. 

Love, heartbreak, and love: Crowley edition

GUYS we need to talk about 9x23. Not coincidentally the episode in which Metatron calls the story he’d been writing “a marvelous story, full of love and heartbreak and… love”.

The end of season 9 is also Metatron’s equivalent of the end of season 6 and 7x01 for Cas - both harnessing power to become “god”, both going among people to act as god (discovering that Metatron’s actions were dictated by jealousy towards Cas all along sets a curious light in his actions in s9…) and I’m sure there’s more to 9x23 and the whole “season 6-7 redux” that is happening now, but for now I’m going to focus on the last parts of 9x23, because that’s where Crowley comes in.

In 9x23, Dean gets fatally wounded by Metatron. Tells Sam, “Sammy, you got to get out of here before he comes back”. Sam hushes him, says “Shut up. Shut up. Just save your energy, all right? Oh, man. We’ll stop the bleeding. We’ll… we’ll get you a doctor or… or I’ll find a spell. You’re gonna be okay.” Sam tries to stop the bleeding, Dean stops him: “Sam. Hold up. Hold up. I got to say something to you […] I’m proud of us”.

In 12x12, Cas gets fatally wounded by Ramiel. Dean tries to dismiss the gravity of his condition, says he’ll be okay, that there must be a cure. Cas gives them a dying speech, telling them that they are his family and he loves them, and tells them to run before Ramiel gets back… sounds familiar? Alright.

In 9x23, in the meanwhile, Metatron gets back to heaven and confronts Cas about breaking the angel tablet: “the Angel tablet, arguably the most powerful instrument in the history of the universe, is in pieces, and for what again? Oh, that’s right - to save Dean Winchester. That was your goal, right? I mean, you draped yourself in the flag of heaven, but ultimately, it was all about saving one human, right?”.

So an immensely powerful weapon gets broken, despite how useful it could have been for cosmic purposes… because of love. And in 12x12?

Of the magnitude of Crowley sacrificing a weapon able to kill Lucifer, many words have been written already. Let me add something else…

At the end of 9x23, Dean dies because of Metatron’s stabbing, but the Mark of Cain revives him. Just as Crowley had figured, putting rumors and clues together: “there is one story about Cain that I might have… forgotten to tell you. Apparently, he, too, was willing to accept death, rather than becoming the killer the Mark wanted him to be. So he took his own life with the Blade. He died. Except, as rumor has it, the Mark never quite let go. You can understand why I never spoke of this. Why set hearts aflutter at mere speculation? It wasn’t until you summoned me… no, it wasn’t truly until you left that cheeseburger uneaten… that I began to let myself believe. Maybe miracles do come true.”

In 12x12, Cas is moments away from dying, but Crowley’s gesture saves him. In Dean’s case, things don’t go exactly in the same way, but Dean is pretty much saved by Crowley from the death imposed on him by Metatron’s strike: Crowley has made him get the Mark of Cain in the first place, which keeps him alive. So, basically, Crowley is the reason Dean gets revived: it’s Crowley’s knowledge of demon things that made him bring Dean to Cain, get the Mark, and eventually not die of the wound inflicted by Metatron. In 12x12, it’s Crowley’s knowledge of demon things, his meeting with Ramiel, that lets him figure out the solution. (Then again, both Dean and Cas gets fatally wounded because of Crowley in the first place: Dean goes to kill Metatron because the MoC+First Blade combination is the only thing that has a chance to kill a powered-up Metatron, Cas almost dies because Crowley gave Ramiel the lance to begin with. But Crowley couldn’t really foresee that one.)

Crowley’s “saving” Dean through the Mark of Cain and Crowley’s saving Cas by breaking the lance have so much in common and yet are so different.

Love is behind both actions - having Dean get the Mark and prodding him to put himself in danger and get killed so that he’d become a demon, breaking the lance, and yet in 9x23 Crowley is acting on selfishness - he wants Dean for himself. He wants Dean to be his consort on the throne of hell. He disregards Dean’s feelings and wishes.

In 12x12, he acts out of selfishness. He knows nothing will come for him in saving Cas - only saving Cas. Saving Dean from the heartbreak. He does it for Cas, of course - he cares about Cas - but he also does it for Dean, the one he loves. He knows he can’t have Dean, but his love has become selfless enough that now he chooses to save the person Dean loves, knowing he probably won’t even get a thanks for it. Dean has broken Crowley’s heart but Crowley won’t let Dean’s heart break. Crowley has become selfless.

Miracles do come true, and they happen when you fall in love. 

While we’re having season 9 feels, let me add this - Cas has changed from his “angel’s angel” self thanks to Dean. Crowley has changed from his “demon’s demon” self thanks to Dean. For both of those two… Colette is Dean. Speaking of which: long ago I was planning on writing a meta about Abaddon as an allegory of the doubt of not being loved the way one wishes. Seems awfully fitting now. Stay tuned.

A Better Man

Parring: Peter Pan X Reader

Word: 1138

Warnings: me…

Summary: Peter promise to try to be good for you, but some things is hard to change

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“Peter! “

His body froze when he heard your voice. He had his back turned to you, and you could just see a lost boy on the other side of him.

“Go back to the camp, Y/N… “Peter said, but you quickly walked over to him. On the ground, laid Josh, one of the boys. He was shaking, looking anywhere but the heart in Peter’s hand. His eyes were full of fear as they caught yours, and you sat down beside him.

You laid your hands on his arms, helping him up before you looked to Peter. His mouth was a straight line, his eyes drifting away before you said his name again.

He sighed, before quickly putting the heart back in Josh’s body. He gasped, and almost fell back down.

“it’s okay… “you whispered, stroking his arms. “it’s okay, go back to the camp…”

“t-thank you” he muttered, before hurrying away. Peter turned his head to look after the boy a moment, before looking back at you.

“you can’t keep doing this” you said with a small sigh.

“And why is that? “Peter asked. “that was how it was before you came, and everything was fine then! “

“except the part about killing innocent people! “you said angrily. “Peter, we’ve talked about this before, it makes you a villain, and I don’t want to lose you! “

”Peter Pan never fails! “he said with a smirk, but lost it when you lifted an eyebrow. He took a step closer to you, and laid his hands on your arms. “okay, I’ll be good, for you! “

You smiled weakly, and Peter’s eyes lightened up.


The laughter filled your ears, and you narrowed your eyes as you looked at them.

“Is the Lady comfortable? “a voice asked, and you looked to your right to see a man a few years older than you, probably the captain.

“I would be a lot more comfortable if I wasn’t surrounded by a bunch of stupid, dirty pirates! “you yelled, and the man laughed.

“such a dirty mouth, we can’t have that” he said, and you gagged when he placed a dirty cloth in your mouth. “see, better? “

The pirates started to laugh again, but you couldn’t do anything with the robes around your hands. You had only taken a small walk in forest, when they had jumped on you, taken you to their ship. You had yelled for Peter, but he never came. Eventually you had given up on him coming to your rescue, and found yourself accepting that you had to escape yourself. But the pirates had made sure that you couldn’t as soon as you arrived to the ship.

A loud noise made you turn your head, as a lightning split the sky. Usually the weather was boring on Neverland, it only stormed when…

“Well, well… what do we have here? “a voice said, and you turned to look at the boy who had appeared on the ship. A bit of smoke still surrounded his feets, showing he had just arrived. “A bunch of pirates… new pirates! Welcome to Neverland! “

He smiled at them, but none of them seemed to buy them as they took their swords.

“You’re welcome to stay on my Island, however… there are a few rules that you may not have heard… “his smile disappeared as he said it, looking the captain right in the eyes. “Don’t take my stuff”

“I think we decide that” the captain said with a smile, causing the rest to laugh. Peter disappeared only to appear in front of the captain, his right hand in his chest. The older man gasped as his heart was ripped out of his chest. He looked down at it, just in time to see it turn to dust. His mouth before he fell.

“Anybody else? “Peter asked cheerful as he turned around to look at the others, none of them seemed to be very eager to fight him. “good”

He snapped his fingers, and you became dizzy, before finding yourself back in and empty camp. Peter walked towards you, but you took a step back.

“don’t” you said. The robes and cloth had disappeared.

“Y/N…” he said.

“You killed him! “you said. “You killed him, you promised you would stop! “

“He was evil” Peter sighed. “He took you from me, I didn’t mean to! “

“Yes, you did!” you answered.

“Alright, I did” Peter sighed. “But I didn’t want to mean to… “So many times, he had promised you he would be a better man for you, and each time he fell back. It was as if he didn’t even care about what you said, never thinking of the consequences! For each day, his heart became darker and darker, and soon it would be too late to save him, he would be completely gone.

“I know… “you said, not looking at him. You knew that if you looked into his eyes you would give in once again, forgiving him, giving him another chance, and he did not deserve that.

He took a step towards you, reaching for your hands, but you took a step back, causing his arms to fall. He said you name, barely a real word, but you could hear it just as loud as if he had yelled it.

“I want to leave” you said, taking a deep breath. “I want to go back home, please Peter”

You looked up at him when he didn’t answer, and became surprised by his shocked face. He was never surprised by anything, but then again, you were his exception, you had always been.

“Don’t leave me… “he said, his eyes softer than you had ever seen before. “Please… “

“I need your permission” you said, looking away from him again. Once again, he had taken another person’s life. And maybe this man was evil, but so was Peter now. He was just as lost as every other person on this cursed island.

You had no idea what Peter thought about in that moment. Was he angry, sad, confused, probably all three. He had always been a complicated boy, and maybe that was one of the thing you had loved about him. How he always seemed so cold, but warmed up as soon as he was close to you. How his eyes had become soft, a true smile had appeared on his lips, and he had held you tight in his arms.

“You have my permission to leave Neverland” Peter said without looking at you as you nodded.

Your shoulders turned cold, as if someone had held water over you, and the ground disappeared from under you. You looked up, the shining stars closed in as you left the island. You looked down one last time, seeing Peter disappearing in between the trees.

The CEO (M) - Part 4

Pairing - Chanyeol x Reader
Word Count -2472
Dedicated to - @chanyoel


To my surprise, he boarded the plane on his own, there was no blonde girl by his side that I kept imagining him bringing. “Hello” he walked over to where I was sitting with a half-buttoned shirt. I took one more glance at him and I just noticed his hips and thighs to be very attractive. They looked so slim, yet so manly. I craved to touch him, to kiss him and lick him.

What was I thinking.

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No, She’s Mine

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Maknae Line x Poly!Reader



Word count: 913 words

Written by Cici

One Saturday night, you and your close friends were in a cafe in the heart of Seoul. The air smelled like roasted coffee beans and cinnamon, the scents wafting to your nose. You breathed in, feeling warmth spread throughout your body, and smiled at Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. You four sat at a table with high bar stools, hot drinks and pumpkin muffins on paper plates, and chatted amicably about your days.

“Today was a disaster,” Chaeyoung said, hitting herself in the forehead. “I spilled my water all over my coworker’s skirt. She looked like she wanted to kill me! You won’t believe how many times I apologized. It was so embarrassing.”

“Aw, at least you apologized. It’s OK,” you said, pulling her close and hugging her. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Dahyun cast a smoldering glare in Chaeyoung’s direction.

“Well, today I won employee of the month,” Tzuyu said, smiling. She bit her lower lip. “I even beat Johnny, and he’s been waiting ages to win. I wish he had won instead of me.” She took a small bite of her muffin and sighed.

You patted Tzuyu on the shoulder. “He’ll win another month. You deserved to win this time.”

Tzuyu blushed, looking down at her plate, and Chaeyoung frowned.

Dahyun cut through the tension. “It was a normal day for me. Nothing much happened.” She looked into your eyes. “I’m just so glad to see you,” she said, a soft smile blossoming on her face. She looked at the other two, whose eyes were narrowed in her direction. “You guys too, of course,” Dahyun added.

“I’m glad to see you too, Dahyun,” you said. She grinned and hugged you. You hugged her back and she kissed you softly on the cheek.

Chaeyoung stood. “I’m going to get some more drinks. Do you want anything, (Y/N)?”

“Another apple cider would be great,” you said.

Tzuyu raised one of her eyebrows. “What about me and Dahyun?”

Chaeyoung shot her a look that could melt steel. “Get them yourself.” She stormed away.

You looked at Tzuyu. “What was that about?”

“Hmm,” she said. “I think I know, but I don’t wanna burden you with that right now, unnie.”

Dahyun rolled her eyes. “Oh please, Tzuyu. You just don’t wanna tell her the truth.”

Tzuyu glared at her. “Then why don’t you tell her?”

“I will later, when I finally get five minutes alone with her. As if that’ll happen though. You and Chaeyoung always hog her,” Dahyun said. “And I’ve had enough of it.”

The moment she said that, Chaeyoung returned with two cups of apple cider. “What have you ‘had enough of,’ Dahyun?” she said, setting the drinks down. “Because I know what I’ve had enough of, and that’s your shitty attitude.”

“Mine? You’re the one who flounced away from the table, telling us to get our own drinks. I haven’t seen anything nearly as smug as your face when you left.” Dahyun gripped the table, her nails digging into the faux wood.

Chaeyoung pointed at Tzuyu. “Well, what about her? She’s the smug one, if you ask me. Acting all surprised and humble about her Employee of the Month win, when I know she campaigned hard for this. She wanted to win so badly!”

“Shut the hell up, Chaeyoung. You have no idea what I wanted.” Tzuyu paused. “Well, no, you do. You both know what I want and you’re never going to let me have it, will you?”

All you could do was stare as your best friends fought, lobbing insults at each other like basketballs. You’d never seen them argue this way before. Sure, there had been a few clashes here and there, but nothing like this. The very fabric of your friend group began to crack, right before your eyes, and you were the glue holding it together.

Or maybe… you were the one tearing them apart?

The thought slapped you in the face. They were all fighting over your friendship… maybe even your love. You were the cause of the insults, the arguments, the sharp glances thrown between them. It was all your fault, and you had to fix this.

You slammed your hands down on the table, causing them to jump.

I’ve had enough of you guys arguing,” you started. “I don’t want to see my best friends fighting like this. It’s been happening for weeks and I’m sick of it. Why are you doing this?”

For a second, no one answered.

Then Dahyun spoke up. “It’s because we all… like you.”

Chaeyoung nodded. “A lot. We all want to be your girlfriend…”

“It’s been killing our friendship with each other,” Tzuyu added.

You looked at all of them. You loved them all for different reasons - Dahyun’s snarkiness was so cute, you adored Chaeyoung’s boisterous attitude, and Tzuyu’s shyness made you swoon. You realized how much you liked all three of them, and you didn’t want to choose.

But maybe you didn’t have to.

“I like all three of you, too,” you said.

Tzuyu blushed, Chaeyoung smiled, and Dahyun’s eyes lit up. “Really?” they said.

You nodded. “Really. I want this to work… this relationship between the four of us. Are you OK with sharing me?” 

One by one, they agreed.

You smiled, and opened your arms. “Now can I get a hug from my beautiful girlfriends?” you asked.

They all wrapped their arms around you and each other, signifying your love.  

G dragon Scenario #60 “If you...” REQUEST

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

Ji yong was lying on the bed, with his hair and clothes still wet from the rain. He kept looking at your messages, rereading all of your conversations over and over again. The quick and simple good morning ones, the cute and extremely clingy goodnight ones, and even the ones where you two were fighting. Reading every single one of them, for some reason, was making him feel better, not much, but just a tiny bit is still better than nothing. It makes him feel like if you were still there, at the other side of the screen, and that he is just waiting for your replay to come.

That was better than his awful reality, it makes him feel not so sad and lonely… but even like that, his heart keeps breaking little by little, just by the thought of you… by the thought of losing you forever…

After an hour just scrolling on the screen, reading the same sentences to the point where he memorized some of them, he finally realized how incredibly useless and harmful it was for him to keep doing it.

Ji yong throw his phone away from him on the bed, and then he sighed, completely exhausted.

Only people who has experienced what a heartbroken feels like, know that feeling where their mind is so tired of think, so sad of remembering, and so sick of each “what if…”.

He just wants to sleep, to sleep and pray to forget, at least for a couple of hours… forget about that smile, forget about the way you laugh, forget about your eyes, those eyes he used to love, cause they always had that beautiful shine on them, were the ones that now comes to his mind filled with tears and with that last look you gave him when he left, but mostly, forget about the way it destroyed him when his ears heard you saying that this was over…

A few weeks ago…

The sound of his clap got your attention. “Is ready!” Ji yong says, brushing his fingers through his hair. “The song?” you asked him at the kitchen, while he was sitting at the living room with his laptop, a notebook, a pen, and his huge headphones.


You smiled. Just a few days ago he started to write the lyric for it, and it was already finish, he was awesome, there’s no doubt in your heart that this is what he was born for.

“Good job baby!” you screamed so he could hear you. But then, within a few seconds, a pair of hands hold on your waist, making you jump a little.

“Sorry” he says burying his face in the crook of your neck, pushing you a little bit against the bar, where you were cutting the veggies. His lips against your skin makes you smile.

“Would you let me hear it?” you kept doing your thing while he started to kiss that sensible part of your body.

“Sure” he gives a last little kiss to your neck before he makes you turn and lifts you, to put you on the bar. “I thought you were hungry” you joke.

Ji yong just stare at you, smiling beautifully.

“What?” you were starting to feel shy all of the sudden, even when you two have been together for so long, his stare can still paralyze you in an instant. “Nothing, just admiring my beautiful girl”

You laughed “Shut up” you said, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him to kiss you.

“Do you already have a name for it?” you asked after the kiss was over. “Yeah… if you”

“If you?…” you look up like if you were thinking “… sounds good”

“Yeah, and you were my muse”

“Really?…” you gave him a little kiss “… a love song for me?”

Ji yong was looking down, smiling “No exactly, I wouldn’t call it a love song”


“It’s about a breakup” he explains. “Wait! This is your way to tell me that you want to break up with me?”

He burst laughing for a few seconds “Of course not!…” he keeps laughing “… is just about how I would feel if you ever leave me” cause there’s no way he would leave you.

You smiled “That’s not gonna happen babe…” you kissed him again “… you are stuck with me”

If only that was true…

That night…

How can things change so abruptly? Weeks ago you two were so happy… so in love. Now, all that you do is fight. Before being by his side was all you need to smile, to feel happy, but now, now that’s totally the opposite.

You miss him, even when he’s still there, maybe that’s because you miss who he used to be… 

But the truth is that, this doesn’t have to be with him, what you really miss is the person you were when you were with him. You miss that happy person you used to be…

“What happened to us?” you started to cry. While he was staring at his phone.

Why we lost each other?… where did it go, all that we promised to each other?

“I’m so tired of this…” you said, but he was still ignoring you “… can you even look at me?” 

“What?!” he answered mad, looking at you. 

You let go an angry but sad laugh “You know what? Forget it, it doesn’t matter anyway, besides… I’m used to it now”

“WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!” Ji yong was so angry at you.

“THAT YOU NEVER LISTEN! THAT YOU’RE NEVER HERE!” tears keep falling from your eyes, without making an effort. “OH PLEASE DON’T TREAT ME LIKE IF I WAS AN IDIOT!”

You didn’t say anything.

“THIS SUDDEN CHANGE IS NOT BECAUSE OF ME!” he was so hurt. Normally he was nice, he would never scream to you like that, but now, he is not only angry, he is hurt, and that’s a huge difference.

“I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU ARE SUGGESTING THAT I’M CHEATING ON YOU WITH HIM!” that guy it was just a good friend but lately he has been there for you, more than Ji yong is.

Now he was the one who chose to stay quiet. How can he not believe such a thing when you spend all your free time with that guy and not with him?

“I would never do such a thing… how little you know me” there’s no point for you to keep screaming.

“Tell me, explain me then” he also wasn’t screaming anymore. But honestly you don’t know what is worse, if his screams or the way so cold he was talking to you now… like never before.

“Why you care now?… you weren’t there when I needed you, now you want to comeback?”

“When did I even left?!” he raised his voice again.

“… a long time ago” you answered.

Ji yong was shocked with that answer.

“I should go” you took your bag “… I don’t want to keep talking like this” cause when you are angry you always say horrible things. “Awesome… leave… run away like you always do, you are good at it”

“Yeah, maybe that’s my problem, I like to run away but what about you?”

“Me? What are you talking about? I never run away!”


He was confused.

“… how can you run away when you are not even there to want to escape?” he left you alone so many times. Ji yong always managed to make you feel like his last priority.

You turned around and walked out.

The rainy and cold night seems like a reflection of how you were feeling.

It only took you a few steps to realize that he was following “I need to be alone!” you asked him. But he didn’t stop.

“Ji yong please!” you turned around to face him.

Both just stare at each other for a moment, longer than necessary. “Y/N…”

“No…” you stopped him “… please, just…” this is killing you “… let me alone”

“Should I?…” he says “… weren’t you complaining about me letting you on your own all the time?”

You just rolled your eyes.

“I want to fix this Y/N but you need to…”

“This is over” you interrupted him. You could see in his eyes how his heart was breaking.

Ji yong couldn’t manage to say anything, he simply stayed there, in the rain watching you leave, and disappearing. 

Just like the lyrics of the song, he couldn’t do anything to make you stay… he lost you.

“Guess What?!”

Pairing: Ivar x OC

Words: 5.832

Warnings: bad language; explicit;

Notes: This is the longest one-shot I’ve ever wrote. Also, sorry if there is any mistake, because I translated it quite fast. Hope you like it!


“What happened, Ivar?” she asked a bit curious.

“Nothing!” he answered without taking his eyes off the floor, frowning as if embarrassed by something.

“Okay, so I’ll ask one of your brothers …” she simply said, rising from where she was.

“Why do you have to be so nosy? You do not have anything else to do?!” he retorted angrily, almost overflowing his usual anger.

“I have, but I was curious. You did not mistreat me or curse me today, I thought you were sick. You didn’t even call me ‘filthy bastard’ as you always do when you see me…” and she sat again.

“Leave me alone!” he said turning to the other side and giving her his backs.

“I’ll leave you alone then, if that’s what you want. And, by the way, today I am going back to my kingdom in the north, where the people don’t know about the nickname 'filthy bastard and opportunist’ that you gave me. Oh, and I hope that Ragnar puts some sense and wit in your head or that the gods give you wisdom. And don’t take my simple gentleness as weakness, for I will still take Kattegat from the hands of your family, just as they did with my father, no matter how foolish, coward and useless he was!”

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Monster (Carl Grimes)

Request: Can you do a Carl Grimes x Female!Reader Imagine where she tells him that she’s had to kill alot of people to stay alive and he makes her feel less monstrous about it?

Word count: 437

Warnings: none

Authors Note: yoyoyo this is my first request so shout out to that one anon that requested this. Also if you’d like to request something feel free to. Also if you wanna be added to a tag list let me know. im gonna post a more in depth information post after this so look out for that :) anyway enjoy!

Climbing through you'r bedroom window you slowly took a seat on the roof, you feet swaying off the edge.

It was that time of day just after the sun started to set, but not high enough in the sky to blind you. Just below the trees throwing bright orange rays of light while the clouds started to turn a pale shade of pink.

You took a deep breath in feeling the wind move throughout you'r hair. You wanted to get away. From everything.

Every so often you'r past would come back to haunt you. Reminding you of every single soul you killed trying to keep yourself alive.

You’d never forget the people you’ve killed. How could you? Sometimes it was just to much to handle.

While trying to relax you heard movement behind you.

Taking his seat beside you Carl looked off at the sky sighing.

“Hey.” He said look you'r way.


“How are you?” He knew something was up. He knew you better than anyone else probably did. He didn’t want to pry but sometimes he’d have to. Sometimes you wanted him to.

You looked at him blankly. Eyes meeting his he sighed once more.

“You know you can talk to me Y/N. What’s going on?” He said grabbing your hand intertwining your fingers with his.

You looked at your feet kicking them outwards and letting them drop back swinging.

“I..” You took a breath closing your eyes and dropping your head back.

“Carl I’ve killed so many people. People I love. People that weren’t even turned. People that trusted me.” You said bluntly.

He continued to look at you. Knowing there was something else. Something you wanted to finish with but he couldn’t put together what.

“Im a monster Carl.” You looked at him hurt. The pain crawling up your throat bagging to make you cry.

Squeezing your hand and grabbing your other doing the same he looked you in the eye.

“You are not a monster alright? everything you did you did because you had to. You did it because if you didn’t you wouldn’t be here, with me right now. Y/N, I wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t done some of the things you’ve had to do. Sure they don’t settle nicely. The things I’ve done don’t settle nicely with me either.”

You nodded slowly.

He pulled you into a hug. Holding you close. His embrace making you feel at peace, safe.
“Thank you Carl.” You said into his neck.

anonymous asked:

Do you ever worry that maybe they DID go too far by having Kylo Ren kill Han Solo, if redemption is their ultimate story goal for him? Personally, I think it adds all the right gravitas and conflict to the story, but it seems like there are so many people who vow that he can't come back from that that it makes me nervous sometimes. Do you think that's what they wanted the audience's reaction to be? Or do you worry that they took a narrative leap and that it might have been too much for people?

I think you make great points here, but I don’t think they decided to have Kylo commit such a serious crime lightly - as I see it, they wanted to leave us condemning him and deeming him a hopeless case by the end of The Force Awakens. That then establishes very powerful expectations for Episode VIII that that film can have fun playing with and deconstructing - the average moviegoer will expect Kylo to now be treated as a true villain, with his arc showing him descending further and further into darkness.

If Rian chooses to, he could really surprise people and pull off a brilliant trick by instead taking the character in the opposite direction - showing us the tragic circumstances of his fall and ultimately having him make noble and heroic choices. It’s all in the execution, but if Rian does choose to go in this direction I trust him to be able to turn people’s feelings on the character around.


Sequel to Eternity.

Summary: After Phil turns Dan, Dan struggles with his new self. But Phil is there to help him along. 

A/N: Surprise! A lot of people actually asked for a sequel, so here it is! Sorry if it doesn’t live up to the hype! Not all fics can be winners.

Warnings: Blood (of the drinking kind)

Word Count: 5,381

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Phil was a wreck.

Two days. It had been two days since he bit Dan and turned him into a vampire, but he still had yet to actually wake up. Phil didn’t understand why it was taking him so long to come to. Phil was only under for a few hours before he woke back up. But then again, Phil wasn’t in an injured state like Dan was.

“Quit pacing, Phil,” Pj said from a few floors below, knowing Phil could hear him just fine. “He will wake up soon enough.”

“But why is it taking so long?” Phil replied, still pacing back and forth next to Dan’s bedside. He ran his fingers through his own hair, wanting to pull it out. He was frustrated. He just wanted Dan to wake up. Once he did, Phil would know he was okay. For sure. Dan’s heart was beating, that much he could hear. And he could tell blood didn’t course through his veins anymore, but venom instead.  

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Couldn’t Endure - part two

[part one

Everyone parted ways for their respected train stations once they were done with Mementos, Futaba sticking close to Akira’s side. Almost everyone. Ryuji bit back a grimaced when he was jerked to a halt after long fingers curled around his wrist. He glanced over his shoulder to find Akira and Futaba wearing matching frowns behind their glasses. Everyone else paused in their own departures.

“You’re spending the night so I can keep an eye on you,” Akira declared, no room for an argument in his voice.

Ryuji found room. “Dude, I can’t.” 

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I got so freaking stuck on this, so I just… I wunged it… Less than ten minutes to go until midnight, folks. I feel like a journalist or some shit.

This is for @idreamofhazel and @impala-dreamer’s Sammy Says joint Challenge, and my prompts were:
8. “Dude, maybe let’s not touch anything until we figure out if this stuff wants to kill us or not.”
14. “I’ve got genital herpes.”

I’m actually so fucking proud of this… so thanks to these lovely, lovely gals - of whose blogs I roam daily! - for making and accepting me into this challenge!! 😊

Characters: Sam, Reader, Dean, some chicks

Summary: Witches be crazy.

Warnings: So many cusses. And also there may be some dildos, strictly non sexual tho. ;D

*Edit* I felt like I should add this: umbrella loss. if loosing umbrellas triggers you; please! read no further. 

It was almost business as usual - location: backwater hick town; weather condition: rainy, miserable, cold.

It was what brought us here that really had me interested, though.

The bodies were covered in herpes.

Like, no joke - covered in herpes.

Sam called it “cold sores”, but when we got to the morticians at the hospital and had to put on those hazmat suits to see the bodies?

That shit was straight up herpes.
Dean was on my side.

Sam still called ‘em cold sores, though.
Sore loser, I say.

Right off the bat, we suspected witches.

There was a “book club” of about twenty women who were openly ridiculed for their books of preference - witchcraft and old lady book-smut; unsurprisingly.

There was bound to be a little bit of resentment in that little town of Bentfork.

No, I’m not shitting you; that’s the name of the town.
But, I digress.

After learning each of the names of the women in the group - the folk’s in this town were more than happy to throw them under the bus - Sam, Dean and I all split up.

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History part 1: Farming to Persia

The other night I attempted to stop S from leaving to his room by lying on top of him, intending for this to delay him for about five minutes. Somewhere in the ensuing discussion he realized that I didn’t know anything about the Californian Missions, or actually almost anything else in world history. And he thought I might like history, since it helps organize and make sense of many things about the world (contrary to my impression that it is a whole bunch of unorganized statements about names killing other names and random anecdotes and dates attached to names, which sounded bad for knowledge compression). So he told me about it. It only took about six hours. Here is what I remember of the story (after a few more shorter discussions, but before looking anything up now, so probably false in many ways—I want to see what I remember):

History (of civilizations) can arguably be divided into three eras (or maybe this is just Western civilizations? Definitely something happened in China in all this time, but we didn’t discuss it, so I’m not sure if it coincides era-wise). 

The first era stretched from about 4000BC to 1200BC and is fairly hazily understood. It started around when agriculture did. It is hard to know exactly when agriculture started, but we can actually pinpoint where very well, because genetics tells us that many modern agricultural species come from the same tiny part of the world. There are also the ruins of an extremely old city there. 

The writing around these ruins is in a strange pointy looking alphabet that is also used briefly on the front page of EconLog, and was apparently big in this first Era, and it’s sort of surprising that I haven’t come across it. Its letters somewhat correspond to ours and recognizably resemble them, and similarly for some other important alphabets. Wikipedia shows a table of these, and also the words from which the letters were derived. The original letters represent simplified pictures of the words. For instance R is a head. I am pretty sure that I have drawn the letter R as a head on shoulders before, when it needed decoration, which somehow makes me feel closer to my very distant ancestors—that we independently make the same mental connections reminds me that they were people with very specific familiar internal experiences.

There were a bunch of smallish empires (or whatever you call units of political control at that scale) in the general vicinity of Greece and the Middle East. They all sort of fell apart in around 1200 though it’s not entirely clear why. There was a massive volcano eruption which might have caused it. There is also some lasting reference to sea-men appearing, but nobody is sure what that is about. There were also some other things. Anyway, everything sort of fell apart for a bit, and there weren’t large units of political organization.

Incidentally, the mega-volcano is quite beautiful now. It is the one in the photo you often see of white buildings with domed blue roofs overlooking the sea. Actually there is a massive cliff leading down to the sea, and the sea is actually in the middle of the volcano, which is a terrifying circle big enough to nearly meet the horizon. If we ever want to go to a really pretty place, maybe we will visit.

When things regathered themselves at the start of the second era, some of the new empires roughly corresponded to ones that had been in similar places in the past. For instance, I think Greece did. At any rate, many of their stories came from that earlier time.

Sometime pretty early on in Greece’s history, Persia was a large and militarily successful empire to their East, which had never lost a war. It was run by Cyrus, then Darius, then Xerxes, but I’m not sure which one we were up to when they decided to attack Greece. 

(Darius was not the son of Cyrus, but upon Cyrus’ death apparently he suggested they decide who should be in charge by having a horse race, where the rider of the first horse to neigh got to be ruler, and then he fairly predictably set out to teach his horse to neigh on command, and got leadership. I get the impression that many of these early stories are pretty much made up, though this one at least sounds physically possible.)

Actually, history is long, that’s enough for now. Maybe there’ll be Part II another time, if everyone can hold out on telling me how much I have embarrassed myself so far.

You know what??

I’m kinda confused about Akechi ya know?? At the beginning i absolutely HATED him because i knew he not only was actively always against the PT (i’m a bit biased here for the PT) he was the one who caused the mental shutdowns in the first place, killing many people, even two parents from the main cast. He was also clearly arrogant in a way so yeah

But then i realized he was also a neglected/abused child who wanted to be acknowledged and loved. Someone who was lonely, and took advantage of his fame to have people around him care for once, his fans. As someone who completely hates abusive parents, since some of my own friends have had crappy parents, he began to grew on me

So while i do love pancake boy now, it’s undeniable that he did a lot of things wrong, so idk what to feel about him

God, can we just have a redemtion arc post-game, please Atlus…

Seventeen Makeout Sessions


Super Long Post Ahead. There’s so many fucking boys istg kill me pls.

• Seunggwan ;

I don’t know why but I peg him as one of the freakiest in like, the entire group. He’s just, ugh. He’d be completely up for making out with you. Probably still half shy, but totally confident at the same time ya know? His hands would be on your biceps, holding you at a safe distance from him. Not that he didn’t want you closer.

Seunggwan would start off extremely slow. Just a few pecks to your lips, maybe one to the corner of your mouth but as time passed on, he’d get into it a lot more and pick up the pace a little bit. For noises, I don’t know, I don’t think moaning or anything like that but maybe sharp inhales? Yes.

Position, I feel he’d rather be standing up. You in front of him, palms flat on his chest and head tilted up to meet his lips.

If somebody walked in, omg this entire band would scream like girls and cry themselves to sleep but Seunggwan may hide behind you? Like jerk your body in front of his and apologize to his hyung for being dirty and inappropriate.

• Minghao ;

Omg. Omg wait this cutie is the shyest in the whole universe when it comes to holding hands, could you imagine kissing him? Holy shit his face would get so red and he’d be way too embarrassed to move his lips on yours at all, but you’d be completely content because his mouth would be the softest you’ve ever felt in your entire life and fuck. He’s so young.

Moving on his hands would stay in his lap. They’re not moving I promise. He’ll keep them there and lock them together and wring his fingers out like a wet towel as a distraction for himself. As for pace, again he wouldn’t move, not even a little bit. Your smile would just press to his still lips and it still sounds lovely. No noises for this one, maybe a shocked squeak accompanied with some cute ass wide eyes when you first kiss him.

Position would be just sitting across from each other. Safe distance because we don’t need him having a heart attack please.

If somebody walked in holy crap I honestly feel like he would cry and apologize a million damn times like Chan but who knows for sure.

• Mingyu ;

Jesus. Mingyu got cocky kisses from all around, lined up just for your pretty ass. He’d be smirking throughout the entire god damn thing and his fingers would teasingly dance over your wrists or brush up and down your arms and it’d be so distracting like Mingyu stop please your hot ass smirk is distraction enough. Other than wrists and arms he’d totally grab your hips yes.

Fuck okay he’d keep it real real slow but only because he knew you wanted it to go faster you know what I mean? As soon as you tried speeding things up he’d dig those beautiful sharp canines into the flesh of your bottom lip and tug it back, ears eagerly listening for your needy whimper. As for his sounds maybe just a few low growls to go with his tightening grip on your sides, maybe a moan slip or two.

Position position position, please sit on his thighs. I feel like he’d tense up and his cheeks would flush pale but not uncomfortably just in a way of embarrassingly enjoying it a little too much get it?

If someone walked in he wouldn’t even be thinking and probably throw you off of him, onto the cushy bed or couch don’t worry you won’t get hurt. But he’d take the person outside and give them a talk then maybe hurry back in to finish. Probably lock the door this time too.

• Seokmin ;

Ah this kid is so smiley it’s great so first he’d be the shy type but over time get more confident in his kisses? Like one sec he’ll be sweetly pecking your lips with a huge (gorgeous) smile but then the next he’ll be like drowning you with his tongue and his smile would then be a smirk. His hands, his very large large hands would just rest on your upper thighs or something, maybe skim his thumbs over your hips.

Pace was explained above but he’d be gentle then not then probably gentle again but then get just as aggressive as before and suck on your tongue like his life depended on it. Also kinda can hear him whimpering into your sloppy ass makeouts just sayin.

Position honestly you’d just sit facing each other? Maybe he’d pull a cute little position and spread his legs out in a v and make you sit facing him between them with your own legs wrapped around his hips. His hands like above would be on your hips or thighs, just caressing gently.

If somebody walked in he’d probably be embarrassed I mean who wouldn’t be but he wouldn’t freak out like most of the boys and probably just politely ask them to leave and then later pull them aside and talk to them privately about what they saw.

• Wonwoo

I’m going to regret this greatly but let’s get started on this fuckery. First off, it’s Wonwoo. He can be a cute little shy flower one minute but then you’ll blink and he’ll be a sexy ass confident fuck you’ll want to punch. But that aside, his kisses I suppose would be a mix of both? If that can happen.

He’d keep it soft literally the entire session, taking his time in making your mouth swollen and slick with his tongue, teeth nibbling and sucking gently. He wouldn’t really speed up no matter what, he’d have great control I feel like. For noises maybe throaty grunts? Just deep sounds from his gut that would vibrate his chest while its pressed to yours and stuff.

Jesus okay just imagine this. Wonwoo would prefer to have you sitting on things, like kitchen counters or chairs or tables, a position where he can stand between your legs, hands can push your knees further apart and he can reach every part of you he feels he needs to. His hands would roam everywhere tbh, up and down your back, over your thighs, up your sides, down your arms. Don’t kill me but he’d probably also very much hold onto your rib cage in a spot where his thumbs would curve under your boob, over your clothes of course.

If somebody walked in I don’t think he’d even notice. Or care too much for that matter. He wouldn’t let you pull away and he’d continue until the third person got uncomfortable and left you alone again.

• Jihoon

Oogi’s gotta be like, tentative when he kisses you. Not exactly shy but more hesitant and gentle. He’s so chill so he’d just be hella leaned back on the couch, fingers of one hand interlocked with yours and his thumb of the other stroking over your jaw line.

Things would move no faster than a snail’s pace and he’d be so quiet, you’d probably have to yank on his hair a bit to get him to even breathe. A content sigh would sometimes pass from his soft lips to yours.

Just sit next to him. He’s not too shy but he’s not completely confident so to avoid uncomfortable tension, sit by his side or stand in front of him.

If somebody walked in I think he’d kind of get mad? Like wrap his arm protectively around you and snap at the person until they were gone.

• Soonyoung

Hoshi’s like hella energetic and just hyper as shit all the fucking time. It’s gotta be the dancer inside of him but that aside, he’d be like that with kissing. I don’t think he’d give you soft slow romantic pecks, maybe under different circumstances other than a makeout session, but he’d probably honestly be all god damn sloppy tongue and sharp nibbles. His hands would squeeze at your sides, fist at your shirt to bring you as close to him as he possibly could get you.

It’d be fast and needy from start to finish. Hoshi’s a hyung and a boy and he has stronger desires I guess, than the younger members. So he’s going to take all he can from you, as long as you allow him to. Of course if you asked him to slow down or wanted to stop, he’d oblige immediately. He’s not going to force you into anything but he’s going to want this make out session to be an actual make out session. He’d prob breathe really hard and grunt into your mouth or neck.

He’d prefer it if you were straddled on his lap where he can hold you to his body or honestly, laid underneath him with him hovering over you.

If some one walked in he’d scream his ass off and get a little irritated and embarrassed he was caught in such a scenario by another member.

• Junhui

Ahh I can’t even start on how kitten this little baby is but so like daddy at the same time holy shit just like Wonwoo’s ass. They are fake hoes and they’ll tease you like no tomorrow. The first few times with Jun will be cute and adorable, just careful soft kisses here and there and affectionate caresses of his hand on your cheek BUT one day he’ll change out of fucking nowhere and all the sudden he’s yanking desperately at the ends of your hair and licking your mouth open. His hands’ll be on your ribcage, gripping and holding you close.

Pace is fast, again like Hoshi, he’d be all over you like he couldn’t get enough of you. Once those desires they have take over their mind there’s literally no getting them back unless you snap them out of it yourself. Not that they are complete pervs who can’t control themselves, that’s not what I’m saying. They just have needs and if left untended for a certain amount of time, it’ll make them animalistic and desperate for your touch. Despite all of that, they won’t take it any further than a messy heated make out.

Jun probably won’t make any noises but have you next to him, thighs pressed together and hands on cheeks and hips. If somebody walked in he’d honestly probably freak the hell out and get scared and worried like he did something really naughty. He’d apologize the same time the other person was apologizing for walking in without knocking.

• Joshua

Ahh the sweetheart of the bunch. I’m so tempted to make him awfully horny but we all know realistically he can’t even look at a girl without the tips of his ears burning bright ass red so. More shy kisses from this fucker, really cute pecks so light they’ll make your head spin. He won’t even know how big of a tease he’s being while he holds onto your waist and kisses you silly with his soft ass lips.

There wont even be a pace with him because I doubt you’ll ever get to making out completely. He’s seriously just way too shy, he’d only let it get so far before he’d pull away. I can picture him letting out gentle sighs against your lips, maybe sometimes getting a bit too into it and squeezing your sides to deepen the kiss just a tad. But once he catches himself you know he’ll be apologizing and blushing.

Positions for Joshua could be laid in his bed? I don’t know like face to face at night, your head using his bicep as a pillow with his other arm curled tightly around your waist to keep your chests pushed together. The close contact wont be the problem, he’s totally up for cuddling but as soon as you lean in he’ll tense up with nervousness and barely kiss you back.

If somebody walked in God, this poor kid would have a heart attack. He’d give that adorable little awkward laugh he does when he has nothing else to say, probably jump a million feet away from you and hide his face in his hands.

• Jeonghan

Jeonghan the hella cheesy ass type to like, I don’t know just stare at your face? He’d fall so in love with you so damn fast and he wouldn’t be able to help himself from just admiring you every chance he got. With his lips though. Sometimes he’ll use his eyes but other times he’ll map out his favorite parts of you with his lips you feel? I can see him wanting to hold your hand, like actually have your guys’ fingers intertwined on the cushions or something idk. Maybe he’ll hold your neck and slide his hands underneath your shirt to stroke your skin.

Pace could probably would be somewhere in the middle, like not too fast not too slow, just perfect and soft but also edgy at the same time yeah. He’d mix things up a lot. I feel like because he’s older he wouldn’t be as shy to make any noises or try his hardest to get you to make some as well.

For a position I figure he’d be confident here too and just shove your ass down onto the bed and crawl his lanky ass on top of you. You might want to put his hair up in a bun or pony or something so you’re not tasting it while he hovers over you but other than that expect wandering hands and deep breathless kisses that last for minutes without breaks.

Someone walking in omg can you see him getting sassy as hell oh my fucking god he’d sit there and bark and be angry and embarrassed and just so much would happen in the span of five seconds you wouldn’t know what the fuck to do.

• Seungcheol

Jesus Christ finally this thick-lipped motherfucker. His mouth is pretty right? Anyway I feel he’d be a biter like uh, Markie from G7. He nibble the shit out of your lips until they were so swollen and puffy and then he’d kiss you really deeply and hard to make them even more so than before. He’d probably smack his giant ass paws onto your ribcage and just hug you really close and tight tbh.

Seungcheol’s honestly like this little bean child but he’s not too shy you know what I mean? Like I suppose pace can depend on his mood. If he’s upset or feeling down he might just want gentle kisses, soft on your lips or if he’s stressed he’ll b extremely needy and probably attack the shit out of your mouth with so much tongue and omg whimpering!Seungcheol yees but if he’s feeling like his normal happy self maybe he’d give you quick teasing pecks that made you whine until he would kiss you forreal and it would be heaven.

Sit on Seungcheol’s lap please. I mean honestly where else would you sit when you’re trying to kiss this puppy dog you have to straddle his thighs and if you don’t he might actually cry so just do it so he can hold you and kiss you and bite your neck and ears and smile against your mouth like a cute fuck.

If someone walked in, he’d be another embarrassed one. He’d melt into shy baby Seungcheol but also become leader Seungcheol at the same time and scold the shit out of the person for their reckless behavior when in reality he should’ve been the one who picked a better spot to make out or somethin idk.


He took her face in his bloody hands. ‘I’ll come and find you wherever you are. I’ll not stop breathing until I do. So you’re going to have to promise me that you won’t lose hope. That you will keep yourself alive.’
He tried to wipe her tears, but there were too many.
‘I heard your song the moment we were born,’ she sobbed. ‘And years later, it dragged me back from the lake of the half-dead when all I wanted to do was die. Each time someone tried to kill me, it sang its tune and gave me hope.’
She pressed cold lips against his and they tasted the salt of each other’s tears.
‘Are you ready?’ he asked.
She nodded.


i’m honestly getting so fed up with all of the ‘’Elena fell in love with Damon in 3x01.’’ call me delusional but how exactly did she fell in love with him? giving someone a necklace doesn’t equal that you fall in love with the person. it would be like saying you fall in love with any person that would gift you a necklace and that makes no sense. I can see Elena feeling love, gratefulness, gratitude even attraction to Damon for giving back the one thing that represented hope for Elena and Stefan, but falling in love with a person because they gave back something that belongs to you??? the whole reason that whole thing happened was to prop up d*lena. not to tell a story. 

To be completely honest, I would probably accept d*lena a ton more if we got a logical answer as to why Elena’s attraction to Damon turned into love. ‘’It’s because in death he’s the one that made her feel most alive.’’ Right, sorry. It’s not like Damon told her to kill Conor, leaving her to feel terrible about it and on top of that she got cursed. It’s not like Damon told her she needed to act like a vampire and drink blood straight from the vein. Blood bags were a NO NO in Damon’s eyes and what happened? That’s right! Elena looked sick as hell and almost ended up killing April Young, that would have been two kills! Wohoo! It’s not like Damon then took her to a ‘’murder house’’ party and let her feed on innocent people, like I understand if he wanted to teach her how to be a vampire but who ends up crying at the end of the night saying she should be here with Stefan, not with him? Elena came to terms with being a vampire. She did, but Damon’s not the one who made her ‘’feel alive’’ while being dead, quite the opposite actually which so many people have stated already so tell me again, how can that be the reason she fell in love with him? Being attracted to him and having the urge to kiss him, I understand, but how did it turn into an epic romance? 

(Slash teaching you to dance, requested by @where-s–izzy)

Graduation was just under two weeks away and the school administration decided it would be a grand idea to surprise the class with a graduation dance. You had to be paired with someone to learn the steps and you didn’t get the choice of partners, you were given Saul Hudson. At that moment you knew he wouldn’t take it seriously and you would be the laughing stock at graduation.

The first practice was after school and there was nothing you dreaded more than to be there for an hour and a half everyday until next Friday. Once you saw the back of Saul’s head you let out a huge sigh as you dragged yourself over to him. Tapping him lightly on the shoulder, he didn’t even flinch let alone acknowledge you. “Ahem, excuse me, Saul?”

Saul turned around and started laughing. “Baby doll, call me Slash.”

You rolled your eyes; you couldn’t believe you’d be stuck with him and his lack of care. “It’s Y/N; now let’s just get this through. God knows I want this to be over with more than you.”

The two of you stood next to each other watching the instructors going over the steps. They went over them for at least a half hour and the whole time Slash was paying no attention to anything that was going on. You tried not to let your irritable mood get in the way of you giving your full attention. The steps themselves looked easy enough, that was until you tried them yourself. “Hey! Watch the feet Y/N, damn you’re so clumsy.”

You were surprised at the fact Slash was getting down every move, considering he paid no attention to anything he was a damn good dancer. “How about you stop yelling at me and help me?” Slash dropped your hands and stormed out of the gym; leaving you embarrassed and alone, you looked at your watch thankful there was only five minutes left of this hell.

The first week of practices went the same; you hadn’t been able to get down the dance moves no matter how long you practiced at home by yourself, plus you and Slash were constantly at each others throats. Today you knew that you had to try harder than usual; you couldn’t take another day of embarrassment in front of anyone else.

After the final bell rang you decided that if Slash was always late to rehearsals then today you would be too. 45 minutes had passed of you wandering the halls until you felt someone grab your shoulder and pull you back. Turning around you saw it was Slash and he didn’t look particularly happy. “Where the fuck have you been, Y/N?! You made me look like a fuckin’ fool in there being stood up by the worst dancer in graduate history! At least I know how to dance, but you’ll make me look dumb as hell on Friday.”

You stood there numb; you couldn’t believe he of all people had just insulted you like that. “Fine, let’s get to the gym and you can teach me how to dance if you think you’re so good.” You knew he was better than you, but you didn’t want to admit it at the moment being as ashamed as you already were.

Usually there was an awkward gap between the two of you, but it was closed and it seemed like Slash was actually trying to teach you the dance instead of reprimanding you for every wrong move. “There we go, except next time do it with your right foot instead.” After practice was over and you were walking to your car you felt a familiar grip, but this time it wasn’t as rough as earlier. “Y/N, wait! So I was uh thinkin’ that we don’t have much time until graduation to get this down, well you don’t quite have it down yet… I know I’ve been a real ass and all, but maybe I could come over and help ya learn it after school during this week?”

As hard as you bit your lip, you couldn’t help but smile that Slash had volunteered to help you. “Uh sure… Do you need a ride or something?”

Slash shook his head and pointed his head towards a blonde kid waving aggressively and smiling leaning against his car. “Nah, but thanks though. Steven’s my ride; I’ll swing by around 8?”

You waved back at Steven and giggled as you looked back at Slash. “8 will be fine, see you then!”

At 7:30 you were rushing around trying to find something to wear, clothes were thrown around everywhere in your room. You wanted to look good but you didn’t want to seem like you were trying too hard for him, it was just Slash why did you care so much?

8 had rolled around much faster than you anticipated, but at 8 o’clock on the dot you heard a knock at the door. You opened your front door to see Slash leaning up against the door frame. “Ya ready to get this through with? God knows I want to get this done with more than you.”

You couldn’t help but laugh that he had just mocked you from the first day of rehearsals. “Nice try, but I said over with not done with. Let’s do this; I’m ready to attempt not to step on your feet.”

A few hours had passed, in the beginning as expected you consistently stepped on Slash’s feet as he calmly corrected you. Thankfully, he was an even better teacher than you were learner once you had given him the time of day. It was 11:30 when you finally decided to call it quits for the night, as Slash was walking out of the door he stopped and turned back around to look at you. “Don’t think I didn’t notice, you looked real pretty tonight, Y/N.”

The rest of the week had passed and it was officially graduation day, not only did Slash teach you the dance but he had also become a good friend of yours. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t forming the smallest crush on the guy you’d dreaded two weeks ago.

It was about time for the soon to be graduates to go out and perform their incredibly corny graduation dance. You searched around the gym for Slash and he was nowhere to be found, on all days for him to be a no show it had to be today? Once you had given up looking you had once again felt the familiar grab on your shoulder, he really had to stop scaring you like this. “God, Slash, I thought you ditched me!! I was going to kill you!”

Slash looked you in the eyes as he fixed the tassel on your cap and started to lead you towards the auditorium. “I would never ditch you, you’re crazy. Dance with me, Y/N?”

The final dance was the best performance of all that you had been able to do, which took you by shock considering you thought you would fall flat on your face. After the ceremony you searched through the crowd of people for the mess of curls. This time you wanted to scare Slash; so once you found him you did as he had done many of times, grab his shoulder unexpectedly. “Hey watch—“ You cut him off by kissing him.

“Now you know how shock feels, don’t ya dance partner?” You walked away with an extra pep in your step as you left Slash standing there paralyzed in shock.

“Wait, Y/N! Let me take you out on a date. A real one, not us doing some dumb dance in your kitchen.” You giggled and nodded your head, watching him jangle around some keys and wiggling around his eyebrows. “Plus, I stole Steven’s keys and we’ve got his car tonight!”

The First Meal

Hey guys! This is my first attempt at a fanfic for rq :// I’m not much of a writer but I wanted to try it out. This is just a one-shot about Mare’s time in the ‘King’s Cage’ and I hope you like it! I’m really nervous about this and I apologise in advance for my horrible writing and the characters being ooc *hides*

It’d been days since I’d last eaten. Days, since I’d been broadcast as my body trembled in pain and tears blurred my vision until all I could see was my own blood on the pavement. Days since I’d seen those piercing blue eyes and maybe weeks since I’d seen the amber ones I’d grown to adore. Days, and yet, I couldn’t bring myself to care.

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