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BTS Reactions To Catching You Pleasuring Yourself


“Jimin,” you purred into the phone. 

You could practically feel him gulp, “Jagiya, what are you doing?”

“What do you mean?” You feigned innocence.

“I’m at practice right now,” he warned. 

“Hm?” You let out a breathy moan as you ran your hands against your skin imagining it was his hands instead of yours. 

“F-fuck Y/N just wait until I get home,” you heard him whisper before hanging up. You smiled, happy to have gotten the reaction you wanted. 


Your heard him before you saw him. You laid casually on the couch as you heard the sudden opening and slamming of your front door. You must’ve really riled him up. 

“Hey,” you said sweetly, as he finally found you in the living room. 

His shirt was soaked through with sweat and his chest rose and fell heavily, just having come back from practice. You bit the inside of your lip trying to stop yourself from kissing him right there and then. You wanted to tease him just a little more…however Jimin knew exactly what you were doing and he had little patience to play your game today. 

“Jagiya,” he paused, “do you know how hard it is to dance with a hard on?” 

Met by silence, he took matters into his own hands. He lifted you off from the couch and sat down, lifting you back up to have you straddling him. It wasn’t long before his lips moved frantically against yours. You instantly gave and buried your hands in his hair.  As he lifted his hips to rub against your heat, you felt how big he’d grown. You couldn’t help but feel a little proud about the affect you had on him.

“Bedroom,” you murmured against him as you began to grind your own hips against his. He only nodded as he stood up with your legs now wrapped around his waist, and headed towards the room you shared. 

As he sat you down on the bed he whispered a warning against your ear, “I’m going to make you feel just as frustrated as you made me feel.”

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You let out a content sigh as you entered the shower, and felt the heat of the water fall against your skin. You loved the warmth, it felt almost like a blanket. 

You had just begun to wash your body when sudden thoughts of the night before began to fill your mind. You felt yourself flush as you remembered Taehyung’s mouth against your body, his wicked tongue against your heat, his hands lost in your hair as he came undone and the his sweet moans that left his mouth as he reached his high. 

You felt yourself grow more and more hot by the second. Before you knew it, your hands had already began to move across your body. You didn’t even bother to be quiet, apart of you wanting Taehyung to know what you were doing. Moan after moan left your lips and soon enough they reached Taehyung’s ears. 

Taehyung had been fast asleep, when you woke up. You had managed to get into your shower without waking up. However, when you were only a few minutes into washing, he had begun to regain consciousness. 

He let out yawn as his eyes blinked open and a small frown graced his lips as he naturally looked to the other side of the bed. Your lack of presence making the bed seem strangely cold. 

He was just about to get up and find you when he heard the water running in the washroom and realized where you had gone. He was just planning to wait patiently for you to finish, but your the sounds of your moans instantly drew his attention.

His eyes widened as he realized what you were doing and his body moved before his mind could think. Your moans grew louder and louder the closer he drew to the door. As he quietly opened the door, he began to undress himself.


You were close to finishing when you suddenly heard the shower curtains being drawn. 

Taehyung stood there completely naked as he licked his lips, “need some help?” His voice an octave deeper than usual.

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“Jungkook come on,” you whined as you straddled his lap. 

“Are you that needy Y/N?” He asked with a small chuckle.

You blushed at the question and hung your head low, your hair shielding your face from him as you nodded. 

“Maybe later,” he said as reached his hand to tuck a strand of your hair behind your ear, “I shouldn’t be late today.” With that said, he picked you up by the waist and settled you on the bed before heading to the shower. 

You let out a huff as you laid back on the bed. You heard the water start, and began to anticipate what you knew would soon follow. A smile graced your lips as you heard Jungkook singing in the shower. It was something he often did and you loved it.

As innocent as your thoughts had started, they soon headed in a different direction completely as a result of your neediness. You bit your lip as you began to imagine Jungkook in the shower….naked. Before you knew it your hands were wandering down your body as you thought about his muscled back and toned chest. 

Jungkook was in the process of washing his hair when he heard you moan. The water drowned you out for the most part but his ears were still tuned to you. Although they were faint, he still heard them. 

I can’t even leave her alone for a second, he smirked to himself. 

Lost in your own pleasure you didn’t realize Jungkook had finished in the shower until you felt his hand pin your arms above your head. You barely had a second to think before his hand slipped between your thighs. His fingers began to provide the same pleasure yours had been just a few seconds ago. 

“Aren’t you going to be late?” You asked breathlessly, cheeks flushed.

The smirk from before returned and turned more devilish, “oh trust me Jagiya, it won’t take me long to get you seeing stars.”

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| Hyung Line | Maknae Line |


Ahh I apologize that this is so late! I honestly was having such a hard time with this request idk why but here you go! c: I hope it came out ok<3

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How many times has Harry woken up Louis, cleared his throat all serious, gotten down on one knee saying "I have something important to say, love". And when Louis is awake enough to think this might be yet another proposal (he hopes it isn't bc it's too damn early and he doesn't want to start his day crying not matter how happy the occasion) Harry goes "roses are red, violets are blue, your turn to make breakfast, don't burn the pancakes, Lou". Louis wishes it had been another proposal.



And there he stood, Harry the Heir himself; tall, handsome, scowling. “Lady Alayne. May I partner you in this dance?” She considered for a moment. “No. I don’t think so.” Color rose to his cheeks. “I was unforgiveably rude to you in the yard. You must forgive me.” “Must?” She tossed her hair, took a sip of wine, made him wait. “How can you forgive someone who is unforgiveably rude? Will you explain that to me, ser?” Ser Harrold looked confused. “Please. One dance.”.

Honestly though every time John talks about how “oh I guess we’re meant to be together” Hussie makes a point of him being noticeably uncomfortable and unsure about it. So all I’m sayin is that John probably never actually wanted to be with Rose or ever thought of her in that way, he was just pulling a normal John and assuming karkat knew what he was talking about against his better judgements. Maybe less so with Roxy but tbh I can’t see him being anything but super happy for her and somewhat relieved when he finds out she’s with Callie and Jane. Idk I always saw John as very aromantic (and probs ace) and I think there’s a good amount of in-canon evidence for it. I can definitely relate to his feelings of thinking he’s supposed to be in love with someone cause of their situation regardless of his actual feelings.

i feel like that after belle and beast got married, they traveled the world. traveling was all she ever wanted, and he knew that it made her happy. they would go to the most places they could visit in France, and then moved on to places abroad, such as England, Italy, and then even further to Asia and Africa. Belle would pick a rose or some other plant from every place she visited, and she would keep them all in a book, so she could look back on it one day.

Seventeen Reaction to: Their S/O Singing in Their Native Language

wjsn version: here!

S.Coups: After you tell him you felt like you sang badly, he goes into fatherly leader mode. “No, listen to me, you did good! I don’t know what you were saying but it sounded really good! I wanted to cry and throw roses at your feet but the boys wouldn’t let me. So don’t think that, that’s silly. You sang perfectly!”

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Jeonghan: He’s such a caring person that he does everything he can to reassure you before you start singing, that you have no need to be nervous. If you’re not nervous then he’s probably even more excited and hyped than you. He has nothing but bright smiles and kind words to say when you finish singing, clapping louder than everyone else.

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Joshua: Smiles from ear to ear out of happiness and pride. He doesn’t mean to brag non-stop but he can’t help himself, telling everyone about how well his baby can sing.

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Jun: *ignore the captions haha* He watches in awe and fascination, wishing he could understand you but feeling like he doesn’t need to. Music is a language in itself, that can break down all barriers so while he may not know the words, he understands and is so proud and adfghlka look at you, singing, so cute and precious.

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Hoshi: He could sense your nerves so he wanted to make you smile and relax, doing dorky things to make you smile. While you perform a powerful ballad, he starts dabbing as if it were an upbeat song. Soon, the other members join in and now there’s a group of boys dabbing in the crowd.

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Wonwoo: Melts into squishy goo. He’s so impressed and amazed, his insides turning to mush. He can’t do anything but smile as he watches you sing.

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Woozi: Can’t believe how beautiful you sound, singing in your native tongue. “Maybe we should do a song together?” he offers. The fact that he’d let you in on his most favourite activity, music, shows his admiration and love of you.

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DK: ”You’re so good, maybe I should ask Coups to let you join Seventeen? It’s not like we have enough members already!” He’s joking but a part of him is seriously considering it. He could have you around all the time and hear your beautiful voice … Hmm, if only it were possible.

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Mingyu: Rushes up to you when you finish, wanting to be the first to congratulate you on your excellent performance. “Great job! You need to sing for me more often from now on ~”

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The8: Had recorded your performance and watches it over and over. He’ll show the others too, wanting to show off his talented baby.

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Seungkwan: When he overhears a spectator comment on how “weird” your native language sounds, he’s in attack mode and ready to FIGHT.

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Vernon: Wants to show his support but also embarrass the hell out of you so he’s centre of the dance floor, jamming out to your song. When you finish the song you’re like “lol who’s that guy I don’t know him?? security??”

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Dino: He’s feeling the vibe, not only proud but in awe of you. S.Coups tries to tame him but Michael Chanson has been unleashed. There is no stopping him now.

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Some Scorpius Malfoy Headcanons

* He has cute little dimples that shows when he is talking and smiling.

* When Albus first invited him to his house during Christmas Vacation (or Summer vacations, whatever) he was SCARED to dead because he didn’t wanted to make a bad first impression but after seeing the happiness in Molly Weasley eyes when he first met her, he was not longer scared because the woman was so kind to him.

* He laughed very hard when Victoire Weasley started making puns in French, they got along very quickly

* Scorpius having the biggest crush on the veela boy of the family (Louis) but for some reason, Dominique and Victoire didn’t have a veela effect on him

* Scorpius being a little Arthur Weasley because Astoria taught him since he has use of reason about Muggle objects just to piss of Lucius (For this reason, Scorpius takes Muggle studies)

* He is always cuddly and sweet with Albus, everybody thinks they are dating when they are not (until year four, when they actually start dating but being to awkward to speak about it to their families)

* He is a total bookworm

* McGonagall always sees a little bit of Remus in him: always polite, sweet and being beside Albus almost all the time like Remus was with Sirius (Albus starts to look like Sirius during the third year)

* Scorpius preferring salty over sweet except when it comes to cinnamon and chocolate

* He looks a lot like Draco but he has his mother smile

* He usually is happy and it’s to difficult to push him to the edge of his kindness, but only three people have done this and boy, it’s pretty dangerous (the three people are: Rose when she spoiled every book Scorpius was reading, his father and James after a prank war when he almost hurt his friends)



Jin would most likely be really confident when confessing his feelings and asking you to date him. He’d plan the confession time really carefully, making it super romantic. His confession would include roses and cheesy speeches. And silly jokes.

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Yoongi would never admit it, but he’d be a nervous wreck when asking you to date him. He wouldn’t make it very romantic, he’d only simply confess and stutter out the question. It would most likely be at his house when he wanted you two to hang out.

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Hoseok would be happy about confessing. He’d only ever confess if he knew that you would in some way reciprocate his feelings. His confession would probably be on a walk in the nearby park in the evening. His words would warm you up on a cold autumn night.

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Namjoon’s confession would be really planned out, but the plans would go to waste. He’d stutter and mumble his words, and blush a lot. When you said you liked him back, he’d be totally up in the clouds. His confession would be at a café, where you met each other the first time.

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Jimin would be really shy about confessing. His confession would come out pretty good though. After wondering and wondering about how to say it, he’d just blurt it out and it would turn out to be a pretty good session. His confession would be when you came to watch his dance practice.

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Taehyung’s confession would not be planned at all. He liked you and he knew it, so one day he just said the three words and asked you to date him. His boxy grin and genuine words would melt your heart. His confession would be while picking up takeaway food.

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Jeongguk is a nervous mess, and very inexperienced with romantic stuff. He knew he liked you, so after consulting his hungs about how to confess, he’d stutter his words and questions. He’d blush and blush, not being able to face you. You’d have to kiss him to show it’s okay. His confession would be at his dorm, when you came into his room.

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Imagine: Peter giving you a Cactus on Valentine's Day

You were an odd one… that’s why Peter Parker liked you. You didn’t dream of roses and chocolates on Valentine’s Day all you wanted was a cactus with a flower on it, not yet bloomed, almost like a symbol of the blooming love of whomever gave you the cactus. Peter was determined to be the one to fulfill your simple succulent dream. “Happy V-Day [Y/N], got any special plans for today?” “Nope.” Peter mentally fist pumped. He loved this time you had together in Chemistry because he got you all to himself since he is your lab partner. “Wanna come over later, we could rewatch Star Wars but in Machete order.” “Heck yea! That’s the best way to watch it!! I would love to!” You tried so hard not to sound too enthusiastic but c'mon your crush just asked you to spend HOURS at his house and intimately watch movies together. The rest of the day went by pretty fast, Peter was excited to get your present together and you were so overwhelmed with which Star Wars shirt would be better. You settle for the black crop top with a white silhouette of Leia (may she Rest In Peace) that said “Self-Rescuing Princess.” To make sure you stay comfortable you where your favorite pair of leggings, this pair had a hole in the knee because you got reckt while skating home one day. Finally to finish the outfit off you wore your checkered vans. Peter once called these vans your emo shoes because somehow they survived that phase. You get on the subway and begin the trek to Peter’s place. Once Peter got home he walked down the hallway attached to the the living room and threw his backpack haphazardly into his room. He walked back to the kitchen and saw it sitting there, your perfect cactus. Being the sappy person he is, Peter moved the cactus into a cute pink cup that once was a container for pouring creamer at a themed diner. After everything was presentable Peter called for pizza. He even got those breadsticks you love. While waiting for the pizza and you to arrive he cut a light blue piece of construction paper into the shape of a heart and modge-podged it onto what contained the cactus. You knocked on the oh-so familiar apartment door with your stomach acting as a small cage for large butterflies. You look down at your feet and did a last check for your appearance. Looking up again you were met with a cactus inches away from your faces and Peter nervously saying “I think we have CHEMISTRY.” You giggle, take the cactus from him and kiss his cheek. “We have the perfect BOND, thank you Peter.” Later on in the movie marathon with you cuddled up to Peter you look back at the cactus and could’ve sworn that the flower slowly opened up.

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Shape of You

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Word count: 600+
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff & female!Reader
Warnings: Implied sexual content
Summary: Drabble: Pietro wants to surprise you, but you’re the one who’s faster.
A/N: Since today this one spooks around in my head and I wanted to write even something little. Happy Valentine’s Day! 💕

“How much do one hundred roses cost?”

Pietro Maximoff’s smile slightly faltered as the florist answered him. It wasn’t like he wouldn’t want to spend so much money for you on Valentine’s Day, he simply didn’t had it. He was an Avenger, not someone who could pull hundreds of dollars out of his pockets.

He cleared his throat. “What about twelve?”

The florist laughed lightly at Pietro’s stressed face and continued tying a bouquet of exactly twelve red roses. “Twenty dollars.”

The smile returned on the speedster’s face and he took out a twenty dollar note. “I’ll take a bouquet,” he said. “Do you have one in pink?”

Pietro could already hear the music blasting from yours and his apartment before he had opened the door and stepped in. He could also smell the sweet scent of chocolate throughout the whole room and he couldn’t imagine what delicious threat you had prepared for him. Trying to be silent (even though you probably wouldn’t even hear him if he came in through the glass of the window), he closed the door again, slipped out of his shoes and made his way to the kitchen to surprise you.

The scent of chocolate intensified and the music got, if even possible, more louder. But Pietro stopped dead in his tracks as he saw you.

Not caring about anything or anyone around you, you sang along to Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”, occasionally stopping when you tried from the meal you prepared for yourself and Pietro. The latter couldn’t take his eyes off of you as moved your body to the music. They wandered over your bare legs to your really short shorts and over your back, shoulders also bare as you were just wearing a tank top.

”Boy, let’s not talk too much, grab on my waist and put that body on me.” During the last verse you sang along, you had whirled around, one finger coated in chocolate and slowly making its way to your mouth. Your gaze fell on your boyfriend and realization weren’t even fully shown in those e/c eyes of yours before you softly hit a mattress.

”Pietro!” you exclaimed shocked, eyes wide and looking around frantically to help process where you were. Bedroom, you realized, but your attention were quickly drawn away with Pietro gently grabbing your wrist.

”Hey, gorgeous,” he greeted, accent heavy, lips pulled into a smirk. Slowly he closed them around your finger, licking off the chocolate you originally wanted to try yourself. Your face flushed deep red and you stared at Pietro slightly disbelieved. But he simply closed his eyes as he savored the taste of the dark sweetness in his mouth and laced your fingers together. “I wanted to surprise you, but instead you surprised me.”

”Really?” you asked, eyes fixed on Pietro who had his eyes opened again and returned your gaze with darkened blue ones.

”Hm,” made Pietro and suddenly held a bouquet of pink roses in his other hand. They were slightly disheveled due to his fast running to get you in the bedroom. A smile formed on your face.

”Pietro! That’s so sweet of y- what the hell?!” Shock was evident on your face again as Pietro tossed the bouquet carelessly on the floor.

”Boy, let’s not talk too much, grab on my waist and put that body on me. Yes?” Pietro grinned satisfied as your red face only deepened in color and he slipped his free hand under your top, slowly pushing the fabric up.

”Let me show you how much ‘I’m in love with your body‘.

Last night you were in my room. Now my bed sheets smell like you.

Knee Socks | Chapter Two

Content: Teacher!Au | 16+ content

Genre: angst | smut | fluff

Word Count: 2k


A/N: I feel romantic guys. I hope you understand my lateness but I was not satisfied with this and I will post just when I think it's good. So I hope you enjoy this moment between this two. Thank you for reading my stories!!!

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| my teacher’s house | 

My life wasn’t a bed of roses. I had everything I wanted and when I desired but I didn’t have one thing: love. I guess that’s why I got surrendered by it when I saw his face for the first time. People think that for having what I want I lived in a happy life. My father could be a doctor and my mom one of the best lawyers of the city but, when he came home with his shirt marked in red and she started to spent her money on alcohol, the situation drowned. They didn’t love each other anymore and working take full charge of their lives. What matters if you are rich and have a good job if your life is fucked up?

I knew the moment I stepped at the front door that my parents were arguing. I could hear they shouting angry words at each other and even things being broken. I decided not to enter and sat down at the doorway. Will my marriage be like this too? Not loving each other and just worrying about money?

After one hour I entered the house and saw the living room destroyed. The family pictures were on the ground, the glass covering the rug with its little pieces. This never happened before and I could guess what was the reason behind their argument. Another woman. I heard footsteps coming my away and turned back, seeing my father holding an ice bag on his forehead.

He chuckled and threw the phone he held on the couch.

“Your teacher called me” I looked to the ground while preparing for what was coming next but I got surprised when my dad let out a smile “He said you are one of his best students and that you put so much effort on your tasks. I’m proud of you Y/N”

Wait. Mother hasn’t told him about my detention? And why did Mr. Park called my dad? And more: he told good things about me although none of those were part of the truth. I stood there with a confused face and my dad noticed, asking me about it. Of course I wouldn’t tell him the truth.

“Uhm… Thank you appa” I said and went to my room.

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Being Bucky’s Valentine Would Include...


[warnings] mentions of smut.

[a/n] happy valentine’s day. and to those that don’t like the holiday because it makes them feel lonely, just remember that there’s more than romantic love and i could always be ur valentine if you want. ily.

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Being Bucky’s Valentine Would Include…

  • He would go all out, trust me on this.
  • Homeboy would be up on Pinterest and everything.
  • He would make you pancakes to surprise you in bed when you woke up and he would learn how to carve the strawberries into roses.
  • When you got back from training or whatever he would have the whole shabang put together.
  • One of those giant teddy bears that’s bigger than you, like 100 roses, and a lot of chocolate.
  • And you’re not a terrible girlfriend, so you would give him your gift.
  • You would probably take a lot of pictures and post them everywhere.
  • It would be really cheesy because the lights would be dim and there would be candles and there would be a tablecloth on the coffee table and a box of pizza and wings waiting in front of the TV, where you would watch a rom-com.
  • But, Bucky you hate 13 Going on 30.
  • I know, but I know that you love it.
  • He would totally buy you tons from Victoria’s Secret, insisting that you model them for him ;).
  • There’d be a card attached to the gifts and it would literally be the smoothest thing ever written and it would take up the entire space on the card.
  • Y’all would just chill all night eating pizza and wings and all 30 of the giant boxes of chocolate boxes he got you.
  • He’d be super proud that he planned the whole evening without any help.
  • You would probably start crying because he’s just so great, and he would panic because he did not expect that.
  • Wow, I thought that you’d be happier about all this, he’d joke.
  • It would ultimately be the cheesiest but best night ever.

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Hey everyone! Mod-Rose here. It’s been a while, huh? Sorry about being gone.

To make up for it, let me give you some happy/fluffy Undertale Skelebros and Dadster headcanons- since last night I had a really cute dream involving them and I want to share some of the things that stuck.

So, here we go!


Undertale Skelebros and Dadster HCs:

  • Even though he wasn’t around much pre-accident, Gaster was still a good dad. Whenever Asgore insisted Gaster take a vacation to keep him from working himself to dust, Gaster would take Sans and Papyrus on a vacation to Snowdin for a day or two.
  • When Gaster was in the void, Sans took Papyrus to their vacation home in Snowdin.
  • While Papyrus doesn’t like how lazy Sans can be, he still appreciates everything his brother does- be it eat his spaghetti, read bedtime stories, or help be on the lookout for humans.
  • Sans is very protective of his brother, and always has been. Papyrus is just as protective of Sans. While he might not show it, if anything upsets Sans he will do his best to make sure it never happens again.
  • Papyrus slowly started to remember Gaster, but only through dreams. They weren’t bad dreams, but something told him not to tell Sans about them.
  • When Gaster came back, Sans was unsure of how to react. He had tried to bring Gaster back countless times, and now that he is back… it was very hard to know what to do.
  • When Gaster came back, anyone who saw him began to remember. Seeing that, Sans dragged Gaster everywhere.
  • However, it took Sans a bit to trust Gaster enough to let him see Papyrus. He didn’t want Papyrus to be upset.
  • When Papyrus first met Gaster, Sans was a nervous wreck. Papyrus was unusually quiet for a few minutes. When he finally did speak, he simply said: “Welcome home… dad.”
  • Gaster is still part goop and turned into a puddle when Papyrus called him dad.

Now some random and more funny stuff:

  • Everyone who has ever shouted into a void of some sort- be it screaming at the night sky when in a quiet area in the country, or yelling at the ocean- Gaster heard it. This is how he learned about pop culture and memes.
  • When Gaster swears, he only does it in Hands. Sans remembers Hands, but Papyrus never fully does. He forgot how to even pronounce letters and words in Hands, so if Gaster swears too much Papyrus might ask what that word means.
  • If Sans hears Papyrus say a swear in Hands he will force Gaster to put soap in his mouth, and will start a swear jar.
  • There is no Family Game Night. They tried once, playing an older party video game like the original Mario Party. It took the combined efforts of Toriel, Grillby, Undyne, Alphys and Asgore to get the three to speak to each other again. Papyrus caved first, but it took a lot more work before Sans and Gaster would acknowledge each other. Then there was a shouting match. Then a few days of Sans in his room in silence, only venturing out late at night to grab some food.
  • Papyrus was able to get them both to stop the fighting. For a skeleton, he has really good puppy-dog-eyes.
  • They never played competitive games again.

rhysand is my favorite book character hands down because he’s so respectful of everyone, gives importance to everyone, loves so greatly, literally wants everyone to be happy, and he’s fkn gorgeous I want to thank sarah j maas for creating such a wonderful character that I can’t get enough of she made my life so much better by introducing rhysand to it :))

Uuugghhhh I really hope Yongguk doesnt feel burdened to be back. I really really hope hes happy and not just here to make us feel better. I hope he’s here because HE wants to be back. I know he just came back and can be feeling overwhelmed but god damnit I hope he’s not feeling pressured.

Ohh dear. Up to this point, I’ve really liked Dewey - yeah, he’s a goofball, but he’s a goofball with good intentions, or so I’ve thought. I’ve really enjoyed seeing his character work against common politician tropes, and I’d be disappointed to see him start to fill that role. Is he gonna turn heel on us?

Nope! Looks like he’s more mature and level-headed than I previously thought. What was it Pearl said back in Rose’s Scabbard? “It’s the mark of a great leader, knowing just what to keep hidden from everyone you’re trying to protect.” And now we’re seeing Dewey deal with that burden - knowing that the issue is out of his control, but wanting to keep tensions low and his community happy. I doubt this is something you should lie about - it’s just the power, and it can be fixed. People will live; this isn’t life or death. Giving them an absolute deadline is a terrible idea, but Dewey only has their best interests at heart. I’m pleasantly surprised - he’s not lying because he’s malicious, he’s lying because he cares.


Infinite High School Host Club: René Tamaki Richard de Grantaine Suoh
Woohyun as the Prince Charming Type

Although his outward manner would be best described as flamboyant, egotistical and dramatic he is, in fact, a young man dedicated to his studies, his friends, and his duties as a host. He entertains his female clients with upper-class etiquette and shameless flattery. He genuinely strives to provide his female customers with happiness in their love pursuits
Tamaki’s rose colour in the Host Club is white. In Japanese culture, this signifies innocence, which manifests itself in Tamaki’s general naivety. In Western culture, the white rose is symbolic of happiness in love. 



     First Genderbend introduction vs. Re-introduction!

Thought it was a good time to bring Rose’s genderbend back and do it with a little comparison to the first time I introduced him! The first one I did was only a few months back, so I’m really happy with the improvement! Besides that, I made a few minor changes to his physique such as adding a lotus tattoo on his neck and giving him shorter hair. Drop by and give him a pat on the head if you want, or ask him anything you’d like! c: