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GOT7 as Tumblr Users

Jinyoung: serious, filled with intellectual conversation. follows his favorite authors. participates in those “ask the cast member of x about x” things. tags are organized by subject, date and content.

Jaebum: naruto, cat pics, has a vague tagging system that changes like the wind. answers anon asks with memes of himself. answers hate with cat pictures. told bambam he doesn’t have a tumblr.

Bambam: memes, shit posts, especially about himself. reblogs to add, “THIS IS SO FUNNY, LAUGHING SO HARD.” king of tags, rambles on excitedly. answers every single ask with careful thought

Mark: has exactly 31 people following him. if he tags, it’s only so he can find it later. is the only one able scroll through their entire dash on a daily basis. constantly sends bambam memes to reblog

Yugyeom: reblogs music, dance, etc with the tag SO SICK MUST WATCH THIS. has way more followers than you think he does. is friendly with everyone, has anon names for everyone

Youngjae: EVERYTHING IS IN ALL CAPS! disappears from Tumblr for days at a time, comes back and YELLS SOME MORE. when tagged for the selfie tag, posts photos of his dog

Jackson: forgets his password at least once a month. loves doing about me tags, will tag ten more people than recommended amount because HE WANTS TO KNOW EVERYONE! sends his friends anon love even though they all know it’s him

Do you want a hilarious idea about Anti I had?

So I was browsing Tumblr and an idea popped in my head out of nowhere, I only shared it with @lum1natrix and she told me to post it, so here it is:
What if when you hit Anti, he glitches and becomes a different ego, just like the way Randall changed colors when Boo hits him in Monsters Inc?
You punch him once, he glitches into Chase.
A second time and he becomes Schneeple.
A third time and he changes back into Jack for no reason, but it’s still Anti, y'know?
And everytime he changes back into his original form he just cusses you out and tells you to stop, but it’s too funny you can’t help keep on hitting him.
It’s one of his main problems, and that’s why we never see him with anyone beside him, because he’s sure that person will hit him just to see that

Becoming Queer

When I was 8 I was obsessed with Disney’s Aladdin. Not just the original movie, but both of it’s poorly made sequels too. I watched them everyday after school while I drew pictures in our basement TV room, simultaneously fixated on their adventures and creating my own on paper.

I remember being absolutely in awe of how handsome Aladdin was, but also of the beauty of Princess Jasmine. They were the most attractive people I could ever imagine existing.

When I was 10 my mom gave me an American Girl book all about puberty and the female body. I only read through the whole thing once, but I left it close to my bed because of the one page I looked at nearly everyday.

It was one of the sections of the book on bodily changes throughout puberty– body hair, periods, etc. At the bottom of was a picture of several girls in front of a mirror, completely naked, to illustrate the different sizes and shapes of breasts. I was absolutely fascinated by these girls: the soft curves of their hips, their round and full breasts, the way their thighs came together. Despite their cartoonish nature, this was the closest I’d come to seeing a grown girl’s body. It was foreign and beautiful to me.

Somehow, I knew this wasn’t normal, so I always hid the book after I was done in case mom asked why I still had it.

When I was 12 I found my self distracted in classroom discussion circles looking at girls chests and lips and thighs. Every time I caught myself I’d immediately look down at my lap and blush. I’d learned by now that it wasn’t normal for girls to look at other girls like that, what it meant to be gay. But I’d eventually find my eyes wandering again, my thoughts focused on how beautiful one of my female classmates was.

I remember walking down the hallway one day mentally reciting “you can’t be a lesbian, you like boys… every girl must look at each other like this.”

When I was 13 one of the girls that I clung to during PE (because they were just as repulsed by physical exertion as I was) told us she was bisexual. This was the first time I’d been told someone could be attracted to boys and girls at the same time. It was confusing and enlightening at the same time.

I remember she put her arms around my shoulders once, during badminton week, her face inches from mine. It made me nervous, but in a way that I’d never felt before. My stomach had dropped, and I didn’t know why. It wasn’t like the fear I’d felt from scary movies and my dad yelling at me, but it wasn’t quite like when I felt exhilarated from riding a rollercoaster or binging on sugar with my friends… it was something in between, and entirely new.

I’d told my mom about it and she immediately wanted to call the principal and make sure the girl didn’t touch me like that again. That scared me, her reacting like that. I started acting repulsed by the girl afterwards, telling my friends she had flirted with me even though I wasn’t entirely sure she had, how weird it was and how weird she was.

Looking back, I probably wish that she had been flirting with me.

When I was 14 I was acquainted with the first queer couple I’d ever met. They were in theatre with me, and I’d been wanting them to start dating for months. At this point I’d stopped acting weirded out by gay people and claiming that bisexual people were “selfish and should just pick a side already.” I openly showed my support for gay people, citing my theatre friends of examples of how “normal” they could be.

I walked in on the couple in the dressing room one rehearsal, shocked to see them making out. I stood in the doorway a moment, then walked out without either of them seeing me.

I thought about their kiss for the whole day, wondering how their relationship worked, what it was like to date someone of the same gender as you. I was dating a boy at the time, my first boyfriend and the one that would create fear and an inability to trust for my entire high school career when he started abusing me. I wondered if this couple’s relationship could be anything like ours.

When I was 15 I joined Tumblr. I’d just moved from Michigan to Alabama, had my heart broken by my abusive boyfriend furthering the pain he was inflicting by cheating on me, and was just beginning to realize that I had an eating disorder with no idea how to feel about it or whether or not I wanted it to go away.Tumblr became a place for me to escape all this into “fandoms” and “fitblrs” and personal posts from strangers I didn’t know but whose lives intrigued me. It was on Tumblr that I first encountered the word “pansexual.” I was 16.

I was intrigued and slightly obsessed with the concept of it, pansexuality. I’d only just begun to learn about transgender and heard rumors of other genders outside of men and women, and being attracted to all of them or being “genderblind” seemed impossible, but incredible. I spent months randomly researching sexual orientation and transgender people before finally adopting the term as my own.

Though, it was only in my head that I claimed pansexuality as my own. I didn’t want to tell anyone… not because I was ashamed so much, I’d forgotten that stigma several years ago, but more because I was afraid that I only wanted to be pansexual, not that I actually was.

After all, if only ever been in relationships with boys at that point. How could I know if I was actually attracted to other genders if I’d never dated them?

When I was 17 I got my first crush on a girl. I didn’t recognize that that was my motive at the time, but I was constantly staring at her in the two classes we shared, payed special attention when she spoke, and the day she announced that she had a Tumblr I made it my goal to be a part of her life.

By winter we were best friends. By summer I’d begun to realize the extent of my feelings for her. The first time I got drunk at 19 I blurted out that I thought about making out with her all the time. I told her how I felt at 20, 3 years of pining later.

She told me she didn’t feel the same.

When I was 18 and in my first year of college, I binge watched all of Laci Green’s videos on YouTube, deciding that it was time I figured out how my body and how sex worked. Through her I found not only the courage to masturbate for the first time, but my first confrontation with “third genders.”

I obsessively studied nonbinary genders, claiming to just be interested in them, giving speeches and presentations on them for class, messaging nonbinary people to ask about their experiences. I came to accept that I identified with this term the summer of my sophomore year of college.

When I was 18 I also came out to my dad. I’d already come out to my close friends, sisters, and mother at this point– all giving me generally positive responses. This was not the case with my dad.

We were fighting in the kitchen, something that had become a regular thing since I’d started expressing my feminist and liberal beliefs. He was making homophobic comments and I guess I must of have been very clearly upset by this, because he asked, “do you have a problem with that?”

To which I responded, “Yeah, because I like girls, dad!”

My outburst led to two and a half years of him telling me that my identity was fake, a scheme to get attention, that all I believed was a result of my being brainwashed at college and my own self delusion. The full force my panic, bipolar disorder, and depression came out during this time. The first time I thought of killing myself was when he threatened to kick me out and cut me off from my sisters if I didn’t stop with this “feminazi LGBT bullshit.”

When I was 19 I started dating one of my best friend from high school– a boy, but pansexual like myself, I felt like this was the first queer relationship I’d been in.

He told me he didn’t want a monogamous relationship, that he identified as polyamorous– which I knew because this was one of the reasons his last relationships hadn’t worked out. Thinking I wouldn’t fall as desperately in love with him as I did, I agreed to an open relationship.

Two months into the relationship and much research and self reflection later, I’d come to accept that I was also polyamorous and I never wanted a monogamous relationship again.

When I was 20 a girl on Tumblr reblogged a set of selfies that I’d posted, exclaiming in the tags about how handsome I was. I took one look at her blog, saw the profile picture of her staring directly at the camera with intense blue eyes and an expression impossible to read, and immediately followed and messaged her my thanks.

We started messaging frequently, talking about such expansive and random things, things I’d never talked about with anyone. Soon we were messaging everyday and I began to realize how hard I was falling. I wanted her, I wanted her so badly.

I hadn’t had a crush on a girl that’d worked out in my favor and I was constantly pining for a girlfriend. I loved my boyfriend, I was still attracted to men and non-feminine genders, but I felt not only “too straight” to be queer at that point, but also like I was missing some sort of affection in my life that only a feminine partner could fill. And I was beginning to wonder if this girl was the person who could finally end my wanting.

The only problem with this girl was that she lived an ocean away from me, in Denmark to be specific. But my feelings became so strong that I couldn’t just be silent anymore: I told her I liked her.

She said she felt the same.

Today, March 2nd, 2017, Hayley Kiyoko released the music video for her single “Sleepover.” It wrecked me.

Hayley has become someone that I not only admire, but someone who makes me feel so validated in who I am. A mixed, Japanese American, queer girl in love with art and comfy clothing. Before Hayley, I’d never felt like there was anyone in the media who was even remotely like me. With great music and a connection I’d never felt in any other celebrity before, I became an avid fan. So naturally, when the video for “Sleepover” was released it only took me minutes to find it on YouTube and watch.

The music video was so much more than I could have anticipated, actualizing all my experiences as a queer feminine person, admiring from a far, living in my head with my fantasies and no hope of ever being able to experience them in reality. With this video I was thrown back into all the years I spent confused and afraid of how I felt and who I was, all the girls I wanted to be with but knew they couldn’t work out, or didn’t work out even when I tried. And as melancholy as these thoughts were at first, it pushed me to the realization:

I love who I’ve become. I love that I’m queer.

And despite how grueling the process of it all has been, I wouldn’t trade all that heartache for a normal life if I could. I wouldn’t give it all up to be the straight girl with no struggles or worries about who she loved as I once believed I would. Even with the pain that it had brought, becoming queer has made me the person I am today.

And I love that person, even if there are still rough edges to be smoothed, I am finally unafraid of who I am.

You are given a surprise opportunity to go see the Bethesda press conference, only for the trap to be revealed halfway through, when Todd Howard looks you dead in the eye and calls you up to join him on the stage. “I just wanted to pull up your tumblr blog really quick. I saw you made some interesting posts about me!” he smiles, but you could swear you saw a glimpse of a hand grenade in his jacket pocket.


GUYS!! You leave me so many nice tags to read/ comments/ messages about our DnD characters and it makes us all so happy!! Glad you’re enjoying these little updates! We’re going to start a tumblr soon for our DnD art so I’ll be sure to post about it when it’s up!

1. Hugo wanted to investigate something and tried to convince Nimue to come with. She waited for him to make an argument but he literally just batted his eyes. Didn’t work.

2. Nim and Hugo were less tolerant than Maple and Pyrus to a certain magic in the air and it rendered them unconscious. Pyrus went back really fast to “prop them up nicely against the wall” before he and Maple explored further.

3. Pyrus was tea-wasted and looking to start trouble.

(Nimue belongs to @the-guardian-of-fun, Hugo belongs to @banannerbread, and Maple belongs to @wendydoodles ! )

I’ve been working on a little victuuri one-shot for a few days now. I’m gonna give you a sneak peek and you guys can tell me if you’d actually like to see it. (I’d probably just post it here on tumblr,)

He doesn’t want to go in the first place. He likes his dorm room; enjoys how quiet it is. He doesn’t care about his classmates relationship status, and he doesn’t need to flaunt that he’s single. That’s all these college frat house parties are for - pronouncing you’re single so you can find easy hookups.

So when Phichit begs Yuuri to join him at the stoplight party they’ve been invited to, Yuuri tries to get out of it. Of course a frat house is holding a traditional stoplight party. It’s beyond cliche.

Please Share this! Beware if this person comes to you asking for art! Eric Neely may seem like a dependable commissioner, but I think it needs to come out that he has scammed many artists here on Facebook and Instagram, including myself. Some artist’s we’ve talked to have requested to remain anonymous, but another artist (Jordie) and I have our own testimonies. 

I posted this on Facebook but was advised to also post this on Tumblr as well. So far lots of other artists have come forward saying they were scammed as well. But just in case, I think it needs to circulate here too. 

Eric had bought a commission from me and told me he’d pay in November, but then didn’t pay me until Jan. 6th. (I don’t do art until I’m paid first). 2 weeks after payment he told me his parents were getting suspicious about the art and they wanted a refund, even though he claims he didn’t want it. I assured him that I was working on it and sent him an update.

I finished the drawing on February 19th, and sent it to him, and I didn’t get a response. About a week later, I got a paypal notification that someone requested a refund from me. I asked Eric about it and he claimed it was his cousin’s paypal (Kenneth) and his cousin was the one who did it. He sent me a screen cap of him messaging Kenneth about dismissing the refund, but then didn’t send a screen cap when Kenneth responded. I disputed it with Paypal, but then I was penalized 20 dollars from this “Kenneth” guy’s bank. I talked to paypal about it and they said he requested the refund directly through his bank claiming he didn’t get the “requested item” even though I finished the art.

Eric apologized saying he was so busy with school and hadn’t been on Facebook, even though it said he had seen my messages and he was posting a bunch of pictures of himself to Facebook. When I came out and said he or “Kenneth” owe me 60 dollars (40 for the drawing, 20 for the penalty) didn’t responded to me. He finally messaged me today saying that he was going to get me the money back tomorrow, but I have a hard time believing him. Plus, how do I know whether or not he’ll just refund that money too? He also blocked me immediately after so I couldn’t message him, telling me he’s gonna be away from Facebook to focus on school. Which I know is a load. He also blocked my friend Audra.

Jordie had come to me in November saying Eric wasn’t paying them for art and then buying art from other artists. Jordie was eventually paid, but I came to Jordie when this happened and Jordie had the same thing happen. This is what they had to say:
“Eric requested five pieces of art from me, each cost $10. Took him 2-3 months to finally pay me in full. A month later turns out he used someone else’s paypal account to send me money and Paypal sent me a dispute which held and took the $50 AND a $20 banking fee, and it ended up being taken away from me regardless of me fighting against it. He has yet to do something about it.”

Now it’s not for certain, but Audra, Jordie and I are pretty sure that his cousin “Kenneth” is fake. It just doesn’t add up. I emailed Kenneth myself, as well as tried to add him on Facebook. I got no response. With all the things Eric tried to pull it, we just think it sounds fishy. Regardless, Eric Neely and or his cousin Kenneth Polk took money from us and that’s not OK.

So why am I doing this for just 60 dollars? It’s not because of the money. He’s scammed other artists. I’m sure he’s scammed other artists besides Jordie, I, and the other artists that wish to remain anonymous. I want this out there so people can be aware, and also if others have been scammed by him to come forward. PLEASE SHARE this around! His name is ERIC NEELY on Facebook. He really needs know that what he did is not ok. 

His tumblr is http://neely-kun.tumblr.com

Maybe it was because it was cold and his body was super close to mine. Maybe it was because he looked really nice in a leather jacket. Maybe it was because his eyes looked impossibly blue in a photo I took of him. It could’ve been because of the time he helped me undo my braids. Or maybe because of the times where I made him laugh. Oh, or maybe that one time, when he came off stage, and just came directly over to me with a smile no one gets to see very often on his face. Or the times when we lock eyes and everything around us just blurs into the background (those are my favorite.)
I don’t know what it is exactly that makes my body crave his eyes on me at all times. Or how long I’ve actually been into him long before every nerve ending in my body fires in rapid succession when his shoulder bumps into mine.
I don’t know how to explain my feelings for him…I don’t think I even want to.
Never Fully Believe An SugarDaddy’s Story on his Past SB’s. LUXY AND SD BLACKLIST JOHN H.!!

Where did I disappear to?! I made one post over the last three weeks and deleted it because it was an honest cry for help. I didn’t want to let my Sugarbabes know I had fallen into failure. But I’m here to tell you my story.

Four weeks ago I had ventured onto a millionaire dating site called Luxy. I found my first whale, infamous John Hollis. His message was direct and straight forward. He was an experienced SD who was offering his girls (yes, he had more than one at a time) 10k per month. Here was the conditions :

1. You must submit to him a “thumbs up” selfie to him to claim you’re cute and real in which he collects every girl that fell in his trap, posts them on his social media and claims they were his “"sugar baby” your risqué pictures are then shown to other sugar babies for his own personal validation of what he’s gotten so far.

2. You must spend one entire weekend with him twice a month. 

3. Before you see him he had each sugar baby have a full panel STD test before allowance was given. It’s a $339 test in which he would pay for. (Never did)

4. You must submit your utter loyalty to him. No multiples, no vanillas etc.
5. You must get rid of all social media or not post to any of them if you wished to survive. Any postings causes suspicious activity to his insecure, overbearing ass in which you are questioned and interrogated intensely.
6. If you failed to answer his texts or failed to answer nightly and morning FaceTime calls, again with the interrogation and snide comments against you. As well as guilt trip you.
7. Anytime you try to explain yourself he automatically turns the situation into your fault because he’s GODS GIFT TO WOMEN and does NOTHING wrong in the world.
8. Anytime you needed real help he will give excuses but give you JUST enough to survive with food money, again he’s doing you a favor.

9. Anything that physically gets deposited into your account are checks from his therapy company which you can’t spend because they will bounce. 

He flew me first class to see him for the first time. I stayed in a hotel, the arrangement commenced. In that time I physically received new shoes, an iPad Pro and $500.

Now this is where the gates of my prison opened. While I was there he physically got on his iPad and “paid all my bills” so I thought I was walking away a happy camper. The worst was yet to come. I had quit my job, my car completely broke down, and I had no money. Why???
All those bills he “paid” bounced within a couple of days because finding out he has a stolen account reported over a year ago. He kept “booking flights” to come see me but his ex wife never got the kids, his kids leg broke, he kept getting booted off the planes here. OH and the best one yet, he got in a car accident on his way to get me but kept being put in a room where visitors couldn’t see him.

But hey, he kept me alive by UberEats to my house everyday. Wasn’t that enough? To him it was while every day I suffered. No money, no car, no job, no school…

Call me stupid for sticking around and waiting even that long…but it got to a point where the only thing I felt like I could do was wait patiently for him while he LIES AND LIES. I hope that no girl ever suffers through what I did. I know he’ll talk shit about me to his next victims making him look like a saint. Never EVER believe a one sided story.

YES, there are a TON of red flags in this situation, but anyone who has followed my page from the start knows I give you the GOOD and BAD, raw sugaring so you don’t make the same mistakes. Anyone who degrades me, go for it. But what would you do to have that MAGICAL 10k we’ve always wanted? The one we post all over Tumblr to be the Sugar QueenB? Many of you won’t admit but everyone has done stupid things for someone extremely convincing. He’s a fraud, of course he’s good at lying. @sugardaddyblacklist


Summary: You connect falling in love with Logan to certain colors.

Ship: Logan x Reader

Song Inspiration: Love by Lana Del Rey

Word Count: 1,575 words.

Tags: i had so much fun writing this honestly, its so cute, well to me, romance, fluff, i think this is fLUff????,

Last Words: best song in the world please listen while you read, IT’LL MAKE THE STORY HIT YOU LIKE A TON OF BRICKS EVEN MORE

Special Tag: since this is my first post on tumblr & i love Logan I’m gonna tag some of my favorite writers :-) @theamazingworldoffandomfics @crossbns  @mellifluous-melodramas @geeks-universe 

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*throws a bunch of OC drawings around* LOOK AT MY SON!!

It’s Gilfaeth, or Gil for short! Precious smartass who loves life and music and cries at cheesy romance plays and constantly gets himself into trouble because he can’t keep his goddamn mouth shut and something about cats and curiosity

Also while editing the story I’m writing about him I noticed this particular trend:

*something terrible happens*

Gil: *manic laughter* nO BuT LIstEn IT’s fUnNy iF yOu ThInK aBoUt iT!

Something There

A/N: Here’s my thank you to my (now over) 1000 followers! This is the only way I could think of to show how much I appreciate you all <3 okay here ya go :)))


There was something there in Nico’s voice. Something that made Will look up from his book instead of just humming like he normally would. There was something there that made Will sit up from where he was laying on Nico’s bed to give Nico his full attention. Will couldn’t quite put his finger on that something.

Nico just looked at Will for a moment, his eyes clear and innocent, and also filled with a kind of wonder, the kind that comes with a hint of worry as well. Will wondered what Nico was thinking, feeling something stir in him that he hadn’t really felt before. Nico suddenly looked down, fidgeting with his skull ring as he always did when he was nervous. Around Will, though, he rarely seemed this apprehensive. This was different, a new something that now had Will slightly concerned.

“Yes, Nico?”

Nico had a million thoughts running through his head, thoughts he couldn’t, or rather, didn’t, want to put into words. He wasn’t sure what they meant, how he felt about them, or how Will would feel about them. It wasn’t anything bad, but it was new, and Nico wasn’t prepared to deal with them. But at the same time, he wanted so badly to express them to Will. How did that make any sense?

He had been watching Will. Just observing him as he read his book. He was just so beautiful, so Will, sometimes, no, most of the time, Nico couldn’t believe that Will was his. He called Will’s name, though he wasn’t completely sure why. Will turned and looked at him with undivided attention, causing Nico’s heart to stutter as he took all of him in. His freckles, his sparkling blue eyes, the way he focused completely on Nico and only Nico, as if he were the only person that mattered in the world. Nico had felt his affection building and building, and then he had a sudden urge that he didn’t understand. He wanted to be close to Will, to show is affection, to… to–

To kiss him, Nico realized.

And at that thought, Nico looked down. He felt nervous. This had never really happened before. When he’d seen other couples kiss, it had seemed gross and not something he would do. But he knew that was what he wanted in this moment. To kiss Will, to convey his immense feelings through that one act. Except that Nico had never done it before. He didn’t even know how it happened so naturally for other people. Did he ask? Should he just lean in? How did it even work? What if it didn’t work? What if–

His thoughts were cut off by a hand under his chin, slowly lifting his gaze back up to Will’s. Will’s eyes were gentle, though Nico could sense a bit of concern in them. Nico realized that he was barely breathing and released a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

“Nico? Are you okay?” Will searched Nico’s eyes, looking for some sign that Nico was okay, or wasn’t.

Their faces were so close now. Nico could feel Will’s breath on his face. He couldn’t resist the urge anymore. His eyes flicked down to Will’s lips as his cheeks turned slightly pink.

Will picked up on this, his face going from concerned to surprised. “Oh,” Will breathed out, his eyes also glancing down at Nico’s lips.

Nico was still unsure, but he felt like this was their moment. There was no where else he’d rather be, no one else he’d rather be with, than right here with Will.

“C-can I…” Nico trailed off, his voice sounding small and shaky.

Will gave a small, quick nod before leaning in.

Everything slowed down. Nico watched as Will got closer, his eyes fluttering closed as he tilted his head slightly. Nico felt himself lean in to meet him halfway his head tilting naturally. He hoped his body knew what to do because he surely didn’t. Just as he felt a tinge of worry creep in, their lips collided, and Nico’s world exploded.

Nico was keenly aware of every part where they were touching. His skin burned where Will’s hand had slid up from his chin to cup his face. Nico’s hand reached up to tangle itself in Will’s hair, almost of its own accord. Nico discovered that his lips fit perfectly against Will’s as he pressed them closer together.

The kiss wasn’t perfect – it was a little too hard, a little too tense, both sides showing inexperience. But it didn’t matter, because in that moment, they both shared something. Each boy could feel the love of the other, even though they’d never said it out loud to each other. They’d never been more happy with someone ever before. Not happy, no, it was something beyond happy, something neither had the courage to put into words just yet.

Will couldn’t take it anymore - his face split into a huge smile, and he felt Nico smile back against his lips. They pressed their foreheads together, eyes still closed, just smiling and basking in the presence of one another. Nico was so overwhelmed with joy, he felt a few tears slip from his eyes.

He still didn’t understand. He still wasn’t sure what caused all this to happen, but he didn’t really care at the moment. He just knew there was something there, something linked with this boy in front of him, something that he couldn’t shove away if he wanted to.

He thinks it might be something he forgot about long ago.

Forever | 1: The Beginning of the End

Summary: You and Sebastian Stan became best friends years ago, on the set of the first Captain America movie, and you couldn’t be happier that you had found someone just as witty and caring as you - but will feelings wiggle their way in and get in between your friendship and happiness?

Word Count: 789

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: (Throughout) Language

Characters (in order of appearance): Reader, Sebastian Stan

A/N: I started writing this in 2015, and it was v popular on wattpad so I thought, why not make it accessible to my pals on tumblr? pls bare with me as I post the next 12 chapters, and please, as always, let me know what you think!! I love hearing from y’all :)

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Consider this:

Sven constantly asking Slav about the probability of meeting that “green Pidge girl” in their reality.


At first, Slav actually runs some calculations and responds, giving new answers as they fluctuate. But he eventually gives up. He just starts making up shit statistics and Sven actually believes him (he trusts his smart buddy and he’s not as cynical as his tortured-by-Galra counterpart Shiro).

Finally, Slav’s had enough. He’s going to find their version of the Pidge paladin even if it costs him his life, so long as Sven finally SHUTS UP. (Additionally, he never knew that there’d come a point when he didn’t want to talk about alternate realities).

⚠Beware! Hug Stiles Stilinski you’ll be dead in the hands of Derek Hale. 🐺💢

 Inspired from an old conversation between me and my friend when we were at the convention years back. He wanted to print a free hug shirt since it was popular(and it still is until now) and I sarcastically told him “If you print one then I’ll have mine saying ‘Hug him and die’ at the back while standing next to you.” He finds it so hilarious he actually liked the idea and was about to print it too just for me. Thankfully I stopped him. 😅 Thanks to that memory it lead to this. Ahahahahha!!!! 

Posting it in DA and tumblr

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Showing Draco Malfoy the Joys of Technology…

- one day, you decide to show your boyfriend, Draco, about the wonderful joys of technology…
- “why would i ever need to know about these useless Muggle inventions?”
- “just shut up and listen.”

- “an…iPHONE?”
- “yes”
- “why is the ‘i’ there? i don’t like it”
- showing him Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, and Vine (r.i.p.) first
- “what is the app?”
- “an app,” you’d correct him

- “this is Instagram. it lets you post pictures and videos about your life and whoever follows you can view them.”
- “why would i want people following me? that would be dreadful!”
- “oh my gosh.”
- Draco getting two accounts; one for his real life, and one spam account
- him posting really artsy pictures of you, Hogwarts, and Malfoy Manor
- on his spam account, he just posts pictures and videos of how much he hates Potter
- laughing (making fun) at him every time he posts something new

- “now, this is Snapchat. you can send fun videos and pictures to your friends and if you want, you can start a streak with someone”
- Draco posting a million things on his story and sending 48294738 pictures at the same time to his streaks
- occasionally hearing him mutter things like, “stupid Weasel, losing our fucking streak, all his fault…”
- him being super intense about his streaks
- him running up to random people to ask him to take care of his streaks while he’s away
- everyone looking at him like he’s crazy
- mostly because he is

- “okay, now this is twitter. it’s mostly used to send out updates on your life and things like that”
- “wait…Tweeter?”
- “sure, let’s go with that?”
- Draco sending out his “Daily Inspirational Quotes” such as:
- “Roses are red, Violets are blue, Slytherin’s the best house, fuck the rest of you.”
- “When life gives you lemons, take them and squeeze them into Longbottom’s face because he deserves it.”
- “oh my gosh, Draco, you can’t insult people like that! like what the fuck!”

- “this is Tumblr. you can send out pictures, videos, stories, gifs and more”
- “*pronounces it like ‘jiffs’* look, Y/N! i sent out a gif!”
- “get out”

- “okay, this is Youtube. you can film videos and post them for the whole world to see”
- more than once, walking into his dorm and seeing him film “Story Time” videos
- “And then Granger started laughing at me! All because of Potter! I will get them one day…”
- he makes his channel a pranking (harassing) channel
- his main targets are the Golden Trio
- *buckets of slime are poured on their heads* “HA THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR STEALING MY QUILL LAST WEEK YOU BASTARDS”
- “ummm, Draco, babe? don’t you think that’s a bit much?”
- “they deserved it”
- “no, they really didn’t”

- “finally, this is Vine. it’s an app where you can post videos that are six seconds long and-”
- “you’d be surprised”

- him practically squealing every time he gets a notification
- “okay, what do you think? did you think that- OH MY GOSH WHAT ARE YOU DOING”
- *draco smashing his phone on the ground* “IT WON’T STOP RINGING BUT WHY”
- “…i’ll get a new one later”
- *sigh*

should i make a part 2?

Why I Ship Rapunzel and Eugene

SO, by watching the movie and the TV show….Rapunzel and Eugene is the best Disney couple, in my opinion. THERE IS SPOILERS!!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!


First, the movie…

When they first meet, they both meet at different times but they meet each other at the same place, the tower. Rapunzel first sees Eugene for the first time after she knocks him out with her frying pan. If you have watched the movie, you can see her staring at him in awe. Same thing with him, everyone could see he was attracted to Rapunzel from the start.

In the movie, you can tell Eugene protected Rapunzel during the entire movie. For example, the time they walked into Snuggly Duckling, the thugs were going to take Eugene away. Eugene wanted to make sure they didn’t harm Rapunzel. So, he put his arms around her. 

After Snuggly Duckling, the scene in the tunnel and the campfire. They both told each other things they are both not comfortable talking about but they were comfortable saying these things to each other. 

When Rapunzel told Mother Gothel “I think he (Eugene) likes me”…you can tell Rapunzel was happy saying it. 

During the kingdom scene, Eugene was happy that Rapunzel was happy. He bought Rapunzel the Corona flag (note that Eugene lived an Orphan, has no job, was homeless at that time. Basically, he barely had money). Rapunzel wanted Eugene to dance and he did, you can tell that they were both happy at the end.

Eugene did what Rapunzel asked him to do, take her to see the floating lanterns. BUT, he went ABOVE AND BEYOND what HE could do. He got a boat and bought two lanterns. He gave her, in my opinion, the best view of these lanterns. 

 In the end of the movie, Eugene was going to die for Rapunzel….FOR RAPUNZEL (not himself, he put HER over HIMSELF) . He almost died because he thought if he didn’t, Rapunzel would be trapped in that tower for the rest of her life. Eugene never wanted Rapunzel to be trapped ever again. He wanted her to be free. 

When Eugene thought he was going to die, the last thing he told her wasn’t “I love you” (The common thing couples would say each other). Instead, he says “you were my new dream”. To me, that’s much more powerful then “I love you”. It’s something they have been talking about since they first meet each other, was dreams. 

Obviously the hug and the kiss was the most romantic thing ever at the end. When Rapunzel first hugged Eugene, he hugged her tighter when she was crying. Then, when she kissed him straight on, Eugene titled his head and made it much sexier. And the great thing about the kiss was we don’t know how long that kiss actually was because we never saw it end. 

Now the TV show, 

First of all, the TV show is NOT over. So, I can only talk about the first 12 episodes 

In Tangled Before Ever After, many things happened. First of all, Eugene proposed. You can tell Rapunzel loves him very much and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. But, she wants to explore the world. She doesn’t want to be trapped again. This was what was running through her head when he proposed, so she said no. 

Eugene wasn’t embarrassed that Rapunzel said no in front of her parents and all these other royal people. Instead, he was sad that Rapunzel wasn’t ready yet. He won’t propose again until he knows that Rapunzel is ready. 

So now I will talk about random episodes in the series, these won’t be in any order, this will be in general, 

Rapunzel and Eugene are together…..a lot….they pretty much go everywhere together….most of the time though, they are not alone, but it’s still cute.

There were times when Rapunzel was upset, and Eugene did anything to make Rapunzel happy again. 

Rapunzel promised to Eugene that she would hide no more secrets from him. 

Eugene tells Rapunzel that he loves her and she responds “I love you, too. More than you will ever know.”

One time, Eugene tells Rapunzel she’s on his mind. (In my opinion, it’s all the time) 

If you watch the episode closely at the moments where Eugene and Rapunzel are together. You can see that Eugene is ALWAYS looking at her. To me, it’s so romantic how much he looks at her. 

There was a moment Eugene and Cassandra almost died. Rapunzel was so worried and she jumped into his arms when they came out. 

Rapunzel has this journal and there are two pages of Eugene that say “Eugene and I have grown very close…he is so kind and he always makes me laugh” and “Eugene is such a wonderful person!” (There are other pages she does write about him) 

There is a scene where Eugene says to himself that he loves Rapunzel (3 times to be exact). 

Eugene tried to stay awake until 4 AM because he wanted to help Rapunzel. (It was specifically about a crime scene) 

So, this is all why I ship Rapunzel and Eugene. Hopefully, now you understand why I do. 

Alright, I’m done. This is the longest Tumblr post I ever wrote. Hope you all enjoyed it! 

Perfectly imperfect - new series

I sat in the small Starbucks with a warm hazelnut hot cocoa in my hand, scrolling down the screen on my tumblr, looking for some new posts. It was raining outside, I could hear the rain bounce off the roof before trickling down the window, the dark wether making the inside of the shop cosy and warm but as people walked in a cool breeze would escape from outside through the door, sending chills down me.
I remained glued to my screen on a table for two in the corner of the room, keeping out of sight as I was alone. A small giggle escaped my lips after watching a gif set of some drag queens from rupaul’s drag race made by a mutual had appeared on my screen.

“You know you look so comfy, it makes me jealous” my favourite barista Emma called from the coffee machine while pouring a customer a caramel latte. She laughed and shook her head at the way i treated this place as if it were my own.

I peered over my laptop laughing and shot her a smile. The boy she was serving chuckled quietly to himself. My cheeks went bright red, I ducked back down and continued my scrolling. He was cute if I was honest, a little small with a baby face but it was still easy to tell he was an adult. His floppy brown curls masked his head and I was hoping maybe that effected his eyesight cause I Prayed that he didn’t see me.
I was ripped out my thoughts by someone clearing there throat. I looked up and met eyes with the same boy I was just worrying about.

Oh no

“Can I sit with you, you look very cosy” he commented, smiling and scanning the area around me. I moved along on the two seater couch And cleared space for him to set his drink.
“Yeh um sure I guess” I don’t know why I was so nervous to speak to this boy, maybe because he was so cute and literally a stranger.

“What website are you on?” He was squinting at my screen trying to make out what I was last reading, which happened to be a fanfic about Shawn mendes. I flustered to shut my laptop and laughed nervously, searching my brain for a good answer. He laughed and raised an eyebrow at my behaviour.

“Ok, you got me, it’s tumblr” I decided to just tell him, I mean I don’t know who he is so who is he to judge. He looked confused.
“And tumblr is?” He was cautious with this question not wanting to sound rude or dumb or offensive. I giggled at his manner and it looked like the worry washed away from his face.

“It’s a really cool website where people all over the world make blogs and post about their favourite things-” i opened my laptop deciding to show him my blog. He looked intrigued and moved in closer. “-see here’s my blog, I love marvel so I made a blog dedicated to it where I repost things including the cast, funny memes or fanfics” to me everything I said was ordinary everyday life but he looked like I was teaching him rocket science, he nodded along and watched as I scrolled through my blog,

“What does fanfic mean?” He knitted his eyebrows together and looked over to me for an answer. I had no idea how to describe it without seeming very weird, i thought for a moment before answering.

“It’s like creative writing involving your favourite people which could be celebrities or someone you made up in your head.” He nodded again and returned to peering at my laptop screen.we sat for a while scrolling through tumblr, talking and laughing. It was nice, it was warm and comfortable. He was a funny guy, I clenched onto my stomach to subdue the pain that this fit of laughter was causing me. I sat up and hit his shoulder as I steadied my breath, I hadn’t laughed like this in ages. We sighed looking at eachother, there was something about him, his eyes were beautiful. I could feel the heat rise in my cheeks so I looked down at my lap and fiddled with my hands. Suddenly Emma walked over and our attention switched to her.

“We are just closing so I can put your drinks into some to go cups if you’d like?” I smiled and walked over to the counter with my cup and the boy followed closely behind. She poured my remaining cup of tea into a cup labelled y/n with a heart. We’d had quite a lot of drinks since being here. The second cup came out labelled ‘Sam’ with a star. I then realised this boy was still a complete stranger to me. I was so shocked at myself as id never usually do something like this.

We left the small cafe and walked around, it had stopped raining but it was now a cool icy wind gently blowing through the streets of London. I looked up at the changing leaves as I sipped my tea, warming myself up.“y/n? I like that name.” He smiled looking down at my cup and then back up to my face. I laughed and looked towards his.

“Why thank you sam” I shot a quick wink as I spun on my heels and began to walk toward some trees. He rolled his eyes and followed on. He turned me to face him.
“Sam holland, I’m from Kingston and I really like dogs” he laughed moving a piece of hair from my face. I smiled and nodded realising what he was doing.

“Y/n y/l/n, I’m from y/c and I love autumn” I smiled and then looked at my phone. “I’ve also got to be home in 10 minutes for dinner with my family so I’ve unfortunately got to cut this session short” I sighed, his smile dropped to a frown and he scratched the back of his head.
“Well you owe me time to finish this session another day” he kept his eyes on his feet, chuckling to himself. I smiled and decided to give him my number. I took out a pen.

“Give me your hand” I stuck out my hand for him to put his in. He raised an eyebrow but did as he was told, I took My pen and scribbled my number on his hand. Once I finished I brought him in for a hug and walked away into the distance. Wow he was amazing.

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