he wanted me to post about him on tumblr

I will never pretend to understand tumblr’s weird black and white mentality about actually anything

like pugs? did you know that you can simultaneously acknowledge that they should stop being bred solely for looks and start being bred with longer faces so that they can breathe,

and also still want the pugs that exist to have good homes? like i’ve seen more than one person post about how abusive it is to own a pug

well, here’s mine

Before me, Stanley was living in a garage because his family couldn’t have him in the house. He was getting food he was allergic to and was making his skin break out. He hadn’t gotten shots in three years and his sister bit him the day before I adopted him

I adopted him, got his rabies and distemper shots, antibiotics for his bite, special shampoo for his skin and gave him food that he isn’t allergic to and he sleeps cuddled up to me in my bed 

if I leave, he is terrified that I won’t come back. he’s getting less nervous day by day but he thinks the people he loves just up and disappear

but sure, you’re right, because I adopted a pug I am abusive, and he’s inherently a bad dog for being a pug

I didn’t really want to do this, but this guy is leaving me no chance.

Beware of Tumblr-user http://sillyunknownphantom.tumblr.com/ !!
He’s also using the name Gedaur on BronySquare.

He has sccammed me, telling me lies about at first his Paypal wasn’t working and later how his sister didn’t let him use her Paypal to pay for ponies. I let him have the art anyway, trusting him that he would find “some other way to pay me”, as I was his “friend”, as he said.

Today, out of the blue, he told me that he’s still mad at me for not delivering what he asked for in the first place. He told me, if I reworked the commission, he would finally pay. I asked him, how would he pay? as he told me he had no Paypal of his own and couldn’t use that of his sister. Or was that just another lie?

For the following see above. That was enough.

Scamming artists with all kind of lies is just the worst. Let it be know that this guy is no good, and that you should not accept commissions or requests by him!

Please help me spread the word.

Not Over You pt. 1

Prompt: “I was getting over you, why did you have to come back?” or it’s been a year since you and Steve broke up. He’s moved on, you haven’t.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,414

Warnings: angst

A/N: this is the first fic i’ve posted on tumblr. please leave comments! let me know if you want to be tagged in the coming parts. i’m actually really into this story and seeing where it’ll go.


A Year. That’s all it had been. And your insides still ached when you heard his name, when you saw an article about him, or his face on the news. You supposed that was the problem with dating someone so high profile. The newspaper on the stand in the corner was an example of that. There he was, the front page. You silently cursed the writer. Why as it always the front page? You knew though. He was nothing short of front page material. Not with his strong jaw, his blue eyes, and his chiseled muscles…

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Since @babyseguin and I are the worst™, we saw Papa Benn was at the game last night again. Skylar really wanted to talk to him about her jersey and tell him how proud she is of Jordie. I finally dragged her down to him and waited for the game to be over and start clearing out around him. I said “Excuse me sir, we recognized you from the dads trip” and he turned around and immediately started smiling. He had a hard time hearing but he was super nice about it. We introduced ourselves and skylar told him how she’s worn the habs jersey to every game and how many compliments and support she gets. He said “Oh I saw you the other day. I sent it Jordie and Jamie saw it in warm ups. It’s too cool!” (After she came back to life) Skylar said she had hard time with the trade but she’s super happy that he’s in a place he can contend and hopefully win a cup. He said “Oh yeah! That could be something over his brother”. Again we told him we’re happy he’s getting the recognition and appreciation he deserves. Skylar complimented Jordies attitude and work ethic and thanked him for raising two great guys. He thanked us and thought it was too cool that people were complimenting Skylar on the jersey.

After I post Johnny Depp lockscreens I saw some of my followers stop following me. It’s so sad how people judge someone that quickly. I don’t care how many people follow me, I don’t make my lockscreens for that. But I feeel sad for Johnny because I know he is innocent. Even Amber admitted that she lied but some reason people choose to believe someone who arrested because domestic violence before (yes I’m talking about Amber). You can still believe what you wanna believe, I just wanted to speak up for him.
If you need more information or evidence you can read my post from here - https://deppdowney.tumblr.com/post/158264567971/johnny-depp-and-amber-heard

shamelessmiraclemaker  asked:

has anyone considered that Billy maybe in on this ruse. He has been very quiet, and during the summer he went to the Startrek premiere. There is actually a photo of him on the red carpet. He could have easily crossed paths with Sam.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017 (1815 Standard Outlander Time)

Dear @shamelessmiraclemaker,

Thank you for your question. It was nice to talk with you yesterday via DM. And thank you for submitting your question under your name and not under anonymous. I like that!

I want to share something with you. Hours after we spoke, after I’d taken a long nap and consumed some quality caffeine, I got nervous about posting your question. Why? Let me tell you…

My raison d'être, my reason for being here, playing Tumblring with you and other People of Earth, is because while watching Season 1 of Outlander, I saw some remarkable chemistry between Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan. It mesmerized me.

Like so many of me ol’ pals, I checked Cait and Sam out online, looked at photos, watched videos, and concluded, “Holy shite, these two are warm for each other’s form!” And the cow jumped over the moon, and Bob’s your uncle, and here I am.

I truly do not care about any other alleged significant others. Talk about them is noise to me. If you read one of the posts I wrote yesterday, I referred to Ms Mauzy and Mr. McGill, rather than using the familiar or nicknames you usually see. I don’t want those nicknames on my blog. I want to separate my Outlander experience from those people. Thus, my psychological trick of using their formal names. Yes, I’m weird. What of it?

So it occurred to me it was rather hypocritical that I would agree to forward your question about Mr. Magnussen to the class… but, an agreement is an agreement, and I’m happy to fulfill mine with you.

A. Yes. Some People of Earth have considered Mr. Magnussen may be “in on the ruse” as you put it, or “part of the farce,” as I would put it. I found several references to his possibly being in what I’ve read called the “Amsterdam dumpster fire photo,” and references to his possibly being part of the MPC group with Sam in Switzerland.

I read some interesting reactions to these possibilities, which would have meaning to people that follow the goings-on of Mr. Magnussen and Ms Mauzy.

I suggest anyone that wants to discuss these possibilities and/or reactions to them, contact you directly. Beyond my natural curiosity that will be satisfied as I lurk through blogs, I’m not interested in pursuing anything else about Mr. Magnussen.

Have a great week! I wish you the Best of Everything in 2017.


boyneriver-fraser, BS, MS, PhD, lots of shady trees

File No. 55

randoms: y’all just couldn’t WAIT to talk down about Justin, hm? since the show started, y’all been wanting to trash the black man and now you feel this is your chance, huh? this tag is racist against black men


*thinks back to when Justin was literally the fan favorite across the board. most popular posts on tumblr and twitter had to do w/ something positive about Justin. people blogged how much they adored Justin for weeks until he started acting funny and called the other black women hoes, started lying on Danielle and would rather cater to girls that laughed at racist jokes about him rather than dani who would AND HAS protected him and his name*

me: ….yeah u right we’ve been plottin against that mofo since the moment his black ass walked thru that door.

About kissing Teruki ...

Never thought I would write about this. Well, as a child in the 80s, I had a huge crush on Boy George …. go google him. So I guess you can see, a celebrity’s orientation is not an issue to me. But I’m also not keen on seeing untrue “info" being spread about the very people I dedicate my blog to.

This is the follow-up to my reply to  my friend’s question about the sexuality of MY FIRST STORY’s vocalist Hiroki. 


I’m also going to touch a bit about guitarist Teruki as he seems to be dragged into this as well (I know many fans fantasize about these two getting it on together LOL😆).

1. They already said they’re not gay

Hiro and Teru already said they’re not gay through this photo. 

Teru: The vocalist of a certain band is sleeping on my lap. #not gay #you’re cute when you’re silent #vocalist of a certain band #headed for Summer Sonic

Hiro: I’m not homo yo! ( ゚д゚)」 I love girls! @(・o・)@

They were travelling in a van! Touring musicians yo! They were headed for Summer Sonic Festival. He was tired and he wanted to rest. Where else could he squeeze in that cramped van? Luckily, Hiro is small enough to curl up like that.

I love how Hiro replied to Teru TWO HOURS after. It means Teru was such a good sport letting his little friend rest on him for THAT long. Imagine the cramps Teru might have gotten LOL😃. Sleeping on your friend’s lap doesn’t necessarily connote something sexual yo!

What’s the big deal with him using Teru’s thigh as his pillow? After all, Hiro is the type who can fall asleep anywhere and Teru has always been the one who enjoys showing “sleeping Hiro" to the world the most. As usual, Teru only saw it as funny.

On a side note ….

Teru himself is also very open to affectionate friendships 😊

Because that’s the kind of friendship he has with his best friend Taikan, which occasionally includes brotherly hugs and friendly kisses. Taikan once tweeted their photo together and captioned it “Thank you for our friendship. I love you!“. Yes, he wrote “Aishiteru!” for Teruki. No, Taikan isn’t gay either.

2. Hiro likes women

I’d seen Hiro talked about his taste in women in 3 separate video interviews already so far. Then, there’s the ViVi magazine one too.

3. Is this about stereotyping?

I hope these people are not stereotyping sexual orientation through the way Hiro dresses and his level of comfort in showing his emotions to the world. Hey, must straight people be conventional, expressionless and boring?

4. Hiro is a child of divorce yearning for love & affection

True that Hiro enjoys affection from those he’s close to such as his band members. We must remember he was only 11 when his family split up. He didn’t get to enjoy that love & family environment for very long.

The fact that he likes older people is a hint of a boy who’s craving for that love and trying to fill up that missing chunk of his life through the bond he shares with his friends particularly the older ones. We all know how attached he is to the 10yrs-older band leader Sho by now. Then, just look at how quickly he bonded with guys twice his age like HYDE, Aki, Gackt and Daigo.

Hiro is just missing and yearning for that part in his life. He wants a family. Just look at how his brother Taka treated him when they were kids. Don’t you think he misses those moments every day of his life? His friends seem more than happy to give him hugs and shoulders to cry on. Why not? He deserves it.

5. Finally, about kissing Teru …..

Back to Hiro & Teru again. I’m sure there are those who made assumptions about Hiro because they saw this particular photo …. (among others from that night).

Here’s the story.

It was Hiro’s 20th birthday bash when he became legal in Japan to drink alcohol. So, his friends bought him a few bottles of pretty strong liquor. Sho posted the photo of those bottles that night.

Translation by me.

@MFSMAKI 主役登場(*´ `*)お誕生日おめでとう―!
shuyaku toujou. o tanjoubi omedetou !
The appearance of the main character. Happy birthday!

@Teru528 HBD!!ぶっ潰す。
bu t tsubusu.
HBD!! Smash.

@fromus_mfs プレゼントがほぼ酒。笑
purezento ga hobo sake. haha.
Presents are mostly alcohol. Haha!

@fromus_mfs 笑。Haha.

@fromus_mfs この絵はやばい。笑 げんさん。。
kono e wa yabai. haha Gen-san.
This photo is the shit. Haha Gen-san.

@Subciety_gen ダメなやつ。
dame na yatsu.
Bad boy.

@fromus_mfs 次はキング佐々木がキスされます。助けません。
tsugi wa kinggu sasaki ga kisu saremasu. tasukemasen.
Next is King Sasaki to be kissed. I won’t help.

@fromus_mfs テルキを襲ってキスしてます。てるきが助けてって言ってる。俺は助けない。
teruki wo osotte kisu shitemasu. teruki ga tasuketette itteru. ore wa tasukenai.
Kiss-attacking Teruki. Teruki is saying “Help”. Me, not gonna help.

@Subciety_gen マイファス愛。
maifasu ai.
MY FIRST love.

@MFSMAKI Hiroが号泣し始めました!お酒の怖さを思い知ったようです!とりあえず、ふぁい!みんあHiroが大好きだよ!
Hiro ga goukyuu shi hajimemashita! osake no yowasa wo omoishitta you desu! toriaezu, fai! minna Hiro ga daisuki da yo!
Hiro started to cry! Looks like he has realized about how scary alcohol is. Meanwhile, fight on*! Everybody loves Hiro yo!

* Not sure what she meant with ふぁい。So I just guessed LOL

So, how badly drunk was Hiro? 

Bear in mind, this was his 1st experience. I don’t remember who took this last party photo but Hiro looked the most drunk in it. He probably had to be carried back home by the end of the night. Though he likes to say, “When it’s drinking time, I drink. When it’s not drinking time, I don’t!“, but I highly doubt he ever gets to this level again nowadays. If you notice, he doesn’t even take beers with his meals.

Note: Special thanks to MY FIRST STORY Thailand FB Fanpage for keeping the captions from those photo tweets.

A friend of mine said Hiro made a bet which he lost and he had to kiss his friends as a result. I can’t reconfirm that because their Twitter accounts are gone now. However, I do remember Sho and Maki tweeting something along the line, “Woah! Who’s the next victim to be kissed?! Run!! Haha!!”. So, it was a crazy game they were playing really, to celebrate Hiro’s coming-of-age.

Hmm …. come to think of it, if you actually look at the real situation, there was nothing even remotely sexual about all the kissing.

To all those who simply assume things about others, please do your research first! When you see a photo, look at the whole context.


Welcome to; I’m to lazy to draw in a high quality :{ …and to sad babybone Papyrus and Sad dadster.
A few days ago I saw an awsome fanart about Gaster,where he can visit someone in a dream but he’s forgotten again when this person wake up. I thought it would be interesting to put this idea with papyrus and sans (his children in the Dadster AU).
I see so much Fanarts about Dadster and Sans(Babybone too) and Heck I love all of it! But it made me wonder why there a so less Dadster and Babybone papyrus.
Welp now I draw more useless shitty doodle for tumblr and break my heart by myself because crying babybone Papyrus q.q
The mistakes in Papyrus text are not directly mistakes by me. I want him to speak dorky (He is very young here). When there are some in Gasters text….well I’m sorry then :O

I’m sorry for the long post by the way ^^’’

To deal with some stress that came up tonight I started Rescue Bots and guys I’m only 3 episodes in but I love Blades so fucking much holy shit I want to hang out with him so bad 

Also Boulder is literally the purest thing ever???? I wanna hug Chase??? I know totally understand that one post about Heatwave’s voice??? 

Cody is already one of my favorite human companions he’s so chill, bless this kid 

AND OMG ONE OF THE CHARACTERS IS NAMED DANI!!! THAT’S MY NAME!!! My actual name anyway, it’s shortened but most people outside of tumblr call me Dani so I am Living 

Miles: I remember, when one time Alex came up to me and said “I want to see how you spit, while singing ‘sick puppy’ in Bad Habits”. I called him a madman afterwards.
Alex: Yeah…
Miles: But he was right. No one else would say something like that to me, it was beautiful.
Alex: You see, Kasia, I just tell Miles about my fantasies, and he tries to fulfill them, even when they are very kinky, like in that case.

So in light of this thing here:


I thought I’d just put these up. They looked, to me, as if Papyrus was kind of… asking this on purpose? With Sans keeping things from Papyrus and all… Sans probably knows exactly what Papyrus is talking about, and Papyrus knows this… perhaps he was hoping for something other than a redirection of the conversation?

Though I didn’t get screenshots when I was there, I think this might also be the case with the “Labradory” phonecall….


Oki so my friend from school saw Comet, rite? WELLLLLLL

he wanted to draw him and i said “ye” and gave him my full body and said he could draw right next to it if he wanted to. one 45 minutes period later, he gives me this masterpiece next to my trash:

And so i’m just completely amazed. He doesn’t have a Tumblr and I forget what he asked me to refer to him as when crediting him (as he didn’t want his name out and about, and he didn’t have a DA either), I’lll ask him about it tomorrow and edit this post.

This art is lit

anonymous asked:

What exactly went down with Cole Sprouse and Tumblr? Can you please tell me?

Back in 2012, Cole wanted to see if people would follow every word he said because he was famous, and if people would defend him just because he was famous for a college project. Obviously they did. He would talk about edgy topics and what not, while not exactly believing in what he was posting (those are the screen shots going around atm that says he believes in reverse racism, but even if you check his twitter it’s pretty obvious he drags white men.)

When he posted the truth, Tumblr went into a frenzy. It’s now infamously known as the ‘Social Experiment’.

tarvitz  asked:

your post about sorting c9 in hogwarts houses reminded me of this: jununy(.)tumblr(.)com/post/131312819198 is deft in gryffindor? and also if you would put rekkles in a hogwarts house, which one? :D

OOOO that post is old omg like 2014 or 2015 worlds i think? BUT YEAH deft gryffindor and imp slytherin i think mostly because im very certain about imp being a snake and i wanted deft to be opposite house of imp altho deft could be a slytherin also? debatable  tbh

and… for rekkles… even tho this kid looks like draco malfoy, hes a gryffindor!! kay describes him as wanting to be ‘impressively heroic’ which sounds bout right

What I did on Friday

* had a dream about kissing a boy

* woke up

* decided I wanted to kiss that boy

* asked him out

* he could not do the thing I suggested

* he invited me to a private party he was going to

* I go to said party

* we flirt for 2.5 hours

* he has not made a move

* I corner him

* I say (and this is a direct quote)

* “I find you attractive and I think you should kiss me tonight”

* his eyes widen in shock

* there is silence

* shit

* I fucked up

* “or not, if you’re not interested”

* I am pretending to be nonchalant

* I failed

* he says “I think you should kiss me tonight”

* !!!!!!

* there was much cuddling

* I wake up on Saturday morning with 3 hickeys and plans to see him again that night to watch a musical


Title: Once Was A Lost Girl ( Part 3 )
PART 1: http://once-upon-a-pan.tumblr.com/post/140174470776/title-once-was-a-lost-girl-pairing-pan-x-reader
PART 2: http://once-upon-a-pan.tumblr.com/post/140234509336/title-once-was-a-lost-girl-part-2-part-1
Pairing: Pan X Reader / Henry X reader 
Requested: Part 2 and 3 was requested 
Plot: you were close to pan, but never dating. Basically were but never talked about it, but when he died it tears you apart. A while after you and Henry start becoming closer. 
HINT: Henry is older in this story

Me and pan have been talking about everything, I told him about everything that happened. God, I missed him so much. I really don’t want to leave him again. He grabbed my hand, “ I’m glad I got to see you, I regret every decision I made because I lost you ” he said to me. “ I missed you way more ” then I hugged him, I missed his hugs, he always gave the best hugs. Every time he hugs me I just have this feeling, that I can trust him. Most people don’t understand but I know what I feel.

We stopped hugging and I smiled at him, I missed talking to pan. “ tell me about your dates with Henry? ” he asked me. “ um sure, well first date we went to the movies, we watched The Boy. It was extremely scary and I was terrified but in a good kinda terrified way ” I told him. He nodded his head. “ second date, we hanged out at granny’s and went for a walk by the park and that was our first kiss ” I told him, he started to tense. “ but let’s not talk about that, we only have who knows how long together? ” I say looking at him, trying not to cry. I always been tough but I lost that once pan died, he made me who I was and loosing him, I didn’t feel like myself.

“ let’s talk about how once you died I was an absolute wreck. I wouldn’t leave my bed, I’d cry everyday, if not all day. I couldn’t be strong no matter how hard I try, every time I remembered that you were gone, it made me feel worst. All I wanted was to see you. To get a chance to tell you how much you actually meant to me, how much it heart when you died ” I say looking up at him, knowing I’m tearing up. “ I’m really glad your standing in front of my right now ” I said and I could feel a tear fall down my face.

“ I love you Y/n, I always have. I never knew how to tell you. When I died and came here everyday I thought about you, how I was hoping you were moving on, I know you wouldn’t when I first died, I got that. I’m glad you went with Henry and tried to move on. You deserve to be happy and I could never do that for you. No matter how hard I tried to get out of here to see you, it never worked.. I missed you so much ” pan said and I hugged him.

We stopped hugging. “ I’m glad we could at least have this talk, cause it might be the last time we see each other ” I said to him.

“ Y/n, I need to talk to you” It was Henry.

“ yeah sure, one second pan ” I walked over to talk to Henry, I knew pan was tense once Henry came over to talk to me.

Me and Henry stopped walking and we looked at each other,

“ I don’t want to loose you ” Henry told me.

HEYO PART 3! Keep requesting who you want the reader to end up with! I’m not sure how many parts I’m just gonna go till there is a good place to stop if that makes sense haha, hope you enjoyed part 3! Keep an eye out for part 4 and keep requesting who the reader should end up with ❤️

Between me and you

Beta: @emptymasks
Characters/Pairing: Grindelwald Gellert, Newt Scamander (implied Grindelnewt)
Rating: T
Warnings: animal abuse, violence
Archived on: AO3
Summary: Newt goes back to the station to look for Credence. He isn’t the only one to do so.
A/N: Written to fantastic picture drawn by @mto-arthttp://mto-art.tumblr.com/post/158599709885/ It was a pleasure to watch how Mauw was drawing it ^^

Between you and me

Newt crouched behind a column, cursing himself for coming back to the subway. He was going to leave New York tomorrow and he had wanted to check the station again – a part of him still believed that a part of Credence could survive Aurors’ assault. There was a lot of space in his suitcase for Credence – or what was left of him – to live, without anyone having to know about it. Newt hadn’t even told Tina where he was going and right now he wished he had.

But who would have thought that MACUSA wouldn’t be able to hold Grindelwald for even twenty-four hours?

And apparently, Newt wasn’t the only one who had wanted to look for Credence.

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Drunken I Miss Yous // Part 2 (REQUEST)

Part One Here

(This is reaaaaallly short, but you wanted a part two so)

My heart stopped as I saw Justin’s name pop up on my phone, I could barely sleep last night because of everything. He had me wrapped around his finger once again. That’s what I hated about him, he had the capability to have me in the palm of his hands in seconds.


“Hey, uh, you were the only person I called last night, and I don’t remember anything… so uhm, sorry for whatever I said, haha.”

My stomach dropped.

“Oh, um, sure… It’s fine, no worries.” I chuckled nervously. Honestly, I was broken.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I-I’m fine,” I replied, wiping a tear that had fallen.

“Did I say something last night?”

“Well, uhm… you just told me some things, but it was nothing, really.”

I heard him sigh, “(Y/N), we might be broken up but that doesn’t mean I can’t read you like a book, what’s up?”

Exhaling loudly, I ran a hand through my hair, “You told me that you missed me, and that you still loved me… I told you to call me in the morning if you still felt the same, so I guess this conversation was just a little gutting.”  

“Fuck, babe, I’m sorry…”

“No, don’t babe me, Justin!” I exclaimed, “You’ve made yourself pretty clear so I’m gonna save myself the hurt.”

“Wait,” He said, “Can we meet up, to talk? I’m not saying anything is going to happen, but maybe we could be friends?”

“I’d rather not, have a good life, Justin.”