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Magical Carlos 4

Time for some angst…


Carlos found it strange that whenever he wants something, he’d mutter a spell from Mal’s spellbook, when he doesn’t even remember reading Mal’s spellbook more than once, and that was during their plan to steal the wand from the museum.

The strangest thing was him always getting tired after muttering the spell and the next day, the thing he wanted would be at the table or at the center of his room.

Because of it, he and Jay were always on guard, if there’s one thing to learn to survive in the isle, its to be on your feet always. Mal even had to resort to casting a spell on the boys’ dorm room to protect them from any assailant.

Some of the people of Auradon also drew the same conclusion, someone was trying to kill the VKs in Auradon Some just dismissed it as the VKs trying to get attention under the reasoning that “they were all good”.

With all the ruckus Ben and Fairy Godmother were even pulled into vigilance mode as the rate of the objects coming inside the room were troubling. They investigated and investigated only to found dead ends after dead ends.

Ben was pretty adamant not to use magic, and FG agreed. (Seriously, everything’s going to be solved once Magic is involved. sheesh)

Then months into the mysterious appearances of things, Carlos fell ill. He couldn’t get up, he’s pretty weak like all his strength left his body. It was like that one time Cruella was so angry at him that he couldn’t get up for days.

The doctors and nurses couldn’t find anything wrong with Carlos, his scars weren’t infected, he was in perfect health condition. It was then Jane convinced everyone to use magic to see what’s wrong with Carlos.

Jane reasoned out “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

Everyone was skeptical at first because for one Carlos wasn’t magical being unlike Mal or Jay. Or a sorceress-in-training like Evie. (She was to be trained to control her magic. Potions or no, she was still using her magic)

Mal immediately cast a spell on Carlos to see what was wrong. She didn’t even wait for Ben’s approval, but no one could deny the severity of the situation, even Fairy Godmother, who, for all intents and purposes should have stopped the half Fae from casting a spell, didn’t.

It was then revealed that Carlos was unconsciously using magic every time he used his computer, his cellphone, the TV in his room everything that was used to view things.

Mal, Evie and Jay we’re in denial land tho. They couldn’t believe that Carlos had some magical abilities, it was then realization struck them.

Evie and Mal immediately tried to confirm things about the 101 dalmatians story.

Its then revealed that the entire de Vil line were magical, but they have low magic reserves and they were only limited to one spell per week, and Carlos has been unconsciously doing it frequently, even when on the isle, even moreso now that he was off the isle.

In conclusion, Carlos was safe even if he was unconsciously pouring magic on the isle because it was dampened by the barrier, now outside, it was pouring out uncontrollably.

(Cruella’s conduits were her fur coats)

Mod Note: Oh my! Poor Carlos. That kind of hefty magic use would take a serious toll on his body.  And nah, I don’t see FG objecting to magic’s use if a student were at stake.