he wakes up trembling and with his heart aching

[Compliments To The Chef #10]

Series: Fairy Tail.
Pairing: Gajevy.
Setting: Restaurant/Chef/Roommates AU.
Rating: M for sexual content and language.
Other Chapters: HERE.

Summary: Budding chef Gajeel Redfox is about to get a taste for the phrase: “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen” when runaway Levy McGarden starts waiting tables at his restaurant – and living in his home.

A/N: Those of you following me will likely know of my uncomfortable predicament at home. Between personal issues, work and school I’ve had no time to do any writing. I’m really sorry about the wait. I hope this chapter is feelsy enough to make it up to you. // I asked my friend about the time she broke her wrist but, naturally, since I’ve never broken a bone I can only base this chapter on research and second-hand experiences. If there’s anything that seems off or peculiar with you, please let me know so I can correct it!

Your words are my food, your breath my wine. You are everything to me –  Sarah Bernhardt.

Chapter Ten: Food For Thought

Gajeel’s mother was smiling. The kind of smile she used when guilt and love warred inside her; when she longed to protect him but knew, in the deepest reaches of her mind, that there was nothing she could do. She shuffled quietly towards him, barefoot and timid in the muted light. Her eyes were soft and forgiving, shining like distant stars. 

‘You’re doing your best, aren’t you?’

Gajeel blinked. His hands felt so tiny, so fragile, as she took them into her own. She smoothed her thumbs over his knuckles, unravelling tension knotted deep within his muscles, and kissed the backs of his hands. His body felt strangely far away, as though he were watching the experience from the outside. 

‘I’m sorry,’ he said, afraid to meet her gaze. ‘It was my fault. You died because…’

His mother’s smile widened. ‘You’re a force to be reckoned with, my son,’ she said, brushing a hand through his hair, ‘but no single force, certainly not yours, can be held accountable for every tragedy.’

‘But I–’

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The first thing to rouse Sigurd from his sleep was the trembling of the body beside him.
He had always been a light sleeper, something that been quite an asset during times of war. But now the need to wake up at the slightest sound was long gone, and he often found himself cursing whenever a dog barking or a car horn in the distance startled him out of a usually peaceful sleep.
Tonight, though, he was glad for it. It only took a few moments for his sleep-fogged mind to put together what it was that had woken him up.

Sitting up slowly, the Norwegian turned to the trembling form beside him, heart aching as he heard a soft whimper escape your lips. He spoke softly, as not to startle you.

“Darling, what is the matter?”

“N- nothing, Sigurd.. I- I’m sorry I woke you..” came a choked reply.

The blonde frowned, and wrapped his arm around you slowly, pulling you easily into his chest.

“You don’t need to lie.. I am here for you, my love.”

His soothing words easily broke down the brave demeanour you were trying to keep up, and a sob left you lips as you held your lover tight, trembling more as you pressed your face in to his neck.
Sigurd rubbed slow circles against your back, whispering gentle words and kissing your temple as you managed to calm down enough to speak- to tell him of the horrible, horrible nightterror that had plagued your sleep. Nightmares were something the blonde was all too familiar with, and it pained him that yours had been vivid enough to wake you with hot tears running down your soft cheeks.

Once you had finished explaining as best you could in your state, Sigurd began to hum softly, still rubbing circles against your back. He always seemed to know what to do to soothe you.
“I’m here… I will keep you safe.” Sigurd whispered, his gentle voice lulling you back to sleep ever so slowly “I’m here, love.. I’m here.”

It didn’t take long now for you to fall asleep now, with your face still tucked in against Sigurd’s neck and his arms curled around you.
He listened as your breathing changed from shaky and fast, to a slow and steady rhythm. A ghost of a sleepy smile came to his lips.
Soon enough, the two of you were once again fast asleep, feeling content and safe in each others arms.

~ Mod Selkie

Catalyst - Chapter Three

Holding On

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Rishi General Hospital was old, originally built before the first quirk appeared. Its state-of-the-art facilities and role as a teaching hospital for the nearby medical school brought in patients and students from across Japan. It quickly grew as it kept pace with the ever-changing nature of humanity. The multiple interconnected medical buildings, pristine landscaping, and parking lots spanned across two whole city blocks.

On the southwest corner stood the original building, squat in comparison to its surroundings at only three floors high. Under the gray sky, the faded brick walls and cracked paint around the windows gave the building the aura of something forgotten. A plain sign hung above the first floor door that simply read: “Storage.”

Naomasa climbed out of his car, raising his badge as he passed the police blockade. Lights flashed from the squad cars lining the road, and a cold wind rustled the police tape surrounding the storage building. A small, scattered crowd gathered along the outside of the barrier, the majority of them wearing scrubs. Nurses and doctors glanced around, speaking to each other in low voices and shrugs.

A group of officers and a couple forensic techs, tool cases in hand, gathered by a short stairwell. Two officers emerged, climbing up the stairs. Between them was a small woman, her head held high and thin lips pursed in a defiant frown despite her ragged appearance. She wore pale pink scrubs and her silvery hair fell from her disheveled bun in flyaway strands. There was a nasty, purple bruise on her temple.

Naomasa watched them pass, spotting the specialized plastic cuffs pinning the woman’s arms behind her back.  

“Sansa,” Naomasa called out.

Officer Tamakawa’s ears swiveled back, and he turned. After a brief greeting, Sansa led Naomasa down the stairs.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I really like the dark Harry stories. It's quite funny to see people think Harry as some criminal in stories, but its hot. So can you write an imagine where he is a gang leader, and the girl gets kidnapped.

A/N: I didn’t want to make this too dark so I had to make it with a happy ending haha (This kind of makes me want to write a dark Harry fic.) This is kind of dark so if you don’t really like that kind of stuff don’t read it. 

“Keep her quiet or Harry will kill us,” a figure said in a hushed tone. He was covered in black from head to toe with a hood pulled up over his head. Another male had his hand covering my mouth while two others led you out of your bedroom and down the hall. You had no clue how they had gotten into your house or why they were here but all you did know was that you were mortified. Your hands were trembling and your heart was racing a million miles a minute and all you wanted to do was wake up from this horrible nightmare.

But this was no nightmare. This was reality. Your chest hurt and your heart ached to be back in your bed and away from this chaos. Hot tears began to pour down your cheeks as you were escorted into a black van. Where were they taking me and what were they going to do to me? Was all you could manage to think. The thoughts themselves were too painful to bear.

You continued to cry silently while you were held against your will by the two men on either side of you. “Hey now,” one of them said menacingly with a sly grin sprawled across his face. “Don’t cry. We’ll take care of you baby.” He said in a soft tone and he trailed his lips down your cheek. You shuddered at his touch. He was vile. They all were and you wanted to go home.

A few minutes later you the car pulled into a long driveway that led to an abandoned house that was practically secluded from all forms of life. You took in a deep breath and closed your eyes as you were hauled out of the car and into the building.

When inside the smell of pot filled your senses and caused you to cough at the pungent odor. A deep booming laughter came from across the room which caused you to jump. A tall brown haired man walked towards you and he snickered when he saw your tear stained cheeks. A blunt was held between two of his fingers and he pressed the end to his lips and blew a puff of smoke into the air. The two men that were once holding you let go and the tall man stroked his finger down your cheek.

“Hello gorgeous,” he said in a deep husky voice. His eyes narrowed and scanned down your body making you feel uncomfortable and violated. “We’re going to have a good time don’t you worry your pretty little face.” He said softly and his full lips came in contact with your neck. You shuddered at his touch and he pulled your body up against his. “Don’t shy away baby.” He said while pressing the blunt to his lips once again.

The two men that once were constraining you walked back into another room leaving you alone with this man. The same man you concluded was the dreaded Harry the others were talking about when they first captured you. 

“What should we do hmmm?” He said with a devious smirk. He tossed the tiny remainder of the blunt onto the cement floors and stomped it out with his boot. “I think I have an idea don’t you baby?” He quickly grabbed you by the belt loops of your jeans and pressed you up against a brick wall. His hand slid up your shirt and rested on your bare stomach as his lips trailed up your neck. You tried to fight him off of you but his strength was too much for you to handle. “No no no we aren’t doing that.” He said in response to your attempts of fighting him off. He pinned your arms above your head and his lips connected with your jaw. His hand slid up your shirt and stopped right beneath your breast. You closed your eyes and prayed that it would be over soon but all of a sudden you heard a door knock in followed by loud footsteps. 

“Freeze! This is the police!” Almost immediately twenty or so men stormed throughout the abandoned house. Two quickly came over to you and Harry and pulled him off of you. Harry cursed and spat violent things out at them as they pushed him up against the wall to handcuff him. You quickly moved away from the wall you were once backed up against and hid behind one of the other officers. 

“You motherfucking pieces of shit I will fucking murder you. Do you fucking hear me? You’re dead. Fucking dead.” He spat as he was escorted out of the building. Once all of the men were out of the building an officer approached you.

“You’re safe now,” he said in a calm voice. He took off his police jacket and quickly draped it over your shoulders. “You’re safe." 

"W-Who are they?” You managed to say as the officer walked with you out of the building.

“One of the worst gangs around this area. One of the members was an officer undercover. We’ve been wanting to catch these guys for months now.” He said and quickly stopped speaking once he realized he gave away too much information. 

He helped you into the back of a police car so you could be escorted back home but before you got in you saw Harry. An officer was ducking his head down so he could get inside the back of one of the cars and he caught sight of you. He winked at you and then was driven away.

The officer noticed Harry and said, “Don’t worry about him. He’ll never see the light of day again." You nodded at his words. You could only hope that they were true.

Forever (Jungkook) - BTS Imagines

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Wordcount: 2088 words

Requested by: angel-bliss-universe

The sunlight shone lightly through the white curtains. Bird chirp could be slightly heard. It was a fine morning.  

“Good morning, Jagi~”

You slowly opened your eyes, seeing your cute boyfriend in front of you smiling at you. You smiled back, gently pushed yourself up and moved closer to him, and he pulled you closer into his arms. You reached out to touch his fluffy hair.

“Good morning, Jungkookie~”

“Where shall we go today?”

“What about the park? I want to see the swans!” You replied excitedly.

He caressed your cheek lightly, “You’re so cute whenever you’re excited.” You pouted, and sat up. You went to clean and dress yourself, then you’d prepare something for breakfast when it’s his turn to take his morning bath. You two had your breakfast, and walked to the park.

“Look at the black one, Kookie! It’s spreading its wings!” He looked at it, and he smiled at you. The two of you loved to walk together whenever the weather is nice, especially in Spring. Colorful flowers grow everywhere – everything’s perfect. You had your boyfriend beside you, a nice weather for your day, you’re happy. You couldn’t ask for more.

Every day would be perfect if you could spend it with your boyfriend. He’d sing for you, he’d dance for you. Waking up together, having breakfast together, playing together, lazing around together with your boyfriend.. The world seemed as if it was made only for the two of you.

Every morning, your boyfriend would ask where you want to go. You’d answer many different places you wanted to go with him. It was heaven; those days were filled with smiles and laughter. Love? Affection? You had it all. You were blessed. You were the luckiest girl in the world. You were happy.

Sometimes you’d wake up without your boyfriend beside you. It must be his work, he’d get up early and went to work. He sometimes would get super busy. But you would never complain, because you trusted him. You’d wait for him to come back, while you would also do something to do better in your studies.


Your boyfriend has been a little busy lately. You weren’t bothered by it, as you were also busy with your assignments. You’d sometimes feel dizzy, maybe due to your irregular sleep lately. You’d sometimes stay up so late just to finish your assignments quickly, so you’d be free to spend your time with your boyfriend whenever he comes to stay with you. You knew it was always worth it.

You heard a knock on the door. You skipped to the door, opening it with a wide smile on your face.

“I’m back, Jagi.”

You hugged him tight, telling that you missed him so much repeatedly. It’s been a week since you last saw him. You both went in and you made his favorite macchiato for him.

“Jagi.. Are you okay? You look kinda pale, you know?”

He approached you, placing the back of his hand on your forehead and your neck.  

“I’m okay, Kookie! I’m just a little tired. Assignments have been nasty lately..”

“Really?” He raised his left eyebrow. You put your hands on his cheeks, lightly pinching them.

“Yeah, don’t worry.” You smiled.

Days would pass like how it should be. You’d still sleep late, and it made your headache worse. Jungkook would visit you every day. He’d ask if you’re okay, placing his back hand on your forehead, and you’d always tell him that you’re okay.


You felt dizzy again. It was nastier than before, this time your head began stinging. You tried to hide it from your boyfriend. You turned around, and walked away from him. You took a few steps, and you felt that you began losing your balance.


Your boyfriend caught you. Your head would hit the corner of the table if he wasn’t there to hold you.

“Kookie, I’m oka-“

“No, you’re not okay. Let’s go to the doctor to have you checked up.”


“No ‘buts’. I’m taking you to the doctor.”

He drove you to the hospital. You believed that rest would be enough to make you better. You believed that your boyfriend was overreacting. You’re fine, you’re okay! You thought to yourself. After your name was called, you and your boyfriend went inside the doctor’s room and the doctor began checking your condition.

“Is she alright, doc?”

You waited the doctor’s answer patiently. Even though you had told yourself that you were fine, the nervous feeling got you.

“I think you need to have yourself checked whether you have cancer or not. The dizziness you’ve been having, Ms. Y/N, is not ordinary. You better be careful.”

You couldn’t believe what the doctor has just said. What? Cancer? Are you kidding me? You turned to see Jungkook. His expression darkened. C’mon, Kookie. You can’t just believe the doctor that easy. He must be mistaken.

You didn’t say anything. Jungkook went to the lab with you. After they took your blood and told you guys could come tomorrow for the result, the two of you went home without saying anything on the road. Neither of you started a conversation. It was dead silent, even after you have arrived home.

“Kookie.. Say something.” You finally gave up being silent after thirty minutes.

“Everything’s gonna be alright,” he smiled at you. His smile made your heart skip a beat. It was a sweet yet a bitter smile. He tried to smile for you. You plopped yourself down on the bed, Jungkook followed soon after. He pulled you closer to him, you placed your hands on his chest. You could feel his racing heartbeat. You sighed.


“Jagiya.. Let’s continue tomorrow, shall we? Let’s get some sleep now.”

You closed your eyes. This nightmare will end soon, you thought. Everything will be alright if Kookie’s with me. It wasn’t long for you to fall asleep..


You opened your eyes. Jungkook was still asleep, with his hand on your side and his other hand between his head and the pillow. You watched his innocent sleeping face. You placed your hand lightly on his cheek, caressing it with your thumb.

“Are you awake..?” You whispered.

He smiled, with eyes closed. He leaned in to kiss your forehead. Oh, how you wish you could stay forever like this. You placed your head on his chest. His breathing made your head moving up and down along his chest.

“Jagi.. We need to take the lab result.”

You stopped breathing for a moment. So it wasn’t a nightmare after all. You, still believing that the doctor was wrong, got up confidently. After having breakfast together, you and your boyfriend went to the hospital, again.

Jungkook took the result in an envelope. He didn’t open it.

“Let’s go home.”

“You’re not going to open it here?”

He didn’t answer. Instead, he held your hand and pulled you gently, while his other hand was carrying the stupid envelope. You walked together back to the car.

Neither of you said anything. It was dead silent along the road. Even after you arrived home, he still didn’t say anything. You threw yourself on the couch, staring at him and the envelope. You gestured him to come and sit down beside you.

He slowly opened the envelope and pulled the paper out carefully. You shivered after you actually read what’s written on the paper.

Wow, what a drama.

It can’t be cured anymore?

One month. That’s all I have left?

You turned to look at Jungkook. He was somewhat.. expressionless.


He turned to look at you.

“It’s not too late yet,” you smiled slightly. “I can leave before everything gets too deep.” You continued with your heart starting to ache. It might be sad for you, but you believed that it would be the best for Jungkook. He didn’t deserve this. He could find someone else, and live a long, happy life.


Jungkook crouched in front of you and held your hands. You tried your best to hold your tears.

“We’ve been together for so long. I don’t want you to leave, Y/N.”

You looked down. You didn’t dare to see his face. Everything’s getting blurry as your tears were filling your eyes. You couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“Kookie.. I really don’t want to be a burden to you.” You cried harder.

He reached out to hold your cheeks and wiped your tears.

“Don’t say that, Jagi. You are not a burden, and will never be.”

Those words didn’t make you stop crying. Instead, you cried even harder. He hugged your weak body.

“Don’t cry anymore,” He said while still hugging you tight. You could feel his shaking hands on your back. You could hear his trembling voice. It made your heart ache so bad that you wanted to scream.

“I promise I’ll always make you happy. Please stay, don’t leave me.” He continued.

You nodded and hugged him back. The two of you stayed like this until you finally calmed down.


Another fine morning to wake up to. Your boyfriend was always by your side since that time. You didn’t care what day is it anymore. Jungkook threw your calendar away. It’s not like you mind about it either. He didn’t leave you for work. You’d want to ask him about it, but you didn’t dare to.

He’d always make you smile and laugh. He’d always cheer you up, he wouldn’t leave you alone and would never let you think about anything other than being happy with him.

He’d sing for you, like he always did, he took you to many beautiful places you’ve never been before and you would spend the whole day with him. It was the ultimate heaven on earth. It made you really happy. Slowly, you didn’t care about anything else besides being with your boyfriend. He made you feel whole, He’d always fill your days with love. He’d always hug you when you were sleeping, he’d always kiss your forehead after you woke up. You didn’t bother going to college anymore. You only wanted to spend your last days with him. That’s all.

“Kookie, what do you want to eat?”

“Anything is fine, Jagi. It’s all up to you.” He replied you with a big smile on his face.

You smiled back, and you ordered your favorite menu. This was the first time you went to the famous Jeju Island with your boyfriend. The air was so refreshing and it was very peaceful. The scenery was breathtaking. The plains were covered with pretty yellow flowers, the beautiful beaches could be seen clearly from the restaurant.  The clear blue sky and warm sunlight made everything so perfect. The breeze made the flowers and your hair sway lightly. After having breakfast, he took you to the beach.

The sound of the waves, the sand covering your feet, your boyfriend beside you, it all felt as if you were dreaming. It all felt so magical. You held your boyfriend’s arm and rested your head on his shoulder as the two of you walked on the beach slowly.


You smiled just by hearing his soft voice. You hummed to let him know that you were listening. He kissed your head, wrapping you in his arm.


He turned to look at you. You could see your perfect boyfriend standing right before you, smiling innocently. You smiled back.

“I’m really happy, Kookie. I really can’t describe it. I.. I really love you. I love you so much.”

“I know, Y/N. I know.”

You held out your hands to hold his face. You slowly caressed his cheeks, he leaned to kiss you and you kissed him back. You slowly parted your lips from his, and you hugged him tight.

“Kookie.. Thank you so much. Thank you for everything.” You said in a low voice.

“…Jagi?” He called you. Your hands weakened.

“Jagi?!” He called you for the second time in panic. You could hear his faint voice, but you couldn’t even open your eyes anymore.

He carried you bridal style to the car, driving you to the nearest hospital.

You could slightly hear everything, but you couldn’t do anything about it. You could hear his voice, calling your name many, many times. The doctors did everything they could to save you, while Jungkook kept banging the doors as he cried out.


Time of death, 01:37 p.m.


Don’t cry, Kookie. You’ve made me the happiest person on earth.

Thank you.


many plots came into mind but i thought this one was the best to describe “keeping his significant other the happiest while he struggles alone.”  I kept thinking about many different plots, but nothing fluff popped out. so…. Gosh, it’s quite long, but i hope you guys enjoy it.

CRY WITH ME /i did cry when writing it omg im the worst

Broken Promise (Part Three)

Description: Caught in an abusive relationship, Y/n struggles to find a way out.

TW: Abuse/references to abuse

A/N: This is part three of the Broken Promise series. It will be featuring much more of Sam x Y/n. I’d highly recommend reading the first two parts before reading this one (if you haven’t already).

Read Part One Here

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The first time Will hits you, it’s almost like he feels worse than you do. He looked apologetic even as his open palm was slamming into the side of your face. When you hit the ground, he was already lifting you up, spouting off apologies, promising that he didn’t mean it, he never meant to hurt you, he’ll never do it again he promises.

You even believed him.

It took two months before he did it again. That time he blamed the alcohol. It was one too many beers with the guys. He didn’t mean to. He was sorry. He was always sorry.

And that night you’d laid in bed with him curled around you protectively, holding the ice pack to your already swollen eye. Tears fell, but you ignored them. Fear coiled like a spring in your stomach, but you ignored that, too.  It was Will. He was a good guy. He was the guy watching your back on hunts; the one who always sounded so scared when you got separated. He was more afraid of you getting hurt than you were.

That was a lie. What he was, was a fantastic actor.

After the third time, Will learned to stop hitting you where the bruises would show. Instead you were left with the dark outlines of his fingers in the soft skin of your wrist, the dark purple discoloration of a boot driven into your side.

In a way, it was almost funny. You’d heard stories of abusive relationships, seen photographs of black eyes and broken ribs and the obvious marks of strangulation. You’d seen how far it could escalate. And you’d always wondered why they didn’t just get out, why they didn’t fight back, get help, take the bastard down.

You think you understand now.

And it’s that understanding that leads you to it. It’s the knowledge that you’re trapped. It’s the knowledge that Will is going to break you. It’s the knowledge that Will would sooner kill you than let you go.

That’s what drives you to call Sam.

You keep the conversation brief. You give him a time, and a place, and try to keep the tremor out of your voice when you ask him to be there.

“Y/n, what’s going on?” he asks. “What’s wrong? What aren’t you telling me?” And damn him for knowing you that well, even after all this time.

“Please,” you whisper, because Will can’t know you’re making this call. He might be passed out on your bed. You might be locked in the bathroom. The shower, sink, fan, and heater may all be running, but you know he could still hear you.

The bruises across your stomach are a testament to that.

“I’ll be there,” Sam assures you, but you can still hear the worry in his voice, the doubt. You know you’re scaring him.

“Thank you.” You hang up quickly.

Standing in front of the sink, you wipe the fog off of the mirror with a shaking hand. You look in this mirror every day, but you still aren’t convinced the person looking back is you. The eyes are the right shade of e/c, but they’re too dull, too frightened to be yours. The face is your face - same shape, same angles and curves - but the cheeks are sunken in now. The dark circles beneath your eyes look almost like the bruises you’re so familiar with.

You have to get out.

After taking several shuddering breaths, you splash some cold water on your face, turn off the faucets, and unlock the bathroom door.

Will is still out cold, empty bottle on the nightstand next to him, and you let out a breath you didn’t realize you were holding.

You walk slowly over to the bed, knowing that if he wakes up and you aren’t next to him you’ll pay for it. You lower yourself gingerly onto the mattress, curling into a ball, making yourself as small as you can. You know you won’t sleep, not tonight. The ache in your body, the tremble in your limbs, and the constant hammering of your heart against your rib cage make sleep impossible.

It’s amazing how long a person can stay awake when fear refuses to leave them.

Next to you, Will starts to stir. Your entire body tenses. He rolls over and snakes an arm around your waist, tugging you up against his chest.

“Y/n,” he murmurs in your ear, whiskey still on his breath. He presses a sloppy kiss against your neck. You try not to shudder, squeezing your eyes shut against the tears. “Know you’re awake.”

You force yourself to lie as still as possible.

“’M sorry ‘bout earlier,” he slurs. “You know I didn’t mean it, don’t you? I’m jus’ tryin’ to make you better. Jus’ want you to follow the rules.” His hand starts to slide beneath the hem of your T-shirt and you grab his wrist, biting your lower lip so hard it bleeds.

“Stupid bitch.” Will grabs your arms and flips you easily, grabbing your chin with bruising strength to force you to look at him. His eyes are watery, unfocused. “You’re mine. You do what I say. You don’t have a choice.” He kisses you then, tongue forcing its way into your mouth roughly, and you push against his chest.

“Will, please,” you gasp. “Stop. Please stop.” You push harder, forcing him off of you, and he lurches to his feet, away from the bed.

“Stupid bitch,” he snaps. “Stupid, stupid bitch.” He staggers out of the room, muttering.

Stupid stupid bitch.

And you pray that Sam can save you.


The diner you meet him at is one you’re all too familiar with. You and Sam came here all the time before … before. When you push the door open, the bell chimes over your head, and you’re met with the scent of pancakes so large they spill over the edges of the plate and coffee so strong the scent could cure hangovers.

Sam is already sitting at your usual booth - the red-upholstered seats in the back corner near the window. Your breath catches a little at the sight of him. His hair is already longer than you remembered. He never did want to get it cut. There’s something unfamiliar about his face, too. More lines, less smile. A haunted look you recognize because it’s the same look your reflection gives you.

When Sam looks up, his eyes meet yours and he is quick to get to his feet. You make your way over to him.

“Y/n. Hey.” There’s a touch of something in his voice - hope, maybe? - but when he reaches for you, either to take your hand or touch your shoulder, you flinch away from him. His brow furrows. “What’s going on? You were a little … vague over the phone.”

You open your mouth to respond and find you don’t really have the words. How do you explain this? How do you tell him about the fucked up life you’ve created for yourself?

“Can we sit down?” you ask quietly, and part of you wonders when your voice became so timid.

“Sure. Yeah, of course.” 

You slide into the booth, trying not to wince at the way the movement pulls at your side. Sam watches you with a poorly concealed frown, waiting until you’re settled before taking his seat across from you.

For a long moment, the two of you are silent. You rub your arm absentmindedly as you stare at the menu. It’s warm in the diner, too warm for the gray turtle-neck you’re wearing, but you haven’t worn anything less covering in weeks. Too easy for the marks to show that way.

Donna, the waitress you think must live in the diner, approaches your table with a grin. “Y/n. Sam.” Her smile broadens. “Been a while since I’ve seen you two here. Thought you might’ve gotten lost. You want your usuals?”

Sam smiles, handing Donna his menu. “That’d be great, Donna.”

“Two sets of pancakes and a can of whipped cream coming right up. I’ll get the coffee, too. We both know how cranky Y/n can be without her morning coffee!” At this, Donna offers the two of you a wink that has Sam chuckling and you staring down at your lap. Donna frowns for a moment, but quickly tucks her pen behind her ear and bustles off.

And again, you’re silent.

“So,” Sam starts slowly. The weight of his gaze is heavy. “How have you-”

“Sam, I’m in trouble.” The words come tumbling out, surprising the both of you.

Sam straightens instantly. “How?”

“I - I don’t - I can’t-” And suddenly you’re crying because you don’t know what to say. You don’t know how to tell him, you just know that you’re desperate. You just know that Sam is your only chance now.

You don’t care about the past.

Sam will protect you. Like always.

“Hey, hey.” His hands are warm as they cover your own, thumb rubbing gently across the back of your hand. You didn’t even realize your hands were shaking until you’re met with Sam’s steadiness. “Y/n. Talk to me.”

You close your eyes, shaking your head.

“Y/n.” He squeezes your hands, and it’s been so long since anyone has touched you like this. Since anyone’s hands have come near you with the intention to comfort instead of hurt. “Tell me what’s wrong. You have to talk to me so I can help you.”

When you look up, you’re met with his familiar brown eyes. Even full of concern, full of worry, they still manage to calm you somehow. The trembling starts to still, the sobs to quiet.

But you still can’t just tell him. You can’t just come out and say this.

So you pull one hand out of his grip and push up your sleeve.

The bruises from last night are garishly dark on your wrist, the outlines of each of Will’s fingers clearly visible. Further up your forearm the marks have started to fade, but they’re still there.

Sam’s entire body stills, jaw clenching.


“Will,” you whisper.

Sam is already on his feet, snatching his jacket off of the back of his seat. “Come on.” His voice is calm, but there is cold fury in every word.

“Where are we going?”

“We’re going to pick up Dean. And then you’re going to tell me where I can find this bastard.” His expression softens as he offers you his hand. “I’m going to take care of this. He’s not going to hurt you again. I promise.”

And when you place your hand in his, you almost believe him.


“Are we sure he’s in there?” Dean asks from the driver’s seat of the Impala. After Sam explained the situation, the oldest Winchester had been all too happy to help.

“His truck is still here,” you reply. “We’ve been living together and he was drunk last night. I doubt he’s even awake.”

Dean shakes his head. “Asshole.” 

You don’t respond.

Sam pushes open his door, eyes locked on the door to your apartment. “Let’s go.”

Both of the brothers grab pistols from the trunk of the car before Sam leads the way across the street, taking the stairs to your door three at a time. “You okay?” Dean asks as you follow, pitching his voice low.

“I want this to be over.”

He nods. “It will be.”

Once the three of you are at your door, Sam turns to you. “Why don’t you let us in, Y/n.” His tone is light, probably for your benefit, but there’s no mistaking the look in his eyes. It’s the same look he gets whenever you’re on a hunt.

Your hand shakes as you try to fit the key in the lock. It’s only when Sam’s hand closes over yours that you manage to open the door.

Will is sitting on the couch, head snapping up when he hears you enter. He gets to his feet, striding quickly across the room with his hand already raised. “Y/n, where the hell have you-”

Sam’s fist slams into Will’s jaw, sending the man staggering. Before Will can recover, Sam grabs him by the arm and twists violently, the sharp crack of Will’s shoulder dislocating echoing strangely in the room. Will screams, falling to the ground, and Sam kicks him in the side.

You watch it all with tears in your eyes, biting down on the back of your hand to keep yourself from screaming. Dean wraps a protective arm around your shoulders, trying to get you to turn away from the scene, but you’re frozen.

“That’s how you like to do things, huh?” Sam snarls, kicking Will again. “You beat people to get what you want? Leave bruises where they won’t show to keep your victims scared?” Sam is on top of him now, hitting his face over and over again. “What about these bruises, Will? Think these will show?”

“Sam.” Your voice is barely more than a whisper, but you need him to stop. You can’t watch this, not anymore. “Sam, stop.”

He doesn’t hear you.

“You’re a hunter.” Smack. “You’re supposed to kill the monsters.” Smack. “You’re not supposed to be one.” Smack.

Sammy, please.”

“Sammy.” Dean’s voice is loud enough to get his brother’s attention. Sam freezes, chest heaving as he looks up at the two of you, bloody fist still raised. “He’s had enough.”

For a moment, you don’t think Sam is going to listen. He looks into your eyes and there’s something almost feral in his gaze.

Then he scrambles to his feet, hauling Will up by the collar.

“Get the hell out of here,” Sam snaps, shoving Will toward the door. Dean is quick to maneuver the two of you out of the way. “Get out of here and don’t you dare come back. And if you lay another hand on Y/n - no. If you even look at Y/n again, I will put a bullet in your head.”

At least Will is smart enough to run.

Sam slams the door shut behind him. He braces his hands against the wood and bows his head for a long moment, tension visible in every taut muscle of his back. 

Then he turns to you, and the murder in his gaze is gone now. Now it’s just pain, and fear, and worry, and love. Love you didn’t realize you’d been aching for.

“He’s gone.” Sam’s voice is thick. “He’s gone, Y/n.”

You step forward into Sam’s arms, sobbing.


Two weeks later.

The bruises have faded now, almost completely. The circles under your eyes are fading. You still have nightmares - dreams of Will with his hands around your throat - but they’re growing less frequent.

You’re healing.

The Winchesters are keeping a close eye on you. For the first week, the brothers camped outside of your apartment in case Will tried to come back. Dean calls about every other day, making sure your ex hasn’t been lurking around and reminding you that if anyone can get away with the perfect murder, it’s him and Sam.

You don’t know what to make of you and Sam. You’re not together. Not exactly. Not officially, at least. He calls you every night, and texts you almost constantly. He stops by every other day to check in with you. You’ve started getting breakfast together at the diner again.

But the wounds from before are still deep. You’re trying. You really are. You’re trying to build up your faith in Sam again. You’re just not quite ready. You aren’t ready to start over with him.

You stand in your small kitchen, humming to yourself as you stir the soup you have simmering on the stove. It’s a chilly autumn day, the perfect kind of weather for soup.

There’s a knock on the door.

“Coming, Sam!” you call. You turn the stove off and head for the door, ladle still in hand. You weren’t expecting Sam to get here this early, but you’ll be glad to see him nonetheless.

When you open the door, you find Will leaning casually against the doorframe.

“Hey Y/n.”

And you move.

You throw the ladle at Will as hard as you can, trying to slam the door shut. He wedges his foot in the gap, laughing at your struggle.

“What’s the matter, baby? Thought you’d be glad to see me.” He shoves his way into the room, the door nearly knocking you off your feet.

You back away from him. “Stay away from me,” you gasp. “You stay away from-”

Will grabs you by the hair and throws you to the ground. You cry out as he kicks you, trying to desperately to crawl away.

“Where you going, Y/n?” He grabs your ankle and pulls you back. “We have so much catching up to do.” Grasping both of your legs, Will flips you onto your back and then straddles you, easily catching your wrists and pinning them to the floor. He grins down at you, but there is no warmth in the expression. “Oh Y/n, I’ve missed you.”

When he lowers his head to kiss your neck, you bite his ear as hard as you can, driving your knee up to slam into his groin.

Will shouts, grabbing his ear with one hand, and you use that to your advantage, shoving him off of you as hard as you can.

You scramble to your feet, sprinting down the hall to your bedroom, slamming the door shut behind you. You fumble with the lock and then turn to your desk, pushing it in front of the door.

“Y/n!” Something solid slams into the door. “Open the fucking door!”

Your cell phone is charging on your nightstand. You rip it free of the cord, dialing Sam’s number as you slip into the bathroom and lock that door as well.

Sam picks up quickly.

“Hey, Y/n. I was just about to-”

“Sam, help me! He’s here!” 

His reaction is immediate. “Hang tight, Y/n.” You hear the Impala’s engine through the phone. “We’re on our way.”


You cringe out the sound of your ex’s voice, at the way his footsteps stomp through your apartment. There’s the sound of breaking glass and you shudder.

“Y/n! Open the door you bitch!”

“Sam,” you sob. “Sam, please hurry.”

“We’re coming. Y/n, just stay on the line with me. We’re only a few minutes out. Stay on the phone with me until we get there.”

“I’m going to kill you! Do you hear that, Y/n? I’m going to kill you!”

You scream when you hear him pounding on the door, rummaging through your vanity for anything you can use as a weapon.

“Y/n, what’s happening?”

“Sam, hurry!”

You drop the phone, lifting your scale off the bathroom floor and raising it above your head.

He kicks the door, wood splintering beneath the heel of his boot.


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Preference 12 - You Have A Nightmare

Derek – You rubbed your bare arms to warm you and give your hands something to do as you stood outside Derek’s loft door debating on whether or not to knock. The debate was pointless though as it noisily slid open to reveal a shirtless, half asleep Derek. Your mouth dried up as you opened it to speak and your eyes focused on the naked chest that belonged on a statue of a Greek God and not on the one werewolf you like.

“What’s wrong?”

Flicking your eyes up to Derek’s you hoped that he didn’t notice, but the slight smirk resting on his lips told you otherwise; you cleared your throat and hugged your body closer, “Can I – uh come in?”

His brow furrowed but he stepped aside nonetheless to let you in and while you went to take a seat on the couch he went to – much to your dismay – put on a shirt. After that he went into the kitchen he made during some down time and grabbed you two some water, “So why are you here?”

You took a sip before answering, “I had a – uhm a nightmare.”

“And you came here?”

Your cheeks flushed as you realized you would have to admit what was really freaking you out about the nightmare, “In the nightmare, you died and it was my fault.”

Derek tilted his head, still clearly confused, “I don’t understand what coming here would do…you understand it was a nightmare, that it wasn’t real right?”

“Yeah of course I know it wasn’t real but it felt real okay? And it was scary seeing you look like that and I still see it whenever I close my eyes!”

Derek stood up and made his way over to you slowly, “I’m fine, I’m here and alive, okay? You don’t have to wo-“

“Don’t,” you cut him with a hard glare, “Don’t tell me not to worry about you. You’re not invincible Derek and I will worry about anyone and everyone I care for, especially with the life we have.”

He nodded his head stiffly then placed his hands on your arms, sliding them up and down to comfort you, “Fine, you win, you can worry about me. I just want you to know that if I do ever die it’ll be because I made a choice that lead to it, nothing you ever do will end up getting me killed okay?”

“In my dream it really was my fault though, god it was horrible…you looked – you looked so – “

There was a lump in your throat and a knot growing in your stomach at the memory. You didn’t notice that your hands had grabbed onto Derek’s forearm and dug your nails into his skin; your mind was trapped in the nightmare again.

“You usually look so big and strong, immovable. I’ve gotten so used to having you be something sturdy that seeing you so weak and scared just destroyed me. You died in my arms Derek, it may not have been real but it can still do some damage.”

Derek brought you into his chest, your hands falling from his arms to clench at his soft shirt, and his palm rubbing the space between your shoulder blades, “Y/N I’m right here, safe and sound in this crappy loft. Its gonna be okay, we’re all gonna be okay.”

You knew it was stupid to ask, no one could know if you would wake up in your own bed the next morning much less know if you would live through the next hour, but false hope was still hope and it would get you through the night so you went ahead with it anyway.

With your words muffled by his chest you asked the dumbest question you’ve ever asked in your life, “You promise?”

And Derek was just as dumb with his response but he needed you to be okay, “I promise.”

Scott – It was hard to find sleep at night, especially if you weren’t home 80% of the time, the other 20% you were up doing the homework you’ve missed through the week. It was one of those rare days when you knew nothing bad was going to happen, it was a nice weight lifted off your shoulders but instead of enjoying it with friends outside, you’re in your living room with Scott studying for the SATs.

You’re eyelids were getting heavier with each passing moment, and Scott was too busy looking over his answers in the book to take notice of your lack of consciousness. It wasn’t until half an hour later when he heard your heart rate pick up did he take his eyes off the pages in front of him. He looked to his left to see your head resting on your folded arms on the top of the kitchen table, your hands twitching and eyelids flinching at whatever you were dreaming about. Scott would’ve thought it was peaceful but he knew with your racing heartbeat it wasn’t.

You shot up suddenly, hitting the back of your chair so hard you almost fell backwards but you caught yourself on the edge of the table. You whipped your head from side to side as you let the fact that you were in your kitchen sink in. You took a deep breath but choked on it when you felt a warm hand on top of yours and your eyes flashed up to lock with soft brown ones.

You blinked twice before your shoulders sagged, “Oh god you’re okay.”

Flipping your hand, you slipped your fingers between his and squeezed while Scott’s free hand went to cup your jaw and let his thumb trace over the skin of your cheek.

“Yeah, I’m okay, I’m just fine…are you?”

A stifled chuckle made its way past your lips, “Getting there.”

Your other hand made its way to cover the one that was holding yours and you turned your head so you could press a kiss to his palm.

“Wanna tell me about it?”

“We were fighting the Berserkers and it happened so fast, you were alive and then your weren’t and I just – you – I can’t – “

“I’m alive alright, you have nothing to worry about okay?”

You nodded before your eyes landed on the SAT book still resting on the table in front of Scott and you groaned, “They killed you with that book actually.”

And suddenly you broke out into a fit of laughter, the fear of Scott dying was still there but now lessened at the fact of how he died and where your true fear lies – doing poorly on the SATs.

Scott joined in a moment later leaning over to place a kiss on your forehead, “You’re ridiculous.”

You shrugged, “Maybe but at least I’m not boring.”

Stiles – You shot up and whipped your head side to side; your hands fisted your sheets and your heart pumped rapidly in your chest. Quickly you patted yourself down and when you realized everything was in its rightful place you took a deep breath and leaning back against your headrest. Taking a quick peek at the clock you noted the time was 3:46 AM, you mentally congratulated yourself for sleeping longer than you usually did.

Your eyes then landed on your phone and you hesitated on picking it up to call your boyfriend, even though he told you to call him whenever you had a nightmare you didn’t want to wake him when you knew he got less sleep than you did. A quick little flashback to your nightmare had you reaching for the phone with a trembling hand and dialing Stiles with shaky fingers.


His sleepy voice made your heart ache with the fact that you woke him up, you considered just hanging up but you knew he would keep calling you and even come by your house to make sure you were okay.

A whispered ‘hi’ was what you responded back.

“Y/N? Are you okay?”


“Did you have another nightmare?”


“Really, so you called me up at 4 in the morning just to say hi?”

You huffed, kicking your feet like a child and mumbled out, “I had a nightmare.”

You heard some rustling coming from Stiles’ end of the line before he spoke up, “I’ll be over in a second.”

“NO! Stiles no. You don’t have to come over, hearing your voice is good enough for me. I didn’t mean to wake you up, I shouldn’t’ve called.”
“I told you to call me, I’m happy you did. Are you sure you don’t want me to come over?”

“Yeah, just stay on the phone with me a little longer and then I’ll be fine.”

“Wanna tell me about it?”

You stayed silent for a moment, really the last thing you wanted to do was talk about it but you knew that you should. You bought yourself a little bit of time as you untangled your legs from your blanket and shifted around your bed in order to get more comfortable. Stiles waited patiently though, understands what’s its like to have nightmares and when they can do to a person, so he moved around a bit too, laying back down in his bed and turning to his side.

“It was Kate, she had taken Scott and we were all trying to find him and we did, tied to a chair in the middle of a seemingly empty room. We all collectively just ignored the obvious fact that this was a trap and ran to him. Kira and you were untying him, Lydia was breaking the mountain ash circle, Malia took out the dagger stuck in his thigh, Liam went to find his clothes and I went to get water for him. We were all kind of just happy to have him back that we didn’t check around us and then Kate came out of nowhere with the Berserkers and circled us. Then we were fighting and it was all moving so fast, Kate was going for Scott and I pushed him out of the way so she grabbed me instead and then clawed my throat out. Then I woke up.”

“It wasn’t real Y/N, you know that. But you also know that none of us would let you die. We also aren’t that dumb; if it looks too easy its probably a trap, we know that by now. You’re okay, it was just a nightmare, I’m right here you have nothing to worry about.”

“I know.”

He stayed on the phone with you that night until he heard you fall asleep at 5 AM, perfect timing too since you have to wake up at 6 for school.

Liam – Many things had changed since you were a kid; the world around you wasn’t as full of wonder as you thought it was, instead it was full of werewolves and kitsunes and werejaguars and banshees and so many other things that thinking about tends to make your head hurt.

One thing that didn’t change was your friendship with Liam, even when he had moved to Devenford you two kept your friendship going and when he moved back to Beacon Hills you two noticed that you weren’t the 6 year olds you remembered. While you were happy you two were still good friends, you kinda wished that it would turn into more, but for now you would be happy with being friends.

Just like when you were kids, you had sleepovers every third Friday of the month, but instead of sharing the same room, Liam had to sleep in the guest room down the hall from yours.

At 2 in the morning, Liam heard your feet padding across the hardwood floor of your upstairs hallway, making their way to the guest room. A soft knock at the door brought a smile to his face, ever the polite one you were.

“Miss my charming self already?”

But the smirk fell from his lips as he saw the tear streaks running down your too pale face. He got out of bed just in time to catch you as you ran to his arms; you were shaking but not crying anymore.

“You’re okay, you’re safe. What happened? Is there something in your room?”

He felt you shake your head against his bare shoulder and when that fear was squashed he gently began to guide you to the bed and laid you down, taking a seat next to you. You turned your body on its side to face him, and he used the tips of his fingers to move your hair out of your face and then used his palm to rub your arm comfortingly.

“So what’s wrong?”

“Had a nightmare.”


“The pack was out to stop Peter from killing, well anyone, and we didn’t know that Kate and the Berserkers were on his side and when they showed up it all kind of just went to hell. I noticed one of the Berserkers going after you and I stepped in front to protect you and he stabbed me. Y-you caught me as I fell and you were crying and you ke-kept saying you were sorry. Then I died but I still didn’t wake up and I saw you get so angry, you went on a rampage and fought the Berserker that killed me and you fought hard Li, really hard, but then Kate comes out from behind you and she ju-just punched a hole in your ch-ch-chest. I saw you die Liam, because of me you died!”

Liam sunk down next to you and brought you into his arms again, combing his fingers through your hair, “Shhh, we’re both alive, okay? It was just a bad dream; we’re safe and sound. You’ve got nothing to worry about, I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“That’s what I’m worried about Li. Promise me that if anything happens to me you won’t do anything stupid like you did in my dream! Promise me, please! I can’t let you do that.”

He tightened his arms around you and rested his chin on top of your head. He didn’t like making promises he knew he couldn’t keep, and this was one he knew deep in his soul that there would be no way he could keep it. If anything happened to you, he knew nothing could stop him but he also knew that if he didn’t promise you, you wouldn’t be happy and that’s the last thing he wants.

“I promise, okay? I promise.”

You sighed into his chest, and hugged him tighter, “Thank you.”

In response Liam dropped a peck to the top of your head that had your heart beating quickly again. It was that position that your parents found you two in later that morning, against their parental instincts they quietly closed the door and let you two sleep, they knew they could trust you but they intend on waking you up in half an hour anyway.