he wags his tail happily when he sits like this

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AHHHH th ask box is open I'm so happy I made it in time! So for my request can I please ask for Lobo who has a Master that isn't afraid of him and constantly pets him and wants to cuddle with him? Big floofy wolf needs a lot of love too :3

Hessian Lobo + affectionate master

A/n: My wolf, my precious angry Shinjuku wolf ahhh thank you so much for requesting him because he’s such a good angry pupper and I definitely need to draw more of him ♡ good catalysts for when he comes to NA next year right?

Requested by: anonymous

  • Never ever, just for one second forget that Lobo is still an Avenger by nature, a wild creature of hate and vengeance that could bite off your head before you can even blink or run away should you make the mistake to underestimate him
  • …though this is very hard to remember when he peacefully lies napping on the floor with Fou froliccing around on his very soft and very fluffy fur which only screams for a nap curled up at his side
  • When he wakes up, Lobo isn’t entirely sure if he should just kill you according to his murderous instincts but in the end just goes back to sleep as even more people (mostly child servants) have cuddled into his fur
  • though after this happened many times by now he eventually gets used to this and will sometimes trot over to you and nudge you with his giant muzzle as if trying to say ‘Master it’s time for a nap’
  • don’t mistake it as him becoming tame or all too trusting though, a wolf is a wolf after all and there’s no way he could or even want to subdue his wild heritage, and if he finds your affections all too annoying he will just get up and leave you lying on the floor
  • there’s something else he absolutely loves though, and that is going for a ride with you on his back, well not that he really cares about whether you’re actually sitting on his back or already fell off like 15 minutes ago
  • but feeling the grass under his paws and the wind howling around his bristling mane and ears as he rushes over the wildlands is something he will be eternally grateful when he comes picking you up later, his tail wagging round almost happily when he hoists you on his back
  • bath time is something he, just like a lot of other animals, despises and he will fight you with tooth and nail every time and drench you in more soap than himself before he runs off, leaving a wake of devastation and unlucky servants that were run over by him during his escape
  • though it is impossible to ever fully gain his trust or tame him, after a long time of being together he would eventually respect you enough to allow your affectionate gestures and to lay his life on the line to protect you from all the dangers

- Mod Silver

Walking on Water- Chapter Two

Not sure how many of you noticed my mistake, but I fixed it. It was about the cats- this is supposed to be before Frank rescued more. My fault. Any way, here’s the next chapter! I hope you like it!


Though I didn’t actively seek Mary out, I did see her pretty often. Any time she saw me, she’d wave and then come out to talk to me. I never went in their house, or her in mine, and it seemed to help Frank slowly start to relax. I finally see him approach me, and I tense, unsure if this is going to be a fight or not.

“You haven’t been listening,” He says neutrally, watching Mary go back in the house.

I sigh, but I sense no harshness in his voice. “No, she sought me out. I couldn’t just ignore her.”

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Once In a Blue Moon

pairing: phan

summary: dan and phil get a dog

word count: 4k

tags: fluff, established relationship, dogs, kissing

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The first thing Dan noticed when they looked around was that there weren’t, in fact, any shibes.

“We have to leave Phil” Dan exclaimed with wide eyes

Phil rolled his eyes at his ridiculousness “Dan, we’re not leaving.”

Dan huffed in the most exaggerated way he could muster and jokingly pretended to be upset for about five minutes, before he broke character and giggled at himself. He wasn’t really upset about it. Dan isn’t stupid, he realizes the meme, and he’d have to watch the jabs from his audience that he’d inevitably had to endure, but in all honesty, he didn’t care what dog he and Phil ended up with. Why would he? He knew whatever kind they would end up having, he would love it all the same. Besides, they were adopting from a rescue center, and despite claiming to not have a soul on multiple occasions within various tweets and videos, he did care about offering one of these innocent, deserving creatures a home.

They walked passed multiple pens, cooing at all the fluffy faces. Dan was never really the type of person to hold back when it came to dogs or other cute animals. He had a his baby voice on the whole time, not turning it off for any of them. They stopped in front of one pen that contained three identical-looking puppies. Now, mind you, Dan’s family dog back at home, Colin wasn’t small. He wasn’t huge, pretty average sized, but definitely not as small as the little four-legged rascals before him. He swears he’s never seen anything as small in his entire life, except for maybe chihuahuas, but these dogs were bigger than those. Dan glanced next to him and noticed that Phil’s face was one of sheer giddiness at the sight in front of him, almost child-like. Suddenly a worker at the shelter appeared in front of them.

“Hello, I see you’ve stumbled across our newest little babies.” she said, as she opened the pen and picked one up with ease. She stroked its tiny head and watched as the dog relaxed under her touch. The other two were barking, filled up with energy that any other puppy would contain, while the one in her arms was currently silent, not at all minding the constant noise coming from its brothers and or sisters. Dan knelt down to pet one, and found that it was unsurprisingly very easy to pick it up.

“What breed is this?” asked Phil, smiling widely

“Bailey, along with her brother and sister are all Cocker-Spaniel and Shih tzu mixes.” she said, stroking Bailey’s fur. It was a beautiful light brown with patches of darker, closer to black fur around her big ears, while along her stomach, the underside of her mouth, and paws were all white. “Would you like to hold her?” she asked Phil.

“Of course!”

Phil held her in his arms, them totally engulfing the tiny animal with his gigantic limbs, and he cooed some more. Dan, having set down the other dog already, stood next to him and patted her head.

“I could cry with how cute she is” Dan faked sobbed to prove his point and Phil ignored him, completely engrossed. The girl chuckled.

“Yes! Bailey loves cuddles!” she said, making both men very happy. “She’s about two months old, she’s already had her vaccines and everything. She’s quiet a lot of the time but does bark when she needs something or when she’s playing.”

“Where’d she come from?” Phil asked

“We rescued her from the south. Her mother was found stranded and chained, and gave birth to multiple puppies, but we rescued her and took care of them.” she stopped smiling a little bit when she mentioned the last part of her explanation, but quickly shook it off.

Dan and Phil frowned at that story. They looked at each other, and had a silent conversation with their eyes. They both knew it. Everything fit! They both knew that they couldn’t have a dog that was too noisy, for they couldn’t get (or rather were terrified of getting) noise complaints from the neighbors, seeing as they’ve just moved in. Not to mention the fact that she was absolutely adorable. They told all this to the worker, who they found out, her name was Cheryl. She clapped her hands in excitement.

“I’m so glad you both love her!”

Phil then glanced down at the puppies at his feet. “What about these two?” he asked dejectedly. Before, he could get any ideas about adding another one, Dan glared at him subtly, knowing that it was hard enough to convince their landlord to let them have one dog, and that there was no way in hell he was going to allow them two. With that hefty look sent his way, Phil immediately closed his mouth.

“Brock and Lucy have both already been adopted by different families.” she stated with a shrug. They both nodded and after a few seconds, during a second silent conversation that no other person outside their dynamic would be able to understand, they both looked to her and smiled.

“She’s perfect”

When he heard steps coming up the stairs he knew it was time. For the past hour or so Dan had spent his time trying to contain his ever growing excitement along with some nervousness that was swirling around in his stomach, making him feel like projectile vomiting at any moment in time. He was gritting his teeth and his left leg was continuously bouncing, creating a soft patter sound against the floor. Curse their apartment and their giant multitude of stairs that it contained, he thought to himself.

The thing was, after going through all the paperwork and paying the money, that they weren’t able to pick her up until two weeks later. Their trip to Florida for playlist live and the holiday with Phil’s family had postponed a few things. Including, their homecoming with Moon. Yes, they had renamed the dog. “Bailey is just such a normie dog name!” exclaimed Phil, at which Dan had snorted with laughter upon hearing.

“Okay, okay fine, I’ll play,” Dan said rolling his eyes after “what is it, Phil, that you suppose we should name our new dog?” he asked in his mocking tone that usually occurs when speaking to Phil


At that, Dan actually was so taken aback for a second by the suggestion “…Really?” he asked in a condescending tone.

“What? It’s a good name!” Phil insisted. He’s an idiot. Dan’s in love with an idiot.

“We’re not naming our precious angel Olga, Phil”

Phil whined “Why not?” and Dan couldn’t believe this man was genuinely upset over the fact that he didn’t like the name Olga. Olga.

“We might as well permanently have her walk around with a sign that says My Dads Hate Me in big bold letters.” he jabbed. Cheryl couldn’t contain her laugh anymore at that one as she watched the exchange.

Phil shook his head while jokingly pouting “Alright fine.”

Eventually, they had agreed on Moon, whilst watching old episodes of Sailor Moon, both thinking that it was pretty, and not at all cliche for a dog. “Of course we named our dog after an anime” said Dan, chuckling.

He was now just waiting for the moment Phil came home. Postponing it had made Dan even more anxious. Dan would’ve gone with him but couldn’t be bothered to get up at eight to go pick her up. Curse him and his inability to get out bed at a decent time like a normal person. That morning, Phil just pecked him on the lips while Dan was still laying in bed and whispered “Go back to sleep love.” Dan had only been half awake and was already nodding off again.

Finally, the door burst open and in came Phil. There was a grin on his face, and a light sheen of sweat along his forehead, probably from the absolutely sweltering sun outside (the one which Dan was still surprised that England had even acquired in the first place), and Moon, encased in his arms. Immediately the biggest grin Dan had ever mustered appeared on his face. He then got up and walked over, swooping the puppy away from Phil’s arms, at which he pouted, but laughed.

“Welcome home, cutie!” he said in that high pitched voice that he usually spoke in when he was in an overwhelming or happy situation. He hugged her to his chest, feeling like he was never gonna let her go. The dog panted, happy to be in Dan’s arms and licked his face. He glanced over at Phil to see that he had a look of pure fondness on his face along with a smile.

It was just that the sight in front of Phil was so contrasting to the sarcastic, witty persona that he usually encompasses. Of course, that is without a doubt who Dan is, but to Phil, it was always nice to see this side of him. The side that no one else gets to see. Phil walked over so he was stood in front of Dan with the puppy, and placed a loving kiss on his forehead after brushing away some hair. Dan momentarily closed his eyes as it happened and smiled.

When he opened them he said “This is such a disgustingly adorable and domestic scene I’m about to throw up.”

Phil hit him in the arm.

The first few weeks with her were a little rough. Although, they were told that she was already trained a bit.

“What do you mean by a bit?” Dan had asked, narrowing his eyes at Cheryl.

“Well, she has been exposed to some training but she still has trouble remembering when she is supposed to bark in order to go to the bathroom and other things like that. I would just suggest, to make sure you get a routine down right away. Take her out at the same time each day, that will help her a lot.”

Let’s just say, they were still getting the hang of it. They realized early on that they had to take her out twice a day. They also both realized that it wasn’t going to be Dan who was going to do it in the morning.

“I’m not getting up at fucking 7 Phil” and Phil just sighed and kissed his cheek as he petted Moon’s fur. The man knew there was no winning this one. The things he did for love.

But while they did manage to take her out when necessary, there were a few… incidents.

One day they were both sitting on the floor, criss-crossed with Moon in between them. They were happily playing with her as she wagged her little tail. They had bought her a cute little chew toy that looked like a cartoon carrot, which was currently in her mouth and they both laughed, mildly amused as it made little squeaking sounds. Dan smiled and picked her up putting her on his stomach as he lay back, giggling. The dog crawled up his body, sniffing and licking his neck, which felt very ticklish to Dan. Phil laughed, scratching her head while Dan had formed crinkles near his eyes.

“Her tongue feels fucking weird.” he muses

Phil rolled his eyes “what did you expect a dog’s tongue to feel like? Velvet?”

“I don’t appreciate your tone, Philip”

Eventually Moon got bored of that and got off Dan’s chest. She lazed over to Phil, settling onto his lap instead and he stroked her back as she seemed to stretch a bit. Suddenly, it seemed that she got bored of that as well and hopped off his lap.

Moon started walking around the lounge trying to find something to do. When nothing was deemed entertaining, she proceeded to wander around to the kitchen. Dan and Phil were highly amused, but thought nothing of it, thinking there was nothing dangerous in the kitchen for her to play with. While Dan was still lying down, Phil leaned over and planted a kiss on his lips. Not wanting him to stop, Dan placed his hands on his cheeks, prompting Phil to place multiple more kisses on his face.

They laid there a few more moments, just wanting to enjoy the sweet moment between them, which was kind of a rare occurrence with Moon around now. They usually weren’t so touchy-feely, but this kind of want that wasn’t necessarily sexual had been building up for the past few days.

It was nice until Dan realized it had been five minutes and he could hear Moon barking in the kitchen. He gently pushed Phil off of him and stood up, frowning. He walked into the kitchen with Phil on his tail. When they walked in, the sight in front of them made both of them gasp, Dan, with his hand on his heart, and Phil, with his covering his mouth. It looked to them like Moon had knocked over one of Dan’s terrariums. The glass laid shattered on the floor along with the aesthetically decorated plant that was inside. Dan is left wondering how they didn’t hear the crash. Were they that far gone into their kissing session?

Not only that, but Phil’s pretty sure that’s a piece of dog poop on the kitchen floor. The puppy had just gone to the bathroom. In. Their kitchen.

“Moonie!” Phil exclaimed in an angry tone. “You’re supposed to tell us when you need to go out!”

“My succulents!” exclaimed Dan dejectedly, staring at the mess on the floor as if it would magically fix itself if he stared long enough.

Phil picked up the dog, intending to take her out in case she needed to go again. “Dan, can you please clean it up while I take her?” he asked, not looking at him. When the boy didn’t respond for a few seconds, Phil looked up to see that he was still staring at the pathetic green plants that lay on the floor. “Dan.”

“I just-” he started

“Let it go, love.”

“But it was doing so well.”

Phil pecked his nose “I’ll buy you a new one.”

Needless to say, Dan left all his plants in places way out of reach for the pup.

Dan had never been the one to train his family dog. His first dog went to obedience school, and Collin was already trained when they got him, though his parents did teach him a few tricks. Needless to say, Dan wasn’t exactly what you would call experience in this particular field.

“Sit. Sit. Sit!” Dan groaned as Moon managed to jump up and snatch the treat that he was holding out in his hand… without successfully sitting. Phil bit his lip as he watched from the doorway.

“I don’t think you’re supposed to-”

“Yes, yes, I fucking know I’m not supposed to give her the treat if she doesn’t do it.” Phil chuckled and shook his head. Dan had been trying to teach Moon some tricks, but has had no success. Phil wanted to help but Dan wouldn’t allow it, after having witnessed his attempted at getting Moon to roll over, which involved Phil giving up and physically taking the small dog’s body, and rolling her over himself. What a dork.

“Try holding the treat a little closer to her nose so she’ll be more inclined to look up.” Phil suggested. Dan raised a single eyebrow, but not because he thought it was stupid. Nope, it was the total opposite. The idea actually made sense to Dan. And so with a shrug, he did exactly what Phil had said and what do you know? The little pupper did it. As she looked up at the treat, her bottom eventually moved towards the ground until she was successfully sitting with the treat in her mouth.

Dan smiled with glee and clapped his hands. “Good girl!” he praised and rubbed her ear. He then turned to Phil and asked suspiciously “How did you know that?” though he has a feeling he already knows.

Phil shrugged “I’m just a knowledgeable person, you know?” he responded. Dan just silently narrowed his eyes at him. “…I googled it.”

“Yeah, I know you did.”

It was a Friday evening. Dan was sitting on the couch watching an anime while Phil’s head was resting on his lap as he scrolled through twitter on his laptop. Moon was currently taking a nap in her little bed next to the couch. By now, their subscribers know about Moon from the plethora of pictures posted by both partners. More Phil, than Dan to be honest. Their viewers have just been eating it up.

As the episode from Attack on Titans season 2 was coming to a close, Dan heard a buzz coming from his phone. He looked up and checked his phone, seeing that Louise had texted him. He smiled as he read the text.

You dork it’s been a whole month and you haven’t introduced me to your doggo yet! :(

He bit his lip and looked down at Phil in his lap. He nudged him and Phil hummed without looking up.

“Yes, love?” he asked, eyes still glued to the screen. And Dan couldn’t help but smile a bit at the term of endearment. They really weren’t one of those disgustingly cute and affectionate couples, but he can never get tired of hearing Phil calling him that.

“We should invite Louise over tomorrow to meet Moon.” Dan said and Phil finally looked up.

“That’s a great idea, actually. We haven’t hung out with her in awhile.” Phil said. He sat up, and put his laptop in the coffee table. Moon sat up as well as she saw her dad get up. That’s sort of a thing she’s become accustomed to doing; following Dan and Phil around. Dan smiled as he noticed the little detail about her. He looked back down at his phone, and texted Louise back, telling her to come tomorrow. Louise responded with joy and an array of smiling emojis. She also responded with this:

Oh btw i’m bringing darcy along w me!!!! xx

And that’s exactly what she did. They next day, around lunch time, Dan and Phil were both doing their best to clean, Or rather, Dan was prompting Phil to clean because Dan had already cleaned his part. Dan relaxed in the sofa crease with Moon on his lap as Phil huffed and continued wiping the coffee table clean.

“Missed a spot.” Dan cheekily said and Phil stuck out his tongue in retaliation. Eventually Phil had finished and when he did, he sat down next to Dan with a relieved sigh, leaning his head back against the sofa. “That’s what you get for not cleaning earlier.” Dan teased. Dan was aware of how much of a little shit he’s currently being and honestly reveled in it. Phil pretended to glare at him and took Moon from Dan’s lap and onto his own.

Honestly, this dog was more like their child than anything. Their child, their baby, and none of them would have it any other way.

“She’s gonna be here in like ten minutes, Dan.” he said as Moon licked his arm and Dan hummed. Roughly ten minutes later, they heard Louise at the door. Dan grinned as he got up to open the door. It had been awhile since they’d seen her, after all.

“Your new place is massive!” Louise exclaimed when she walked in, Darcy following behind her with a hand gripping her mum’s pant-leg.

“We’ve noticed.” Dan said and chuckled. He almost forgot that along with meeting their dog for the first time, Louise also would be seeing their new apartment for the first time. Which, to Dan was a little crazy, since there was once a time where Louis would’ve been one of the first people to hear or see anything. Darcy peeked out from behind her mum and smiled.

“Where’s Moon?” asked Darcy in her adorable little voice. Both Dan and her mother cooed at her.

But Louise patted her shoulder “Now, Darcy! Say hello to your uncles first!” and Darcy brought a hand to her mouth, giggling.

“Sorry mummy!” she said and ran up to Dan to give him a hug. Dan grinned and bent down so he was at her height. “Hi, Uncle Dan!” she giggled and Dan chuckled.

“Hi, Darling how are you?” he asked in a soft voice that’s only ever been reserved for Darcy. He doesn’t really remember when the line between “Dan” and “Uncle Dan” had been crossed. All he knows is that he feels quite attached to the title and is glad that his friendship with Louise has allowed him to know this little girl.

“Good” she responded with a toothy smile “I can’t wait to see your puppy!” she said cutely.

“Well I can’t wait for you to meet her.”

Then, she spotted Phil over Dan’s shoulder, holding none other than said puppy..

“Doggy!” exclaimed Darcy happily and made grabby hands towards the small dog as she ran towards the other uncle. The small blonde child had an absolutely pure look of glee on her face. Phil crouched down as well, dog still in his hands. Darcy walked over to them, clapping her hands.

“Now Darcy,” Phil started, “Moonie is very small, so you’re gonna have to be a little bit gentle, alright?” he said, afraid that the hyper child might accidentally hurt her. Darcy’s eyes widened as she nodded her head excitedly. “She’s only a little baby, just like you once were.”

“Okay Uncle Phil” she uttered and Phil smiled. Darcy grinned again. She stepped forward and Phil slowly deposited the small dog in her hands. The girl let out a tiny squeal when Moon was in her hands and Dan laughed loudly. Louise quickly whipped out her phone to snap a photo of the precious moment.

Louise then crouched down next to her as Dan and Phil both stood up again. She put her hand out to pet her head, aw-ing at her big dark eyes and fluffy ears. “She is absolutely the cutest!” she said. Dan chuckled as Louise got that look in her eye that screamed I’m going to take your dog.

As Dan watched the pair in front of him, he couldn’t help but imagine the obvious fantasy that could sprout from this particular scene. Phil being the one crouched down next to a child that was their own, mouthing words of encouragement that Louise was currently doing with her daughter. “Good job sweetie, I think Moon really likes you!”

The thing is, every day that goes by, that fantasy is becoming less like fantasy, and more like a distant future. Phil’s already thirty, they’ve settled into a new house together, they’ve now adopted a dog for fucks sake! Dan is pretty sure that he isn’t the only one having these thoughts. He knows it. Marriage also doesn’t seem very far off for them, it’s very very inevitable.

The more he thinks and imagines it, the less scared of it he is. Dan is no longer that eighteen year old kid, naive and terrified of even the prospect of being with Phil. The kid who lacked so much confidence in himself, who never thought he was good enough to do anything. Dan has, dare he say it, matured. Over the years he’s learned so much about himself and what he now knows he can do. It makes him excited.

He and Phil, they’ve done many things together, unbelievable things. They’ve hosted a radio show, they’ve published a book, they’ve toured the world together and yet, out of all of those things, Dan doesn’t think they’d ever amount to the feeling of satisfaction he’s gonna get when he finally has a family with the man he’s been with for over eight years.

He looks at Phil and Phil looks at him. No amount of dog poo will ever make this not worth it. Dan thinks to himself. And in that moment, Dan’s pretty certain that Phil is thinking the same thing.


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Sirius x reader

Originally posted by breakfreemodel

Y/N Y/L/N, basically the most wonderful human being to ever exist. At least, that’s the what Sirius thought. These thoughts on how amazing Y/N was left no room to pay attention in class.

“Mr. Black, focus,” McGonagall snapped at him.

Sirius shook his head and attempted to at least look like he was concentrating. However, he became distracted when he caught sight of your lovely h/c hair as you laughed about something with Lily. You were close with all the marauders, but you always felt something more for Sirius. Fat chance, you reminded yourself, he can practically have any girl in the whole school. Besides you were his best friend, it should be left at that. Right?

Sirius then noticed a boy called Johnson Thindrill was looking at Y/N. He better keep to himself, Sirius thought.

“What’s the matter Padfoot?” Remus asked him, slightly teasing.

“Nothing’s the matter,” Sirius grumbled. Remus followed Sirius’ gaze.

“Oh you don’t like that guy looking at Y/N. You know how you can fix it?” Remus offered.

“How?” Sirius cocked an eyebrow.

Ask. Her. Out. You’ve liked her since fourth year.” Remus demanded of his friend.

Sirius nodded with more confidence. “Yeah I will, I’ll ask her out right now.”

Remus grabbed the back of Sirius’ clothes,“Pads, we’re in the middle of class.”

“Right, I’ll ask her right after,” Sirius shook his head and sat back down.

A laugh rumbled right behind the pair. “Something the the matter Prongs?” Sirius asked bitterly.

“Y-you think you’ve got a chance with Y/N?” James tried to stop his fit of laughter.

“You find that funny?” Sirius challenged.

“Down right hilarious actually,” James smirked back at him.

“Moony and Wormtail believe in me.”

“I’m in the middle,” Peter corrected.

“Fine I’ve got my main man Moony here.” Sirius stated patting Remus on the back.

By the time the boys ended squabbling, class was over and you were packing up your things.

“I bet you fifty chocolate frogs he strikes out or backs down,” James whispered to Remus.

“Make it sixty and you’ve got a deal,” Remus raised the wages, and the boys shook hands, sealing the deal.

Just as Sirius approached you, so did Johnson. Johnson who was closer to you got there first.

“Y/N I was hoping you might go out with me sometime,” he offered.

Let it be stated you wanted to say hi, but Sirius was watching. “Sure, how bout Saturday?”

“Alright,” he walked away, grinning.

Sirius was devastated, he had been so ready.

“It’ll be alright Padfoot.” Remus comforted, catching up with his friend as they exited the classroom.

Saturday came, along with a resolve from Sirius. He wasn’t going to let Thindrill go out with his Y/N. So, he did what any sane person would do: he followed them around as a giant black dog.

To be honest, it had been one of the most boring dates of your life. Johnson either only talked about himself or pried questions way too deep and awkward. After you payed for your butterbeers-you had payed for both- you stood there looking for a place to sit, as Johnson started leaning in for a kiss. Then, seemingly out of no where, a giant black dog jumped on Johnson. Making his drink spill all over himself.

“Y/N I’ve got to go change,” he grumbled walking away.

Let it be noted Sirius was highly pleased in himself, you, however, were not.. You crouched down next to the dog.

“Sirius,” you glared at him.

He licked your cheek, “really?”

He gave you a doggy grin, he was much cuter like this. Especially since he couldn’t talk. You petted him a bit and Sirius happily wagged his tail.

“Now let’s go back to the school.”


You sat in the common room, grumpily reading a good book.

“Hello,” Sirius grinned, sitting down next to you.

“No,” you told him.

He pouted at you, “Y/N.”

“It was very rude, what you did,” You chided.

“I know and I’m sorry,” he sounded sincere.

He took your hands and intertwined them.

“Sirius,” you began to protest.

“You didn’t seem to mind when I was in animagus form,” he smirked.

“I like you better as a dog; you can’t talk,” you teased before shivering slightly.

That didn’t go unnoticed, Sirius wrapped an arm around you.

“You know you’d miss my voice if I couldn’t talk,” he challenged.

“More like I’d finally get peace and quiet,” you quipped back.

Sirius’ mood suddenly shifted from playful to earnest.

“Go out with me,” his request sounded so simple.

You grinned, “mmm..I’m not sure.”

He frowned, visibly slouching as his confidence was whisked away, “Oh.”

“I was only teasing, I’d love to go on a date with you,” you smiled.

Sirius closed the small space between you, capturing your lips in a kiss.


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“When my dog was a puppy he did had some pretty freaky ‘imaginary friends.’ At first I noticed there was this spot in the corner of the kitchen above the cabinets he would always stare at. He could be dead asleep and suddenly shoot up and run straight for it and just sit there looking confused for 10 then start barking at it. I would have to drag him away and calm him down before he’d stop and move on. 

Then he started to do the same thing with a messenger desk my dad brought home after his mother passed away. He would run into the sun room, crouch right in front of it and just start barking away at something “sitting” on top of it until you pulled him away back in another room. 

The last and freakiest one he had was 100x freakier. He would walk around the house, taking different paths every time, happily following something that was about 6 feet in the air. He would look right at it wagging his tail like someone was playing with him; he’d randomly stop, sit, look up at face height and start wagging his tail as if about to get a treat then get back up and continue his “quest”. 

The worst was when he was doing this and I was home alone, which I was used to by then, except when he went upstairs this time and stopped right in the middle of the balcony that overlooks the TV room. He’s sitting, waiting patiently for whatever he expected and I called his name. He didn’t even notice. 

He just waited there, moving his head from side to side like something was playing with him, and then he jumped like he would on a person if they wouldn’t give him a toy. When he landed back down he looked right at me and sprinted down the stairs to me. He wouldn’t leave my side the rest of the night. 

Might not sound that scary, be he was clearly seeing and responding to things that weren’t there, and was interacting like he would with a human. ”

By: doublechucklehaha (What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you, paranormal or otherwise?)