he voice is beautiful

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Greetings my cute lady ~ Pupyrus, fox and wolf fell know how to do some trick? to give leg, roll, become dead?

Thats a good question you have there, let me see…

A good pup knows his tricks. He is obedient and follows orders; uf!Papyrus likes him for that.

But we all know that Blue probably tries to teach him some anyway.

And He has a beautiful voice (?)

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Could you please please please do a request about how the egos react to the reader singing in the shower? Like they're all out somewhere and they come back but she doesn't realise and she's going for it ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

-Dark smirks and leans against the door. He enjoys observing what you do when you think he’s not around. He admires your voice and will use it against you later.

-Natemare will grin, bursting into the bathroom and singing along with you, probably causing you to fall over. He’d encourage you to keep singing because he absolutely loves your voice.

-Wilford would grin like an idiot. It wasn’t often he got to hear your beautiful voice in such a manner. He loved it when you were comfortable enough to sing like that.

-Anti would sneak into the lights to listen to you. He’d flicker them a bit when you were done to alert you of his presence and grin as you yelled at him about spying on you.

-Google would pause and tilt his head upon hearing you singing. He would ask you later why you only sang in the shower and not where he could appreciate your voice fully.

  • the prince: *humiliates and dismisses the old woman in front of all his guests*
  • me: wow what an asshole, he deserves to suffer
  • the prince, as a beast: *pretentiously criticizes romeo and juliet after belle names it as her favorite play*

Samurai Jack season 5 behind the scenes

  • silver: hey friend, why don't i sit by this campfire so you can platonically tell me about your secret and personal history, as a friend,
  • flint: of course, fellow workplace associate, i would love to share my tragic gay backstory with you alone in this forest