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John Watson, Setlock and TEH

Yesterday (16 June) we got the scenes with John taking the bus. 

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I think so far we have seen John only once using public transport:

But there is more. During setlock he changed from his Haversack jacket into the coat - the same coat he is wearing in this scene from TEH. But there is more. During setlock we could see that he was wearing a light-blue shirt underneath. Similar or identical to this one:

And there is still more. Here is a full view of John from TEH:

Compare this to the setlock pics from 16/06 (here is a good link: X): coat, shirt, jeans, shoes - he was wearing exactly the same outfit he wore when taking the tube to say goodbye to Baker Street in TEH (minus the scarf). Thoughts?

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Teacher AU closed rp


Lucas cussed softly. He couldn’t believe he was going to be late to class on his first day. Though, it was his parents fault for transferring him in the middle of winter.

His car refused to start, and he had to use public transportation. Of course the closest stop was six blocks away, which resulted in him sprinting and slipping on ice.

Lucas knocked on the classroom door, adjusting his scarf as he blew a strand of his curly brown hair out of his eyes.

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round, More or Less

Dean hates the bus. Hates it with a burning passion. It’s too crowded, too slow, and the most annoying people seem to sit next to him. Unfortunately, while his baby is in the shop, he’s going to have to make do.

It’s the third day of his forced use of public transportation, and he’s tired, and cold, and the weather is absolutely terrible. To make matters worse, there is someone sniffling behind him. Every minute or so. It’s driving him insane. The bus is almost empty, it’s ridiculously early, and somehow, this person decided to sit directly behind him. It’s like the universe hates him.

Fifteen minutes, countless sniffles, and an explosive sneeze later, Dean just can’t take it anymore. He turns in his seat, furious.

“Do you need a tissue?!?”

The man behind him blinks, and sniffles. Dean pauses in his righteous fury for a moment, and takes in the sorry sight before him. The man is bundled in what appears to be an entire wardrobe’s worth of sweaters, scarves, all covered with a tan trench coat. His eyes, while very blue, are also red rimmed and glassy, and his cheeks are flushed. He looks terrible, really, and Dean feels suddenly guilty for snapping at him, while also concerned over what, exactly, a person in his condition was doing on a bus at six-thirty in the morning.

“Yes. I would like a dissue,” the stranger says, with dignity. “I hab run oud.”

Dean stares. “Are you okay? Shouldn’t you be at home or in a hospital or something?”

“I'b fine. Id’s only a cold.”

Dean snorts. “No, it’s a fever and probably a sinus infection. Where are you going? Is it important?”

The stranger tilts his head as much as he can with all of his scarves. “I'b going do worg.”

Dean raises an eyebrow. “Will you be penalized for calling in sick?”

“… No.”

Dean nods firmly. “Then you’re coming with me.”

By the time Dean’s stop comes, he knows that this strange, sick person is called Castiel, that he owns a rare books store downtown, and that he was trying to go in today because he was fairly sure his employee, Meg, might burn the place down if she got bored, and found where he had hidden the matches.

Dean, in turn, tells him that he’s a pediatrician at a local hospital, and that he’s currently going in for a twelve hour shift, which is actually on the short side.

When they get to Dean’s hospital, he’s early enough to take Cas up to the front desk and make sure he fills out all of the correct paperwork, and then lead him to Dean’s favorite nurse, Benny, who promises to take care of Cas.

And that was the beginning.

Dean sits back in the uncomfortable hospital chair and looks around in satisfaction. “And that, boys and girls, is why you always have to go to the doctor when you’re feeling sick.”

“But, Dr. W, if Capstiul (”Catseal, Claire, it’s Catseal“) had gone to the doctor when he was ouchy, you wouldn’t have never seen him!” The little blonde girl in the bed next to him looks indignant through her chicken pox spots.

“Yeah, Dr. W, and you wouldn’t have your Catseal, and then /you’d/ be ouchy. In your heart. That’s what my momma said, anyway.” Ben was in for a shattered leg. his third broken bone this year, but despite his awkwardly elevated foot, he still managed to scowl up at Dean.

“But if Cartsell hadn’t gone with Dr. W when he was ouchy, then they still wouldn’t’ve ever really meeted either, so there.” Jesse spoke slowly but clearly, Dean was pleased to note, through his oxygen mask. The kid had some severe asthma, and was a favorite around the hospital. He seemed to really be making a speedy recovery from the most recent attack.

A nurse in blue scrubs stuck his head through the door of the children’s ward. “Dean, are you trying to make your sappy little love story into a moral thing again? You know that never works.”

“Right then, kiddos, you heard Nurse Benny, you guys gotta get to bed now.”

“Oh please, Dr. W, Nurse Benny never said nothing about bed. Tell us another story.”

“Yeah! Tell us the time when Canstool and you went to the zoo and the mooses got out of the cage by accident.”

“No, tell us when Campstella found the magic ring in the drawer and turneded you into married people!”

(“Is that what you told them?”

“Shut up, Benny, this is adorable.”)

“I know, I know, I know, tell us-”

Dean glanced at the clock on the wall above Claire, and made a decision. “Alright, one more story, but this is the last one, okay? Then you gotta get to sleep, and I gotta go home and make sure my dear damsel in distress hasn’t tried to cook dinner again.” He paused for the obligatory giggles, Cas’s mishaps in the kitchen were legendary around here. “Okay, kiddos, I’m gonna tell you about the time that me and Nurse Benny went on the worst camping trip ever. Once upon a time–”

I took this prompt  “im on the bus and my 2-year-old won’t stop crying, except you just smiled at them and they did” and tried to do something on my own with it. Hope you like it!

-Strangers on the bus-

Oliver couldn’t believe that he was about to take a bus to work. 

It’s not like he had anything against it but in his whole 27 years of living he hadn’t take the public transport like ever.

He was used to the driver and expensive cars.

Today though he stepped into the bus everyone looking at him a little bit strangely as he was holding his two and half years old daughter.

He took one of the seats that were spread along the bus. 

He seated his little girl next to him and took out her doll from the little pink backpack.

“Here you go Soph.” He smiled at her and leaned back against the seat.

He closed his eyes and then felt the bus moving.

It wasn’t one of his best days or actually it wasn’t even a good week and he honestly hoped for it to be over already.

The bus stopped at the next stop and the door opened.

Oliver looked at the people who were getting in and his eyes immediately spot her.

The blonde petite woman in glasses.

He licked his lips as he watched her.

She wasn’t that obvious kind of beauty but he she definitely hold his attention and the more he looked at her the more he found her attractive.

She had a book in her hand. She was wearing a pink coat a color that matched her lipstick.

She was truly something else.

He hasn’t felt like that since he met Sophie’s mother.

It was nice to feel his heart beating a little bit faster again.

The woman took a seat right opposite to his and she started to read her book.

She didn’t even spare him a glance.

When the bus moved the doll that Sophie was holding fell on the floor and his daughter started to cry.

“Soph.” He turned to her saying her name gently.

He picked up the doll and hold it to his daughter but she shook her head.

“Don’t want it.” She said still crying.

Oliver hate his little girl crying but he also knew she didn’t really have a reason for behavior like that.

“It’s your favourite doll Dorothy.”

The stubborn, the feature she got after him, girl still shook her head and turned away from him.

Oliver sighed and bent down to look for something else in the bag.

There was many toys and some crayons and something to drink for his daughter.

He was so engrossed in searching for something that he didn’t realize that the crying stopped.

He looked up and saw Sophie smiling lightly. She still had tears in her eyes but she was definitely in better mood.

He looked right in front of him but there was nothing out of place. Some other people took the free seats and the blonde woman that had his attention was still reading the book.

He looked back at his daughter but she already took the doll again to play with it.

This was definitely strange.

From that day things only get weirder.

It seemed that not only he wasn’t a fan of public transport but his daughter wasn’t either.

For the next two days she cried even more. Than she insisted on walking while the bus was driving and Oliver told her she was going to fall if it will stop suddenly and before he could finish the sentence the bus stopped his daughter fell down and started to cry.

He picked her up a little bit mad that she didn’t listen to him but when he saw her bruised knee he immediately soften.

“I told you not to walk sweetie, can you please listen to your daddy sometimes?”

“No.” The girl was crying and wiggling in his arms.

He sighed as he sat down and put her on to his laps.

He started to move them so the little girl was bouncing up and down.

She started to giggle and Oliver felt relieved.

He was occupied that he didn’t see the blonde woman stealing some glances their way.

Since Oliver started taking this bus he met the mysterious woman every day.

He was more than happy to see her. Something about her was so new and refreshing and he found the urge to sit next to her more than once.

But he couldn’t do that he didn’t want to some creeper he approached strangers in the buses plus he had to take care of his daughter and focus on her.

The next day was the worst one.

Sophie woke up in a really bad mood and she’s been crying on and off the whole morning.

Then she started to cry on their way to the bus and she didn’t want to stop.

Nothing was working and Oliver was growing tired and pretty resigned.

His eyes were closed as she bounced his girl on the lap but she kept crying.

The bus stopped. He heard the door opening and closing and then it was moving again.

But he was pushing it all away. He just needed to get to work and that was it.

And then he heard it.

A giggle.

His daughter was giggling.

He also felt some presence or at least some eyes staring at him.

He felt his heart beating faster and his throat going dry.

It could only mean one thing.

He opened his eyes and saw the blonde woman looking at his little girl making some funny faces.

So that was the reason Sophie always suddenly stopped crying.

The woman was busy trying to make the girl laugh that she didn’t notice Oliver staring at her.

Until she did.

Their eyes met and she looked…guilty.

And that was how he didn’t want to make her feel.

“Sophie who is your new friend?” He asked his daughter.

“Funny.” Sophie said still giggling.

The woman blushed  a little bit.

“Is she?” Oliver asked raising his eyebrow.

He ticked his daughter loving to see her in good mood.

She giggled even more.

He looked up and saw a smile on his mystery blonde.

He wanted to say something but before he got any courage the bus stop and it was his time to get out.

“Say bye to the lady Soph.”

The little girl waved and got the one in return.

Oliver stole a last glance at the woman and saw her watching them as well.

He had to do something.

The next day when he got on the bus he was alone.

He took the spot that the person he hoped to meet today always sat at.

When the door to the bus opened and the next stop his heart skipped a beat and he felt a little bit nervous.

He was looking down at the floor when he saw a pair of nude high heels.

“Excuse me, that’s my seat.” 

That voice. God, she had an amazing, soft voice.

He looked up and saw her.

But she wasn’t mad, she was actually smiling at him.

“Is that so?” He said the corner of his mouth lifting up.

“Yes.” She nodded.

“Well I apologize then.” He said moving one spot aside.

She sat next to him.

“Where is your daughter?” She asked all of sudden.

He looked at her cocking his head. “Sorry to disappoint but it’s just me today.” 

“It’s not a disappointment.” She said and then her eyes widen a little bit. “I mean it’s just okay, like cool, I mean it’s a free country right you can come with her or alone, as you wish.” She closed her mouth.

Before she turned away from him he saw her closing her eyes as well.

“I’m Oliver.” He decided it was a right move to introduce to her. He didn’t want to be some stranger.

“I know who you are.” She turned back to look at him. “Probably every person in this city knows the CEO of Queen Inc.”

“I am not sure it’s a good or bad thing.” He tried to joke.

She smiled biting her lip. “I am Felicity.” She stretched her hand.

He took it and when his fingers grazed hers he felt the electricity running through his body.

“Nice to meet you Felicity.” 

And her name on his tongue sounded perfect.

She bit the inside of her cheek.

“So where is Sophie?” She asked. “It is Sophie? I heard it right?”

Oliver nodded. “Yeah. She is with her grandma today. It’s been a crazy week and I think she had enough of bus drives.”

Felicity laughed and it was such a nice sound.

“She didn’t seem like a bus lover.”

Oliver grinned. “She never had to take one. But I wanted to thank you for making her drives a little bit more pleasant.”

“You are welcome.” Felicity said shyly.

“She mentions you sometimes.”

“Really?” Her eyes widen once again like she didn’t believe him.

“Yeah. She asks about a very pretty lady from a bus.”

Felicity laughed. “That’s not very specific. She could mean anybody.”

“No, I am pretty sure we met only one pretty lady in the bus.” Oliver told her honestly.

Their eyes met and neither of them were able to turn away.

It was until the bus stopped.

“I think this is you.” Felicity said looking out of the window.

“Actually I am off from work today.” Oliver said looking at her. 

The door closed. 

“Please don’t take it the bad way but I wanted to talk to you.” 

Felicity looked at him like she had seen him for the first time in her life.

Her lips were parted a little bit and Oliver caught himself on thinking about kissing her.

“About what?” Her words broke his thoughts and he was thankful for that.

“Dinner.” He said and then he cleared his throat. “I mean I would like to take you out for dinner tonight. If you want. That is.”

For a very long time he didn’t feel as nervous as he was right now.

“Can I ask you something first?”


“Why Oliver Queen was taking bus to work?”

She was teasing him he saw that in her eyes.

He smiled at her.

“My car broke down and they were supposed to give me a replacement but turned out it was down as well. And my driver’s daughter got sick so i gave him time off work because i know how it is when you have to take care of sick child. My babysitter had some very important family matters to take care of. Mother was supposed to take care of Sophie but she was called to London something bad happened in our unit there so yeah I ended up taking her with me to work by bus.”

Felicity looked at him and then her lips turned up and she laughed. It wasn’t that she was making fun of him she was genuinely amazed by what he told her.

He wasn’t mad or ashamed that she laughed at him. He actually had a playful smile on his face.

When she finally stopped she was able to speak to him. “It seemed like some kind of odd or maybe high power really wanted you to take this bus.”

Oliver chuckled. “I am not sure I believe in things like that but.” He leaned closer to her brushing his shoulder against hers. “I am glad I did.”

Felicity’s cheeks turned into a very delicate shade of pink.

“I would love to go to dinner with you tonight but I can’t.” She bit her lower lip.

It was like a punch to his stomach. He hadn’t felt so disappointed for a very long time.

“It’s okay I understand.” He didn’t hide in his voice how he exactly felt.

“My mom is visiting me today and I promised her daughter-mother time and if I cancel on her she will kill me. Well not literally of course.” Felicity started to babble. “Although if I mention that the date is with a billionaire, a very handsome one she might forgive me.”

Oliver looked at her as she gave him a soft smile. 

“Don’t cancel your plans for me.”

“Then stop looking like kicked puppy Oliver .” She teased him.

It was the first time she said his name out loud and God he loved hearing her saying it.

This was insane but this woman, he wanted her, really badly.

“If dinner can’t happen I have about 30 mins before I start work so a quick breakfast?”

He was so focused on his desires that he almost didn’t hear her.

“Breakfast?” He repeated after her.

“If you want.” She shrugged gently.

“Felicity my intention was to take you out and honestly whether it’s dinner, breakfast or lunch I don’t care I want to get to know you better.” He smiled warmly at her.

The bus stopped.

“Well then let’s not waste time.” Felicity stood up. “I am in a mood for pancakes.”

Oliver stood and followed her out of the bus.

“I was told I can make mean pancakes.” 

“By who? Sophie?” Felicity laughed.

“Hey! She is an excellent judge.”

“Yes I am sure of that.”

“Well if you don’t believe me you will have to try them one day.”

After Oliver said those words he realized what he had implied.

Honestly maybe he should take back what he said but he knew that he actually meant those words.

It was crazy. They literally just met but he felt deep inside that this was it. He wanted to spend more time with her, impress her, get to know her. He wanted so much more with her.

“I would like that.” 

As she said those words she smiled at him.

It gave him hope that he wasn’t the only one wanting more.

Maybe she did too.