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It says a lot to me about Blake's character and his love and sensitivity towards Gwen and the situation she came out of that he changed his flirtatious behavior. I feel like he never wants her to think he is interested in anyone but her, and also wants to be a good example for her kids on how to treat and have respect for women as he knows better than us what they experienced when GR was around. I think he is not perfect for sure, but definitely a changed man compared to before.

So true

what she says: i love freeze your brain

what she means: If you look at Freeze Your Brain at face value, you could easily interperet it as simply about JD’s fixation on 7/11 and his issues oversharing. But it’s really more about a place that feels normal and familiar and safe in a frightening and new situation. It’s easy to overlook this, as a lot of the song is made to be comedic. Take the lines “When mom was alive/we lived halfway normal./Now it’s just me and my dad,/we’re less formal” for example. During the musical, it’s easy to focus more on Veronica freaking out than on JD’s words and their meaning. This is done intentionally, as if to show that JD hides how hurt he is about his mother’s death with other emotions, as many people do. Towards the end, it is shown that JD uses slushies to control a possible self-harm habit and self-destructive thoughts, and that’s when the gravity of the song hits you. Despite sounding light-hearted, Freeze Your Brain is about a teenager trying to hold onto the one place that makes him feel safe and happy no matter where he is. If you consider the possibility that his mother introduced him to 7/11, it’s also about trying to recapture childhood emotions, despite the fact that so many things have changed.

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Could you help me explain why the "keep asking until the girl agrees to go out with you" trope is harmful? The argument against is that some girls like to be pursued like that-is that true or a myth perpetrated by the media?

I think the issue is that it isn’t just someone trying hard to impress a girl to get them to go out with them, it is inappropriate behavior that causes girls to feel like they HAVE to go out with someone. A lot of people use the movie “The Notebook” as an example, the male character hangs himself off a ferris wheel saying he will let go and fall to his death is she doesn’t agree to go out on a date with him…to me that is wrong on so many levels. Telling someone to do something or you will essentially kill yourself is something that people from abusive situations deal with all the time, so why do we let this happen in movies and act like it is sweet and romantic? Even if there are people out there who like to be wooed and “chased” this isn’t a message that we should be sending to children, that this behavior is okay and almost expected. Thanks for the question, and keep fighting!

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“Randy Orton is, in my eyes and in my heart, the best wrestler in that company. I’m not talking about high flying, I’m not taking about the fast-paced acrobatic style. To me, he’s the best in WWE right now. I don’t think there is ever going to be a guy that works the style he does. The way he carries himself in the ring means a lot to me,” he said.

“Randy has a great presence and style that can’t be compared to anyone, and nobody can imitate his style. I actually use Randy Orton as an example to my son because he wants to start training in January.”

“My son is a big kid—he’s 6'1”, 205lbs —and I insist that he must watch and learn from Randy’s style. Not to imitate, but just to learn from what he has done over the years and see his evolution into who he is now. I have tremendous respect for that man. He’s an awesome human being, and he’s a general in the ring,“- Rey Mysterio 

Reasons why I love/appreciate Ichigo Kurosaki as a Shonen MC

Ok, some of these reasons might be subjective or biased, but for whatever reason (maybe all the Ichi hate I’ve been seeing lately?), I felt compelled to gush about my favorite Berry-tan.

Ok, I’m probably gonna bring this up a lot, so I might as well say this now: I’m gonna compare Ichigo to other, typical Shonen leads. For the record, I don’t read or watch One Piece or Naruto, so I’m only using the basic knowledge that I have of Luffy and Naruto - so if I’m horribly wrong, please feel free to correct me! Sorry in advance! (* ̄∇ ̄*)

1. He’s intelligent.

This is something I really appreciate in a character. I’m aware that the typical Shonen male is *usually* not the brightest (take Goku for example), they usually don’t do so well at tests, etc. I’m also aware that Shounen is aimed at a young, male audience, so having the MC be kinda dumb is funny and loveable! I get that, and it doesn’t bother me (hell, my favorite character in Slayers is Gourry).  It just makes it all the more refreshing when Ichigo, this scary-looking punk, is getting high scores at school, adores Shakespeare, studies instead of partaking in clubs, and says that writing was his favorite subject.

2. He’s relatable.

Maybe it’s just because I’m a nerd, or because Bleach is set in 90’s Tokyo (or both?), but having a character that likes video games, sports, movies, and literature is really, really cool to me. In a way, the beginning of Bleach was my favorite: When you get to know the characters, and just see them live their daily lives. For that reason, I also liked the Fullbring arc (and the beginning of another Shonen, Shaman King). As a middle schooler myself (when Bleach came to America), and even through high school to my adult self, I could relate to Ichigo’s struggles with fitting in, school, the future.. The fact that he is sarcastic, grumpy, and awkward is endearing to me because he has flaws. He’s not chipper all the time, and he doesn’t look on the bright side. I’m kind of a realist myself, so having a MC not being the unreasonably optimistic all the time is relatable for me.

3. He has flaws.

Continuing off of #2, I want to expand on Ichigo’s flaws. Like a typical MC, he has his moments of rushing in head first, acting without thinking. And ya know, that’s ok! He’s a teenage boy, and it happens to all of us, yeah? His “flaw”, if you’d call it that, is his depression. Something that makes Ichigo so relateable as a character, I think, is the fact that he’s not perfect.. And that’s beautiful. Since he was little, he’s constantly been bullied (because of his hair color), and since his mother died, he blamed himself. He doesn’t have the highest self-esteem because of it, and his depression even takes the physical form of “rain” that threatens to drown him when it’s just too much . I’ve read manga for a long time now, and I don’t think(?) I’ve ever seen a more realistic portrayal of depression. I know the fullbring arc got a lot of hate, but it shows Ichigo’s inner turmoil fantastically. His depression over losing his powers, his ability to protect, was one of the lowest times in his life - not an enemy, not losing, but this. I love Ichigo for being such a strong person, but also being fragile at the same time. It makes him feel so.. Real to me. 

4. He’s not a pervert.

THIS! To some, it can be such a small thing.. But to me, I really REALLY appreciate that Ichigo isn’t a pervert. In fact, he’s the opposite: Many people call him a prude.. And whats wrong with that? I think it’s adorable that he gets really awkward and shy around half-naked women. To me, it shows that he’s respectful to women (which makes sense, since he has younger sisters and his mother was his world), and he isn’t being used as a comedic device. Its a little thing, but I think it makes for a better male role-model in a Shonen title.

5. He’s honest.

Honest, blunt.. I tend to like characters with these traits.  Usually, characters that are blunt are that way because they are naive or .. Dumb (Gourry, for example). They don’t know any better, right? But Ichigo is intelligent. His sole reason for being blunt is that he’s an honest guy - he tells it how it is. Sure, it might hurt someones feelings (like when he mentioned Orihime was kinda heavy in the Hueco Mundo arc), but he’s not gonna lie about how he feels or what he thinks. I’d rather have a friend that tells me the honest truth, that I need to hear, than someone who will sugar-coat it for me… Maybe that’s just me, haha. Either way, it’s a character trait I personally like :)

6. He has no real goal in mind

Okay, that sounds weird, but hear me out. Naruto wanted to be the Hokage, Luffy wants to find the One Piece, Yoh wants to be the Shaman King, Goku wanted to find the Dragon balls.. I could go on. There’s nothing wrong with a character having a specific goal in mind; in fact, it’s a good thing! But, for some reason, I find it endearing that Ichigo puts his life on the line to help people, protect Soul Society, etc for no reason other than he wants to protect. He’s never asked for any reward, never asked for a position of power. Everything he’s ever done has been for the sake of others. <3

There’s probably more things I’m forgetting to mention, but this posts gotten pretty long.. Sorry about that! Σ( ̄皿 ̄;;

Oh, and an honorable mention? Ichigo is hot AF. Lol. Not relevant in any way, but he’s the finest boy I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing in a Shonen.. And his fashion sense is impeccable (///∇///) 

Oh God, rant over.. I’m so sorry (/▽\)

Hi my name is Cloud Strife and im always at strife with my personality (that’s how I got my name) and I have sky blue eyes and a lot of people tell me my hair look like a chocobo butt (AN: if you don’t love chocobos get da hell out of here!). I am not related to Sephiroth and Im glad because he is a major fucking asshole. I have pale white skin. I am a first class SOLDIER, but I quit. Im good at using giant swords (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. For example today I was wearing a black sleeveless turtleneck, black pants, and black combat boots. I was wearing a huge sword behind my back with the colours red and gold and silver. I was walking in sector 6 today. It was pretty dark and damp, which I am not happy about. I saw Don Corneo. I put up my middle finger at him.

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I'm sorry for asking but what's your preferred pronouns? Just so I don't offended you or anything. And I just wish I could draw as good and you can ;-; and you're only sixteen. We're the same age and I still struggle. And I know you say practice and I do. Help lol ^^; still love your art tho so no hard feelings.

tbh i don’t care how you guys pronounce me lol

i’m comfortable w/ whatever pronouns you guys use on meh, so for example if you’re more comfortable w/ calling me “she” then sure! or maybe a he then sure!

all and all, i just hate to be a burden to you guys y’know? like if i put a rule about “gender/pronouns” i can tell that a lot of you guys are gonna feel uncomfortable around me, and i don’t want that! and i hate to be.. um.. how do you called it? uh.. “strict banana or tacos artist” lmao

so yeah, in short, i’m comfortable w/ whatever u pronouns me, cuz u know… i’m chill :^yyyyyy

and beside, i never told you guys my gender in the beginning anyways, so its not yer fault if ya get it wrong :^DDDDD

Weird and Rude Customers

I work in retail, I have for the last almost 13 years. I have also worked in fast food (3 years) and 4 years in the military. So, that’s my background. I’ve studied psychology (BA in it, not that its doing me any good) and generally I consider myself to be someone who is curious about people.

But to this day I honestly can’t say I understand them when it comes to how peoples thought processes work. 

An example: My dad (I look a lot like him, no kidding its actually kind of scary when you look at pictures of him at the age I am now and then look at me) used to work at the same store I work at. So, sometimes I get recognized as his son.

I had a customer come in last week that drew that connection and she said “Oh, you’re [Dad’s] son, aren’t you”

“Yes m’am, he’s retired now.” I said, coolly polite as is my nature.

“I remember him he was always so nice. He used to work here. And I remember [former department managers name].”

“Yes m’am, she was the first manager I worked under when I started here.” Again, coolly polite.

“Oh, and I remember that case about your brother.” Said in the same tone as mentioning my father and my former manager. Backstory - about 18 years ago my brother WAS FUCKING TORTURED & MURDERED. She just casually mentioned the court case around my brothers murder, in the same way one would mention ‘remember when there used to be a McDonald’s over there?’

I pause. I blink. “Yes m’am, that was a long time ago.” I say, slowly and even more neutrally.

“Oh! I’m sorry I shouldn’t have mentioned that.”

… “It was a long time ago m’am.”

“No but I shouldn’t have brought it up.”

Inside my head I’m just shocked. First of all, I don’t know this lady. Never met her, she’s not family, she’s not my friend. Second of all, what kind of fucking social degenerate mentions to a complete fucking stranger their brother who was tortured and murdered???

I handled it well, considering. I had a few minutes in the back of Sad, and then just shocked anger. What the fuck lady. 

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'mod: did i mention i could write fucking essays about how i write prompto - LONG AND DETAILED ESSAYS' *SLAMMING FISTS ON TABLE* DO IT DO IT (only if u wanna!)


first of all, prompto is a horrible liar in his diary entries. not very often because i don’t want to, you know, confuse people, but there is a definite disconnect between what he writes and what is actually going on.

his parents are a pretty good example of this! 

prom is definitely lying about “they’re totally fine right ahaha,” because he’s pretty sure they’re not. but the illusion of pretending they are is more important to him than laying down the absolute truth.

which ties into emoji! because seriously, i put a lot of thought into his stupid emoji.

first, they’re really useful to convey more emotion than just words, so they’re awesome. and you can’t tell me prompto “ball of sunshine” argentum wouldn’t abuse the heck out of them. because he would. most definitely. while grinning about it when people complain.

but they’re also good for more lying and deflecting. i don’t know if it comes across clearly (because i am biased by my own writing), but prompto is not quite the ball of sunshine he pretends to be. he’s insecure (his conversation with noctis early in the game paints this pretty clearly (and makes me want to hug him)), and i’m pretty sure his self-esteem/self-worth is kind of… non-existent.

(the chapter 13 reveal plays a large part in that, too, but that’s for later. oh boy is that for later.)

so emoji! very useful for painting events in a slightly skewed light.

this line from 115 is a useful example:

it was really tasty~! i’ll… i’ll have to think of a way to pay him back 。(*^▽^*)ゞ 

the food was tasty. but part of why prom wants to ‘pay it back’ is because he doesn’t feel deserving of it in the first place. (hence the strikethrough text immediately above that. strikethrough is so good) he’s not actually happy (i mean, he is happy, because he has the BIGGEST CRUSH ON GLADIO EVER and he got to spend time with him. on a total date), but he’s also super nervous and worried about messing up, because - like he said to noct on the motel rooftop, all the way back when - he doesn’t think he’s “good enough” for gladio’s attentions. or anyone’s attentions, really. he’s just some commoner kid who lucked out making friends with the prince and now he’s on this big grand adventure and feeling like he’s struggling to ‘keep up.’

(i’m pretty sure the word he uses specifically is “worthless,” which is a pretty fucking heavy word, you guys. and yeah, noct tells him he isn’t, but fixing your bad self-esteem isn’t as easy as flipping a switch because one person told you otherwise. ask me how i know! (don’t, actually.))

111 is another good example of this. when i write prom’s posts, i don’t use emoji, because i have to copy them from old posts/the website i (ab)use. sometimes i use weird placeholders to remind myself of what emotion i’m trying to convey, but anyway.

so in the draft, there were no emoji. and then i went through and added one to every line, which i’m well aware is overkill. but prom is overkilling it - he doesn’t want to go to altissia. he doesn’t want the fun he’s having to end, but he feels selfish about that, so he’s not going to write it down. read the post and pretend the emoji aren’t there, and (in theory, who knows) he sounds a lot sadder about it - which he admits to in the last line, with a sad emoji, but if (;へ:) is, say, 4/10 sad, prom’s really more like a 7-8/10.

sure, he’s excited to see lady luna, and he knows noct has his duty/etc. to do, but prom… he’s really happy to be spending time with his friends, but then he feels guilty, because he shouldn’t be enjoying this, they should all be safe and sound in insomnia. except they’re not, and he has a hard time listening to the two sets of voices in his head. i think anyone who suffers from depression would know what i’m talking about - but in case - there’s a voice that tells you, pretty constantly, about how shit you are. all the time. inescapably. it’s a lot of fun! (it is the opposite of fun and why i try to take such care with any/all asks that mention feeling down/depressed. trust me guys, i have been there.)

i imagine prom and that voice are very well-acquainted (and i’ve been writing a fic about it for weeks, i am slow as fuck), and it’s part of why he tries to be so peppy and upbeat in his diaries, to try and drown it out. and thus: a disconnect between how he feels and what he’s writing.

prompto is by far my favourite character because i can relate to him the most and i think he has a lot more depth to him than you see at first glance. most of that depth, though, at least in my opinion, is enough darkness to rival how bright he pretends to be.

one last note, though: his interactions with anyone who sends him an ask are genuine. he is overwhelmed (JUST LIKE ME LET’S BE REAL) by people complimenting him and hearing how happy he makes them. i imagine he blushes at his phone a lot. sometimes he gets teary-eyed. y’all make him cry sometimes, you jerks ♥

TL;DR: prom is an unreliable narrator. they all are, to some degree, but i think prom is the worst about it sometimes.

also, since someone else asked about dino while also requesting an essay:

he asked dino about kissing. because prom is totally afraid of doing it wrong and messing it up, because then, obviously, gladio won’t like him anymore. and word around the quay is that dino has been around the block a few times and therefore is an excellent person to ask advice from.

(dino laughed about the situation and then tried to explain kissing as excellently as possible, because dino is a cool guy. whenever anyone seemed like they were getting into earshot, prom loudly went “ABOUT THOSE ROCKS, DINO,” with his face as red as a tomato. dino laughed more and played along. i am 10/10 a lowkey fan of dino.)

today was my dad’s funeral and tbh we realized one thing about our family. things never really go well for us but when finally we have this moment of true happiness something REALLY bad gonna happen next. a day before my dad’s death he was actually really happy and had a lot of plans and he was about to start taking new meds and he even said something like ‘you’ll have to deal with me for few more years’. another example was my uncle - he won a fight with cancer but he died (from something completely different) and it was 2 days before his wedding. there was also my grandpa who was excited because he got his green card and few days later he had cerebral haemorrhage now he can hardly speak or move 

there’s more examples but yeah it sucks

Know your weaknesses

When you’re learning and practicing a language, try to be very aware of the language you’re using and the impact it is having on others around you (if you are using it with someone else). You can use that awareness to pick up on little things that you can fine-tune and improve on.

Something I need to improve on with my Korean is emotional awareness and expression (mostly expression). I have a lot of opportunity to practice my speaking with my boyfriend, and he has pointed out to me that I use a lot of the same simple emotion words when I’m trying to express more complex feelings. For example, he noted to me that I tend to use the word 귀찮다 in a wide variety of situations when he can tell that what I really mean is something else, running the gamut from 억울하다 to 질리다. 

Today something similar happened. I had a bit of a misunderstanding with a coworker and I described how I was feeling at the time using 화가 나다, and when he called me later in the evening to talk about it, I backtracked and clarified that more than 화가 나다, it was more of a situation of 억울하다 or 속상하다. Even in English, I’m not so good at verbally expressing my feelings, and that carries over into Korean, where I describe my emotional state in broad ways that probably end up sounding a bit childish. I know and can understand a wide range of emotion-related words, but I hardly use them myself. Is it a massive problem? Nah, not really. But is it something that I can strive to improve upon now that I am aware of it? Definitely.

A big part of becoming good at something is recognizing (and fixing) what you’re bad at!

And now back to grammar study~

Happy studying, all~

eh… i think the xmcu missed an well good opportunity not having wanda be, like, a proper character… because like, what with the events of apoc, i feel like it’d mean a lot to erik to know that he a daughter out there, man

…A lot of people with smug anime girl avatars are reblogging my post about disliking people saying “all art is political”. And I suspect they wouldn’t be if I’d used a different example.

The problems I have with people saying ‘all art is political’ happens on both sides of this equation. Honestly, people claiming art should be apolitical and then saying “THE EXISTENCE OF BLACK PEOPLE/WOMEN/QUEERS IS POLITICAL THIS IS PANDERING WE WANT THEM GONE” bugs me even more, because they’re doing the same damn thing and they’re trying to wriggle out of admitting they’re doing it. 

Dictating to artists- especially indie artists and outsider artists- what they can and can’t do, based on your personal politics, bothers me. Telling people that reading Stuff Based In Your Politics/Religion is more moral than reading the stuff they actually want to read bothers me. Insisting that your way of seeing the world is the only correct way of seeing the world, and that anyone who’s portraying it incorrectly is badwrongsatandevilevil- that bothers the hell out of me. 

This is a thing that is not confined to the Left. I think everyone does it to some degree. But I have many, many, many problems with people who try to push their ideology of choice as metric for what’s good and what’s bad. 

The biggest problems I have with what the Left’s doing is that it keeps making ‘being a minority’ a political act and (especially on the academic Left) often kicks genre fiction into the Second-Class Citizen Box. If Sad Nonfiction About Oppression is the most moral thing you can be reading, why are you reading anything fun that makes you laugh? 

And, like, I know it’s more complicated than that. Right now being queer is not an apolitical act, we need to stick together and celebrate each other, same goes for every other minority. And portraying bigoted stereotypes is, if nothing else, usually fucking unrealistic. So it’s… a mess. 

But… like, people on the right do this too. Way more often, especially the ‘socially conservative’ Christian Right. 

There’s an entire cottage industry of Media Specifically Made By Conservative Christians For Conservative Christians. In the Mormon sphere, at least, watching this pap is treated as way more moral and deserving than watching stuff with… actual content. Seriously, I know people who think that, like, tacky Mormon dance videos that would make Disney Channel reality stars weep at how bad they are are ‘better for you’ than, say, The Hunt For Red October, because The Hunt For Red October is violent and doesn’t have ‘the Spirit’. I know people who’ve been yelled at for reading classic lit instead of reading their scriptures, because ‘what could you learn from that that you can’t learn from the Book of Mormon’. 

And people like this are the reason why anything that has to do with oppression, sex, violence, magic, evolution, or actual freedom of religion/the lack thereof is politicised TO BEGIN WITH.  

Writing stories with strong female leads wouldn’t be nearly as controversial if there wasn’t a lobby of people who are scared it would give their daughters bad ideas. (Seriously. I’ve seen Tangled being accused of being ‘too feminist’ and ‘dangerous’. Fucking Tangled.) Writing stories with black protagonists wouldn’t be nearly as controversial if there wasn’t a lobby of people who think that Black People Are Orcs Threatening The White Race. Writing stories with queer protagonists wouldn’t be nearly as controversial if there wasn’t a lobby of people who think that queer people are literally going to destroy society.

The problem I have with ‘all art is political’ isn’t specifically Down With Cis. I kind of hate that meme, but it is just a meme, it’s at worst a symptom of a much larger problem. 

The problem here is deciding that someone’s life is intrinsically political and need to be gauged on the same metric that you’d gauge a nonfiction piece about politics. A lot of writing- even silly space opera that doesn’t have much cohesion to it- is a writer’s subconscious attempt to work out what’s going on inside their own head. If writing is at all good- if it’s got any kind of a soul to it- it’s because the writer is trying to work something out, and uses a story to show it. 

Reading something that actively attacks your worldview, even if it’s fiction, is Not Pleasant. You want to make it go away. And it’s a lot easier to say “this is bad because it makes the politics cry” than it is to say “this is bad because I don’t like it”. People will listen to you if you say “this is bad because it makes the politics cry”, in a way that they won’t if you’re just airing your personal opinion. 

But when you say ‘this is bad because it makes the politics cry’ - or ‘this is good because it makes the politics happy’- more often than not, especially if you’re targeting indie authors or musicians, or fanfic writers, or fanartists, what you’re saying is, ‘your life is not Politically Correct, and if you want us to approve of you and your art, you’ve got to fundamentally remake the inside of your brain.’ 

I realise that not all people who say ‘all art is political’ are saying this, but a loud minority of them are- in the same way that a loud minority of the people who say ‘the personal is political’ are saying ‘the personal is political, therefore, I should be allowed to control the details of your life’.

For the obvious reasons, I’m not okay with this. >_> 

important things to consider: levi is autistic

  • he stims by holding warm things in his hand, be it a teacup or even somebody elses hands he uses the temperature to stim
  • he also pressure stims he likes having a lot of weight on him, so normally he’ll drag erwin on top of him when they sleeping in the same bed. and although erwin worries about crushing him levi l o v es the pressure
  • levi is SHIT at making eye-contact he cant do it it makes him so fucking uncomfortable. but that put him at odds with a lot of authority figures however erwin doesnt mind and understands that its just who levi is
  • levi cannot read social cues at all. At All. He Can’t.
  • levi actually knows a metric fuck-ton about knives and tea theyre his special interests even tho he isnt actually all that sure on what a special interest is
  • sometimes levi goes non-verbal and nobody minds but its Inconvenient when he doesnt become verbal again for Days
  • levi Hates the feeling of titan blood on him, on his clothes, on his everything, the texture and the feeling make him so uncomfortable
  • levi rlly rlly likes saying erwins name he likes how it feels on his tongue
  • sometimes levi will just say erwins name over and over and over again and he knows its probably annoying but erwin will respond every time without getting annoyed and will just keep doing his paperwork
  • “erwin?” “what is it levi?” “…erwin” “mhm” “erwin”-
  • levi gets stressed when things are dirty and gets overstimulated very easily when u combine it with loud constant noise

levi is autistic ty for ur time

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hey, so i saw your post about cuban culture in regards to Lance and I absolutely loved it :) Also i'm currently trying to learn Spanish (the Latino kind) and i was wondering if you could tell me an example of the usage of the expression ñooooooooo? plz and thank you ^^

Latin dialects vary a lot from each other, there isn’t only one kind. Caribbean countries have a lot in common so while Puerto Ricans and Dominicans use a lot of the expressions in my post, other countries don’t always. Just keep that in mind while you’re learning.

I think the way Cubans use ñooo is comparable to how Americans say dayum or whoa.

  • If something big happens that Lance didn’t expect, like an explosion, he might shout “Ñoooo!” up at it.
  • If Lance finds something he thinks is really cool, he might pick it up and say “Ñoooo,” beneath his breath.
  • If Shiro does a cool move in training, Lance might look at him and just say “Ño!” with a really impressed look on his face.
  • “Ño, dude,” is an extremely common phrase for bilingual Cubans to say to each other. It’s used like “Wow, dude.”
Winchester brothers-Baby Sister

Title: Baby Sister

Pairings: Winchester brothers x sister reader

Word count:1123

Summary: All of the times the brothers have referred to the reader as ‘Baby sister’ A.K.A; Very protective moments!! Who doesn’t love Protective Big brothers Sam and Dean!!

Baby Sister had been used a lot. Not as a pet name of course but either as an excuse, a reason or some form of protectiveness. 

For example, the times it was used for protectiveness;

‘’Look, I’m sorry, a deal’s a deal’’You smirked, scooping in all the money. The man growled, towering over you as he set down his pool cue. 

‘’You hustled me little girly’’He growled, cracking his knuckles. You gulped, stepping back as you nervously looked up at him. You were a good fighter and all but this was one large guy. 

The guy placed his grubby hand on your shoulder, fingertips squeezing into the skin as you flinched. You felt the hand being knocked away from you, a taller body standing in front of you. 

You opened your eyes only to see Sam who was glaring at the guy. Sam was a sweetheart, he had a puppy dog look but his height and muscles made him very intimidating and when he was angry he was not someone you wanted to mess with. 

‘’beat it, High-tower’’The man snarled, trying to peer over at you.  Sam stepped the same way the man did, his lips curling down into a snarl. 

‘’I suggest you do unless you wanna be driving back in an ambulance’’Sam growled, his jaw locking tight. The man eyed Sam, knowing Sam could easily take him down. 

‘’What’s this to you’’The man snapped. 

‘’She’s my baby sister’’


‘’GAHHH!’’Dean screamed, his fist pelting down on the demons face. His teeth gripped his bottom lip as his face burned red. He beat the demon to a pulp, smashing his head repeatedly off the floor. 

Dean got up, looking down at the mess he created before snarling at the dead demon. He panted, chest rising and swallowing as he tried to swallow the air he was lacking. 

‘’Ain’t nobody date touch my baby sister’’Dean screamed, booting him in the chest before he walked over to you and scooped up your bloodied form. 


‘’Why not, Dean!’’You whined, slapping your arms against your thighs in annoyance. 

‘’Because…’’Dean scoffed, ignoring you as he folded his clothes. 

‘’Why! Because isn’t a good enough reason! How come you and Sammy get to go on dates or hook up but the minute I start talking to a guy it’s like I set Lucifer free!’’You cried out in frustration. 

Dean stopped, sighing as he looked at you. 

‘’Because you’re my baby sister and that’s why’’


‘’Hey, talk to me’’Sam whispered, sitting beside you on your bed. You looked away, tears dripping down your cheek as Sam waited patiently. 

‘’I just…I just feel so scared and then I feel stupid that I feel like that since I’m a hunter, I’m not supposed to be’’You explained, fiddling with your fingers. 

‘’No, baby’’Sam chuckled softly but held a gentle look on his face. ‘’Everyone get’s scared, it’s natural. So do I, so does Dean, don’t forget you’re still a kid and this is a lot, it’s a lot for me and I’m older than you are. Trust me, we all get scared’’Sam smiled as he stroked back your hair. 

‘’But you’re my baby sister and I won’t let nothing hurt you’’


‘’Alright, shh, you’re okay, I’ve got you’’Dean grunted, keeping his arm pinned under your back as he looked around. He cursed under his breath as the wind fogged his breath before he pulled you closer. 

‘’Shh, you’re okay’’He whispered, smoothing down your hair. He pecked your forehead, rocking you gently as you gasped for air, your hands shaking as the wound guzzled more blood. 

‘’Shhh, I got you baby sis, I got you’’


‘’What!’’Sam barked, the beer bottle rim inches from his lips as he glared at the teenage boy that  had the balls to approach the giant. 

‘’What, I’m just saying. She’s hot. Mind getting her number for me?’’He smirked, a cocky look on his face as he glanced over to the bathroom you had just gone too. 

Sam’s face scrunched up in anger and disgust as he cringed at the boy before calming himself when he reminded himself he was a teen. A cocky arrogant one that he wanted to punch so bad since he seemed to be picturing you naked but Sam held himself back. 

‘’She’s my baby sister you perv, now get out of her before I throw you out’’


Sam and Dean walked down the halls of the hospital, both dressed in their fed suits as they rushed nervously. Sam was always extra snappy when he was nervous, already snapping at Dean for just pulling him out of the way of an on coming nurse. 

‘’(Y/n)… hi’’Sam whispered, his breath getting clogged in the clammy walls of his throat as they saw you hooked up to a thousand machines, scratches and bruises coating your bloodied face. 

They both approached the bed, sitting on either side as Dean grasped your hand, rubbing his fingers gentle over a part were you didn’t have any wounds. 

‘’Hey, Baby sis, how you holding up?’’


‘’Sam why would you do that!’’You sobbed, falling to you knee’s as he looked at you through tears of his own. ‘’Why’’You whimpered, feeling angry yet sad at the same time, you felt angry at yourself too. 

You wanted to hate him but you couldn’t. ‘’Why would you sell your soul! You know how it ends!’’You cried out, feeling your heart stop. Sam was in tears, looking away as he set a stern face. 

‘’Because you’re my baby sister’’


‘’NOO!’’Dean screamed, thrashing against the mans arms. ‘’No, no! please!’’Dean whimpered, trying to get past the man.

‘’You don’t understand, I need to get in there, I have to’’Dean yelled, still trying to get past as he watched the flames lick at the burning that you had rushed into to retrieve the little girl. 

‘’That’s my baby sister in there, please!’’


Sam groaned, head pounding, vision blurry. He lifted his head, frowning when he saw a dull green ceiling. He heard beeps and a voice beside him and something moving. He finally clocked on that he was in an ambulance. 

He made some weird sounds from the back of his throat before turning his head and seeing your lifeless body beside him. 

‘’Wh-(Y/N)!’’He screamed, wriggling as the man rushed over and held him down. ‘’(Y/N)!’’He yelled, trying to push the man away as he began to cry. 

‘’Son, stop!’’The man ordered as best as he could but Sam would have none of it. 

‘’No, no, no’’He sobbed, his head banging back down on the bed. ‘’No… please, that’s my baby sister, you have to help her, please’’Sam cried

‘’She’s my baby sister’’


Sometimes I think we underestimate how important Miriel is. We attribute a lot of Feanor’s characterization to Finwe. We say he has “daddy issues”. We tend to portray a lot of his personality as something inherited from his father in one way or another. His mother isn’t brought up as often, it occasionally seems.

Miriel makes up so much of Feanor’s identity. Her name is his name. He’s even used as an example in the part of LaCE where the Noldorin concept of linguistic and personal identity is discussed:

“But every child among the Noldor (in which point, maybe, they differed from the other Eldar) had also the right to name himself or herself. Now the first ceremony, the announcement of the father-name, was called the Essecarme or ‘Name-making’. Later there was another ceremony called the Essecilme or ’Name-choosing’. This took place at no fixed date after the Essecarme, but could not take place before the child was deemed ready and capable of lamatyave, as the Noldor called it: that is, of individual pleasure in the sounds and forms of words. The Noldor were of all the Eldar the swiftest in acquiring word-mastery; but even among them few before at least the seventh year had become fully aware of their own individual lamatyave, or had gained a complete mastery of the inherited language and its structure, so as to express this tyave skilfully within its limits. The Essecilme, therefore, the object of which was the expression of this personal characteristic,’ usually took place at or about the end of the tenth year. (…)

* This lamatyave was held a mark of individuality, and more important indeed than others, such as stature, colour, and features of face. (…)

Renowned examples of these things are found in the early histories. Thus Finwe, first lord of the Noldor, first named his eldest son Finwion; but later when his talent was revealed this was modified to Curufinwe. But the name of insight which his mother Miriel gave to him in the hour of birth was Feanaro 'Spirit  of  Fire’; and by this name he became known to all, and he is so called in all the histories. (It is said that he also took this name as his chosen name, in honour of his mother, whom he never saw.)”

To the Noldor, language is identity. It’s more important than any other facet of identity. Feanor identifies himself with Miriel so much that his chosen name, which represents his understanding of himself, is the one Miriel gave him.
He identifies with her so much that he calls himself “son of Miriel”. Consider how unusual it is for someone to name themself their mother’s child, specifically. How many other elves can you think of who identify themselves that way? As the heir of their mother rather than just as the heir of their father?

He identifies with her so much that his very speech patterns revolve around her. I’ve seen some people characterize him as resistant to linguistic change in general, but his resistance is to one change in particular, and that resistance is a “shibboleth”. It’s a social and personal identifier. It shows everyone who he is, and that is his mother’s heir.

And Feanor was most like his mother as a child, in appearance and personality, but even as he grew and became more like Finwe his personality remained most like hers. Miriel is described as incredibly strong-willed more than once, and is said to be the type of person who makes their words a law unto themselves. Feanor gets his incredible will from her; he’s her “Spirit of Fire”. Finwe may be fiery - he is a Noldo - but it’s never made sense to me to attribute this quality of Feanor’s to him alone. It feels almost like discrediting Miriel.

Likewise it seems usual to assume that Feanor’s issues with the Valar are entirely his own, but I don’t think that’s the case. After Miriel’s death, the Valar debate who is more at fault: Miriel for leaving her family, or Finwe for not waiting for her forever. Feanor doesn’t seem inclined to blame either of his parents. Nor does he seem to entirely blame Indis, though he obviously doesn’t like her or her children. No, he blames the Valar. The Valar who decided that no elf may have more than one spouse living and thereby doomed Miriel to eternal death. The Valar who would prevent her from returning to life with her family, who will always prevent her from being with Finwe again no matter what. The Valar who sentenced someone to imprisonment unending for being tired, and another to the same for being lonely, both of them separated against their will until the end of the world.

So often we only see Feanor as fighting for his own personal freedom, but that’s not all of it. He’s fighting for Miriel’s freedom; For her rights, for her choices. It was her choice to be called “Therinde” rather than “Serinde”, and Feanor would see that choice respected. He would tear himself apart, he would die, before he allowed anyone to violate her rights.

I just have a lot of feelings about this, okay?

i know in my heart all foreigners aren’t de-racialized and simply called 外人 in Japan because

every once in a while, a coworker will come up to me to ask questions about you white folks’ behavior.  

i don’t always have answers for them.

this afternoon, for example.

I was helping with a school assembly, not even prompting or looking for conversation, when a teacher i’ve only recently regularly started talking to walked up and told me about his college job at a coffee shop here in Tokyo.  

apparently he got really nervous when a lot of white folks would come into the cafe because someone would always aggressively try to correct the little English phrases he was told to use when English speakers came into the shop.

  Specifically when he said “Be careful.  It’s hot!”  and he’d pronounce “hot” with a ほ sound instead of a は sound I guess which evidently grated on a lot of white folks’ ears.  To the point where he said he was never really nervous about trying to speak English in front of any foreigner unless a white person was nearby.  another teacher chimed in and said they had a similar experience except ALTs from “white countries” would always laugh at them when they misspoke in class and it made them hate English from middle school onward.  They asked me why their accents were made fun of and what was wrong with them.  My heart eroded a bit. 

these are actually the best and most recent examples.  of course i’ve fielded some problematic/lowkey white supremacist inquiries as well, but that usually involved a very racialized form of misogyny that comes up less often these days.

tbh after hearing this it made me ( openly ) reflect on WWOOFing in south africa and selling milk to folks in the countryside and other black folks getting their life when I would sell stuff to them speaking (rudimentary) isiZulu or isiXhosa. 

 But every time I tried to speak Afrikaans to old white folks they’d read me to filth and say some awful, entitled shit that i’d have one of the full time farmhands translate for me later.  eventually i stopped asking them to translate.

anyways in other news

I try not to play favorites with my students, but we’re all human in a social landscape that offers incentives for interacting with some people over others so let’s not kid ourselves.  

One of my favorite students to speak to overheard me telling another English teacher “I think this year he’s the best English speaker in the entire school.  You should get to know him.” 

 we were discussing this while walking down a stairwell and just as I finished that statement I realized he was behind us the whole time so I’ve noticed quite a change in his demeanor since then.  

he was already fun to talk to but now he’s actively seeking out conversation.  He even wanted to chat afterschool on his walk between the school and his train station.  I wish I could give every student such a confidence boost.  

I’m trying my best.  

Dating Theo would include

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Dating Theo would include…

… him being an overprotective boyfriend (sometimes too much)

… him being the dominant one in your relationship (especially during sex)

… you and him being the power couple

… you and him being competitive together

… him acting super cute, while you are on your period

… him telling you everyday how beautiful you are

… him getting jealous whenever you are talking to another boy

… him dragging you to the gym, because he uses you as motivation (as example: You lie down on your back, while he is doing Push-ups and whenever he lowers his body he gets to kiss you.

…him dropping by at night to take you on an adventure with him.

… you and him getting it on literally everywhere possible.

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shiratorizawow  asked:

Was just reading your uni study guide post - and I just wanted to not I actually take paper notes and have found I don't do too badly content wise (I'm in 1st year and haven't done exams yet so I might be wrong) My laptop is also the heaviest thing ever. For my discipline lecturers don't really out much info on the slides except 1 - the talk it out so I find there isn't much to read in the slides beforehand? (Sorry I don't know why I'm saying this)

Sure, well I’m just giving general advice, but obviously for some subjects, for example maths, a lot of it is going to need writing. For example, my friend does computing and advanced math and doesn’t use a laptop except when he’s coding. All studyblr advice should be taken on a case by case basis. Obviously I’m not sitting right next to you and doing your degree, but I’m just giving the advice that I found works best for me, and should work well for a lot of people. There are a lot of people out there who haven’t worked out that typing notes is a lot better than writing them for a lot of subjects, so I’m hoping for people to read it, and think about what they’re doing and whether it’s the best way of doing it (which is what you’re doing right now, awesome! :D) If you have some special method that works really well for you and you think works well for other people and you are able to write up the process, feel free to write something up, you might help some other person who’s in a similar boat :)

Hope that’s clear! ^_^