he uses his legs and body to take him down by his arm

Still Into You (Calum Smut) Part Two

Part One

Calum downed shot after shot in your kitchen. He didn’t even care what Luke was saying behind him. “Slow down.” his blonde friend was shouting over the music, but he was drowning him out. He looked at the tens of people surrounding him in a place that had once been all too familiar. Your living room, the place you and him used to just hang out for hours watching movies, eating a whole bunch of junk food, and making out before your parents got home. 

He remembered one night his hands were all over you, taking in every inch of your body that he could. His lips were attacking your neck, making you moan as his hands went between your legs.

“Calum?” Luke shouted into Calum’s ear interrupting his memory. 

“What, man?” He shouted back, his words slurred.

“Let’s find Ash and Mike and get out of here.” Luke said taking Calum by the arm and taking his drink.

“I’m not ready to leave yet.” He groaned retrieving his cup from Luke’s grip. 

“At least leave the kitchen before-”

“I thought we had more beer in the fridge?” You called out to Dana. Calum’s head shot up at the sound of your voice to see you coming around the corner. 

“Shit.” Luke murmured under his breath, knowing it was too late. Calum watched you smile and say hi to more people. You hadn’t changed a bit. Your hair still fell the same way, your smile still as bright as it had always been, until he broke up with you. Something was almost missing from your grin, a glimmer that was once there was…dimmed. Your body still looked the same, beautiful with every curve. Calum, now sobered, wished he could just reach out and grab you and feel you against him again. He shuffled past Luke, eager to just say hi to you, but Luke grabbed him so quickly it was almost inhuman. 

“You can’t say a word to her, Cal.” He warned.

“Dana’s not going to do anything.” He said pulling his arm from his grasp. You turned back around from saying hi to friends to see Calum standing in front of you. 

So many feelings came rushing back in a haze. Hurt, anger, frustration…love. You shook your head, almost not believing what you were seeing.

“Y/N…” Calum started, but before he could go on your right hand went straight across his face. Luke stopped in his tracks, taken aback from your sudden slap. He could almost feel the lingering sting himself. Calum wiped his hand over his now marked cheek, but he held your gaze, never blinking. 

“Get out.” You growled angrily before pushing past him and Luke and into the hallway to the front lawn for some much needed air. Ashton and Michael clambered over each other trying to get the the source of the whispers. 

“What the hell happened?” Michael asked as he looked around at the people staring at the four of them. 

“She slapped me…” Calum trailed off. Still in a bit of a haze.

“Then let’s get out of here.” Ashton said trying to round them towards the back door, away from you. 

“No, I gotta talk to her.” Calum said starting out the door. The three boys started a chorus of “no way, mate’s” and “not a good idea’s”. Calum shook off their advice and headed out the door to you. 

Part Three

Lucifer’s Broken Heart

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Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 1,043
Warnings: Angst
A/N: My prompt for @totallysupernaturaloneshots follower celebration was “Silly girl, do you think I actually loved you?”

Laying on Lucifer’s chest, his arm held you close. Your naked body was used to the chill of his skin by now. Your leg was over his as you slept peacefully. His finger lazily trailed up and down your arm, barely touching your skin. Lucifer kept his eyes closed, just enjoying the peace. He’d gotten lucky with you, and he never wanted to take that for granted.

“Come on, Dean.” You sighed. “I’m the only one here that he hasn’t tried to kill.” Which was true. In your recent run ins with Lucifer, he’d left you completely untouched. Not a scratch on you. It was hard not to miss that fact.

Dean licked his lip. “I don’t like it.” He admitted.

You gave him a small smile, patting his cheek. “I’ll be okay. I promise.”

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Zoro quietly closed the door behind him. He knew Sanji would be exhausted from his physical therapy session and was probably sleeping. He slowly made his way to the small table by the window and set down the bag of sushi he had promised the blonde. He started to take off his jacket and glanced over at Sanji sleeping in the cushioned chair.
When he took in the sight before him, Zoro’s entire body went still. The swordsman’s heart leapt into his throat and that sweet ache he had grown to know so well erupted in his chest.
Sanji was wearing his sweatshirt.

“Sorry,” he whispered. “It was getting kinda cold and this was the only thing I could reach.”
“Don’t worry about it,” Zoro said. “You used to borrow that one all the time.”
Sanji stopped pulling his arm out and glanced at the floor. “’Kay… thanks.”

ART BY: Youko-Shirokiba
LINK: http://youko-shirokiba.deviantart.com/

FAN FICTION: Memories 
WRITTEN BY: Stark_Black
LINK: http://archiveofourown.org/works/495647/chapters/867669

Here I am. 
Oh, what should I say about these wonderful story of ZoSan? 
I don’t wanna to say about this story ‘cause I’m fell in love. There are 31 Chapters and only in a week I read everything and I always said that Zoro and Sanji are the perfect couple! ♥ 
Ehm, do you want my advice? You should read this wonderful Fan Fiction! 
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