he uses his giant robot

Guarding the Office

It was nighttime.

Red Leader had to leave his base to go to a ‘meeting’, leaving his second-in-commands to guard his office. However, he did let them go inside of the room, under one condition.

They DON’T touch the dollhouse.

“If I find just one strand of fabric out of place, I’ll rip your guts out, no matter that we’re ‘friends’, okay!?”

“Yes Red Leader.”

“Yes Red Leader.”

“Alright. Here’s my keys and I’ll be gone for a few hours. If I don’t respond by, let’s say, in three hours, you guys know what to do.”

And just like that, their intimidating leader left the safety of their base to go to some randomly assigned meeting. Paul and Patryk held the room’s keys in their hands, staring blankly at them. They never really been in their boss’s room all alone before. Sure, they’ve been in it, but to only help Red Leader move some tools around or to organize some battle plans. Other times when they went into it, they just announced some urgent news. As they turned the keys into the office, the smell of old cigars and some liquor hit them. Damn, how long has the boss been in here? Anyways, they noticed the overall disarray of the room. Sure, Red Leader never really has been a organized person, there’s been chemical spills, misfires, and a load of other mishaps that could’ve been avoided if he just kept his office in order. Along with the overall mess of the room, having scraps of fabric all over along with a overturned bag of cotton, Paul and Patryk noticed the dollhouse their boss threatened about. It looks just like the house he used to live in, with his old roommates, before the entire giant-fighting-robot incident. Paul looks into one of the miniature windows, and sees a blur of color.

“What the?” He says, as he squints into the window more, only seeing color blotches, thanks to his poor depth perception with his one good eye.

“'Ey Patryk, ever wonder why boss plays with this so much?”

“I don’t know genius, it’s maybe a hobby?”

“Well he sure picked it up right after we, uh, ya know, c-cut off his arm.”

“Yeah. You know what? I know he’s been ordering a lot of stuff for this, so would it kill us to open it up to see how it is inside though?”

“I guess not.” Paul says, as Patryk strides towards the dollhouse, removing the roof-lid. There, they find the doll trio, all propped up in their rooms. They begin to pick them up, noticing how oddly warm they seem to be. Maybe the air in the dollhouse is warm? Who knows.

“Gee, they’re really soft! What kind of cotton are in these?” Paul exclaims.

“I don’t know, but damn, the blue doll looks like it’s been through hell. Just look at all of it’s stitches. It looks like it got shredded or something, and boss tried to put it back together? Why would he waste his time on that?”

“Maybe he has a bond with it?”

“If he DID, he would’ve taken better care of it.”

“I guess you’re right….. These other two look much better though.”

“Isn’t this kinda creepy? Like he has plush dolls of his ex-friends?”

“Maybe it’s to cope?”


“Yeah. Like after mental or physical trauma stuff. Patryk, you have to consider the fact that he lost his arm and burned half of his body due to his 'friends’.”

“Hmm. It’s still pretty odd.”

“…..yeah……” Paul says, as he begins to toss gently up and down the Matt doll, oblivious to what he’s really doing to it.

“Heh. You know what we should do?”

“What are you thinking Pat?”

“Wanna play darts?”

“Wha-………….oh. I see.”

The duo loved to play darts. They’ve been known on the base to be the best dart players, even surpassing the boss somehow. Paul isn’t as good as he used to be, having only one good eye for now, but Patryk is a pilot after all. Clamping unto the Tom doll, Patryk heads towards a dart board hanging above the boss’s desk, next to some darted and ripped wanted posters. He then takes some tacks from a nearby table, and pins the Tom doll to the board.

“Alright who goes first?” Patryk says, as he takes out a small black box containing some darts that were also placed near the tacks.

“You go ahead, you know I’m not as good as I used to be. And honestly, I don’t think we should do this. What if boss sees the puncture holes? He’s going to know it was us!”

“Ah shut up, this doll is covered in holes that are patched up, what’s a few more going to do?”

As Patryk says this, he walks a few feet from the wall and throws.



“'Ey hand me one.”




“Ha, you got it stuck in his eye!”




“Damn, out of darts. The others in here are all damaged, we really gotta buy some new dart tips.”

“Alright. Let me go remove the doll.” Patryk says, as he proceeds to remove the darts from the doll’s arms, legs, torso, and even it’s button eye.

“If boss finds out what we have done, I’m blaming ya!”

“Yeah, you would, sucker.”

“Tor-erm….. BOSS sure loves these two other dolls though, since they look so clean. Not even their plastic stub eyes are scratched. You think the blue one had these eyes?”

“Maybe. They could’ve fell out, since he has button eyes.”

“I guess so.”

“HRRRGGKKKK. Shit, this dart is really stuck in his arm!”

“Need help?”

“Nah I got it. HUMMMPPFF! AH GOT IT! Oh. A little piece of cotton is sticking out, but I’ll just poke it back in like new.”

“I’ll go put the others back in their spots we found them.”



“That’s weird?! It felt like this doll twitched when I was putting my finger into the hole to shove the cotton back in.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No! It felt like it!”

“Stop kidding around, just put him back into the dollhouse.”


And just like that, the duo placed the dolls back into their rooms, closed the roof-lid, and proceeded to take guard of the room. Paul smoked for a bit, while Patryk started to sweep up the room, since he hates messes. The boss would sure like this, he believes. Around two hours later, Red Leader is back. He’s got some blood on his cheek, but apparently the 'meeting’ went well he says.

“Well I hope you two didn’t mess around in my office room right?”

“No Red Leader.”

“No Red Leader.”

“Ah good! I’m going to, uh, do some stuff now. See you guys early in the morning for tomorrow’s meeting!”

“Night Red Leader.”

“Night Red Leader.”

The duo then proceeded to march away to their rooms, as Tord enters his office. It looks really clean. To be honest, he was too lazy to sweep and organize the room, so that’s why he let Patryk in there. He knows he’s a clean freak, so he prospered from it. Paul probably did nothing though, since Tord smells the cheap cigarette smell all over his room. The ash tray on his desk had a bent cigarette in it, ensuring his assumption. Tord suddenly hears some sounds from the dollhouse.


He proceeded to open the roof-lid, seeing the Matt doll trembling, curled up into a ball. The Edd doll seems to be in shock too, swaying in place, staring at a wall. The Tom doll however,

It doesn’t move.

“Wha……….. Matt?” Tord proceeds to pick up the Matt doll, making it shudder violently, and it covers up it’s face with it’s little stump hands.

“W-what happened?” Tord stares intently at the doll, until it stops shaking and it points at the ash tray.


They wouldn’t.

He specifically said not to.

Tord places the Matt doll gently back into the doll house, and goes to pick up the Tom doll. It’s not moving like it should be. Tord inspects the doll, finding a small hole in it’s arm. As he takes his tiny blue hoodie off, there’s puncture holes all over it’s ASDF shirt, torso, arms, and legs.


It doesn’t move.

“T-Tom p-p-please are y-you there?”

Tord swaps the doll from his cold metallic hand to his normal one.

“H-hey! Hey!…….. Tom?”

Small and low moaning sounds seems to be coming from the doll, and it finally starts to stir up, lifting up it’s head ever so slowly.

“Hey hey hey…….. Don’t strain yourself…… I’m just going to patch you up like new okay. Right? Old friend?”

All he gets in return is more soft moaning sounds. He proceeds to go to his desk, getting patches of skin tone fabric and tan thread. Tom didn’t struggle at all. That’s not normal for him, at all.

After almost half a hour of scouring the doll for puncture holes, Tord decided to go have a 'chat’ with his second-in-commands……….