he used to be so misguided

My favorite monologues/banter from the Carrie & Lowell tour

I have compiled a ranked list of my top 10 videos of Sufjan Stevens addressing the crowd on the Carrie & Lowell tour this past year or so. Most of them are hilarious, a few are more serious and thought-provoking.

(starting with my favorite and going backwards)

  1. Sufjan describes “your” life story and then explains the plot of the straight-to-video sequel to Bring It On
  2. Sufjan talks about the idea of containing multitudes and not becoming complacent
  3. Sufjan talks about almost changing his name and aggravating his stepmother by calling her pets by the wrong names
  4. Sufjan talks about his parents’ misguided attempts to teach him about death and how he’s come to learn that we carry those we’ve lost with us
  5. Sufjan talks about grief and how we don’t have to go through it alone
  6. Sufjan describes how God himself appeared before him and told him to play this tune
  7. Sufjan remembers attending a Waldorf school and his childhood pyromania
  8. Sufjan had to change his outfit because singing about death while wearing a death metal t-shirt seemed too meta
  9. Sufjan believes every day is Mother’s Day and blames his parents for his obsession with death
  10. Sufjan remembers going to Alateen meetings

The fact that there’s people out there so blatantly misguided and brainwashed that they cannot see the parallels between the Palestine/Israel “conflict” and South Africa (even Holocaust), absolutely baffles me.

Nelson Mandela was viewed as a radical, an extremist, a terrorist, a criminal. Fast forward a few decades and he’s the hero. Books and school curriculum teach us about the cruelty of what happened in South Africa, never mentioning that the Western leaders supported the apartheid regime, calling Mandela a “black terrorist” that should be “shot”. (x)

When you are oppressed, and the leaders of the world don’t want to help you - of course you are going to fight back with what you have. It is absolutely and completely logical.

In Gaza right now, Israel is literally blaming the Palestinians for “self-genocide” (x). They just cannot win. No matter what they do, the Israeli propaganda reaches far and wide, and is supported by all mainstream newspapers/broadcasters. Israel is killing innocents, and blaming them for it.

How can anyone blindly support a genocide? Have we not learnt? Have we not realised how wrong it is? Why are we allowing ourselves to commit the same crimes we promised ourselves we would never commit again? When does one holocaust excuse another?

I am absolutely disgusted by people supporting Israel. I am so disgusted by it I cannot even comment on this anymore. If you support Israel’s right to “defend” themselves by massacring Palestinians, you should think long and hard on exactly why you’re doing it. Because by supporting Israel, you are supporting apartheid, slavery and the Holocaust. You are a racist, and you are truly despicable. 

Zayn's Brand-New Beard Is 100% Man, 0% Boy Band | Teen Vogue
He's one-upping Harry's man bun.
By Casey Lewis

Facial hair, at least not the grizzly beard he’s sporting now, would never be acceptable if he were still in One Direction. Boy bands, or at least the fans who love them, unfailingly prefer cleanly shaven. We could provide statics, but instead we’ll just point to Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean, otherwise known as The One With Weird Facial Hair. Before *Nsync fans begin feeling smug, allow us to remind you about the equally puzzlingly-bearded Chris Kirkpatrick. History shows that boy bands and misguided goatees are at odds with each other.

But Zayn is solo now, so he can do what he wants. If that means dying his hair green or declaring his love of minions or growing out whiskers so long he looks bound for Brooklyn, he can do that. (Though we really take issue with the minion thing.)

And if you’re not into the new scruff, just look at it like this: He’s probably been too busy working on his impending debut album to shave. That alone is reason enough to embrace the facial hair.

So when Andrew needs help, even though he was misguided and killed people, they’re willing to help him. However when Ward was in need of help, and they had him in captivity and could have easily gotten him therapy, they simply kept him locked away in a basement and allowed him to attempt suicide over and over. Like, they didn’t even try with Ward. They just left him down there and used him for information when they needed him. Ugh, this bothers me.


Just putting this on here now so I can get started with some text imagines later

You’re on Your Period

Listening To Music


You Have BPD


You Use British Slang


He Hurts You During Sex (¾)

Misguided Ghosts (song preference)

He Leaves You When You’re Pregnant

He Leaves You When You’re Pregnant (Cashton)

He Leaves You When You’re Pregnant (Muke part two)

He Leaves You When You’re Pregnant (Cashton part two)

He Leaves You When You’re Pregnant (Muke part three)

He Leaves You When You’re Pregnant (Cashton part three)

Buying Condoms


You Catch Him Masturbating (2/4)

Your Brother’s Band Mate

Your Brother’s Band Mate (Cake part two)

Your Brother’s Band Mate (Mashton part two)

Class Mates (Luke)

Class Mates (Luke part two)

He Gets Jealous


You Fight and Have An Anxiety Attack (Calum)

Fight With Luke

Jealous Luke

You’re Jealous of Luke’s Celebrity Crush


Daddy Michael at his Daughter’s First Show

Ashton at Music Festivals

Luke and Dancing

Calum and Boobs

Luke and Sex

Sex in his Childhood Bedroom

Jealous Luke

Luke and Family Gatherings

Luke and Dressing Room Sex

Calum and Morning Fun

Piercing Luke’s Lip

Telling Ash You’re Pregnant

Calum Meeting Your Dad

Car Sex With Luke

Luke’s Idea of Seduction

Calum as a Dad

Calum Making Fun of You

Jealous Luke 2

Luke’s Plectrums

Meeting Ashton When the Smoke Alarm Goes Off

Michael’s Car Breaking Down

Ashton at Easter

The Rainbow Couple (Michael)

Luke and The Conjuring

Dating Luke Would Involve

Dating Calum Would Involve


Some Fans Call You Fat (Luke)

You’re Horny and Calum Doesn’t Catch On

You Break His Drum Kit (Ashton)

April Fools (Michael)

Calum Wants a Baby

Luke Sexts the Wrong Person

You Have Cancer (Ashton)

Michael’s Idea for the Baby

Cuddly Calum

Cuddly Luke

You and Calum Debating About Michael’s Hair


Lewis stood beside the bed, staring down at it’s sleeping occupant.

Mystery had assured him (and Vivi, too) several times that the blond would be okay; that he hadn’t taken a fatal dose, and that he’d wake up in due time. Vivi, ever the group’s rock, had been the first to calm down. While Arthur slept, and Lewis kept watch, she had retreated to the van still parked outside to retrieve their first aid kit. She’d treated and wrapped the cut on Arthur’s hand, as well as a few other minor scrapes he’d suffered on his panicked flight that night, before setting him up in the bed to sleep off the medication.

Now that misguided rage no longer blinded his views and clouded his thoughts, Lewis remembered how the blond used to balk at even pulling off a band-aid too fast. Arthur hadn’t stirred at all, even when Vivi had sprayed antiseptic on the wound, and that worried Lewis. He looked so pale and so still…..every now and then, when Vivi wasn’t looking, Lewis checked to make sure that Arthur was still breathing.

Just in case.

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it burns so bright, i wanna feel your love for hopelessyendeared

Pairing: Zayn Malik/ Harry Styles

Word Count: 7429

Harry liked getting what he wanted; maybe it was the result of being the baby, the youngest one in his family—and the band—but he wasn’t used to people telling him no.

And maybe—maybe Zayn did it to rile him up, some misguided notion to put Harry in his place, remind him that he doesn’t always get what he wants. Whatever the reason, Harry refused to admit that he kind of liked it, because that’s something that Zayn would never let him live down.

As I sit here and contemplate about this life. I’m so thankful to Allah. He blessed me with so much and not just material items subhanAllah, but with Islam. I’m exactly where I need to be in life. Sitting in my sisters room making this post with the outmost gratitude. He is so merciful to me even when I don’t deserve it. He guided me to the true when I could’ve been easily misguided. For Allah guides whom he pleases and misguides whom he pleases. And out of the many misguided people in this world Allah allowed me to worship him. We often times think Islam is a burden SubhanAllah, if only we understood how much of a significant blessing it is to us. I’m so thankful.
O Allah please continue to put iman in my heart and please shade me from the ungrateful.

8 things you need to know before dating a geek girl
The #1 rule? Get in line.

According to a recent listicle from Elite Daily, geek girls are low maintenance, meek, and easy to please. And for the heterosexual man about town, looking to divest himself of the Herculean efforts of waiting on women, picking out thoughtful gifts—and I don’t know, showering?—geeky girls offer just that respite.

Or at least, that’s what author Dan Scotti wants us to think. His impression of geeky girls, however, is woefully misguided, so much so that I’m not sure he has ever actually met a geeky girl. Not all of us study quantum physics. Not all of us wear pocket protectors. Not all of us even watch Doctor Who. But I know one thing most geeky girls can unite behind: They are smart enough to know when they’re being fetishized by lazy misogynists, and they have enough self-worth to weed that crap out of their lives.

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I sat down to draw not knowing what to do, and out came witch!Arin. I don’t have a familiar for him yet, and I don’t know much about him besides that he works with dark magic but he only uses it for good. His specialty is protection spells. He is feared by many people in surrounding villages because his anger shakes the ground beneath their feet, though their apprehension is misguided, he only means well. 

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When people can see with their own eyes that a talented person made a great fortune fair and square, they tend not to resent it.

That’s Harvard economist Gregory Mankiw, going another round in the unending class warfare discussion we’ve all been having of late, in a New York Times piece entitled “Yes, the Wealthy Can Be Deserving.”

Mankiw has some fun examples, like Robert Downey Jr., E.L. James, LeBron James, and Steve Jobs. These are all people, he thinks, who deserve their astronomical salaries because they possess great skill or talent, or because they do something that society deems very valuable or take great risks.

And, Mankiw argues, no one should be angry about these salaries because not only do the rich deserve their wealth, but they’re also paying a lot of money in taxes that benefit all of us (who are by extension, I suppose, deserving of our lack of wealth).

But this whole notion of someone deserving wealth or poverty seems so misguided to me in no small part because of the utter capriciousness with which a) talent gets doled out and b) society assigns value to various skills. Mankiw isn’t even going the traditional route of claiming that these people work harder than the rest of us; he’s relying on the facts that they’re exceptional and that they pay their fair share back to all of us to make the claim that they deserve their wealth.

What he’s arguing, in short, is that the rest of us who aren’t exceptional don’t really mind when we see someone who is exceptional getting paid for their talent … as long as the person isn’t in finance or banking or something like that. We resent those people, but we don’t resent actors and athletes, and so Mankiw wants us to start thinking about CEOs as being akin to athletes and actors: Better than the rest of us schlubs in some important way that justifies their earnings and explains our lack of earnings.

For my own part, I don’t resent any of the (many, many, many) people who make more money than I do. But I also won’t buy the claim that there’s something intrisically better about them when I compare them to me or to people who aren’t doing as well financially as I am. What seems more likely to me is that under different circumstances we’d all wind up in different places on the economic ladder and that kind of messes with the whole notion of what someone deserves.

The man with open windows and broken door hinges.

If he had a dollar for every misguided turn he took,
he would put in a jar, place it on
his bookshelf
and label it “secrets.”
He would use the collected money
for blind dates
and wedding presents.
Everyone would say how charming he was.
How thoughtful.
He would crack the white lies out
of his
knuckles under the table while they said it.
They would hear the pop if they were not talking
so loud.
He never became rich, but
he somehow
made a living
out of turning
in circles.

Shaytan uses a gradual approach to misguide humans:

1. He tries to make you sad.

If it works, then

2. He tries to make you ungrateful.

If it works, then

3. He tries to make you envious

If it works, then

4. He tries to make you arrogant.

If it works, then he tries to keep you sad, ungrateful, envious, and arrogant until you get so weak that you

5. Start to lose hope in Allah.

If it works, then

6. He tries to get you to disbelieve before you die.

If it works, then you go to hell.
If it don’t work, then know that Allah is the Most Merciful the Most Compassionate.

I feel like this Balth in a Bath interlude is actually just really well played:

it heightens suspense by delaying showing us what’s going on in the present (and obviously quite a lot has gone on in the present)

it reminds us that Peter and Balthazar don’t have to be all angst all the time, that they’re actually quite adorable, and in doing so compels us (me) not to jump ship

and from Ben’s perspective, if more shit has gone down with petrazar in the flat (like if Balthy’s moved out as some people are speculating), it’s totally the type of misguided thing he would do to try and bring them back together - like “look you were so cute and flirty!”

It would be so easy if
I could just look you in the eye
to see if they are lit with
the same embers that
encompass mine
so we wouldn’t have to
play this game of
hide and seek;
you hiding from fear of
misguided passions
while I try to seek the right
words to let you know
whatever is between us
should not be something
to run away from.
—  Ripping petals from daisies to see if you love me

For season 19, give Stan a plot that’s NOT directly related to Randy. And give Kyle a plot that’s NOT directly related to Cartman.

Stan and Kyle are so much more than foil to other characters. So why aren’t they being used? They’re the perfect “straight men”, so why not use them again as the voice of frustrated reason? It’s a successful comedy formula. And it’d be better than playing Cartman as the constant main character that confuses Some less intelligent viewers into thinking he’s the sympathetic voice, instead of the misguided fool or villain.

Actually I’ve been thinking a lot about Alan lately, I just really love him and how morally gray and complex he is–his relationship with Manon just enhances his character, and I’m really interested to see how his character arc will end and how his resolution with Manon will go down.

It’s rare we have such morally gray characters, and it’s even rarer we have a good-hearted character being manipulated and working for the evil organization. Lysandre is very specific about using Alan because of how pure he is, because ultimately, Alan is after strength to be able to protect the ones he loves. It’s just so interesting to see such pure intentions being carries out with misguided decisions, such as lashing out at Manon or working for Lysandre. After the disappointment of the N arc and the “conflict and confrontation” between N and Ash, I’m more than eager to see Ash and co confront Alan and fight him–especially with Manon being a factor who truly cares for him. 

anonymous asked:

I know my dad is emmotionally abusive and starting to show signs of being physically abusive but I feel to dirty actually saying that he is, if he heard me say that he would get really mad and if my family hurt me they would play it off saying "he has stuff he needs to work on but he loves us" and I just, feel so guilty for even thinking that he is. I feel horrible about it, like its my fault because I thought it.

I’m really sorry you have to put up with that. Pardon me if I come across as rude or uncaring, it’s not a reaction towards you, it’s a reaction that I’ve been feeling about parents for an extremely long time because I’m really, really, really sick and tired of parents gaslighting their children, using emotional abuse and manipulation, guilt-tripping them. You weren’t born to be hurt and misguided by those who should be loving you in all forms, and not just through their pockets. People outside are already going to do that, so I’m genuinely disgusted and enraged that your own family have to contribute to that, have to start it off. At this point I hate every parent I come into contact with, I hate every single mother who emotionally manipulates their children and dad’s who think their only responsibility is bringing money to the table with no support or guidance to their childrens emotional and practical lives. I hate parents who drag their children into their own problems, because they have no choice, because they live under the same roof. I hate parents who don’t listen to their childrens wishes and feelings, who wave it off and dismiss them. They can say all they want that thats how they love their children, that that’s the way they were taught, they’ll pay the consequences in their children.

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"Whenever we are apart, everything seems so much darker," Sam sighed and looked up into the dark night sky - his prayer all he was able to use now. "I hate to exist with so much distance between us..." (If that's okay for you. Sorry if not, but he needed to get this out.)

Sam’s prayers never went unheard or unheeded by the Morning Star - of all the requests and words of praise sent his way, those not meant for him were the ones to ring through with the most clarity. Even confined to his prison, the bond he had with his other half meant that he had heard every misguided plea sent up to the Almighty, the boy’s desperate need to be forgiven, a heartbreaking echo of Lucifer’s own prayers to his Father

Unlike the neglectful Creator, however, Lucifer always answered his True Vessel’s prayers - whether through visions, dreams, or the touch of his soothing Grace, finding its way to the human through the strength of their holy bond

And this time was no different. The voice had spoken to the archangel’s heart, and, with hardly a thought put forward, he had been at Sam’s side. His icy eyes looked on coolly at the soul he knew as well as his own Grace, a silent moment passing as he simply watched as the man continued to gaze up forlornly into the black sky. 

Sam.” The name rolled off of his tongue, sweet and rich, like a melody begging to be freed. When the hazel eyes turned toward him, the Light Bringer tilted his head gently, a soft smile playing upon his lips. 

“Haven’t you learned by now, kiddo? We are never truly apart.”