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This is really random, but I needed to share. I keep thinking about all of the Robins trying to perfect the BatGlare TM when they're younger and Bruce's surprised or proud reactions when they finally get it. Damian, however, seems to have been born with it.


Dick would always make Bruce laugh when he tried to imitate it as when he was younger, and didn’t perfect his own version of the Batglare until he took on the cape and cowl himself. He may be known as “the Batman that smiled”, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t show his mean side to criminals. 

Jason “try and catch me you big boob” Todd learned to imitate the Batglare pretty early on and consistently used it as a means of annoying the hell out of Bruce whenever he didn’t get his way. He still does it to this day, and it still manages to piss Bruce off. 

Tim would try. He really would. Usually in front of his own mirror, in private. And Bruce caught him doing it once or twice and almost died because it was the most adorably awkward thing he’d ever seen Tim do, which is saying a lot because that boy is dorky as hell. 

Cass’ Batglare has to be the best out of all of the kids. And Bruce is so proud of her for it and enjoys watching petty mobsters and criminals cower beneath it after she has single-handedly beat them all up. What he doesn’t know is that she and Stephanie practiced it with each other all. the. time. Complete with a gruff and gravelly Batvoice™ that usually devolves into snorts and giggles.

But Damian… Damian Wayne practically came out of his artificial womb with the Batglare™. 

He used to claim it was because he was “the blood-son” back when he was still young, misguided and spouting that nonsense. But in all honesty, it probably has less to do with genes and more to do with the fact that Damian has been studying and trying to emulate his father, the Batman, ever since he was a wee tot. 

Now. Please try to imagine little four-year-old Damian al Ghul wearing a thawb and standing in front of a mirror. His dark, round face is screwed up as he narrows his eyes at his own reflection in a desperate attempt to mimic all the footage and photos of the Batman that Talia has shown him.

Try to imagine this without crying. I dare you. 

Understanding Elizabeth Midford

So. I don’t usually involve myself in petty fandom feuds but HOLY. SHIT. This is pissing me off. We’ve gone through 100+ chapters and people STILL don’t understand Lizzy’s character? They manage to rationalize Kuroshitsuji enough that they give Sebastian feelings even though he’s a hungry demon who made a pact with a 10 year old boy because he sensed his soul was broken, desperate, and malleable to more further corruption. They manage to do all this for a DEMON but can’t find it in their hearts to apply that analytical mindset to a darling 14 year old girl whose human emotions drive her every decision?

“She’s selfish! She only wants to make Ciel smile so things can go back to the way they were!”

“She doesn’t understand him! She’s always trying to change him, that bitch!”

“She’s so ANNOYING. Like, her voice!”

“Oh my god, did you see her standing there in the third panel? Like who does that! RUDE.”

So in an attempt to bring some basic level of cognition into these…“arguments” I’m going to go through them one by one and you can disagree if you like. But please refrain from using derogatory terms, unsubstantiated arguments, and referrals to “proofs” that are nothing more than blog posts made from those who wish to paint Kuroshitsuji in terms more favorable to them and whatever else they ship. 

1. “She’s selfish! She only wants to make Ciel smile so things can go back to the way they were!”

Elizabeth Midford is, by far, the LEAST selfish person in the whole damn manga. This girl spent most of her childhood loathing the physical strength she possessed because the person she loved didn’t like it. She chose to shoulder her anguish by HERSELF because she didn’t want to burden Ciel (or her brother or her mother or her father) with her personal worries.

Lizzy is also incredibly aware that things can NEVER go back to the way they were. She expresses this concern to Sebastian when she admits that she wishes Ciel would talk to her more and that the only reason she overdoes her cuteness is because she wants to see Ciel smile. Why are comedians so outlandish and over-the-top? Because they want to see their audience laugh. Lizzy took that mindset and applied it to her goal of cheering Ciel up. Furthermore, the Easter egg chapter proved ONCE AND FOR ALL that Lizzy is perfectly aware of the change that’s occurred within Ciel—that he’s no longer the happy, smiling boy of years past.

Lizzy KNEW Ciel didn’t remember why the egg was nostalgic and if she was really selfish, she would’ve thrown a fit—had a full on temper tantrum then and there but instead, what does she do? She outwits the game master himself. Lizzy sets up an Easter egg hunt that she made up completely off the cuff, wears a happy smile throughout the entire event, and when Ciel hands her the egg what does Lizzy do? She laughs and wishes that the egg would bring CIEL lots of happiness. HOW IS SHE SELFISH? HOW. Selfish would be throwing a tantrum because Ciel didn’t remember the way things used to be. Selfish would be bringing up the past EVERY FRIGGIN SECOND. Selfish would be forcing Ciel to comply to the shared etiquette of their past.

Instead, Lizzy is SELFLESS. Instead of throwing a tantrum, Lizzy wishes Ciel happiness. Instead of bringing up the past, Lizzy tries to ignore it because she knows it makes Ciel uncomfortable—that’s why she’s never asked him about “that month” even though she desperately wants to know what’s happened to the boy she loves. And instead of forcing Ciel to behave the way he used to (sweet, sympathetic, loving), Lizzy is learning to accept him for who he is now—how many times has Ciel ignored her? How many times has Ciel left the country without telling her? How many times has Ciel purposely hidden things from Lizzy and then disregarded her concern with a wave of his hand? Lizzy is learning to accept this new Ciel—this closed off, distant Ciel because she KNOWS something terrible must have happened to him. Because instead of crying and whining like she did at the beginning of Black Butler when Ciel refused to take off his ring, Lizzy has learned to ACCEPT. And that, my dears, is called character development—something Ciel hasn’t undergone since the beginning of this manga.

2. “She doesn’t understand him! She’s always trying to change him, that bitch!”

There is NOTHING about Ciel that Lizzy is trying to change. If anything, it’s Sebastian who’s always prodding and provoking Ciel to become darker—more cruel, less empathetic, and more focused on getting his revenge. She threw a party for Ciel at the beginning of the manga because she thought that might make him smile—fun colors, fine music, seeing Bard and Finny crossdressing…heck, even Ciel took a page from Lizzy’s book when he dressed the F5! It probably took Lizzy HOURS to choose Ciel’s outfit, decorate the mansion, coordinate the whole event and it probably hurt like hell to see Ciel dismiss all her hard work so casually.

As a reader, it’s easy for us to say “HELLO. Doesn’t she know? He was abused and tortured by the cultists! He made a deal with the devil to escape that wretched place, how could this dumb broad think a simple party would cheer him up?!”

And the answer is…Lizzy has NO IDEA what happened to Ciel. (Hindsight is a gift, ain’t it?) She has no idea that he became so desperate to escape the cult that he sold his soul to a starving demon. Lizzy is does not know what Ciel went through and this boy is doing his damnedest to make sure Lizzy never knows. Because he wants to keep her pure, ignorant, and encased in light.

People always point to the party chapter as Lizzy trying to “change” Ciel but all she wanted was to put a smile on his face. She even admits that she overdoes it at times but everything she’s done comes from a good place. Everyone wants to see their loved ones happy and Ciel is the boy Lizzy loves best of all—of course she’s going to try everything under the sun to try and put a little smile on his face.

And Lizzy DOES understand Ciel, to the best of her ability. She’s never once asked Ciel (or Sebastian) about his time in the cult. She uses games to figure out Ciel’s secrets. (Ex: Easter egg hunt—this is where Lizzy knew Ciel was only pretending to remember their Easter tradition and where Lizzy’s suspicions were confirmed—something life changing and drastic DID happen to Ciel during “that month.”) She doesn’t force Ciel to take her to public events because, let’s face it—as the only daughter to a high ranking marquess that serves directly under the queen, Lizzy’s bound to be invited to dozens of soirees a week. And as a gentlewoman of the aristocracy, Lizzy’s going to need an escort. In Victorian times, it was typical that the fiancé escort his bride-to-be but here is Lizzy—sweet, traditional Lizzy—ignoring precedent because she KNOWS Ciel dislikes social events. (Keep in mind, this is information being pieced together by a 14 year old girl who’s been taught to be an “unknowing angel.”)

Elizabeth understands the change that’s come over Ciel, knows that he won’t be interested in the same things he was interested in before. But in spite of Ciel shutting her out, in spite of Sebastian’s constant presence, Lizzy is still working her hardest to try and bring some happiness to Ciel’s life because she loves him. She loves him so much that Bravat was able to take Lizzy’s desperation and devotion and use it against her.

Let’s not forget—the reason Lizzy continued seeing Bravat was because she thought he could help her make Ciel happy.

3. “She’s so ANNOYING. Like, her voice!”

I think this is the most common excuse people use to not like Lizzy. They critique her high levels of energy (even though Finny and Soma are equally vivacious), her love for beautiful things (even though Ciel is probably the vainest little boy in the whole of London, England), and the fact that she “doesn’t understand” Ciel (counterargument already presented above).

You know, in a lot of ways I see Lizzy as a Scarlett O’Hara figure—strong, determined, unflinching in the face of danger. But also very, very misunderstood. Lizzy only behaves with an exorbitant amount of energy because she wants to make Ciel happy —to bring some sunlight into his gloomy, pessimistic world. The end results are not always successful but the intention behind Lizzy’s every action is pure—as pure as Soma’s decision to help Ciel simply because he saw him as a friend. Lizzy puts on a vaudeville for Ciel in a misguided attempt to help him heal and move on from whatever is tormenting him.

4. “Oh my god, did you see her standing there in the third panel? Like who doesn’t that! RUDE.”

Black Butler is told from the perspectives of Ciel and Sebastian. We only get brief glimpses into Lizzy’s psyche so it’s impossible for us to codify her completely. What I do know is that some people out there will always hate on Lizzy—whether it’s because they dislike her voice (well that’s her VA’s fault, not Lizzy’s) or because Lizzy “gets in the way” of someone’s ship. I’m not here to reason with those who refuse to be reasoned with. This is me expressing my adoration for a flawed, misguided, but pure of heart character whose unconditional love for a changed, callous boy makes me admire her all the more.

Oddly enough, people seem to relate “understanding” a person to “knowing exactly what happened to them to make them this way.” And to me, this is really giving Lizzy an unfair shake. By this definition, Lizzy could never understand Ciel because she doesn’t know what happened to him in that one month that’s made him the way he is (reason: he flat out didn’t tell her and uses every opportunity to prevent her from finding out. Ciel is so concerned about protecting Elizabeth’s goodness/light/purity that on the Campania, when Sebastian was slaughtering all those Bizarre Dolls, Ciel shielded Lizzy from seeing the carnage because he wants her to remain innocent and unaware). To quote Albert Einstein, “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.

I think Lizzy understands Ciel—she can sense the pain, the resignation, the drive towards something greater that Ciel is working towards. This is best exemplified in an early chapter (after Ciel’s fallen asleep and Sebastian is serving her tea) where Lizzy expresses sorrow that Ciel won’t tell her anything. Sebastian comforts Lizzy by telling her that while “It’s a difficult question for me as a butler…[I can tell you] one thing…He [Ciel] was able to spend a nice, free day with everyone.” To which Lizzy retorts that she wishes she could believe that. Elizabeth may not know what happened to Ciel during that month, but she understands.

This then brings me to my next and final point—people wanting Lizzy to “accept” the situation by stepping aside and leaving the manga. Well, to quote Michael J. Fox: “Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is and that there’s got to be a way through it.” — And this is exactly what Lizzy’s doing. She’s fighting for a way to help Ciel, to help him move on, to do anything that might benefit it. Lizzy’s accepted the situation but she’s certainly not resigned for it—Lizzy’s a fighter, and she’ll continue fighting for the boy she loves until the very end.

Further discussion is encouraged. But, please remember: refrain from using derogatory terms, unsubstantiated arguments, and referrals to “proofs” that are nothing more than blog posts made from those who wish to paint Kuroshitsuji in terms more favorable to them and whatever else they ship. I am not disparaging other characters or ships—I merely ask that you don’t refer to those “did you know” blog posts that’s caused so much strife in the Black Butler fandom. Thank you.

Way back on the seventies, even before the first Star Wars movie came out, Laura Mulvey, feminist film theorist published her work “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”. In it, she explained, according to Freudian theory, the two pleasures from cinema come from 1) identifying yourself in the story to forget about life for a while, and 2) enjoy looking at visually appealing images and people. Because the industry was entirely controlled by straight white men, though, they inherently filled the first niche with people like them and the second one with objectified and sexualized women, especially there solely for the enjoyment of the male gaze.

Left without lead characters to identify with, minorities —what an ugly and deceiving word when they amount for the majority of people in the world— had to desperately search for themselves in background characters. A big part of the fandom consists of women, people of color, queer or with disabilities, latching on to the few characters they could find representation in. They get attached to this characters, love them like part of their own family and friends, because they provide something that is so rare to them in mass media: a voice.

One can only imagine what it is like to be a straight white male. To go to the movies, enjoy the story fully, and then leave without the necessity to form any kind of emotional attachment to the characters. Why would they? They will find themselves perfectly represented all over again in the next movie they decide to watch, whichever it might be, and the next one, and the next one. Representation to them is not a luxury, it’s a given right.

Seeing this, it’s no wonder how confused and scared straight white males are, now that they can’t find themselves leading the charge of the new Star Wars franchise. Two movies in a row they’ve had to sit on that theater and face the minority’s reality, facing a situation that is so unlike anything their psyche is used to they react like wounded animals, with a primal fear of being erased from a narrative they are sure to own.

The best part is, for the first time, they are so desperate to find themselves that, like lost children in the dark, they have latched themselves to the one character that has given them a chance at representation: Kylo Ren. They have projected on him their airs of grandeur, blind expectative of an easy redemption and even the misguided self-assurance that, in the end, he will be the ‘true hero’ —instead of the women and people of color who are actually fighting evil in the story. Inadvertently, though, they have willingly chosen to self identify with the most annoying, manipulative, mediocre, unbelievably self-righteous and unbearably whinny fuck-boy this franchise has ever created.

Though, looking at their reactions and comments online, they might not be too far off on that one.

—  On Star Wars, Representation and Straight White Males

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What are your thoughts on the newest illustration by Ishida. Yet another illustration of Touka looking out the window

A new picture by Ishida has been released does it mean that the Touken talk will go bad? 

hey!! what do you think about the new touka art ishida did and the lyrics ??? have a good day~~ ❤️

Hello many anons! To anon number 3, thank you very much, have a good day too!

Where are you? I'll be by the window.
What are you doing? I have not done anything

The same story / Humbert Humbert

(Translation provided by Google Translate, but the lyrics still make sense, so.)

Worry not anon number 2, I don’t think this is a vision of the future. It’s more likely to be an expression of Touka’s feelings both when she was waiting for him when he was Haise, and also when Kaneki placed her behind the front lines for the latest operation. Although her hair is :re hair, it’s fair to say that the picture and the lyrics are an accurate reflection of her feelings ever since Kaneki left Anteiku. 

The art and lyrics express Touka’s feelings of powerlessness. When Kaneki left Anteiku, Kaneki turned down her offer of help (which would have been futile anyway since her kakuhou was so badly damaged) and then avoided her out of a misguided attempt to protect her. When Kaneki ‘died’ during the Anteiku raid, Touka blamed herself for not going to help like she had originally intended. When Kaneki returned as Haise, she had the power to help him regain his memories - only it was not so simple, because both she and Kaneki believed he would be better off without them. So even when Touka did have power, she decided not to use it. Now that they have been reunited at last, Touka hoped for a chance to really, truly help him, but Kaneki placed her in a safe position while he went into the midst of battle.

A lot of the time Touka is in the dark about where Kaneki is and what he is doing - “Where are you?” “What are you doing?” - and she feels as though she can only try to catch glimpses of Kaneki from afar without being a part of his life - “I’ll be by the window”. She is frustrated with the passivity she always finds herself in - “I have not done anything”.

Basically Ishida is prepping our feels for the Touken talk (which might even be next chapter????) This is a subject that will definitely be addressed.

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how do you feel about solas?

Thats hard.

Like fundamentally all Solas really exists for is to substantiate Weekes’ position on the elves re: how misguided and uppity they are. He’s all the fun of Celene ass-blasting elves trumpeter style with the added authenticity of actually being an elf. Complete with the elven lover they see as the exception, the ‘regrettable but necessary’ decisions that throw her people under the bus, and the plans to use her people as a personal spy network by baiting them with promises of liberation.

On the other hand he’s embarrassingly obnoxious with enough endearing qualities that I can create tons of scenarios for him and Virelle. So he’s worth holding onto. I stand beside that.

But canon Solas who was born of garbage foam like a bald insufferable Venus can’t be salvaged imo. AU Solas? Canon-divergent Solas? Any Solas freed from being just a mouthpiece to parrot the weird recurring sentiments of his author? Tight shit.

I genuinely don’t understand why some people take issue with how the diner scene was written? It was written exactly the way it should be.

“They made it all about themselves.”

No, but the conversation SHOULD be about them? That messy party happened in the first place because 1) they didn’t know each other well enough, 2) they didn’t openly communicate what they wanted, and 3) when it did happen, neither was willing to compromise.

With that in mind, let me run it down for you again: Jughead starts by acknowledging that Betty was trying to do a nice thing for him. He might not have liked the mess it spiraled into, but this is him telling her that he knows her intentions were pure, and he does really appreciate the effort she put into it, misguided as it was. That’s compromise. He then goes on to explain that when people are nice to him, he doesn’t know how to take it because he’s not used to it, and he’s afraid of opening up for fear of being hurt. That’s a direct answer to Betty’s inquiry earlier that night as she asks him why he’s so upset over a party. He didn’t give her a proper answer then, but he does now, because she deserved to know who he is. He shared a part of him with her, a part that explains why he did what he did that night.

Then Betty’s speech follows that exact same formula: She first acknowledges that she shouldn’t have lied about Chuck, and shouldn’t have forced a party on him. That’s compromise. He then asks her why she did it, because it’s important for him to know where she was coming from. So Betty explains to him about her darkness, how it compels her to do irrational things, about her digging her nails into her palms, how it scares her. She didn’t give him a proper answer when he inquired about it at the movie theater earlier that night, but she does now, because he deserves to know who she is. She shares a part of her with him, a part that explains why she did what she did that night.

They both compromised on the issue, with Jughead showing appreciation for the party and Betty admitting it was a bad idea. They both came out of that ordeal understanding each other’s positions a little better. Then they both talked about their fears and insecurities that led to their fallout and fight that night.

That scene was written exactly how it should be.

“Pray You Catch Me”….Pt. 3

Silence filled the room as Moses shook his head in disbelief. Cay walked over to the couch, taking a seat, while I continued to glare….Damn, I know how to pick em. The pain I’m feeling right now is unimaginable and I know there’s only more to come. Levi was right, hell, even my mother was right…Moses was not to be trusted. A filthy rich playboy becoming the man of my dreams?? Humph, yeah right, I feel like a damn fool. This chick is pregnant with his baby and he’s been hiding it from me all along. I guess what they say is true…Everything done in the dark eventually comes to light. Since Asia told her it was okay to come here and she appears to be pretty far along, it’s clear that everything Trisha claimed was true. He got Cay pregnant during the few months we spent broken up and used Asia to try to convince her into getting an abortion. This shit is all around fucked up…For her, the baby, and me. I know he’s going to try, but there’s nothing that can fix our relationship at this point. He chose to lie and scheme instead of manning up. The only reason why I’m still standing here is because I want to hear the truth, coming from him.


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Tell Me Your Story.

I was nearly an abortion. I was an unplanned accident, born out of wedlock, and the one before me was aborted.

I was born to immigrant parents, who naturalized and met in New York. They started with nothing, working as many as 100 hours per week, slowly and painfully saving money until they could open their own businesses. They believed this was a great country, and still do. My father served alongside the U.S. in the Vietnam War, and he is a proud veteran of this nation.

Many of us have these sorts of stories; they inform who we are, what we believe, and what we fight for, and so we are a myriad of uniquely shaped stories, each giving rise to a different voice in the world.

The really tragic thing is when we superimpose a particular idea on someone without attempting to hear their story first, and their voice is then stamped and smothered. We can too quickly assume a person is only their picket sign, their political party, their social media feed, or a cartoonish, dogmatic, one-dimensional archetype sensationalized by a grab-bag of Hollywood images. We predict what they might or might not believe without asking, without listening, without understanding.

A person’s voice is always built from their stories, their experiences, their very real pains, and it’s this blend of blisters that has brought them to stand on their particular hill. It is a hill, whether rightly or wrongly, that has been reached by a stream of forces that no two individuals can fully comprehend in each other.

So we can only try. Patiently, graciously: to hear their story on the hill.

I have several military friends in counter-terrorism who have seen the very worst sorts of evil. As intel is gathered, from one criminal atrocity after another, the evidence is undeniable: you can imagine my friends’ nightmares, the stomach-churning scenes they have witnessed over and over. My father has been tortured; he has seen entire villages burned to the ground. I imagine he has a very different view of justice and law than the leisurely suburbanite. I am certainly disturbed and disgusted by “terror-phobia” and I am not so cynical to think that evil lurks in every shadow. Yet I’m aware that such evils do happen. I cannot agree with the current methods used to fight them (methods which appear misguided and disproportionate), but with utter reluctance, I think I know where it’s coming from.

Every “issue” continually raises new angles, new questions. I have had extended family members who permanently moved in, who were running from ills in their former country, and while it is a noble thing to care for them, it’s also exhausting and draining. I have seen so many romanticize an issue without considering its implications in the long run, because issues involve people and people are not predictably packaged. It is right to be compassionate and kind and generous, and yet, it is just as right to be wise and protective and gracious to yourself. This is a dialogue that must happen with practical, intelligible exchange, and not hot-headed slogans that only scratch the shallow surface. All this requires smarter solutions than the fear-drenched overreactions of escalating, misinformed spectators.

Mostly everything is complex and complicated, with layers yet to discover, and multiple ways to help and to heal. It does not require that we believe the same things, but that I believe you, and you believe me, and we can join in the same place.

There is a way to help, not merely driven by one-liners, but by a marathon momentum at the ground level. I don’t know what that looks like all the time, but it does demand more than verbal outrage and tribalistic assent. It demands more than changing your profile picture or sending up prayers or another thought-piece (like this one). Real passion, after all, continues to strive long after the initial emotions have ceased.

The more stories I hear, the less I believe that people are simply axiomatic poles that must bend to one absolute or the other. I’ve quit trying to guess. We do not fit in simplistic boxes, and there may be multiple points of tension depending on the twists and turns of our journeys. Our positions were informed by a tangible reality. We have each seen a piece of something that brought us to a belief, to which we have the right to stand for. And whether I agree or disagree, I remain a student of stories, to hear the grief and anger and agony.

I want to be slow enough to listen, and loud enough to tell my story, too. We each have a right to them, and to hear and to be heard. And sometimes, there is only silence, only presence, without a solution right now, because not everything can be fixed, and I can only be with.

— J.S.

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So what do you think about Zeke saying war is a bad thing? Why does he keep fighting and turn people into titans if he thinks that way?

I’ve been mulling over this ask since a couple days ago and my answer is a needlessly wordy one – because I have to spew out all my thoughts to actually make a conclusion of some kind. Which is probably why I didn’t even attempt to put my opinion on the matter in my chapter write-up. 

I think a lot of things about Zeke’s line. 

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this all better be fake like i cant believe that silver is actually considering killing flint when all flint has shown him is love and support. he is literally willing to fight and possibly die in order to save madi for him and silver is just “FUCK YOU” like what the hell you’ve got this man that has completely opened up to you, has devoted himself to you, and you’re just gonna turn against him?? this is either all deliberate misguidance or they are literally doing this and using madi as an ‘instrument’ to break the most beautifully developed relationship in the show

Regarding Bleach and its ending

I recently found out that Bleach ended and so I decided to read the rest of it (I stopped after the Fullbring arc).

A lot of the western fandom really dislikes the last chapter.


We find out that after a 10 year time jump, Rukia isn’t with Ichigo. She’s with Renji and he’s with Orihime. Personally I liked this ending. Kubo planned from the beginning for Ichigo’s kid and Rukia’s kid to meet at the end. Meaning they wouldn’t be together. I mean it was rushed, lacking in development, and there were many questions left unanswered (some of which are answered in We Do knot Always Love You - a light novel), but considering Ichigo didn’t have any room for romance during the actual series, it still made sense. It makes sense to me that he and Rukia have a really close and wonderful relationship that doesn’t need to be romantic. To be fair I did ship Ichihime, but it was more of a light “it could be nice if they got together, but I don’t think it’ll happen and he doesn’t seem to have feelings for anyone, and I think she needs to grow more herself anyway”. I also found they were interesting as foil characters.

What upsets me is that a lot of the fans hate Orihime or (in much lesser numbers) Rukia cuz of shipping wars or other misguided reasons. A lot of people dislike Orihime cuz she was used as fan service, or she didn’t always know exactly what to do, or she had human flaws as a normal 15 year old. But I love her. So much. She was one of the few main characters who really embodied what it might be like to be a kid in those situations. Chad was nearly inhuman in terms of resilience and strength, similar with Ichigo, and Ishida was never typical even without the ingrained Quincy training and ideology. She was like a tether to the reality of the events that unfolded. I was disappointed in how her development panned out, but I feel that she overcame a lot and grew emotionally even if not as much in terms of OP magic powers.

Hime was what most of us would be like in similar situations at that age - unsure, short on confidence, trying her best, making mistakes, trying to be useful, making some not so great choices in love, and getting upset when traumatic things are happening. But she also had incredible empathy, compassion, resolve, perception, and determination. A lot of people compare her to Rukia, but she was hundreds of years older with a much different life and much different expectations and training. I’ve read a couple rants where someone said they hate Orihime, wanted her to die, cuz she has low self esteem, makes bad choices, and isn’t a good role model for young girls. That somehow she makes it seem like it’s ok to not have confidence or that it’s ok to devote yourself to someone for 5 lifetimes when you’re 15. But I think they miss the point. It’s not good that she has low self esteem, but even with it she accomplishes a lot, grows, becomes happy and learns a lot as she gains confidence. Even without confidence she still moves forward and it begins to grow with her. When she has very low confidence, she is much less happy, and as it grows she is able to become stronger and more content. When she puts Ichigo on a pedestal, she isn’t seeing all of his sides - later she does and it scares her. She accepts him anyway, accepts his flaws. This isn’t a perfect message, since it’s not our job to accept all flaws, like abuse. But we do have to accept some flaws in every person we keep in our lives. A lot of people also hated that she healed Menoly and Loly saying it was unrealistic. But I’m sure there are lots of medical professionals who would do what they could in similar situations. Ichigo also fights for and with people who were enemies and protects them but no one says anything about that.

People also overlook her and Rukia’s friendship often. But I feel it’s an incredibly important part of Bleach, and who these girls are. Yes, Orihime gets jealous of Rukia at one point during the arrancar arc, but she doesn’t let those feelings take over her opinion of Rukia. She feels bad about being jealous, recognizing that it was irrational and affirming that she really likes Rukia as a person. People forget that you can’t control your emotions, just how you react to them. And the fact that these 2 don’t let things like jealousy overtake their mutual support and trust is amazing and beautiful. There is no girl on girl hate here. That is powerful and important. And it truly saddens me that people ignore this aspect of their interactions and that people go so far as to hate either of them.

Totally off today’s main topic ...

It makes me really sad when I see people saying that Dan should leave Phil for someone better looking, but not for the reasons you might expect. Yes, I think Phil is very attractive, but what makes me sad about the people saying this is two assumptions they’re making: 1) that the only reason people fall in love or stay together is because of outward physical appearance, and 2) that people can only fall in love with or stay with someone whose “attractiveness level” (according to who?) matches their own.

What if the person you fall in love with doesn’t consider you as attractive as they are and dismisses you because of it? Does that mean you should just accept that you obviously aren’t good enough for them? Or should you recognize that it actually means they’re a complete douche and you should look for someone better?

Did any of these people ever see or hear or read the story “Beauty and the Beast”? Did they pay any attention to the message, or were they too busy singing along with the candelabra? The point, people, is that love isn’t about what someone looks like. It’s about who they are as a person.

No one truly falls in love with a face or body. That isn’t real love—that’s just attraction. You fall in love with a person, a whole person: their laugh and their passions and their sadnesses and what they think and how they act when they’re happy and how they act when they’re angry and how they treat you and how they treat the world.

What makes someone beautiful is not their face. What makes someone lovable is not their face. If it’s really love, you fall in love with a heart, not a face.

Phil Lester has a fucking beautiful face, but that isn’t what makes him lovable or “good enough for Dan.” What makes him lovable is the person he is, and Dan knows that person a lot better than any of us ever will.

So now I’m speaking to those poor misguided souls advising Dan to get rid of Phil and find someone “worthy” of him: think about your assumptions, show a little respect, and let Dan decide who is worthy of his love. I’m betting it wouldn’t be someone as superficial and mean-spirited as you.


Imagine Oliver finding out that you’re a metahuman.

It was less so that Oliver was angry that you hadn’t told him you were a metahuman. It made sense. Metahumans were feared, hated even. To reveal that you were one was risky business. He could understand why you might want to keep it under wraps.

He was angry because you were using your powers to become a rogue vigilante. He was angry that you had put yourself at risk in a foolish and misguided attempt to help. He was angry that your actions were diverting police attention from where it needed to be and riling up the criminals of his city. He was angry that your collateral damage had inadvertently killed two bystanders. He was angry that he had been left to clean up your mess when you got hurt and now you were in the Arrowcave, unconscious after having been beaten to a bloody pulp because you lacked proper training and support.

Oliver scowled at you, his arms crossed. He knew that none of this had been your intention. You had honestly wanted to help and do some good. You needed training, guidance, a teacher. Someone who could help you learn to better control your powers. Oliver sighed and ran a hand over his face. Yes, he was angry. But you didn’t need that right now. What you needed right now was support.

Oliver pulled out his phone, scrolling through his contacts until he found the right name. He dialed the number and held it to his ear, “Yeah, Barry? It’s Oliver. I’ve got something I need your help with. Can you come down to Star City in the next few days?”

Gif Credit: Oliver

Dear Michael,

I…I always thought he was a good father.  He would play games with me when I was younger, and he always gave the greatest gifts on my birthday.  Thinking about it now, I suppose it no longer matters how nice he was, but…I’m certain that he cared for me in his own way.

I know he did many evil deeds, but…but he wasn’t entirely without love!  He was only misguided by the greed in his soul!  Please, do not judge him too harshly!

-Princess Rayfa Padma Khura’in

I’m just gonna leave this here for the people saying it’s not Kara’s job to make Mon-El a better person/man/whatever...

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It’s not her job, and she doesn’t do it as such. Just by being on his life she’s already changing him, making him a better man by showing him the error of his ways, just like HE shows her the error of hers when she’s in the wrong.

You can’t interact with a single person without CHANGING that person to some extent. For better or for worse, every interaction we have changes us, even if we don’t notice it at the moment (or ever). So, yeah. Kara’s making Mon-El a better person, because the alternative could only be making him a worst person than when she found him (not that he was that bad a person then, either, just a little misguided dude acting how he was raised to act by his less-than-ideal society).

Because, let me tell you, there is no way in hell she could be in his life and not make a positive (or negative) dent in it. No way. It’s just not possible. Social interactions don’t roll that way, and we’re social beings, last I checked. So…yeah. Couple that to “to every action there is a reaction”, and you have exactly what you were complaining about; Kara IS making Mon-El a better person. DUH!

I can’t stop thinking about Even and the Balloon Squad and Bakka and what on earth could have happened. But something does keep bringing me back to two things that we know Even has said - both to Isak and both about his bipolar.

Even: I just know that this isn’t going to work out. [Note: He can’t even look at Isak when he says this]

Isak: Why do you say that?

Even: Because it’s true. I’m just going to hurt you. And then you’ll hate me.

This last bit is so important. He is utterly convinced that he is going to hurt Isak somehow, and that Isak will hate him for it. Why is he convinced? Because it’s true. Why does he think it’s true? I think it is because it has happened before. He has something to fall back on to inform him on how another person will respond to, I’m assuming, something Even may do during a manic episode.

Another thing I keep thinking about is the Text Message of Pain that Even sends to Isak. There is a line there that I keep coming back to:

Even: [Sorry for not telling you that I am bipolar. I was afraid of losing you]

Why is Even afraid of losing him? Could it be because he has previously lost somebody (or some people) close to him because of his bipolar? Again, is he using a previous event to (wrongly) make assumptions on future connections he makes with people? I think this is entirely possible.

But we also need to think on about other aspects of Even’s personality, because I genuinely do not think that the Balloon Squad know that even has bipolar. Even hid this from Isak for as long as he could, and still then it was not his choice to tell Isak - he did so because of what happened at the hotel. So we know that Even tried to hide things from people he cares about to try and protect them, and I do think that he did the same with the Balloon squad - he has tried to protect them/hide his bipolar from them and they don’t know this about him.

So while Even thinks he has lost people he cares about because of his bipolar (and hence, did not tell Isak about it, then admits that he was afraid of losing Isak if he did, and then said that he knows it to be true that he is going to hurt Isak and Isak will hate him for it), this is not the case. He hasn’t lost anybody because os his bipolar because I don’t think he told anybody about his bipolar. To the Balloon Squad, something happened with their friend, but their friend - instead of explaining afterwards - very probably cut them off and avoided them on some misguided attempt to protect them.


Why Your Parent’s Advice Was Wrong

There’s a couple who live a few doors down with their young son.  On Monday he was off out with his mother and, as she strode purposefully to the car, he was haring up and down the road, skipping and jumping without a care in the world. “Come on, you’re wasting time” she called without looking back. Dutifully he calmed down and wandered behind her to the car.

Sometimes children need to be given clear guidelines. It’s important for them to know where the boundaries are, even if they don’t much like them, because it helps them to feel safe. A childhood without boundary is as destructive as one with too many. But the claim that he was “wasting time” jarred.

At dinner last night my son was telling me about the killjoy attitude of his head teacher who has, apparently, cut short the final day of school for those leaving this year, in order to limit the high jinks of the boys, excitable at their imminent release into an unsuspecting world. This will also prevent them from taping any more year 8 boys upside down to the rugby posts, or moving the entire contents of the library out into the court and turfing the library. Apparently he also delights in telling the boys how much he doesn’t like Christmas. “He’s so cynical” says Tom, my 18 year old son with everything in front of him, of his head teacher, the man we entrust to reconfirm our own teachings about how to keep an open mind and avoid cynicism.

In a session this week a young client struggling at school is talking about how he finds it almost impossible to control his anger when he is pushed and taunted, as he repeatedly is. Feeling he has a binary choice between the painful white of disconnection or the dangerous black of full on aggression I wonder what happened to the grey in between, the place where assertiveness and self esteem replaces his fists and his tears. He tells me that he isn’t allowed to be vulnerable because he learned from his father that this is weakness, and weakness is not tolerated.

Somewhere we learned to “just get on with it”, but it’s bullshit. There is a wisdom we hold in childhood which we surrender when presented with alternative opinion from the adults in our lives. This wisdom is the freedom to show how we feel, to run if we feel like running, to be excited without  needing justification, and to be OK with feeling sad and cry about it.

Many of us will have been encouraged to find a bit more strength as we grow up, to hide difficult emotions, to avoid talking about our feelings. Some of us will not have been given the truth about a death or allowed to go to the funeral. Others of us will have lived in the middle of a toxic relationship, constantly wondering when it’s all going to blow up in our faces but never being given anything to provide the clarity we crave, until our worst fears are realised and it blows up in our faces.

It is us, the adults, who have covered up and lost our strength, not our children. We have surrendered our resilience by claiming the opposite. We render ourselves far less able to cope by our desparate claims that we are coping. A willingness to be vulnerable is as strong as it gets, because it shows that we don’t need to be bullet proof in order to survive the bullets.

So, it isn’t strong to hide emotion, it isn’t powerful to pretend that we are not hurt, and it is not necessary to “get over” the death of someone we love within a specific timeframe, or indeed, ever. It is not manly to sort everything out with fists, and it is not impressive to be cynical and suggest to others that low expectation is the way to avoid disappointment. These are the tales we have been told as children by foolish adults and, if we absorb them, we repeat them to the detriment of our own children. So it goes.

The mother down the road was right to hurry her little boy along, because he needed to understand that when you have to be somewhere, you need to get there. But it wasn’t true to tell him that he was wasting time. In fact, he was living, being a child, standing in the moment. In this respect listening to his mother was the last thing he needed, because time spent doing what makes us happy, what makes us skip and jump and laugh, what reflects our true feelings, can never be a waste, and don’t let any misguided adult tell you otherwise.

  • Friends, gather round
  • I am going to share with you a story
  • of Remus Lupin, Professional Beard
  • It started when he was in uni and Marlene McKinnon was crying because she didn’t want to go home for Christmas and be interrogated about why she didn’t have a boyfriend
  • (spoiler: it’s because she is Very Very Gay)
  • Remus is a very sympathetic and attentive listener
  • Not to mention helpful
  • and maybe a little hard up for cash
  • so he just blurts out, “I’ll pretend to be your boyfriend for fifty quid and I’ll go home with you for Christmas and meet your parents and you have to feed me while I’m there.”
  • she stares at him for a solid ten seconds before bursting into tears again and hugging him
  • it’s a good thing they’re already best mates because there a hundred and one pictures of them together on each of their phones and various online places that they can use as evidence
  • “no mum he really is my boyfriend look at this picture where his lips are on my cheek”
  • remus nods seriously
  • “this was right before we started making out”
  • “his tongue was practically down my throat we’re seriously dating”
  • when they get back to school, Marlene pays him almost double what she promised because her parents are officially off her back and she is now free to go smooch cute girls whenever she wants to
  • (as an added perk, when she informs her parents a few months later that she and remus have had a very messy and painful break up, she’s able to use that excuse for years until she finally gets fed up and deliberately gets caught snogging her girlfriend of three years in her parents’ kitchen)
  • but anyways Remus is pleased with the money and Marls was very impressed by his acting abilities, so when her roommate Lily gripes that Potter the High King Arsehole keeps insisting that she’s single because she’s secretly waiting for him, Marlene recommends Remus
  • The fake relationship lasts longer, almost three months
  • Remus gets paid on a weekly basis
  • It’s lovely, Lily is a lovely person and they get along splendidly
  • Actually, it’s not just Potter that they manage to convince that they’re dating
  • eventually he gives up though, so Remus and Lily fake a mutual breakup
  • (it is an unending source of amusement for Remus that she ends up marrying James a few years later after all, and he never lets her hear the end of it)
  • but actually it’s a good thing that they did have that arrangement
  • because Lily was so impressed that she suggested he do this sort of thing more regularly
  • she sets him up a website, prints out business cards, works with him to figure out various rates for different services
  • date to a party, staged kissing/cuddling/hugging photos to show off to friends and family, going home on weekends or breaks to show off in person
  • He literally makes so much money that he only has to work part time after graduation
  • It makes having a relationship of his own a little difficult, but he survives and he has a ton of really close friends
  • then one day Lily, now his sort-of manager, says she has a special job
  • “family discount, you remember James’ friend Sirius? It’s for his cousin”
  • of course Remus remembers Sirius
  • Sirius Black is unforgettable and Remus hasn’t so much carried a torch for him as his has miserably dragged it around behind him
  • for years
  • thank God the man travels a lot
  • he met him in passing a few times in college
  • and then of course at the wedding
  • he showed up in a blindingly yellow coat to match Lily’s bridesmaids’ dresses (and Remus’ tie, but that was unintentional and all the groomsmen had yellow ties anyways so it wasn’t like Sirius matched him on purpose even if it did make his stomach squirm a little bit)
  • (just a bit)
  • but anyways, Nymphadora Tonks is really tired of her mother’s less than subtle hints that she needs to settle down, so she needs to give the appearance, for two weeks at least, that that is exactly what she’s doing
  • really she’s just aro as fuck and could care less but she knows her parents won’t understand
  • luckily, her second cousin’s best mate’s wife’s best mate exists and sirius said he’d foot half the bill
  • after all, he’ll be there for the two weeks, too
  • Remus is not informed
  • at least not until he’s in the car on the way there, working out a backstory with Nymphadora (”shut your fucking mouth, you call me Tonks or I’ll shove you out the window”)
  • and she says that they met through Sirius, James, and Lily
  • “Sirius knows, by the way, so don’t worry about him giving us away”
  • and???
  • what????
  • Sirius cannot give away anything because isn’t he in Vietnam right now connecting with his roots????????????
  • he has never bailed on a client before though so even if the thought of seeing Sirius every day for two weeks terrifies him he will stay 
  • at least until Tonks just casually mentions that the two of them will be sharing the guestroom 
  • “because mum has some misguided notion that you and i will shag if left alone for two minutes”
  • remus has never jumped out of a moving vehicle before but he is seriously considering it now
  • too late though they’ve pulled up to the house
  • and there is a disgustingly familiar bike in the driveway
  • this is the end of life as he knows it
  • but he is a professional so he will handle this gracefully
  • and professionally
  • and not blushing and stammering every time sirius fucking black walks in the room
  • or smiles
  • or looks at him
  • or walks in the room, looks around, sees Remus, and THEN smiles because he is just reading too much into this he absolutely is oh fuck no
  • he sneaks into Tonks’ room at night to moan loudly and bang her bed against the wall for her parent’s benefit
  • (their rooms are at opposite ends of the house so he’s not actually sure they can hear them pretending to have sex, but it gives him an opportunity to talk to her without being overheard)
  • and generally what they talk about is “your cousin is really fucking hot and i died three separate times today”
  • “tonks he handed me a plate and our fingers didn’t touch but they almost did and I nearly cried”
  • “he pretended to have rabies while brushing his teeth and then started laughing so hard at himself that he choked and I had to pound on his back until he spat the toothpaste back up it was the most precious thing i’ve ever seen in my life”
  • “do you even know how perfect his abs are they’re really perfect and I sort of want to lick them”
  • Tonks just nods and pats his head comfortingly while she gets ready for bed
  • two weeks go by and remus has nearly gone insane
  • he was tempted several times to call lily and ask her to fake an emergency for him so he could leave early
  • but also he really likes tonks and wants to help
  • and he maybe wants to spend some more time with Sirius
  • it’s Christmas, after all
  • maybe he’s a little desperately praying for someone to leave mistletoe around
  • maybe the thought of mistletoe being left around makes him throw up a little bit in his mouth
  • he’s a complex person
  • well fortunately for him no mistletoe was left carelessly hanging in strategic points throughout the house
  • unfortunately for him, Nymphadora Tonks has magician’s fingers
  • which is why he doesn’t even notice her tucking a sprig of mistletoe behind his left ear
  • he definitely does notice when Sirius pulls it out
  • raises his eyebrows
  • and kisses him
  • it’s just a little peck but remus is actually dead this time, no exaggeration, 100% no longer alive
  • he has transcended this plane of existence
  • he has become a being of light
  • he has seen heaven
  • he has been standing there for three and a half minutes saying and doing absolutely nothing until Tonks grabs his hands and drags him away
  • and says that she will come out to her parents once and for all if he’ll go back out there and tell Sirius how he feels
  • “by which i mean I’m coming out to my parents anyways because this was fun but way too much effort, but they’re gonna freak out so you need to distract them by making out with my mum’s cousin, capisce?”
  • well
  • it is for Tonks
  • and Remus is a very selfless person
  • he doesn’t want her family to be upset with her
  • thirty minutes later he and Sirius have hardly stopped making out and the Tonkses are all chatting happily about romantic and sexual orientations
  • Sirius decides that he’s connected with his roots enough and would like to examine the rest of the plant
  • tree or a bush
  • maybe flowers
  • he doesn’t fucking know Remus just did something with his tongue and he sort of lost the metaphor
  • but anyways it boils down to he’s gonna stick around for a while so he can date Remus and kiss him and hold his hand
  • punk rock shit like that
  • he’s gotta thank Tonks later
Astro Rocky - Hogwarts AU /*

Park Minhyuk x Reader 

Format: Timeline

Word count: 3,5k+

As requested by @lovethyfandoms2 🌟

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First Year – September

The murmur of the train’s engine is calming. The Hogwarts Express is leaving in a few minutes, and you’re alone in a compartiment, in the front of the vehicle. The loud kids tend to gather in the back, following some unspoken convention, and you’d rather to avoid them. Plunged in your novel, with your headphones in, you don’t notice when someone opens the door.

“Hey! Mind if I join you?” a voice questions.

Your eyes turn to the intruder. “I’m sorry?”

“I was wondering if I could join you,” the boy says with a smile. “The other compartiments are all full.”

“Oh…” You take off your headphones and pause your music. “Sure, I guess.”

Already beaming, he somehow manages to brighten up. “I’m San Ha! Yoon San Ha! What’s your name?”

“It’s Y/N.”

“Nice to meet you, Y/N! Are you a first year too?”


He sits down in front of you. “We might get sorted into the same house! I hope I get Hufflepuff! My father told me their common room is near the kitchen. How cool is that?” He doesn’t give you the time to answer. “Oh! And the head of the house if Professor Longbottom! As in Neville Longbottom! He’s like, so, so cool. I’m so excited. Can you tell I’m excited? ‘Cause I am!”

You chuckle, appreciating his genuine happiness. “I’m excited too.” You hesitate. “My two parents aren’t wizards, you see. This is very new and strange… But I like it.”

He gasps. “I’ve never had a muggleborn friend. Can we be friends?”

You stare at him, smiling in disbelief. “Okay! Let’s do that.”

A knock at the door interrupts your new friend, who was about to speak. There’s a boy at the door. He seems a bit older.

“Rocky!” San Ha almost shouts. “What’s up, dude?” He points to you. “This is Y/N. She’s my friend.”

The newcomer doesn’t seem destabilized by San Ha’s intensity.

“I’m all good!” He turns to you. “Nice to meet you, Y/N. I’m Park Minhyuk. Second-year, from Gryffindor. Everyone calls me Rocky, though,” he adds with a grin.

You return his smile. “Hey!”

The older boy sits down next to San Ha. As the Hogwarts Express moves steadily north, you end up having a long chat with the two others. You tell about the internet, and video games, and science. They’re actually interested, and you’re glad to teach them new things. In return, they answer all your questions about the wizarding world. The ambiance is merry, and you can’t keep your smile off your face. Once or twice, the two boys even manage make you laugh to tears.


Under the resounding cheers of your new housemates, you get sorted into Ravenclaw. The Hat puts San Ha into Hufflepuff… As the year flies by, you learn many new things and begin to feel like you’re part of this world – this mysterious, interesting and beautiful world. You become friends with your Ravenclaw roommates, but you prefer to hang with San Ha and Minhyuk, when possible. San Ha never fails to make you see the good side of things, and Minhyuk makes you laugh, even though you two often argue about insignificant things, under San Ha’s annoyed stare.


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Outside of Robron, what annoys me so much about Rebecca as a character is that ever since she’s arrived, pretty much everything she’s done is because of a man. Whatever a man wants, she does. Hear me out. 

She has an affair with her sisters fiance. (Then blames it solely on Robert, but as far as I’m aware, it takes two.)

She gets pregnant and Robert tells her to have an abortion. He didn’t force her, and I hate the use of that word in this context. Even though it (apparently) is very traumatic and not what she wanted, she has an abortion because a man is telling her to.

After four years, a man who’s broken both her and her sister’s heart, calls her to come to Emmerdale. She instantly does it, abandoning whatever is going on in her own life to follow his wishes.

She agrees with everything Robert says to set up her own family to go to prison.
Robert admits he was completely using Rebecca, and she goes back for more anyway.

This year, a man clicks his fingers wanting (however misguided) sex and she goes to him. Even after announcing that she’s well aware Robert’s using her “I’m never going there again” she still drops her knickers at the slightest indication.

She certainly implies, if not outright blames him for being pregnant. Er, birth control anyone?? Oh, no, I’m sorry, the man didn’t suggest it so that wasn’t an option.

What I hate about her character is that she cannot do anything, and she has no motivation for any action without a man being involved. And that’s before you get into consent issues, the fake “I’m the victim” act and everything else about her overly obsessive behaviour.