he used to be so misguided

Why Big Cities Need Coyotes
In January of this year, near Stuyvesant Town in Manhattan, a coyote stalked the streets around a Con Ed power station until it was captured, given the unlikely nickname of “Stella,” then released into the Bronx. In March, a coyote taunted photographers from the rooftop of a bar in Queens,...

Could coyotes, their sightings so vivid and impossible to ignore, help us overcome the misguided belief that humans and nature are separate? …

 Weckel raised this idea himself when he was discussing the Gotham Coyote Project: “I would argue that in our particular period of time, coyotes could actually be more championed as a flagship species for urban environments.” He pointed to the kinds of words newspapers are using to describe coyotes in New York—invade, unnatural,strange. “Those are things that we have to address,” Weckel says, “because if all of a sudden we don’t look at these sightings as unnatural and strange, that means we begin to think of cities and ourselves as part of the larger environment.”

I love everything about this. Decentralizing human-centric narratives, calling out cultural discourse and its vocabulary of anthropocentrism, some details about urban ecology and ecological niches. I also love urban wildlife that finds cracks in even the most crowded of human-made environments and thrives alongside us. 

Don't Mess With Me ft. Strategos Six
  • Don't Mess With Me ft. Strategos Six
  • Perfectlyvindictive

Lyrics written and sung by: Perfectlyvindictive

Instrumental by: Temposhark


How it all began
If truth to be told
They a master plan
Now he rules the world

Took ‘em by surprise
With his army’s will
They took his words in strides
For now he’s invincible

No one can stop him for only he is in control
No point, in pleading, you better run while walk

In his crown, he is king
Securing their endless worshiping
I am but, a humanoid
I will never try to think

So don’t try to fool me
I’ll shoot you down
Don’t mess with me

I’ll show loyalty
I won’t stray from them
Forget personality  
It’s best, I stay in line
Imagine, if you will
They over throw his throne
That’s a misguided thought, it’d be bad if you get, caught

You’re here, to spread fear, why don’t you just disappear
Something tells me you’re not here for us my dear

In his crown, he is king
I’ll stay back in this ring
Fighting for, the people and more
And don’t think I will ever blink

Don’t mess with me
I’ll shoot you down
Don’t mess with me

Cause all your heads are gonna roll

You’re speech, was such an ugly bore
So if you want survival
Kneel on his arrival
for this is how he rule’s the world

No one can stop him
For only he am in control
And if you want to
Fight, then i’ll give you a duel

See his crown, he am king
Lavished in endless worshiping
I am but, a humanoid  
But this is a fight we can’t avoid

So don’t mess with me
I’ll shoot you down
Don’t mess with me
I’ll knock you down
Don’t mess with me
I’ll shoot you down
Don’t mess with me

(Again, I really like this comic series) :)

Some Points of Benefit regarding Shirk and Bidah

Firstly: That Shirk began during the time of Noah ‘alayhis-salaam, due to the excessive love and veneration that the people had for certain dead pious Muslim.

Imaam al-Qurtubee (d.654H) – rahimahullaah – said: “The initial images that were made of these righteous men were done in order that the people could be reminded about their righteousness and so strive in being righteous; as they strove. So they worshipped Allaah by the graves of these righteous men. Then a people came after them who forgot the intent of their fore-fathers’ actions. So Shaytaan whispered to them saying: Your fore-fathers used to worship these images and held them in great veneration.”13

Secondly: “That Shaytaan is eager to misguide mankind and to plot against them. He comes from the angle of exploiting man’s emotions, and lures them into doing acts that are (apparently) good. Thus, when Shaytaan saw amongst the people of Noah their great love and esteem for the righteous, he tricked them into going beyond the bounds in their love, and he got them to make and place statues of these dead pious Muslims in their places of gatherings. The objective of this was to make them swerve away from the right path.

Thirdly: That Shaytaan does not only observe the present generation, and seek to deceive only them; but he also wishes to misguide and deceive future generations. Thus, when he could not plunge the present generation, from the people of Noah, into Shirk, he eagerly awaited the next generation’s arrival, in order that he could misguide them.”14

Fourthly: That the worshipping of dead pious Muslims continues to be practiced amongst the Ummah even today. The difference being is that the names have changed. Thus, instead of worshipping Wadd, or Yaghooth, or Ya’ooq; people have instead directed the same practices of Shirk – like supplicating directly to the pious dead, and taking them as intercessors between them and Allaah – to others; such as to Shaykh ‘Abdul-Qaadir al-Jeelaanee in Iraaq, or al-Baydaawee in Eygypt, or Chishtee in India, etc. However, changing the name of a thing, does not change its reality.


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Good lord! You either have some idiots, misguided, or trolls on here right now. A month old is not supposed to have juice, and not one pediatrician will tell you that is ok. Baby food is another topic that is iffy with doctors. Some will say not till 6 months, others say 4. My ped told us 4 months. I tried giving my son baby food at that age, but he never wanted it. So I waited another month to try, and same thing. He was about 5 1/2 months when he would take baby food

Jenelle had Kaiser on baby food at 1 month old 😒 ugh poor baby

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Put Bubba Where He Belongs—Back in the Politics of the ‘90s

Rosemary Jenkins: Lest we forget, President Obama has had to spend an inordinate amount of his time overturning, reversing, amending many of the ill-advised laws and regulations the misguided Clinton put into practice some decades ago and which still plague us in so many different ways today.

“An astonishing, riveting movie about the last day or so in the life of Adolf Hitler. Audacious in the way it portrays Hitler; not as a caricature of cartoon evil, but as a man with a grand, completely misguided and unrealistic dream who ultimately was too monomaniacal to make it work. The director and screenwriter use an effective minimum of effort to show you that, yes, many of those closest to him really did admire him (especially women). But then Hitler says things about the Jews, whom he blames even for his own failure, or about the German citizens, whom he leaves to the mercies of the invading Soviet army (in his mind, the people of Berlin must be strong, or they are not worth saving). Even as the tanks draw near, Hitler refuses to leave Berlin, certain that his army will save the Reich.

This sensitive and compelling portrayal of Hitler is due in no small part to the performance of Bruno Ganz, perhaps Germany’s greatest living actor, who plays the Fuhrer as an weary, tired man who is quick to anger, who is cracking up and, tragically, seems to realize it. Now make no mistake: this isn’t a movie that apologizes for Hitler and excuses his actions. Far from it, in fact. But what the movie does is make you understand Hitler as a human being, which is not only refreshing after years of seeing him (even in documentaries) as some kind of mysterious evil force, but far more effective and important. We must understand men like Hitler, because they are men. To make them monsters and demons makes them mythic; they become unreal, and making them unreal is dangerous. We must have the ability to recognize when men of power become unstable and overreach. We must be able to see them in no uncertain terms as human beings who can be stopped before 20 million people pay for it with their lives.

Every performance is effective for the movie, but I’d also like to single out Corinna Harfouch, who is chilling as Frau Goebbels, who solemnly murdered her children in the bunker because she genuinely did not want them to live in a world without fascism. This is a movie that must be seen; one of the greatest movies of all time, easily the best movie of 2004. The political relevance to our current political situation is surprising. And the words at the end of the film are haunting: ‘Being young is no excuse; I should have found out what was going on.’”

Downfall (2004; directed by Olivier Hirschbiegel)

Original review: 15 February 2006

Note: I fucking hate that “Hitler Reacts” bullshit. Way to turn an important portrayal of the complex mundanity of evil back into a cartoon, dipshits.

Misguided complaints. Mounting pressures.

The husband works so hard and his commission hangs on the balance of these customer service surveys. He has no control over what these people say. They could be reviewing the work of someone else who handled their car or another person they interacted with during their time there and yet he is the one that ends up having to suffer the consequences of these misguided complaints. I think it’s a lot of pressure for us not to be poor and scraping for money every month. I think it’s starting to get to him. It’s ridiculous that his commission is based on something that is so out of his hands.

i realized my fascination with him had little to do with him, but mainly to do with myself.
How vain; how self-indulged have I become?
I barely knew him.
I barely knew myself.
The only reason I thought we had so much in common was because I was looking for myself in him.
But if I don’t know myself, then surely I’ll feel familiarity in all of his qualities.
I know nothing else.
It poisoned me.
I felt feelings that killed me.
Because when he didn’t want me back- i felt wounded and used and misguided and ugly and unappreciated.
I felt like I was lost again.
When i found ‘myself’ in him, I never really found the 'me’ that I was born with- and will die with.
I found a 'me’ who only existed in his disingenuous caresses and kisses.
This was a 'me’ that built herself for destruction.
But now- I’m trying to find myself in quiet moments on park benches, in long car-rides with cheesy music playing, in casual coffee conversations with my best friend.
I must find self love within myself,
Or i will get lost over and over.
This is a long journey, but I know the end will be well worth the troubles I pass.
I’m on my way to loving me. The real me. Quirks and anxieties and mistakes. Me.
—  self love