he used to be so misguided

After the election, my grandfather began posting things about how Trump won because it was what God intended and what all the Christians had been praying for all year. He posted about how Trump was going to fix the country, punish the gays, deport the illegals and terrorists, fix the millenials who were causing all our problems by being so lazy, and get us all back to Christian values like how we were supposed to be. A bunch of his Facebook friends commented saying amen and thank god.

So I decided to educate them. Politely I told them the reasons Trump was dangerous for our country, explain the ways in which they were being hateful, explained that their posts were extremely harmful, homophobic, and racist, and told them that if Jesus were there he would be disappointed in them for using his name to justify their hate speech.

This Christmas my grandmother and grandfather sent me a bible, complete with a letter with highlighted verses saying they have no idea how I came to be so misguided and hurtful to say Jesus would be disappointed in them and they were praying for me and hopefully I would find a way to see the light. They also put 50 dollars in the card. So, what is a feminist to do?

I took a photo of myself holding Peggy Orenstein’s “Girls & Sex”, Bernie Sanders’ “Our Revolution”, and Lillian Federman’s “The Gay Revolution” and posted it on their Facebook on Christmas day, for all to see, with the caption, “Thank you for the Christmas present, I used it to buy myself some things I’ve really been wanting”

I have risen in the ranks; i have become the compendium of snark.

What boys say: You shouldn’t be with him, he doesn’t deserve you. I could treat you way better so you should be with me.

What girls hear: I’m a condescending asshole who feels so entitled to you that I’m completely disregarding your decision-making faculties in an assumption that I can make better decisions for a human being than they can. 

Women aren’t lost, misguided little souls looking for the right guy to set us in the right direction. We are competent humans in control of our own destiny, fully capable of making our own decisions about which people to let into our lives. 

my (unsurprising) thoughts on tjlc (& moffat)

So, from yesterday’s premiere of the final episode, comes this tweet featuring a video of Steven Moffat irritably answering a question from an audience member about “what’s next” for john and sherlock.

This moment reads very straightforwardly to me. Audience member is obviously fishing for details about johnlock; Moffat is just as obviously dismissing the entire idea, just as he’s done in every audience Q&A that has ever existed since the beginning of this show.

I have pretty vocally never believed in the (imo very elaborate and misguided) rhetoric used to argue that Moftiss wasn’t queerbaiting and that they actually believed Johnlock would be canon and were meticulously and conspiratorially pulling out all the stops to deny it. If I’m proven wrong on Sunday I will be the first to admit I was wrong, and will happily join in a celebration that the ship became canon. (A limited celebration, since this ship is still unhealthy and dysfunctional and violent and totally fucked up.)

But I’ve really hated seeing moments like this being totally dismissed by shippers who seem to me to be rather desperate to excuse this type of behavior from Moffat on the basis of TJLC. His body language, his tone, are all completely open here: he is annoyed by and resentful of, if not outright disgusted by, the idea of johnlock. He’s dismissive of the idea that shippers want it to happen and thinks it’s a mildly disrespectful read on Conan Doyle and a boring take on canon and he doesn’t get it at all. He has basically said as much over and over and over again, for years. And here he is, after what may well be the last episode ever, and it’s painfully clear that nothing has changed.

IDK I’d just rather see shippers going into this final ep with their eyes open than willfully trying to paint this kind of behavior as not being obnoxious and condescending, if not borderline homophobic.

And again, I’m prepared to eat all of these words come Sunday; but in the last 7 years, absolutely nothing in either the show or Moftiss’s general behavior and attitudes or the categorical insistences they have made again and again and again that “that’s not the show they’re writing” have led me to believe johnlock has a hope or a prayer of becoming canon. 

You’re My Family

Pairing: Jonathan x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of death, Loss of loved one, Misguided reader, Father abandonment.

Words: 2,783

A/n: I have no idea what inspired me to write this… But oh well. SO nothing actually happens but it’s fluff galore and slight angst so I hope it suffices :)

Summary: You and Jonathan used to be friends, but after a rough spot in your life, you go running back to him.

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My favorite monologues/banter from the Carrie & Lowell tour

I have compiled a ranked list of my top 10 videos of Sufjan Stevens addressing the crowd on the Carrie & Lowell tour this past year or so. Most of them are hilarious, a few are more serious and thought-provoking.

(starting with my favorite and going backwards)

  1. Sufjan describes “your” life story and then explains the plot of the straight-to-video sequel to Bring It On
  2. Sufjan talks about the idea of containing multitudes and not becoming complacent
  3. Sufjan talks about almost changing his name and aggravating his stepmother by calling her pets by the wrong names
  4. Sufjan talks about his parents’ misguided attempts to teach him about death and how he’s come to learn that we carry those we’ve lost with us
  5. Sufjan talks about grief and how we don’t have to go through it alone
  6. Sufjan describes how God himself appeared before him and told him to play this tune
  7. Sufjan remembers attending a Waldorf school and his childhood pyromania
  8. Sufjan had to change his outfit because singing about death while wearing a death metal t-shirt seemed too meta
  9. Sufjan believes every day is Mother’s Day and blames his parents for his obsession with death
  10. Sufjan remembers going to Alateen meetings

Unpopular opinion: 

I don’t see Grindelwald being obsessed with avoiding death. While it did work for Voldemort’s personality and characterization because his entire family was dead, his birth was marked by the death of his mother and so on, I think that Grindelwald is the kind of person who just wants power, recognition and the freedom to use freely his resources even if he is misguided by his egotism. He is smart, he is extremely competent with magic, an intellectual and at the same time he is not empathic to people exactly because his view of them is very deterministic.

I don’t really think death scares him because if he was vulnerable enough to be killed he would consider himself subdued and if he died from natural causes his life would have just reached its expiration date. In both cases he would have lost his “use” so he would be really accepting of his death.

Even during his actual death (and I won’t even get into the DH part 1 disgrace cause the movie ruined the character), he doesn’t really care that he is about to die. He just tries to make the best of his last moments by not giving away that Dumbledore had the elder wand; and yes he was old and imprisoned for years by then, but even when he was younger, I imagine him being the kind of person who would enjoy the thrill of surviving by outsmarting everyone around him and challenging himself and his abilities.

shipper-heart1207  asked:

So I'm still reeling from the last episode. I love how on point you always are with your interpretation of Steroline. I am baffled by Caroline's last sentence to Stefan when he asked about their future. What does she me by "I don't know, it used to be exciting but now it seems misguided." I can't figure it out!

Because for Caroline she always knew their lives could be ever changing with her witch children and her and him being immortal having to move ever 20 years but that was exciting. She was intrigued by the possibilities of overcoming whatever comes next and when Stefan was immortal he was too. Now she feels it’s misguided because he’s giving up but to me Stefan put so much into them having forever to figure everything out and deal with what’s thrown at them that now that it’s taken away he doesn’t know how to deal.


‘Over the course of the 6 seasons we did at ‘Gossip Girl’, it was revealed that he wasn’t [a psychopath]. He was a young man who knew how to manipulate people, could be very charming and use that to his advantage a lot. (…) I think Chuck was revealed as a misguided, misled, sweet young man in the end. I remember the final episode where he picks up his son and hugs him’ — Ed Westwick 

So when Andrew needs help, even though he was misguided and killed people, they’re willing to help him. However when Ward was in need of help, and they had him in captivity and could have easily gotten him therapy, they simply kept him locked away in a basement and allowed him to attempt suicide over and over. Like, they didn’t even try with Ward. They just left him down there and used him for information when they needed him. Ugh, this bothers me.


Just putting this on here now so I can get started with some text imagines later

You’re on Your Period

Listening To Music


You Have BPD


You Use British Slang


He Hurts You During Sex (¾)

Misguided Ghosts (song preference)

He Leaves You When You’re Pregnant

He Leaves You When You’re Pregnant (Cashton)

He Leaves You When You’re Pregnant (Muke part two)

He Leaves You When You’re Pregnant (Cashton part two)

He Leaves You When You’re Pregnant (Muke part three)

He Leaves You When You’re Pregnant (Cashton part three)

Buying Condoms


You Catch Him Masturbating (2/4)

Your Brother’s Band Mate

Your Brother’s Band Mate (Cake part two)

Your Brother’s Band Mate (Mashton part two)

Class Mates (Luke)

Class Mates (Luke part two)

He Gets Jealous


You Fight and Have An Anxiety Attack (Calum)

Fight With Luke

Jealous Luke

You’re Jealous of Luke’s Celebrity Crush


Daddy Michael at his Daughter’s First Show

Ashton at Music Festivals

Luke and Dancing

Calum and Boobs

Luke and Sex

Sex in his Childhood Bedroom

Jealous Luke

Luke and Family Gatherings

Luke and Dressing Room Sex

Calum and Morning Fun

Piercing Luke’s Lip

Telling Ash You’re Pregnant

Calum Meeting Your Dad

Car Sex With Luke

Luke’s Idea of Seduction

Calum as a Dad

Calum Making Fun of You

Jealous Luke 2

Luke’s Plectrums

Meeting Ashton When the Smoke Alarm Goes Off

Michael’s Car Breaking Down

Ashton at Easter

The Rainbow Couple (Michael)

Luke and The Conjuring

Dating Luke Would Involve

Dating Calum Would Involve


Some Fans Call You Fat (Luke)

You’re Horny and Calum Doesn’t Catch On

You Break His Drum Kit (Ashton)

April Fools (Michael)

Calum Wants a Baby

Luke Sexts the Wrong Person

You Have Cancer (Ashton)

Michael’s Idea for the Baby

Cuddly Calum

Cuddly Luke

You and Calum Debating About Michael’s Hair

it burns so bright, i wanna feel your love for hopelessyendeared

Pairing: Zayn Malik/ Harry Styles

Word Count: 7429

Harry liked getting what he wanted; maybe it was the result of being the baby, the youngest one in his family—and the band—but he wasn’t used to people telling him no.

And maybe—maybe Zayn did it to rile him up, some misguided notion to put Harry in his place, remind him that he doesn’t always get what he wants. Whatever the reason, Harry refused to admit that he kind of liked it, because that’s something that Zayn would never let him live down.

Something I really liked in Mindful Education was that Connie made a new friend. One thing the show has shown us is that Connie doesn’t make friends easily and has a degree of social anxiety.

Back in Full Disclosure, when Steven said he no longer wanted to be friends with Connie (in some misguided attempt to protect her), Connie said she would go back to having no friends. In episodes after this one, we see Connie more friendly with the Gems and Greg, but that’s different that having a friend your own age.

So now we have Jeff wanting to hang out with Connie, having overcome the initial shock and wanting to learn the stuff Connie can do. She has made a new friend. It took a bit for her to get to the point where she could talk to him and there might be a little guilt but in the end, Connie had a new friend at school.

The man with open windows and broken door hinges.

If he had a dollar for every misguided turn he took,
he would put in a jar, place it on
his bookshelf
and label it “secrets.”
He would use the collected money
for blind dates
and wedding presents.
Everyone would say how charming he was.
How thoughtful.
He would crack the white lies out
of his
knuckles under the table while they said it.
They would hear the pop if they were not talking
so loud.
He never became rich, but
he somehow
made a living
out of turning
in circles.

I feel like this Balth in a Bath interlude is actually just really well played:

it heightens suspense by delaying showing us what’s going on in the present (and obviously quite a lot has gone on in the present)

it reminds us that Peter and Balthazar don’t have to be all angst all the time, that they’re actually quite adorable, and in doing so compels us (me) not to jump ship

and from Ben’s perspective, if more shit has gone down with petrazar in the flat (like if Balthy’s moved out as some people are speculating), it’s totally the type of misguided thing he would do to try and bring them back together - like “look you were so cute and flirty!”

Shaytan uses a gradual approach to misguide humans:

1. He tries to make you sad.

If it works, then

2. He tries to make you ungrateful.

If it works, then

3. He tries to make you envious

If it works, then

4. He tries to make you arrogant.

If it works, then he tries to keep you sad, ungrateful, envious, and arrogant until you get so weak that you

5. Start to lose hope in Allah.

If it works, then

6. He tries to get you to disbelieve before you die.

If it works, then you go to hell.
If it don’t work, then know that Allah is the Most Merciful the Most Compassionate.

Actually I’ve been thinking a lot about Alan lately, I just really love him and how morally gray and complex he is–his relationship with Manon just enhances his character, and I’m really interested to see how his character arc will end and how his resolution with Manon will go down.

It’s rare we have such morally gray characters, and it’s even rarer we have a good-hearted character being manipulated and working for the evil organization. Lysandre is very specific about using Alan because of how pure he is, because ultimately, Alan is after strength to be able to protect the ones he loves. It’s just so interesting to see such pure intentions being carries out with misguided decisions, such as lashing out at Manon or working for Lysandre. After the disappointment of the N arc and the “conflict and confrontation” between N and Ash, I’m more than eager to see Ash and co confront Alan and fight him–especially with Manon being a factor who truly cares for him.