he used to be a fatty rat

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what kind of creature animal thing is patrick holding in your peterick rpg art?? it's cute!

it’s a dragon age universe exclusive animal called a nug and they come in all kinds of types and sizes but they’re basically a combination of a rabbit, pig, and a naked mole rat and they eat pretty much anything including simple metals! they’re really fatty and hairless and are either used for food or as uncommon pets. for pete and patrick their nug is named toby and he’s a big boy they got from the snowy mountains of an avaar keep. 

pete actually had to stealth unlock the cage in the butcher shop while the rest of the party kept up conversation. he snuck toby out in his jacket and patrick found out and told him to put him down and let him go free. pete reluctantly puts him down and toby looks up and starts scream squealing and patrick picks him back up immediately and they adopt him. he knows basic tricks, is castrated, and is conveniently potty trained.