he tweeted something before they did


Two posts with 4 minutes of difference. Nobody can denied they are related.

So we have two similars tweets..The first before Eleanor 1.0 and implied HS. Now, is a warning selfie?, as we are used to..can we expect tomorrow Eleanor 2.0?… he needs to guarantee to the world that HS will be always in his heart no matter what happen?
In the other hand, he made sure the photo was white and black and we can notice the number 28..yes, 28!!!. Two larry concepts..

Also remember that he got ‘28’ tattoo when lounielle appeared. Did he always do something symbolic when a stunt start?

In the other hand if this is a title of a new song or album ..so he is explaining that lyrics is all about HS?

He is like Rbb.. always warning us for something..We can denied he is acting in the same way..

I can’t expect that this was for only promotion ..

We can only wait and see..


Things that doesn't make sense if this episode is completely real:

• Bbc one tweeting that sherlock is in love with someone
• Arwel’s elephants
• The “it’s not a game anymore” reference to Clue
• Mark saying there might be many endings, who knows? and published it in the official paige of BBC Sherlock
• Steven saying that they’ve telling this from the beginning
• Moriarty like “I told you, but did you listen?” About the final problem when the only thing he has said was burning the heart out of him, and later showing John being put on a fire.
• “Television history” “Something that no one has ever done before” “Love conquers all”

There’s a lot more, feel free to add

anonymous asked:

Hi! What's the thing with Mac Walters tweet? I found a couple of post about that but apparently he deleted the tweet. (I read something about Shepard surviving the destroy ending)(????)

Hey, Anon :) 

Do you mean the Destroy Ending one? 

In which case it’s here: https://mobile.twitter.com/macwalterslives/status/834276140680347648

I am going to assume that you’ve either not done the destroy ending, or you did and just being kind to give me floor for rambling :) So for the benefit of the audience here it is. 

If you choose the Destroy Ending with High EMS, before the credits roll there is a scene which pans the rubble of the fallen Citadel and you see Shepard’s body amongst it. Just before the scene fades to black there is an audible intake of breath and Shepard’s chest rises. Cryptically suggesting that they survived the entire fall from orbit, and lets be honest at this point Shepard has ascended to godhood and nothing can kill them anymore, ever.

That’s as good of a Happy Ending as we ever got without mods. Now Walters tweet confirms that canonically Shepard really does survive longer than 10 min after this scene and is reunited with their crew, and Garrus in particular. 

Now, whilst the tweet is not gender specific nor romance specific it makes my tiny Shakarian Trashcan of a Heart sing. Because damn it finally validation to ALL of my headcanons, sunshine through the kitchen window, Garrus asleep in that comfortable chair in their apartment, the battle couple no longer at war. 

I could weep right now. 

Anyway enough of my gushing, thanks for the ask :D 

Have a wonderful morning/day/night wherever you are <3 

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aww anon! i hope you feel better;n; 

Reaper - Reaper isn’t the best at being all comforting but he does try his best with just being around his s/o, asking them if they want to just let it all out on him. He pulls them in close and reminds them that they are all that he has left, he’ll kill just to make them happy again. 

Sombra - She’s quick to react to her s/o’s mood but going over to them and by cuddling them or just holding their hand before going on a bit about her hacking or just something “…have you seen this meme?” or “Did you know that so and so from this super important company once tweeted this?” She tries to get her s/o to smile and laugh about a good dozen several times. 


Ok so if you haven’t heard, mini and his friend Jay both got hit by a car February 18 some time at night. Jay is undergoing surgery and mini I think I THINK broke both of his legs. Your going to have to watch his video, here’s the link https://youtu.be/15ojGOdTOP8. Before he posted the video he made sure that he tweeted and Instagramed it. I don’t have any other social media sites so I don’t know what else he did. BUT the point it that he made sure people knew, he even apologized. He didn’t need to apologize for not being able to move or make videos, Craig your hurt it’s not your fault you don’t need to apologize for anything! You’ve done nothing wrong. I posed something about this earlier, but his friends on Twitter were telling him to get better and just genuinely concern. That makes me happy and sad they care for eachother and clearly love eachother. No maybe not in a sexual way, but in a brother or you are my BEST friend type of way. The thing that makes me sad is, what if mini had died? How sad do you thing all his friends would have gotten? His parents having to burry there child, wildcat, Vanoss, delirious, Moo, Basically and everyone else losing there friend knowing they’ll never make fun of him or hear his laugh! Then you have us, the fandom! I know people would have gotten sad, mad, confused and everything in between at the situation! Hell I’m already all of the above! The thing that made me want to rant like this is one simple comment, it’s some person on YouTube and all it says is “hope you die” WHAT.THE.FUCK?!? IS YOUR LIFE SO WORTHLESS AND BORING THAT YOU HAVE TO COMMENT THAT?! I get it you don’t like him! Not everyone’s going to love mini, that is still someones child, friend, sibling and more! I can deal with some key word SOME of the tweets, but that. Ha imma leave before the devil comes so bye.

I just remembered this time like three years ago when I tweeted about a long nap I’d just woken up from and this account that i wasn’t following and who wasn’t following me liked it. this was p curious so i checked out his profile, turns out he was the guitarist for this band i’d really loved before their break-up like five months earlier but had never once tweeted about. i really don’t know how he found me? it’s not even like it’s easy going through the band account’s followers they’re on like 50k+. that’s a whole bunch of accounts to go through. did they break up so that the guitarist could start twitter stalking their followers full time? did he just search the word oversleep or something? maybe he was finding the adjustment from touring-schedule to civilian life hard and related to the one tweet on the search that just happened to be a fan? has he gotten his sleeping pattern in order since then? i know i haven’t, I’m typing this at 4am. this was three years ago and i still have so many questions. 

Tangled Up

Summary: Ushijima didn’t notice the owner, who was reading, but the owner did. He looked up from his book and looked at the pair that passed him and his dog before returning his attention to his book. The other dalmatian, quite curious, leaned forward to see where the two had gone.

Based off a tweet I saw a month ago while I was scrolling through the UshiSemi tag on Twitter, I came across this tweet! And because I was feeling the urge to write something of my HQ OTP (one of them anyway), I decided to write this because not only is it a cute idea; but it’s also a scene from 101 Dalmatians which I LOVE and grew up watching! 



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OKAY. I have gotten about nine thousand questions from people about Eliza’s tweet here: 

and how it can be interpreted as shade. 

I think a lot of the reason people are saying it wasn’t is due to her follow-up tweet here:

I totally see why there are people who wonder if Eliza’s original tweet is shade at all due to that last line: “Means we did our job.” 

But remember back before the episode aired?

Jason was pushing fans to watch live, and I can’t find the tweet right now but there was another one where he said, “If you only watch one episode live, 3x07 is the one!” or something to that effect. 

Eliza livetweeted with us the week before for the previous episode. Then this one, she and many of the cast mysteriously missed it. Then she says, “I’m SO sad I missed it!” Then there’s “The response has been amazing! You guys are so passionate!” 

The response? You mean the overwhelmingly negative reaction to Lexa’s death, not just from Clexakru, but from both sides of the fandom? Now, I can’t say I’ve been as deeply involved in any other fandom but I have never seen a fandom explode like this following a character death before. (I suppose maybe Red Wedding compares but that’s GOT and GOT’s fanbase is on a whole other level.)

#The100 trended for a couple hours. Lexa trended for 15 hours following the episode with over 300k tweets. Lexa deserved better trended yesterday for 8 hours straight with over 100k tweets. The response Eliza is referring to? That response is “Jason, you fucked up.” 

But, as Lindsey reminded us with her tweets… They have contracts. They have obligations. They’re not allowed to say or do certain things because these are their jobs on the line. 

Which is why, to me, that follow-up tweet is not Eliza brushing off the reaction to Lexa’s death. It’s her saying, “Yes. I’m heartbroken. But this is my job.” Means we did our job. It was out of her hands. It was out of Kim’s hands. It was out of Layne’s. This was on Jason. 

If that is not enough to convince you, remember during hiatus. Remember following the Clexa kiss. Remember how overwhelmingly proud Eliza was of Clexa. Remember how much she stanned Lexa’s character and the Clexa ship and ask yourself, do you really think the #1 Clexa stan was happy with the way things played out? 

If even that doesn’t convince you… remember this post (x). Look at how the cast has reacted to this. Look at how much support they’ve thrown out. Look at Kim’s tumblr. Look at Layne’s. 

At the end of the day, Jason is still Eliza’s boss. He is still their employer. But they are just as upset as we are. 

edit: thanks to @commanderofraccoons for pointing this out:

yeah. eliza’s with us.


This was inspired by Calvin’s random ass tweet that he deleted of the random letters and @ signs.

“Adam! Give me back my phone before you accidentally delete something,” Taylor said, rolling on top of her boyfriend to reach her phone. As she rolled, so did he, holding her phone just out of reach and laughing.

“I just want to tweet something!”

“No, you dweeb. If you tweet something, everyone will know that you tweeted it. I am eloquent in my tweets and your tweets are just a mixture of emojis and sass.”

“Your tweets are sassy, too!”

“Not dorkily sassy. They are classily sassy,” she laughed, still reaching. Adam rolled again, rolling right out of the bed. 

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why am I not surprised?

okay stop. all ashton did was tweet a picture of 3 fans and said thanks for coming to the show, his exact words were “these guys were legends. meet them the other day in holmdel JK show. Thanks for coming to the show dudes.” like…….how in the hell have people taken this tweet to say he is sexist and mysoginistic. this actually blows my mind. 

have you guys forgotten that on this same day he and calum drove around meeting TONS of fans before the show and surprising them? and talking to them? and taking pictures with them? regardless if they were male or female. they did that because they appreciate their fans, something we are so lucky about. absolutely no one would be offended if he posted a picture of three girls and said thank you with this same caption, but heaven forbid he say thank you to these three guys. 

this isn’t me “defending him being sexist or problematic or whatever” because he has done nothing wrong. he just said thank you. when will it be appropriate for them to say thank you to male fans without others getting so offended and saying they “favor them over all their female fans”. i want you guys to tell me in what other ways he can acknowledge them without you all being so angry. 

ashton has always tweeted and made videos saying how much he appreciates us, and suddenly when he even acknowledges male fans it’s like people say he doesn’t care about female fans at all, and that we aren’t as important to him. anyways this post isn’t about anything he has said/done in the past, this is about that tweet and everyones reactions and i just want to say i need people to calm down because this tweet was a non issue but suddenly it is somehow so

True Love on OUAT

I have to say it. Fandom has really corrupted the idea of True Love. It is not something that needs to be proven. TLK is nice and lovely and it’s wonderful to see … but the characters and writers didn’t intend for it to be something that requires proof.

Jen and Colin both tweeted that Emma and Hook shared True Love before they even exchanged ILYs on the show.

When Hook attempted TLK on Emma in 5x02 his response was “why didn’t it work?” because he knew they shared True Love and didn’t understand why the curse didn’t break. The fact that it didn’t work did not make him think of their love as any less True … just that there was clearly another reason.

True Love is a feeling that two people share. The characters never think about it in terms of proving it. A&E have referred to Emma and Hook as True Love for a while now without having proven it on the show.

So when I saw my girl @lenfaz say here  

 I also want them to be like “screw TLK, no one tells me anything, you are my TL because I love you and I chose you no matter what!”

I totally agree with that. I mean, I do want to see TLK for them but I also don’t mind them taking their time getting there but still having the characters be certain that they truly love each other.

True Love is magic. It doesn’t require proof, just belief.

I don’t think Jack’s actually stupid about social media, or incapable of learning it if he wants.   Does this count as an unpopular fannish opinion?  IDK, I’m just a bit bothered by “lol Jack’s so stupid he’d never get the hang of Twitter.”

Originally Jack DGAF about Twitter but I just think this is 0% Jack Zimmermann in action. It’s something he doesn’t care about or see the point of, so he doesn’t bother to learn it.  And until Bitty turned into a Twitterholic, what reason did Jack have to embrace a medium that just opened him up further to public scrutiny?

But his attitudes to Twitter have already changed in canon.  After all, Jack posted almost 30 Tweets to Bitty’s account the day before commencement.  (Tweets here, starting  5/17/2015 21:52:17)  He’s slowly warming up to the idea.

Jack isn’t necessarily good with understanding other peoples’ motivations and perceptions, and he’s not a master of spin.  But I really don’t think that if he was sincerely trying, social media would be any huge intellectual challenge.

But like if Modest really wanted the fans to not believe in Larry then they would have had the AIMH tweet deleted long before now. So why has it now reached 1.5 million retweets? Why is it the second most retweeted tweet in the world? Why are Larries getting hate over supporting a tweet where Louis is literally confessing his undying love for his husband with the use of correct punctuation and everything? Why is it that many antis forget that the tweet was posted practically the day before Louis was to out his ‘relationship’ with elounor to the public? Why is it that Louis has shown more interest in his supposedly 'platonic best friend’ more than he did with his own girlfriend of 4 years? Why is it that Louis simply couldn’t give a shit about 'becoming a dad’ and yet half of the fandom still believe that he is indeed making his way into fatherhood? Why would Louis tweet something so perfect, so spontaneous, so naturally charming, so endearing, so beautiful and so hopelessly romantic, if he didn’t mean a single word of what he said? Harry is in Louis’ heart, always has been, always will, forever and always. Ya’ll haters need to deal with that.

It’s hard, because this was always a happy place. And when things got down, and the fandom got down, there were always ways to cheer people up. But right now it feels wrong to life the mood, to tell people things are going to be alright. This isn’t a poor concert decision, or heart wrenching tweets. This is something that has happened that will crucially affect everything to do with One Direction in the future.

It seems wrong to find any happiness inside it, aside from that bittersweet note that Zayn took this for himself and is taking care of himself, and /he’s/ gonna be alright.

But it’s going to take time, I think, before any of us can enjoy this like we did before, and for some it may be impossible.

All I can say I guess is that I’m sending all of you love and I hope that if this is suffocating for you right now that you take some time away from tumblr and do things to take your mind off it and get you out of this pit. Make sure to drink water and eat your food, and if you can, find other things that make you happy in the meantime. Don’t stop living just because Zayn made this very difficult decision for himself. He would never have wanted you to do that.

I saw that ask Sean responded to, about favoritism and him thinking that some people “don’t matter” anymore (I hope I don’t need to clarify that I did disagree with what that ask said), and it reminded me of something I’ve seen online recently. Some people now form their opinions of others based on something that is a mere fraction of who they actually are– their social media presence.

Just last month, Jensen (an actor from Supernatural for those who don’t know) posted this on his wife’s birthday

He actually had to worry that people might think he didn’t love or care about his wife because he didn’t tweet/facebook/instagram about it. He has verbally stated before how much he loves his wife, we should know that he does. I have actually seen people get mad if someone “misses” a birthday or doesn’t constantly reaffirm their character on social media. This shouldn’t happen. There is a general issue here.

People do exist outside of social media. It’s like the cliché tree question: if it falls in the forest but no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Yes, because it continues to exist beyond our own perception of it. 

So, if a person has a certain trait/feels a certain way but it exists outside of social media so we aren’t there to witness it, do they actually have/feel it?

The answer should be yes, but unfortunately, some say no because they can’t trust what they can’t see.

My point is that Sean cares. He really does. And I’m not saying it because of how many posts he reblogs and asks he answers on tumblr or how many tweets he replies to on twitter. I’m saying it because that is the type of person he is (outside of the internet), and social media should be the medium through which he expresses his character, not the evidence to simply prove that he has it.

Something is happening..

Zayn tweets about wanting to fly to the moon

He gets sick on the show. Was he really sick? I don’t know. I hope he gets well soon.

Louis is suddenly flying to LA and Zayn is rumoured to be with him.

There’s a rumour going around that the LA trip concerns writing. Next show is on the 24th in Japan, Osaka.

Suddenly Harry and Louis are interacting much more than before.

Harry tweets about Johnny Cash’s song “I got stripes”, another double meaning.

Niall and Melissa. They could be dating or they could be “dating”

This might not concern this in anyway but Liam shouldn’t be insecure. Someone give him a hug, please.


Did I miss something?

Oh, and the dinner Harry, Louis and Des had together.

Arriving to Australia together.

Spending time in LA together before OTRA began.

Christmas, NY, the interviews, etc.

Anything else? What is happening? Maybe they will soon come out, but I just don’t know. No one knows.