he turned into the hulk

Do you think Credence would ever get like. Idk what the right word would be. I guess playful? about being an obscurial?? After he learns how to control it? Like, you know in the Avengers when Bruce is trying to lift Thor’s hammer and he pretends he’s about to turn into the hulk?? Sort of like that. 

You’re arm wrestling with him and he lets go just enough that his eyes turn white and you can feel the weight of something in the air. He’s still smiling at you and his body language is still friendly but he startled you just enough that you lost. 

You’re laying in bed with Credence at the end of a long day and he uses his obscurus to make shadow puppets on the wall across from you. He spent a lot of time practicing when he was bored

Yknow. stuff like that. 

MARVEL headcanon

When she meet Bruce Banner, Daisy Johnson casually asked him what his favorite song was. She sang that song to calm him down, the first time he lost control and turned into Hulk. She said that it was the method she used to calm down her husband, when he lost control over his powers. It was the first time she mentioned she was married, too.

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May I get some headcannons about the crusaders with an S/O who has a stand that can turn anything invisible?

Sorry if these a little bit short but i can’t think of many headcanons for this one!



-He would make sure that they can control their ability! And if they can’t, he would help them (or train them) so they can have better use of it.

-Jotaro would be so annoyed if they turn his stuff invisible on purpose! “Just knock it off already!” He becomes  The Hulk if they turn his hat invisible.


-He would think that is a very amazing ability, and would constantly tell them so! If they ever think that their abily is not good enough he is always there to make them see the bright side of it!

-Every time something gets lost he first asks them if they touched it. Honestly the poor boy doesn’t know if things are lost or just invisible to the sight!


-He is kinda afraid that they will turn him invisible. Are they sure that they can control the thing?

-But given the fact that he loves them and trusts them so much, he would just believe in that they wouldn’t do something like that to him. They may turn one of his hands invisible though, just to see his reaction…


-He would help them to reach the full potential of their ability! He is a really good teacher, and they will be thankful for having him teaching them!

-Also tells them that their power may be more dangerous than they think, and tells them to always be careful with what they do!


-Oh boy. He would either use them for pranks or make them become the prank master. “OH MY GOD! JOTARO, I LOST MY OTHER HAND!” He would take the responsibility when someone wants to scold his partner for their jokes, though!

-Would constantly teasing them about turning certain things invisible.”Ohh, i think i have something itching in my pants! Could you please turn them invisible? So i can see what it is? Hmmm?” He is such a loser.


I’m not very proud of this one :( Sorry if it sucks.


dating Bruce Banner would include

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  • calling you “honey” or “darling”
  • waking you up with kisses on your nose
  • making you (healthy) breakfast
  • sometimes you sit on his lap while he’s working
  • staring at him with endearment in your eyes because he’s just too adorable
  • nuzzling your face into his neck
  • breathing in his scent
  • him kissing your forehead
  • “ten more minutes, darling, then we’ll go to bed”
  • him feeling special when you pull him closer to you in your sleep
  • loving when you wear his shirts because at that moment he can grasp at the idea that you’re his
  • pressing your foreheads together and whispering “i love you” when he needs a bit of reassurance 
  • massaging his shoulder when he’s stresses
  • making a calm playlist for him
  • you have to stop mid making out because otherwise things will not go as planned
  • “i’m sorry, love”
  • “there’s nothing to be sorry about, Bruce, i love you”
  • being the only one who’s able to calm him down when he’s hulking out
  • when he’s turning into Hulk you sing “somewhere only we know” to him because that song always calms him down
  • seeing Bruce in Hulk’s eyes
  • post mission cuddles
  • you being the big spoon
  • him sending you souvenirs from every country he visits
  • sometimes you travel together
  • temple kisses
  • reading together
  • him playing with your hair
  • promise rings
  • stargazing together
  • loving it when he becomes all geeky about random stuff
  • watching documentaries together
  • him having a picture of you in his pocket
  • you being Hulk for Halloween
  • making fun of his purple shirt
  • “don’t make me angry, darling”

Does anyone ever wonder about the dude that Gabriel possessed as a vesssel? Who was he? What did he do before he was a vessel? We know at least a little bit about most archangel vessels, but not him. Still, you have to figure, anyone who would say yes to angelic possession is probably a devout, religious person. Only this guy agrees to the most profound religious experience of his life and he gets… Candy. Weird porn. Turning a guy into the hulk. Groundhog Day. TV world. Etc. What did this man think of all this?? Did he have any idea what he was getting into, like, did Gabriel say “I need you as a vessel but you’d better like acting out procedural cop dramas" ???

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“So, you’re not turning into a She-Hulk, right? And if yes, do you wear clothes that won’t fall off? I mean, you need to cover your upper parts, too.” Clint asked you suddenly and you groaned out load at your best friend. He never stopped to question you about the most banal things. 

“Clint, seriously, how long do we know each other? I won’t turn into Hulk.” You shook your head, and he grinned. “But my dad might be if he finds out we’ve stolen his playthings to prank the others. Now help me, it’s too heavy.”

So just to recap (x):

  • Marvel didn’t want the Clint farm storyline – they wanted more of the cave plot – but Whedon insisted they leave the farm in the movie. In exchange, he cut much of Thor’s vision subplot, which made very little sense as a result.
  • Whedon (*and the execs) really wanted a BruceNat relationship after writing the Hut scene in the Avengers. You know, the scene where she’s terrified of Bruce.
  • Whedon fought against a Clint/Natasha relationship, even though it was planned, for no fucking reason. And no, I don’t buy the ‘friendship’ excuse he uses. Nat is good friends with a lot of male characters.
  • Whedon wrote a scene where Natasha is rejected by Banner after offering to run away with him, and originally planned the bedroom moment to be a scene where her flirting turns him into the Hulk?

And then he laments the fact he didn’t have enough time so the plot seemed rushed. Even though he spent like 30+ minutes at the farm, and building up BruceNat, and everything the executives wanted to cut for the movie to run smoothly and make sense.

I just… what the fuck, Whedon??? The film could have had a completely different vibe.

Edit: Listened to the podcast. Fixed my opinions. I still think most of them stand.


2 weeks after their latest operation, ADVENT forces have been quiet. It seemed like a normal day at XCOM’s Base of Operations, but it was going to be anything but. 

Xcom received a distress beacon from their own safe haven. They were under attack by ADVENT - and they were killing all of the civilians that resided there. XCOM quickly put together a team, led by Caelyn Swendiman. Blake Peterson, Abby Kreger, and Omeed Feshami joined her in this strike of retaliation.

They were easily able to take out any of the squads of enemies they came across, but they were not prepared to combat an alien known as the “Faceless.” This giant hulk of flesh has large claws that can tear a man in half.

Omeed Feshami was shooting a small group of ADVENT soldiers, when suddenly a Faceless Mutant sprinted towards him from behind. Omeed turned to take on the massive creature, but he was too late. The hulk slashed Omeed’s ribcage, and threw the soldier to the ground. Abby was then able to dodge enemy fire, and still have the composition to shoot the giant alien through the head. Caelyn was then able to stabilize Omeed’s wounds, but it is unknown if he will make a full recovery. 

C'mon, Baby, Calm Me Down. You're The Only One Who Knows How.

Reader request: Bruce x reader remember in aou where Natasha calmed hulk with that lullaby could you do that scene but during a vacation on the beach Tony pushed him too far and he turned into the hulk and the reader is the only one to calm him cute & fluffy :-)

*Title from The Front Bottoms’ “Skeleton”*

It was a gorgeous summer afternoon out in California where you and the rest of the Avengers were spending a little r & r at the beach. After a particularly grueling month of missions, you and the rest of your friends had come to the consensus that you all desperately needed a break from chasing after bad guys, trading in your gear for swimsuits and sunscreen. You were especially thrilled to get back to your California roots.

“That’s it, guys!” You yelled out excitedly as Natasha flew around the curved road, bringing the exquisite shoreline into sight. You were literally bouncing in your seat, your face lighting up like a kid on Christmas. You couldn’t help it; while you liked the energy in New York, nothing could ever replace the way you felt hearing the roar of the Pacific, immersing yourself in its swirling waters and watching the sunlight sparkle.

Bruce laughed and you turned to face him, still smiling. “What?!” You asked your boyfriend, hitting him with your elbow. “I’m just happy to be back.” “I know,” Bruce replied with a smile, rubbing his thumb on your upper thigh. “You’re adorable when you’re excited.” You closed your eyes as he brought his lips to yours gently. You’d been dating for months now, and you still felt your heart speed up whenever you kissed. You were head over heels for the shy scientist, and he felt the same about you. “Aw, look at you two cuties,” Clint called from the passenger seat. You made a face at Clint, interlacing your fingers with Bruce’s as you pulled into the beach lot.

“HONEY, I’M HOME!” you yelled out as soon your bare feet touched the sand, laughing with delight and twirling around in the sand before falling lightly onto your back, letting out a contented sigh as you stared up at the cloudless, exhilaratingly blue sky. Bruce laid down on his back next to you for a minute before you rolled over onto your side to face him.

“Helloooo handsome,” you said flirtatiously, wiggling your fingers at him. He shook his head and smiled at you, gently smoothing out your sand-covered locks. “Hey, beautiful,” he murmured.“ You placed a hand on his chest. “You need sunscreen now otherwise that nice body of yours is gonna get torched,” you said, digging through your bag. You squeezed out a generous portion onto your hands, slopping it onto him as messily as possible. “Jesus, Y/N,” he cried out laughing as you giggled and drew white stripes across his cheeks. “That’s it,” he said, turning to attack you in return as you shrieked when the cold cream hit your skin. “I AM JUST TRYING TO PROTECT YOU DOCTOR, HAVEN’T YOU HEARD OF SKIN CANCER?” You yelled out through your laughter as you both stood up, attempting to smear the most sunscreen on each other before collapsing back down in a fit of giggles. Bruce put his arm around you, kissing your now SPF 30-ed cheek and smiling. “God, I love you, Y/N.” “And I love you, Bruce.” Bringing your lips to his, you maneuvered yourself into his lap as his one arm wrapped around your lower back, returning the kiss with his other hand grasping at your hair. All of a sudden, you felt a gust of wind that only meant one thing. You smiled slightly, pulling away to look up at the shirtless silvery blond now standing next to you two.

Pietro grinned apologetically. “Sorry, you guys. I did not mean to interrupt. But Y/N, you will still teach me to surf like you promised?” He asked, his eyes lighting up with excitement. You pulled yourself up off Bruce, dusting some sand of your turquoise bikini top and black board shorts. “It would be my pleasure, Speedy.” “Great! Let’s go now!” Pietro took your hand – you barely had time to grab your board before you were at the edge of the shore with him.
Bruce sat up cross legged, smiling to himself with the feeling of your mouth on his still lingering. He looked around as the rest of the team trailed in: Wanda carrying a stack of beach reads, Natasha and Clint chatting animatedly as they passed a frisbee back and forth, Thor tying his hair up into a messy bun, Steve carrying 3 massive coolers of drinks on his own and Tony strutting down the beach with his towel tied like a cape around him. He sat down next to Bruce with a loud “ahhhh.” “So,” Tony started, “Passing up hanging ten out there with your girlfriend, Doc?” “I’d end up drowning if I tried that,” Bruce said laughing. “I’ll let her focus on Speedy, he was practically crying when she said she’d teach him.”

Bruce and Tony stared off at you and Pietro. The Sokovian watched you intently as you showed him how to get up onto the board correctly. His eyes darted around while you weren’t looking, following the curves of your body and lingering on your chest and ass. Bruce’s hands clenched involuntarily.

“Looks like you got a little competition!” Tony jeered. “Just kidding, he’s harmless; homewrecking isn’t his style. But,” Tony continued in a tone that Bruce knew meant trouble, “What are you gonna do when a real threat comes along?”

Bruce’s face set in a hard line. “I’m not worried about that, Tony.” “Really?” Tony quipped. “Because if I had a girlfriend that looked like – well that –,” he said waving his hands in your general direction, “On a beach full of dreamy surf gods and rugged shirtless hippies, I’d be a little more concerned with claiming your territory. You know?” Bruce said nothing, trying to keep his anxiety from spiraling into something well, a little more green.

“Tony,” Bruce suddenly started through gritted teeth. “Lay off.” “Whaaat? I’m just looking out for you buddy. Last thing I would want is to have Y/N having some Channing Tatum fuckboy drooling on her trying to get a piece of that -” “TONY, ENOUGH,” Bruce yelled out. That was it. Bruce fell onto his hands as he felt himself getting swept over with panic and rage, unbridled and untamed. He pulled at his hair, desperately trying to regain control. For once in his life, Tony didn’t have a smart remark. “Oh shit, Bruce,” his eyes widening. Bruce let out a roar of frustration and Tony took three steps back. “I didn’t mean -” “Get - people - off - the - beach,” Bruce choked out in reply, falling onto his back.
You heard Bruce’s yell from the edge of the water, your neck immediately snapping around. “Bruce?” You looked and saw him writhing on the ground, Tony backing away. “Son of a bitch,” you muttered, your throat tightening with panic. Pietro grabbed your hand again as you two whisked to Bruce’s side. The rest of the team had got there already, starting to clear people off the beach. You slid to your knees in front of Bruce, tilting his face toward you. “Bruce? I’m right here, babe. It’s Y/N, you’re gonna be ok. You can fight this.” Bruce looked up at you and with a sinking feeling in your chest, you saw his warm
chocolate-colored eyes changing colors. “I can’t,” he whispered. “I’m so sorry.” You had seen the other guy in battle when he was relatively in control, but Bruce had yet to “Hulk out” since the two of you started dating. You swallowed the lump in your throat. “OK. It’s gonna be ok. You aren’t going to hurt anyone. We won’t let it happen.”

You turned angrily to Tony. “What the fuck did you say to him?!” You snarled out. “You’re the only one here stupid enough to push him to this!” “I was just kidding with him!” Tony yelled back. “Do you think I wanted this to happen?” “Y/N, you can maim Stark later, we’ve got to move, now!” Clint called out. “I’m not leaving Bruce here!” “Oh yes you are,” Nat called back, grabbing your arm. “Let Thor and Cap and Tony try to bring him down first. Banner will kill us if we let anything happen to you.” With the combined effort of Natasha, Wanda and Pietro, you let yourself get dragged off further behind a sand dune.
You had been watching the chaos for a few minutes now as the other guy took massive swings at your friends who were trying fruitlessly to subdue him. “This isn’t working,” you yelled in frustration. “He’s going to hurt them, they aren’t going about this the right way. He’s just scared and upset.” “Not to be a dick, Y/N, but do you have a better idea?” Pietro asked. You looked out at Hulk, but to you, he was just Bruce. A Bruce that was in a lot of pain, and you couldn’t stand it. “Maybe,” you said, darting out of Clint’s grip and sprinting off toward the direction of Hulk’s roars. The boys all saw you coming and temporarily stopped attacking. “Back off,” you yelled out. “Are you crazy?!” Steve yelled. “JUST DO IT!” You roared back. Your intensity did the trick and all three of them moved away.

You took a deep breath and walked forward. “Hey, big guy” you called up. The massive figure turned his head toward you, letting out an ear-splitting roar. You winced but held your ground, holding out one hand. “Hey now, cut the shit, Hulk!” He blinked slowly at you, huffing out and moving forward. You moved forward as well. “We don’t want to hurt you. I know you’re upset and scared, but I’m here to help.” You motioned for Thor, Steve and Tony to sit down. “You’re kidding right?” Tony cried out. “Sit down Stark or so help me God,” you screeched through clenched teeth, keeping your eyes on the green figure in front of you. He did. Hulk stopped moving upon seeing the boys sit down. “Hey,” you called softly. “Eyes here. I need my boyfriend to come back to me, ok? It’s me, Y/N.” You sat yourself gently on the ground, painfully aware that one of his feet was about the size of your body. You exhaled slowly, holding out your hand. “You know me. I’m not going to hurt you. You can trust me.” You couldn’t see it, but every member of the team had their mouths agape at this point, eyes widening as Hulk lowered himself down, his eyes fixed on your face. You extended you hand further, drawing a line down your palm. “Right here, bud.” You called softly. You were as surprised as anyone when a huge, green palm connected softly with yours. You looked up, startled as you met warm brown eyes. “Yes, Bruce. You’re safe.” You watched as the figure in front of you shrank, the green skin fading back to its normal tone. You caught Bruce as he staggered forward, his human self once more.
He blinked up, slightly dazed as you ran your hand across his cheek, laughing with relief as your eyes sparkled with grateful tears. “Hey, love,” you whispered. “I’m right here. You didn’t hurt me or anyone. You’re safe.” Bruce’s hand reached out for yours. “But you, how did you, I could hear you talking to me,” he muttered. “You brought me back.” “Of course I did,” you said with a shaky smile. “I’m absolutely brilliant, remember?” Bruce laughed and you pulled him into a hug. “You’re amazing, thank you” he breathed in your ear. “I love you so much, Y/N. I don’t know how you still love me like this.” You kissed him fiercely, breaking apart to gaze at his distraught face. “I love you because you’re you, Bruce. With the good the bad and the enormous green guy,” you smiled softly. “And that’s not going to change, OK?” He smiled that famous shy smile, “Not leaving me for any surfer boys?” he said jokingly, but you knew him well enough to sense the unease in his voice. Your face drew into lines of confusion. “Leave you for surfers? What are you -” The lightbulb went off in your head. Drawing in a very deep inhale, you turned slowly to face Tony. He waved nervously. “Hey, there, lovebirds.”

You stood up and Tony hastened backwards, nearly tripping down into the sand. “OK, I was just messing with him, saying he had to protect his territory –meaning you – because otherwise one of these beach bums would sweep you away. Which is obviously not going to happen. Cmon doc, just see how she looks at you all lovey dovey all the time. It’s sickening.” Neither of you laughed. Tony sighed, taking a serious tone. “Look, Banner, I really am sorry. I didn’t mean to freak you out and you have nothing to worry about. You clearly adore her just like she adores you.” He paused. “Ugh. I can hear the weepy Full House music playing in my head. But yeah, I really am sorry.” Bruce looked up. “Thanks, Tony.”

He turned his gaze toward you, bringing his arms around your waist. “Well, at least there’s a bright side to all of this,” Bruce said with a half smile. “What?” You inquired. He kissed you gently, breaking apart to gaze peacefully into your bright eyes. “I finally found my lullaby.”

Chris Evans without a beard is just this cute lil kitten

like how do you not love this

look at him

But then there’s Chris Evans WITH a beard and just

he looks so hot

like he’d be great in bed (what are you talking about, that’s the BEST place to turn into the hulk!)

but he’d also like randomly cuddle you if you need it

and if he hugged you you’d be so protected in his arms and when you kissed him it would just be great

and idk how people dislike this Chris because this is my favorite Chris


Bruce has a recurring nightmare everytime he sleeps. He always dreams that he wakes up and he accidentally turned into the Hulk, killing everyone in the process. Jarvis always finds out and talks to Bruce when he has a hard time going back to or just talks to him to keep him company.

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But imagine Wanda accidentally swapping the consciousnesses of the Avengers

-Natasha suddenly finding herself in Steve’s body. Seeing this as a pranking opportunity that comes once in a lifetime she begins taking a massive amount of embarrassing selfies and vines

- Tony realizing he is in Bruce’s body and immediately attempting to turn into the Hulk just to see what will happen. Realizing he is just too giddy for the anger switch to work he starts bashing his head against the TV hoping this will trigger the change

- Thor is in Natasha’s body but seeing as how his brother has already turned him into a woman hundreds of times during their life he is completely comfortable with it and merely compliments Natasha on how well trained she is

- Bruce finding himself in Thor’s body. Not being used to being so tall and strong while he is himself he is constantly hitting his head everywhere, can barely walk and destroys everything he touches. Also he can barely see anything from all that hair

- Steve being in Tony’s body. Steve realizing that alcohol affects him now. Steve realizing that Tony’s body has been drinking from early in the morning. Steve being hella drunk for the first time ever

-Clint and Maria coming back with the food to witness the most hilarious thing they have ever seen

So, we hear in CA:TFA that Erskine’s supersoldier serum has the effect of taking what is already there in a person and amplifying it with added strength; Schmidt was evil, so the serum made him into even more of a demonic nightmare. Steve was good, and it turned him into a hero.

Then we have Bruce Banner, who decades later, tried to recreate the serum. Ostensibly, he failed, as the serum turned him into the Hulk instead. But think about it…

Bruce was abused all through his childhood.

Bruce was repressed and traumatized.

Bruce was always angry

The serum just took that anger and amplified it. And in doing so, it did what it was always meant to do.

(Bruce Banner may have been closer than anyone thought.)

Serinus III

Set in this verse that is taking a life of its own …

tchrgleek asked for something slightly angsty, like a fight, at the condition that it would end happily ^^

The ending you can count on … Let me see if I can pull a proper fight out of my hat ;)

Kurt knows that he has absolutely no reason to be jealous.

That he, too, works with unfairly gorgeous men, and that if he can maintain a semblance of professionalism when he works with them, he has no leg to stand on to accuse Blaine of the opposite.

That doesn’t stop him from seething and turning greener than the Hulk whenever he comes to pick up Blaine from his shift and he sees him coming out of his cabin with a very attractive man.

Especially when said client is positively leering after Kurt’s boyfriend.

Kurt barely manages to keep from snarling at the man who is busy undressing Blaine with his eyes, but the way the man’s face crumbles when Blaine’s own face completely lightens up when he spots Kurt is well worth it.

In your stupidly handsome face, asshole.

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Civil War II

Did Clint kill Bruce Banner or the Hulk? Was it assisted suicide or self-defense?

Those probably will be the main points of Clint’s trial.

If you only take into account what actually HAPPENED the jury will have to take a decision based on those elements :

-Bruce’s tape where he says he asked Clint to kill should he turn into the Hulk,

-Clint’s word that Bruce did ask him that,

-that the weapon Clint used was designed by Bruce to kill himself,

-Bruce’s research and the fact he’s been injecting himself with gamma particles

-Bruce’s anger when confronted by the super-people community

But was Bruce turning into the Hulk? Clint says he saw green in his eyes, but it’s not certain. It sounds to me that it was Bruce Banner and not Hulk Clint killed. There is no evidence beyond reasonable doubt. At worst it can be classified as murder, at best as assisted suicide, but the jury still would have to take a Guilty verdict.

But if you add Ulysses to the equation, the jury has the possibility to take his vision into account, and decide that Bruce WAS going to turn into the Hulk and that Clint’s action WAS self-defense.

So if the jury rules NOT GUILTY, they will validate Carol’s views, and set a precedent. Ulysses’ visions WILL be used to punish crimes before they happen.

I find it interesting that Tony and Carol’s war kinda rests in the hands of 12 random people.

Apparently, Paul Rudd is the only Marvel movie hero to co-write his own movie. Kinda makes me want to see a Mark Ruffalo-penned Hulk movie where Bruce Banner goes to congress and tries to convince them of the dangers of climate change. When the politicians dismiss his scientific findings as “nonsense” he turns into the Hulk and wrecks the place.

Mark Ruffalo interview “Hulked out on a preschooler

“[a preschooler from my daughter’s school] looked up at me and said “are, are, are you the hulk?” and I was like, “well.. no.. I..” and my daughter was like “yeah he’s the hulk!” and he said, “can you turn into the hulk?” and she’s like “do it daddy! do it!” so I went.. *makes himself bigger* and he went, “NO NO NO NO NO! not here! not here! the school! you’ll break it!”