he trusts jack

So I’m freaking out about a few things with the event (in a good way).

Firsty: GABRIEL’S PRE-REAPER VOICE. It’s so smooth and he sounds so calm and practical!!! This is honestly one of the greatest gifts Blizzard could have given us. Bad guy Reyes is officially debunked.

Secondly: Gabriel isn’t at King’s Row, which meant that when he walked out on the meeting, he was trusting Jack to do the right thing. He still had enough faith in Jack to know that we would make the right choice in his own, without Gabriel’s help (aside from having Jesse in King’s Row). This tells me that the two of them were still very close, and that Gabriel still thought well of Jack - if he didn’t, he might have taken his own team to London, believing Jack would decide not to help.

Thirdly: Where is Jesse and is he ok??? What is he doing during all this???

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oops i can't decide so here's 2 in case u wanna write a lot of things OR just like. pick ur preference!! 😘 1) patater + 9; 2) parswoops + 47!!

I’m gonna do patater first but i will write parswoops at some point!!

9. meeting online au

When Kent got the notification, he almost yelled and threw his phone across the room. But, Kent was a rational adult, so he calmly picked up his phone and saw that Alexei Mashkov followed his cats instagram. Kent was fine, he wasn’t freaking out that his crush ever since he freaking entered the NHL followed his cat on Instagram, but he also commented on a video of Kit and him. “very cute )))” Kent is allowed to freak out a little, so he does what every normal and calm adult does and calls Jeff. 

As soon as Swoops picked up, Kent started yelling. “Fucking Mashkov followed Kit’s Instagram! And then he commented on a video of me and Kit and said VERY CUTE with a bunch of weird smiles! What does that mean!” Swoops sighed, he was one of the only people who knew about Kent’s crush on Alexei so a phone call like this happens like every week. 

“It probably means he thinks the video is cute, Parse.” Swoops sighed again, “Listen, I’ll come over and we can have this conversation in person. So don’t start hyperventilating until I get there, okay?” Kent mumbled an agreement and hung up the phone. Kent plopped down on his bed, Swoops has a key so he doesn’t feel the need to get up and let him in.

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Do you know what I love most about the Scotsman? His absolute and undying faith in Jack. When his wife gets kidnapped, he trusts Jack above any of his clansmen to help him rescue her. When Jack lost his memories, the Scotsman went to the ends of the earth to try and help him, and when fighting in the sirens he put himself in a position where he cannot defend himself because he knew Jack will be there for him. Even fifty years later, despite Jack having completely giving up on himself and his mission to stop Aku, and constantly being dragged into the darkness by his own damaged psyche, the Scotsman still believes in him above all else.

I can’t wait for him to reuinte with Jack again, or meet up with Ashi.

can’t take my eyes off you

Bitty’s in the kitchen, of course, when Simone starts screaming.

(Their little girl has a powerful set of lungs.)

She’s eight months now, which means she’s already on a walker, can almost sit up completely by herself, hates her baby food half the time and loves it so much the other, and also, they can leave her alone for a little while before she starts throwing a fit. Bitty had barely gotten any time to bake in the last few months, so he was only taking advantage of the fact that Simone can now wander happily about her nursery in her new walker while his wonderful, gorgeous, generous husband is curled up in the armchair in the corner, keeping an eye on her. It was all going pretty well—Bitty’s now working on his second pie—until the wailing started.

The other thing you have to know about Simone Bittle-Zimmermann is that Bitty is her favorite. Jack has been trying his hardest to be at home as much as possible, and he’s, well, honestly, he’s been amazing at it, but whenever Jack tries to pick her up when she’s crying, it takes her a while to respond. So when she starts screaming bloody murder, Bitty springs into action. He turns around quickly to rinse his hands and quickly looks around for a towel. When he doesn’t spot one on the counter, he groans exasperatedly and wipes his hands down the front of his apron instead, before ripping it off and taking the stairs two steps at a time. He’s halfway up and about to call Jack’s name when the wailing abruptly and inexplicably ceases.

Bitty stops dead on the staircase, panic flooding his bloodstream. Not that he didn’t trust Jack, but Simone is notorious for crying for at least two minutes at a time (yes, they’d timed), and even then, it was never immediate, especially if she’d just been fed, which was the case at hand. Her crying receded slowly, in waves and small hiccups, after she’d been held and cradled. He stayed quiet and listened for any other suspicious sounds from the nursery, but—nothing.

Figuring the silence was a sign that Jack probably (at least) had things under control, Bitty continued up the stairs at a normal pace until he reached the nursery. Creaking the door open, he braced himself for every possible worst case scenario, and almost shocked himself still when he heard—soft humming? And giggling?

Jack has his back turned from the door, but he had Simone propped up on his right arm, her right hand curled around his left thumb as they sway back and forth to the song he’s singing softly, under his breath. Like a waltz, just for the two of them. From his place in the doorway, Bitty can just barely make out the words Jack’s singing —

You’re just too good to be true,
Can’t take my eyes off you

It’s a scene straight out of Ten Things, Bitty thinks to himself as a grin spreads across his face. Jack’s quiet baritone takes over the small room, singing directly down at his daughter in his arms, and Bitty falls in love with him all over again right then and there. Simone squeaks in delight as Jack goes on, unaware that they’ve gained an audience, and Bitty watches them with his heart so full, he feels like his chest could burst any second.

Jack locks eyes with Bitty as he gently spins them around, making Simone giggle, and he gives Bitty a small smile around the lyrics as he continues to sing. Despite himself, Bitty flushes madly, grinning widely up at his husband, who winks at him conspiratorially.

Oh, pretty baby
Don’t bring me down, I pray
Oh, pretty baby
Now that I’ve found you, stay
And let me love you, baby
Let me love you

There was a time when Bitty never let himself dream he could have this, any of this—not the successful career, not the beautiful house, not the gorgeous, loving husband, not the perfect little daughter. Standing there, watching his husband dance with and sing to their eight-month-old daughter, he couldn’t help but agree—his life was just too good to be true.

At long last, love has arrived
And I thank God I’m alive
You’re just too good to be true
Can’t take my eyes off you

Jack ends the song with a flourish, bouncing Simone on his forearm and catching her with both hands, pressing a gentle kiss to her cheek. “Look who’s here,” he says to her, turning her in Bitty’s direction. Right on cue, Bitty scrunches his face up, which always makes her smile, holding his hands out to her as he approached them. Jack passes her on to Bitty carefully, and Bitty carries her with one arm to take Jack’s hand with his free one.

“And where did you learn that little trick, hm?” he asks Jack, who smirks mischievously in response, a huge contrast to the softness in his eyes.

“Why don’t you ask Simmy over here?” Jack says, booping Simone’s nose. She shrieks happily, squirming in Bitty’s arms.

Bitty smiles down at the bundle of joy he’s holding, leaning down to kiss her on the forehead. “I love you, baby girl,” he coos, and then he looks up at Jack, who now has his arms wrapped around his waist. “Thank you, baby,” he says, and Jack leans down to press a kiss to his crown.

“Got your back,” Jack says into his hair.

And right there, in that moment, it’s all too good to be true, but with Jack’s solid presence and Simone’s immense warmth grounding him—

He’s so thankful that he has this. He knows he’ll never let this go.

Summer Nights

Fandom: Overwatch

Rating: General

Relationships: Reaper76

Characters: Jack Morrison, Gabriel Reyes

Additional Tags: Fluff, Golden Overwatch Days, Marshmallows, Secret Date, it’s just. so fluffy okay, the title is LAME but i dont care

Summary:   No one can tell Jack Morrison he can’t take his husband on a secret date in the middle of the night.

A/N: this is a birthday present for @dildophobia happy birthday orla!!



The whisper of his name had Gabriel sitting up. “Jack?”

Jack was standing in the doorway to their shared room, looking calm, for once. “Are you sleeping?”

“Nope.” Gabriel shook his head. “Is something going on?”

“Nothing that needs our attention. C’mon, let’s go somewhere. You and me.”

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Thermal Equilibrium

Happy Valentine’s day take this silly ficlet.

Also from my spirit AU because Jack and Gabe are just??? I love them

It all began only two weeks into SEP.

Gabriel was still trying to figure his roommate out. The blond farm boy looked more like he should be in an IT school than the military. It was a good thing he never said that, or he’d be eating his own words on the first day of training. The guy could use some more work on his upper body but he outran everyone without breaking a sweat.

How was he that fast?

He didn’t bother Gabriel much. A bit chatty and certainly nosy but he respected Gabriel’s space. At first that was fine, as Gabriel wanted to stick to himself.

Jack Morrison, however, had piqued Gabriel’s curiosity.

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Reaper76 spiderman-esque AU where Gabriel and Jack have known each other since forever and during their college days Gabriel gets this super cool powers but he doesn’t fucking know what to do with them, so he trusts Jack with this because Jack’d know what to do since he’s the nerd with all those superheroes comics and shit.

Gabriel: *gives Jack a sketch that seems drawn by a child of his costume* So what do you think?

Jack: …Gabe, no.

Gabriel: Why not? What’s wrong with it?

Jack: What’s wrong with it? Gabe, this looks like a supervillain custome! You’ll confuse people! Criminals won’t know if you’re an ally or what.

Gabriel: So? That will give me an advantage over the enemy. 

Jack: No. Draw it again. And i don’t know why you need all those guns. 

Gabriel; It’s the american way, Jack.

“Hey Geoff,” Gavin calls from the backseat, absentmindedly fiddling with the arm rest on his seat, his shirt still splattered with blood and mud from the job they had pulled for Gus earlier that day.

“Yeah, Buddy,” Geoff responds without looking up from the map spread across his lap, rubbing at his dirty cheek with one grubby hand.

“Just curious, if you could shag anyone in this van who would it be?”

Geoff is quiet for a moment, already too used to Gavin’s random questions to be surprised, thinking over his answer before shrugging and saying, “I don’t know, Jack probably.”

“Hey,” Jack protests from the driver seat, her outfit just as filthy as the others, red hair falling out of her ponytail. She points her finger at Geoff, a disgruntled look on her face. “Don’t include me in this discussion.”

Geoff sighs but concedes. “Alright, then probably Ryan.”

Ryan, who had long since passed out in the far back (he went a little overboard since tonight was the first night after his latest murder break), doesn’t reply, but Geoff feels, if he could have, he would have come up with some clever retort before lapsing into that unnatural silence he usually fell into.

“I think I’d pick Michael,” Gavin states casually, like he had been asked the question instead of asking it himself.

“Well, shit Gav.” Michael gives Gavin a fond smile, dirt clumps visible in his hair, his glasses smudged with fingerprints and grime. After a beat he says, “I’d definitely pick Ray.”

“What?” Gavin screeches glancing back at the sniper. His eyes are closed, head tilted towards Ryan, appearing to be asleep, not having heard the commotion (or if he had, choosing not to say anything). He is, by far, the cleanest of the group, spending the whole time in the desert sitting up in his makeshift sniper’s nest, making sure no one bothered the crew.

“Yeah,” Geoff agrees nodding his head, “Ray looks like he could give a good blowjob.”

“He does.”

“I’m gonna change my answer,” Gavin grumbles but no one pays him the least bit of attention.

“How could you possibly know he’d give a good blowjob?” Jack asks taking the exit that’ll bring them into Los Santos.

Geoff shrugs, folding up the map, shoving it carelessly into the glove box. “He just does.”

“Trust us, Jack, it’s a feeling,” Michael states glancing out the window.

“If you insist,” Jack mumbles skeptically but still lets the subject go, clearly not in the mood for their antics tonight.

“Gonna pick Kerry or Jeremy,” Gavin continues to bitch, again getting ignored for his troubles.

“Hey, who do you think Ray and Ryan would pick?” Michael asks curiously glancing back at the sleeping pair again. Somehow, during the discussion, Ray’s head lolled onto Ryan’s chest, his hand clutching the fabric of a leather jacket, one of Ryan’s arm loosely wrapped around him.

“Oh, we all know who those motherfuckers would choose,” Geoff answers getting a few murmurs of agreement.

“Am I at least in the top five?” Gavin asks giving Geoff a hopeful look.

Geoff thinks a minute and says, “Top twenty at least.”

“Damn it!”

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No, not plot particular just hotch x reader in love 😍

I decided to do this as a headcanon because it would just be easier to do a headcanon for being in love with Hotch:

  • Expect to meet the team at some point.  They’re all going to love you too. You’ll be Penelope’s best friend no doubt.
  • Hotch will want to check on you to make sure you’re okay.
  • You’ll get cute little texts from Hotch late at night saying “Good night” and don’t be surprised if he uses a little heart emoji.
  • When he’s home he spends as much time with you and Jack as possible. He would trust you with Jack if he needed you to take care of him.
  • Expect late night cuddles. He’ll want to have you close.
  • When the rest of the team is going out for the night, he’ll bring you along for that too. His team is also his family and he wants you to be apart of that dynamic.
  • Aaron is more of a subtle touchy guy. He doesn’t want to show too much PDA, but he does want to let you know that he loves you.
Deconstructing THAT moment in Parse III

… because I have no self-control.

There are a lot of people who interpret Kent’s behaviour in Parse III, in part, as a transferal of his own fears onto Jack. Whether those fears were current or what he was feeling at the time of the Draft. From there we fall naturally into a lot of the low self-esteem/mentally-ill Kent fanworks that exist. There’s a place for this interpretation and I’ve certainly played with it a bit but for me that’s not the most accurate reading of events in Parse III. I’m working on another fic which plays with this but even in my linked fic I make reference to how I interpret things:

…his head is filled with horrified stares from strange blonde boys and words that he spit out, hurting and wanting to hurt in return. 

Here’s where I’m going to start deconstructing a bit.

Kent knows Jack quite well. He knows that Jack is totally, 100% focused on Hockey and the NHL. Like everyone else in the Check Please! universe he also knows that Jack is at Samwell, playing in the NCAA, in order to get back to the NHL. Joining the NCAA was Jacks’ way to signal that he was ready for return. Like everyone else in the Check Please! universe Kent thinks Jack pushed pause on his plans to get his head straight and then he would jump straight back into the NHL. 

Your standard Hero’s Journey Redemption Arc (if you were to ask Johnson.)

By this point, everyone is talking about who Jack will sign with. It’s the hottest hockey gossip out there. Jack is entertaining offers. So Kent’s sitting in Las Vegas and thinking that when he went to Samwell in either 2011 or 2012 (I would personally put it at 2011 based on Jack’s behaviour and the fact that he wouldn’t have been at his most mentally healthy given the way the Seniors treated him - no hockey nickname, no hazing) Jack simply wasn’t ready.

So he tries again. He drives up to Samwell and talks to the Jack he thinks he knows.

The Jack he thinks he knows wouldn’t have “no clue” about where he was signing. Jack’s not being the most eloquent and putting that together with his behaviour the last time Kent visited, Kent rather logically assumes that Jack is in an anxiety spiral. IMO Jack is but not the one Kent thinks. Kent thinks Jack’s in a ‘omg future’ spiral when Jack’s in a 'difficult conversation’ spiral. 

So he tries to get Jack to “fucking stop thinking for once” which, ok, isn’t the best way to talk to someone with anxiety but is pretty much what someone with anxiety tries to do to manage it. He tells Jack to trust that he can work out all the problems Jack might be having with choosing a team and dealing with the pressure -  “I’ll tell the GMs you’re on board and they can free up cap space. Then you can be done with this shitty team. You and me-”

Now this is where Kent makes his mistake and the conversation starts to turn. See, Kent isn’t wrong about Samwell’s Hockey Team. We see throughout 2013 that Jack doesn’t pull any punches when he criticises plays and he’s ruthless about Bitty - Bitty isn’t good enough to be on his team initially and he’s frustrated and angry and says much worse than Kent does here. 

Jack, on the other hand, has just gone through Hazing and he’s been accepted. He’s got a crush the size of something huge on Bitty. He has finally decided that he’s more than Hockey.

Jack’s plot changed away from the Hero’s Journey Redemption Arc and into a Love-Interest (if you were to ask Johnson.)

If Kent had come with this offer in 2013, Jack would have jumped at it. Except Kent comes with his offer in 2014.

So Jack will no longer tolerate anyone saying anything against his team. Very much like siblings might talk shit about each other but heaven forbid someone else does.

Kent gets kicked out and he doesn’t know what he did wrong. Jack’s interpreting his behaviour in the worst possible light. Stalking, cornering, controlling. When Kent thinks that he has respected Jacks’ boundaries. He stayed away until Jack started to signal he wanted to return to the NHL world (hello coffee with GMs), took him somewhere private, and tried to work through Jacks’ anxiety.

When Kent says “I’m trying to help -” I believe him. He’s just doing everything wrong.

Then he gets accused of being controlling and it’s at that point that he realises he’s completely lost control of what’s happened and plays his last card. He’s doing this because he misses Jack and he tells him so.

Which is the biggest signal I think of low self-esteem or chronic unhappiness for Kent. He rocks up at Samwell what 5 to 6 years after the draft because he misses someone who we know from Shitty treated him like 2013 Jack treated Bitty. Someone who ghosted him. Someone who insists on interpreting his behaviour in the worst possible light. To paraphrase Legally Blonde - Happy People just don’t do that. People who value themselves don’t do that. 

Then Kent’s feelings get dismissed (”you always say that”) and he reacts the way pretty much anyone does in that situation. He gets hurt and he starts saying things designed to hurt. Which is EXACTLY what Jack did to Kent just after Kent dismissed Samwell.

Kent’s on the back foot, emotionally bleeding, he was vulnerable and he got kicked when he was down (”huh.. well. Shit. Okay”) and he lets it all out. He pulls on Jack’s deepest insecurities and yeah that’s a horrible thing to do but if you haven’t done that to someone, or had it done to you, then well lucky. I can guarantee Kent was horrified at himself when he calmed down.

The measure of him is whether or not he changes anything. 

Anyway… that got long. 

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I feel like Anti wouldn't want to kill Jack's friends because he wants Jack to trust him (at least enough that Anti would be able to get away with some schemes) . . . But still screws around with them

That’s exactly Anti’s goal.

He’s not malevolent, but he enjoys doing malevolent things. Kind of like a chaotic neutral character. 

Kinktober Fic Challenge Day 27: Tentacles

Overwatch, Reaper76, Siren AU

Gabriel is a siren, and Jack is reckless in the face of adventure.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled tentacle fic.  Full disclosure: this was supposed to be oviposition, but the fic got too long and so now you get tentacles in the first half and ovi in the second half, which if I manage to get back on schedule will be posted tonight.  Pray for me.

I was literally trying to break my record for the most sordid thing I’ve ever written, and yet this is the most elegant freaking tentacle sex, you guys.  I don’t even know how this happens to me.


Jack once knew a sailor who liked to read too many books and who threatened to start calling Jack ‘Odysseus’ for the creative way he captained a ship.  Jack is now forced to concede that he might have had a point.  Everyone knows there are powers in the world not to be fucked with, but here he is, face to face with a siren, and he’s just as fascinating and dangerous as the legends say.  

“Is it true your song is irresistible?” Jack asks the creature.  He’s draped, octopus-like appendages of his lower body trailing in the water and twitching lazily, across the rocks that line the point where Jack had been stretching his legs when they encountered each other.

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So, in addition to the (heartbreaking) idea that Jack might have to pretend Bitty’s a girl in order to talk about him to his teammates, I offer this small humorous balm:

what if it’s in part because they overhear Jack on the phone calling him ‘Bits’ and think that with his accent and all that he’s actually saying ‘Bets’, and one of his teammates is all like, ‘so how’s Betsey today?’ when he gets off the phone smiling again

and that’s the story of how Jack finds himself calling his boyfriend by his oven’s name for far too long

(someday they’ll look back on it and laugh a lot, I’m certain)