he truly is the master of disguise

The Great Nyehehe finally fiendishly forced himself to attend one of these accursed plays you mortals speak of so rampantly of!! This one by the @thetirisfaltheatretroupe or something or other, maybe. Bah.

It was beauty. It was beast. It was… bufoonish. The Great Nyehehe gives it a Six villainous cackles out of a Nyehehillion. Could have more brawny and arrogant hunters and cavorting clocks and candlesticks.

Oh, and do not fret of the Great Nyehehe’s rotten mortal facade!! For you see, the Great Nyehhe is a master of disguise!! The Great Nyehehe is not truly so sickly, or pale-skinned, or so unbearably boney, or has such poor posture… Bah!! Obviously!! Don’t you give the Great Nyehehe that look, mortal!! Bah!!

((The Great Nyehehe is indeed all of the above, whether he’s undead or not! I had a wonderful time at the performance, despite Nyeh’s opinions on it. For more information, check out the @thetirisfaltheatretroupe today for future events and performances!))

Monday (18th) Day 2: Crush (is this it or it was a Crush Hug??)

http://sonamyweekoctober.tumblr.com/ Challenge!

Sonic is a master to no show how he truly feels, Just like hes not a person to cry, or show tears at all, just by his expression might be so far, where he show his sadness. Even by gestures and actions for who he truly really cares for the most. I believe Sonic the Hedgehog could blush tiny bit of once in his life!

But that would not be noticeable…

It’s not Sonic the Hedgehog true character do show romantic interests to anyone discretely….  He’s like a secret agent emotional disguise! :)

As for Amy we all know she’s honest to Sonic…pretty much honest towards her feelings! lol


Sonic Wikia Fact: It is stated that in his heart he may not dislike her as much as it seems, and that deep down he might actually have some feelings for her.


Sonic The Hedgehog and Amy Rose owned by © Seega!