he truly deserves the recognition

my kink: even bech næsheim, finally speaking for himself, talking about how he’s in a good and happy place in all aspects, in the presence of his best friends who care about him and appreciate him so much and who let him know how supportive they are of him and don’t cease to emphasize how happy they are to have him back with them. even bech næsheim, glowing and content, getting the recognition and happiness he fully and truly deserves 

honestly the more i think about it i’m glad liam will be the last one to release his music because it’s like the grand finale to an amazing show of talent because liam is so incredibly freaking talented and he will FINALLY get the recognition & the appreciation he truly deserves because his voice is amazing, his songwriting skills are phenomenal & his stage presence is bewildering and soon he’s gonna be releasing music, tour dates, merch & i am gonna be a puddle of joy & pride on the floor, i can’t wait!!


Note: I’d like to give @adothoe / @gwash4prez a huge thanks because she helped me write the ending to this (I had major writer’s block).

Word Count: 2162

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: none. light angst, but it ends in super fluff

Summary: The reader finds out that Daveed is leaving the show and gets extremely mad because he never told her.

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Daveed Diggs Is Leaving ‘Hamilton’ After This Week.

Your eyes scanned over the title of the Huffington Post article that you had pulled up on your phone. As you read through the article in disbelief, your thoughts were battling against each other. The hopeful part of you was telling that the article was fake, and the practical part of you was telling you that it was real. You let the hopeful part win over the other temporarily.

There was no way this article was true. If it was, Daveed would have definitely told you before he made his final decision to leave the show. You both had talked about it a couple of weeks prior when Lin, Leslie, Pippa, and Ari announced their leave.

Because you and Daveed had become such close friends throughout your time on the show, you were used to telling each other everything. Well, everything except for your profound love for each other.

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I'm halfway across the world and can't see NCT at KCON, but can someone please show this or tell this to one of the english speaking members?

I want Johnny to know that we love him. That we waited so long for him to debut and are so proud of his achievements and how far he’s gotten, and that even though he doesn’t have that many lines, it doesn’t make him unworthy of being part of NCT. I want him to know that he is beautiful and talented and that so many people admire him and look up to him, and that we’ll wait even longer until he gets the recognition and appreciation he truly deserves.

I want Jaehyun to know that we love him. That we like all the sides to him, from Jeffrey to Yoonoh to punny Jaehyun who looks out for everybody and takes care of his NCT brothers. I want him to know that his smile makes people’s days better, that his dimples are the cutest thing, and that he’s doing a great job along with johnny as DJ’s on NCT night night. He has an amazing personality and a very lovable nature, and I hope he knows that.

I want Doyoung to know that we love him. That his random dabs and his savage jokes make us laugh until our stomachs hurt and that we miss his Vroom Vroom talk show. I want him to know that he’s a wonderful MC and that anybody who calls him a visual hole is wrong because he and his gummy smile are some of the most amazing things we’ve ever seen. His voice is beautiful and soulful, and I hope he knows that he is loved and appreciated.

I want Taeyong to know that we love him. That he is not his past mistakes and that he’s an amazing leader and does so much to take care of his members. I want him to know that he is more than just a pretty face and that his rapping moves people and shows them what true passion is like, and I want him to know that we’re thankful for being so caring and soft yet a strong pillar of support when needed.

I want Sicheng to know that we love him. That his korean has improved so so much and that we’re so proud of him. That his dancing is still elegant and beautiful no matter what the choreography and that he always makes us smile whenever we see him be his comfortable self around the others. His smile makes everyone else happy, and I hope he realizes that.

I want Yuta to know that we love him. That even though he doesn’t get that many lines we still look forward to hearing his voice, and that we love his sexy healing smile. He always knows what to say and it could be a burden, so please thank him for being so kind and loving to everybody around him. His savage jokes make us laugh until we cry, and he’s amazing.

I want Taeil to know that we love him. That no matter how many times we listen to his OST it’s still so soulful and full of emotion, and that his random outbursts of weirdness make us smile. I want him to know that even if h doesn’t say much sometimes, we don’t get annoyed and we still love him and know that he’s just a little anxious, but we will support him no matter what. Being sensitive isn’t wrong, it’s beautiful.

I want Donghyuck to know that we love him. That his skin is never a problem and that I’m so jealous of his gorgeous skin tone because it’s so mesmerizing. I want him to know that his smile and laughter makes everybody warm and that he always manages to brighten everyone’s day, and that his voice is so unique and wonderful we could listen to it for hours on end.

I want Mark to know that we love him. That he’s so hard working and he must be exhausted but still gives his best no matter what the situation. I want him to know that his rap inspires and motivates so many people and that he has helped so many people who were about to give up.

I want Ten to know that we love him. That it’s okay to rest and get better and that we hope he’s happy and feels better soon. That he’s so talented and his smile is so breathtaking and that his amazing dancing fueled so many of our motivations. Seeing anything related to him makes us jump with excitement and we hope he’s resting properly so he could get back to enjoying his dream.

I want all the rookies and the DreamTeam to know that we love them. That they’re such a beautiful family and their efforts are what we’re so proud of. I want them to know that their music is amazing and makes us hyped, and that their trainings and workshops always give us hope. We hope to see them all soon, and we love each and every one equally, including Jaemin, who we hope is recovering properly. We miss you all.

I want NCT to know that we love them. That we’re so proud of them for making it this far and for getting their first win, and that we’ll continue to endlessly support them no matter what. Anyone who has to say otherwise can get off my blog and unfollow me now.

Thank you for everything, NCT, we love you so much for everything.

Always here for you,

Cee, a loving NCTzen 💕

Things I still need from critical role:

- The ever elusive backstory of Shaun Gilmore, and the Geddemores

- Explanation on Rune children, what are their powers? Why were/are they hunted/persecuted during the Age of Arcanum? Why were they sought after?

- More Gilmore content in general

- Shaun Gilmore finding the love he truly deserves

- Gilmore getting recognition for not only saving Salda and the children, but also for going toe to toe with Thordak twice, and protecting Whitestone.

Rogue One Team Receiving Medals From Leia

              The cool metal met her skin causing her heart to beat even faster than it already was. She was always so brave through it all, she walked into a suicide mission without a second glance, why now was she more afraid now than she’d ever been? Her eyes scattered wildly across the crowd searching for a focus creating a blur of colors that made her head turn..

 "Jyn Erso.“ 

White. The spinning stopped and Princess Leia stood there wearing a beautiful white gown,smiling at her. 

"Congratulations. Welcome home." 

          Jyns eyes welled with tears. For the first time, she had a place where she belonged. 


                  An overwhelming sense of pride swallowed him whole. Standing in this position was all he had dreamed of since he was a little boy. Now here he was, receiving a medal from the princess herself. Cassian held in his smile. He couldn’t allow himself to be too happy, he didn’t feel as if he deserved it in the fear of becoming complacent. The Captain bowed his head to Leia.

 "Thank you" 


Cassians slowly glanced up at the princess. What? 

         Leia squeezed his shoulder. "Thank you." 

                Cassian beamed, he couldn’t help it. He stood straight, accepting his joy. This wasn’t the end, because he didn’t want it to be. 


            Chirrut who is usually so open and free, felt truly humbled standing in front of that crowd. He focused, trying to tell how many there must have been, but the noise was far louder than numbers. Chirrut switched his attention to the medal he held in his hand. He felt the engraving of his name etched into its side to praise him. So much had been given to him his life, this reward, these people. Never was he so inspired to give back. He was one with the force, but he was also one with his team.


                As if standing behind the rest of the rogue ones leaders could hide him from the hundreds of people staring, Baze still tried it. His head lowered, he was ashamed. All of these people dead, and still he was getting a reward? The work wasn’t over! Why were people still cheering when the Empire was still standing and ready? It just didn’t feel right. He wanted to fight.

“Baze Malbus.”

       Princess Leia called him forward to receive his medal. He complied begrudgingly and hurt. The medal felt like 1000 pounds around his neck. The Princess leaned over to him inconspicuously.

“Is there something wrong?”

“The war isn’t over.”

      Leia laughed. Baze’s eyes widened, appalled at this unexpected reaction.

“Yes.” She said. “But we need the inspiration. I’m looking to you to inspire us to fight.” Princess Leia looked at him expectantly. “Can you do that Baze?”

         His heart paused a moment while looking at the princess’ knowing eyes. He had to push himself more than he did anyone else and he was ready to start. Baze gulped.



            Bodhi giggled, he felt like he was leaping through the air out of excitement for his new friends. The Rogue One team were standing in a line onstage in front of him while he watched from the audience as they . Each of them had worked so hard and sacrificed so much, they truly deserved this recognition. He clapped giddily as Baze was given the last medal of the ceremony. He couldn’t wait to congratulate them all himself and most of all thank them. It was because of them he has a place to call home. Taking in the scene, Bodhi noticed a glimmer in the princess’ hand.

Who’s giving Leia her medal?

         The left over award  must have been for her, she was the only other one of importance who had helped in the situation. Leia turned to the line of rogue one members and looked over them. It looked like she was counting them, but found nothing she needed. She turned back around to face the crowd.

“Bodhi Rook?” 

He choked. What did she just say?

“Would Bodhi Rook please step forward?”

          The people that were around Bodhi parted like the Red Sea leaving him alone in the spotlight. “M-Me?” He sputtered, fumbling with his hair. Leia chuckled and rolled her eyes. “You.”

          Shakily,  he came up onto the stage, taking a place next to Baze at the end of their line. Leia approached him. She seemed to think it was cute how truly shocked he was. She laid the medal around his neck. “Congratulations Pilot.” 

               Bodhi couldn’t even wait for the applause to die, he wasn’t listening. He grasped the gold tightly in his palm and brought it to his face. It shone in the sun making him think of the stars. He smiled.


       It was pure amazement. Amazement that he could actually change what he had been before. This medal represented that for him.


                    This was a great challenge!! It was hard and needs some tweaks but I liked it because it felt very personal to each character. It’s truly amazing what they did out there dude and it must’ve been (would’ve been) a lot to process. Dang y’all. Hitting me with the deep requests.

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to see Dear Evan Hansen for a second time. I know some people may not understand why I love this show so much but it’s honestly one of the most incredible pieces of musical theater I’ve ever experienced. The story and the characters themselves are so uniquely universal I can see aspects of myself in each of them. The emotion in this show is completely overwhelming. The lights weren’t even turned on yet and I immediately started crying the second Ben Platt walked on stage. I’ve never seen someone who is able to deliver that kind of raw emotion so successfully. I have no idea how he is able to do what he does eight times a week. He is one of a kind.

I was also super lucky to meet Ben for a second time. Despite the huge crowd of people and the numerous playbills in his face, he stopped and acknowledged everyone he could. Even though our interaction was brief just seeing him made me happy. He radiates happiness and gratitude and truly deserves all of the success and recognition he’s getting.

I know most people may not get to see this show once let alone twice but just know Ben is as humble and gracious as he is talented. I hope there is a Tony heading his way and I can’t wait to see what’s next for him.


So tonight was the Mixed Martial Arts awards. Haha, no. It was the Melon Music Awards but seriously, whenever I see MMA, I just think caged fighting. Not that the actual awards show was that much different and I know for a fact that there is definitely fighting going on somewhere but let’s be positive (for a moment). 

1. EXO won many things. Brand New Information. I’m suspicious that they might have stock shares in turtlenecks though. Particularly in shades of brown and sienna. Dear SM Stylists, it’s 2016. Come join me in these modern times where actual shirts exist for men. 

2. BTS. You know what’s really funny? Last year BTS lost the Best Dance Performance award to Shinee then came out with that iconic lightshow choreo for ‘I Need U’ that people still remember. This year they lost to EXO then came out with a literally incendiary performance of ‘Fire’ with that one move that never fails to blow minds. The best way to get back at something is to just get better and they’re always proving that. Black oceans are immature, petty and don’t mean shit when when you’ve just won Album Of The Year. 

3. IKON. It was a mess but they looked like they were having so much fun. It was so great to see them again because you know, I’m not Japanese and I don’t have that kind of access. Haha. I will never not enjoy Bobby. Ever. He’s like best kind of trainwreck. 

4. BeWhy was great! I was so surprised to see him but so happy he got a stage and some more attention. Seeing him makes me wonder why Jay Park and his AOMG crew are always so ignored at these award shows. It’s quite peculiar. 

5. Zico. I always hope someone performs with a live band and god bless, he did. He is such a good performer and it was such a refreshing change from all the pop dancing the preceded it. I’m so glad he got proper recognition at the MMAs this year, he truly deserves it.

6. Okay Real Talk. I don’t think ‘Worldwide #1 Artist’ was a very accurate thing to put for EXO during that video intro of theirs. I’m just saying. Facts are being ignored here. I’d be more inclined to agree if they had said ‘Asia’s #1 Artist’ but Worldwide? Not for 2016. Receipts? I have 37. 

7. Hanbin won Life. When he walked out I was like, “Shit, that hot dude looks like a grown-up Hanbin.” And it was actually him. In all black. And wearing earrings. I will never be over this. I already know. I’m, what the millennials would say, completely shook. 

8. Bring on the MAMAs. And maybe give me an IKON arrival this time. Thank You God and all your Friends. 

It’s so sad to think that Jared Padalecki who pours all his heart , feelings , talents and techniques in playing Sam Winchester ( The s12 premiere is the best example of it )  will probably never get the recognition he truly deserves for 2 reasons :

a. He’s an actor in a small sci/fi TV show on a smaller network and the awards shows like Emmy , … will never consider him as a nominee or winner !

b. Teenage sections of the fandom who fantasize his 2 costars sexually are the ones with too much free times on their hand for voting , will never understand the depth of Jared Padalecki’s talents because they are blinded buy a fictional relationship , which means he won’t get any famous fan awards like PCA ,… !

I know he wants to work less after SPN and spend time with his family in his Austin City , but hope he gets all the praises and recognition he can get before it happens !

i get so emotional whenever i think of all the things kyungsoo has already accomplished and he’s only just begun his career, this is only the beginning; these are the first awards of many that he is going to receive. i’m so grateful to be able to join him on his journey, to watch him grow and become more successful and (hopefully) gain the recognition he truly deserves. i hope 10 years from now he’s happy and proud of the person he’s become because i know, no matter what happens, i’ll always be proud of him.

My take on Sam Heughan GG snub

I was appalled when I learned that Mr. Heughan didn’t get the nom as most of the Outlander fans were hoping for. I kept repeating in my head that this is not right, there must have been a conspiracy, somebody must have put the wrong name instead of his, they must have lost their marbles for not including him , etc. Then, I came to my senses. He may have been snubbed but the true mark of a talented actor is how he brings out the best in his co-actors. That’s exactly what happened here, Sam gave his all to Outlander. Sam gave his all to Caitriona (nominated for Best Actress) and Tobias (nominated for Best Supporting Actor) while doing their scenes and he was able to bring out the gave-your-all attitude out of them (do not take this the wrong way, I am not saying that these two aren’t already great actors, they are). Sam is a very generous actor. He gives. He loves his craft. He doesn’t want to hog the limelight. He wants everybody to shine for the sake of the show. He may not get the recognition he truly deserves now but he will get there. An actor as great as Sam will only keep moving up and forward. There is no downhill from here. 👊🏼