he truly deserves the recognition

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People being all kinds of stupid on my TL. Harry just won Spoiler TV's best performer & stupid Directioners couldn't let him have this. He deserves so much praise & love. Also, I had to unfollow a popular account that begins with a C bc this person is so pressed their straight white fave isn't getting enough attention like Malec. This acct loves Sebastian, I should've known. *bangs head on keyboard* Btw, have you seen the new SH snaps? Are they filming a club scene? Is Harry going to dance? 😱

Hello Harry loving nonnie, ready to answer this .I know seriously it’s so gross. Harry just won something he truly deserves, some recognition, and us his fans wanted him to know we appreciate him. Of course no one but their precious basic white boy could do anything special and get a moment of glory. Nope only their harry is amazing. It’s so childish. And you’re so right OUR Harry deserves everything good in this world. 

As for following accounts, including popular ones, I hear you. It’s been happening to me too. Oh well at least we get to interact with like minded people.

I saw them, and if Harry dances as Magnus my life would be made. I mean I became a Harry fan years ago through his dancing so this would be super epic for me. 

Keep loving Harry 😉

It’s so sad to think that Jared Padalecki who pours all his heart , feelings , talents and techniques in playing Sam Winchester ( The s12 premiere is the best example of it )  will probably never get the recognition he truly deserves for 2 reasons :

a. He’s an actor in a small sci/fi TV show on a smaller network and the awards shows like Emmy , … will never consider him as a nominee or winner !

b. Teenage sections of the fandom who fantasize his 2 costars sexually are the ones with too much free times on their hand for voting , will never understand the depth of Jared Padalecki’s talents because they are blinded buy a fictional relationship , which means he won’t get any famous fan awards like PCA ,… !

I know he wants to work less after SPN and spend time with his family in his Austin City , but hope he gets all the praises and recognition he can get before it happens !

i get so emotional whenever i think of all the things kyungsoo has already accomplished and he’s only just begun his career, this is only the beginning; these are the first awards of many that he is going to receive. i’m so grateful to be able to join him on his journey, to watch him grow and become more successful and (hopefully) gain the recognition he truly deserves. i hope 10 years from now he’s happy and proud of the person he’s become because i know, no matter what happens, i’ll always be proud of him.