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Good Biddings #1

(All of the rest of these chapters will be posted on AO3! Idk if illpist them here, shrug, but here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come {with extra long chapters owo} so enjoy!)

Omegas are sluts.

Omegas are slaves.

Omegas are only good for having children.

Alphas are strong.

Alphas are smart.

Alphas will protect you.

These were things taught to every Omega since the minute they presented, the second they realized their secondary gender; or rather, the second everybody found out, they were forced to wear ID like some kind of animal, almost a collar. They had tags, the name of the omega and once they mated, the name and contact information of their Alpha, like some kind of pet. It’s not like everyone couldn’t smell who was what, but this was a way for the cameras placed in every town to identify, as alphas and betas didn’t have to wear them, and once mated? A way of contacting your Alpha in case you got lost or stolen, again, like some kind of pet.

Keith stood in the mirror, examining the red rope around his neck. It wasn’t rope, it was some kind of indestructible cord that was measured and cut to each individual Omega. He scowled, at least they got to pick their colours, well, they got to pick until they were mated; then their alpha would pick, of course. Keith had tried everything to dig the rope off, multiple times. It stood vibrantly against his porcelain skin, accompanied only by a scar across his neck that he’d gotten from a failed attempt to cut it off in which the blade slipped and nearly slit his throat open. He sometimes wished it /had/ slit his throat, then he could forget that he wanted to live his life, follow his dreams.

For as long as he could remember, Keith wanted to be an astronaut, a pilot to go into space and explore the worlds. He read the books he owned, saved his money for more books, he was confident in the fact that he could do better than any /fucking alpha/ in the course. Omegas however, are not allowed a secondary education.

Omegas had no such luck, they were forced, the second they presented, to leave their homes and go to an Omegan school, one that taught each individual how to act, how to serve, all of the sensitive spots on Alphas to help relieve stress or to help them sexually, how to cook, clean. It was disgusting. It was sexist. It was horrendous and Keith hated every second of it, he’d purposefully done bad the first year, that’s when he was told if his marks kept at that pace he’d have to do the whole thing again, so he became average, doing just well enough to pass. Here Keith was, shirtless in the bathroom of his dorm, staring at this stupid collar that only his future Alpha held the key to, this stupid collar that he’d need an Alpha to get off. He scoffed, he’d have to suck or ride dick in order to get it off, let someone mark him, taking his collar off just so teeth could sink in and the cord could be placed again around his neck.

He brushed his dark hair behind his ear. “No.” He stated bluntly, to no one in particular, “never.”

Never. He’d live with the collar, but he was never getting mated, never depending on some selfish, asshole-Alpha.

He grabbed a grey v-neck t-shirt that sat on the small counter space of the bathroom that only held a shower and a sink; no toilet, if you, an Omega, had to pee, you were forced to go to the floor-bathrooms, with zero privacy to do your business. He didn’t know why he couldn’t take a leak, but apparently he needed supervision to do so. He slid the shirt over his head and passed his broad shoulders. His hands rested on his stomach when he had pulled it all the way down, smirking in defiance. /Omegas are supposed to be soft, delicate with no muscles or scars./ fuck them, Keith had the scar on his neck, Keith had abs and biceps, Keith wasn’t going to conform to that bullshit.

Keith was not some Omega /slut/ who wanted to be bred and mated.

Blue, Lances favourite colour. He looked in the mirror, admiring the cord that sat nicely around his neck, smiling. ‘One day there going to be another tag on it.’ He thought to himself 'my alpha.’ The thought made a gentle rumble tickle his throat, a soft purring noise. He let out a sigh of contentment at the thought, bringing a damp cloth he had prepared up to his face, wiping at the green skin-mask he had there. When it was gone he looked in the mirror, checking and double checking to make sure he got it all, appreciating the way his skin glowed. He took particularly good care of his skin, of course. Most Omegas made sure they didn’t have blemishes or bruises or scrapes, but Lance took /special/ care, he wanted to make sure he looked his best for whatever Alpha bid on him.

The Auction.

The Auction was an annual event that took place on the campus of the Omegan school in which Alphas would gather to bid on the graduating Omegas from that years classes. The highest bidder took their prize home and did as they pleased with them. Should the Omega refuse, a challenge is to take place, a small duel of sorts in a provided space in which there would be a fight between the Alpha and Omega, the winner got their way.

Needless to say, the Alpha always got their way.

Lance wouldn’t challenge whoever bid on him, he wouldn’t stand a chance against even a weaker alpha, all he could do was hope he got a nice, affectionate mate that wasn’t old and creepy and that would love him.

Today was The Auction.

Lance carefully brushed his hair, styling and re-styling until it was perfect. He smiled at his work proudly, turning to leave the bathroom, he would’ve put on make-up but that wasn’t allowed at The Auction, ’/false advertisement/’ they called it, that irked Lance a little, but he brushed it off. He found his nice dress shirt and vest, putting the light blue button-up on and sliding the dark, royal blue vest over it. He pulled black, fitted dress pants on, ones that hugged his butt snugly, showing it off. He struggled to tuck in his shirt but he eventually got it, slid on his shoes, and walked out the door of his small dorm.

There were a few other Omegas in the halls of his floor, everyone dressed up nicely. He noticed a few nice dresses on the females as well as a few select males, which wasn’t unheard of, and a few other with suits and dress shirts, one with jeans and a t-shirt.

Jeans and a t-shirt? Lance trailed his eyes to the head of raven hair that bobbed as the Omega walked, the blue-suited Omega groaned, frowning; ’/Keith/’ he would know that mullet anywhere. Oh well, his problem.

Lance returned the few greetings he got as he walked down the hall, not interacting further than the brief “hello” and “best of luck.” As everyone made their way to the elevators and stairs. He opted out for the stairs, deciding it would be quicker than waiting for an opportunity to go down on the lift. He thudded down the near-empty sway, it was a quick trip and he smirked at how his tag bounced with his motions.

The lobby of the school was already crowded with a hoard of Alphas and Omegas, mingling. He smiled, this was the part he was looking forward to, meeting the bidders that were going to be attending the auction. Many of the bigger men and women were grouped around select Omegas, the few poor souls that had their heats. Lance thanked god that he was half-way to getting his next one, nowhere near the threat of having slick drenching his pants. He was met by a few side glances, a few hungry eyes and a few indifferent bodies that didn’t even look at him. He swallowed, suddenly feeling very warm, this was terrifying. His future mate was in this room, the person he’d either love or hate to spend the rest of his life with.

There were so many people here, bidding would be high this year, too many Alphas, not enough Omegas. Shiro looked around, he’d come last year, against his will, he didn’t agree with this distasteful sexism. He scowled, checking his watch, only another thirty minutes to The Auction, which usually lasted an hour. Shiro was 27, most Alphas came here as early as they could, eager to find an Omega to breed and take care of, not Shiro, he was forced by law to start attending at the age of 25, he hated that law.

Shiro adjusted his tie, yeah, he hated The Auction, but it was expected for everyone to dress up. He glanced around, looking over most of the bodies in the room. He lurched forward, taken back by a weight pushing against him from behind. He caught himself before he could fall but glanced over his shoulder in annoyance, bright blue eyes stared back.

“I’m so sorry!” The small Omega apologized, hands up in surrender, he caught Shiros eye, instantly looking down out of respect “I’m so, so, sorry Alpha.” He addressed. Shiro sighed, his expression softening. He turned around to face the dark-haired figure. He was an attractive man, brown hair curling around his bronze skin, blue centred outfit that complimented his bright blue eyes.

Shiro caught himself staring, looking down the body of the Omega and glancing back up again, “don’t apologize,” he offered “it was an accident.”

This seemed to make the boy perk up a little, at least his head wasn’t down anymore, a smile graced his lips and Shiro felt truly blessed.

“What’s your name?” Shiro asked lightly, a part of him twisted when the Omega looked surprised, shocked that the first thing an alpha wanted to know about him was his name and not something like 'have you had your first heat?’ Or 'how many knots have you taken?’

“L-Lance.” He supplied, stammering as his face turned red “might I ask yours?” He seemed cautious, like asking for his name was a slur.

“Shiro, my pleasure to meet you.” This sent Lances face bright pink and a welcomed smell filled the small area very faintly, barely selective around so many bodies, Lance was nervous. This made Shiro suppress a small laugh, “are you alright? You seem flustered.”

“A-Am I alright?” Lance echoed, his face twisting into even more embarrassment “I-I’m fine, alpha I-”

“Shiro” he corrected, noticing the bob of Lances Adam’s apple as the man swallowed dryly.

“/Shiro/” Lance breathed “I just, I’m surprised.” He explained, taking a careful step forward. “Most people would’ve slurred at me for tripping into them, or would’ve gotten mad at me for speaking without being spoken to, or-”

“Sexist bullshit.” Shiro breathed, making Lances eyes widen. He looked around, as if worried someone might’ve heard Shiro, which of course they didn’t in a crowd this busy. “You’re a human being, yeah?”

Lance raised an eyebrow, as if it was a trick question, “…yes?”

“Then you should be treated like one.” Something in Lance clicked and the alpha could see it, his eyes lighting up and a smile taking place on his lips, it all faded suddenly at a realization.

“Then what are you doing at The Auction?” He asked curiously, taking one more step closer to Shiro.

“Legally, I have to go for 5 years at the age of 25, after that I’m free to do as I please, continue coming here or live my life mateless, or, should someone cross my path, mate on my own terms.” He supplied, making Lances eyes widen again, “I’ve been coming for 2 years, this is my third Auction.”

“So, you’d never buy an Omega?” Lance questioned, popping out his hip and raising an eyebrow, a coy smirk finding his face as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. His vest shifted, reflecting the gentle light of the room, it was silky.

Shiro had thought about it before “well,” he began “I would, but only under specific circumstances.” He began, this time it was his turn to shift closer to Lance “if I were at the Mixer portion of the evening, and I met one of the Omegas for Auction,” he continued, shifting his gaze to look thoughtfully, a smirk on his lips “and we hit it off, and started chatting,” he glanced back down to Lance, “then maybe, I’d ask them if it was alright if I bid on them.” He concluded, “but of course, if they said no, I’d step away and never bother them again.” He took a step back, realizing that he’d gotten extremely close to Lance.

The omega looked completely flustered, hands pulling at the fabric of his vest as he stared at the floor. “A-and, if the Omega asked you to bid on /them/?” He muttered, just loud enough for Shiro to hear, looking up at the man with his eyes, not moving his head.

“That also depends,” he stated, “on whether or not I feel a connection.” Lance looked almost disappointed, almost. Shiro wished he could’ve caught more of the expression, tried to figure it out.

“Oh, well, I should go.” Lance offered, “I’m sure you would rather be left alone if you’re not buying.”

Shiro pushed forward, gently grabbing Lances wrist before he could walk away “nobody said I wasn’t buying.” He felt his cheeks heat up, avoiding eye contact, he could feel that intense blue stare on him.

“W-what?” Lance sputtered, gently tugging his hand free from Shiros grasp “but you just said-”

“I said, if I found one I enjoyed talking to,” he smiled, looking up to Lance “of course, I haven’t had enough time to chat with you, but I’d like to, if that’s alright.” He composed himself, bringing his hand back to his side “of course if you’d rather socialize to try and coax a bidder, that’s fine.” He offered, looking around. “But I’d like to enjoy some appetizers with you.”

Lance shook his head “we can’t have the food.”

“No,” Shiro corrected “you can’t take the food from the trays,” he scowled “again, sexist /bullshit/, but I’d gladly get some for you if you’d like.” Lance seemed star-struck, staring up at Shiro. He gave a slight nod, “anything catching your eye?” Shiro looked around at the few betas that filled the room; the waitresses and waiters.

Lance didn’t say anything but he looked at the contents of the trays, something seemed to catch his eye but he glanced away quickly. “It’s fine, I don’t need anything, this figure doesn’t keep up by itself” he teased, winking at Shiro which made the alpha blush. “Pink looks good on you, Shiro,” he nudged the man “you should wear it more often.”

Shiro glanced down to himself, he wasn’t wearing pink? Wait- was Lance talking about the blush? He looked up, opening his mouth to say something but the Omega was gone. He glanced around the room, catching a flash of brunette hair moving through the crowd, a smile gracing his lips.

“Lance.” He whispered to himself, Lance was a nice name, there was something about the man that he just couldn’t put his finger on. His ocean blue eyes that danced with a million different shades, the half smile that he got, the way he glowed when Shiro talked to him.

Shiro had told himself he wouldnt bid on an Omega, but somehow, Lance had changed his mind, of course he still disagreed with this whole thing, but should Lance let him? He was going to bid on the Blue Omega.

Keith stood at the edge of the room, glaring around at all the sick fucks that gathered here, scowling.

“Nobody’s going to bid on you with an expression like that.” He heard the voice from beside him, a brunette Omega wearing blue.

“Who says I /want/ anyone bidding on me?” He countered, watching the Omega fill his cup with the cheaper punch that was at the Omega table. Not much of a table, it was smaller than the one for the guests, holding only a punch bowl and a few trays of crackers. “Who are you? Why do you care who bids on me?”

“I’m Lance.” He replied “and I don’t care, it’s your own demise.” He stated bluntly, taking a sip of punch. “Better to at least get someone your age or attractive.”

“As opposed to?” Keith countered, they all seemed terrible in his opinion.

“Some old rich dude, looking for eye-candy to latch onto his arm.” Lance explained, scanning the room. Keith hadn’t even thought of that, it would be bad enough for him to end up with any alpha, none-the-less one a million years old. “You’re Keith, right? I saw you up in the dorms earlier.”

“Y-yeah, I’m Keith,” he stuttered, looking around the room at all the different bodies.

“Alright, /Keith/, I’m going to be perfectly straight with you, well, as straight as I can be, I’m gay, but-” this warrented a small smirk from the blue Omega, which made Keith’s eyes light up slightly, “that’s not important, what is important is that you’re attractive, you have nice clean skin, your hair compliments your complexion, your eyes are pretty,” he rambled on, Keith’s face changed to a light shade of pink at the praise. “Now you just need to change that personality, go out there, socialize.”

“I’ve been training for 6 years, the entirety of this stupid school, I’ve been working out, I’ve been teaching myself self defence Lance, I’m not getting bought today.” He growled, the blush gone “I’m going to challenge any alpha fucker that bids on me.” Lance just raised a doubtful eyebrow before sighing.

“Of course you are. Fine, a word of advice?” Lance took another sip of his punch “I don’t know if you paid any attention in the classes, or even if you took some of the electives but in the pleasuring class we learned about pressure points. They’re usually used to make Alphas feel good but I suppose it would work as a way to distract them and make them weaker.” Keith was intrigued, he eagerly stepped forward, regretting every class he didn’t pay attention to or didn’t take


Lance walked away from the punch table, he couldn’t believe he just told Keith every pressure point on an Alphas body; groin, tailbone, side of their ribs, their collar bones and their hips. Lance had aced that class.

“Lance!” A familiar voice drew him from his thought and he glanced around.

“Shiro?” The tall alpha was walking towards him with two napkins, one in each hand.

He pushed between a few bodies that were moving, a few that weren’t, getting frustrated by the lack of cooperation. Lance had to laugh at the odd glare he’d send to an unknowing victim. Finally the taller man made it and smiled “hey, you kinda disappeared earlier.” He breathed.

“Had to make my rounds, I see you’ve found me again, none the less.” He smirked, hopeful. Shiro was strong, attractive, /nice/, Lance wanted Shiro, too bad the alpha didn’t bid unless the stars aligned.

“Well, yeah.” He said, as if it were obvious, “I promised you food.” He handed Lance one of the napkins, it had an assortment of different sugary looking things on it. Lance felt his face heat up, these were the ones he wanted?

“H-how did you know that I-”

“You were staring at the tray with these on it.” He supplied, Lance sniffed the light purple cloth in his hands, his face lighting up, they smelled even better than they looked. His hand gingerly shifted the treats into one palm, his now-free digits reaching for one of the snacks. There were four, a lightly powdered red one, a chocolate-looking square one, and two that looked like gummies. He wanted the chocolate one, chocolate was Lances favourite and he hadn’t had it in /years/, the school didn’t provide such luxuries and Omegas weren’t allowed to get jobs to buy things. He hesitated, deciding to reach for the powdered one first, he’d save the brown treat for last. He picked it up and took a bite, the taste dancing on his tongue and mixing with his spit, thickening it and leaving a sweet strawberry taste. He purred affectionately, he hadn’t had something so delicate in forever. “Good?” Shiro asked expectantly, eyes shimmering hopefully. Lance nodded, giving a thumbs up as he swallowed.

“Amazing.” He confirmed, “here.” Lance looked onto Shiros napkin and found the identical treat, picking it up between two of his slim digits and reaching for Shiros mouth as if it were nothing out of the ordinary. “Open up.”

Shiros expression was dumb-founded and Lance swore he could see the inklings of a blush as the alpha complied and Lance gently set the sweetness into his mouth. He pulled his fingers out, wiping them on his dress shirt so the weren’t covered in icing sugar. Shiros eyes seemed to light up and dazzled with contentment, he made a “mhmm” sound in agreement as he nodded. Lance couldn’t help but smile at how the man of such stature was enthralled with the wonderment of a child.

Lance grabbed the two gummies, both red, and placed them into his mouth. Despite the fact that they were hard to chew and stick to his teeth, they were also quite enjoyable. He closed his eyes in appreciation, his hand settling on his lips to cover his chewing as he spoke “dese are hard do chew.” He struggled with the words as his jaw stuck together, ignoring the small laugh from Shiro that made his heart swell. When he finally opened his eyes when he had swallowed, smiling lightly.

Chocolate, Lances favourite food in the world. He widened his eyes eagerly at the piece, lifting his hand to grab it. As if on cue, the napkin was suddenly slapped from his hands and fell to the floor. He watched it in surprise, the way the chocolate slipped from his grasp. He made a small whining noise before looking to the face that met his.

“Such delicacies are for the guests,” a cool voice breathed, the man was tall and limber, his pale skin made him look terrifying against his long white hair. Blue eyes pierced Lances, “not for Omegas.”

Lance hadn’t realized he wasn’t speaking until a figure pushed defensively in front of him “I gave it to him.” Shiro explained, a growl accenting his voice “the rules say he can’t take food from the trays, he didnt, I did.” He stated. Lance felt small behind Shiro, peeking over his shoulder to see the previous man bristling, eyes narrowed in a scowl.

“Still, Omegas deserve no more than they need.” He muttered defiantly, which just made Shiros shoulders go up in frustration, effectively blocking Lances view.

“Omegas deserve just as much respect as any alpha, we’re all human beings.” This earned a scoff, Lance could practically hear the eyeroll. “You just ruined his food, I suggest you leave, apologize, or get him some more.” Shiro growled again, a warning sound. Lances hand rested nimbly onto Shiros upper arm.

He stared at the white-haired Alpha like he was trying to burn holes into his head, the only thing bringing him from the glare being the soft touch on his arm. He turned to Lance, giving the man his attention. “Don’t worry about it, Shiro, he’s right, I shouldn’t be eating the food.”

“/Shiro?/” the other alpha seethed, making the taller look back towards him. “Address him as alpha, skank.”

Shiro bared his teeth, he wanted to fight this man, his eyebrows knit and he pressed a hand against the Alphas chest, forcefully pushing him an arms length away, making him stumble slightly. “Don’t call him a skank.” He stated bluntly, “Lance, don’t call me Alpha,” his gaze didn’t falter and he got no confirmation from Lance other than a slight squeeze of reassurance on his arm.

The opposing alpha pursed his lips and huffed in exasperation, turning to leave the area, making Shiro smile triumphantly. He turned back to Lance and the smile faded. He was looking at the ground, a frown on his face. “I was saving that.” He muttered, Shiro knew it was more to himself than to the alpha. The brunette squatted, trying not to get in people’s way as he picked up the chocolate and placed it in the napkin, wrapping it so he could throw it away when he was given the opportunity.

Shiro had started to bend over to help, pausing only when Lance stood back up, his eyes met the Alphas.

In hindsight, at the end of the day, Shiro supposed that was the second he fell for Lance. The way his blue eyes, despite the prickling sadness, dazzled with appreciation, gratitude towards the alpha. His hair brushed against his cheeks and he brought his delicate fingers up to brush it behind his ear. The omegas lips were soft and Shiro wanted desperately to embrace them, claim them as his own. His eyelashes settled on his cheeks when he blinked, long enough to grace them briefly. “Nobody’s ever stood up for me before.” He breathed.

Shiro felt warm, he had made Lance feel safe. His entire chest swelled and was surprised by his own words, his eyes widening as soon as the man spoke.

“I want to bid on you.”

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What would Connor's laugh sound like? *Can* he laugh???

I MEAN he’s definitely capable of laughing just as much as anyone else is, i just dont think he does it often. the closest he gets is probs a snort/scoff, considering even smiling is rare for him. the kid doesnt really have much to laugh about

i feel like when he does laugh its pretty soft? he’s not a loud laugher, its probs fairly quiet and airy, maybe a little melodic, but for the most part can be easily unheard. he doesnt laugh hard but when he does i imagine hes rly a sight to behold

Please remember that today Jin is ALSO graduating.  He’s graduating from having to wake up at ass o’clock in the morning to drive a grumpy, half-asleep Kookie to school.  

Just a reminder that breaking up with someone who is toxic to your life is not a two person decision. It isn’t up to them whether you break up with them or not, don’t buy into the whole “you can’t do this to us” bullcrap. Yes, you can. 

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