he tries to be patient

i can’t wait until vilde starts figuring out her sexuality and goes to isak for help and he introduces her to even’s 2 moms to show her that she can have exactly the life she wants being exactly who she is!!

if he throws things, leave. if he takes the keys and leaves in the middle of an argument just so you worry, just so you beg him back, just so you regret chasing him off, leave. if he kicks dogs, if he says violent things as a “joke”, if he gets drunk and gets too handsy, leave. i don’t care if he has a troubled past, you’re not his therapist. there is a difference between being patient while he genuinely gets help, tries to get better - and putting up with him because he once felt sad about something. you do not need to be there to fix him. to put him together. it is not your job to heal him.

if she doesn’t let you hang out with your friends without punishing you, leave. if every time you gently ask her to change a part of the relationship she takes it as a personal attack, leave. if she hits you, if she threatens to castrate you or otherwise harm you, if she fakes pregnancy or stalks you, leave. i don’t care that she’s a girl and you’re taught we’re not dangerous. i don’t care if she’s “only” emotionally manipulating you, you’re not weak for going. if she hurts you, leave. you’re not required to stay with her. 

people will use whatever they can to get you to stay. they will tell you they want to change but will not make any effort to do so. they will hold you to them even if it means ruining you. don’t brush aside the small things, waiting for a “big” thing to happen. it is easy to love someone so much that you want to forgive them. don’t. don’t try to explain their behavior to yourself. if they are not open about communicating their mental illness or trauma and willingly getting help, if they are not actively changing themselves, if they don’t apologize sincerely, if they are not making every effort to make sure it doesn’t happen again - if they only are “hurting” when it’s an excuse to hurt you too - leave. don’t look back. we want to help people, because we are hurting too. but not at the cost of yourself. not at the cost of you.

There is a door in the history department. It never looks the same twice and is always cracked open when it’s actually there. No one has ever returned through it.

There once was a chemistry major that went through the door. Their friend followed after.

One returned.

One did not.

The story did not begin there though. It began long, long ago, in the tales and songs of ancestors long gone; passed from mother to daughter and father to son. They did not fade through time, starting anew in each beating heart of the family line.

They reached a young girl with olive skin and hair like raven’s wings. Her dark eyes would shine as her grandmother wove the tales by the fireside.

She spoke to the girl of a woman with fiery hair and burning eyes, who spoke with flames and held infernos between her palms. Perhaps that sparked the love in her for all things she should not, and she strove to make the embers dance, like the one with fire in her hands.

Her grandmother knew in her old, wise bones that this child needed the tales more than most. Their family had always been aware, trusting their intuition had never led them wrong.

So when the girl came to Elsewhere, (For where else could she have gone?) Everyone steered clear (The school gave up on roommates before very long.)

Perhaps it was because of her reputation of playing with fire, or perhaps it was simply fate, but her chemistry professor paired her with a boy who loved to play with ice. They became unlikely friends, she with her burning salts and he with his liquid nitrogen.

“Call me Pyrra.” she said.

“Frozone.” He grinned, white teeth gleamed against his dark skin.

He told her of his girlfriend back in Louisiana who was pregnant with his child: “It’s too soon to know the gender yet.” And she would just smile.

She told him of her grandparents and their small, simple home that stood alone on the reservation and of the wild horses that would thunder by.

They knew what everyone would say, how unwise it was to share so much about themselves, but they were chemistry majors—those rarely got taken.

The two were closer then blood and they both forgot one very important fact— being Taken isn’t the only way to Vanish.

It had been an accident. Frozone hadn’t been paying attention. He had forgotten to count the doors, as he stumbled to his history class after a long night in the labs. No one probably would have known if a fellow student hadn’t seen him stepping through the door—too late to stop his fate.

Pyrra was the first one told, the RA’s decided to wait till the end of the term before notifying his family. They knew it was a futile hope, but anything beat having to make that call.

Pyrra wouldn’t accept this though. She gathered up her craft, and armed herself with salts to burn. She dressed herself in her tribe’s garments and war paint on her face—there is power in being claimed—and set off for the history building when the moonless night was at its darkest.

The door gave way before her and she crossed into when; not where, her friend had gone. She travelled far until she found where the Little People were gathered round. They vanished as she drew near, but she was unshaken by this or fear.

“I have come to bargain for my brother of heart.”

“What will you give?” They whispered in reply.

“A story like none other.” She called bravely into the night.

“There is no story to match his fate, for his return we will need something great.”

Pyrra paused before standing straight.

“Then I will take his place.”

“Is this your choice?”

She thought of her grandparents, sitting at home, they had only gotten electricity a few years ago.

She thought of Frozone’s sisters, all so young and alone thriving off their brother’s hope to give them a better home, on the income of the degree the scholarship would to them all. She thought about his girlfriend, who worked two jobs by day, and attended a community college to get her art degree by night. With that her mind was made.

“It is.”

Frozone stumbled in, lost and confused as if it had only been an hour instead of a day. He caught onto what had happened more than quick enough.

“Pyrra, you can’t do this! Please! It’s my mistake to pay.”

“Call my grandmother and ask for my name, give it to your daughter and your debt shall be paid.”

That was all the time they had, before he was gone and she had stayed. The Little Folk drew near her now; intent on Their new pet, but she held up her hand, she wasn’t Theirs quite yet.

“I have another bargain to make.”

“What now?” They grumbled, discontent and bored.

“My story for my freedom, I chose to stay, but not to be yours.”

“Fine.” they hissed “But the bargain is this: you must keep us entertained till dawn or to us you will belong.”

What choice was there left for her to make? The sky was at it darkest—the hour before dawn. But how that hour stretched on and on!

She dared not tell her family’s tales, or sing to Them their songs, so she told them what she had, her science close at hand.

She told them how a star was born and how precious gems became; all the while between her hands she wove the tales with flame.

When that never nearing dawn finally broke upon the sky, They praised her skills, and kept their deals; blessing her all the while.

Fire-tongue they called her; Flame-speaker, They would say. They kissed her eyes and painted her lips, dressing her in flame.

She smiled and simply said, “That is not my name.”

For she had a new name now, one that no one could ever Take, now that she had given her old name away.

Frozone made it back and tried to keep his word. He called her grandmother who patiently greeted him and told him Pyrra’s name, only requesting that in return he send her things and bring his daughter by some day. She waved him off when he explained that the baby was still too small to tell, whether it was female or male.

Years passed and soon it was time to graduate. Everyone assumed that Pyrra’s grandparents came for Frozone. No one expected Pyrra to appear and collect her diploma as if she had been there all along. Then again, no one mentioned how her eyes were embers now or how her hair had turned from raven black to crimson—so she very well may have been.

         A few decades later a new student comes—a chemistry major that loves to play with fire. She wears a white smile; which is near blinding against her dark skin. She claims she came to prove that her father paid his debt. She won’t say anymore than that. But sometimes she would leave the dorm shortly before dawn on moonless nights with a string of fireworks in her hands. She would always return the next morning, humming ancient songs as she wrote an email to her father.

         During her time a new tale whispers its way into campus lore.

It’s breathed into the ears of distraught students—those with the courage to try and reclaim the Taken Ones are the only ones to hear the advice.

“Come to the edge of the woods on a moonless night, just before dawn and set off fireworks of every color—then wait.”

The ones who listen return with tales about a woman in smoldering garments, blazing red hair, and glowing embers for eyes who would test their resolve. To those who passed she would gift them with words or song, depending on their need, she might even gift them with her fire.

Regardless of what you get, it is always enough to get them back.

Except no one can remember what it was she gave them. They could never remember the tale itself, just that she gave them one; the songs she granted would dance just beyond memory’s grasp; the image of a mesmerizing flame leaving a ghostly impression inside their eyelids. There was only one thing anyone remembers her saying.

“My name is Story—”

There is a door in the history department. It never looks the same twice and is always cracked open when it is there. No one has ever returned through it.

There once was a chemistry major that went through the door. His friend followed after.

He returned.

She did not.

“—and I create myself.”

A/N: I know the Gentry come off a little strange in this. It’s mostly because Pyrra is Navajo and thus the stories she knows are of the Little People; but at Elsewhere, the Gentry are for the most part from Great Britain, Ireland and thereabouts. I tried to blend these two cultures. I’m not gunna lie, I didn’t do great. I haven’t done much with Navajo mythology in a long while. I feel it came off pretty shoddy in this. I’m not trying to offend (I’m part native American myself). Also, I love Chemistry but I suck at it which is why I didn’t go as into depth as I would have liked. (My grammar sucks too, so apologies there as well.)


Trust | Archie Andrews

Request:  Archie Andrews x reader fluffy first time smut based on 9. “I am not losing you again.” and 24. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.” 💗💗

24. “You’re the only one I trust to do this”

Pairings: ArchiexReader

Warnings: NSFW, first time fluff smut.

Word count: 3,102 words sorry I got carried away

Authors note: Tysm for the request, I couldn’t really think of a way to write a plot for this so it pretty much jumps right in, I also couldn’t fit the first quote into the scenes, sorry! I hope you enjoy this sorry if it isn’t the best with the smut it isn’t something that I have every wrote before and I don’t have much experience so if there is anything happening that is incorrect please tell me so I can avoid it in further imagines! If you enjoy this and would like to be tagged in future posts then please just ask below or message me! :) Also please send more requests! Ef x


Writing prompts


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You couldn’t wait any longer, you needed it, you knew that he needed it so you decided to take matters into his own hands as he didn’t want to scare you into thinking that it was all he cared about in your relationship.

Archie had been patient. He hadn’t pressured you or tried to guilt you into having sex with him. If you were completely naive, you’d assume he had no problem with not having sex (though his showers had gotten longer lately and you weren’t stupid). Overall, he was very understanding that you were still a virgin and you weren’t ready.

But now you were ready.

“Are you sure?” Archie asked you for the billionth time as he hovered over you.

You rolled your eyes. It was cute the first few times, knowing that he wanted to make sure that you were ready and weren’t feeling pressured. But now you were just getting kind of sick of it. “Archie?” you whispered. He raised his eyebrows and you took that as your chance to flip the two of you over, you straddling his hips. “You’re the only person I trust enough to do this, I’m ready.”

He chuckled as you leaned down and pressed your lips to his, sliding your hands down his bare torso. You pulled away from his mouth and focused on unbuttoning his jeans. But you were nervous and your fingers were shaky and you were struggling. “Baby,” he cooed, his hands finding your cheeks and making you look at him. “It’s just me, okay? I’m the same idiot you’ve been dating for eight months now, there’s no need to be nervous.”

You took a deep breath, nodding. He gave you a gentle smile before dropping his hands and letting you get back to work. Finally, you were able to unbutton his jeans and pull them down when he lifted his hips. You threw them to the side and then pulled your own shirt over your head, fighting the urge to cover yourself. It wasn’t like he’d never seen you in your bra before but this was different.

Before you could do anything else, Archie had flipped the two of you again. He settled between your legs, one arm holding him up and the other hand resting beneath your jawline. “You’re beautiful,” he told you, staring into your eyes. You blushed, biting your lip as his hand traveled down. Slowly; along your neck, between the valley of your breasts, down your stomach.

It gave you goosebumps but you couldn’t ignore the shakiness of his hands. You forced out a laugh. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d assume you were nervous too,” you said.

He rested his hand on your hip, his thumb running along the bone. “I’m not,” he defended but he couldn’t meet your eyes. “It’s just- it’s your first time. And you’ve decided you want it to be with me and I-” He sighed, his forehead falling to your shoulder as he exhaled deeply. “What if I hurt you? What if I make this horrible for you and I just ruin everything?”

You ran your finger through his hair, tugging lightly so he’d lift his head. “You’re not going to ruin anything, okay?” you assured. “I trust you and I know you’re not going to hurt me.”

He stared at you for a few seconds before chuckling nervously. “This is backwards, isn’t it? You shouldn’t be consoling me,” he commented.

“Archie? Just shut up and kiss me.”

He obliged, pressing his lips to yours with force. His fingers worked your shorts, unbuttoning them and then struggling with the zipper. You heard a popping noise, causing him to pull away. “Oops,” he said bashfully, his cheeks turning pink as he held your broken zipper between his fingers.

You giggled, telling him it’s okay and urging him to pull your shorts off, along with your underwear. “Tell me if something hurts or even if you just don’t like it, okay? I want this to be good for you,” he told you seriously, gazing into your eyes as his fingers lightly brushed your folds.

You nodded and he lowered his head to your neck, pressing kisses along your skin as his middle finger met your clit, slowly beginning to draw circles. “Oh,” you sighed, your lower region tingling.

He raised his head, looking at you with boyish pride as he bit his lip. “Is that okay?” he asked, adding a bit more pressure.

“It’s way more than okay,” you admitted.

He grinned. “Good,” he said. He continued for a few more seconds before lowering his fingers to your entrance, dipping his finger in and you swore you heard a noise from the bad of his throat. “I’m gonna add a finger now, okay?”

You nodded, bracing yourself for the pain but once he did it, you didn’t feel any pain. It was a foreign feeling - and didn’t feel nearly as good as what he was doing before - but it didn’t hurt. “That doesn’t real- oh!” you cut yourself off with a moan, feeling his finger hit a spot that caused a bolt of pleasure to shoot through you.

The amount of pride on Archie’s face was unbelievable. “Right there?” he asked, hitting that spot again and causing you to clench your legs on his waist. “Relax, Y/N,” he instructed but there was a bit of amusement in his voice. “I’m gonna add another finger. Let me know if it hurts.”

He pulled out and you missed the feeling, before he pushed back into you with both fingers, immediately hitting that spot again and making you grip the bed sheets as you moaned. “Holy shit,” you mumbled, your eyes falling shut.

“I want you to come before we actually do this, hopefully it’ll make it easier for you,” he said, his fingers slowing down. “And to make that happen, I’m gonna try something, alright?”

You nodded, curious. But when he began lowering himself down your body, you panicked. “Um, wait!” you said, grabbing his hair to stop him. You must’ve pulled a little too hard because you heard him yelp. You let go, your cheeks heating up. “Sorry,” you apologized.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I- um, I’ve never had, uh, that done to me and just- you don’t really have to do that, you know?”

Archie bit the inside of his cheek, trying to fight the smile. You were just so damn innocent. “I don’t have to, I want to. Like I said, I want to make you feel as good as possible,” he explained. “But if you don’t want me to, I won’t.”

“I’m just really nervous,” you said, letting out a big breath.

“I know,” he said, squeezing your hip reassuringly. “I’m a lot more nervous than I thought I’d be, too. But I’d really like to take care of you.”

You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath before opening them again. “Okay,” you said.

He grinned, pressing a kiss next to your belly button before he continued to his destination. He slowly pushed two fingers back into you, staring up at you to gauge your reaction. He curled his fingers and heard a little gasp come from your lips, making him grin. Not taking his eyes off of you, he lowered his mouth to your clit, gently sucking.

“Archie!” you gasped, your hands finding his hair as you clenched your thighs. Pleased by your reaction, he sucked a little rougher, his tongue playing with your clit. His free hand gripped your thigh, holding it to the bed as he quickened his fingers. “Archie, I think I’m-” you cut yourself off with a moan.

He knew you were close. “Shh, I know,” he cooed. Curling his fingers one last time, he felt you tighten around his fingers before you cried out, your body convulsing around his fingers. He kept with the pace but watched you in amazement. Seeing you come was the most beautiful thing he’d even seen, hands down. “That wasn’t so bad now, was it?” he asked once you’d come down, wiping his fingers on his boxers instead of with his mouth like he wanted to. He didn’t want to freak you out.

“That was great, thank you,” you told him, your eyes falling shut.

He giggled, kissing your forehead as he watched you relax in pure bliss. “We can stop here, you know,” he reminded you.

“I don’t think that’s what you really want,” you pointed out, glancing at his boner, dying to get out of his boxers.

His cheeks turned pink. “I want whatever you want,” he answered.

“Smooth, Arch,” you commented. You fingered the hem of his boxers, slipping your hand inside and grabbing his cock, pumping slowly the way you read about. “I want this.”

He exhaled through his nose, burying his face in your neck. He loved how soft your hand was and how firm you held him - it felt amazing but he could sense that you were still nervous, unsure about what you were doing. “That feels really good,” he whispered, leaving a slow kiss on your neck.

“You’re not just lying to me so I’ll feel better, are you?” you asked nervously, a small bit of happiness forming in your stomach.

He let out a breathy laugh. “Baby, you’re gripping the proof,” he said. “Really good is actually an understatement.”

“Oh,” you replied, swearing that your face was going to turn permanently red.

He let it continue for a little bit longer before he let out a whimper, his hand finding yours over his boxers and stopping you. “You have to stop that,” he instructed.

“Why?” you asked, eyes wide in fear that you did something wrong. He raised an eyebrow and it took you a few moments to realize the reason. “Oh.”

“Yeah,”He replied with a small chuckle. Now that he was ready to burst any second, they only had two ways to go with this. No more stalling. Archie felt his heart bang in his chest, butterflies filling his stomach. “It’s your call now.”

You stared into his Hazel eyes, darker than usual. His ginger hair was matted against his forehead, his lips pink and plump against his flushed, olive skin. He had nothing but love and adoration playing in his features and you knew. You knew you loved this boy and made no mistake deciding that you want him to be your first. “I want these off,” you said, pulling your hand out of his boxers and tugging at the fabric. You kept your voice strong because, even though you were nervous, you knew he’d treat you right.

He swallowed, nodding and let you push them down his legs as far as you could, until he just kicked them off. He reached underneath his bed, grabbing the box he kept there and pulling out a condom. He opened it with his teeth, putting it on slowly. He licked his lips, using one hand to make sure you were still wet enough. Dipping his fingers into you, he found that you were. “God, you’re still so fucking wet,” he mumbled without thought. He heard you let out a little giggle and his eyes widened, realizing he’d said it out loud. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that out loud,” he apologized. He’d been doing his best to refrain himself so he didn’t freak you out and he’d been doing a great job until them.

“It’s okay,” you assured, finding yourself even more turned on by his vocalization.

“Are you ready?” he asked. He knew you physically were but that meant nothing if you weren’t mentally there. You nodded but that wasn’t enough. “I need to hear you say it. I need to hear you say that you’re ready and you want this.”

“I want this more than anything, Archie” you told him, not even blinking an eye as you met his gaze.

He searched for any sign of doubt or anything that could be a danger sign. Half of him was hoping you’d back out; it was less pressure. He could continue taking half hour showers so he could jack off to thought of you and he’d have to worry about nothing. All he could think about was doing this and losing control and hurting you or doing something that made you regret it and break up with him and he couldn’t stand the thought of that.

But he found nothing but honesty. Honesty and love and that made even more butterflies fill his stomach. “Okay,” he whispered. “Okay. I’m gonna go slow but don’t let me hurt you. If you don’t-”

“I know, Arch. If I don’t like it, tell you and you’ll stop,” you recited. “You’re almost as nervous as I am.”

He scoffed, resisting the urge to tell you that he was pretty sure he was more nervous. He laced his fingers with yours holding your intertwined hands on the bed by your head while he free hand guided himself to you. He breathed in before pushing in slowly, feeling himself get even harder at the sight of him disappearing inside of you.

He moved his eyes to meet yours, waiting for any sign of pain but he only saw a thoughtful look as he was halfway inside of you. “Does it hurt?” he asked.

You pursed your lips and he fought the urge to kiss them. “No, it just feels… weird. Like I’ve never had a penis inside me before,” you blurted out without thinking.

Archie couldn’t hold in his laughter. He laughed loudly and comfortably, resting his forehead on yours once he calmed down. He brushed his thumb along your darkened cheeks. “You’re so fucking cute,” he mumbled, pressing his lips to yours. “I’m gonna go the rest of the way now, okay?”

Your eyes widened. “You’re not all the way in yet?” you asked, swearing that you felt full enough as it was.

The boy beamed, his ego growing by the second. “Remember, let me know if it hurts,” he reminded before slowly pushing in the rest of the way. You gasped, your hand squeezing his. He paused. “Does it hurt?”

“Not really,” you admitted. “A little but it just… like I said, it’s a new feeling.”

Now that he was all the way in, he decided to give her a few moments to adjust. “I’m really glad you let me be your first,” Archie admitted, trying to distract you from whatever non positive feeling you felt. “It scared me at first but I’m glad I’m the one that gets to take care of you for this.”

You smiled, closing the few inches between the two of you and kissing him, slowly moving your lips together. It was slow and deep and passionate and full of love. You pulled away first. “You can move now,” you whispered.

He nodded, slowly pulling out a suppressing a groan. He’d missed how good it felt when he pushed inside, too distracted by your well being to feel it, but he definitely felt it - felt you - when he pulled out. You were so tight and warm and he knew he needed to be careful before he lost himself.

He went slow, rocking in and out of you. It began to feel better but you weren’t expecting to come, knowing it wasn’t likely that you’d come your first time.

He sped up a bit and was biting his lip, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. He angled his hips a little differently, hitting a spot that made you gasp loudly and he froze. “What happened? What’d I do?” he asked, breathing heavily.

“Nothing, that just felt really good,” you told him, surprised.

A slow grin formed on his lips. “Where was it?” he asked, beginning to move his hips again.

It took a few seconds but he finally hit the spot again. “Right there?”

“Yeah,” you gasped out.

He nodded, a whole new level of determination in him. He held off his orgasm, focusing on trying to get you to come. He knew the chances were slim but he was gonna try until he couldn’t hold off anymore.

Your legs wrapped around his waist

And your hand had left his, instead gripping the sheets. You felt the knot forming in your stomach again, your breath shallowing. Achie felt you quivering around him. “Are you close?” he asked gruffly.

You nodded. “Yeah, I think so,” you said.

“Me too,” he responded, burying his face in your neck and leaving sloppy kisses. “Just let go.”

You nodded and it took a few more thrusts before your hands flew to his hair, your nail scraping his scalp as you cried out, seeing stars. It wasn’t as powerful as your first one but it felt just as good.

As you came down, you felt Archie’s thrusts get sloppier. You tried moving your hips to meet his thrusts but you weren’t even sure what you were doing, so you gave up. You grabbed his face, trying to kiss him but he stilled inside of you, his forehead falling to yours. His eyelids lowered and his jaw slacked, a deep groan leaving his throat as he filled the condom.

He almost fell on top of you, but thought otherwise the last second and fell beside you. He took off the condom, tossing it away before getting up and heading to the bathroom. He came back with a washcloth and laid down beside you again, cleaning you up the best he could. He fought his smile when you twitched a little, still sensitive from your orgasm.

“So you don’t regret it?” He questioned, bringing the blanket over the two of you. He pulled you to him, you resting your head on his chest.

“Not at all,” you answered honestly. “Though, I might later when I wake up sore,” you joked.

He chuckled. “What do you wanna do now?” he murmured, running his fingers through your hair.

“A nap sounds amazing,” you admitted with a tired giggle.

“I love you Archie” You made sure the boy was aware of just how strong your feelings were for him.

“I love you too, Y/N” he replied. It wasn’t long before he heard your soft snores and he was able to be as giddy as he wants, glad that you finally trusted him enough to be with him.

Hopefully this was good enough for you guys, please please please leave more requests because I really enjoy writing, I will do all characters from Riverdale and all characters from Teen Wolf c:

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How about Tim adapting from being the youngest to Damian's older brother?

This got a little out of hand… and it’s basically just Tim angsting over being a terrible brother and not knowing what he’s doing wrong. Hint: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but Timmy is nothing if not hard on himself. Anyway. Enjoy :)

He likes to think the whole process would be a lot easier if the brat wasn’t so annoying and obnoxious and rude and insufferable and-  and- Damian

Jason insisting on calling him “babybird” certainly doesn’t help though. How is he supposed to feel like an older brother when he’s still treated like a little kid? He’s seventeen, for god’s sake, eighteen in just a few months. He’s practically an adult.

(The real problem, he knows, deep down where he doesn’t have to think about his neglected childhood, is that growing up an only child never prepared him for how to deal with younger siblings. All his time that wasn’t spent alone was spend in the presence of people older than him; nannies, his parents, his parents’ friends, his parents’ business associates, teachers, tutors, classmates. Even when he became Robin, he was still the youngest.)

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Can you do a like how to turn the members on/ get them off in public? Discreetly of course ;) or not so discrete your choice ^~^


~The one spot that gets 2D’s motor running is his neck. Kiss it, bite it, lick it, suck it, hell, even touch it and he becomes a puddle in your arms. So one day, as you’re out with the band, you guys sit down at some restaurant to grab a bite before heading home. You’re sitting next to 2D and start thinking about what you would do when you got home. You thought about snuggling up with 2D to watch an old film but then your mind went to dirtier places. Soon enough, you felt a blush forming on your face.

~You looked up at 2D, who was deep in conversation with Murdoc about god knows what. You tug on his sleeve and say, “I have to tell you a secret.” When he leans down, you kiss his neck roughly. He instantly turns red. Got him. You decided to toy with him a bit more. You leaned your head against his shoulder and put your arm around the back of his chair. You felt 2D tense up but after a few seconds of nothing he relaxed again. You slowly crawled your hand up his back until you reached his neck.

~ 2D froze. He couldn’t do anything or else the band would know what’s up. You snickered and began to lightly rub your fingers around the back of his neck. He shivered and Noodle asked him if he was okay. You looked at him with pretend concern on your face and he glared at you. “I’m fine.” He mumbled and continued to talk to Murdoc. This was going to be fun.


~ Public sex is one of Murdoc’s many kinks. He loves the feeling of almost getting caught, it’s an adrenaline rush. You knew this all too well. You smirked at the thought of teasing him in public, almost everything turned this man on. This time, you’d try to be discrete about it. You were sitting at the end of the table while Murdoc sat next to the wall. He was discussing some upcoming award show with 2D. You decided to make your first move.

~ You “accidentally” knocked over your fork. “Oops!” you said as you bent over picking it up. You took your sweet time coming back up. You could feel the man’s eyes on you. You turned around and sure enough, Murdoc was staring. When he met your eyes, he glared. He knew what you were up to but you wouldn’t give in.

~ Next, you’d need 2D for this one. “Hey, 2D? Could you walk me through the process of writing a song I’m curious.” You leaned forward and crossed your arms right under your chest to make your boobs discretely squeeze together. 2D visibly swallowed, obviously trying really hard not to look at your chest. “Well…” He started off. Murdoc was growling next to you. 2D kept talking and you acted like you were interested. You kept nodding your head and smiling. This went on for a while before Murdoc slammed his hands down on the table and said, “That’s it! Y/N come with me.” He got out of his chair and dragged you to the bathroom. You smirked.


~ Noodle was a rather discrete woman. She wasn’t very public about anything. She was okay with some PDA, like holding your hand or kissing you, but she’d never have sex in public. You had even asked her about it one day and her face got red. You giggled and kissed her.

~ You were out shopping with Noodle one day and something you never would’ve guessed happened. Noodle was trying to find a new dress for an upcoming award show and you were to be her judge. You were seriously judging each dress and seeing if they could make her more angelic than she already is. But when she stepped out in this all black dress that hugged her body in all the right ways, you couldn’t keep your eyes off of her. Your jaw dropped open as she twirled in front of the mirror. “What do you think?” You had to give yourself a minute to process what she said. “I’m sorry.” You got up and walked over to her.

~ You wrapped your arms around her waist. “You look like a goddess.” You whispered in her ear. You watched as her face grew red. “Your body is so perfect. I’m so lucky to get to hold you like this.” You kissed her shoulder. Noodle took a deep breath. “Go in the changing room.” You looked at her and blinked, “What?” You were very confused. “I need you right now. Go in the changing room.” Noodle kissed you. “As you wish, angel.”


~ Russel was a very simple man. He didn’t have many kinks but the few he did have getting got him hot and bothered. You liked seeing him like that. Only you knew how to push all the right buttons. You were his weakness.

~ While out in public, you purposely wear tighter pants to tease Russ. You can always feel his eyes on you when your back is to him. When you bend over to look at something, he growls a little. He wants to touch you so bad but he knows that you’re in public. If you know for a fact he’s been turned on, you’ll purposely take your time shopping. He tries to be patient with you but you know he’s dying to get you home.

~ “Just a few more minutes, babe!” You walked over to the panties section of the store. You would hold up the sexiest pair you could find and go, “What about these, Russ?” He’d nod at anything you held up. You laughed at him and put the panties back. Then you walked over to the lingerie. “Should I get some?” You asked teasingly. He grabbed you by the waist and growled, “It doesn’t matter what you wear because it’s coming off when we get home.”

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hello can you do a JB x JUNGKOOK x AMBW can the plot be that Jungkook has had a crush on the ambw whose his best friend and roommate but shes dating Jaebum and jaebum knows jungkook has a major crush on ambw and when jaebum walks out of ambw's bedroom and spots jungkook he mentions how he knows and says that he can join in. smut. sorry kinda confuting

Two in One(AMBW):

“Hey Jungkook.” You greeted smiling at your roommate once you were inside of your shared apartment. Your hand reached out to ruffle his hair and he smiled sheepishly up at you with chopsticks buried in his mouth as he sucked up his ramen.

“Hey noona.” He greeted you as his cheeks darkened ever so slightly before he spotted your boyfriend Jaebum. Jungkook cleared his throat bowing his head before he went back to eating on his noodles.

“Did you have a good day?” You asked the male kissing the top of his forehead making him blush more.

“Mm, it was good! Work let out early so I was hanging out with Yugyeom and then I came back home.” He admitted letting his eyes look back between you and Jaebum.

After a few more minutes of talking with him back and forth you went towards your room holding onto Jaebum’s hand leading him towards your bed. Jaebum rolled you onto your back helping you undress out of your work clothes slowly. Once you were undressed in just your panties you shuffled around your dresser until you found a loose fitting black shirt to place on your body combing your hair from your face. Jaebum pulled you onto the bed to pepper kisses along your lips and jaw biting softly onto your skin. He smirked sliding his hands up under your shirt running his fingers along your nipple piercings causing you to groan and grab at his shirt. You pressed yourself against him kissing his lips with needy tilting your head slightly to deepen the kiss. Jaebum slapped at your ass cheeks groping them licking on your lips.

“Let me go get the whip cream baby.” He mumbled slightly moving to push you down on your back and with a whine you let him go as you rested in the bed looking around your room stretching out on your back. Jaebum walked from your room with a smirk and he made his way towards the kitchen stopping when he saw Jungkook rummaging through the fridge. Jungkook didn’t say anything to him because he was afraid his voice would betray his jealously if he did.

“Hey what’s the matter? Or do you always look so tense and I just don’t notice?” Jaebum asked in a teasing tone bending down to get the whip cream catching Jungkook staring at it.

“I’m fine! I’m sorry if I seem off. I’m just a bit tired.” Jungkook muttered stretching out his limbs.

“Dammit.” Jaebum said snapping his fingers dramatically. “I was going to ask if you wanted to join me and baby girl in the other room.” He turned on his heels to walk off.

“W-what?” Jungkook asked or rather blurted out looking at Jaebum with reddened cheeks. Chuckling Jaebum looked back at him with a wink.

“I knew that would wake you up. Look, I know how you’ve checked her out. She’s fine and I know being best friends with someone can give you feelings and urges when you live with them. That’s how me and her got to fucking so much. And I wanted to let you in on that but if you’re too tired then..” Jaebum shrugged jutting out his lower lip.

“I’m sure I can manage it. If it’s really ok?” Jungkook asked not wanting this to be a joke. He was way too excited to question it or wait so he needed to know this was really happening.

“Yeah. I mean I would rather it be you that fucks her if I can’t or when I’m away. Just don’t steal my girl because then I’ll kick your ass for real.” Jaebum playfully ruffled the male’s hair leading him back to the bedroom where you lay with your legs spread wide open.

Seeing both of them walk back into the room, your pussy clenched and excitement was alive in your bones. Biting on your bottom lip you looked over at Jaebum smirking. “Baby, you’re finally going to let me play with him?” You asked sweetly batting your eyelashes.

“Of course, it seems you were right that Jungkook wanted you just as much as you wanted him. And like I’ve told him I will share but the moment feelings get involved that’s it. Got it?” Both of you nodding your head Jaebum smiled walking over to you once again. Lifting your shirt up he pulled it off your body tossing it somewhere before he did the same to your panties. Jungkook had managed to undress himself fully dick already erect and pressing against his lower stomach as he watched you. Jaebum sprayed your pierced breast with the white substance pushing Jungkook forward towards your body. Jungkook eyed your smooth brown skin and plump perky nipples leaning down to lap at them. His hungry gaze was enough to have you squirming but feeling the flattening of his wet tongue lick up and down the expanse of your sensitive nipples had you crying out for him. Fingers buried in his hair you pressed him closer to your body watching as his hands went to work groping and kneading your breast as he sucked and played with them. Pulling gently on the piercings and licking over the designs of the jewels he was causing you to pool in your panties. Jungkook pulled back with a pop licking over both your breast together before he kissed down your stomach. Jaebum reached his hand around Jungkook to spray a trail from your stomach towards your gleaming pink pussy and Jungkook let his tongue follow the trail twice not leaving any of the whip cream behind. Pressing your legs down against the bed, Jungkook grazed his thumb across your clit earning a moan of approval from you. He leaned his head forward running his tongue up and down your slit. Jaebum crawled on the bed spraying your breast again kissing your lips.

“Do you like that baby? Do you like having your pussy touched by Jungkook?” Once you nodded your head yeah, he smirked lazily biting on your bottom lip. “Tell Jungkook. Tell him how it feels.” Looking down at Jungkook with your hooded eyes you parted your lips to speak out and encourage him.

“I’ve wanted this for a long time. Many nights I’ve thought about having your tongue deep inside of my pussy or your dick and now that you’re finally touching me I don’t ever want you to stop. Please keep going and make me cum.”

Jungkook didn’t need any more words of motivation. Leaning down he pushed his tongue into your dripping warm pussy moaning at the taste the vibrations causing your back to arch. Slowly he tongue fucked you and Jaebum added to it leaning down to take your nipples in his mouth. Both males made you feel like you were on cloud nine. Hips rutting up and back arching your body was heated and on a wave of pleasure. Your hips circled as your hands reached down to tangle in Jungkook’s hair pushing him closer to your pussy. Jaebum didn’t need to be told what to do marking your breast with more hickeys you went back and forth calling out both names. Jaebum reached down to rub your clit in a circular motion with his index and middle fingers causing your pussy to leak more the juices getting onto Jungkook’s face who let his lips cover your wet center he didn’t care about the juices getting on his chin as long as he could please you. But after some time Jaebum was pulling back and taking Jungkook with him.

“On your knees baby. It’s our turn.” Jaebum smirked as he undressed in nothing leaving both males naked and hard before your eyes. You groaned looking at their toned bodies and how big each male was. Getting on your knees you looked up at Jaebum and he petted your head biting his lip. “Suck us both off. I know you can use that pretty mouth and those pretty little hands. Get us nice and wet for you. I have plans and you don’t want it to hurt.” Jaebum said that and you knew instantly what he meant. Whimpering in approval you gripped both shafts stroking them slowly watching as each male made a different reaction. Jaebum rolled his head back moaning into the air and Jungkook bit his lip watching you. Pure seduction on his face you couldn’t help but lick up and down the expanse of his slit, digging your tongue into the sensitive opening your hands moved faster stroking them off. You pulled back spitting on each dick rubbing your spit on their shaft to make them wetter so that it would be easier to stroke them off. You tapped both dicks on your face and then on your tongue wrapping your mouth around Jaebum’s head you slid your mouth all the way down to the base sucking harshly on it. Your mouth moved back and forward as you took him in moaning at the burn but being able to deepthroat him after practicing it for a while. Your hand moved quickly on Jungkook’s shaft earning you a soft moan of your name and you looked up at Jungkook to see him with hooded eyes and a clenching abdomen as he tried to be patient and wait his turn. When you felt Jaebum was wet enough you switched out letting your tongue swirl around Jungkook’s dick teasing him because it was your first time tasting him. His precum oozed out and you lapped at that as well the bitter sweet substance on your tongue wasn’t anything less of welcoming. Your warm mouth engulfed his shaft, sucking harshly on his skin you let your hand pick up the pace on Jaebum’s shaft. The wet noise of you jerking him off could be heard mixed in with their grunts and cries of pleasure. Jaebum was fucking your hand and Jungkook slowly fucked your mouth though he let you take on the rest by yourself.

Jaebum looked down at you seeing how well you took Jungkook, he patted your hand and when you looked up at him he bit his bottom lip. “Go ride Jungkook baby.” He motioned to the bed and you wanting to please them both slowly let your mouth come to a halting motion before you pulled back with a loud pop wiping your chin. You grabbed at Jungkook’s hand leading him to the bed you pushed him down on it gently and crawled over his body. Gripping at his shaft and placing one hand on his chest you rubbed his hardened dick up and down your slit. Pressing it at your entrance you slowly slid down onto him causing you both to moan. Your hands braced on his chest as he was buried inside of you and once you adjusted to him you slowly started to rock your hips up and down riding him. Your head rolled forward, his hands gripping on your thick hips to keep you on top of him. He thrusted up to match your movements, moans slipping past both of your lips. You got a bit faster, starting to slam yourself down on Jungkook who pounded up into you. Jaebum came up behind you pushing you forward by your back. Getting the hint, you leaned down to kiss Jungkook sliding your tongue into his mouth creating a heated make-out session between the two of you. Jaebum stroked his dick a bit more watching as Jungkook disappeared inside of you each time your hips met. He got on the bed on his knees straddling Jungkook’s knees he pushed himself inside of your tight asshole without any preparation. Whimpering into Jungkook’s mouth your back arched and you felt the painful burn creep up your spine, you loved every moment of it. Jungkook held still rubbing soothing circles into your hips letting his tongue glide against yours to distract you from the pain.

Jaebum waited for you to adjust before he started to create a slow lazy thrust in and out of you. Jungkook followed suit and together they created a rhythm that had you scratching down Jungkook’s chest and seeing starts. Your hips were still as each fucked into you stretching out your holes. Jaebum started to slam harder into your tight asshole his thick dick filling you up and pressing against your walls. You felt Jungkook throbbing inside of your pussy, rotating his hips to land against your spot. Jaebum pulled at your hair making you arch your back slightly so that they could both hear your cries of pleasure. Jungkook leaned up to suck on your breast again and with Jaebum’s free hand he rubbed your wet throbbing clit adding to your pleasure. Your body shook and you trembled trying to hold out but you couldn’t. A few more powerful snaps of both hips inside of you had you spilling your essence onto Jungkook’s dick. Jaebum praised you for cumming biting on your shoulder he filled up your asshole next. Snapping his hips harshly against yours causing your skin to redden his emptied his load into your ass causing you to whine and clench around him and Jungkook who forced himself to hold out so that he could enjoy this. Seeing you spent and sweaty and thoroughly fucked for him was the breaking point. And before he knew it he was releasing his own cum inside of your pussy pressing your hips down against his so that you could take every ounce of cum he had to give you. Leaning over him you tried to catch your breath playing in Jungkook’s sweaty hair. Laying against him Jaebum pulled out of you stroking your back leaning down to kiss across your ass cheeks before he laid on the bed beside Jungkook.

“Can we go again?” Jungkook asked softly causing you to give a tired laugh as Jaebum slapped your ass.

“Of course, we can. Maybe this time you ride me?” You teased kissing his lips repeatedly.

Operation Pirate Law

So, I answered the call to write a fic for the CSSV for someone who didn’t receive one. Imagine my delight when I discovered that it was for none other than @lenfaz! So, here you are Lena, I hope you enjoy. It may not take place during Valentine, but it does include two meddlesome boys trying to act like cupid! 

Thanks to @emmandhook for letting me be involved and a BIG thank you to @captndevil for being my amazing last minute beta!


All of Liam’s efforts to get his older brother together with the town Deputy are not having the desired effect. Maybe he needs to change tactics and find himself an accomplice? Fortunately, the Deputy’s son has the same idea, and together they put into action – Operation Pirate Law.

Word count: ~7000

Rating: general audiences

Also on Ao3 and ff.net

Killian Jones let out a deep sigh as he approached the Storybrooke Sheriff Station. He and his younger brother, Liam, had only been in town a few weeks, and although they’d had a rough few months leading up to this point, Killian thought Liam was past this sort of behavior. He supposes nothing should surprise him anymore.

It wasn’t until five months ago that Killian was even aware that he had a younger brother. His father, Brennan Jones, had passed back in England and the executor had been sent to America to both notify Killian of his father’s passing and to inquire whether or not he would accept guardianship over his half brother, per his father’s wishes. Killian hadn’t seen or heard from his father in nearly twenty-five years, and he wasn’t sure which had been the biggest shock, the news of Brennan’s death, the news that he had a half brother, or the fact that his younger brother shared the same name as his deceased older brother.

At first, Killian’s anger towards the man who had abandoned him, his older brother, and his mother had caused him to refuse taking responsibility of the younger Liam. For a brief few days Killian justified his refusal to uphold his father’s last wish as a way to somehow get back at the man who’d walked out on them and then, apparently, replaced them with another family, but then that voice of reason (which always sounded like his brother, Liam - his older brother, Liam) had prevailed. Within a week, the younger Liam had arrived and Killian found himself in the role of part brother, part parent to a thirteen-year-old boy whose entire world had been turned upside down.

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ice cream au part two.

Neil’s busy dealing with Aaron’s ice cream (pistachio, gross) when Andrew walks into the creamery. For a moment, all the twins do is stare at each other, which actually looks rather comical, before Andrew crosses his arms and viciously demands, “What is she doing here?”

Katelyn, Neil notices, has gone rather pale.

An ugly sneer works its way onto Aaron’s face as he pulls Katelyn close. Neil tries to make eye contact with Dan at the waffle cone machine, in the hope that she’ll intervene if a fight breaks out.

“Oh,” says Aaron, “Like it’s not completely obvious what you’re doing?”

Desperately, Neil finishes with the ice cream. “Strawberry, right?” he asks Katelyn, who is watching Andrew nervously. She nods, but Neil’s pretty sure she’s lost her appetite. He scoops out her ice cream in record time before stabbing in a small plastic spoon and passing it over the counter.

The twins seem to have ended their stare-down by the time Neil’s done, though the animosity between them is still almost tangible. He quickly rings up Aaron and Katelyn and prays that they won’t decide to stay at one of the creamery’s small tables. Katelyn offers him a shaky smile as he hands her the change, and he tries to give her one back. He still owes her for hours of patient tutoring.

Andrew looks furious by the time he arrives at the register, which is new for him. Neil is impressed by how aggressively he eats his ice cream as soon as Neil hands it to him, but refuses to be cowed by Andrew’s little temper tantrum.

“Palmetto would appreciate it if you don’t nearly start familial brawls on our premises,” he tells Andrew, counting out the coins.

Already done with the first scoop and taking huge bites out of the cone, Andrew fixes him with a glare. “Children should be seen and not heard.”

A grin stretches its way across Neil’s face. “Says the one who’s five-foot-flat and eating the ice cream that everyone over twelve complains is too sweet.”

Andrew scowls fiercely, biting into his ice cream and giving Neil sympathy shivers for his poor gums. “Oh Neil,” he sighs, “Don’t you know that the customer is always right?”

Neil starts for a moment, a terrifying buzzing in his ears, before remembering that he’s currently wearing his nametag, and that Andrew knows him anyways so it shouldn’t be a big deal. “That’s a flawed ideology,” he manages.

“Mmm,” Andrew agrees. “But a semester in your psychology class has showed me that you’re used to being wrong.” Dropping his change into the tip jar, Andrew raises his hand to give Neil a smug two-fingered salute as he walks away.

#6 Auston Matthews

okay so that hurt auston matthews one was so good, could you write something more like that? maybe not him being injured but just frustrated bc the leafs are losing lots of games or something like that

I LOVE ANGST but im v bad bc i just write everyone happy smh

Tbh i just realised i got two similar requests in a row

Warnings: language idk?? 

Song suggestion of the day: Scorpio by Emily Bea (its so sweet and I.. AWH)

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You narrowed your eyes a little as you tried to concentrate on the garbled instructions on the other end of the phone over the noise of the television blaring in the next room. You found yourself apologising quickly as you ducked your head out of the kitchen, covering the bottom of the phone as you did so. “Auston can you turn that down a bit.” You called, but you didn’t bother to linger long enough to see if your boyfriend, who was sat rigidly on the couch glaring at the TV, would actually comply with your request.

“Sorry,” you murmured into the phone, pressing a hand to your other ear as you attempted to catch what they were asking you as you tried to update your health insurance for the third time this week. “Okay, yep.” you replied, hastily scrawling something down on the notepad you had ready. You suppressed a groan of annoyance as the TV continued to play at exactly the same volume. “I’m so sorry.” you told the woman on the other end of the line before you walked into the living room, covering the phone again and resorting to standing in front of the TV to get your boyfriend’s attention. “Auston, can you please turn that down, I’m on the phone.”

Usually this wasn’t a problem but the way Auston had been acting lately was anything but usual. Your sweet and charming boyfriend had been moody and overly sarcastic for the past couple of weeks. No matter how open to talking you’d made yourself to him he was having none of it. So you’d given him space and hoped he’d sort himself out but now you were of the opinion that it had gotten a little out of hand. Auston had been watching his old games at full volume and you’d tried to be accomodating. He hardly spoke to you and you’d tried to be patient with him. He was hardly home and you tried to be understanding. But seeing as you were trying to keep this house functional, your patience was wearing thin.

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Ooh! Can we get 20, 53, 56, and 72 with bucko? Thanks!!

20. “You’re a really awful liar.”
53. “I heard you making some pretty obscene noises last night..”
56. “I heard you crying out my name in your sleep.. I came to check on you..”
72. “Baby, you’re blushin’.. don’t worry, I didn’t see anything.”

“So, doll.. I gotta ask ya something.” Bucky called from across the training room as you were lying back on the bench press, sweat clinging to your forehead and sliding down the valley between your breasts. You and Bucky had been training together for the past 8 months, since Tony had asked you to move out of your tiny apartment in the city and into the tower. The two of you had an instant connection, though you didn’t understand why… except for maybe that he was so fucking attractive that it hurt. You were absolutely smitten with him.

“Ask away, Sarge.” You grunted, sitting up and pushing your hair away from your face as you looked at him. His tank top was clinging to his chest, drenched in sweat, and you felt your mouth water at the sight. He smiled bashfully, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink. “So I uh.. I heard you crying out my name in your sleep last night.. I came to check on you..” He pauses, his eyes locking with yours as you feel embarrassment flooding your body. Oh god, oh god.

“I knocked on your door, but you didn’t answer.. so I came in.. I heard the shower running.. I also heard you making some pretty obscene noises..” He continued, coming closer to you as he spoke, a cocky grin on his lips.

“I.. I..” you tried to find the words to explain yourself, but you were speechless. That only made his smile grow. “You’ve got some pretty moans, babygirl..” he practically growls, now standing directly in front of you, looking down at you through his thick eyelashes. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I.. I never..” You trailed off, and he chuckled lowly. “You’re a really awful liar.

You knew it was pointless to continue trying to lie to him. He’d caught you in the act. Who could blame you for pleasuring yourself to the thought of the beautiful man in front of you? Surely, he was the object of many women’s fantasies.

He started speaking again, your eyes growing wider and wider with each word that left his lips. “I uh.. I gotta confess.. I went to knock on your bathroom door, but you’d left it open a little bit..” He sounds almost nervous as he speaks, tucking his hands into the pockets of his sweatpants.

You could feel your face turn 5 different shades of red as you look up at him, silently pleading that he didn’t see exactly what you were doing.

Baby.. you’re blushin’..” He points out, sitting on the bench in front of you. “Don’t worry, I didn’t see anything.. I wouldn’t wanna look at ya without permission…” he tries to reassure you, cocking his head to the side as he waits patiently for you to finally speak.

“And.. and if you had my permission?” You whispered, wetting your lips when you see him biting into his own. He chuckled once more, scooting even closer to you on the bench. “Is that an invitation, doll?” He wonders, his eyes now focused on your lips. You nod slightly, bumping your nose against his in the process. “You don’t gotta ask me twice.” He breathes, pressing his lips onto yours.

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Being Bucky Barnes' Therapist & Dating Him Would Include..

• Previously, working at S.H.I.E.L.D.

• Then, working in the Avengers tower.

• Being Tony Stark’s therapist, too because, he can.

• Bucky being surprised to see you with Tony.

• Tony eventually, letting you stay with them in the tower.

• Being the closest to Bucky’s room.

• Waking up in the middle of the night by his screams from the opposite room.

• Cuddling him to lull him back to sleep.

• Staying with him that night.

• Gradually, getting close to him.

• Him first, falling for the way you listened so intently.

• Then, him falling for the way you brush your hair behind your ear.

• Him noticing when you’re stressed.

• “Why don’t I do the listening, this time?”

• Him listening, just as intently.

• Him just loving you for yourself, once he gets to know you.

• Falling for him, because of the way he tries to understand.

• You thinking it’s inappropriate to have a relationship with your patient.

• Then, the cuddling becomes a hobby.

• Him being scared to touch you with his iron arm.

• Being there, once he’s unfrozen.

• Promising yourself not to let him go, again and embracing those feelings.

• Delicate, really gentle kisses.

• Cuddling up to you, wrapping his normal arm, tightly around you.

• Being afraid of losing you.

• Thinking he’s unworthy of you, because of his past.

• Steve liking you and trusting you with his friend.

• Sam just thinking it’s wierd.

• Being best friends with Sam before you even meet Bucky.

• Sam feeling replaced.

• Because, Bucky’s literally, your best friend, starting from the moment you get comfortable with each others.

• Him being afraid of hurting you, scaring you or pushing you away.

• You being afraid of pushing him too far or losing him.

• Each of you thinking the other is delicate.

• After five years of being together, you eventually make him a tad more social.

• Tony snorting every time Bucky’s mentioned or when the two of you are in the same room.

• Nat and Hawkeye disapproving because, you used to work with them at S.H.I.E.L.D. so, the three of you are close friends and they worry about you.

• Being so badass.

• T'Challa admiring your wisdom.

• Being buddies with Peter.

• Eventually, turning into the Spidey’s therapist AND best friend.

• Thor eventually, coming to you for advice.

• “I have heard that you do well in your job.”

• “Um, well.. I have a Ph.D in human psychology… But, you’re not human.. So, I can only try.”

• Having a mutual respect with Bruce.

• Being motherly towards Pietro, Wanda and Peter.

• Being friends with Vision.

• Because, the dude’s literally, the only one who respects your terms of privacy and space, besides Bucky, of course.

• Tony calling you on your vacation to rant.

• Him always choosing the time when you and Bucky are getting cosy.

• Groaning in annoyance, every single time.

• “Shut up, Popsicle. I pay you for this.”

• “Uh, no.. You don’t.. None of you do.”

• Being the Avengers’ precious little motherly, friend.

• Bucky loving how motherly you are.

• Him being overprotective.

• Him being jealous of any and ever guy, that approaches you, because of his self-consciousness.

• Sulking like an adorable large puppy with a metal arm.

• Having to assure him of how perfect, he is, despite how cute he looks.

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Your Scotty headcanon from last night had me emotional and I was wondering if when you have the time you could do the same or something similar for AOS Jim? Please and thank you.

Originally posted by leetya-blog

Jim Kirk loves boldly.

Jim realizes that there’s something different about Leonard McCoy right off the bat. 

Jim kind of wants to kiss him. Jim definitely wants to fuck him. There’s something about Leonard McCoy that holds him back. There’s something about Leonard McCoy that draws him in. 

Jim doesn’t spend too much time pondering it. He’s not a worrier or an overanalyzer, and besides, things usually seem to work themselves out, in the end. 

Jim realizes that he’s in love with Bones only after Gaila calls him on it. 

“I am not,” he opens his mouth to protest, but her words, and their meaning, sink in before he can deny it. 

“Huh,” he says instead.

“Huh,” says Gaila in return, because she’d only half-believed it anyway. She’d fully expected Jim to laugh her off, threatening to prove to her once and for all that Jim Kirk isn’t in love with any dude, thank you very much, but Jim actually seems to be considering it, and for the first time in her life, Gaila finds herself at a loss.

Jim’s not paying her any attention. “I’m in love with Bones,” he says absently, and that is that.

Jim realizes that this scares the ever-loving shit out of him. 

Jim ponders it for a solid week. He’s broody, silent, giving Bones subtle side-eye until Bones finally throws his PADD and says, “What the fuck is wrong with you, Jim?”

“Nothing,” says Jim, and then he bolts out the door, away from Bones and his discerning gaze.

He finds himself ambling across the quad, hands stuffed deeply in his pockets. Why Bones, of all people? Bones is his best friend. Jim cares about Bones. Cares deeply, in fact. His friendship with Bones is important to him. It’s simple, uncomplicated - or it was - and the last thing Jim wants to do is risk it all on a silly social construct like love.

He avoids the apartment for the rest of the week.

Jim realizes abruptly, during his advanced tactics class, that love is a risky game

He realizes that love is taking your body, heart, and soul, all that you are, and entrusting it to another person. That of course that other person is someone you care deeply about, otherwise it wouldn’t be love. That there’s nobody in this world that Jim trusts more than Leonard McCoy.

“Oh,” he says.

“You have something to add, Kirk?” Admiral Archer peers expectantly over his spectacles. 

“Fundamental in allowing for boldness is accepting the inevitability of chaos,” Jim answers automatically. 

“Excellent,” says Archer warmly. “The logic of calculated risk taking has no place in it for chaos,” he continues, rapping his cane on the podium. “There must be a balance between analyzing risks, ladies and gentlemen, and acting. That balance is boldness.”

And with that, Jim makes up his mind.

Jim realizes that wooing Bones is going to be difficult. 

The thing is, he’s not wooing Bones, not exactly. Wooing is Jim Kirk’s game, and he excels at it, but this, this is different. He’s not pursuing, charming, chasing, propositioning. Jim doesn’t have good words for what he wants with Bones. It’s a slower thing, a gentler thing, a stabler, tender, sensitive thing, and Jim’s not quite sure how to label it, let alone approach it.

Everything he tries fails horribly. 

Bones thinks nothing of it when Jim takes him to dinner. 

Bones thinks nothing of it when Jim hacks the call system on Bones’ birthday.

Bones drinks the expensive bourbon without a word. 

Bones just sighs when Jim crawls into bed with him. 

He elbows Jim hard when Jim reaches for his hand.

Bones quirks an eyebrow at the candles. “You’re gonna burn the building down if you’re not careful, Jim,” he drawls. 

Jim decides it’s time for the direct approach. He shoots Bones a message. “Meet me after clinic,” it says. “Need to talk.”

“Well,” says Bones, folding his arms across his chest and giving Jim The Eyebrow. “What did you wanna talk about first, kid, the fact that I’m all out of bourbon, or how a year and a half later, I’m still stumbling over your fucking shoes in the morning?” Bones nudges the offending item with his toe. “This one’s even got some of the quad left on it.” 

“No, asshat, I love you,” Jim blurts, because he’s already replaced the damn bourbon, if someone would be bothered to look, and honestly, how thick can Bones be? 

Bones whistles appreciatively. “That’s a good one, Jim.” He shakes his head and settles on his desk, half sitting, half leaning. “Save it for someone who’ll buy it.” 

“No, Bones, I’m serious.” Jim’s sick and tired of dancing around it. “I’m in love with you.”

Bones goes very still. 

Jim moves toward him. “Bones?”

Bones snaps his head up and just stares at Jim for a long moment. “You mean you want to fuck me,” he says slowly. His brow is furrowed.

“No,” says Jim, a little put out. Why does Bones make it sound like such a bad thing? “No. I mean, yes, god, yes, but it’s more than that, Bones. You’re more than that. I want… I want the dating, I think,” Jim pauses, shaking his head, because that’s not quite right.  “And I want us to sleep in the same bed -”  

Bones snorts.

“No, I mean really, not just because yours is closest to the door! And I want…” Jim’s voice breaks. He can’t find the words for exactly what he wants, and fuck, he really should have thought this through. He’s rambling now, panicking. “I want to touch you, Bones, not for any reason, just because, and I want to take you out, just us, like, together together, and I want this to be real, not some -”

Bones cuts him off with a wave of his hand and a sharp, “How much have you had to drink?”

“Nothing!” Jim protests, and Bones must believe him, because he lets it go, moving wearily to the couch and sinking down with his head in his hands.

Jim sits hesitantly beside him.

“Jim,” he sighs heavily through his fingers, and then he’s looking at Jim with eyes that are too dark, almost desperate. “You do not love me. You are not in love with me. Okay?”

“Bullshit.” Jim says firmly. He’s having to hold back a grin, because Bones’ tone is telling him a lot. 

He knows better than to push, though. Not today.

“Unbelievable,” Bones mutters, reaching for his PADD. Jim knows he’s going to bury himself in case studies for the rest of the evening.

That’s fine, though. Jim leaves the conversation feeling lighter than he has in a month. He decides he’ll just have to tell Bones every day until Bones believes him.

Jim tells Bones every morning as they’re brushing their teeth. He leaves handwritten notes around the apartment for Bones to find. He sends Bones messages on his comm at the clinic, and he bombards Bones’ PADD during his slow lectures. He tells Bones as they’re walking across the quad, and he tells Bones when he stumbles in at 2 am on Thirsty Thursday.

Bones grouses, rolls his eyes, mostly ignores him, until one day, he grips Jim’s arm tightly. “Jim, stop,” he says raggedly, and his eyes are dark, pleading. “Please.” 

So Jim does.

At least, he stops saying it verbally. But he’s careful to keep his boots under his bed, and he leaves the bourbon in Bones’ closet, where he can find it. He makes coffee, he folds laundry. He resolutely ignores Gaila’s suggestive gaze, and he makes a calculated effort to come home before midnight, particularly after Bones has been on call. 

It goes on for months. Jim’s about ready to give up on love altogether when he finds Bones sitting on his bed one afternoon.

“Jim,” says Bones in a raw voice, and Jim can see immediately that it’s been a terrible shift. Bones’ eyes are bloodshot, and he smells like cheap whiskey and antiseptic. “Did you mean it?”

And Jim knows, immediately, what Bones is asking. “With all my heart, Bones,” he says softly, gently prying the bottle away from his fingers. “And we’re gonna have the rest of this conversation sober, okay?”

Bones quirks his head in question, blinking blearily up at Jim as if he’s never seen him before. “Okay,” he says finally.

Jim realizes that even after they’re together, Bones is the one that’s going to hold them back.

It’s that risk-taking thing again, Jim knows. Once bitten, twice shy, the saying goes, and that’s Bones all over. 

Jim is patient. He tries his best to be gentle, not to push. 

When Bones wants to take things slow, Jim agrees. When Bones isn’t comfortable taking his hand in public, Jim understands. 

When Bones calmly introduces Jim to Phillip Boyce as his partner, Jim’s face breaks into a wide grin, and he thinks he’s never been more delighted in his life. 

Jim realizes, after the Harrison incident, that his death had shaken Bones, but his resurrection had shattered him.

It takes him a while to understand. Jim’s own thoughts are in turmoil, his own emotions bleeding and raw, and Bones had been so solid, so composed, that Jim almost hadn’t recognized the signs at all. 

It nearly breaks them.

Jim’s got to get back on his feet again, and then there’s the whole fiasco with the medical board of ethics that leaves Bones fighting for his license, but when the dust settles, Jim acts. He’s desperate to save his relationship, to save Bones, Bones who’s saved him so many times, in so many ways, and nearly lost himself in the process. 

So Jim pulls all the strings he can, and nearly burns some bridges to do it, but he finally gets ‘fleet approval for an extended leave of absence for both himself and for Bones. 

He takes Bones back home, home to Georgia, away from rank and regulations and responsibilities. They spend long lazy days in the hot sun, rebuilding, relearning. 

Jim realizes after Yorktown that he wants to marry Bones.

It hits him suddenly, with a force that knocks the breath from his lungs and sends his emotions reeling. 

He’s at a press conference with the bridge officers. Ben comes to stand beside Hikaru, and the Sulu’s are met with a flurry of questions.

“My husband,” says Hikaru, reaching up to place his hand on Ben’s arm. His wedding band glistens in the light.

My husband.

My husband.

The words reverberate incessantly in Jim mind. Simple words, effortless words, but powerful, profound, absolutely earth-shattering to Jim. 

My husband.

“You’re quiet tonight,” Bones says over dinner that evening. He shoots Jim a questioning little glance.

“Just thinking,” says Jim distractedly. 

“Well I’ll be damned,” Bones drawls through a bite of replicated new potato. He lifts an eyebrow. “Didn’t think you had it in you, Jim.”

“Shut up,” says Jim, but his words are without heat. He’s in the middle of a personal paradigm shift, mind far too occupied to engage in playful banter over the dinner table. 

Bones shrugs, rolls his eyes, and leaves Jim to his thoughts. 

Jim’s never really considered marriage. It’s never been on his bucket list, it’s not something he’s ever needed, or wanted.

Until now.

He looks over at Bones, oblivious, gorgeous Bones, gnawing on dry, tasteless chicken with a disgusted little snarl on his lip. His hair’s in disarray from where he’s run his hands through it one too many times. He’s barefooted, still wearing his ‘fleet issue blue scrubs from rounds that morning. 

We can’t get married, Jim thinks, turning over the fraternization policies in his mind. Their relationship isn’t secret, not by a long shot, but it would be hard for the brass to turn a blind eye to holy matrimony. Jim shakes his head. The Captain and the CMO. It’s a ridiculous idea. 

Archer’s words come back to him suddenly, from years ago. 

“There must be a balance between analyzing risks, ladies and gentlemen, and acting.”

Boldness, Jim remembers. The balance between acting and analyzing. 

He smiles. He’ll find a ring tomorrow. 

May 12

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  • who was the biggest star in the quidditch WORLD
  • and still went back to school because education is important
  • and goes to hogwarts and throws his name in to do some crazy fucked up tasks
  • even though he already HAS fame and fortune but just because he wants to prove he can do it
  • because he’s probably spent his whole life proving he can do things
    • because he’s an athlete and he’s quiet and he’s big and people probably just assume he isn’t very smart
    • but he is probably one of the hardest working people you’ll ever meet
  • and then he can have literally any girl (and probably some of the guys) that he wants when he gets to hogwarts
  • and he goes to the library - because as much as he is here for the triwizard tournament he also is not sacrificing the education that he is already sacrificing to get
  • and he sees this strange girl with large hair buried in a book
  • so he sits down
  • and he sits there and studies at her table and watches her study
  • and he can’t say her name right no matter how hard she tries but that’s okay because he keeps trying
  • because she’s patient with him and understanding that he is working across language barriers
  • and probably she helps him out when he finds books that are important but difficult to translate
  • and knowing hermione she probably starts learning bulgarian in her free time so he can have someone from hogwarts to talk to
  • and then he asks this strange brilliant bookish girl to the ball
  • because even though he could have everyone he values intelligence so highly but he also values hard work, and hermione has both coming out of her ears
  • and she turns up at the ball and shocks everyone with how beautiful she is
  • but viktor isn’t shocked, because he’s spent weeks in the library bent over books watching her pull her hair and bite her lip and he knows that she is beautiful
  • even without the dress
  • and when they realize that they aren’t going to work out as a couple (for a hundred different reasons)
  • viktor gives her his address and tells her to write
  • because as much as he has loved getting to date this strange bookish girl
  • he has loved getting to be her friend even more
  • and if you don’t think they were pen pals for the rest of their goddamn lives you have another thing coming

second roundup of scattered erasermic fic ideas and headcanons i’ve posted on twitter:

  • please consider mic like… stealth marrying aizawa. “we should be each other’s emergency contacts.” “you should move in to save on rent.” aizawa, while withdrawing money from their shared bank account: “wait” 
  • kayama gets aizawa a present mic dakimakura as a joke. it’s… very awkward when mic finds it in his closet. [mic voice] “you know, if you wanted to cuddle with me, you could have just asked.”
  • i want mic’s apartment to be incredibly messy in a “i don’t have time to organize things but i know exactly where everything is” sort of way. “hizashi, where are your spare towels?” “they should be on top of the refrigerator.” “… why?” “well i was folding laundry but then - ”
  • mic adopts a cat and then keeps calling aizawa at weird hours freaking out every time he doesn’t know how to take care of the cat. aizawa tries to patiently walk mic through everything but ends up just coming over to help mic because mic really knows nothing about cats.
  • i want aizawa to be the type of person who drives 20 miles over the speed limit and corners really sharply but thinks he’s a good driver.
  • i kinda want a young!erasermic fic where mic asks aizawa out but gets rejected cuz aizawa thinks that the class put him up to it as a joke but i ALSO kinda want a fic where aizawa asks mic out and gets rejected cuz mic thinks aizawa found out about his crush and is mocking him.
  • have i talked about siren mic before? siren mic who sings in the shower and keeps hypnotizing his poor neighbor, aizawa.
  • ALTERNATIVELY siren!mic who’s disappointed that his voice doesn’t seem to affect aizawa at all (it’s actually cuz aizawa’s already in love).
  • mic’s probably that annoying friend who calls all the time while aizawa will communicate solely through text (if he replies at all). aizawa’s phone is filled with voicemails from mic. he listens to all of them, but never picks up when his phone rings.
  • kinda want one of those classic fics with established relationship erasermic where mic wants kids but doesn’t know how to tell aizawa. he’s expecting aizawa to be like “we don’t have the time, our jobs are too risky, we already teach a million teenagers, etc" but in the end aizawa’s like "so, adoption or surrogacy?” and mic just stares at him for a moment before saying “adoption?”
#15 for Happy



“Hurry up,” Happy rasped. You were standing in front of the mirror in your bedroom in your underwear surrounded by a strewn pile of clothes.

“But I have nothing to wear!” You complained. Happy frowned at you, looking pointedly at all the discarded clothing.

“Go naked,” He said flatly. You pouted at him.

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anonymous asked:

can you do RFA+V+Saeran for an mc who does MMA fighting :0 like they see her all banged up but she's still smiling (ofc bc who can't smile at the babes) n stuff. thank uuu

“bc who can’t smile at the babes“ Very accurate. I could be bleeding to death and I’d still smile at them.

-That’s mildly intimidating..
-He’s definitely not a fan of violence…
-That’s not going to change the fact that he is very impressed at how talented you are.
-Like you’re so strong?? How?? Can you tell me your secrets??
-Even though it’s violent, he’s supportive until the end of everything you do, so he attends all of your matches and sometimes also your training, if allowed.
-He was watching a match of yours and was growing more and more concerned. Never once has he doubted your skill, but your opponent is not holding back at all (not that he expected them to).
-During a time out, he rushes over to check on you.
-Your face is so bloody he almost screams.
-“H-hey, are you okay?”
-You give him a big smile. “I’m great!”
-Not the answer he was expecting but honestly he has so much respect for you. Like he’s always had so much respect for you but damn you just doubled it.
-Now, he’s your biggest cheerleader and fan, but he was before anyway. The only difference is he’s not as worried about every little thing that happens during your matches. He’s more focused on giving you encouragement from the audience.
-Seeing you injured isn’t a pleasant thing, but the fact that you can take so much is so admirable.

-He does take comfort in knowing you know how to fight, though. It takes some weight off his shoulders. You can defend yourself from the wolves~
-He watches all of your matches, of course; from the front row, if possible.
-Just like how you go to all of his performances.
-He’s very nervous the whole time because he’s paranoid that you’re going to get seriously injured. He is on the edge of his seat. Anytime you get hit, he has a heart attack.
-Zen knows you’re amazingly talented, but he can’t help but worry.
-When he sees you all beat up,
-he panics.
-Your nose is bleeding and your face is littered with bruises and dark marks.
-“Jagiya, are you okay??!!”
-You give him the most sparkling smile ever. “I’m great!”
-…Not the response he expected…but it’s adorable!!!! You have such a fighting spirit!!!
-He still worries about you, but now, he believes in you even more. He cheers from the sidelines all the time.
-He brags to everyone he knows that his s/o is an MMA fighter. He even tells exaggerated stories about matches you’ve won.
-If you have any awards, he displays them around his place.
-So proud.

-She knows judo.
-So everybody knows not to mess with either of you.
-You guys are the badass couple that looks all adorable and relationship goals worthy, but everybody knows to be nice or else they’ll get a black eye, if they’re lucky.
-You aren’t just a loving couple running a cafe together. You could fuck them up if needed.
-Don’t mess with Jaehee and her s/o or else.
-But anyway~~
-She is supportive af
-Words cannot describe how proud this Mom Friend™ is of you. She’ll go to every one of your matches. She wouldn’t miss it for the world.
-Soccer mom but instead of her kid it’s her s/o and instead of soccer it’s MMA fighting
-In her opinion, you’re more talented than she is when it comes to fighting.
-She’s usually able to stay calm when your opponent is beating you up. She knows it’s part of the sport and you’ve been through it all before.
-But you were getting beat. up. during this one match.
-When you have a timeout, she rushes over.
-“How are you feeling, _____?”
-You smile at her with a busted lip, bleeding down your face. “Better than ever!”
-Jaehee smiles back, inspired and pumped up by your energy.
-“That’s my _____!”
-Jaehee would rather attend your matches than musicals.
-That’s how much she loves you and your career.

-He doesn’t want you getting hurt.
-here we go again
-You tell him that you’ve been doing this for a while so you know what you’re doing, and you also go very in depth about all of the safety precautions in the sport to calm him down.
-While he was watching you fight once, you got beat up pretty bad, so he was very worried.
-When there is a timeout, he goes straight to you.
-“Love, are you okay?”
-You smile up at him. “Yeah, I’m doing great!”
-“…They must’ve hit your head too hard. Where is my lawyer?”
-Seriously, your bleeding profusely from your lip and you’re covered in bruises you’re not “doing great”.
-“Jumin, I’m fine.”
-Have fun convincing him
-With time, he’ll calm down. When you say you’re fine, you’re really fine. He trusts that you’re skilled and know your own limits.
-Eventually, he’s more proud and impressed than worried.
-Granted, he is still worried, but only low key.

-Impressed, to say the least.
-He knows how to defend himself, but you? You’re like a professional.
-He really pushes the “Defender 606” nickname. He calls you that all the time now.
-You’re so strong he just swoons.
-He likes watching you practice because you’re so talented and he’s so in awe of everything you can do.
-Stop staring at me Saeyoung I’m trying to focus on training
-At matches, he’s only a little worried about you.
-He knows punches are nothing. His 606 is too strong to be fazed by something so weak. He only gets worried about serious injuries like broken bones.
-You were getting the hell beat out of you once though and he was getting worried.
-During the time out, he goes to you.
-“How are you holding up..?”
-Despite having a busted lip and bloody nose, you give him the most determined, energetic smile and say “I’m doing great!”
-He laughs. “Yeah! You show ‘em, _____!”
-Cheering so loud it disturbs the people around him and he almost gets kicked out happens a lot.
-But he brags about you constantly. He’ll make up stories that are no where close to real just to make you sound even better than you already are.

-He doesn’t like violence of any kind really but he’s still sooo supportive of your MMA career.
-V, who wouldn’t hurt a fly, in love with you, an MMA fighter.
-Seeing you get hit always makes him worried but he trusts your skills.
-He can be a bit of a doting mother hen sometimes, like he’ll give you bandaids and treat even your smallest injuries once you get home because it’s important to him.
-“Make sure to stretch, _____!”
-“_____, remember to drink plenty of water while you’re training!”
-He does go to all of your matches as support. Honestly, his presence motivates you.
-But, one day, your opponent was beating the hell out of you.
-V became concerned. He rushed to you during a timeout.
-“My love, are you okay?”
-Busted lip and bloody nose, you smile widely. “Of course!”
-..Oh, okay.
-No need to worry then. _____ can handle themselves.
-So he just calmly goes back to his seat after giving you a few motivating words. He’s not as worried about you because you’re obviously fine.
-He congratulates you after each match and tells you how amazing you were, even if you lost.

-He likes that you know so much about fighting because it means you can handle yourself if need be. It eases his worry and anxiety knowing that if you were in danger, you could defend yourself, and if he was in danger, you could defend him.
-He flinches every time you get hit, and sometimes even when you just get swung at.
-One match, you’re getting really battered up, so he is a big ball of anxiety.
-He comes over and checks on you during a time out, visibly very concerned.
-You smile widely, your mouth a bit bloody. “I’m fine, Saeran. I feel great!”
-Is that normal..?
-But he trusts you so… he believes you when you say you’re okay.
-He really doesn’t like you getting hurt but you’re obviously okay, judging by your attitude towards the sport.
-He really doesn’t understand the appeal in this kind of thing, but he doesn’t want to be unsupportive. Sometimes, though, he doesn’t attend your matches simply because to full of loud crowds and people fighting so it makes him uncomfortable. If it means anything, he does wish he could support you better…
-He tries his best please be patient