he tries to be patient

if he throws things, leave. if he takes the keys and leaves in the middle of an argument just so you worry, just so you beg him back, just so you regret chasing him off, leave. if he kicks dogs, if he says violent things as a “joke”, if he gets drunk and gets too handsy, leave. i don’t care if he has a troubled past, you’re not his therapist. there is a difference between being patient while he genuinely gets help, tries to get better - and putting up with him because he once felt sad about something. you do not need to be there to fix him. to put him together. it is not your job to heal him.

if she doesn’t let you hang out with your friends without punishing you, leave. if every time you gently ask her to change a part of the relationship she takes it as a personal attack, leave. if she hits you, if she threatens to castrate you or otherwise harm you, if she fakes pregnancy or stalks you, leave. i don’t care that she’s a girl and you’re taught we’re not dangerous. i don’t care if she’s “only” emotionally manipulating you, you’re not weak for going. if she hurts you, leave. you’re not required to stay with her. 

people will use whatever they can to get you to stay. they will tell you they want to change but will not make any effort to do so. they will hold you to them even if it means ruining you. don’t brush aside the small things, waiting for a “big” thing to happen. it is easy to love someone so much that you want to forgive them. don’t. don’t try to explain their behavior to yourself. if they are not open about communicating their mental illness or trauma and willingly getting help, if they are not actively changing themselves, if they don’t apologize sincerely, if they are not making every effort to make sure it doesn’t happen again - if they only are “hurting” when it’s an excuse to hurt you too - leave. don’t look back. we want to help people, because we are hurting too. but not at the cost of yourself. not at the cost of you.

Can we just talk about

how grossly in love Viktor is with Yuri?? Like, he is so painfully, disgustingly in love with him and not one bit ashamed of it??? He uproots his entire life, moves across the fucking world, only to find that this hot, awkward little shit doesn’t remember what happened between them at the party. And what does Viktor do, then? He waits. He supports Yuri. He tries to get to know him, really know him. He’s patient. He’s kind. He never pushes Yuri into anything he doesn’t really want to do. And once Yuri opens up to him, Viktor meets him right where he is. He kisses the blades of his skates. He touches his lips, every chance he gets. He literally waits with open arms a thousand times, just so Yuri can take that last step into an embrace of his own accord. Viktor Nikiforov doesn’t fall in love, he fucking jumps and he puts his entire heart and soul into it, without expecting anything in return. He’s just so brave and I’m so, so proud of him. 

Random headcanon

For Harley, the one positive thing about being sick is getting extra attention from Joker. This includes:

• more cuddles/kisses

• being persuaded with candy to take the gross cough medicine she doesn’t like

• getting to sleep whenever she wants

• and being delivered large bowls of ice cream at 3am.

You Call Him Muppet

Mark: Gives you a pitiful look. He doesn’t want to be a muppet, he wants to feel your love.

Jaebum: Tries to remain patient with you, but then has to remind you, daddy is not a muppet and he is also not kidding.

Jackson: Wang puppy not pleased.

Jinyoung: Gurr, tf you just said, you should get spanked.

Youngjae: Kind of likes it, actually

Kunpimook: Starts to act silly, like a muppet indeed.

Yugyeom: Starts to giggle, bc he think muppet is a cute word when you say it.

ok but one of the things I love the most about YOI

is that little cute smile Viktor does when he’s fucking pissed. And the fact that he’s passive agressive instead of violent when he’s offended. Like, they could’ve made him the Sad Troubled Guy With A Tragic Past cliche, but instead they made him a guy who hadn’t had a perfect life and who isn’t in a very nice place with his mental health (or at least he wasn’t before he stopped skating) but who still tries to be patient and kind with others. I respect that.  

Finding Jensen

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Warnings: Fluffy, reader nine months pregnant.

Notes: So, after weeks, I’m finally back to the Supernatural Hiatus Challenge of @one-shots-supernatural, I’m sorry for the many weeks that I haven’t wrote it. I hope you like it!

Prompt 13:“Are you…watching a Disney movie?”

You sighed tiredly when your earring fell on the bathroom floor. You hated when that happened. You were nine months pregnant of your husband, Jensen Ackles, and most of the time it was amazing. You and Jensen always wanted kids, and although you weren’t really trying, the day you found out was the best day of both of your lifes. And even with all the mood swings, the midnight cravings and the continuous whinning about how big your belly was, he still was patient, caring and loving towards you.

You tried to duck to get the earring and gave an irritated sigh when your giant belly didn’t let you. You tried all ways you knew to duck, but the ‘little’ girl inside you didn’t allow it.

“Jay” You said loud enough but you had no answer. “Jensen!” You screamed but still got nothing. You sighed loudly and got out of your room, going down the stairs with difficulty because of your belly. “Jensen, where are you!” You said while you checked the kitchen, and he was not there. He was nowhere to be seen in the first floor. You frowned going to the one place you hadn’t checked; the movie room. He usually only went there when there was a special event and never when the two of you were the only ones in the house. You slowly opened the door and raised your eyebrows when you saw in the projector the little fish Nemo.

“Are you… Watching a Disney movie?” You asked completely confused and you saw him jump on the couch, startled. He surely wasn’t expecting to be caught.

“What the heck, (Y/N)!” He cried, panting with his hand over his heart. You giggled at his reaction, and he rolled his eyes, looking back to the movie and squeezing the pillow that was in his hands, mumbling: “It’s a Pixar movie”

“Still Disney” You laughed, closing the door behind you and with his hand on your back to help you, sitting next to him.

“Why are you watching Finding Nemo?” You asked looking at him, but he didn’t move his eyes from the movie, just huffed.

“I was in the mood.” He said and you raised your eyebrows, making him look at you. “What?” You didn’t reply but it was obvious that you didn’t buy his answer. “So you can have your cravings but I can’t have mine?”  He asked looking back to the screen and you gave a small laugh.

“C'mon, Jay, tell me.” You said holding his hand. He sighed, looking at you and back to the movie before answering in a low voice.

“I’m…” He hesitated like he was embarrassed, rubbing his hands in his grey sweat pants. “I’m just… You know? Getting ready…” He said twisting his lips, and you opened your mouth in adoration. And even though you understood, you needed to hear it from his mouth.

“What do you mean ‘getting ready’?” You asked with a soft voice and he sighed again, looking into your eyes.

“Well… from now on,” He stopped a minute to turn to his side, cuddling with you and putting his hand over your belly, slowly rubbing it. “We will have to be used to it. Seeing those type of movies all the time, and stuff like this.” He said and you smiled, pulling him by the neck to give him a slow kiss. He moaned softly, moving his hand to your thigh. But after a few minutes like this, he sighed, breaking the kiss and moving to his previous position after gaving you a kiss in your forehead.

“You really can’t do this do me, (Y/N)…” He said and you laughed, feeling a little guilty. When you were with eight and a half months, sex started to become less pleasurable and more uncomfortable, and as the weeks passed it only got worse. You started to do just foreplay but now, with your belly the size it was, you were too tired to do anything. He put his arm behind your neck, tighing his grip on you, and you knew that this gesture was a way to reassurge you that it was not your fault.

“Jay…” You said and he hummed as an answer. “Are you scared?” You said and he looked at you.

“Panicking.” He breathed out with a humorless laugh and you stood quietly, letting him talk all his insecurities. “I’m afraid that… I’m not going to be a good father. And I’m already suffering because of all the days I will have to stay away from you, because of the series…”

“Jensen.” You sat up straight, staring at him with a serious face. “You can’t feel guilty because of your job. It’s what you love to do, and I’m happy to stay a few days without you if the reason is because you’re doing something you love.” You said with a small smile cupping his cheeck. “And you’re going to be an amazing father. You already are, believe me.”You said and he gave a small smile, kissing your hand.

“You really think so?” He asked still a little bit insecure, tightening your hand and you gave him a chaste kiss.

“I know so.” You said smiling and he copied your action. You laid your head on his lap, moving around till you found a comfortable position, your belly didn’t make it any easier. He started to toy with your hair, silently watching the movie. “Though you will have to learn to change diapers.” You said and he laughed loudly.

“I think I can do that.” He said and you smiled, directing your attention back to the film. You felt his hand slowly rubbing your belly and you knew that he did it without even noticing, he always did that. And you couldn’t help thinking that what you said minutes ago was an undeniable truth.

“God…” He breathed out after a few minutes. “I can’t stand this movie…”

“What?” You cried surprised. “This is my favorite Disney movie ever! You can’t hate it!” You said and he made a weird face.

“Is not that I hate it, but I’ve seen it like a hundred times with my nephew.” He said and you rolled your eyes playfully.

“Get used to it, because our daughter will love this movie and you will have to see it with her another hundred times.” You said and he laughed, putting his hand in his face.

“God help me then.” He said joking and you laughed. With some small comments here and there, you stayed like this until the movie ended.

“Okay, I’m starving” You said and he helped you get up, turning the projector off.

“News.” He said and you raised you eyebrows.

“Shut up. I’m feeding two people.” You said walking in the direction of the kitchen, starting to feel uncomfortable pains in your back. You heard a loud noise behind you and turned quickly on your heels, frowning when you saw that Jensen had fallen to the ground.

“Jay! What happened? Are you alright?” You said worried and confused, raising your eyebrows when you saw that he was super confused too.

“(Y/N)…” He started slowly. “Did you bring a cup of water to the movie room?” He asked looking at you like he had a clue of what had happened.

“What? No!” You said confused and his eyes widened looking between your legs. You followed his gaze and gasped when you saw that your legs were wet. And it wasn’t pee.

“(Y/N)…?” He said slowly and scared like he was begging for you not to say what he was thinking about.

“Oh shit” You said staring him, both of you with matching panicked expressions. “My water just broke.”

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who's big time rush?

Oh my god this hurts

They were a boyband that was big a few years ago, got put together by Nickelodeon for a tv show that was about 4 boys becoming a boyband

They were great, sounded great live and acoustic and their songs were really nice, and unlike some other boybands they never got into any fights with other celebrities, just all around angels

But Nickelodeon dropped them to kiss 1D’s ass and so with no more show and no Nick to support their music either they all went their own way

Today in health care economics:

One of the psychiatrists in the hospital reads somewhere that, by slightly changing the way he writes his notes, it will get classified in a different “billing category” and the hospital will make twice as much money per patient seen. He tries this and it turns out to be true.

He gets very excited and tells all the other psychiatrists, who had never heard anything about this before. They briefly consider it, then decide that slightly changing the way they write their notes sounds hard, and their salary is unrelated to how much money the hospital makes off each patient. Nothing changes.

One would think that the hospital would either mandate this new type of note directly, or link the psychiatrists’ salaries to the amount of money the hospital gets per patient in order to incentivize changes like this. It doesn’t. One would think the hospital would at least have somebody come around and tell people that a slight change to the notes would make twice as much money, in case somebody wanted to act on it. They didn’t.

I’ve been told that it’s wrong to care too much whether a hospital is for-profit or non-profit. My hospital is non-profit, and I wonder if a for-profit handles this kind of thing differently.

(Fic) Dynamic; Victuri

Title: Dynamic

Rating: PG
Pairing: Victor Nikiforov/Katsuki Yuuri

Warning: Omegaverse; A/B/O dynamic; Alpha!Victor; Omega!Yuuri; mentions of rape

Summary: Victor didn’t know what to think of the Omega Katsuki Yuuri. Likewise, Yuuri finds himself completely overwhelmed by his alpha idol.

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Rochelle had let Fiona sleep in a little bit today while she got started on making the children breakfast.

Gideon had a habit of making quite the mess when he ate. He seemed to be a rather finicky eater. Some of his food looked too gross or scary to him. When this happened, he’d fling the food everywhere to get it away from him.

Fiona and Rochelle tried to be patient to find foods he liked to eat. They also didn’t appreciate cleaning food off the walls and floors, so sometimes Gideon would get a time out.

Peaches - Wonho (M)

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Wonho x JB


Warnings: literally everything. Pure smut, rated M+

Word Count: 3,710

Summary: Mistress said be good and wait for her. Wonho doesn’t listen well, and takes down JB with him.

A/N: I am so sorry this is so filthy idek know.

“Be in position, I’ll be home soon baby boy. Oh, and no touching yourself… or each other.”

Wonho tried to wait patiently, he really did, as he knelt on the bed. His knees were starting to ache from being in position for so long.

“She was supposed to be here by now!” He pouted at his partner, whining for at least the tenth time that minute, but he didn’t care. It’s been at least an hour since the usual time had passed, and Wonho wasn’t sure if he could wait any longer. He looked over at Jaebum and saw him shift positions, his knees must be just as sore. Jaebum reached over and patted his head, knowing how much Wonho hated that. He was sure that Jaebum enjoyed annoying him.

“We’ve been waiting here for so long Bummie,” Wonho reached up to play with the charm on his collar as he whined, again. He looked over at Jaebum for some sort of answer, as if he knew something Wonho didn’t.

“I know hyung.” Jaebum sighed, he continued to play with Wonho’s hair, knowing how much the elder loved it, and how much it calmed him down, “but Mistress never told us she’d meet us here at this time. She just told us to be ready for her.”

Wonho rolled his eyes, he hated when Jaebum was right.

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Fluffy Fenders thoughts, because hey! The world needs them!

I was chatting with @kveikjum and expanding on @calligraphypenn ‘s idea where Anders and Fenris retire to Antiva in a small, but bustling town after Kirkwall.

Anders becomes the town healer, must like he did in Kirkwall while Fenris is a for hire mercenary.

Some domestic notes:

  • Now that they’re close to the humid north, Fenris is able to find the spices he’s used to have back in Tevinter. When he cooks for the first time, Anders delighted shoves a spoonful into his mouth…and almost dies from how spicy it is. Fenris calls him a pansy and eats the entire plate, while Anders is chugging down water. From then on, Anders vows to cook most of the meal.
  • Except the first time Anders tried cooking, he almost set their house on fire. A patient can running to Anders with a stab wound. Anders was so preoccupied healing them, he forgot about the stove. Luckily, Fenris came back in time to stop the fire. But since then, Fenris keeps teasing Anders and won’t let him live down the moment.
  • Anders quickly becomes the town sweetheart, especially to the older housewives. He heals most of their ailments and aching bones. When they find out Anders can’t cook, they 1) either drop off care packages, saying “I made too much. You and Fenris should eat it or it’ll go to waste” or 2) they invite Fenris and Anders to their home so they can feed them.
  • Anders secretly asks the women for recipes for their dishes, because Fenris seems to really enjoy Antivan cuisine, since it has more flavor and spice compared to Ferelden/Kirkwall food that Anders knows how to make.
  • Fenris and Anders takes turn doing household chores. However, Anders enjoys doing the laundry. He takes their basket of clothes and heads to the stream where the other housewives are. He likes gossiping with them, and the housewives and little girls enjoy his company in return. He likes flirting with the grandmas and preteens. The grandmas are flattered by Anders attention, and the preteens gain self-confidence that a handsome man is paying them attention.
  • Everyone in town assumes Fenris and Anders are married, and are shocked when they discover that they aren’t. Fenris and Anders are so domestic and blissful living together, they just assumed. But Anders and Fenris never really thought about it. They are together and happy, so it makes no difference to them.

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How would Bruno deal with an s/o who loves to cuddle him most of the time.

ah sorry these are short! i tried to not write more than what’s necessary because i didn’t want to accidentally be redundant-

Bruno With An S/O Who Loves To Cuddle

  • Bruno is both appreciative and slightly irritated by his s/o’s cuddly nature. He’s a busy man, with many responsibilities coupled with his own love to work towards helping others. Because of this, he loves relaxing and feeling safe with his s/o in his arms. But he won’t feel very comforted if his s/o wants to cuddle while he should be, or wants to be, working. Being a capo is difficult work and it can’t be done with love and snuggling.
  • If his s/o tries to cuddle with him while he’s working, he’ll be patient with them. Gently, he’ll pry them off of him, and if they’re at home, he’ll carry them over to his/their bed so they can be comfy and cuddle a pillow while he’s busy. “Amore mio, I’m too busy to do this now,” is a phrase that he’ll tend to say a lot. If they persist on bothering him, though, frustration will be evident in his face and tone, and even if he never snaps at them, the shift in his mood alone is enough to make his s/o give up.
  • Like I said in the first headcanon, Bruno is busy due to his leader position and his devotion to his job, so he doesn’t get much time to just spend time with his s/o and relax completely. But this means that when he does, he adores it and could be considered clingy if he wasn’t so polite. He’ll want his s/o and his s/o only, climbing under the bed covers with them and pulling them into a close embrace. If they’re spooning, he’ll bury his face in their neck, and if they’re facing each other he’ll do the same, but before that he’ll slowly kiss every inch of their face.
  • It’s also comforting to him when he comes home from a long and tedious mission, only to have his s/o pull him into their arms and cling to him. Given the violence of his profession, it’s grounding when he can go home and be greeted so warmly. It makes balancing a healthy relationship with a dangerous career feel like it’s worth it.

i actually think these are pretty cute, so i hope you like them too!




PERSONAL RANT: Had recent break up; I turn to esports and my friends to help me get over it.

Yeah, the title says it all tbh. LITERALLY A WEEK, before Valentine’s Day, I broke up with the guy I was seeing.. he broke up with me over the worst possible way: OVER THE PHONE. It was an unhealthy relationship 3 months over the whole 6 months we’ve dated. Before he broke up with me, he told me “he couldn’t see me for a while because he was busy with his art portfolio for college he was applying to.” With that, he did not text me for 3 weeks. The thing is, I was used to that kind of miscommunication, with the same excuse he gave me: “HE WAS BUSY WITH HIS PORTFOLIO”. I tried my hardest to be patient, text him everyday saying “good morning” or asking how his day was – NO RESPONSE. The day he broke up with me, he told me the truth: He finished everything a WEEK BEFORE that, and went to Las Vegas with his friends to celebrate without telling me. He did not miss me at ALL during the time he was working with his portfolio. He lived 10 min away from me, and didn’t bother visiting or checking up on me. On the inside for the 3 weeks, I’ve tried to be patient and keep my mind busy with league, work, and endless hours of Skype with my own duo partner//best friend through it all, Jihoon. Many times, it hit me when my OWN best friend has to tell you to leave his sorry ass before he breaks up with me (it was bound to happen eventually and he knew it). My own irl AND twitter//fb//snapchat friends asked me how the fuck I stood my ground with no communication.. it was outright ballsy. It was only then when my ex broke up with me, my mentalilty just BROKE all on its own. It was like my efforts were all for naught. Its now been 3 weeks since the break up.. I’m holding up pretty good, but its hard when the small things remind you of the one you gave your all to.

February 11, 2017 – NA LCS WEEK 4

Just a few days after the break, I went to the NA LCS studio with my twin sister and a couple of my friends. It was the only thing I looked forward to and trying to forget my sadness and negative thoughts. It was the company of friends who are there for you, who kept me completely SANE. I had a great time and wished the day was never ending.

Overall, I turned to esports and my friends for support. It was the best thing that held me down. I even talked to MOON (yes, the jungler from FLY QUEST) about my feelings, and I was lucky to know that I can vent to him if I ever feel down. Like WOW. I had to realize that I LOVE MY FRIENDS AND HOW MUCH THEY ARE THERE FOR ME. My depression//anxiety was the one that got the best of me and ruined me for 6 months. I’m fucking happy that the relationship is over. My friend that I commissioned, was great enough to draw over my ex and draw in my own duo partner instead. Couldn’t be happier honestly. I’m slowly recovering…and will get back to twitch streaming and drawing by end of this week or when March comes~

**Watching Faker stream calms me down for some reason. My friend texted me “the god is online” – it didn’t take me a minute to instantly turn my twitch app on my tv and watch him through the end of his stream. HE REALLY IS A GODSEND.**

BTS when they are learning you korean language


“Okay, and now… let’s go and learn everything about kitchen!”


*gives you some piece of paper*

“There are lyrics to my song. Translate it.”

*goes to sleep*


Hoseok: *tries to find something, what he could translate easily*

You: *waiting patiently for his clever words*

Hoseok: “Don’t talku… don’t talku Jimin… Dirty wather evrywhere!”

You: …


*changes into real genius*

*explains you everything in so difficult way, that you can understand just every 28th word*


Jimin: “Pretty is yeppeun, ok?”

You: “Do you know anything else?”

Jimin: “I don’t need anything else while I’m dating you.”

Jimin: *smiles*

You: *dead*


“You know… my name? Yes? Okay, good… ehm… Its up to you… you learn korean… needed… understand you?”

Taehyung: *cutely smiles*

You: *smiles*

You: “Yes.”

Taehyung: *nodded and rather went away*

Taehyung: NAILED IT


*his eyes widened when you told him, to be your teacher*

Jungkook: …

You: …

Jungkook: … “Pardon?”

You: …

Master list

AU: Caitlin Snow has always been self-sacrificing woman. She agreed to stay with Hunter Zolomon on Earth-2, taking with him the promise that he will close all the portals to Earth-1 and never again show up there. Caitlin was near, that was enough for him. He made her his queen, giving her whole the world. Hunter tried to do everything to please his lady. He was patient enough to wait for the moment when Caitlin will love him.