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demyx + battle quotes

  • buffy the vampire slayer: angel is cryptic, sexy, quietly mysterious, a broody figure with a tragic (and sexy) past
  • angel the series: someone help this poor socially awkward goober who comes off as cryptic because he tries so hard to be cool even though he is perpetually two steps away from humiliating himself in public as he remains so idealistic in the face of overwhelming ptsd and further trauma please he is trying his best
Things I want to tell everyone when I restart the game

I want to tell Zen that he is worth it and let no one tell him otherwise.

I want to tell Yoosung that immersing himself in games is unhealthy and won’t solve all his issues. His issues will continue to stay where they are unless HE does something to solve them.

I want to tell Jaehee that EVERYTHING will work out and her hard work isn’t for nothing. I would also tell her to do what she really wants to do because whatever she does, she’ll do it well.

I want to tell Jumin that he has to let go a bit more and try to understand everyone because even though they may not affect him, he has to understand that everyone feels differently. Even though he’s tried hard to suppress his feelings because of his family, releasing his feelings will make his life so much better.

I want to tell Seven that his past doesn’t mark who he is. He isn’t trapped, he needs to find someone that will help him out of his darkness. He needs to let it all out and RFA is there for him.

I want to tell V that 


“Don’t view all that you experience in life through lenses darkened by the scars of abuse. There is so much in life that is beautiful.[…] Your depression will be converted to peace and assurance. You will close an ugly chapter and open volumes of happiness.”
–Richard G. Scott

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”
–Norman Vincent Peale

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How would a day of Fushimi and Kusanagi being stuck together go?

I feel like the two of them would actually handle that pretty well, Fushimi would probably complain about all the work that still needs doing but there are definitely worse people he could be stuck together with. Maybe he and Kusanagi get hit by the Strain that forces them to hold hands or else suffer terrible pain, as they discover when Fushimi tries to snatch his hand away from Kusanagi’s and they both immediately double over in pain. Once they realize what the issue is I think initially Fushimi would want to go back to Scepter 4, figuring anything’s better than having to go back to Homra, but of then as soon as Fushimi and Kusanagi get back to where Munakata and the rest of the squad is waiting Fushimi has to sit there while Munakata and Kusanagi passive-aggressive at each other for ten minutes. Awashima and Kusanagi also discuss the situation, probably talking over Fushimi’s head as if he isn’t even there and he can’t handle all this subtle flirting so finally he’s like can we just get back to work already. Munakata would probably note that they can’t have Homra’s second in command wandering around Scepter 4 and looking at their confidential files and Fushimi just groans quietly because of course this means he’s getting dragged back to Homra (though despite that Munakata still has his reservations about sending Fushimi off with Kusanagi too, like maybe he can send his child off with mom for the weekend but just remember who has full custody rights okay).

So poor Fushimi has to go back to Bar Homra for the time being and Kusanagi probably has to call ahead to make sure that Yata is kept as far away from the bar as possible until the power wears off (going with this as pre-S1, and naturally Kusanagi doesn’t want Yata anywhere near the bar because Kusanagi keeps his bat pristine and he would like it to remain that way thank you. Totsuka’s probably all excited to have Fushimi back, like how have you been are you eating well here let’s take some commemorative pictures. Anna would be happy to see him too, greeting Fushimi like nothing’s changed and while it’s not really awkward it’s not at all what Fushimi wants, that after all he’s done to be the terrible traitor who turned against Homra the idea of being welcomed back with open arms makes his hackles rise (and probably also makes him wonder for just a moment how it would be if Yata walked in too, if Yata saw him there behind the bar and asked him to stay, and Fushimi’s free hand starts to dig into his scar until Kusanagi grabs his wrist and stops him). Kusanagi probably tries to get Fushimi to be a little less tense, telling everyone to give him space and maybe taking advantage of the situation in order to do a bit of the mentor thing like he always wanted. Imagine Kusanagi deciding to make Fushimi apprentice bartender for the day, showing him how to mix drinks and serve customers and the whole time Fushimi’s clicking his tongue and rolling his eyes like he’s bored but he’s actually paying quite a bit of attention and by the end of the day he’s acting like Kusanagi’s left hand, helping him with things that take two hand to fix. Mikoto wanders by a few times and Fushimi tenses each time but Mikoto just kinda eyes him and shrugs and moves on, giving Fushimi a bit of space, and Fushimi doesn’t really know how to feel about that, irritated at the idea that Suoh Mikoto is trying to do him a kindness.

Kusanagi meanwhile is probably pretty pleased at having the chance to talk with Fushimi again, like he always knew this kid had potential and he’s enjoying getting to see some of what Munakata snatched out from under him. Fushimi finds himself feeling all uncomfortable about that too, like Kusanagi’s being all nice and big brotherly, ruffling his hair and telling him how quickly he’s picking things up and for a moment the bar keeps feeling almost like home in a way that Fushimi can’t stand at all. The rest of the Homra guys come by too and maybe they try to rile Fushimi up a bit but Kusanagi keeps everyone calm, he makes it very clear that he doesn’t want a brawl in his bar thank you and besides Fushimi’s his helper for the day so he expects everyone to treat him like a guest. Kusanagi’s already making arrangements for Fushimi to spend the night as if it’s nothing, as if Fushimi’s not the enemy at all, when the power wears off and Fushimi just snatches his hand back and says curtly that he’s leaving now. Kusanagi just lights a cigarette and sincerely thanks him for all his help for the day, Fushimi hunches his shoulders and mumbles his reply, not even able to look at Kusanagi because he can’t handle all this kindness still being thrown his way.

Seventeen Doing Your Makeup

S. Coups: actually knows what he’s doing. There might be minor mistakes but overall he would do a pretty good job.
Jeonghan: he would be very fussy and tell you to hold still since he doesn’t want to mess up and make you look bad.
Joshua: he would follow the makeup tutorial step by step and surprisingly (or not) did a good job.
Jun: he knew where lipstick and eye makeup went; from there it became a catastrophe.
Hoshi: uses eyeshadow as contour, uses foundation 5 times lighter than your actual skin colour; a tragic trainwreck.
Wonwoo: even though he tried really hard, the outcome wouldn’t be perfect, but the effort he put into it was cute.
Woozi: being the perfectionist he is, he would keep removing the makeup if he kept messing up. He wouldn’t stop until he was happy with it.
DK: starts doodling all over your face with eyeliner, not actually doing your makeup.
Mingyu: accidentally pokes you in the eye with eyeliner causing you to go temporarily blind.
The8: would lots of obscene imagery on your face, then laugh as he removed it and try to do it properly. 
Seungkwan: he would act like he knew what he was doing, but let’s just say he will never be allowed near makeup again.
Vernon: is the cause of the next clown sighting.
Dino: he would purposely do the makeup badly since he knows he can’t actually do makeup.

Rogue One head canon that

Jyn and Cassian somehow make it out and run away to hide for the rest of their lives and obviously they upload K2-SO so it’s just the three of them but then they have a cute baby boy named Bodhi!!!!!! And every night they tell him bed time stories of the man he was named after, the bravest empire pilot that went rogue, and their gay best friends and the amazing adventure they went on and he and K2-SO become best friends even though K tries really hard to act like he isn’t 100% totally in love with him but he can’t even hide it and Bodhi’s first word is without a doubt K2 and Jyn haaaaaaaaates it and Cassian thinks it’s the most hilarious thing ever but at the end of the day they’re a family and they teach Bodhi that if he ever needs hope he only has to look towards the Force because he is always one with the force, and the force is with him.

OK! Perfect! Thank you! Can I have an imagine  with Vampire! Lucio, Vampire! McCree and Vampire! Hanzo with a witch!s/o that offers to make them a blood substitute (Like a potion) because they’re worried because maybe their boyfriend is weak because they haven’t been able to feed? (Like maybe in the case of Lucio he was recently turned and doesn’t want to hurt anyone))



-Lucio was suffering, he had not fed ever since he had been turned. He couldn’t feed from anyone, he didn’t want to hurt anyone. He also didn’t want to come with terms that he had been turned either. Ever since he turned, he tried to live life like he did before.

-That was hard though, because as time went on, he got weaker and weaker to the point that sometimes he would just collapse. Any food that he ate, his body would just reject it. He was starting to become frustrated.

-That’s when his s/o came in to help. She had offered him the blood substitute a few weeks back, but he had refused it. By accepting it, he felt like that meant that he accepted what happened to him and that was not the case at all. He would not become of them.

-His s/o was starting to get frustrated with him. He would die if he kept this up and she couldn’t lose him, she loved him so much. Just because he was a vampire now did not mean that he was not himself anymore.

-One day at their home, Lucio had collapsed and he was having trouble breathing. His body was becoming too weak. His s/o ran up to him with the potion but he refused again.

-It got to the point where he passed out, so his s/o did what they had to and made him drink it. When Lucio woke up, he was in his bed and he was feeling a lot better, he felt like himself before he was turned. Looking to the side of his bed, he saw his s/o laying their head on the bed asleep.

-He stroked their hair, waking them up. Seeing their face, all red and puffy from crying. He realized that he nearly died and then saw the potion next to him. He started to feel guilty. He caused his s/o this much pain because he didn’t learn to cope with his problem.

-He swore from then on that he would try his best and that he would drink the potion that they made for him. It would be better than him hurting someone for him to feed.


-McCree came to terms with his change pretty quickly. He pretty much just shrugged it off and went on living the way he was before. But when it came time to feed, he tried to get blood from blood banks.

-For awhile, he had an inside man that would help him get blood to feed on, but lately not as many people have been donating blood. So his inside man couldn’t supply him with blood anymore.

-McCree didn’t know what to do because if he drank from a person, someone would report him and who knows what can of worms that would open up. He sure as hell didn’t want to be captured and killed or captured and experimented on.

-So for a long time, he was trying to portion what little supply he had left. He even tried mixing it with blood to trick his body into feeling full. It didn’t work at all. If anything, it made him cranky.

-His s/o started to notice it because he didn’t seem as happy as he did before. Normally he was in such a good and chill mood, but lately he seems like he’s been on edge.

-They figured it out when McCree threw his mini fridge across the room one day because he had used the very last of his blood supply. He was just moody the rest of the day and he was starting to look a bit paler than he used to.

-So his s/o decided to use their witch skills to use to make some kind of blood substitute. It took a few tries, but they eventually got the formula right and wanted to surprise McCree with it.

-They packaged it to look like the blood that McCree would get from the blood bank, but on the package it had a cute message on it instead. When McCree saw it he started laughing, it was nice to see him laughing when he had been in a mood for awhile.

-When McCree tried the blood, he immediately felt a rush of relief, for the first time in a while, he felt full. His mood was immediately lifted and he went to nuzzle his s/o. Making sure to tickle them with his beard.


-When Hanzo was turned, he felt like it was retribution for what he did to his brother. So he accepted his fate almost immediately, but he felt like he had to suffer so he never fed.

-At first his body was doing fine because of all the years of training he had done. He had great discipline and it showed, but weeks later his body was starting to feel the effects of not feeding.

-He was slowly getting weaker and his sometimes his vision would blur, making his aim terrible. He hasn’t been able to hit a target for days. His s/o and Genji were starting to get worried.

-Genji went to Hanzo’s s/o to ask if they could do something about it. He was tired of seeing his brother suffer. He had forgiven Hanzo and wanted Hanzo to forgive himself and start taking care of his body.

-Hanzo’s s/o worked for days to make a blood substitute, they didn’t even sleep, they wanted to make sure that the potion was perfect and would give him his strength back.

-When they finally figured out the recipe for the potion, they ended up passing out. Hanzo had heard them fall to the ground and immediately made his way over to help them. He saw that there was a mess in their room and lots of papers on the floor from them throwing away failed ideas.

-He completely forgot to think about how his s/o would feel about him not taking care of his body. Before he had them, he would have probably continued to not feed until he died.

-When Genji came in and explained how he had asked Hanzo’s s/o to make the potion for him and how Hanzo should stop being stupid. If he were to die, it would affect both him and Hanzo’s s/o.

-Hanzo immediately drank the potion, he had to be strong enough to nurse his s/o back to health. And that was exactly what he did. When his s/o woke up, they nearly cried when they saw Hanzo looking healthy. Hanzo apologized and held them. He promised never to do that again, he would live for Genji and his s/o.


anzu and yuugi are such relentlessly good people and this is really funny to me because despite kaiba’s best and most dedicated efforts, they treat him like a normal human being who works a lot and “probably” gets really tired. also why would anzu think that yuugi is apprised of kaiba’s whereabouts? do they text? imagine seto sending yuugi a snapchat of the latest solidvision hologram update, the blue eyes of course, like “JUST SO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE UP AGAINST” and yuugi’s like “wow, that looks really great, kaiba-kun! i can’t wait to see it in person. was the shareholders’ meeting as boring as you thought it would be” and seto’s like “yeah it was the fucking worst”

they’re at some exhibition tournament and kaiba’s ranting about how some new person from his past (old person from his past?) is trying to take over kaibacorp and how dare they and kaibacorp belongs to HIM and etc. etc. etc. and yuugi leans over to mokuba and whispers “why don’t you order some food? he’s hangry again”

Newtina Headcanon | Dragon-Pox

One day, four-year-old Leo contracts dragon-pox. He’s admitted to St. Mungo’s immediately, but with the war heating up it’s difficult to import medicine or ingredients - the hospitals are already full with sick or injured people.

Tina panics, naturally, having lost both her parents to dragon-pox - in fact, she’s inconsolable. She cannot lose one of her children, especially not her youngest who is so sweet and innocent, who looks like his daddy, who is quiet and kind. She sits in the bedroom and writes to Queenie frantically - she needs to talk to her sister, to distract herself if nothing else. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t work.

Newt, of course, has two responses: though he tries not to worry usually, it’s hard when his son is gravely-sick - worry is the first response. He worries for Leo, he worries for Phoenix and Linnet (only eight and six), he worries for the beasts - but most of all he worries for Tina. His second response is to try and take care of his family as best as he can; he spends hours in the case with his eldest children and beasts, hours visiting the hospital, nights comforting his crying wife. It’s one of those rare instances where she absolutely breaks down, and it’s not difficult to see why.

Phoenix is the oldest - he’s meant to protect his younger siblings, but he can’t protect his brother from this. He lets Linnet hug him, tries to make her smile, does anything to make her happy. Sometimes he hugs his mother or father, letting them know he’s there.

Linnet just wants her brother back so that they can all be happy again. She doesn’t play pranks during this time. She doesn’t laugh or play hide-and-seek with Dougal.

Leo recovers within a month, thankfully: he’s truly a lion-hearted fighter. Gradually he becomes well-enough to come home, and then enough to help look after the creatures in the case again. Slowly the family recovers and they go back to an almost normal existence.

But Newt remembers. He remembers the petrified look on his wife’s face when they saw the green-and-purple rash, the bumps on the skin. He remembers how she locked herself in their room and wrote to Queenie frantically. He remembers her quiet sobbing in the night when she thought he wasn’t listening.

Newt doesn’t need to be able to read minds to know what she was thinking about the entire time.

I get feels wondering if Raphael aches a little watching Simon and his mom. Does it remind him of his mom? His family? Does he feel for Simon knowing that one day he’ll outlive his mother, maybe forgetting things so central to her, like the sound of her voice or how her hugs felt or how she smiled? Has he forgotten things like that, even though he must’ve tried so hard to hold on? Did he go back to the DuMort and pray for his mother in heaven? Am I crying (yes)?

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All of the boys of K project reactions to their S/O being drunk and more clingy to what they normally are? And not being afraid to tell the world that they love them even if the boys are embarrassed about it?

all of them is a few to many for me to do so i’ll just do 5? i hope you don’t mind! (◠﹏◠✿)

Shiro would simply laugh at your antics, a small smile and blush on his face as you wrapped your arms around him in a tight embrace. He wouldn’t be to bothered about you being more clingy than usual but it would certainly leave him feeling flustered. But when you started yelling out your love for him at the top of your lungs, he started to get quite embarrassed, doing his best to get you to keep quiet though it seemed no matter how hard he tried, you wouldn’t shut up. Eventually he’d give up and leave you to confess your love for him and he tried to keep his blushing face under control. 

Izumo, being used to dealing with people who had had a bit to much to drink, would sit and watch you, laughing at your antics and enjoying the extra affection that you had decided to show him. He wouldn’t be bothered by it at all and it would actually find it all to be quite amusing, so much so that he’d decide to take a few videos of you to remind you of how loving you had been the night before. When you began to yell out about your love for him, he’d try to quieten you down to avoid disturbing other people but other than that he’d simply enjoy all of the attention he was receiving from you. 

Mikoto wouldn’t be quite nonchalant about your actions, seemingly ignoring your arms that had been tightly wrapped around him as he took a sip of his drink. He’d let you climb all over him as he stayed silent and did what he usually did. While he wouldn’t say anything out loud, there was an obvious look of amusement in his eyes and he observed your drunken actions. When you started yelling out your love for him, a tiny smirk would make it’s way onto his face, silently glad that even in your drunken state, he was still the one that you loved the most,

Poor Yata would not be able to cope with any of your actions. He blushed enough when you were sober held his hand so having you cling to him in your drunken state and not let go was enough to turn the boy into a tomato. With a beet red face, he’d try to push you off of him as he stuttered out insults, telling you to stop being so stupid. Upon finally getting you off of him, he regretted it as soon as you started letting everyone in the bar know how much you loved him. He’d spend quite some time chasing you around the bar and trying to get you to shut up before eventually giving up and throwing you over his shoulder, his face even redder than before, and carrying you home. 

Fushimi would just stare at you with a seemingly irritated and uninterested look on his face, Pushing you away from him and not accepting your hugs. You’d have to be quite persistent but eventually he’d give up and just begin to ignore you, letting you cling to him as he did his own thing. While he acted uninterested and annoyed, he actually found the whole situation to be quite amusing, even more so when you decided to start yelling out about how much you loved him. Pulling out his phone, he began to take a few videos so that he could tease you about your affections the next morning.

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The Fushimi fact list you made was really nice! Could you make a Misaki fact list too? ^^

Sure :D Misaki fact list time~

- Born July 20 the best day for people who love Fushimi

- Mi-sa-ki

- height: 167cm, rounded up

- actual height 166.9cm

- he doesn’t actually know his height

- Fushimi does take that as you will

- that’s what happens when you don’t drink your milk

- he can drink it now though, Misaki:1, Saru: 0

- his mom is the best, too good to not have a name

- has two adorable siblings, Minoru and Megumi

- family in general too normal and not terrible enough to belong to a character in K

- tiny angry fireball

- pure precious cinnamon roll that can also kill you

- remember that one time he almost beat a guy to death while Saru enabled him, good times

- what the fuck did you say about Mikoto-san I’ll kick your ass

- tough thug but cries sometimes

- he makes a beanie look good

- well not really but he tries so hard

- probably has a closet full of hats and sweatshirts that he never wears, only ties around his waist

- skateboarding uses up like half the animation budget, worth it

- scared of ghosts and women

- was once defeated by a picture of a half naked woman

- virgin according to Fushimi, who should know

- occasional panty delivery boy

- biggest weaknesses: Fushimi, boobs, Fushimi with boobs

- cutest big brother

- has multiple part time jobs, somehow Fushimi shows up at half of them

- likes to cook with fruit and meat

- looks good in an apron

- only thing standing between Homra Fushimi and malnutrition probably

- not the sharpest knife in the harness

- will have the worst outfits in any given piece of official art

- seriously he looked like a garbage man the jumpsuit whut

- metal pole can transcend time and space to appear in flashbacks before he actually got it

- also where the fuck does he keep that thing when he’s on his skateboard

- no seriously is it clenched between his butt cheeks or what

- thinks he’s a hardcore thug

- actually cute ray of sunshine

- who will set you on fire if you piss him off

Being Bobby’s daughter would involve:

  • Very overprotective father. No boys in the house while he isn’t there. Only a maximum of two minutes of saying goodbye after a date. Bobby knows how teenage boys can be
  • Though, when it comes to emotional matters, Bobby is a bit lacking. He’ll awkwardly sit at the end of your bed and try to give good advice
  • But alas, he is not a teenage girl. So his advice doesn’t really stick that often
  • Bobby tries, though. He tries damn hard. He’ll buy you chocolate or music or whatever it is that makes you happy, and if you need to vent, he’ll be there
  • Definitely tries to be one of those PTA parents
  • Tries very hard to keep you out of hunting. Even tries to forbid it. But if you really, really wanted to do it, then dammit, Bobby was going to teach you everything he knows to keep you safe
  • Enlists Sam and Dean to keep an eye on you during hunts

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