he tried to boss don around

Federal Babysitting Investigation

Prompt: Whatever shows a frazzled dad-Hotch, wife teasing him that he can take down serial killers but their baby overwhelms him sometimes because she’s stubborn. Oneshot of Hotch taking care of an infant daughter & Jack while his wife is away on a business trip.

Requester: no-shortage-of-faults

Words: 541

Warnings: None

Notes: im so witty @ the title lmaoo


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The Little Sister You Never Were

Byunshim: Hi can I have an angsty scenario with Baek Hyun in a CEO!au, where he’s your boss and treats you like a little sister while he fools around with all the other secretaries… but at a company party, one of the EXO members (you choose) take a shine to you and it affects him, but he doesn’t know why. he tries doing things to get your attention but he fails because you know how he is and you don’t want to get hurt despite your own feelings. He steps up and wins you in the end. Passionate end? Thanks

I’ve never written an angst story before so I’m sorry it’s probably not exactly what you were hoping for…I had so many different ideas for the story line and I had a hard time picking. I hope you enjoy it! 

Summary: He was your boss and he treated you liked a sister. What happened?

Idol: Byun Baekhyun (Exo) ft. Park Chanyeol (Exo)

Genre: Angst(?)

Word Count: 2,224 

Originally posted by sefuns

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Devil May Cry 5: Underworld

CAPCOM, how about this for a story idea? 

Make a new Devil May Cry game (for the original series) about Vergil’s time in Hell, when he chose to stay down there to fight Mundus. You begin when Dante is trying to keep Vergil from getting stuck down there at the end of DMC 3, then the story follows Vergil from there on, as he navigates his way around the Underworld, fighting off demon spawn all over the place and running into many an interesting character (a.k.a. bosses). Maybe even some we already know, if that floats anybody’s boats!

Explore HOW Vergil becomes Nelo Angelo because it can happen even before he faces off against Mundus at the end (he being the obvious main boss fight). Perhaps Nelo Angelo was already a demon, a Knight of Mundus, who tried to kill Vergil, but failed, thus handing over his power in the form of something like an armor Vergil dons that causes him to fuse with Nelo, thus taking on the title and his demonic powers. Great for a power-up and a new HUD addition.

The outcome is what we already know–Vergil loses to Mundus and is known as Nelo Angelo for the remainder of his life, a creature more demon than human any longer. It will have to end in tragedy, yes, but even Shakespeare wrote tragedies for a living. His best plays are the ones where not only the hero dies, but everyone else does, too! Vergil wouldn’t even die in the game–just lose and become a brainwashed Knight of Mundus. Why not make a video game like that?


Once you finally told Tony about the 5-month long relationship, he froze. He literally froze, staring at you and Gibbs with this dumbfounded look on his face. You tried to ease his shock with a small smile, but Gibbs simply stared back at his co-worker.

It was a little bit before Tony blinked a few times and shook his head. “My sister and my boss…dating…they’re together…” He mumbled, then stood up from his chair and looked around the office building. “Am I in the Twilight Zone or somethin’?”

“Don’t be so dramatic, Tony.” You responded, looking sideways to Jethro before glancing back up to your brother. “It’s only been 5 months.”

“5 months.” Tony repeated, then starting smiling and shrugging. “I didn’t know my sister and boss were dating for 5 months. 5 measly months! Why didn’t I notice sooner? I mean, it’s been 5 months. 5 months ago, my sister and boss starting dating…”

“How long do you think it’ll be before he gets over the shock?”  Jethro mumbled in your ear.

You grinned and shrugged, watching your brother repeat the same things over and over again. “Hopefully not too long. We have those dinner reservations, after all.”

Requested by ariellegibbs~

I got back from my break and my boss ran up to me and said, “What the fuck is up with Lil Nosferatu?! He’s a manipulative little shit! Now I understand why you didn’t want him in your cabin!”

Apparently LN was so upset that I went on a break that he tried to convince my boss that I shouldn’t be allowed to take them because I am a bad counselor and don’t deserve time off. He lied and said I’d already taken time off earlier today. Little bastard just wants me around to give him constant attention and annoy me until I give him what he wants just to shut him up and get him out of my face for thirty seconds.

One last flower prompt ficlet

No one requested this, but I saw it in the list of flower prompts and this idea sprang to mind.

Persimmon - bury me amid nature’s beauty


“We don’t have time for this,” Kuvira says. She’s trying for her usual imperious tone, but Baatar knows her too well to fall for it. He can hear the fatigue slipping its claws in and dragging her down, but as with all else, she tries to conquer it through the considerable force of her will. “Baatar. Have you seen the size of the piles of paperwork on my desk?”

It’s not a question, and he knows better than to answer it as one.

“We’ll get it done,” he assures her. His hand travels to the small of her back, then up between her shoulder blades, rubbing at muscles gnarled and knotted like ancient tree roots. “We’ll divide up the stack and figure out what needs to be done right away and what can be delegated. But I’ve found you slumped over your desk dead asleep three nights this week. You need to take a break. If for no other reason,” he adds with a grin, “than to spare my back the strain of carrying you off to bed.”

She glares, but there’s a flicker of warmth in her gaze. “One hour. Then we need to get back.”

“Three hours.”

“An hour and a half.” She narrows her eyes until they’re little more than green sparks interrupting sharp furrows of black eyeliner. “And you tell me where we’re going. Now.”

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Why each MBTI type arrived late at class/work and what they told to their teacher/boss

Why they’re late: Because they found and old friend on the way.
What they tell: “I’m sorry, the bus was late”
Why they’re late: Because they made a new friend on the way.
What they tell: “I’m sorry, there was an accident and the bus has been stopped for some minutes.”
Why they’re late: He tried to stop a thief who ran his own way.
What they tell: “Sorry, I know I’m late.”
Why they’re late: Overslept because they passed the night partying around.
What they tell: They don’t care because, anyway they have no intention of going to class/work.
Why they’re late: They were looking to the perfect outfit according to the season + the weather + fashion trend + how they’re feeling.
What they tell: “I’m sorry, I had to solve an important thing before comming”
Why they’re late: Because they falled in love for a random citizen on the way and followed them for a while.
What they tell: “I’m sorry, I was my destiny”
Why they’re late: Because they tryed to find a shortcut and finally got lost.
What they tell: “I’m late but it’s OK because sometimes we need to fail in order to improve”
Why they’re late: They got distracted with some curious thing on the way like a man whith a really estrange instrument or a incredibly fast dog.
What they tell: “I know I’m late but I just found a poor lost old woman on the street and I had to help her to find her bus”
Why they’re late: They actually just found a poor lost old woman on the street and I had to help her to find her bus.
What they tell: “Sorry, I’m late.”
Why they’re late: Stopped on the way to make the perfect photo, then followed making some more photos.
What they tell: “I’m sorry my alarm clock didn’t work this morning”
Why they’re late: The only way for them being late is to have a real accident or something.
What they tell: Tells the truth and everybody believes them because they never do things like arriving late or telling lies.
Why they’re late: Overslept because they passed the night trying to fix something like a computer or a lamp.
What they tell: “I’m sorry, I overslept”
Why they’re late: Because they where thinking on their things and they passed the bus stop, probably they don’t realize until they’re at another town.
What they tell: “I’m sorry, the bus rider went crazy and didn’t stop”
Why they’re late: Overslept + got distracted on the way looking some new graffity or something, finally arrives an hour and a half late.
What they tell: They don’t tell anything, they just go silently into the room hoping that anybody have seen them.
Why they’re late: Because they found a teacher/superior on the way and stopped discussing some important ideas.
What they tell: Just tells the truth.
Why they’re late: Overslept because they went bed at 5 am because they were receiving information from wikipedia.
What they tell: “I’m sorry, I had a technical problem”

My Boss Isn’t Afraid of Anything

I was supposed to be off work almost an hour ago, but yet again my boss is forcing me to stay late and clean up everyone else’s mess. I’m a cashier, why should I have to stay after closing time to clean the fryers if the cook is allowed to leave the second we’re closed. I honestly think Henry (my boss) just doesn’t like me. That’s okay though, I really don’t like him much either. He’s one of those, ‘too cool for the room’, kind of guys. He tries to act tuff all the time and claims he’s afraid of nothing. Some people may believe his bullshit, but I just think he’s a douche.

“Alright Henry,” I called out as I finished scrubbing down the last fryer. “I’m done, come lock me out.”

“Hold on,” he hollered back to me from his desk. “I’m just gonna take a quick walk around the store to make sure we didn’t forget anything. Grab some burgers from the freezer and put them in the refrigerator to defrost over night.”

I rolled my eyes and let out a sigh as I headed for the very unorganized freezer. I pulled open the heavy, 3 inch thick, steel door and stepped inside. I searched high and low but I couldn’t find any burgers. I kept looking anyway, I know if I walk out empty handed he’ll have a fit. I was in there for about ten minutes when he impatiently barged in behind me.

“What the hell is taking you so long, I wanna go home!”

“So do I,” I shot back. “There’s no burgers in here. I double checked everywhere.”

He bend down and pulled a box off a shelf that was labeled buns. He opened it up and there were the burgers. “I told you before, I put them in the empty bun box to save room.”

“No you d….” I began angrily. But I was interrupted by a loud banging noise on the outside of the freezer door. We looked at each other in horror.

“Hello? Who’s there!” Henry yelled. The loud banging continued, but there was no answer.

“Did you forget to lock the doors?” I questioned him.

“No, I just double checked them. I checked the bathrooms and vestibules too, no one’s in the store except us….” The banging was starting to get a little louder now. Henry forced a tough look on his face and took a few steps towards the door. “Let yourself be know! I’m warning you, I have a gun!” He lied.

Suddenly the banging on the door turned into a violent heavy pounding and Henry jumped back. The door began to dent inward with each strike. What ever was on the other side of that door couldn’t be human. No man could put dents into a 3 inch steel door. I pulled out my cell phone, but I couldn’t get a signal. My heart was racing and even though we were in a freezer I felt a bead of horrified sweat making its way down my forehead. “What do we do Henry? We can’t stay in here all night.”

“We have to go confront this thing,” he said as he clenched his fists.

“Are you crazy?? Anything that can do that,” I pointed at the steel door as another dent appeared. “Can kill us with one strike!”

“Well we’ve got to do something! Besides, I’m not afraid of whatever it is. I am afraid of nothing!” He let out some what of a war cry, ran up to the door, and kicked it open. As he stood there in a fighting stance, I saw the expression on his face change. He couldn’t even fake bravery now. What we saw, terrified me more than anything I could have ever imagined. What we saw, was the one thing that could scare Henry. What we saw, was nothing….. There was nothing there. We darted out of the store and called the police. The cops couldn’t find any signs of forced entry or anything hiding in the store though. We even checked the surveillance footage in the parking lot and nothing went in or out of the store after we closed.

I quit after that night and so did Henry. Although I didn’t like him very much and we are very different people, we do have one thing in common; we will now both always be afraid of nothing.

Written by: Sage

Eisuke Ichinomiya fanfic: Dirty Dancing (part 3)

Days, weeks, months have passed since the last time you’ve seen or heard from Eisuke. You don’t know if he has tried to call, text, email, message or try to get ahold of you virtually because you’ve blocked him from your phone, email, and social media. You thought blocking him out of your life would make it easier to get over him but you were just miserable. You still work at the Tres Spades because you’re paid well, you like your coworkers, and in general the job is great. The only flaw is that your ex is the boss. You haven’t seen Eisuke around the hotel the past few months. Apparently he’s in Cancún where the new Tres Spades will open next year. You wanted to be with Eisuke but you didn’t know if you were ready to face him. You’re not sure if you’ve forgiven him for what he did at the anniversary party of the Tres Spades. You’re still a bit shaken up from the events that took place in Ota’s suite. You’ve never seen that side of him. How do you feel? What are you going to do? What’s the right thing to do? These thoughts run through your head frequently and you still have no answer for either of them.

*Eisuke’s POV*
I’ve been in Cancún for a few months now. I’m glad that the Ichinomiya Group is expanding and that I’m still very successful but there’s still a big hole in my life and it can only be filled by _____. I’ve tried to reach her but I’m never able to because of some kind of connection error or something. I think you get those messages when someone blocks you. She has blocked me from her life. She hates me. I still love her. I hate that I made those decisions but there’s nothing I can do to change them. I’m trying to keep it together but she is my motivation, my muse, my everything. I can’t live without her. How am I supposed to tell her how I feel without having her turn away or hit me again? She wouldn’t believe a word I say anyways. I should hire her at the new hotel. No she’ll just refuse. I’ll make her say yes. No she might quit. Goddammit!


*Your POV*
It’s close to Christmas time and you’re going to take time off of work to go on vacation. Your family decided to go to Cancún so you thought you would go with a friend and spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with your family and the rest of the time vacationing with your friend.
“I already asked to have a week off. Come on please!” You were begging Sakiko to go with you.
“Ok I guess. It does sound like fun.” Sakiko says with a smile.
“Ok good then it’s settled. We will be leaving a week from tomorrow!!!” The two of you squeal with excitement and then return to work.


You finally arrived to beautiful Cancún. You were so excited for this vacation with your friend and family.
“Too bad the Tres Spades isn’t open yet otherwise we could’ve stayed there haha.” Sakiko jokes.
Is Eisuke still here? You wondered to yourself as you headed to the hotel in the shuttle.

“Here is your key. Enjoy your stay!”
“Thank you.”
The room has a great view of the ocean. There are so many different shades of blue. This is definitely the perfect place to build a hotel.
“_____ we should go out and experience the night life here. I’m sure it’ll be fun!”
“Yeah let’s go tonight.”

That night you went to a club with Sakiko. When you got in, the two of you got a table and ordered your drinks.
“I really like it here. It’s so lively.” You say enthusiastically.
“I’m really enjoying it so far.” Sakiko says with excitement as she looks around the club admiring everything about it.
“We’ve been waiting for our drinks for a while. I’m going to head over to the bar and see what’s up.” You get out of your chair and head towards the bar. You accidentally bump into a tall man that’s hunched over the counter.
“Oh I’m so sorry.” No response. Ok then.
“Hey my friend and I ordered our drinks a while ago. I was wondering if–”
One of the bartenders starts saying something in Spanish and you don’t understand.
“Espere por tu turno. No eres la única persona aquí. Hay mucha gente en este pinche club.”
Not knowing what to do you head back to your table but you don’t find Sakiko. You look around and see her talking to someone. That man looks familiar. Oh that’s right, he’s the man you accidentally bumped into and he didn’t respond to your apology. It looks like they’re hitting it off. You sit down at the table and your drinks finally arrive. It didn’t want to interrupt Sakiko so you started your drink without her. You finish your drink by yourself and Sakiko is still talking to the man. You glanced over at them every now and then. Wow they really must be getting along. She better get his number at this rate. You’re about the get up and approach Sakiko but she arrives to the table.
“We should go.” She says.
“You haven’t had your drink. Don’t you want to–”
“____ we should go now.”
Without questioning her, the two of you leave the club. As you’re waiting for a taxi to pick you up you’re still curious as to why Sakiko wanted to leave all of a sudden.
“So you really hit it off with that guy.”
“I already kind of knew him.” Sakiko says in a monotone.
“Is he your boyfriend?”
“____ that was Eisuke.”

*Eisuke’s POV*
Work has be stressful so I decided to go to a popular club here in Cancún. I went by myself because I’ve spent too much time with the same people and needed to get out. I was drinking at the bar and someone bumps into me. Stupid drunk probably. They apologized but drunks aren’t worth my time. I don’t even look at the person.
It starts to get kind of crowded so I moved and I see a familiar face. She works at my hotel right? Saki? Sako? God what’s her name…Sakiko! I walk up to her and pull her aside and start talking to her.
“I didn’t expect to see you here Mr Ichinomiya.”
“I could say the same to you. Aren’t you supposed to be working on the other side of the world?”
“I’m on vacation with ___.”
“What?” Did she just say what I think she said?
“____’s family is here for Christmas so we’re going to be here for a week.”
“Where is ____?”
“She’s checking on our drinks. I actually don’t see her right now.” Sakiko looks at the bar and ____ is nowhere in sight.
“Oh she’s at our table. I should probably go join her. It was good to see you Mr. Ichinomiya.” She bows to me.
“Wait! Where are you guys staying?”
“Excuse me?”
“Sorry it’s just that I’ve been wanting to speak to ____ for a while but I can’t get ahold of her.”
“Oh we’re staying at the–” She suddenly stops talking. “Wait this isn’t right.”
“What do you mean? We’re not in a professional environment.”
“No that’s not it.” She pauses for a moment, “I know what you did to her and I don’t think she should be speaking to you.”
“But I–”
She’s gone and I try to stop her but she’s already leaving with _____.

Yayy part 3 is finally out and I hope you enjoy it! Also fun fact about me…I’m bilingual. I’m fluent in English and Spanish :P You can either google translate that Spanish quote or if you already know Spanish and understand it then you’re extra cool lol :D


“Just relax. If you don’t feel a certain way around him, the magic can be completely ignored. Just drop off this week’s designs in and leave before he tries ranting to you about—” Doesn’t realize until it’s too late when she’s standing in a room full of her boss…es?