he touches her so he know it real

Chapter 686

I think one of the things that I’m most disappointed in as far as the final Bleach chapter is the fact that Tite Kubo did not support a relationship that is built on real connections, trust, and the ability to share personal life experiences with one another.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Orihime okay. But she never took the time to get to know Ichigo and share her thoughts and feelings with him. She never had so many real connections with him like Rukia did. She just thought he was attractive and sort of admired him while he didn’t know. She was obsessed with him in a way, especially considering that she stood over his bedside while he was unconscious and tried to touch/kiss him without him even knowing it. I’m going to have to agree with another’s opinion that I read here on tumblr in saying that what Orihime is feeling is more infatuation than actual love.

Love is: actually talking with someone, understanding someone and gaining their trust over a period of time, building bonds and connections up and being able to risk everything for someone, opening up and being yourself around someone, encouraging them in their dark moments, not invading someone’s space to kiss them when they are not even aware of it or of your own feelings (???)

A simple crush is: everything that Orihime has been thinking and feeling up to this point. Which is something everyone can relate to. But a crush on a friend is just a crush. And trying to build an entire romance out of that and marriage is what causes people to realize later that they had nothing between them to begin with almost every single time? Either that, or they are never even usually happy.

That is what I do not support. I think that Tite really should have proven a point here and went with the ending that supports realistic, inspiring bonds and relationships rather than relationships that are built on lies and infatuation (what the world is already so centered around). Even if he was rushed or pressured or just got lazy, etc, it would have been 10000000x more worth it to see an IchiRuki relationship.

That’s my 2 cents.

*the q & dok2 after beenzino made them meet stefanie once again*

dok2: i cant believe zino just dragged her over here to meet us without even checking if we got the time for this shit
q: he leaned in real close too so you had no chance but but to stand closer to her
dok2: remember that time he waited for me to take a piss so he could talk to me about stef without me escaping
q: you wanna know real pain *unbuttons his shirt*
dok2: bro why you stripping
q: she once touched my chest when we met and till this day whenever she comes close it starts hurting and pulsating it’s like we connected now or some shit
dok2: *clutches his gold chains*
q: oh shit it’s starting again they coming let’s get outta here
dok2: i got you *orders tickets to hawaii immediately*