he touches her so he know it real

Secret is Out: Part 5

AN: I decided to spend a bit of time away from the Batfamily to see how the rest of our favorite heroes are coping. So have some Barry Allen.

Prompt: What happens when secret identities are taken away from every DC superhero?

Words: 899

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

“They’re still out there.”


    “My boss has sent me twenty emails.”

    “Probably wants to know why you’re not at work.”

    You smile at your husband, “No, she wants to know if you’ll come to her daughter’s birthday party.”

    When Barry bursts out laughing, you can’t help but smile for real. He’s been so quiet since the secret identities have been leaked. It scares you. Your Barry is always smiling, and talking. He’s always holding you or trying to touch you in some way; from wrapping an arm around your waist to holding your hand. In the past several days he had barely left his lab.

    Walking away from the window and to your husband, you crawl into his lap. “So what’s the plan Flash?”

    He pulls you in close, and kisses the top of your head. “I don’t know Y/N, we could always go live on the station. You’d be safe up there.”

    You turn in Barry’s arms, so that you’re straddling his hips. You wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him. It’s a long and slow kiss. When you pull away you’re both breathless. You lean your forehead against his and say, “Barry we can’t live in fear.”

    His hold on you tightens, “Y/N every single enemy I have ever made knows who I am now. Knows who you are, and what you mean to me. If they go after you, if they hurt you …”

    You kiss his nose, “Barry Allen, I love you with everything I have, but we can’t live in fear.”

    Barry slumps back into the seat, “Are you sure about that? I’m fairly sure we can come up with some sort of business we can run from space.” You shake your head, and he sort of just groans. “What do you suggest?”

    You smile, and take his hand, “Let’s go out.”

    His eyes go wide, “Where the sharks are?”

    You kiss his nose, and say, “Superspeed, remember.”

    He just smiles, and the next moment you’re outside in Central City’s main park. Just as quickly you realize that your hair is now up, a ball cap is on your head, and sunglasses are tinting the sun.

    You glance over at your husband, “Wow, no fake nose or mustache?”

Barry just smiles and wiggles his eyebrows at you, before he sticks out his hand. You take it without hesitation. You get two wonderful, uninterrupted hours before Barry’s cellphone goes off.

“It’s CCPD.”

The phone rings again, and you smile, “We have to live Barry.”

He smiles before answering the phone and saying, “Allen.”

He listens for just a moment before hanging up. “They need me at a crime scene.”

You hold out your arms, and he raises an eyebrow in question. You smile and say, “Don’t you know, it’s take your wife to work day.”

Barry just laughs and then he’s running. It takes all of five seconds for the two of you to arrive. All eyes are immediately on you. You squeeze Barry’s hand once for support. He gives you a small smile before disappearing and then reappearing with his CSI kit. You watch with interest as he sets to work, and after a few minutes you realize everyone else is as well. All the cops are watching him as well.

As the news cameras show up, you feel an arm wrap around your shoulders. You smile at Joe, as he tosses head to the side, and leads you away from the crowds. The two of you slide into his car, and wait for Barry.

There’s a moment of silence before your father-in-law asks, “How’s our boy doing?”

You watch your husband through the windshield, “He’s worrying. You know Barry, he likes to worry. He was talking about living up on the station.”

“That surprises you? He called me, and begged me to not leave the house, begged me to convince Wally to take online classes.”

You bite your lip, “He’s terrified to lose someone else Joe. To be honest, I can’t really blame him.”

The back door of the car opens, and Barry slides in before you can say anything else. “Captain radioed in, he wants everyone … especially me, back at the station.”

Joe just nods, and flips the sirens on before pulling into traffic. When you reach the station, there are tons of paparazzi waiting. You turn to look at Barry, and he gives you a small smile, “I guess I can’t keep running.”

“Not from this.”

With a deep breath he opens the door and steps out. The flashes are nearly blinding, but they don’t seem to affect Barry. He shields you the best he can, as he helps you out of the car. He stays to one side while Joe stays to the other.

It reminds you of a mob scene as reporters reach out and try to grab Barry. He shrugs them off, but his arm tightens around you. Then there are more bodies between you and them, as cops swarm from the building. They create a path, and Barry rushes you forward.

You let out a breath you hadn’t realized you were holding as the door closes behind you. Then you realize all eyes are on you and Barry. As the captain steps forward, you feel Barry tense, and then he says, “Allen you’re the freaking Flash, how the hell are you always late?”


@whoareyouandwhyshouldicare made a really good point about how Rick was used to Lori giving Rick the silent treatment, ridiculing him, and withholding affection, and that thats what made her kissing him mean so much to him

But then I got to THINKING

Right here:

When she first puts her hand out to stop him from kissing her on the cheek, He probably didn’t know she was gonna kiss him. His heart problem stopped for a second. He probably thought she was blocking him from touching her. He, for a moment, probably thought she was withholding affection too. 

So that must have caused him soooo much relief when he realized she was actually kissing him for real. 

Such a sweet, meaningful moment.  

GIFS BY: @chatnoirs-baton

Kabby in S4 will be Breathtaking

Can we all take a moment to appreciate this kiss?

How she smiles to him, this makes me think that probably they were talking about something while she was already naked on top of him (maybe this is not the first kiss of the night, maybe this is not before the real sex scene, we don’t know yet, so i am just guessing on what I can see with my eyes), maybe they were sharing an “I love you” or another deep and intense feeling. She opens up her mouth with hunger, you can see how she literally devours him, and he let her, he follows her, enjoying her “being a top woman” behavior. You can see how her jaw moves, as if she is stretching all of her muscles to take him in completely, from head to toe. How after their lips touch, she guides him toward her, her hand opening slowly on his cheek, her fingers stroking and touching, learning and holding with care and love. How he leans up toward her, his nose crashing against her cheekbone, closing his eyes, letting himself enjoying the moment completely, his features relax, he was indeed smiling, you can see it because the happy wrinkles around his eyes fade away clearing the way to the next emotion he would feel, the love, the natural arousal that will grow inside of him. How she starts to dive into him, how she takes him in, taking control of the moment and giving him the hint to follow her. Her thumb that strokes the corner of his mouth, and her ring finger that slowly goes under his ear.

And now that she had adjusted him against her, now that their lips had met and had start to dance together, she just let go, keeping herself close, her hand follows a known path inside of his dark locks, diving into them, she opens her fingers again, taking them strand by strand, holding them, feeling how soft and wild they are under her fingertips. And if I am not wrong I can see a moving light on Marcus’ face, as a candle light, this makes me think that maybe they are in Polis, or in a tent, but anyhow this seems a Grounder place to me, and if it is not, it seems arranged to look like a special cocoon, warm and safe. I love how she seems to be completely naked, exposed, true, honest, even fragile somehow. But Abby is everything except for fragile now, she seems confident, she knows what she wants and she is guiding him into it with her. I have the feel that he is somehow too much overwhelmed to take control of his movements at the beginning, as if she is just too much, this is too much, so she is the one that leads the way, she is the one the presses her lips against his mouth, she is the one that starts to make love to him.

And this time they were smiling and sharing happy things, they were probably into a hope moment, they were living their love, exploring and enjoying each other. And we all know that in the trailer this scene came after that Jasper says “I don’t want us to survive, I want us to live" and that’s to me means just one thing…Kabby is indeed alive, in love, trying to live what they have in those 6 months they know, because this is all they have for now, and they don’t want to waste it.

Hold on to it guys, we will have a great season, I have a lot of faith in this.

From The Ashes We Will Rise

May We Meet Again

This little scenario was stuck in my head after watching last nights episode. Hope you enjoy!🙈

“So this is your childhood bedroom.” Amy remarks walking around the room. It’s small and neat, and it looks like Mary hasn’t touched anything since he left home.

“This is it.” He agrees flatly sitting on his bed. Watching Amy as she examines his room.

“So am I the first girl to be in here?” She asks picking up a picture of him at his high school graduation.

“Besides my mom and sister? You know you are.” He tells her shaking his head. “You know that before you I never had a real interest in such things.”

“That does’nt mean girls didn’t have an interest in you.” Amy tells him picking up another picture. This one from the day he got his doctorate. A lanky sixteen year old Sheldon shaking the Dean’s hand. He was handsome even then and she can’t believe that she is the first one to notice it.

“Believe me they didn’t.” he tells her. Thinking how he graduated high school at eleven. The girls there were cruel and loved to mock him.

“I would have had an interest in you. I would have been doodling Mrs. Amy Cooper all over my notebooks. Kissing my pillows imagining it was you.” Amy tells him setting the picture down again.

“You will always be the first and only one who wants to do that…ever…” He remarks with a hint of sadness that makes Amy change the subject.

“It’s kind of exciting being in a boys room. It’s an experience I never had.” Amy says smirking at him.

“You’ve been in my room before Amy. In fact we live together. You live in a boys room.” He scoffs.
“This is different! This is your childhood bedroom. With all your old things in it. Your mother is sleeping just down the hall. It kind of feels naughty.” She says sitting next to him on the bed.

“My mother is fine with us sharing this bedroom. More fine than I expected.” He adds annoyed.

“I know…” Amy sighs. “Still… If you are still wanting to rebel?” Amy asks leaning over and kissing him lightly.

“Amy!” He says scandalized looking nervously at the door. “My mother as still out there.”

“ So? She can’t hear us. Besides I’m still all worked up after you seeing you looking like a bad boy with that earring in.” Amy tells him looking up at him through her lashes. “I do love a bad boy.”

“That was very rebellious of me.” Sheldon says giving her a sexy half smile and turning towards her.

“Exactly! You can do more now. And what’s more rebellious than sneaking a girl into your room and necking?” Amy asks he looks at her wide eyed but leans in to his lips barely touching hers.

“I didn’t exactly sneak you in.” He reminds her.

“We can pretend you did. We can pretend that we go to the same school. That your mother doesn’t approve of our relationship but you snuck me in here.” Sheldon bushes his lips against hers and murmurs.

“Why doesn’t she approve of you?” As he brushes his lips against her neck.

“She caught us kissing out on the porch. She thinks that I’m a bit of a hussy and I’m trying to take her baby boys flower.” Amy says her breath getting caught in her chest as Sheldon buries his face in her neck.

“What will she say when she finds out that I’ve already deflowered you and it was all my idea?” He asks kissing her and pressing her down against the bed.

“She’ll be furious, all the fire and brimstone will rain down on your head.” Amy tells him wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Then she’ll really be furious if she ever finds out what I’m about to do to you .” He growls.

“Then we’ll just have to be quiet so she doesn’t find out.” Amy says reaching over and turning off the lamp.

han/leia/lando in the hotel room on cloud city where han is all talk and turns into a blushing, stammering mess in bed

lando shows leia how to slowly take him apart with soft touches and kisses until he cries and begs

han is so scared and so hungry for love- he tries to act cool but he is afraid he will never escape his past- that he will always be looking over his shoulder

he wants something solid and stable and real in his life, but he knows leia is too good for him

she is so strong, she makes him feel safe for the first time in his life- lying in her arms, he knows she has the power to defeat jabba and free him from his debts and introduce him to a new and better life

lando lays him totally bare for her and leia sees how soft and vulnerable han is and realizes she wants to protect him more than anything

What if Lydia gets taken by the Ghost Riders and she gets to the train station and sees peter and suddenly remembers him, then she runs up to him asking if he knows a Stiles and if Stiles is real and she’s on the verge of crying and she is very emotional and she is asking in a way that is letting out all this emotion, and he just stares at her in awe and sadness, not like the normal peter we know because he sees that if he messes with her just a little and say that he isn’t real she would break, so he says yes try’s to clam her down and tells her he is real and goes to get him, whiles she’s just muttering to her self he’s real, I know he’s real, and then Stiles comes up behind her in a rush because love, but slows down when he sees her state until he is right behind her and gently touches her shoulder and she turns, stares at him, and totally breaks, maybe they hug or maybe she falls to the ground but she says I knew you were real and at that moment Stiles just knew all the pain and struggle she and everyone has gone through with his disappearance, maybe more than he realizes and he just hugs her saying I knew you would remember.

How did Daryl end up carrying Beth's body?

This is the real mystery of Coda.

Did he ask to?

Did he just offer?

Did Rick tell him to?

Did he just grab her and hold her so that no one would even think about trying to touch her?

Did he collapse by her side and pull her into his arms after he shot Dawn and everyone was just like “oh, yeah he’s not letting her go anytime soon.”?

Did Carol say he should?

Did he go start beating the shit out of Dawns dead body and everyone was like “Daryl, carry Beth” to distract him?

They better show us this shit because I’m going out of my mind wondering

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Damn it Kari, you influenced me! I'm having GoChi arguments and they're citing the damn manga. I blame you. You dragged me into this. Also, what do I say to people who cite the manga as proof that Goku was only fulfilling a promise when he married Chi Chi and doesn't actually love her? Cause I read it and I don't really know what to say.

Goku was absolutely just fulfilling a promise when he proposed to Chichi.

What makes GoChi so appealing is how Goku’s love for Chichi developed over time. It was a subtle growth, not some magic Disney “we touched hands and then looked into each other’s eyes” moment. It’s real love born from mutual respect.

Chichi’s love for Goku grew from a puppy-Fangirl-crush to a real love in much the same way. She got over her initial infatuation and stuck by him through everything.

They lived together, lived through all the hardships and thus grew to love one another. It’s beautiful for that.


“Monsieur Aramis! Bravest of all the King’s Musketeers.”

You Can Wrap Your Arms Around Me

Now, about that “reaffirmation of life” I said we needed….

Post 5x21 smut fic…time to warm things up around here!

When they finally get home from Granny’s, Emma is tired. Dead tired, her limbs heavy and her eyes sore from crying. But there’s a silver lining too - her cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

They haven’t stopped touching all night, Emma never leaving Killian’s side as if she’s afraid he might suddenly disappear just as abruptly as he returned. It’s too good to be true, but she’s not letting go, refusing to even consider that this isn’t real and this isn’t right.

She can only imagine how Killian feels, having literally returned from death, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at him, a broad smile stretching his cheeks all evening long too. In the end though, she could see the exhaustion setting in, and it took very little coaxing to convince him to come home with her to the old Victorian house, the one he picked out for them.

And that’s the thing, she’s not alone anymore, it’s not just her going home. It’s them.

There’s so much happiness, it radiates from her heart out of every pore. She’s practically humming the entire time she gets ready for bed, swiping face cream over her cheeks and rubbing lotion into her hands, and Emma Swan does not hum. She runs through her routine as quickly as possible, knowing that Killian waits for her in the bedroom, that he’s already warming their bed. As much as she hopes they’ll have a little time together, she wouldn’t be surprised if she finds him asleep already.

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hope this is okay :)

“My stomach hurts, stop touching me.”

Jasmine returns home from her doctors appointment where she wasn’t put into labor, feeling slightly defeated that things weren’t progressing as quickly as she felt they were. She was constantly sore, contractions moving through her stomach every so often, preparing her for the real labor. Her doctor had told her that while things were progressing normally, she wasn’t quite far enough to be admitted.

Anthony knows his wife is frustrated, uncomfortable and frankly, just wants their baby out, although he isn’t sure what he’s supposed to do to help her feel any better. He thinks about running her a bath, but with the first warm day of summer upon them, the thought of putting her in a bath made him want to sweat to death himself, and he’s not the pregnant one.

Jasmine collapses on the sofa and lays out, sighing dramatically as Anthony sets their things down. He’s hesitant to walk over, sitting on the edge of the coffee table, watching her mannerisms carefully.

“The doctor said you’re progressing normally, baby. We weren’t expecting you to be admitted today,” Anthony reminds her, Jasmine staring straight at the ceiling as he spoke.

“I am nine months pregnant and want this baby out of me,” Jasmine reminds him, her eyes not moving from the spot she had been staring at above her since she laid down.

“I know, and I’m ready for you to be comfortable, but baby needs to stay in there and cook a little longer, and that’s okay, because they’re healthy and safe,” He argues, reaching out to rest his hands against her belly, wanting to feel the bump for one of the last times during this pregnancy.

“My stomach hurts, stop touching me,” She whispers, pushing his hands away as Anthony takes the cue, watching his wife’s face when he lets go of what she had asked.

“Just try to relax. I’ll put the TV on for you and you can watch your reality shows while we focus on your contractions,” Anthony offers, standing up from the coffee table and walks towards the TV, turning it on and finding her favorite show.

“You’re a rockstar, baby girl. You’re almost through this. Just a little while longer and they’ll be here,” He mumbles as he leaves a kiss against her forehead, handing her the remote.

Anthony doesn’t know if he’s going to last a few more days with what he thinks is the most pregnant wife in all of New York City, but then he remembers how Jasmine is carrying their child, and feels even worse for her.

If the next few days fly by without him noticing what’s going on, Anthony doesn’t think he’ll be mad about it.

Jasmine has to agree.

So I ding-donged the dragon gong in the Temple of Ashes but I was controlling Alistair up to that point so all I could imagine was my Surana in the back going–

Or well TRYING to go–

“DON’T TOUCH THE GONG!!” because u know his danger sense is almost mabari-class he just lives by a policy of YOLO.

But he said it too fast so it came out as “DONG!!!”

tl;dr Mordred Surana drew the dragon down to them by yelling DONG real loud into the ice cold mountains.

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Scorpius, what is it like living on a tour bus all summer with Alana and her band?

          he’s not sure if this is a scor question or an art question.  he rarely breaks character in public, because he knows his audience likes his character and not him, and some of them are too young to even know the difference.  so he plays it up for the crowd, for the reporters, and if he slips up and the cameras catch him in a moment of pensive wistfulness  —  well, that’s all the better to add just a hint of mystery to the mix.  maybe there’s more to scor/art than we know.

          the truth was, of course, he wasn’t very much like his character at all, though he’d been art for so long it was sometimes easier to let himself forget the boy underneath.  scorpius loved the quiet evenings with alana and hated the mess and smell, found it relieving to be away from the all-consuming presence of his co-stars and managers, and was rather surprised to find that alana’s bandmates were far friendlier than he’d anticipated.  art, on the other hand, was a louder, more braggadocious, and less intelligent type.  being art was easy.  being art was safe.

          ❛  it’s great, really.  i get along great with the guys, and alana’s amazing, and their music is just so raw and passionate, it’s really unlike anything i’ve been a part of before.  going to their concerts is electric; you’d have to be there to really understand.  they’ve taken me to so many cool places, too, and alana’s teaching me to skateboard, and it’s been just a great experience overall.  i mean, it’s different, sure, and kind of messy and a lot more  —  everyone’s just sort of thrown together, you know, but it’s good, they’ve all been really friendly and accepting and that’s what we all should be about, in the end, no matter what our differences are.  ❜


“Kirsten,” Cameron said as he gripped her fingers tightly, not even sure if she could feel his touch. Hoping she could at least hear the desperation in his voice, his desire for her to come back to him, he continued, “I know it’s hard. I know all of this has to be so hard for you, the pain, the guilt, the hopelessness, but you can’t just give up. The Kirsten I know is a fighter; she’s a problem-solver.

“I don’t know where you are, but I promise you, it’s not real. Real is out here with me and Camille, Linus, Maggie, and Fisher and everyone else in the Stitch lab who cares about you. Come back to us - come back to me - and I’ll take you home.”

The lab was silent. The time on the mission clock had long run down. No one moved; it seemed as if no one was breathing. All eyes were on Kirsten. Maggie emerged from her office, the clicking of her heels breaking the deafening silence, but Cameron stayed focused on Kirsten.

She looked so peaceful, so serene. Looking at her, you never would have imagined the war waging within her. He felt a little guilty that he hadn’t noticed sooner. He’d been so wrapped up in his personal drama with Nina, he’d neglected some of his duties. His job wasn’t just to make sure Kirsten was physically safe, but emotionally too. The way she showed up to his apartment - distraught and in tears - should have been a clue. Hell, it should have been a big flashing neon sign that something wasn’t right, but if - when Kirsten emerged from the stitch- he’d make everything right somehow.

Squeezing her fingers, he brought her hand to his lips in a tender kiss and repeated the words that brought her back the last time she was lost to him. “Come on, Stretch. We still have work to do. Make the bounce.”

But Kirsten remained still. The steady rise and fall of her chest was the only indication she was still alive.

Cameron’s desperation grew; he didn’t know what to do. With every growing second, Kirsten was slipping further and further away, and it was going to be his fault if she was lost to them all for good.

His voice caught in his throat knowing that all he could do now was beg.

Please, Kirsten! Come back!”

A few more moments of silence passed. He heard Maggie make her way toward him. Knowing what she was about to say, he banged his free hand on the fish tank and practically growled, “Dammit, Kirsten! Make the bounce!” And as if by some miracle, Cameron heard her whisper, “Okay.”

If he hadn’t been watching her face, if he hadn’t seen her lips move, he would’ve thought he had imagined it, but she said it again, just loud enough for him to hear, her hands slowly moving to the keypads.

Cameron grabbed her hand again before she could start typing.

“Just a second, Stretch.”

He turned to face Camille. “Man the controls, will ya?”

Camille shuffled over to his station without a word, giving Cameron a small nod when she was ready.

Cameron released her hand and said, “We’re all here waiting for you, Kirsten.”

Kirsten’s fingers hovered over the keypads. Her voice trembling, tears escaping from the corners of her eyes, she said, “I’ll see you soon, Mom,” before punching in IHEARTLINUS.

Kirsten opened her watery eyes to find Cameron’s green ones staring back at her, filled with relief. He threw his com aside and spoke directly to her. “Hey, hey. Look at me. Look right at me. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere, Stretch.”

She nodded, finding herself too tired to speak as everything that had occurred hit her all at once. She didn’t understand how people survived with emotions all the time. She’d only had them for a few months and she was overwhelmed and exhausted. There was too much to feel, too much to process. She was pissed at her father for leaving time after time and for killing the only father she knew; frustration at failing to find him; elation knowing that her mother was alive, desperate and every bit determined to find her. Despair and grief at having to leave her behind because for the first time that Kirsten could remember, she had felt all the warmth, contentment, and mirth that accompanies being loved unconditionally. It was intoxicating and beautiful, like the first rays of sunshine after a bad storm.

Her mother had been so beautiful, so perfect, exactly as Kirsten remembered her. She could have stayed in that memory forever, but it wasn’t real. No matter how badly she wanted it to be, it wasn’t real.

But Cameron was, and so was her mother, somewhere. Repeating that to herself was the only thing that made her bounce - knowing that out here in reality, she could one day be with her real mother again.

She knew the idea should have made her happy, but the very thought made the tears start up again. The idea of starting another search, against the NSA nonetheless, made Kirsten feel more powerless than she already did.

Sighing heavily, she turned to Cameron and said, “I just want to go home.”

He gave her a sweet smile and said, “Of course. Let’s get you outta here.”

Kirsten watched with half mast eyes as the lab woke around her. She hadn’t noticed the stillness until everyone began to move. Cameron began working on her harnesses. Camille, Fisher, Maggie, and Ayo started towards her, but Cameron said, “Giver her some space,” verbalizing her thoughts without even having to ask. She gave his arm a gentle squeeze in thanks.

When he had worked her free, he held out his hand and said, “Whenever you’re ready, I’m right here.”

Offering her hands to Cameron, she let him support her weight, her slight body feeling surprisingly heavy as she moved to climb out of the fish tank. One arm held the side of the tank as the other wrapped around her back. The moisture from her suit soaked every part of his body that touched hers, but he didn’t seem to mind.

Camille and Ayo were standing at the bottom of the ladder. Ayo with a chart, thermometer, and stethoscope in hand; Camille was holding out a towel which Cameron steered her into.

“Camille, get her dressed. Ayo, I’ll take care of all that and get the information to you once I get her home.

Ayo looked reluctant but turned away when she saw that Cameron wasn’t changing his mind, and before Camille shuffled her off to change, he rubbed his hands up and down her arms a few times in a soothing gesture. “I’ll be out here when you’re ready.”

Kirsten nodded and felt Cameron’s eyes on her as Camille applied a small amount of pressure to the small of her back, guiding her towards the locker room.

Camille hesitated at the door as Kirsten padded over to her locker.

Out of the corner of her eye, as she began digging through her bag for her clothes, Kirsten could see her roommate cross her arms and lean up against the wall. Kirsten knew there was a question coming.

Camille quietly asked, “You wanna talk about what happened out there?”

With a slight shake of her head, Kirsten said, “No. Or at least not right now,” her voice sounding foreign to her own ears. “Maybe later. Right now, I just want to go home and rest.”

Camille gave a curt nod but said nothing more. Kirsten was grateful she didn’t push the issue.

Kirsten entered one of the stalls and dressed as quickly as her body would allow. Her muscles were tight; the tension in her neck and back were enough to momentarily halt her movements, but a few deep breaths and she was able to power through.

When she stepped out of the locker room, everyone was busy performing post-stitch procedures, but no one rushed her and bombarded her with questions or tried to check her vitals. In fact, no one really paid her any attention at all. She wondered if it was Cameron’s doing as she made her way over to his desk.

Finishing up whatever he was working on, he looked up at her and with his crooked smile said, “You ready to go, Princess?”

Kirsten nodded.

Cameron pressed one last button, shutting down his station. Taking Kirsten’s bag, he yelled up to Maggie, “I’ll call you with an update in the morning.” Turning back to face the lab, he continued, “Ayo, I’ll call you in a few hours.”

Guiding her towards the elevator, one of Cameron’s arms circled the small of her back, holding tightly to her waist. Kirsten couldn’t help but think that he was being extra hands-on, considering what happened between the two of them yesterday and the conversation they’d had before the stitch. Normally, she would have been weirded out, but at the moment, she appreciated his closeness as she let her head sink to his shoulder.

Exiting through the back door of the Jade Frog, they walked the few steps to his car. Kirsten closed her eyes as soon as her body sunk into the familiar leather seat. The ever-present scent of pine had been replaced with something fruity, but Kirsten didn’t have the energy to inquire about it at the moment. She let the sensation of wheels over concrete and the soft sound of the radio lull her into a resting state - not fully asleep but not totally awake - until Cameron cut the engine.

Kirsten opened her eyes to find the highrise of Cameron’s apartment building in front her.

A little groggy and confused, she turned to him and asked, “I thought you were taking me home?”

He gave her a soft smile and said, “I did. Now let’s get you inside.”

Sweet Dreams (pt. 2)

Snowbaz fanfiction

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six -       Part Seven

For my valentine @senthr, I hope you like it <3 (also @sparkleybutt you said you wanted to read this)

Summary: College AU

Word count: 3.046

Warnings: swearing, don’t think anything else, maybe a little bit of angst


The dreams from that night had been too much to handle. The first dream fucked him up, but the second just made everything so much worse. It had felt so real. All he could think about that day, was Snow touching his chest. It had felt so real, it was unfair.

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This is why I know Caryl is real. 

Daryl ran to her, crying and he held her for so long that we could blink for a whole minute and they were still hugging. Daryl Dixon , the man who doesn’t touch and doesn’t want to be touched. Daryl Dixon, the man who doesn’t show his emotions. Daryl hugged her, crying in happiness and after that hug, he leaned his head to her chest to hear her heart beating. And then he was following her everywhere.

Caryl is canon since that fucking episode “ No sanctuary” and no one can convince me that they are not canon.

*the q & dok2 after beenzino made them meet stefanie once again*

dok2: i cant believe zino just dragged her over here to meet us without even checking if we got the time for this shit
q: he leaned in real close too so you had no chance but but to stand closer to her
dok2: remember that time he waited for me to take a piss so he could talk to me about stef without me escaping
q: you wanna know real pain *unbuttons his shirt*
dok2: bro why you stripping
q: she once touched my chest when we met and till this day whenever she comes close it starts hurting and pulsating it’s like we connected now or some shit
dok2: *clutches his gold chains*
q: oh shit it’s starting again they coming let’s get outta here
dok2: i got you *orders tickets to hawaii immediately*

i bet carla could be real sweet with stan and he just plain didn’t know how to handle it

like they poke and prod and are sexy and banter-y i think but sometimes carla just kisses the top of his head or rubs his shoulders, like little absentminded touches she doesn’t even think about and stan’s never really had that kind of casual affection, not even really from family, so he just. gets real flustered. doesn’t know what to do.

it takes him a while to be able to relax into that kind of stuff, but eventually he starts doing the same kinda things with her. (behind closed doors tho, cause he’s stan pines he’s no softie except he totally is except no except yes except don’T TELL PEOPLE I’M LITTLE SPOON)



(i thought andrastesass​ had such lovely kiss descriptions that i needed to write something.)

  • a hoarse whisper “kiss me”
  • then licks their lips and says “please

Oh, Maker, but it’s so natural.

The sigh of their lips coming together; the first hesitant touch; the first real sense of him, his scent in her nose.  The first flutter of eyelids closing over cornflower eyes, the first feel of velvet skin.  Aeveth feels as if she already knows Michel, knows how he’ll breathe so deep at the shock of their kiss, knows how he’ll reach for her and stop a millimeter above her skin, his heat a ghostly caress.

She knows too his hoarse whisper when he says kiss me, the flick of his tongue as he licks his lips, involuntary; understands she must wait, because he is not done.


And it’s the most natural thing for her to lower her lips to his while he lays in the sweet grass, to moan softly at the thread of his fingers through her hair.  To yield to him when he licks gently into her mouth, and taste that which she has craved for months.  To smile at the click of their teeth when he presses his hand to the back of her head, to laugh together at how needy they both are, how starved for each other, how wanting.

There is no fire but instead a gravity, a magnetism that draws her in and keeps them together.  With her eyes closed she can lose herself in Michel so easily, in the sounds of their mouths meeting and breaking apart, the slow movements of their jaws, the way they shift together in perfect sync.  His hand on her waist has always been there, has always fit.  The taste of him on her tongue has never left.  The curl of desire in her belly is ever for him.  Michel is home in a way she has always imagined home to be, effortless and welcoming, accepting of who she is, what she is.

Aeveth drinks him in, pulls away, devours the sight of him.  There is no mistaking the flush of his cheeks, the open dark want of his eyes steady on hers.  Michel brushes a knuckle over her lips, and before she can think, she kisses it.

A small sigh escapes him.  She gasps it in, holds it in her lungs, keeps his breath within her until her body has taken every bit of it.  Aeveth exhales slowly.

“Do we stop this?” she asks him.

“No,” he replies, and guides her back down.


Account from a fan from Madagascar who met Tao at the airport

jk.over: He looks very tired on this picture but in real life he looked extremely happy to see us even though some fans ended up going overboard and invading his personal space , taking pictures and asking for his signature

There was this one girl who was so frustrating, we all know how idols dont really like being touched as it’s a disrespectful act to them, but not only did this girl insist on taking a selfie with him, she actually put her hands on his shoulders which isnt something very respectful. But since she was the first one to take a selca, the manager stopped us to avoid fans invading his personal space.
Not only did she do that, but many of them were bringing/wearing Exo merch too, which was kinda disrespectful of them since this baby has chosen to part ways with the group… That’s how i lost my chance to take a picture with him 😭