he touches her so he know it real


“Monsieur Aramis! Bravest of all the King’s Musketeers.”

Chapter 686

I think one of the things that I’m most disappointed in as far as the final Bleach chapter is the fact that Tite Kubo did not support a relationship that is built on real connections, trust, and the ability to share personal life experiences with one another.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Orihime okay. But she never took the time to get to know Ichigo and share her thoughts and feelings with him. She never had so many real connections with him like Rukia did. She just thought he was attractive and sort of admired him while he didn’t know. She was obsessed with him in a way, especially considering that she stood over his bedside while he was unconscious and tried to touch/kiss him without him even knowing it. I’m going to have to agree with another’s opinion that I read here on tumblr in saying that what Orihime is feeling is more infatuation than actual love.

Love is: actually talking with someone, understanding someone and gaining their trust over a period of time, building bonds and connections up and being able to risk everything for someone, opening up and being yourself around someone, encouraging them in their dark moments, not invading someone’s space to kiss them when they are not even aware of it or of your own feelings (???)

A simple crush is: everything that Orihime has been thinking and feeling up to this point. Which is something everyone can relate to. But a crush on a friend is just a crush. And trying to build an entire romance out of that and marriage is what causes people to realize later that they had nothing between them to begin with almost every single time? Either that, or they are never even usually happy.

That is what I do not support. I think that Tite really should have proven a point here and went with the ending that supports realistic, inspiring bonds and relationships rather than relationships that are built on lies and infatuation (what the world is already so centered around). Even if he was rushed or pressured or just got lazy, etc, it would have been 10000000x more worth it to see an IchiRuki relationship.

That’s my 2 cents.

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:adrien spends a lot of time with ladybug as chat noir talking, touching, and flirting, among other things, yet he is so stunned when he sees her up close while being in his civilian form. shouldn't he naturally be able to say something or react somehow? that would be the perfect opportunity to interact with her and maybe hint at her that he's chat and he knows her better than anyone. is the fact that she's this close to him, talking to him -the real him- directly that's making him feel so helpless? and how she's also staring at him so intently and feeling almost too exposed and maybe hoping she will recognize him somehow? this boy is full of feelings and i can't handle it i need them to interact more or i'll die.

Actually, a few weeks ago a mom came up to me and she said that her son was in a wheelchair, and after our pilot first aired, he would watch the show every day. And she said she felt dumb because she could not figure out why he liked the show so much. Then she realized that the show was the first time in 16 years that her son had ever seen a character portrayed on TV in a wheelchair. So that really affected me – to know that we are actually doing something that is touching people in a real way.

Get this...

So, Cass is a soldier, right? But he didn’t even address Mary’s threat. I don’t think he even really noticed her. All he noticed was that Dean was alive. And his immediate reaction was to hug him, to touch him,  to make sure he was real. 

Now, here’s the real kicker. Think back to the first time Dean came back from the dead. Both Sam and Bobby, the two people who know him best in the world, tried to kill him and insisted on testing him to make sure he wasn’t a shifter or demon or whatnot. That thought didn’t even cross Cass’ mind. He just knew that Dean was Dean. Without giving it a second thought.

Oliver Queen loves

Oliver Queen loves Thea.

He loves her so much, he traded his freedom for her life. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for her, including giving in to Ra’s Al Ghul’s manipulations to become Heir to the Demon.

Oliver Queen loves Felicity.

Felicity’s love is branded on his soul. No matter what mind games he’s subjected to, he’ll never lose touch with his real self, because his heart belongs to Felicity Smoak. As long as it’s in her safe keeping, Oliver Queen’s soul is safe.

Oliver Queen loves Starling City.

Thea, Felicity–the fact that Oliver loves these two women has been a central theme throughout all of Season 3, and it is a given. One of his loves that I feel hasn’t been as widely discussed is his love for Starling City. And being the Arrow is how he showed that love, protecting the citizens from the criminal element, both white collar and otherwise. 

Love for Thea drove him into the League, love for Felicity protected his soul within the League, but it’s love for his city that will push him to end the League, or at least end the life of Ra’s Al Ghul. 

I hope he realizes that being the Arrow is not separate from being Oliver Queen, but rather, being the Arrow is merely Oliver Queen’s way of loving Starling City. Because Oliver Queen is a man who loves, and he loves his city deeply.

no but honestly

let’s recap all the shit Ward did to protect the team

and let’s recap how in these last three episodes, he would have given his life to protect Skye, how he shielded her from an explosion and from the gun firing, how he went alone to take out 12 men so Skye wouldn’t be touched, how he shot the clairvoyant because he threatened to kill Skye (from the way he talks about it you know its the real reason), and how when Garrett asked if there is something on this plane that they want to keep safe from SHIELD, Ward didn’t say guns or information or anything he LOOKED AT SKYE.

I do not believe this man is a traitor not after all that.


“Kirsten,” Cameron said as he gripped her fingers tightly, not even sure if she could feel his touch. Hoping she could at least hear the desperation in his voice, his desire for her to come back to him, he continued, “I know it’s hard. I know all of this has to be so hard for you, the pain, the guilt, the hopelessness, but you can’t just give up. The Kirsten I know is a fighter; she’s a problem-solver.

“I don’t know where you are, but I promise you, it’s not real. Real is out here with me and Camille, Linus, Maggie, and Fisher and everyone else in the Stitch lab who cares about you. Come back to us - come back to me - and I’ll take you home.”

The lab was silent. The time on the mission clock had long run down. No one moved; it seemed as if no one was breathing. All eyes were on Kirsten. Maggie emerged from her office, the clicking of her heels breaking the deafening silence, but Cameron stayed focused on Kirsten.

She looked so peaceful, so serene. Looking at her, you never would have imagined the war waging within her. He felt a little guilty that he hadn’t noticed sooner. He’d been so wrapped up in his personal drama with Nina, he’d neglected some of his duties. His job wasn’t just to make sure Kirsten was physically safe, but emotionally too. The way she showed up to his apartment - distraught and in tears - should have been a clue. Hell, it should have been a big flashing neon sign that something wasn’t right, but if - when Kirsten emerged from the stitch- he’d make everything right somehow.

Squeezing her fingers, he brought her hand to his lips in a tender kiss and repeated the words that brought her back the last time she was lost to him. “Come on, Stretch. We still have work to do. Make the bounce.”

But Kirsten remained still. The steady rise and fall of her chest was the only indication she was still alive.

Cameron’s desperation grew; he didn’t know what to do. With every growing second, Kirsten was slipping further and further away, and it was going to be his fault if she was lost to them all for good.

His voice caught in his throat knowing that all he could do now was beg.

Please, Kirsten! Come back!”

A few more moments of silence passed. He heard Maggie make her way toward him. Knowing what she was about to say, he banged his free hand on the fish tank and practically growled, “Dammit, Kirsten! Make the bounce!” And as if by some miracle, Cameron heard her whisper, “Okay.”

If he hadn’t been watching her face, if he hadn’t seen her lips move, he would’ve thought he had imagined it, but she said it again, just loud enough for him to hear, her hands slowly moving to the keypads.

Cameron grabbed her hand again before she could start typing.

“Just a second, Stretch.”

He turned to face Camille. “Man the controls, will ya?”

Camille shuffled over to his station without a word, giving Cameron a small nod when she was ready.

Cameron released her hand and said, “We’re all here waiting for you, Kirsten.”

Kirsten’s fingers hovered over the keypads. Her voice trembling, tears escaping from the corners of her eyes, she said, “I’ll see you soon, Mom,” before punching in IHEARTLINUS.

Kirsten opened her watery eyes to find Cameron’s green ones staring back at her, filled with relief. He threw his com aside and spoke directly to her. “Hey, hey. Look at me. Look right at me. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere, Stretch.”

She nodded, finding herself too tired to speak as everything that had occurred hit her all at once. She didn’t understand how people survived with emotions all the time. She’d only had them for a few months and she was overwhelmed and exhausted. There was too much to feel, too much to process. She was pissed at her father for leaving time after time and for killing the only father she knew; frustration at failing to find him; elation knowing that her mother was alive, desperate and every bit determined to find her. Despair and grief at having to leave her behind because for the first time that Kirsten could remember, she had felt all the warmth, contentment, and mirth that accompanies being loved unconditionally. It was intoxicating and beautiful, like the first rays of sunshine after a bad storm.

Her mother had been so beautiful, so perfect, exactly as Kirsten remembered her. She could have stayed in that memory forever, but it wasn’t real. No matter how badly she wanted it to be, it wasn’t real.

But Cameron was, and so was her mother, somewhere. Repeating that to herself was the only thing that made her bounce - knowing that out here in reality, she could one day be with her real mother again.

She knew the idea should have made her happy, but the very thought made the tears start up again. The idea of starting another search, against the NSA nonetheless, made Kirsten feel more powerless than she already did.

Sighing heavily, she turned to Cameron and said, “I just want to go home.”

He gave her a sweet smile and said, “Of course. Let’s get you outta here.”

Kirsten watched with half mast eyes as the lab woke around her. She hadn’t noticed the stillness until everyone began to move. Cameron began working on her harnesses. Camille, Fisher, Maggie, and Ayo started towards her, but Cameron said, “Giver her some space,” verbalizing her thoughts without even having to ask. She gave his arm a gentle squeeze in thanks.

When he had worked her free, he held out his hand and said, “Whenever you’re ready, I’m right here.”

Offering her hands to Cameron, she let him support her weight, her slight body feeling surprisingly heavy as she moved to climb out of the fish tank. One arm held the side of the tank as the other wrapped around her back. The moisture from her suit soaked every part of his body that touched hers, but he didn’t seem to mind.

Camille and Ayo were standing at the bottom of the ladder. Ayo with a chart, thermometer, and stethoscope in hand; Camille was holding out a towel which Cameron steered her into.

“Camille, get her dressed. Ayo, I’ll take care of all that and get the information to you once I get her home.

Ayo looked reluctant but turned away when she saw that Cameron wasn’t changing his mind, and before Camille shuffled her off to change, he rubbed his hands up and down her arms a few times in a soothing gesture. “I’ll be out here when you’re ready.”

Kirsten nodded and felt Cameron’s eyes on her as Camille applied a small amount of pressure to the small of her back, guiding her towards the locker room.

Camille hesitated at the door as Kirsten padded over to her locker.

Out of the corner of her eye, as she began digging through her bag for her clothes, Kirsten could see her roommate cross her arms and lean up against the wall. Kirsten knew there was a question coming.

Camille quietly asked, “You wanna talk about what happened out there?”

With a slight shake of her head, Kirsten said, “No. Or at least not right now,” her voice sounding foreign to her own ears. “Maybe later. Right now, I just want to go home and rest.”

Camille gave a curt nod but said nothing more. Kirsten was grateful she didn’t push the issue.

Kirsten entered one of the stalls and dressed as quickly as her body would allow. Her muscles were tight; the tension in her neck and back were enough to momentarily halt her movements, but a few deep breaths and she was able to power through.

When she stepped out of the locker room, everyone was busy performing post-stitch procedures, but no one rushed her and bombarded her with questions or tried to check her vitals. In fact, no one really paid her any attention at all. She wondered if it was Cameron’s doing as she made her way over to his desk.

Finishing up whatever he was working on, he looked up at her and with his crooked smile said, “You ready to go, Princess?”

Kirsten nodded.

Cameron pressed one last button, shutting down his station. Taking Kirsten’s bag, he yelled up to Maggie, “I’ll call you with an update in the morning.” Turning back to face the lab, he continued, “Ayo, I’ll call you in a few hours.”

Guiding her towards the elevator, one of Cameron’s arms circled the small of her back, holding tightly to her waist. Kirsten couldn’t help but think that he was being extra hands-on, considering what happened between the two of them yesterday and the conversation they’d had before the stitch. Normally, she would have been weirded out, but at the moment, she appreciated his closeness as she let her head sink to his shoulder.

Exiting through the back door of the Jade Frog, they walked the few steps to his car. Kirsten closed her eyes as soon as her body sunk into the familiar leather seat. The ever-present scent of pine had been replaced with something fruity, but Kirsten didn’t have the energy to inquire about it at the moment. She let the sensation of wheels over concrete and the soft sound of the radio lull her into a resting state - not fully asleep but not totally awake - until Cameron cut the engine.

Kirsten opened her eyes to find the highrise of Cameron’s apartment building in front her.

A little groggy and confused, she turned to him and asked, “I thought you were taking me home?”

He gave her a soft smile and said, “I did. Now let’s get you inside.”

I really don’t care about the fanservice or sexual scenes between Natsu and Lucy.

But i want my cute moments between them and this time i want Lucy to do it. It’s always Natsu making a move with her like forehead touching or putting his hand in her head… Those cute things that makes my heart melt.

Long time ago i read that according to Hiro, Natsu sees Lucy as more than a friend but he thinks she doesn’t feel the same for him and with the fear of being rejected maybe that’s why he’s always playing around with her, like touching her boobs everytime he can and stuff… He doesn’t say his real feelings towards her (at least to her cuz c’mom, Gildarts already knows the thing)

And he’s so cute with her

I want Lucy to do something like that with him. Maybe a hug, a forehead touching, i wouldn’t care less if it’s a kiss in the cheek …

Do something cute for your boy too (i know she was worried about him and stuff but i need him to be awake too!)

*the q & dok2 after beenzino made them meet stefanie once again*

dok2: i cant believe zino just dragged her over here to meet us without even checking if we got the time for this shit
q: he leaned in real close too so you had no chance but but to stand closer to her
dok2: remember that time he waited for me to take a piss so he could talk to me about stef without me escaping
q: you wanna know real pain *unbuttons his shirt*
dok2: bro why you stripping
q: she once touched my chest when we met and till this day whenever she comes close it starts hurting and pulsating it’s like we connected now or some shit
dok2: *clutches his gold chains*
q: oh shit it’s starting again they coming let’s get outta here
dok2: i got you *orders tickets to hawaii immediately*

Sweet Dreams (pt. 2)

Snowbaz fanfiction

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six -       Part Seven

For my valentine @senthr, I hope you like it <3 (also @sparkleybutt you said you wanted to read this)

Summary: College AU

Word count: 3.046

Warnings: swearing, don’t think anything else, maybe a little bit of angst


The dreams from that night had been too much to handle. The first dream fucked him up, but the second just made everything so much worse. It had felt so real. All he could think about that day, was Snow touching his chest. It had felt so real, it was unfair.

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Account from a fan from Madagascar who met Tao at the airport

jk.over: He looks very tired on this picture but in real life he looked extremely happy to see us even though some fans ended up going overboard and invading his personal space , taking pictures and asking for his signature

There was this one girl who was so frustrating, we all know how idols dont really like being touched as it’s a disrespectful act to them, but not only did this girl insist on taking a selfie with him, she actually put her hands on his shoulders which isnt something very respectful. But since she was the first one to take a selca, the manager stopped us to avoid fans invading his personal space.
Not only did she do that, but many of them were bringing/wearing Exo merch too, which was kinda disrespectful of them since this baby has chosen to part ways with the group… That’s how i lost my chance to take a picture with him 😭

I just wanted to talk about his face here for a second..

he is so shocked to see her there… alive.. and he just has to touch her to make sure she is.. herself’  you know what I mean. And maybe just to reassure himself he wasn’t seeing things. To make sure she was real.

How convinced was he she was gone? Ripped away without a trace.. ‘


He was sitting there in the floor.. with her her knife (his was still on his belt), stabbing it into the floor, steeling himself up to take care of  her if he found her in ‘that state’ It would hurt, but he would do it. For her, like they’d all promised each other they would.  Just really beginning to realize what she’d meant to him and now, well he’d lost her. And worse, he’d have to put her down. 

Someone he was growing to love very much. It must’ve killed him a little.

With her knife raised his hand ready to go,, and yanked that door open and here she is, breathing and ALIVE right here in front of him. And the way he touches her face, so tentative and gentle. With that hopeful look like ‘please let  her be her..don’t make me do this.. it’ll kill me..’ 

But Carol was there, alive looking at him with her beautiful eyes, she was weak and tired but was ‘still here’e’ 

And Daryl, relieved at that moment, ‘took care of her’, but not in the way he had originally convinced himself he would have to. 

He would take care of her by gently picking her up and carefully carrying back to safety.With such a look of cncentration on his  face. There was no way he was dropping this.. this precious cargo in his arms. 

His precious Carol was still here..

(gifs not mine and i dont remember who made them but credit to them)

littlelovelylies  asked:

Do you know what I thought about when Soo was touching the hairpin? I thought about SoSoo in martial bliss and imagined Soo wearing nothing but the hairpin for So and he'd be so damn flustered and cute and speechless, thinking how the millions of stars in Goryeo will never compare to her. And he'll be like 'do I need permission?' before he's touching her because he just loves teasing her. Save me because I need to get my mind out of the gutter.

omg, So would actually be so flustered it would be hilarious and then pretty hot lets be real



The sun is just barely peeking through the closed blinds as Niall lies down, completely awake and absolutely aware of the beautiful girl sleeping soundly beside him. He pulls his hand out from under the comforter, beneath which his legs are in what only can be described in a tangled mess with hers. With just the tip of his finger, barely touching, only grazing, he gently strokes some hair off her forehead and lets his touch linger there before gliding in down her cheek, across her lips, stopping to grasp her chin between his pointer and thumb.

It’s crazy to think that only a mere 4 months ago, Niall had never even laid eyes on this girl. Four months ago he had no idea what it was like to feel, to really and truly feel. He didn’t know real happiness, he didn’t know real pain, he didn’t know real love. He didn’t know heartbreak or fear, he didn’t know what it really meant to care about someone. To care about someone so much that your own feelings are bullshit compared to theirs. He didn’t know what it felt like to be safe. Not only in the physical sense, in the emotional sense, too. In the sense that no matter what happened in his own life, no matter what forces tried to tear him down and destroy his happiness, nothing would ever succeed because he’d still wake up every morning knowing he could call this girl his.

Four short months was all it took. The scariest, fastest, most emotional four months he’d ever experienced. In those four months he met Taylor, he fell in love with Taylor, he and he almost lost Taylor. In four months he went from a lonely boy, hiding his feelings of inadequacy with a smile, to someone who finally felt like they had purpose on this earth. Except for those two weeks, those absolutely painful two weeks that were finally coming to an end, those two weeks where he was convinced it was over. He’d lost her. A silly fight, a stupid stupid rumor that he should have stopped before it got out.

She’d packed up her toothbrush, her shampoo, her razor, her extra clothes, brought them all home, promising to never return, to never speak to him, to never even look in his direction. And for those two weeks, Niall felt pain, real pain, a pain far above any type of pain he’d ever experienced. Two straight weeks of fake smiles and forced laughs. Two straight weeks of a hole in his heart and a sunken stomach. Two straight weeks of a constricting bind on his throat, choking him up with tears threatening to spill every moment of every day. Pain, real pain that Niall would never even wish upon his worst enemy.

Until that night when it was too much. Too much pain and too much crying and too much hurt and he was done. He couldn’t take it anymore and he had to fix it, he had to try. So at 2 am on one of the snowiest nights that winter, he made his way across town in nothing but his sweatpants, trainers, and a hoodie he’d pulled on as he walked out the door. He drove the half hour trip to her house, his mind second guessing his actions the whole way, but his foot still pressed steadily to the gas. He parked in her driveway determined, triumphant, proud of himself for not having chickened out yet. He used the spare key he still had attached to his keychain to open her front door, kicking off his shoes as he stepped in, just like he had many times before when they were dating. Happier times.

He took the stairs two at a time up to her room, keeping his steps light and soft, just incase she was still awake (he doubts she is). He paused outside her room for a moment, just listening, partially to hear exactly what’s going on in there, and partially to reflect on the moment, collect his thoughts, pull himself together.

The sound of soft, sad sobs surprised him and scared him. Is she okay? Did someone hurt her? Is someone hurting her? No second thought needed he pushed open the door, and was relieved to find her in her bed, under the covers, curled up with the stuffed tiger he’d won her at the fair a month back. She heard him and looked up, her sobs slowing, but tears still leaking tracks of mascara down her cheeks. Niall’s suddenly lost his voice as he stepped forward. His mouth opened, but closed again because he found it nearly impossible to make a coherent sentence when the girl he loved was finally in front of him, for the first time in two weeks.

“I miss you.”

The words are hers, not his, and he half laughed, half sobbed when he heard them, bringing his hands up to wipe his eyes. He took three steps to her bed and, without being asked, no invitation needed, he climbed in beside her. She moved over and turned onto her side to face him, and he turned onto his, wrapping his arm around her, her head against the crook of his elbow and her face pressed against his comforting chest. By now, the only sign of tears were the blacks smudges on her cheeks. It didn’t take long for her to fall asleep.

Niall didn’t sleep much that night, though. He dozed off every now and again, but Taylor’s gentle movements beside him kept waking him up. He didn’t mind, though. Watching her sleep, knowing she’s safe, knowing she’s his, it’s one of his favorite things to do, so he quite enjoys spending the night watching her, keeping an eye on her. He has a lot of missed time to make up for.

And now, her eyes are fluttering open at the sound of the garbage truck and she looks up at him. She says nothing, just simply looks at him, a small smile appearing on her lips as she realizes he’s here, he’s back, he’s hers. Niall grins down at her and presses his lips to her forehead. He leaves them there for a second, inhaling deeply, letting the smell of her hair overtake him as he closes his eyes. “I love you,” he whispers against her skip. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m not leaving. Not ever.” He pulls away to look at her, and despite the tears in her eyes, she’s still smiling, nodding. “I’m not losing you. I’m not ever losing you, you got that? This right here,” he motions between the two of them, focusing on their chests, more specifically, their hearts, “what we’ve got here, this is something special. This is something real. These feelings I got, they’re something real and they don’t happen often. I know that. And I’d be an idiot to do anything to jeopardize it.” She nods again, happy, relieved sobs leaving her parted lips. Niall shushes her softly as he kisses her, silencing her, loving her properly for the first time in two weeks. “This is forever, alright? You’re stuck with me. And that’s how it’s gonna be.”

ok but I hope now people realize what a real predator looks like. as in, people who are saying that ezra is a sicko should maybe look again.

I get that ezra has the book thing, and how he met aria for the book, trust me I know that is a reason to not like him, but he NEVER touched aria unless she consented, and even more so he never touched her unless she started it (in fact he often stopped aria from going further). he even tried to break things off with her because he knew it was inappropriate. he wasn’t trying to take advantage of her (initially yes, but not in a sexual context. he was still an ass, but there is a difference)

I’m not saying ezra is in the clear, but maybe this will get people to understand that their previous notions of ezra being a sick creep are not at all true. ezra was a selfish, misguided, lost young guy just out of college trying to make a name for himself that didn’t have to do with his fucked up family. Zack is a disgusting horrible scum of a human who wanted to take advantage of a drunk young girl despite the fact that he’s getting married. yeah.

So many things are spiraling through them in this one gif

Love. Lust. Need. Passion. Overwhelm. Shock. Happiness. And just so much more.. 

This is the first time (well, one of, if you consider the night before) that he’s ever touched her like this. That’s she’s let him touch her like this.

His hands are glued to her. 

He wants to touch, to feel, every inch of her. 

It’s almost like he needs to be able to feel the warmth of her skin to know that this is actually real. 

The look he gives her as he’s caressing her, he’s overwhelmed. The girl he’s loved for so long, is laying in bed with him, is real.

She’s letting him. She’s not slapping him away, telling him to stop. She wants it just as much as he does.

And she didn’t leave the next morning, trying to forget it ever happened. She STAYED. She WAITED for him to wake up. Purposely missing school so she could savor the moment. Kissing him, making the first move to let him know she wanted more.

Not to mention she’s probably never done that for anyone else.


Elena 2:16: “Stefan we’re gonna be late for school! Okay, 5 minutes!

Elena 4x08: “I don’t have to be at school for… At least 20 minutes ago

i bet carla could be real sweet with stan and he just plain didn’t know how to handle it

like they poke and prod and are sexy and banter-y i think but sometimes carla just kisses the top of his head or rubs his shoulders, like little absentminded touches she doesn’t even think about and stan’s never really had that kind of casual affection, not even really from family, so he just. gets real flustered. doesn’t know what to do.

it takes him a while to be able to relax into that kind of stuff, but eventually he starts doing the same kinda things with her. (behind closed doors tho, cause he’s stan pines he’s no softie except he totally is except no except yes except don’T TELL PEOPLE I’M LITTLE SPOON)

Do you ever notice

How Damon grabs Elena’s face whenever he says something that he needs her to hear, like he needs to touch her, just so he knows it’s real.

How Elena always grabs Damon when he is upset, like she want’s him to know she is is rock holding him down when he needs support.

How they both stare into each other’s eyes after they speak searching for a reaction, like the can’t move, or even breathe until they know what the other thinks.

anonymous asked:

Wait wait wait hold up, are there seriously people in fandom who don't think Nottingham is a sexual predator? He literally tried to buy Belle to rape her!

Oh, dude, you missed a laff riot. While I don’t think the person tried to defend Keith attempting to rape Belle in FTL, they argued that in SB the poor dear was just a sweet, smitten swain who wanted some TOE-TAL-LY consensual nookie with Lacey. Of course, he knew that Lacey was actually Belle, who wouldn’t touch him with a ten-foot pole, but the bonnacon argued that he simply would have NO way of knowing that Lacey wasn’t the real person. 

This was all in an attempt to vilify Rumple for being so mean to the poor, sweet, gentle TOE-TAL-LY respectful of consent darling.