he totally has his dad's eyes :)

some dad lance things he’d definitely do

  • after dropping the kids off at school, he’d yell out the window “MAKE GOOD CHOICES SWEETIES” in a white suburban mom voice
    • the kids die in embarrassment
    • honks ridiculously long when he goes to pick them up, all the other kids stare at his kids, his kids love him but also want to go home rn immediately
  • dances with his kids from every genre. to traditional cubano music all the way to beyoncé, it’s adorable, even when they kinda trip over their own little toddler feet
  • is the Really Competitive Dad at their sports games
    • will definitely yell at the Ref
    • gives the evil eye to the other team’s coach. the coach has no idea why this dad is squinting at him
    • gives his kids a lot of support, smiles, and thumbs up at their games
      • definitely the loudest dad in the sidelines
      • probably made signs with his kiddos for what they wanted them to say on it, carries them proudly during the games
        • (they even made one for keith to hold too)
  • the best at doing their kids hair. especially the one who has super curly hair, because he used to have to comb the knots out for his younger sister and knows how to do it in a way that would hurt
  • take his kids out to look at the stars
    • they come up with fake stories about each one because they don’t know any of the constellations yet, it’s super cute
  • first time he took his first bab to cuba with keith, his mom burst out to tears. then lance burst out to tears. everyone burst out into tears.
    • keith was very confused but comforted them both
  • just….. Lance as a Dad (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Gift giving

My aunt’s husband is a total fucking dickhead.

For some background, my mother’s family is Guyanese and mixed with Scottish, German and Amerindian, but mainly look black. My mother married a white Irish man (my dad) and I came out looking super duper pale with blue eyes and blonde hair. My brothers are both much darker because being biracial means getting a grabbag of genes.

My aunt (my mother’s sister) married a Nigerian immigrant who is lazy and racist. He came over for a PhD course (which he only passed because my aunt wrote his thesis and in the thirty years since has refused to work) and his distaste at being married into the same family as a white guy has manifested in a number of ways, from telling others that my dad has shouted racial abuse at him (witnesses confirmed he absolutely did not) to refusing to even speak to me because of my skin colour.

A few years ago he was shouting about something completely false and when I told him he was wrong, he tried to physically attack me for being ‘disrespectful’ and had to be held back by my dad and uncles. He was in his fifties and I was a sixteen year old girl.

I later heard from my grandfather that after he yelled at my aunt’s husband, he (aunt’s husband) said that if he faced any consequences (like being banned from family dinners or told off again for his treatment of me) he would take my cousins, leave my aunt and go back to Nigeria.

It’s been a few years since then. I’m an adult now, and I’ve steered clear of as many holidays as possible. I didn’t want my grandfather to have to choose between protecting me and seeing my cousins again. My grandfather made it clear he was on my side and would’ve physically removed the asshole from his home, but, of course, that would result in probably never seeing my cousins again. I didnt want him to make that choice.

My grandfather died this year. It was a pretty awful illness and I spent most of my time out of work inside of the hospital with him. My dad was there too - his father-in-law was the closest he had to a father. My grandfather taught me many things. Including that you shouldn’t allow people to ruin things for you. Things like family gatherings.

Now the thing about this dude is, on top of being lazy as shit, he’s super entitled. He fully believes that he is head of the family, despite everyone hating him and ignoring him. He believes he is owed deference and respect from all. He told my aunt that since I didn’t show him respect, she and my cousins were no longer to buy my xmas presents. I haven’t received a single one from them in years. So I set my plan into motion.

I don’t get paid a lot, but I saved from October onwards. I filled the tree in my grandfather’s old house with presents, one for every person in my family - bar one.

This morning, Christmas Day, I stood under that tree with my gifts in my arms and I gave every person there a present I had spent hours picking out. I went up to each individual, passing him several times while he looked at the gifts greedily, and handed everyone something they would’ve wanted. I got to drink in the look of guilt on the faces of my cousins and my aunt as I received one solitary present (from my mother’s brother) as they received a bunch from me. It was delicious.

Finally, there was one gift left under the tree - a single envelope. It said 'for all your help looking after grandfather’. I handed it to him. Inside were return Eurostar tickets to Paris for a long weekend. “Oh!” I said. “I’ve made a mistake! That’s my extra present to [Dad]!” And indeed, there was my father’s name on the tickets. He got to see every wonderful gift I got everyone else while he received nothing - nothing from me, nothing from my brothers who hate how he treats me, nothing from my uncles who hate him and only ever gave him things because my grandfather wanted to keep the peace to continue seeing his grandkids.

The cherry on top? I received a special gift from a friend today. He bought two square feet of land for me and an aristocratic title. I am now a Lady and even though it barely means anything, my family has been pretend bowing and scraping to me while ignoring him and his demands for respect and he’s now sulking and refusing to speak to anyone.

Merry fucking Christmas, Tony.



- 3yo Teddy, not understanding why he now live with Harry, and why he can’t see his grandparents anymore

- 4yo Teddy calling Harry dad, making him cry a lot

- 5yo Teddy seeing Draco for the 1st time, asking him if he was his mom, upsetting him “I am not a woman! Harry, is your godson blind?”

- 6yo Teddy, going to a school for young wizards, telling the teacher he can’t make a present for Mother’s day, but making two for Father’s day.

- 7yo Teddy, asking Harry why he have to call him godfather instead of dad, ‘cause it’s obvious Harry and Draco are his fathers, right?

- 8yo Teddy playing with young Rose, babysitting her while the adults are talking politics, but keeping an eye on them two. 

- 9yo Teddy receiving “Hogwarts, a History” from Hermione for his birthday, and after reading it becoming totally excited and asking “When will I go to Hogwarts, Daddy, when?”

- 10yo Teddy, after explanations, going to Remus and Nymphadora graves and telling them not to worry, he has his fathers to keep him safe, making Harry and Draco cry.

- 11yyo Teddy being not so impatient to go to Hogwarts, understanding it means be separated from his dads, and crying at platform 9 ¾.

- Still 11yo Teddy being afraid to disappoint his fathers because Hufflepuff isn’t Gryffindor or Slytherin, and being uncomfortable at Hogwarts until he receive a letter congratulating him, and telling him they were so proud of him.

- 12yo Teddy repeanting Draco how much he’s missing his friends, and how much he wants to return at Hogwarts, but he aslo wants to stay home, and…

- 13yo Teddy being really good at Herbology, and spending some time in Pr Longbottom office, talking about everything and nothing. He loved these times with Neville, not as Harry’s friend but as supporting teacher.

- 14yo Teddy, having a crush on Victoire Weasley, blushing anytime he cross her path. And she finding him soo cute, and loving his blue hair, once took his hand under the Great Hall table during dinner.

- 15yo Teddy loving Victoire adorable freckles, cute small nose and blond hair, as much as he loved her personnality. Teddy taking Victire stargazing during summer break. 

- Still 15yo Teddy choking when he receives his prefect badge, thinking he isn’t deserving it.

- 16yo Teddy receiving his O.W.L. results, an O in Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures and Transfiguration, an E in Charms, Potions and DADA, an A in Muggle Studies and Histoy of Magic, but failed in Divination and Astronomy.

- 17yo Teddy going to his last year at Hogwarts, as a young man, Harry and Draco being so proud of him, although they’re sad he grown up so fast and doesn’t need them anymore.

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Hey sorry I'm in mobile so can't see when it last was but if possible could you update the scent marking tag? Preferably not ones with scent kink in but if that's tricky then no worries. Thanks for all your hard work with this blog I literally use it almost daily ❤️

i tried to avoid as many fics with the scent kink tag for you

The Moon Lives (In The Lining of Your Skin) by Quixoticity (6/? | 20,888 | R)

Stiles is doing fine. Okay, so he didn’t expect to be a single father to an infant daughter at the tender age of twenty-two, but it’s working out great. And no, he didn’t expect to be a curator in Beacon Hills Museum, where weird things happen with no explanation, but he’s rolling with it. And he seems to have acquired a new brother now that his dad’s gotten engaged, which, odd, but hey, Stiles is flexible, and there’s no such thing as too much love, right?

But then the next twist comes in the form of mysterious new neighbour Derek Hale, who is both insanely angry at the world (it’s possible he’s murdered people with his eyebrows alone), and adorably good with children. He’s also in possession of a truly excellent butt.

Stiles is doomed.

It’s Platonic Until It’s Not by hbunting1403 (½ | 7,690 | R)

Yes, Scott and Stiles sleep in the same bed. Stiles would rather cut off both of his hands than touch Scott sexually, but he’s no stranger to showing affection, and they cuddle on a pretty regular basis. Their relationship is, in Stiles’ eyes, normal and healthy and exactly what they both need. Then Scott meets Alison, and they fall in love over a fucking pen (which is sickly sweet but so Scott), and Stiles suddenly has a lot more time on his hands.

Cue pottery classes, stargazing, a new friendship, and a lot of (totally platonic) cuddling.

Even if Derek is hotter than the sun.

Susurrating Young Love by Rickyclark (1/1 | 5,757 | NC17)

What the fuck do you know about love? Huh. Do you know what it means to love? Do you? Do you know what it means to look into someone’s eyes, someone you love, just to fucking look in their eyes. Do you? I was so innocent, I was so pure. He loves me. When mom and dad died you tried to turn me into someone I didn’t want to be. I don’t want to be you, I want to be me. And what I want is to be with this man that I know loves me back

Angel Choirs and Magic by LadyDrace (1/1 | 3,000 | NC17)

Derek has been very, very patient, and has shown frankly incredible self-control in the face of brutal teasing and flirting for two months. But now it’s time for the mating run, and he’s about to get his reward.

Except for how maybe it’s actually Stiles getting a treat.


Gift giving.

(warning: long story)

My aunt’s husband is a total f*cking d*ckhead.

For some background, my mother’s family is Guyanese and mixed with Scottish, German and Amerindian, but mainly look black. My mother married a white Irish man (my dad) and I came out looking super duper pale with blue eyes and blonde hair. My brothers are both much darker because being biracial means getting a grabbag of genes.

My aunt (my mother’s sister) married a Nigerian immigrant who is lazy and racist. He came over for a PhD course (which he only passed because my aunt wrote his thesis and in the thirty years since has refused to work) and his distaste at being married into the same family as a white guy has manifested in a number of ways, from telling others that my dad has shouted racial abuse at him (witnesses confirmed he absolutely did not) to refusing to even speak to me because of my skin colour.

A few years ago he was shouting about something completely false and when I told him he was wrong, he tried to physically attack me for being ‘disrespectful’ and had to be held back by my dad and uncles. He was in his fifties and I was a sixteen year old girl.

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Bug head writing prompt "I could kiss you!" One of them figures out something for the other and the latter gets so excited or happy they either kiss the person or exclaim that they want to...

A rather delayed answer to your adorable request before I post something regarding last night’s episode later tonight, so stay tuned! I hope you like it!!! Thanks so much for requesting!! 

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It was dead silent in the students’ lounge that Tuesday in free period.  Being one of the rare days that the sun was showering the small town of Riverdale with its rich, warm rays, every student was out in the backyard, soaking up the much needed vitamin D. That of course didn’t apply for Jughead Jones whose mainly attitude and way of life was far beyond from sunshines and rainbows.

He threw his bag at the couch at the center of the room carelessly and mentally let a happy sigh of relief that the only sound around him was him thinking. He pushed some coins into the venting machine paying for a very small, much to his dislike, pack of chips and some Skittles, the boy always up for an unhealthy snack, peaking out of the window mindlessly as he waited for the machine to deliver the goodies. Amongst the sea of high schoolers, he could see Archie along with Reggie and Moose and other jocks engrossed in a low-key baseball match in all their Bulldogs’ glory of heavy laughter and dude jokes and Veronica sporting some oversized, designer sunglasses while sunbathing on the grass along with other cheerleaders while Cheryl Blossom was some benches away with Josie and the Pussycats, the girls watching something on an iPad and swaying lightly to some beat. Jughead didn’t feel even the slightest of need to join them.

With snacks in hand, the boy threw himself on the couch and got comfortable, resting his legs on the coffee table in front of him and crossing them at the ankles, his mind briefly wandering to the bubbly blonde his eyes didn’t quite catch outside, enjoying the nice day. He hoped she wasn’t with her face buried in some book at the library or squishing her mind for ideas in the Blue & Gold; she studied and worked too much for her own good. Thinking that maybe he hadn’t notice her presence outside – something much more than doubtful because he was always aware of her presence without even looking up – but making a mental note to check up on her in a while, Jughead opened his laptop on his lap and double clicked on the document that held his precious novel, feeling his fingers itching to put on paper the words that danced all day in his mind.

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An Incredibly Minor Yet Underrated Marvel Character

SO imagine this. You are a member of an proud and violent warrior race. You are the handmaiden to the less violent, but probably still p proud Princess of the intergalactic empire that most of your race belongs to. One day, your Princess, whom you have served loyally for many years, gets into some bullshit star-crossed lover biz with a man who is 1) a member of the race your race has been fighting since basically forever, B) A member of the organization that has consistently opposed your empire, and Lastly) who lives on a different planet and is therefore not gonna be around when she predictably finds out she is having his goddamn baby, because of course she is. 

So your Princess has this illegitimate half alien baby now, and her Dad (your Emperor) is like “wow, no” and tries to have it executed on the grounds of he doesn’t like it and he’s in goddamned charge. And the Princess is looking at you, and her eyes are doing that thing were they’re really big and sad, and her lips all pout-y, and if you had the frame of reference you would totally call her out on doing the puppy eye thing but you don’t. So what do you do?

You take the weird hybrid baby to his baby daddy, effectively exiling yourself from your home planet, to go live on a planet were Everyone Actually Really Totally Hates You, also known as Earth(y). 

Sadly, when you get to earth, were you expect to find help from the legendary super-powered princess impregnating warrior hero guy and his buds, you find that the guy has quite rudely kicked the bucket. So here you are, on a hostile alien planet, with no one to help your exiled self or your exiled prince who is half a species you have almost no experience with and also has a price on his head despite the fact he is not yet strong enough to lift said head without help. So again, what do you do?

You become a realtor.  

Yeah, that’s right. You get a fucking job. You settle the fuck down. You take a fucking Pilates class. You raise the weird fucking hybrid baby. In fact, you do not just raise the weird fucking hybrid baby; You love and cherish the weird fucking hybrid baby. You teach the exiled heir to your proud, violent, warrior race to be a sweet ‘lil nerd, who loves pokemon, and comic books, and tries to talk through confrontations, and occasionally hits you with those puppy-dog eyes that got you into this mess in the first place. You don’t complain though. You don’t complain when you’re Prince gets sick and there is literally no one on earth to turn to (because who on earth has ever seen a skrull/kree hybrid, much less treated one?). You don’t complain when you hear Galactus destroys your homeworld and everyone on it (how can you explain to your Prince that you’re grieving for his mother when you’re right there?). You don’t complain when the Super-Skrull burst through the wall of you adopted son’s friend-who-is-totally-not-his-boyfriend-mom-oh-my-god’s apartment and demands your baby go with him. Because you are not someone who backs down from a challenge. 

You pull out a gun and you challenge the greatest warrior of your proud, violent warrior race.

You lose. 

You die. 

But it’s all right. Your son’s not-boyfriend will save him. Your weird alien hybrid baby will become a weird alien hybrid hero, and later, a weird alien hybrid King. Somewhere, your Princess and her bullshit star-crossed lover are very proud. Somewhere else, the galaxies worst Grandfather is very furious. But you, well. Who even are you?

I don’t know. Because the writers never bothered giving you a name. It’s all right though. You know why?

Because I love you. 

Overwatch: Sleeping Habit Headcanons Edition
  • Genji: Technically, he doesn't need to sleep, but he tries anyway while he's recharging because it makes him feel more human.
  • Mccree: Spread eagle, face down in the middle of the bed.
  • Pharah: She curls up like a weird cat and makes tiny little snores. She's still not used to comfortable beds after her time in the military.
  • Reaper: He doesn't sleep. He just broods.
  • Soldier 76: The worst dad snores you have ever heard. He wears a little frilly eye cover & tucks his hands under his head.
  • Tracer: She's totally still, but she twitches occasionally. She has trouble getting to sleep and has really vivid and horrifying dreams of alternate timelines. She doesn't like talking about them.
  • Bastion: It's designed for field operations away from a supply network, and can function for up to three months without refueling.
  • Hanzo: Constant bags under his eyes from brooding late at night too much. He talks in his sleep, and can't get to sleep without a stiff drink.
  • Junkrat: dude requires surprisingly little sleep to function. He's always the first to wake up and put some coffee on.
  • Mei: Cryo-sleep did something weird to her brain. She has to take ten kinds of pills to stay awake, otherwise she falls asleep at the drop of a hat and makes the tiniest little snores.
  • Torbjorn: 10:30pm to 6:45am everyday. On Saturdays, he sleeps in until 7:00 am.
  • Widowmaker: Due to her slowed metabolism, she only requires one third the amount of sleep as a normal human. Tracer swears she's mentioned her old husband in her sleep, but no one believes it.
  • D.va: Usually stays up way too late streaming, and s76 has to bang on her door to wake her up.
  • Reinhardt: You don't get to be this healthy at 61 without a regular and healthy sleep schedule. ten forty five pm to nine am every night.
  • Roadhog: Sleeps in very late. Has very tiny adorable snores and a ton of fluffy pillows on his extremely soft and comfortable bed.
  • Winston: Normally, a gorilla requires approximately 14 hours of sleep a day, and Winston's brain uses energy even faster than normal. He's usually sleeping when not on duty.
  • Zarya: Very light sleeper. Sleeps precisely six hours a night.
  • Lucio: Dude drink way too much caffeine and sleeps when the crash hits after the party.
  • Mercy: Her enhanced body only requires about four hours of sleep a night, but she gets a regular seven hours of sleep a night.
  • Symmetra: A healthy mind starts with a well balanced sleep regimen. Symmetra sleeps behind a locked door from 9:30pm to 7:00am. She wears to same brand of sleep mask as s76.
  • Zenyatta: n/a, he stays up late and gives advice to people who have trouble sleeping. If there's no one, he looks out at space.

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What if toms introducing Marco to his dad and he's really nice but he looks like some kind of Eldritch abomination and tom has to calm him down

Yeah of course! I hope you like it! This was fun and really different than what I normally write! A nice change of pace from my normal abused Tom headcanon. I hope you like it! BTW I imagine Tom’s dad as the beast from over the garden wall lol. Sorry if this isn’t totally what you wanted, was he trying to calm Marco down? I’m sorry I’m a horrible reader and sometimes things blur together when reading and I don’t understand. Enjoy!

Tom opened the large stone door to the big ominously dark room. Marco followed him, a bit nervous. Tom looked around. “Dad? Are you in here?” He called. He stepped closer in. Marco kept thinking he saw something out of the corner of his eyes, but when he looked it seemed like something was darting away in the darkness. “Sorry for the light, my mom was the fire deity, my dad is the deity of darkness. He lives like this. He’ll die in sunlight.” Tom explained. Marco nodded and took the demon’s hand, trying to be scared.

They came to the end of the room, at this point it was pitch black. Marco gulped and Tom’s eyes glowed, allowing him to see in the total darkness. He reached out and turned on a very soft red light. Marco gulped when he saw a large shadowy figure rising above him. It was like a cloak of darkness with glowing eyes and big twisted horns. Nothing about him was a color but black, except his eyes, which lit up gold, red, and blue.

“Hey dad.” Tom waved. Marco had a face of pure horror as the glowing orbs in Tpm’s father’s eyes landed on Marco.

“Oh, hello there. You must be Marco Diaz. My son has spoken of you… he has spoken of you much.” Tom’s dad spoke. Marco gulped and extended a shaky hand.

“H-h-hello s-sir.” Marco choked out. The eyes looked at Marco’s hand for a long time. They then looked up to examine Tom, who was smiling fondly at Marco.

“How curious. I’m surprised that a human being is capable of earning my son’s affection. Let alone his trust.” The man continued. He then got his eyes very close to Marco, stared for a second, and then examined Tom. “Yes… curious indeed.” He continued. Tom blushed and rolled his eyes, looking a little annoyed.

“Dad, you’re doing it again.” He mumbled. Tom’s father fell back a little. Marco then heard a horrible light sound, like the screeches of the damned echoing up from hell. It was the man’s laugh. “So Marco is super into karate!” Tom told his father. “He really likes combat, he’s good at it too!” Tom added.

“I can see the boy must excel in… human combat…” His father spoke. “But has he seen what you are capable of?” He asked his son. Tom blushed and Marco looked at his curiously.

“Tom? What does he mean?” Marco asked.

“I um… I try not to talk about that around people, dad.” Tom admitted.

“Well if he cannot handle you at your worst he does not deserve you at your best.” His father said. “All demons are gifted warriors and we posses instincts to tell us such. So much so that demons of Tom’s nature cannot control it at times.” He continued. Marco smiled big.

“You mean how he goes feral! I love that it’s adorable!” Marco gushed. The room was quiet.

“What?” Tom asked.

“What?” His father asked.

“Oh yeah! Tom has his feral side! It’s the cutest thing ever, He thinks he;s scary and dangerous but all he does is play with string. It precious.” Marco explained. “I have a million videos on my phone.” He added. Tom blushed deeply and tried to say something, but he was so flustered all he could do was make little noises as fire swirled around his feet.

“Tom, extinguish that flame or leave the room. You know how I am with light.” His father said in an exasperated tone. Tom nodded and took a few deep breaths, slowly putting his fire out. Tom cleared his throat and shuffled a bit. His father narrowed his eyes. “Tom, please excuse us.” He requested. Tom looked up.

“But dad I-”

“Tom, do as I say please.” He repeated. Tom sighed and gave Marco a fast kiss on the head.

“He’s all talk.” Tom whispered. “Don’t let him scare you.” Tom assured. But Marco was already petrified, watching the demon with wide eyes. They heard the door close and Marco stood there alone with the demon father.

“Tom is quite a… person.” The demon said, for lack of better words. Marco gulped and nodded.

“He-he’s an amazing person.” Marco sputtered out.

“I’m not going to talk down my son, I love him, but I also know he can be a bit much for a human to handle. As are all demons.” He continued. The eyes then got closer to Marco and the human gulped. “Tom is much more fragile than he may seem. My son has been through much, and I don’t much care for a human coming into his life, earning his affection, and then throwing it back at his as if it were worthless.” He seethed.

“No! No I would never!” Marco cried. “I-I love Tom! I would never ever hurt him!” Marco promised. The glowing eyes narrowed at him and got closer.

“You have my son’s trust, and if you do anything to betray that trust, know that I will make you regret it.” He hissed. Marco was shaking and he nodded urgently, trying to mutter something else out, the room was so cold and he felt like the demon was somehow choking him without really touching him.

“Dad, you promised you wouldn’t scare him.” Tom said, he had reentered the room.

“I told you to leave us.” Tom’s father reminded. Tom crossed his arms.

“Yeah but then I remembered what you always do, so I came back in.” Tom huffed. “Dad you promised me you wouldn’t try to scare him!” He reminded. His father backed away and looked back at Marco, who was petrified. Tom walked up to him and took Marco’s hand, giving him a kiss on the head. “Mar-Mar, it’s okay, my dad was just trying to scare you.” Tom assured. Marco coughed and backed away with shaky legs.

“He did great…” Marco forced a smile. Tom grumbled and shot a look at his father.

“Let’s go.” Tom smiled and Marco nodded. As soon as the two were about to walk away Tom looked at his dad. “I like him… he’s nice, he won’t hurt me I promise.” Tom whispered very quietly. His father nodded and Tom led Marco out of the room. “Marco… I’m so sorry about that, he’s really intense.” Tom rubbed the back of his head.

“I-it’s okay.” Marco assured. He still seemed very shaken up. “He’s a… threatening guy huh?” Marco asked, forcing a laugh. “I don’t um… did he really think I was going to hurt you like that?” Marco asked. Tom smiled and gave Marco a kiss.

“He doesn’t know you like I do.” He assured. “I trust you, more than anything I trust and love you.” Tom swore. Marco giggled a bit, calming down.

“I think that’s what he’s worried about.” Marco pointed out. Tom giggled.

Dad!Peter Maximoff headcanons
  • Peter decides to take a break from being an X-Men because he’s almost 30 and wants to do some things before it’s too late
  • One of those things is actually finding a girlfriend (you)
  • He meets you on accident and you guys easily connect over music and Twinkie’s
  • After awhile, Peter wants to pop the question, but before he can, you announce that your pregnant ( he asks you eventually)
  • He almost doesn’t know how to react. He’s scared and couldn’t be more ecstatic at the same time
  • Once he sees the worried look you have, he hugs you tightly and keeps repeating I’m gonna be a dad over and over. Even to random strangers. You refrain from smacking him when he does this
  • He’s so happy and can’t wait to meet the new baby
  • When the baby finally does come, it’s a girl and he couldn’t be happier. That was the first time you saw Peter cry.
  • She has your eyes and immediately had little wisps of silver hair. (She’s a total daddy’s girl)
  • Peter is always holding her, even when you insist she’ll live if she’s not in his arms for two seconds. (Cue arguments whenever he doesn’t let you hold her)
  • His mom and sister would’ve kidnapped her if Peter hadn’t been smart enough to distract them with baby photos
  • He loves to bring you lunch at work, meaning most days you get to see your baby and Peter before you go home. Thank you kisses to both are a must. The baby always starts laughing when you kiss her nose (I hope it’s ok I based this one on a head canon you have @mllknhoney)
  • He sometimes goes a little too fast when dressing the baby, leaving you to put her clothes on the right way
  • You two always try to make her go to sleep at 8. Then you two snuggle in a pile on the couch for a couple of hours. (Which always ends with you two falling asleep, you snuggled into his chest)
  • More often than not, he offers to see what’s wrong if the baby starts crying
  • On your days off, you make Peter go do something by himself for a couple of hours, but he never knows what to do with out you
  • Some days it feels like she’s growing up too fast and others it feels like she will never be older than a newborn. It depends on how stressed you both are
  • You get them matching shirts
  • They were them all the time
  • You decide to get in on the action and buy a set of three so you can all match (it’s disgustingly cute)
  • Because Peter is such a Soft Boy™ you always make sure to at least hug him for a solid five minutes before leaving for work (he won’t admit it but he wants you to hug him always)
  • One day he gets a message from Charles asking where the hell he’s been and that he’s needed back with the X-Men.
  • You decided it would be better for you guys to move to New York near the school (thankfully your work place had a division near by)
  • But you couldn’t come with him until all your credentials and things got transferred to the new place, meaning it was time for a dad/daughter road trip (“Peter you are not running there with the baby.”)
  • Peter has never been more proud of himself. He was a dad. He was going to show e v e r y o n e his baby.
  • Hank opens the door to see Peter holding a baby. He isn’t sure what to say except for hi.
  • “Why do you have a baby?” “Well her mom and I-” I got it Peter" hank wants him to never bring that up again.
  • Charles is happy to see Peter back. They could really use him right now, as the team is getting overworked.
  • He just kinda sets the baby down on the desk. (“To answer your question, this is where the hell I’ve been.”)
  • He may have said that all a little too fast but Charles got the basics. The baby is asleep, giving the chance for him to tell Peter what’s happened since he basically disappeared.
  • A little sob interrupts the conversation, but “don’t worry I’m here baby girl.” stops the outburst from continuing
  • He follows Charles around, baby on his hip looking at what they’ve done with the mansion in the few years he was gone.
  • Then of course, babies get attention. Especially from bubbly teenagers named Jubilee.
  • The baby gets passed around. She really likes Kurt. Especially his tail. But he doesn’t listen to peters warning of her being grabby.
  • Then Scott and Alex are asking to hold the baby. Jubilee was one thing, but both of them shot beams out of their bodies…hell no.
  • The baby likes Ororo, and the feeling is kinda mutual. She likes that there is another mutant with hair similar to how hers is.
  • Then Peter notices Warren kinda edging his way into the circle to see what’s going on. Peter pretends he doesn’t notice the smile that finds its way onto his face when he gets to hold the baby.
  • Peter keeps bragging about how amazing and pretty you are and how nice it is to be in a relationship and how he hasn’t stolen anything in a long time.
  • Charles is extremely proud. he won’t admit it. But everyone can tell
  • (I think maybe Peter would use this opportunity to finally tell Erik he’s his son.) Peter just sees Erick and goes “Hi dad, here’s your granddaughter.” And hands him the baby.She instantly likes Erik. Erik on the other hand has no idea what to do with himself
  • At the end of the day, Peter sets his room back up for the night and calls you to tell you he loves you. You hear the baby giggling and yell at him for not making her go to bed yet but you love him too and you can’t wait to be back with your babies
  • When you finally do get to move, you can’t wait to meet everyone.
  • Warren begrudgingly answers the door. He smirks when he sees you on the other side, and flirts with you all the way to the professors office.
  • Which leads to him being super embarrassed when Peter calls him out on it. (“Hey bird boy stop flirting with my wife”) (Warren didn’t know. And now he’s blushing and Peters never gonna let it go)
  • “Hi, baby!” “Hi to you too.” “Not you Peter, I want my child.”
  • He pouts until you give him attention too.
  • He happily drags you around to meet everyone. Including Erik, who is kinda still in shock at the fact that he has a family
  • Warren is still embarrassed. You make it worse by teasing him about it. Everyone accepts you into the little group.
  • The three of you easily blend into life at the mansion. It’s not far from where you work and there is almost always a babysitter available.
  • Peter couldn’t be prouder of his girls and the feeling is mutual.
  • Taking a break from the X-Men is the best decision he has ever made

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Ship Meme: Ponyboy Curtis

Gives nose/forehead kisses

Both of you do! You turn it into a game - not one with rules or anything, but you try to surprise/startle each other with little face kisses. One time you kept it up for three days until Dally walked by and said something to the effect of For the love of god, stop being so disgustingly cute.

Gets jealous the most

He does and it’s the cutest thing ever omg - so sometimes you make him jealous on purpose because the puppy eyes he gives you when you do are just so adorable.

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

I feel like this would be him. Darry probably scared him into never drinking seriously ever, so he’s more than likely the sober one. (Besides, he’d probably be a weepy romantic drunk.) 

Takes care of on sick days

You do. He’s actually…strangely adorable when he’s sick? Like he’s got a high fever and glazed eyes and his hair’s probably a mess but there’s something endearing about how quiet his voice gets and how he clearly wants nothing more than for you to be near him.

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

You do! And he’ll definitely follow you and grin and say how cute you are, but I feel like he’d be more interested in walking along the beach and collecting shells and….dare I say? Watching the sunset with you.

Gives unprompted massages

You do, and it catches him off guard every. single. time. He’s just “??? you want to do that for me???” Yes, Pony, I do. Now stop fidgeting.

Drives/rides shotgun

You’re usually the one driving because he loves to daydream, watch the scenery, and talk with you on long car trips. Some of your deepest and most meaningful conversations have happened with him in the passenger seat while you drive.

Brings the other lunch at work

You do! Just to have an excuse to see him, really - and it always makes your stomach flutter seeing how his face lights up at seeing you. So, full disclosure time: sometimes you hide his lunch in the morning so you’ll have to bring him food.

Has the better parental relationship

His parents were amazing and frankly, no matter what he might’ve thought during the events of the book, Darry is an amazing dad. 

Embarrassingly drunk dancer

Lmao do not give this boy alcohol he is terrible.

Still cries watching Titanic

Both of you are outright sobbing and it’s absolutely hilarious. Dally walks by like “Ha, losers” or something like that and then the both of you look at him with tear-filled puppy eyes and he grumbles and walks away.

Firmly believes in couples costumes

I can actually totally see this being him? The gang will make fun of you two to be sure, but you both look cute and neither one of you care.

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

Well, if anyone is going to be breaking that rule it’s not him - not because he wou;dn’t like to, but because he can’t. The Curtises don’t have much to spare, but I can totally see Pony writing you a poem or saving up to frame a picture he really loves of the two of you.

Makes the other eat breakfast

It’s the first time you scold him about not eating that Darry decides he likes you and that you’re good for Pony. 

Remembers anniversaries

Are you kidding me this boy is the most classical romantic out there of course he remembers. He spends like a month trying to find a beautiful way to celebrate without spending too much because reasons.

Brings up having kids

He does - mostly to ask if you want to, really. He says he thinks he’d be a good dad, and if you’d like to, he’d be honored to be the father of your children.

anonymous asked:

That last request gave an idea haha Father Dazai and Father Kunikida headcanons on knowing their daughters are going to get married and first time meeting with their future son in law? (I totally see Dazai scaring the shit out of the poor boy (because he's very embarrasing), and the guy looking at his future wife like 'is this really your dad?')

OOoh yes I totally see that too. But I think Kunikida will be more annoying, you’ll see.

Osamu Dazai

  • Dazai has a really strict eye on his daughter. He won’t even allow her to be out late and when she got a boyfriend, he makes sure to know everything about him. So when they announce a marriage, he would not be happy. It’s his little princess after all!
  • So when his son-in-law is sitting across him for the question, Dazai will cross his arms and pout. “No. I never allow it! You can make babies with her all night, but she stays her.” - Daughter: “DAD!!!!!” - Son-in-Law: Eh.. *bends over and whisper* thats really your dad..? - Daughter: .. I am not sure anymore.. - Dazai: hahahaha
  • I totally see Dazai giving him ridiculous tests to prove his worthy-ness in marry her. Things that are embarassing, childish or simply impossible to solve. Dazai makes sure he make this man regret to come over anyway
  • When he can’t prevent the wedding, he will go and dressed as a giant dildo, crying how his daughter could cheat on him with a MAN (Don’t hurt me xDDD)

Doppo Kunikida

  • Actually, Kunikida trusts his daughter to marry a fine man, but he is quite protective over her. He would not let anyone take her hand before he is sure they can give her what she deserves.
  • Imagine Kunikida, his daughter and the fiance sitting in a circle and Kunikida keeps asking him random questions that get pretty private and intimate until both end up blushing like crazy and Kunikida doesn’t understood why
  • He manages to destroy his son-in-laws nerfes before he even start to get serious. Really, having Kunikida as father-in-law is the shittiest thing ever. He is even worse than every mother-in-law you’ve encountered. 
  • After he gave his permission, it’s not over yet. He start to plan the whole wedding on his own, leaving both not a single moment to be involved in the planning..

• He would be protective but quiet lenient
• lenient towards the fighting and going out, only if you were with you’re brothers, of course
• he would braid your hair, if you taught him how to do it, but he would most definitely try
• he would take you out on the new boats when Floki had finished making them (saying their still friends)
• he would teach you how to fight and some Christian ways he’d learned from Athelstan
• you would be his favourite because you weren’t as hard headed as your brothers, and you would take time to listen to his crazy ideas, and even perhaps add to them
• it would be easy for Ragnar to connect with you because he wouldn’t feel as threatened as he does when it comes to his sons, because you couldn’t be a better man than him and steal his glory

• he would be quiet controlling. Control is evident in Rollo’s nature, so he wouldn’t let up around his child
• although he is controlling, he can also be very warm and considerate as well
• he would proudly introduce you to his new wife, and you would adapt to the French way
• but also have Viking traits that he still teaches to you
• you would learn how to fight, but you would learn how to be a Frankia lady also
• you would braid each other’s hair on lazy days, and even get his hair ready for him when he has to go to battle
• although he has a tough exterior, he would be jelly inside when you find a man to settle down with
• he’d be the stereotypical dad when it comes to you dating, but he’d totally be down with it if the guy was the right one
• talking about your uncle Ragnar and your cousins

• building boats together
• family days with Helga on the boats
• playing around with intense eye liner (what is the proper term for that?)
• him teaching you the way of the Gods and not wanting you anywhere near the Christian’s
• growing up with Ubbe and Hvitserk since you’re around the same age
• him telling you stories about Ragnar and the raids they used to do
• Helga stressing the fact that Ragnar was a good person
• Floki teaching you how to build boats, and eventually making you’re own
• maybe a little teasing involved with being Floki’s daughter around Kattegat, but even though he’s a little strange, it’s fine because he’s there

• him teaching you about the Christians and about Vikings in Kattegat, but he lets you chose your religion
• staying at uncle Ragnar’s place a lot
• growing up with Ragnar’s sons and becoming very close with them
• staying behind on the raids, but praying that he return safely
• being conflicted like Athelstan about what religion you chose to live by, but ultimately choosing both at the end of the day
• looking after animals together
• father-daughter days where he teaches you how to read

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Cullen cries when she tells him. He drops to his knees before her, buries his face in her stomach, and weeps tears of joy. He never thought he’d have this: a wife, a home, a life outside of battle, a family. He worries he might be dreaming, or that the lyrium has taken his mind, or a demon has. He clings to her, hoping she’s real, that everything that’s happened was real. She lays her hand on his shoulder and he looks up at her. Tears are shining in her eyes as she smiles down at him and he knows that it is real; there wasn’t a force in all existence that could conjure such a perfect image. He rises to his feet and pulls her into his arms. He laughs as his joyous tears fall and she repeats the words to him.

“You’re going to be a father.”

Fun Concepts for the upcoming TF2 Comics:

-Scout’s Ma & Brother’s kicking down a fucking door to rescue the baby of the family

-Medic Ubercharging Miss P out of fucking nowhere (from her perspective), and she demolishes the bad guys while the mercs applaud

- Heavy beating the absolute, I mean no holds barred, SHIT out of classic!heavy before I have to climb into the comics and do it myself

-Demo & Sniper reconciling after the whole ‘tried to kill you’/ ‘I watched you die’ thing

-Finding Engineer safe and well, Pyro adoring reuniting with the Texan

-The Administrator fucking deadlifting Saxton Hale and THROWING him into the Classic!Mercs, killing them all instantly

-Sniper realises his bio!parents are assholes, but his team loves him ffs let the man be happy, he legit died

-Archimedes being totally fine

-Medic making the Bonesaw Face while ramming said weapon through Classic Heavy’s chest

-The whole Spy is your Dad thing, with Scout

-Whoever has the Scout-choking fetish at Valve gets sent to see a counsellor, and stops torturing the poor kid

-Heavy’s sisters come into play, somehow. His Mamushka kills a man, with a humble smile on her face, eyes dreamy as she says, “Ah, that takes me back…” nostalgically.

-Pyro being allowed to give the robots… RAINBOWS.

-More interactions between team members, that end favourably.

-The Administrator praising poor Miss Pauling.

-Miss Pauling flirting with Zhanna, no real reason, it just might be fun considering the odd hostility the Russian has towards the poor PA from the get-go.

-Maybe BLU can help out.

-Some degree of vaguely heartwarming group adventure, and then they go out on the field to kill others again.

-Something fun.

Daughter Knows Best

Author’s note: For obvious reasons, Charlie is the same age as Claire in this fic. Enjoy!

Jimmy knows just from the knock on his home office’s door that it’s Claire. He smiles as he calls for his daughter to enter. He might be working, but there’ll never be the time where he can’t afford a moment for his little girl.

He grows somewhat less enthusiastic when he sees the gleam in her eyes. He knows that gleam. She has that from her mother.

Claire has a plan, and she won’t allow anyone to stop her.

“We need Uncle Castiel to meet my auto shop teacher.”

“Why would I do that?”

Apart from him or Amelia always making sure one of them is available if a problem should arise, Claire loves auto shop. She’s doing well at school in every subject, really.

She rolls her eyes in a typical teenage commentary on dumb parental behaviour and explains, “Mr. Winchester would make the perfect boyfriend”.

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Steve Randle headcanons

- he has blue eyes
- not as dark as Sylvia’s and not like a Shepard’s
- but not as light as Dally’s
- he has his mom’s eyes even though he looks like his father

- it’s Soda’s dad who got him into auto mechanics
- the Curtis car broke down one time and Mr. Curtis taught Soda and Steve how to fix it
- they were like, eight

- drinks a cup of coffee every day to wake himself up
- without his morning coffee, he’s a total cranky bitch

- his father only refers to him as Steven
- as a result, he hates his full name

- if you call him Steven for him to listen, he’ll listen even less
- and depending on how angry you sound, he may just get scared
- his father is the absolute worst human being

- he’s an only child
- and damn, does he wish he have siblings
- Soda is the one who taught him all the things you learn from having siblings

- his hands are really calloused
- and they’re always stained with car grease

- his mother had Greek background
- his father was the son of an bitch Irishman  

- his father is named Richard and Steve thinks it fits
- “yeah, he is a Dick.”

- he referred to Mr. and Mrs. Curtis as “Mom and Dad”
- and they called him their son in return
- they woulda adopted hi, but they couldn’t afford it
- and Mr. Randle “doesn’t believe in adoption”

anonymous asked:

omg the same parental prompt for sabo, ace and law plsssss

Anything Law. Anything. I mean anything. (P.S. Considerate anon still loves you and your considerate, adorable, amazing tumblr.

The thing with what kind of kids they would have, can you do the same for Drake and Killer?

You’re such a nice and loving person I heart u and yes I do some more parental hcs because jeeeeeeez I love them


  • Sababe would have….one or two kids probably
  • The first would be a girl and the second a boy!
  • Sabo would not be a single parent, I cannot see that, he’d have an s/o
  • His daughter would not look like him at all, she’d take almost entirely after his s/o, she’d only have his blonde, wavy hair
  • the boy would actually look more like him tho
  • His greatest fears are that his children won’t love him, this is why he takes parenting super serious
  • He’s an affectionate and loving but also sometimes kinda strict dad, well…Sabo kind of strict you would see his serious child self shine through again
  • I  don’t think that they’d really differ from each other in personality
  • Let’s say both his daughter and his son would be food loving, dorks like their Papa and on top of that they would have the same gestures, such as the way he walks, talks, carries himself, it’s enchanting


  • Two kids, the first is a boy and the second a girl^^
  • They both look exactly like Ace, the nose, the hair, the eyes, the freckles, you call it
  • Only difference between the siblings is that the boy has bangs and tame hair and the girl has parting and messy hair
  • OMG in contrast to Sabo’s kids, Ace’s kids could not be anymore different, his son is shy, gentle and sweet and his daughter is brash, wilde and rowdy
  • Speaking of his son and his daughter, she has his appetite but the boy has actually manners
  • Everybody’s like wtf I know he looks just like him, but is that really his kid?
  • I could totally see Ace being a single dad but I also could perfectly picture him with a s/o
  • Like his brother Sabo, Ace is a perfect father that only cares about his children’s well being and wants nothing more than their love


  • Law would only one child, he would have one son
  • Law would be a strict father I think, he would love his boy but he would not be too affectionate, rather the cuddles and sweet petnames would go away when his son turns 12 or something
  • As I said he’d be strict, so boy do your homework and your chores and don’t talk back to your dad
  • And Law can sometimes turn into an overprotective helicopter dad
  • I know he does not sound like he would win ‘Dad Of The Year’ award but he really does love his son to the moon and back it’s just that this is what Law is and he only wants to protect him and raise him into a good and responsible adult
  • His son would be…more cheerful than Law and more cocky, like he would not be an awkward nerd, he’d be pretty smooth and he would take after Law physically too
  • Law would have a s/o before having a son, he’d would not be a single father


  • Drake would have only one son too
  • A real tol boy that looks juuuuuuuust like him
  • I could totally see Drake being a single parent, but also with a s/o
  • Thx to his fucked up teenage years with his piece of fuck father, he’d be hella cautious around his own son, fearing he fucks up
  • Like Law he’s not that affectionate, he’s a little distant and he’s strict
  • He loves his son more than anything of course, but he’s not the cuddly type of dad
  • Still he always has an ear for his son and would be an amazing dad overall, nothing overbearing, no ridiculous punishments, Drake is a great and just dad, that encourages and supports his kid and understands him too
  • His son would absolutely adore his dad, like he thinks Drake is the coolest dude on planet earth and admires him HARDCORE
  • *pointing to the sick newspaper pictures and the pictures he carries with him*, “This guy here, that’s my dad. Yeah you heard right.”


  • Killer would have only one planned too but he’d actually have two then!
  • Aaaaaand Killer would have two girls!
  • OMG Killer dad of two girls pretty cute right? Anyways they both have his glorious blonde hair, that’s out of dispute
  • Killer thinks he’s not the kind of dad who is stereotypically protective of his daughter…but he actually is xD 
  • Both the girls love Killer a lot and Killer is infatuated with them
  • They ain’t girly, Killer shows them how to fight and protect themselves
  • Kid helps, #ProudestUncleAround
  • His older daughter takes more after his patient and nice side and his younger daughter more after his rather wilde and ready-to-fight side
  • Killer would be a single dad 
  • Although I don’t really think Killer has a fucked up relationship with his parents that would make his fears of screwing up comprehensible, he still has them sometimes
MONSTA X  Bad Family Meeting

You have a bad relationship with your family but you have to introduce him to them.

Shownu – He would be so out of his depth and have no idea what to do. He’s protective but also very respectful to those in authority. It’s so ingrained he wouldn’t be able to go against it. The first few slights he would try to attribute to misunderstandings. He’d figure maybe he doesn’t get the dynamics of your family and wouldn’t want to overreact and embarrass you. Even while feeling uncomfortable he’d hide it with a smile, trying to keep the peace. Constantly he’d be checking your reaction for an indication of what he should do. Hyunwoo wouldn’t be the one to push for leaving but he’d be right behind you the second you decided to go.

Wonho – I could be totally wrong, but I get the feeling he has some friction in his own family with his dad. So he’d understand the situation and promise to be your support through the evening. Playing it off like the two of you could handle anything. Once there and he actually saw how they treated you it would affect him more than he thought. Sitting there, eyes cast downward, he wouldn’t be able to keep his cool. His tolerance would snap. Standing up he’d tell your family neither of you needed this hassle or their attitude. Before the two of you left he’d tell them he’d be the one to take care of you from now on.

Minhyuk – Would have seriously underestimated the situation beforehand. Because he’s so close with his own family it’d be difficult for him to take what you said at face value. This would be quite the wakeup call. Initially he’d try to smooth things over, try to distract people by steering the conversation to safer topics. But when he realized it wasn’t working he’d switch gears. Minhyuk’s patience only goes so far and despite his generally affable nature, he calls people on their bullshit. Calmly he’d apologize to you directly in front of them for not understanding when you tried to warn him. With one last look around the table, daring any of them to contradict what he said, he’d take your hand and leave.

Kihyun – This would make him so angry and he’d have a difficult time hiding it. The muscle in his jaw would work as he clenched his teeth. His smile would be tight at the corners, lips pursed in frustration at not being able to speak his mind. It would be impossible for anyone to mistake it as a friendly gesture. No one treats you that way, family or no. Whether he confronted them or not would be up to you. If you looked like you were about to cry he’d coolly express his disappointment in their behavior. But if you looked like you wanted to hide, he’d keep it in for your sake, but rant about it later. Once it was out of his system he’d dote on you to make sure you knew he would never treat you poorly.  

Hyungwon – Shocked, his eyes would get big and he’d be frozen beside you. It would be a miserable experience for both of you but he wouldn’t feel he could make the decision to leave. Anybody looking at his body language would be able to see he’s angry and had shut down. Even after the two of you left he’d remain silent and you’d worry he was upset with you even though you’d tried to warn him. Finally you’d notice he kept turning away from you slightly. There would be a few tears spilling from the corners of his eyes that he was trying to hide. Pulling you into himself and clutching you tightly he’d promise you never had to go there again if you didn’t want to.

Jooheon – Would believe everything you ever told him about your family but he wouldn’t be comfortable if he didn’t give things a try with them. He’d be pretty nervous about the meeting, wanting it to go well for both your sakes. Around your family Jooheon would turn on the charm, being a total sweetheart. When things go south he’d actually try to get them to redirect their ire onto him. Not feeling like he could say anything, the only way to protect you would be to take the barbs meant for you. He’d leave the decision of when to leave up to you, in the meantime he’d do his best to be your shield. After you left he’d be livid but hide it from you until he could vent to his members.

I.M – Sitting with his head down, it’d look like he’d pulled into himself. Although very uncomfortable, he’s getting the feel of the situation before he acts. Mostly he’s concerned about how his reaction may affect you. When it gets to be too painfully tense he’d lean over to ask if you wanted to leave. If you agreed he’d help you up and talk to you like they weren’t even in the room, totally ignoring them, no matter what they were saying. It’d be his way of showing them they weren’t relevant. Now that you were getting out of there he’d feel like he could have the last word. Turning back to your family he’d tell them in a steely voice, “Don’t worry. We won’t be back.”  ​