he totally enjoyed it look at his face ok

wrong number

member: kang daniel
genre: fluff
summary: you haven’t talked to daniel in a while so you used the “sorry wrong number” excuse.
a/n: a lot of people requested part two, so here it is! this is actually the last part too!
part one / two

  • after that one late night call and those uncalled for text messages, the two of you guys started talking again
  • well… mainly through text messaging since you guys didn’t have much time to meet one another
  • most of your texts consist of talking about how stupid you guys were before and how much you guys changed since high school.
  • daniel also sends a lot of photos of his two cats
  • “hey shorty, they wants to see you :(((”
  • and you wanted to see him

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Oh, Baby - Part 1

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 919

Summary: The reader gets distracted and crashes into Baby, making Dean an instant enemy. What happens when they get stuck working together?

Oops, I did it again

I played with your heart, got lost in the game 

Oh baby, baby…

You are shamelessly singing Britney Spears on your way to work right now. It’s the first day of your new job and you’re pretty nervous but excited.

Britney’s music always calms you down, you can’t explain it but you’re grateful. It’s a lot cheaper than alcohol.

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anonymous asked:

i know this is a gaster imagines but could you do some grillster? like what kind of relationship the gasters have with their grillbys? it's ok if you dont want to


- He is so in love with his flame husbando
- Gaster clings to anything warm and soft
- Thus Grillby has to deal with his bf on his arm like constantly
- Grillby finds it a bit irritating, at times, but lets it happen
- He doesn’t mind the contact, he’s just not so big on PDA
- Gaster learns to hold back a little while they’re in public so Grillz is more comfortable
- Grillby is stoic and calm, which balances Gaster’s anxiety
- But Gaster is emotional and open, which balances Grillby’s more closed off nature
- So they’re pretty good for each other
- It takes a lot to make Grillz mad, though when angered his temper is fiery (ha)
- He usually ends up yelling, which makes Gaster run away and cry
- Which makes Grillby feel super guilty
- But sometimes Gaster does need someone to tell him off, even if it upsets him
- Just…maybe not so loudly
- Grillby’s sort of the more dominant one in the sense that he lectures Gast when it’s needed
- No more 14 hour shifts at the lab, or going two days without food because he ‘forgot’ to eat
- He’s gentle and caring whenever Gast comes home exhausted or depressed
- Likewise, Gast tends to fret over Grillby and makes sure he’s feeling okay, both physically and emotionally
- Grillby could be dying inside and no one would ever know
- So Gast makes an effort to check up on his wellbeing
- Also Grillby makes Gaster chocolate milkshakes with whipped cream and sprinkles when he’s good, and it’s like his favorite thing ever


- The main difference here is that Grillby’s flames are bright blue :v
- And he runs an underground crime ring
- His bar is just a front for the real sales
- He sells the Echo that Gaster produces, as well as various magical weapons
- Pretty much everyone is corrupt so even the Royal Guards buy from him
- Asgore probably knows but doesn’t give a fuck
- Gast gets a cut of the profits from being a main supplier
- As well as the leader’s trophy husband
- Their relationship seems shallow at a glance, but there’s some true affection hidden there
- Deep, deep down
- They would never betray each other, even under threat of death
- Gaster trusts Grillby to touch him
- And he always comes running when Grillby needs his help
- Grillz’s gang is often in competition with Muffet’s
- Thus a lot of fights break out between them
- Grillby has won all of them thanks to Gaster’s unbeatable fighting skills
- The dude kicks some serious ass
- Except for one time where he’s gravely injured and almost dies, which sends Grillby into a frenzy of rage and panic
- But Gaster eventually pulls through
- On the surface, Grillby quits the gang and Gast gradually gives up Echo
- They want a shot at a more peaceful life
- Yeah, they still get into fights with various monsters on the streets
- But they turn their focus to growing closer, forming a more loving relationship
- Honestly, this has been their goal for years
- But it never could have happened in the Underground
- Such ‘weakness’ would have been taken advantage of in an instant


- A lot of people seem to swap Grillby with Muffet in this AU
- Which is absolutely hilarious so yeah, he’s a mildly creepy baker with overpriced food
- His wares are delicious and often spicy
- Gaster has never shopped at his stand before, but one day he’s meandering around and feels kinda thirsty
- Figures he might as well support the spider fire bake sale
- So he tries to buy some fire cider
- It’s like, 10,000 gold
- He lives in a fukcing cave do you think he has that much money
- Grillby thinks he’s cute and gives him one on the house
- From that point on they just so happen to cross paths more often
- Gaster usually leaves with a free treat
- He starts saving up the tips he gets from ferrying and finally has enough to actually pay for something
- Grillby refuses at first, but Gaster insists
- And Grillby’s like ‘ok but I’m repaying you by taking you out on a date’
- Things just escalate from there
- Grillby is super goofy and outgoing in this AU
- And we all know US Gast is a total recluse
- He forces himself to come out of his shell for his bf’s sake
- While he still retreats when he needs space, the change is good for him
- He’s not so lonely anymore, and legitimately enjoys talking to others
- He likes to help with the bake sale
- Monsters are a bit wary when buying from a tall, shadowy, hooded figure
- But they come to realize that he’s super sweet and polite
- Grillby is the only one who gets to see his face, though


- Ok I can’t draw for shit but just imagine: Grillby’s flames look like a nebula
- Gaster thinks he’s absolutely gorgeous
- They’re like, the prettiest monsters in the Outer Realms
- Gaster is sort of famous among his kind, so I guess you could say they’re a celebrity couple
- They have a fanbase
- Shippers galore
- Monsters post things about them on the Outernet
- Alphys writes fics about them
- Grillby has full access to Gaster’s wealth, but he only uses it for things he really needs
- He doesn’t want anyone to think he’s with Gast for his money
- Gaster still likes to go full Sugar Daddy and give Grillz lots of unnecessary but awesome things
- He decks out Grillby’s bar with the best decor and cooking equipment
- It becomes the most popular eatery around
- It’s also a bit of a rarity since both upper and lower class monsters can afford to go there
- Outertale society is very classist and divided by income
- The poor struggle while the rich folks do whatever they want; there’s very little help for those in need
- Grillby offers both regularly priced items and exclusive foods
- It’s one of the only places where Royal and common monsters interact
- This is a huge step forward for their society
- The rich start to feel sympathy for their less fortunate citizens, and make an effort to contribute to the community
- A welfare system is established, orphanages and homeless shelters are constructed, new homes are built to combat overpopulation
- For the first time in centuries, every monster has access to basic resources
- All because some short, excitable, rich dork fell in love with a simple barkeep
- I’m sorry this was supposed to be Grillster but I went all worldbuildy on you


- Grillby is a water elemental
- He has a merman sort of form, with a humanoid torso and fish tail, but his entire body is fluid
- He’s not comprised of actual water but a slightly more dense substance
- It’s almost a solid? Like oobleck
- Anywho, Gaster lowkey stalks him
- There’s nothing malicious behind it, he’s simply curious and too nervous to say hello
- Grillby knows exactly what’s going on
- He finds it amusing
- Finally, he surprises Gaster by sneaking up behind him and lightly tugging on his tailfin
- Gaster shrieks, spins around, blushes like crazy
- He’s so embarrassed to be caught
- At a loss for what to do, he swims away
- Grillby is a little sad but brushes it off
- Though later, he exits his home to see Gaster waiting there
- He shyly offers Grillby an eel
- Mer-monster courting rituals always begin with a gift
- First date: start!
- They spend the day swimming through kelp forests together
- Gaster turns out to be a huge goofball
- He hides behind kelp leaves and tries to tackle Grillby
- And phases right through him
- Or puts rocks on Grillby’s head and laughs as they sink through
- Grillz is only solid when gentle pressure is applied to his body
- Gaster is surprised and delighted when he gets a hug at the end of the date
- They go on many more, and each begins when Gaster brings Grillby a new gift
- Grillz keeps all of them, no matter how silly they are

Day 23: Freak Me Out

I really thought I was going to have more variety in these stories, but Steve, Bucky, and Clint just keep taking over from any other man who tries to take the romance lead… Oh well, OTP’s will happen.

When a psycho bad guy has the Avengers beat, Darcy has to step in. Steve makes sure the normal day she tried to run away to doesn’t stay normal for too long after that though.

Word Count: 2313

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Fanfic - "You're a much more comfortable pillow than Eddie!"

Edward was confused. 

The Joker – now his cellmate – has been back to Arkham for an hour now, and he still hasn’t said a word, which was completely out of character for the lively and talkative clown.  Besides, he was always happy when he got back to Arkham, because it meant that he had spent the night ‘dancing’ with his Bats/Batsy/Darling/Honeycakes/Whatever. But right now, Edward could see that he was angry. No, furious


He had to know. He hated not knowing. But he was a smart man, and he knew that if he wanted to stay alive, he’d better not talk to the Joker for now.  So he got back to his crosswords.  He knew the Joker:  he wouldn’t be able to stay quiet forever. He would crack, eventually.

In three…two….one…

“That damn cat!” the Joker yelled.

“So it is about her…” Edward said, grinning.

“As if it wasn’t bad enough that she gets to sleep with MY Batsy, now she has to ruin our romantic dances!”

Edward sighed.

“What happened?”

“Everything was going well! I had let Batsy win, as usual. He cuffed me with his cute lil’ batcuffs of his and just as he was about to throw me into his Batmobile to take me back to the fun house, well, that BITCH showed up! From that point, Bats’ attention was completely focused on her! She even had the nerved to kiss him in front of me! I mean how rude is that, everyone knows Batsy’s mine, right? Right?”

“Of course.”

And it was true. Every villain knew the Joker was very possessive when it came to Batman. Only an idiot would dare to attack him (or, in this case, kiss him) just in front of the clown’s murderous eyes. But Catwoman has never truly been one of them. Maybe she thought she was above the rules or something.

“And it’s not even the worst part!” the Joker spat. “Nooo the worst is, since Mr Bat-playboy here was having his way with his fat-ass kitty, then it was fucking commissioner Gordon who had the honor to take me back here! You know how much I loooooove those precious minutes I get to spend alone with Bats during the ride back to Arkham! And SHE TOOK THAT FROM ME!”

From that point the Joker’s face had turned a pretty shade of bright red from anger. Edward kept watching him, amused.

“That’s it!” the Joker growled. “I’m escaping NOW and I kill her in the most horrible way I can think of, and believe me, I can be reaaaaally creative when I want to, hehehehahahahahahHAHAHA!”

“It’s a very bad idea if you want my opinion,” Edward said with simplicity.

“Well, that’s the point, Eddie, I don’t want your opinion.”

“Too bad,” he shrugged.

Edward got back to his crosswords, humming. After a short while, the Joker finally said:

“Ok, I’m listening.”

Edward smiled arrogantly.

“Well, if you decide to kill Catwoman, it will only make Batman hate you even more. But what if you found a way to get is attention?”

“Ooooh, thank you for that piece of advice, smart-ass! I would have never thought of that myself! Heh It’s not as if I was causing mayhem in Gotham every night JUST TO MAKE HIM PAY ATTENTION TO ME!”

“That was not the kind of attention I was talking to.”

“Then explaaaaain, godammit! I don’t have the energy for your riddles tonight!”

“Alright, alright,” he chuckled. “I think you should make him jealous. Just like he does with you.”

The Joker blinked, surprised by his cellmate’s suggestion. Then he burst out laughing.

“HAHAHA-HEHE-HAHAHAAHA! That’s a good one, Eddie! HAHAHA! But I don’t think Bats can get jealous. I’ve been dating Harl for three years now and he never got jealous. Not even once. Hehehehe!”

“That would be because everyone knows you don’t love her. Everyone except poor Miss Quinzel, sadly…”

The Joker stopped laughing, and looked at Edward.

“You’re right!” he said.

“Of course I’m right.”

“If I want Bats to get jealous, I have to pretend to date someone I actually kind of like…”


“Someone we’ve both known for a long time…”

“Yes, that would help.”

“And someone who is smart enough to not fall in love with me at the end – I don’t want another Harley…”

“Ha, you’re not that irresistible, you know?”

He laughed slightly, not noticing the sudden silence of the clown.

“Hahaha…ha.…hum…Why are you looking at me like that?”



The Joker came closer to him, batting his eyelashes.

“Oh, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie…”

Edward stared at the Joker, realizing what he was implying.

“…No way.” he said, readjusting his glasses.

“Aaaw Eddie, pleaaase!”

“I said no! Go ask Jonathan or Jervis.”

“But…Eddie, you’re soooo perfect. Handsome…smart….adorable? Who could be a better fake boyfriend than you, hm?”

“Well…You do have a point, but…”


Edward sighed. He knew he would regret it…


The night after, Edward and the Joker escaped Arkham. They set a random building on fire, and were now waiting for Batman to come.

“We could have sent him a riddle in order to find us instead of this. Fires are too mainstream.”

“Shut up! He’s going to be there in any moment now!”

He sighed. This plan was going to be a total disaster.

“Quick, Ed, take me in your arms!”

Edward made a face but he did as he was told.

“Ah c’mon, you think I’m enjoying this?” the Joker spat. “You’re too skinny for my tastes. I like men with muscles, hehe.”

The worst was that Edward couldn’t honestly tell if the Joker was joking or not.

“Besides, I’m sure it’ll be fun.” He added. “Dar-ling…hehehe.”

“Mfh, ok, I’ll give you that. It can be fun.”

“Ssssht” he said, putting his finger on Edward’s lips. “I can feel him…the Batman…Ooooh he’s watching us!”

Edward looked all around him, but he failed to see any hint that would lead the Joker think Batman was already here.

“Oh, Eddiiiie!” the Joker cooed loudly. “You are sooo funny, and sooo charming, and soooo not serious! Hehehe you are all that Batman isn’t! And that’s why I love you more that I love him!”

“Oh, thank you, Jokey. I can’t believe you lost all that time running after the Batman while you had me waiting for you. It’s obvious that we were meant to be, honey.”

Edward had to bit his lips in order to not laugh. Or throw up. Or both.

“Joker! Riddler! Freeze!” came Batman’s voice.

The vigilante had just appeared in front of us, in a cloud of dark smoke. He looked just as angry as ever.

“Hehehehehe ! Sorry, Bats, but Freeze’s not here tonight.”

He laughed at his own joke, then he said:

“It’s just me and my boyfriend Eddie. We were enjoying some quality time together, so would you mind leaving us, please? We’re not into threesome.”

The Joker could swear he saw Batman’s gorgeous blue eye twitch under his cowl. He smiled in delight.

“I’m too tired for your nonsense, Joker.” he growled.  “Riddler, tell me what’s happening.”

The Riddler never did anything for no reason. He may be annoying as hell, but, unlike the Joker, he usually made sense.

“But the Joker has explained it all, I think,” Edward said. “I know you’re not as smart as us, but even you could understand that we simply are on a date.”

“A date?”

Batman…no, Bruce was too astonished to do anything but staring at the pair of villain like a fish out of water.  The Joker was dating the Riddler? What the hell?

“Yes, Bats, a date,” the Joker said. “We deeply love each other, isn’t it right, my Eddie-darling?”

He rubbed his nose against Edward’s in a loving way. Batman looked away, disgusted by this display of affection.

“I don’t care…” finally managed to say Batman. “You’re going back to Arkham, you lunatics.”

“Never mind, as long as we are together,” Edward said.

Both villains were really about to burst out laughing. How could Batman think that they were NOT pretending the whole think?

The Joker snuggled even more against Edward’s chest. Having fun was a thing, but now he wanted to make Batman mad with jealousy.

He smirked, and then gave Edward a small but loving kiss on the cheek.

When Batman saw the bright red lipstick mark that seemed to taunt him on the Riddler’s cheek, something broke inside of him. He wanted to punch the Riddler harder than ever. To make him pay. To make him suffer.

He didn’t want the Joker’s attention to be focused on someone else. It made him feel…betrayed for some reason. The Joker flirting with him was part of their fights, part of their dynamic. Besides, he needed his nemesis. Would the Joker still want to fight him if he was in love? If he had someone to lose? Someone other than…him?

…And why the Riddler of all people? Honestly!

“I think it’s wooorking!” the Joker whispered gleefully in Edward’s ear. “Look at his face!”

“Haha, yes. What’s red, wearing a bat-suit and that is going to explode in a second?”

“Batmaaan, aahehehehehhahaha!”

Batman threw a batarang at the Riddler, wanting him to stop giggling with his – hum, with THE – Joker as if they were sharing the most wonderful private joke ever. The Riddler ducked just in time. He would swear that Batman had aimed at his throat.

“Eddie, you might want to run, now. Bats’ gonna kill you. I don’t want him to break his rule for you.”

Edward couldn’t agree more.

“Good luck,” he said to the Joker.

The Joker nodded him thank you. For a very short second, he thought that maybe he really did have a friend.

Eh, this feeling would probably fade away as soon as Edward would piss him off at Arkham with his narcissistic tendencies. It wouldn’t take long.

The Riddler managed to run away from the angry bat, leaving the clown and the vigilante all alone.

The Joker kicked Batman’s back, throwing him against the wall. Batman fell on the floor, his back aching. The Joker pinned him to the floor, positioning himself on top of him.

“Don’t get too close…” Batman hissed in between his clenched teeth. “Your boyfriend may get jealous.”

“Hehehe, you do have a sense of humor, Bats!”

He slapped him.

“But I think that the one who’s jealous here, is you, sweetie…”

Batman tried to head-butt him but he failed. The Joker was definitely in control. He put his delicate hand on Batman’s heart.

“It hurts, isn’t it?” he purred. “To see your other half in the arms of someone else…”

He took his strong jaw and forced him to look into his eyes.

“Now you know how I feel when I see you with you damn kitty…She doesn’t even love you, you know that?”

“Shut up. What do you know about love, you psycho!” he snarled.

“Well…” he giggled, tracing Batman’s nose with his index. “I’m in love with Eddie.”

“Joker, seriously.”

“Hehehe, ok, Bats, no need to get maaad… You know perfectly well you’re my one and only love, darliiiing….And you are jealous.”

“I’m not.”

“You were about to kill poor Eddie…”

“That’s because he’s annoying.”


“And stop calling him Eddie.”


“It sounds stupid.”

“Hehe you are soooo jealous, Bats! That’s hilarious! Just admit it, admit that you loooove me!”

Batman shoved him away. He was tired, and not in the mood for the Joker’s games. It was almost three am, and all he wanted to do was to get some sleep.

He was about to leave the Joker handcuffed here and then call Gorgon to take care of him – he was too tired to do the ride to Arkham with a non-stop talking Joker - but he remembered that the Riddler was still on the loose.

There was absolutely no way that he would give the two villains an opportunity to get reunited tonight. And since he was too tired to go after the Riddler…

He really did want to sleep.

Sighing, and thinking that it was a very bad idea, he took a large blanket from his Batmobile that was parked not far away, and then came back to the Joker.

“What are you doing?” the clown asked. “Are you planning to strangle me with a blanket? Cause that would be funny, heheheh!”

Batman sat against a wall.

“Come here.” he ordered.

The Joker frowned, but eventually obeyed. He sat next to Batman who covered him with the blanket. The Joker smiled wide, and rested his head on Batman’s broad shoulder. He was tired as well.

“You know…” the Joker whispered. “You are a much more comfortable pillow that Eddie…”

“Stop talking about him,” Batman growled. “And I promise I won’t let Catwoman kiss me in front of you ever again.”

“Ok, but you have to admit that you’re jealous, hehe.”

“Joker, I want to sleep.”

The Joker crossed his arms, pouting. Ah well. Denial was part of his Dark Knight’s charm, right?

He smiled.

“Good night, my love.”

Both of them fell asleep, and Edward, who had been watching the both of them, grinned to himself, thinking that he really was a genius for having thought of making the bat jealous.

Hopefully, the Joker would be in a better mood when he’d go back to Arkham, and he would be able to fill his crosswords peacefully…

The end! 


Originally posted by emmawathson

Requested by anonymous: if the last imagine was about cheating i want something similar but something completely different, could you write an imagine about stiles and reader in which the reader is really cheating on him and he finds out it. an imagine without happy ending:( ps i love your imagines, you have such a talent!


WORDS: 233


A/N: Thank you so much! Enjoy it :)

Stiles’ P.O.V

I couldn’t believe that she was cheating on me. I thought she would never do that. I loved her and I did everything for her.


I sit next to Scott and he smiles.

“What’s up?”

I just shake my head.

“Are you ok, Stiles?”

“Yeah. Totally.”

I see her walking at my direction with a smile on her face; she hugs me and kisses my cheek.

“Hey, babe. Hi, Scott.”

“Hey, how are you doing, Y/N?” Scott asks.

“I’m fine.” She smiles.

Scott looks at me confused, I always kiss her back. But I didn’t.

“Stiles, is everything alright?” Y/N asks.

“Can we talk?”

She nods and we get up. We walk to one of the classrooms and Y/N looks at me.


“Why you did that to me?”


“I saw you with him yesterday.”

Y/N looks to her shoes.

“How could you do this to me? I always gave you everything you needed. I was always by your side. WHY YOU DID THAT?”

“Stiles, I… I-I didn’t me…”

“Just tell me why!” I scream. “I fucking loved you, Y/N.”

“I know. I-I’m sorry, Stiles. I was going to tell you. I-I was…. Sorry.”

I felt the tears running down my cheeks and she gets closer.

“Stiles, I’m sorry.” She tries to hug me.

I stop her.

“I’m sorry.” She says again.

I turn around and I run.

I couldn’t believe.

Let’s Not Fall In Love | 8



chapter length and warnings: 9.2k. domestic violence and homophobia, lots of feelings again??? I’m sorry??? it’s basically a mess but I hope you enjoy~ 

JUST A FEW NOTES - 1) I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to @koookie​ who has massively helped me with this chapter, I’m honestly sooooo appreciative and I cannot thank you enough, Mitsu (also, yes, I totally named a side-character after her. yup, I did THAT!) I LOVE YOU TO PIECES MY BEAUTIFUL FRIEND! 2) I imagined Minsu as Minhyuk from Monsta X, but feel free to imagine him as anyone else! OK I HOPE YOU ENJOY! 

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