he took the risk of purposing to the woman he loves

The Consequences AU

Imagine an AU where there is a very, very good reason why Ladybug and Chat Noir can’t reveal their identities.

The reason being? Whenever their identities are revealed- one half of the couple dies.

It happens time and time again. No matter the story, no matter how much they try to prevent it- whenever a Ladybug/Chat reveal themselves one of them will inevitably die. Even if it’s an accident, the curse doesn’t have a fine print.

Imagine Adrien torn apart with the knowledge that he can never truly be with the woman he loves because he’d risk losing her- and he knows the pain of losing someone.

Imagine Ladybug, hiding her pain behind a mask of professionalism- to the point where Chat thinks she doesn’t care about him. He doesn’t know that she wants to know him too, wants to be his friend, wants to know who her partner is even more now she knows she never can.

Imagine the effect this would have on them as partners.

Imagine Gabriel finding out (a la Jackaday) that Chat Noir is his son.

But instead of hiding the fact that he knows- he confronts his son. In a blind panic, he hurries towards Adrien, clutches him by the shoulders.

Adrien is unnerved, confused, he’s never seen his father look so panicked before.

Imagine Gabriel desperately asking his son if he’s revealed his identity to Ladybug yet, and Adrien’s shock at his father knowing his identity.

“How- how do you know about that Father?”

Imagine Gabriel, going from terrified, to relieved, to resigned in the kind of haunted way which shakes Adrien to his very core. 

Imagine Gabriel leading Adrien to his safe, where the unused Peacock Miraculous lies alongside a photograph of Adrien’s mother. 

“Ladybug and Chat Noir aren’t the only ones at risk from this curse,” he says, “your mother and I learnt this the hard way.”


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