he took photos too


Neymar vs Mazzafera - Moda vs Futebol | #HotelMazzafera

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in which steve and sam went to the park and found a stray puppy and steve happened to bring his sketchbook and markers so

The Dwarves as Prom Dates

for @thealbersclan

-asks his date the day before prom
-brings six different corsages to make sure he matches
-his tux is too tight around his shoulders
-reveals his amazing break dancing skillz

-spikes the punch
-insisted on bringing Fili as a second date
-spilled gravy on his pants
-clip-on tie

-prom king
-was afraid to ask until Kili forced him to
-requests the Macerena at least six times throughout the night
-slow dances awkwardly

-doesn’t dance
-accidentally said yes to two girls
-trying not to have a good time
-his suit pants aren’t long enough and the music is too happy

-highschool sweetheart as date
-hired a limo for everyone
-loves slow songs

-piggy-backed his date to prom after his care broke down
-helped spike the punch
-ate too much
-took an awkward prom photo he’ll never live down

-too much cologne
-great dancer
-wishes there was better catering
-head of prom committee

-asked to dance by several people
-hates the theme
-designed the prom tickets

-powder blue tux
-loses virginity in the toilets
-can’t eat because he’s so nervous

-wears top hat and printed tee
-overindulges in obviously spike punch
-escorted out by the English teacher

-sees to drunken Nori
-can’t find Ori
-marries prom date despite a disastrous night

-keeping the peace among the drunken teens
-raps to ever verse
-flirts with the music teacher

-dumps the punch after Nori is taken out
-should not have come
-can’t wait to sleep

February 22, 2007

10 years ago this morning I started my career…I guess you could say. I officially started working for my employer in the first of 3 buildings I’ve worked in. I can’t believe it has been a decade. A decade 😟 My daughter was 6 ½ and in 1st grade. My son was 3 and in pre-k. My husband and I were 10 years younger too.

I know he took a photo of me that morning before I left the house. I wish I still had it. Then again, no I don’t, I’d probably cry if I saw it and compared it to my reflection in the mirror today. I remember how excited I was, but even moreso how terrified I was - up until that day, I was the parent who was home most of the time with the kids. Hell, I even worked at the daycare center my son attended. I was going to be so out of my element, and I knew that going in. Still, I was a happier person that day. I was a more optimistic person. I wasn’t jaded and cynical like I am now after seeing what I’ve seen at work. Oh well, most people probably feel/say that after 10 years of working full-time. Unless of course they love their job! Ha!! Oh well, at least today is already Wednesday 🙃


Okay so now that I’ve posted my set pictures I just wanted to do a quick little write up about THIS. And I’m honestly still in shock in happened oh my god (shoutout to Ed for the photos of me taking my photos!!)

While they were filming the roof scene, my friends and I were getting bummed because the crowd had gotten way bigger and we pretty much had a feeling that neither Jen nor Colin would end up coming out (or if they did it would be after they wrapped, if people started leaving). Just because it gets chaotic when the crowd is big. So when they went on break while the crew was setting up new camera angles, we didn’t really think much of it. And then we all looked up and coming around the corner towards the fans was Colin AND Jen. Holyyyy shit.

I went to Colin first and took my first photo (the one above, which he looks way too adorable in, naturally, lol) but when I took it, it was SUPER dark (thanks photoshop ayo). So I asked if we could take a different one but turn towards the light so it turned out lol. And then I gave him a quick hug cause he had said he didn’t know how much time they had to be out there (and like I said- big crowd haha). After that I made my way over to Jen! She was being such a cutie and talking to people, and making sure people were angling their arms right for selfies so there wasn’t a shadow being casted on their faces. It was just great watching her interact with everyone honestly. So when it was my turn I went up and took the picture and I turned around and asked for a hug, and not even gonna lie I don’t think I’ve given any cast member that big of a hug before haha. And I think I made an excited little noise when I did because she was like “awwwwwwww!” and then I died even more and she is just such a sweetheart. After missing all the other times this season that she came out, I’m so happy that this is when I finally got to see her.

And then my friends and I proceeded to tackle hug each other afterwards, because we’re all captain swan af and we were so happy. It was seriously such a fantastic day and I’m so thankful for these two dorks and how wonderful and sweet they are. Love them forever <3