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@hellogarbagetime wanted to be mean to Tony, so here is Commander Rogers forgetting about Tony’s b-day. Happy birthday, Tony, enjoy.

Steve stumbled into his room, utterly exhausted. He looked at the pile of paperwork awaiting him and the vision of spending yet another evening on it was almost more painful than the bruises from his last Secret Avengers mission. It needed to be done, though, so he stripped out of his uniform and took a quick, hot shower to ease the lingering pain. Then, he splashed his face with cold water, and sat down to sign everything that needed signing.

When he was done, he looked at the clock and saw it was after nine … and he was late. He sighed. He was supposed to meet up with Tony, just pizza and movies, working on rebuilding their friendship—and he didn’t want not to go; everything between them was so fragile still.

But he was so tired. He’d probably just fall asleep and then Tony would be upset. He would be late anyway.

He fired off a quick text to Tony. Sorry, Shellhead, I’m beat—mind if I take a rain check on this movie?

The read icon flashed almost immediately, so he waited until Tony’s reply.

And waited.

Tony usually texted so fast Steve barely had time to look away from his screen when he finished his own message.

He’d gotten worried before Tony finally texted back, Sure. Just one word.

Huh. Maybe Tony forgot about their meeting himself, cooped up in his workshop. Steve was too exhausted to consider it further. He switched off his phone and went to sleep.


The following days, Steve was too busy between SHIELD and the occasional Avenging to write to Tony. Tony should understand, Steve excused himself, he was rebuilding his company, he knew what it was like to juggle too many jobs.

Mostly, Steve was scared of messing something else up. It was easier if Tony reached out first.

But Tony didn’t.


Steve was channel-surfing when he spotted Tony on tv and focused on the program.  Tony talked about Stark Resilient, their plans for the RT-powered car and more RT-tech in the future. Steve watched him fondly. He always liked seeing Tony talk about his projects. His whole face came alive, and he gestured, obviously excited.

“And that’s all for tonight,” the presenter said finally. “Thank you, Mister Stark – and we hope you had a good birthday!”

Tony smiled, but there was something off about it: he was no longer enthusiastic. This was his perfected press smile and Steve hated it. “Thank you.”

What could—

Oh. Oh.

Tony’s birthday.

Steve didn’t have to look at the calendar to confirm his sudden horrible realisation.

Of all the days he could’ve blown Tony off—he was an idiot. And he hadn’t even realised. Good job rebuilding friendship, Rogers.

He had to make it up to Tony.

His mind went into tactical mode. His first thought was, of course, to throw Tony the best party ever, but he discarded it quickly. Tony hadn’t prepared a party this year, no; he’d just invited Steve in for a quiet night.

Steve swallowed. He’d just invited Steve. Tony wanted to spend time on his birthday with Steve and Steve only.

Steve really hoped he wasn’t misinterpreting it.


Steve showed up on Tony’s doorstep the next day, a cardboard box with the sweetest chocolate cake he could find in New York in one hand, and a bouquet of red and richly yellow roses in the other.

“Wow,” Tony said at his sight. “Did I miss something?”

“I did,” Steve said. “I’m sorry.”

Tony shrugged. “No big deal,” he said, but he wasn’t looking at Steve. “I know you’re busy. I might not remember the job, but—”

I’m sorry,” Steve repeated. “I should’ve remembered.” He offered the flowers to Tony. “Happy birthday.”

Tony seemed uncertain as he accepted them, but he smiled. “I appreciate the colours,” he said, turning to walk inside.

“I also have a cake,” Steve said, following Tony.

“I hope you realise this means I’ll subject you to a Star Trek marathon while we eat every last crumble,” Tony joked.

“I hoped for that,” Steve said honestly. “And …”

He hesitated. He never used to hesitate with Tony, but maybe that was a good thing, maybe there could be a new beginning here too.

Tony put the flowers in a vase and turned to Steve, raising an eyebrow. “And?”

Don’t be a coward, Rogers.

Steve leant in and pressed a quick kiss to Tony’s lips before he could talk himself out of it.

Tony stared at him, wide-eyed and silent.

“I—” Steve started saying, but Tony shook his head to stop him.

“That’s your idea of a late birthday gift?” he asked.

Steve wasn’t sure what to say.

“You could at least make it a proper kiss,” Tony said. “If it’s the only one—”

“No,” Steve said. “Not the only one. Just the first.”

And then he leant in for the second. Tony met him half-way.

     Casual reminder that Garrosh’s disdainful attitude towards the undead, and forsaken in particular is not truly because of disgust at their existence.

     It[’s because he fears that one day, he could be among their ranks.

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16 seems like it'd be heartbreaking enough for the angst prompt thing~

ok dude i know u sent this like a month ago so sorry i wasnt ignoring it, i just couldnt fucking figure out how to do it. i think i figured it tho. altho i dunno… but thank you for sending it :$) (oh and sorry it got so fuckin huge)

16. “I’m trying, can’t you see? Isn’t that enough for you?”

Scully could feel his touch before she even opened her eyes- just lightly brushing a piece of hair from her face as he mumbled her name softly. After a second, her eye cracked open and all she could see was the world flooded with a blinding white light. And then his face appeared, though years younger as if he managed to travel through time just to see her once again. But a moment passed, and her eyes filled with tears when she realized the man standing by her bed was not Mulder, but their son.

“Hey, Mom,” he whispered so gently, “how ya feeling?” William’s face forced a supportive smile, only furthering how much he looked like his father.

“I feel… like hell.”

William laughed. “I talked to your doctor and that seems about right.”

“Hmmm… how long did he say?”


“Will,” she reached out a shaky hand and took her son’s, “it’s okay. How long?”

His refusal to meet her eyes said it all.

“How’s Danny?”

William face moved into a smile. “He’s great, begged me and Ellie to miss school today just to see you.”

“Still refusing to go by his name?”

“Yeah, Dad was definitely right about that being a bad idea.”

Scully opened her mouth to say something, but her words were lost before they were formed.

“What, Ma?”

She shook her head, taking the rest of the room in before returning her gaze to her son.

“He just… he reminds me so much of him.” Her voice cracked with every word.

William nodded and looked down.

“Shhh… Will, it’s a good thing,” she reached over and tilted his chin up to meet her gaze, “I’m so proud that he’s so much like him.”

“Me too,” her son whispered.

“Just keep him away from trains… and boats… and cars. And Walter Skinner’s nursing home.”

Will let out a laugh. “Okay, will do.” He brushed another hair from her face. “Listen, Mom, I gotta go to work, but I’ll stop by later with El and the baby and Danny okay?”

Scully nodded.

“But I wanted to drop this off for you to go through.” He reached into his large coat pocket and pulled out a bundle of envelopes. “We were cleaning out the house this weekend, and these were in a box in Dad’s study? Actually they were in the box, locked in his desk, and there was no key to be found. I had to take a hammer to the door to get it open. But the envelopes, they were still sealed and addressed to you, in his handwriting, so I thought you might know what they were?”

Scully reached out and took the bundle from him, slid the rubber band off and examined the envelopes.

“No idea, Will. I’ll look through them okay? Tell you what I find tonight.”

He smiled down at her, and then leaned over, pressing a kiss to her forehead and squeezing her hand lightly. “Just be careful in case they’re coated in alien DNA.”

She laughed, and watched him leave the room, before turning back to the stack of papers in her lap.

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Who is Adonis?

adonis is the son of myrrha and her father king cinyras, she had been cursed with lust for her father after claiming that she was more beautiful than aphrodite however when her father realised he set out to kill her 

but the gods took pity on her and turned her into a tree (like pretty much the majorly of ppl in greek myths) however she was already pregnant with adonis so he was born from her trunk 

anyway aphrodite saw him and thought he was beautiful but he was only a baby so what could she do???

she put him in a box and gave it to persephone to keep but she opened it and fell in love with adonis too and tried to keep him but aphrodite complained and zeus made them share him but then ares turned into a boar and killed so he was stuck with persphone forever

I get really frustrated when I see people erasing the fact that Connor Murphy TRIED. Connor tried to be good. He tried to me nice to Evan. We saw him and his brotherly worry when he read about Zoe in Evan’s note. We see this in the show. Connor wasn’t stable and I know that. He was not in a good place and he wasn’t exactly a great person, but he tried to be. Connor, being in his state, made his view of the world is different. His mental illness caused him to panic, he took anger out on the people around him, and gaining control was hard. I’m not saying his experience was exactly like this, but along with all these things, he tried to be good. Connor Murphy tried to be good. Even though his family didn’t care anymore, even though he had no friends, even if he didn’t have anything, he still tried to be good. And maybe, he could have been. He could have been happy, been friends with Evan, fixed his relationship with Zoe, and maybe with his parents as well, if he got the help he needed. I guess we’ll never know if that would happen. We’ll never know the real Connor.

I get really emotional about this topic. I think you’ve noticed, haha.. I just believe Connor deserved to have help and love and stability. Remember, you will be found..? If only Connor could’ve been found in time.

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So I've had 3 wet dreams about namjoon. The most intense one was a fucking lucid dream. I could feel my body moving like I was teasing his length and his warm body was encouraging me. He hand squeezed my ass as I moved. I slowly lost my cool and he took over. When I woke up I was out of breath and had no daddy namjoon to take care of me ...

That’s sounds fucking ideal , dude you’re lucky.



Jeremy Poldark, Book One, Chapter 2

Since the loss of Julia and the opening of the prosecution against him, he had forced himself to make this walk daily. Or if the mood took him and the weather was favorable he would go out in the new dinghy and sail as far as St. Ann’s. Such activity didn’t lift the cloud from his mind, but it helped to set it in proportion for the rest of the day’s tasks. His daughter was dead, his cousin had betrayed him, his much-labored-over smelting scheme was in ashes, he faced charges in the criminal court for which he might well be sentenced to death or life transportation, and if by some chance he survived that, it would be only a matter of months before bankruptcy and imprisonment for debt followed. But, in the meantime, fields had to be sown and reaped, copper had to be raised and marketed, Demelza had to be clothed and fed and cherished—so far as it was in his scope to cherish anyone at this stage.

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The band's s/o that is an ice skating athlete? ._. And they never knew about it until they saw them by themself

Murdoc Niccals:

  • He never really knew much about ice skating, but when he saw you… Wow.
  • He definitely knew what it was now.
  • He never really took out the time to research the moves that you pantomimed on the ice, but he did take an interest to how your body moved out there.
  • He would ask you if you could skate out there with some of his favorite, hand-picked lingerie, but wasn’t very surprised when you said no every single time. 


  • When you asked Stu if he wanted to skate at the rink with you one day, he obliged. He was actually pretty good at ice skating (or at the least, he could stay on his feet).
  • But when he say you, performing your luxes, besti squats, and your layback spins, he knew that you are very ahead of his skill level.
  • He thinks its a great sport that you practice! You look like a balerina on ice, and it makes his skin grow goosebumps even when he thinks of it.
  • He promises you that he will always wait by the kiss and cry at every one of your competitions, just to see you dance on ice. 
  • He will always support your endeavors, especially skating. It might not be the best money to support you most of the time, but if it’s what you love to do, he will never tell you to stop.


  • When she finds out that you excel on ice, Noodle wants to learn how to excel on ice, as well.
  • She loves to exercise and dance, so what more than to do the same on skates?
  • When you start to teach your girlfriend the ropes, she’s pretty quick to get things memorized. Noodle has great muscle memory.
  • Day by day, she gets better, and you still make her want to improve.

Russel Hobbs:

  • When Russel calls you one day to find out that you’re at the rink, he drives on over to pick you up and drop you off back home.
  • When he sees what you can really do in a beat-up pair of skates, he nearly cries.
  • When you skate over to him and wobble over to the nearest bench, Russ starts to clap.
  • “Why didn’t you ever tell me that you could do that?”
  • “Do what?” You would ask, slipping off a skate. “Skate?”
  • “Yeah,” you boyfriend would snicker, leaning down on a knee. “Skate.”
  • “Why didn’t you tell me that you were the drummer of a huge British band when we started going out?” You laughed, slugging him playfully. Shrugging, Russ smiled contently.
  • “Truce, truce…”

today i was walking down the street w/ earbuds in and all of a sudden this dude started walking next to me nd talking to me ?? i couldn’t hear him bc music duh but then he started waving his arm in front of my face so i took one earbud out but kept walking and he said “ hey beautiful “  ,,, i shit u not i literally said “oh my god” and put my earbud back in ?? b ut !! he kept tALKING TO ME ???????? so i took one earbud out again and was like “ go away , stop talking to me !! “  and he was all like   “ you don’t have to be rude abt it , u could have asked me nicely ?!?! “ so i was like ,, “ i just did “  nd then i turned the corner and left his ass in the dust i’m just

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Snape is a fascinating character, but he used his position of authority in a school to take out all of his issues on the children theoretically under his care, which is a fundamentally unacceptable thing to do. If he'd been behaving that way towards adults who could get away from him, or stand up to him effectively, that would be different - but he was a terrible teacher, he bullied his students, and his actions damaged a lot of childhoods. A brave cause doesn't make up for that.

I hope the Snape ask didn’t sound too confrontational - basically what I’m saying is, it’s probably the children thing that makes most people take against him so much. It’s definitely why I dislike him so much. The small-scale cruelties are so instantly recognisable, and so pointless. He hated his life and he wanted to spread the misery around; and while there was a lot in his life to hate, it’s hard to have much sympathy when he took out his problems on kids.

I’m not defending what he did. As an adult, and someone who’s worked in schools for ten years, I consider his behaviour in the classroom pretty much inexcusable and unforgivable. What I was trying to say, on the other hand, is that JK Rowling created this beautifully layered character, and also - maybe it’s because I read the books as a grown-up, but I personally I could never truly hate Snape. We’re given quite an insight in his past and personality, and we know that his anger, his cruelty and his pettiness come from a deep, unhealed pain. To me, that’s enough not to excuse his behaviour, but to understand it - to feel, most of all, a huge wave of empathy for someone who could have been so much more if circumstances had been different. 

I’m always slightly disappointed when I see people hating Snape viciously and ferociously, because I think the HP books were masterful in giving us the opportunity to question our feelings and opinions, and learn the importance of compassion. Snape is unlike many villains in that 1) he’s not particularly attractive and 2) he’s not locked away in a cage and he doesn’t die heroically ten minutes after his terrible mistakes. And since I have a lot of feels about this, here goes.

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okay but I need HC's for scotty & y/n for their first wedding dance that'd be so cute

-The whole day had been wonderful. Getting to wear your beautiful dress. Getting to see Monty in his Kilt, looking as fine as ever. Getting to marry your best friend. Getting to see Monty cry at the altar so he could barely speak. 

-Your stomach tightened when it was time for you to share your first dance. But Scotty grabbed your hand, looked you in the eye and pulled you along. 

-He gently took you into his arms, staring out in a “proper” dancing pose, one pair of hands clasped, his hand feathering against his waist, yours draped on his shoulder. 

-When your song, or as you coined it, “Our slow song.” filtered through the speakers it dissolved to your arms draped around his shoulder, your hands clasped behind his neck. His hands on your hips.

-You rocked in a small circle, and pressed your forehead against his, eyes closed in pure bliss. You moved your hands to rest on his neck as he pulled you closer by the small of your back.

-”I love you, Mrs. Scott,” he mumbled, his warm breath washing over you. Causing you to open your eyes and look up at him. He chuckled. “Oh I love saying tha’” You laughed as you leaned up and pecked his lips.

-”And I love you Mr. Scott.”  You kissed him again, longer this time. Causing some applause, and a particular wolf whistle from Jim Kirk.

-”Ach, cut it out,” Scotty chided lifting his left hand, indicating his ring. “This means we can do that whenever!” 

this man proposed to his wife on Guy Fieri’s show, diner’s drive in and dives. Guy was at a table with them and he asked the man “is there anything you love more than this food?” and the man said “yes, it’s this lady right here.” He took out his ring and was like, “I love you more than anything in the world. I really do. Will you marry me?”

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Kaneki and touka aren't officially a couple... they just had sex. Like friends with benefits lol

She also gave him her parents ring.

They’re a canon couple essentially.

So there’s really nothing left for Tokyo ghoul to do.

Ishida should’ve just ended it there.

But he didn’t.

Instead he took out a shovel and began digging.

He actually hit rock bottom and thought, you know what?

Not low enough.

My date went really well. aklklskls. He was so sweet and he let me lay against him in the movie theater and he took me out to eat, opened doors for me, kissed my hand and forehead like wtf i’ve never met a guy so sweet.

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Hi, I'm the doof who asked you if I was the only one who hated Lisa but accidentally put it on anonymous because I'm an idiot. Another question, Seriously though, we all knew something was wrong with sam when he was dragged out of hell. Was it just me that was aggravated by the amount of time it took for them to find out. Like seriously, he could care less if you were alive or dead and yet you still think he's just shaken up over the cage?! Your writing is awesome btw.


No, I actually liked the longer storyline with Sam and I wish they would’ve done the same with Demon Dean.