he took everything he could

I Don’t Laugh

Prinxiety - [Prince (Fanciful Side) x Anxiety]

Summary: Anxiety claims he never laughs. [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated!


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Something Just Like Yours

Request: Hey! Can you do a Jughead x reader based on Something just like this by Coldplay & Chainsmokers?:) If you don’t want to do it can you do an angsty and fluffy imagine instead then? Love your imagines!

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Yes, of course you can. I went with the song but i’m not sure I did my best, hopefully it fit with the song and what you wanted. I did try!

Remember, requests are closed!

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by dailyriverdale

But she said, where’d you wanna go?

He’d always thought he was enough for you. It was just a thought that had always been stuck in his mind because when he looked at you, he saw something special. Something more than just another pretty girl with inspiring eyes.

He saw how your eyes watched and analyzed everything. How your mouth only opened when you needed to speak, when you needed to get a point across. You were kind and selfless. He was the opposite.

How much you wanna risk?

He was selfish and he didn’t have anything going for him. He tried. But he was cynical and he could be rude if he wanted. He took everything in a stride and not everything he took in did he take in as important. 

He didn’t have a home. He didn’t have a family. All he had was his brain and even sometimes that failed him.

You deserved the world, he knew it and so did everyone else. Because you were kind and selfless, the way you went out of your way for everyone. You deserved someone who could provide for you and who could give you everything you wanted, so he’d pushed himself away.

No matter how much it hurt. He repeated the words in his head, “because you were kind and selfless and he was not.”

I’m not looking for somebody

But then you shocked him. You fought for him when he pushed away, refusing to let him just walk away. You told him, “you’re in way to deep now.” And he listened, because even if he thought he did not deserved you, he would not defy you of what you wanted.

You were important.

He’d tell you, “i’m not worthy of you. There’s so much more for you out there.” And you’d only shake your head.

With some superhuman gifts

You’d say, “I don’t want them. I want you.” And he’d stare at you in confusion.

Unsure of himself and unsure of you. Because he wanted to except your words but there was a haunting voice in the back of his head remind him of his flaws and your perfection. There was a barrier in his mind refusing to break. 

He would stop himself before he’d say more. But you’d know what he was trying to say and you’d only shake your head.

Some superhero
Some fairytale bliss

You’d sigh, walking up to him and cradle his face while he’d hesitate to let you. He’d feel the stares of others, sure they were glaring at them. Because you were kind and selfless and everyone wanted you.

A friend. Or more. It did not matter.

But you’d refuse his push, only tightening your grip and turning his head to yours, making your eyes connect and you’d see them water with fear. It was the first time you’d seen something so vulnerable on the guarded boy, but you wouldn’t mind and instead poor the same amount of emotion back to him.

Just something I can turn to

You were tired of being used and abused. Thrown to the side when those who had wanted you got sick of you. But he’d never done it to you. Not until now. And you weren’t about to let him get away with it.

Because this time you knew he wasn’t turning away because he was tired of you. No. You’d heard him when he thought no one did and you heard his doubts, his fears and his weaknesses. But they didn’t scare you or make you revolt him, no it only made him more appealing.

He thought he was nothing, but you thought he was everything.

Because he was sweet and kind, and you were not. You were critical and fake.

You needed him.

Somebody I can kiss

And when he pushed away again, you shoved him back and leaned up. You were on your tip-toes, his silly tall self and pressed your lips against his.

He was awkward and you were forceful, trying to prove your point. But eventually he let his tenseness relax and his hands came around your waist and he pulled you into his chest. And you smiled, because finally it felt like he understood.

I want something just like this

You want something like him.


Woo Hee said that if he is Baek Ah, then she is Zhong Ji Kee, referring to an ancient story. In that story, Zhong Ji Kee chanced upon Baek Ah when he was playing his instrument by a river, and complimented him with a poem. They became sworn brothers, in an another word, see each other as soulmate. They agreed to meet at the same place again during the next mid-autumn festival. However, when Baek Ah was at the same river a year after, he found out that Zhong Ji Kee passed away. He was so sadden that he did not touch his instrument again, as he believed the only person who understood him was no longer around. (x)


For @goblackhatwithme because I adore her 

Originally posted by imaginesofthings

Their eyes met across the room. The pull between them wanted them to join in any way they could - but they held out, choosing to ignore the need that was growing inside of them.

He brushed his hair from his face, his steel eyes not moving from her face. Her blue eyes staring boldly back as if she was communicating with him in secret. He watched her hold her breath, letting it fester in her chest before slowly letting it out through her nose. She watched him tap his bottle, waiting, wanting, but not breaking first.

Neither could surrender first; not again.

Then it had been about control - it was the very thing that had caused all the mess to begin with.

The lack of it combined with a desire that grew, plus the alcohol swirling and twisting their conscious. Their lips had attached without thought, nails scratching skin needing more from the other and clothes stripped from their backs before being cast to the floor as their skin met. She had run her hand up his back, memorising the way his muscles contorted as he thrust into her. He held her hips, listening to each sound that passed her lips and committing them to memory.

That was then; Now, it was about so much more.

The dancefloor between them, swirling couples all happy and unafraid, the complete opposite of these two. She afraid of him, what he meant for her and what her world would become. He was just terrified, never having felt this for another.

He ran his thumb over his lips, his eyes glancing up and down her frame as he attempted to hide his smile at the way her dress fitted her curves. Her teeth were sinking into the side of her mouth to stop herself from letting a smile break through.

The rhythm of the song changed; their heartbeats were changing to match. Instead of a slow beat, it was now hammering, the bass being felt through their bones. She wasn’t sure she could ignore it for much longer; He had already snapped.

He cast the bottle to the side, running his hand through his hair again as he strode across the dance floor. The act caused her feet to move, her feet gliding across towards him almost as if she was forced too. It had felt like the longest time before they reached one another, his black t-shirt moving with him and occasionally sticking to his muscles. His eyes watching her breasts bob up and down in the low neckline of her dress.

Then they met like an explosion, light flying from them as soon as they touched. Her hair swinging around her shoulders and the air, his hands lifting her as he brought her closer to him. The music seemed to slow, his eyes widening as he stared at her as he brought her lips slowly to where his were. Then like a tidal wave that had been hovering in the air for far too long, it crashed down, drowning them and all in its wake.

Her fingers in his hair; his hand cupping her cheek as he took everything he could from her lips. He put every unspoken word, every apology that had needed to be spoken and every single one that would need to be said in the future. She moved her lips against his with the same emotion. Her lips were telling him how much she needed him, hoping that she wouldn’t need to say it when they broke.

His arms wrapped around her waist, keeping her against his waist as her feet dangled above the ground. Their lips broke, light spreading between them as her eyes opened and doused him in the love that he needed.

He wanted to scream that he was unafraid; that he felt exactly as she did.

She wanted to cry that she didn’t need him to say a thing; being apart was too much.

Their mouths opened to speak at the same time, both pausing as they watched the other and both smiled at their similarities. It was then that he swallowed it; knowing it was a jump off a cliff sort of moment.

“I love you, doll.”

His thumb stroked her cheek, not willing to let go of her out of fear of losing her again.

“I love you too, Sirius.”

Okay….Remember the archway in the department of mysteries?

I saw a post about how if Harry, who had only ever lost his parents at this point, heard voices what had Sirius heard?
Here’s the thought. That moment where Sirius gets hit he hears regulus’ scream. I mean Sirius had lost many people by that time but his brother was the one person he hadn’t known he’d lost forever. Like in the mix of ghosts mourning his life: James, Lily, mar, dorcus. The cry of agony he knew from childhood was the one his brain picked out the cry worse than he’d ever heard it even under crucio. And he just registers what that means.

So then my brain switched to after.
Where Sirius is screaming for remus to hold Harry back because that is all he can think of. Don’t let him get too close. The living can’t cross without going mad Harry has to be okay. And regulus and James and everyone are just watching Sirius dictate the only person that can hear him. And then a dam breaks and Sirius is in the middle of this giant hug of all of them and Sirius is crying because he can feel them for the first time all together in years. And everyone breaks apart and regulus is just crying and Sirius realizes he’s looking at this kid. I mean he always called regulus a kid but there were only three years between them The younger by three years brother he hadn’t seen in years was still NINETEEN.
And after an explanation Sirius has never been prouder of this boy. His flesh and blood brave brother who played the good boy and bided his time until he could take Voldemort down. Who took the dark mark and did EVERYTHING he could to make sure the light won.

He died for the light. They all did.

Girl at Home

Not my best title, but I spent about half an hour trying to come up with something and that’s all I could some up with.

Based around the idea that Chris has the long standing habit of overworking. It mentions sex so if the a comment about sex makes you uncomfortable, this is your warning. Anyway, enjoy!

You always knew he had a tendency toward working late into the night at his office. You didn’t mind at first. You would turn his late nights in the office into a date night of sorts by hanging around his office reading while he worked. It worked wonderfully for the first year of your relationship. But then you got a key to his place and started sleeping there more than you slept at your place. And then you moved in officially. For the first week, he seemed to make an effort to be home in the evening. Then he gradually started going back to late nights in his office and your work schedule, which you’d lined up with his so when he was off so were you, got in the way. You would wake up in the morning to find him either passed out asleep next to you or already gone. Then he started sleeping in his office more and you cracked.

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I’m Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket

Pairing: Jake X Female MC

Fandom: Endless Summer

Summary: Continuation of my one shot Apocalyptic, takes place just after Jake reads MC’s note about her leaving. Goes with the lyrics for I’m Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket by Pierce The Veil.

Word Count: 1, 944


Jake’s hands curled into fists, crumbling up the note. He threw it across the room. Rage built up inside him. He grabbed a chair and threw it into the wall with such force that a few pieces splintered and broke off. He picked up various items in the room, throwing them and breaking them. Letting out a triumphant yell, he hurdled another chair into the big window, shattering it.

He kicked and punched holes into walls. The rage only continued to build inside him. He walked out of the room, slamming the door shut. She was NOT staying with those fuckers. Not if he could help it. He ran down the stairs into the lobby. Nobody had seen him yet. He walked out of the hotel only to hear a voice yelling behind him.

“Flyboy, we made a promise to her and we intend to keep it.”

“Don’t fucking touch me, Steve Rodgers. I’m going after her and bringing her back before she makes it to them.” Jake growled.

“Don’t make us do this, man.” Sean said softly.

“Go boss someone else around.” Jake said, about to go through the fence to search for his girl. Before he could arms wrapped around his waist, pulling him back. He fought back, eventually getting out of the person’s grip only to find it was Craig. Craig, Estela, and Sean blocked his path now. “Get the fuck out of my way.” He growled.

“No, Jake.” Estela said. Jake reacted quickly. He kicked Sean back, only making him stumble a bit. He went to punch Craig, but Estela swept his legs out from under him and he fell to the ground on his ass.

“You’re all just gonna fucking let her do this? Go on that suicide mission?” He asked the three. He understood Sean wanting that; hell, he was probably the one who told her to go.

“C’mon, Jake, like I said yesterday: you’re the one that said she calls her own plays.” Sean said softly.

“But was this really her own call? Or did you convince her it’s what she should do?” Jake growled. He stepped up so he was nose to nose with the quarterback.

“Jake, it was her call, man.” Craig said.

“That’s bullshit!” Jake yelled. He couldn’t believe that. He wouldn’t believe that. She would never do this.

“Jake, I need you to listen to me.” A voice spoke behind the pilot. He turned to find Diego. Diego looked worse than how Jake felt. He looked so broken and devastated.

“Don’t you join in on this.” Jake growled, holding back tears. If Diego said it was her choice, then it was her choice. Diego was her best friend. Out of anyone, he would be the one to know why or what she chose.

“Come with me, Jake. Let’s talk.” Diego whispered his voice breaking. Without making sure the pilot was following, he walked off. Jake’s legs carried him after the younger man. He was lead to the bar by the pool. “Have a drink. It’ll probably help.” Diego said dryly, pouring himself a shot of Crown Royale. He forced a smile to the pilot as Jake poured himself a glass of whiskey. Jake quickly downed three drinks of the whiskey before turning to Diego.

“Don’t tell me she chose it.” Jake pleaded.

“I’m not gonna lie to you, Jake. She talked to me about it first. I tried my hardest to talk her out of it…but she wanted to do what was best for the group. This is what she thought was the best. Diego said softly, yet there was a numbness to his voice.

“Why aren’t you mad?” Jake asked.

“’Cause there’s no controlling that girl. There’s no changing her mind. She wanted to do this. There was nothing you or I could say or do to stop it.” Diego whispered as a single tear slid down his cheek.

“So she just said she was leaving us and you didn’t do this?” Jake asked, standing up. He wasn’t mad at Diego. He was mad that she didn’t at least talk to him personally about it, but she talked to everyone else. He walked away, the anger spiking in him once more. He took the elevator and went to his room, smashing everything he could.

“Choke, tried to wash you down with something strong. Dry but the taste of blood remains. Cold, empty mattresses and falling stars. My, how they start to look the same.”

He searched and found the strongest liquor he could find. Nursing most of the bottle, he went down to the pool and lay in the hammock, the bottle by his side. He tried to forget her; forget how she smelled, how she looked, how she was, how she tasted. He just wanted to forget everything about her; drift off and wake up back in Costa Rica. He wanted everything that happened to be some realistic, fucked up nightmare he could wake up from.

It was late now and he saw a few falling stars. He wished he could see her again. He felt tears prickling at his eyes, but he didn’t want to cry. He bit back the tears and went back to his room, locking himself inside. He wanted so bad to fall into bed and pull her into his arms, but he doesn’t get to do that anymore. Instead, he got in bed and shivered at the cold of it. After tossing and turning for a few hours, he went back to the hammock. Once there he fell to sleep almost instantly.

“No, no more eyes to see the sun, you slide into bed while I get drunk. Slow conversations with a gun mean more than I’ve ever said to anyone.”

A few weeks had passed and they still hadn’t heard anything from MC. Jake felt like he was losing his mind once again. This is what happens when you get close to someone, he remembered. His mind went back to war days with Mike. Days before they found out about Lundgren’s traitorous ways.
He remembered the times that Lundgren would bully others. When he would capture what he said was the enemy and just torture them, holding a gun to their head. Jake could remember how easily the, supposed, enemies would share what they knew when their life was on the line. No actual soldier would give in. He remembered all his time spent behind enemy lines after losing Mike, trying to get back and confront Lundgren.

Suddenly his memories switched to nights that MC would specifically go to bed early. He could always picture her going to bed alone while he continued to drink. That was before their first night together. He always felt bad imagining her going to sleep alone.

He pulled out o the memories and realized it was night and he was on the roof. For some time he had been sleeping all day and staying up drinking all night. He didn’t want to be around her classmates. All those college kids looked at him with pity. He didn’t need their pity.

“So keep in happiness and torture me while I tell you ‘let’s go in style.’ A million hooks around a million ways to die. Darling, let’s go inside. It’ll be alright.”

He thought back to conversations with MC. They used to talk about what they wanted in life. They talked about everything it seemed. He told her how he imagined having a normal life again, maybe get married, have a kid or two, but he knew that couldn’t happen. He told her about all the times he almost died during war.

He remembered her saying her saying that there were so many ways they could die in life. He knew she loved him the minute she told him that she was glad he hadn’t died all the times he could have. Most of those conversations would be while they were cuddling in the hammock at night. After talking for so long and finally feeling tired, he would always suggest they go inside. She would always smile and say she liked it outside, but would follow him inside.

“But last night you said you ended up in Palm Springs dancing on tables, almost fought some bitch at the club, got kicked out of your hotel and lost your shoes. Well, fuck, what am I supposed to be, impressed? You’re just another set of bones to lay to rest, I guess it’s time I’ll say goodnight. Hope you had a really good time, good time.”

The thoughts turned into a memory of one of their last nights together. He tried to fight the memory back. That didn’t work out too well.

“What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?” She asked him with a small smile. He chuckled and looked over at her.

“You mean crazier than being on the run? And crazier that my war stories I’ve told you?” He asked with a raised eyebrow. “Princess, my whole life is filled with crazy experiences.”

“Right. Sorry.” She giggled, softly placing her head on his bare chest. His hand slowly moved to her hair, running his fingers through it slowly.

“What’s your craziest story? Anything to match up to mine?” He asked, genuinely curious.

“Well…there was this one time I was really drunk.” She whispered.

“Oh, this I gotta hear.” He chuckled.

“Well, um, this one time Diego and I decided to take a quick and random trip to Palm Springs during…I think it was summer break.” She said, thinking hard for what to say. “I honestly don’t remember anything that happened. I just know what Diego told me the next day. We were illegally drinking and I guess I drank more than anyone thought I did because I was legitimately hammered. It was bad.”

She giggled before continuing with her story.

“I guess I decided it would be a great idea to dance on some tables. Then I almost fought some bitch for saying something rude to Diego. Diego and I ended up having to go home because I got us kicked out of our hotel. I also lost my shoes somewhere that night. Those were my favorite shoes too. I guess I was being super loud and rambunctious and that’s why we were kicked out of the hotel.”

“Damn, Princess.” He said with a chuckle. As he chuckled, her head bounced a bit as it laid on his chest.

“Apparently we ran into the bitch again from the club or whatever. She was sayin that I was throwing my life away. She thought I was an alcoholic, when in reality I just didn’t have a high tolerance to alcohol, she also said that I was just another set of bones to bury if I didn’t stop drinking. I tried to fight her again, but Diego said goodnight and forced me into the car.” MC explained.

“So you’re feisty, eh?” He asked with a laugh.

“I guess you could say that.” She said with a smile. She turned and softly kissed his lips.

He shook away the memory. That was a good night, but now it just made his heart ache. She was gone and there was nothing he could do to change that.

“And I will soon forget the color of your eyes and you’ll forget mine.”

He nursed a bottle and stared out into the forest. He hoped a day would come when he forgot about her. When he forgot how they bonded, how the ocean made her eyes shine brighter. He wanted to forget her mannerisms. Maybe then he would be able to sleep peacefully at night again.


Pairing: Dash Wilder x Reader
Prompt: “What’s with the box?”
Word count: 1,085
Warning(s): Fluff and smut
A/N: I’ve never written for Dash Wilder before, so this is more than likely gonna suck a lot

You always wanted The Revival to win the RAW tag team titles, you also knew that they could do anything they set their minds to. So the question is: why the hell are you on the apron distracting Jeff Hardy? You didn’t know if Scott or Dash would even appreciate your interference. Those guys are proud people and have a hard time swallowing their pride when it comes to thanking people.

Everyone’s confused for a moment and that’s when Dash and Scott executed the “Shatter Machine” on Jeff. Dash got the pin victory while Scott kept Matt out of the ring, it was all over in 3 seconds. You walked away from the ring and to the backstage area and The Revival are now the new RAW tag team champions.

“What the hell were you doing?” That’s the first thing you heard when you came backstage, it was from AJ Styles. Ugh. Why is he even coming to you for a scolding session? You hung your head backward in irritation, not wanting to hear a word he had to say now “AJ, you’re not my dad, and you sure as hell are NOT my friend….so butt out of my business.”

With those words in mind, you walked past AJ and went on about your business. You knew that Scott would probably cuss you out, you just hope Dash didn’t do the same. If anyone knew you for more than 5 minutes than they would know that you had the biggest crush on Dash. Were those feelings even returned? Scott’s the only one that knows that. Dash kept his romantic feelings to himself and didn’t let anyone in, except for Scott.

The fact that neither man has come to you to even indicate that Dash likes you left you a bit discouraged. For the past few weeks, Scott and Dash didn’t say a word to you. You weren’t sure if this was a form of them being prideful or if they were genuinely angry with you. Their silence and use of the “cold shoulder” made you feel slightly bad for involving yourself in their match.

When Dash sat with you at catering that caught you completely off guard. Your eyes shifted from left to right in confusion because for so long he hadn’t said a word to you. Dash set a small box on top of the table and gently slid it towards you. After a minute or two of silence, your curiosity got the better of you “What’s with the box?”

“It’s for you. I, um, wanted to thank you for helping out in our match….Scott wanted to scream his head off but I managed to calm him down….but clearly, he’s still sulking about it.” You agreed with him. Scott is probably one of the most stubborn people you could ever know.

You took the small box and stared at it, examining all the details of the box. You couldn’t really decide whether it was jewelry….or a really cruel joke and it’s an empty box. When you opened it there lied a diamond necklace. Your eyebrows raised, surprised at the caliber of this gift.

“I like you. A lot.” His words are like music to your ears but you didn’t expect to hear it so suddenly. You didn’t know what to say, you wanted to tell him that you felt the same but you’re drawing a blank. Dash chuckled at your silence “I always knew you liked me, word gets by rather quickly here. I just never knew how to approach you.”

You covered your face in embarrassment, feeling as though you ran your mouth too much for your own good. You caught a break this time. Dash felt the same as you, but what now? You two start going out? You didn’t have anything planned out but without a second thought Dash took your hand and led you out of catering.

He took you to the guy’s locker room and started pacing, probably not sure if he next moves would be the smartest. Your eyes followed him as he paced back and forth all the while mumbling to himself. Dash stopped pacing and turned his attention to you.

Cupping your face with both of his hands Dash kissed you gently. You expected Dash to be rough and aggressive but he didn’t rush anything, he took everything slowly. You could see the lust in his eyes, he wanted you badly. Dash moved a few strands of hair out of your face.

Dash planted another kiss on your lips and touched your shoulder. He laid you down on your back, staring in your eyes “You’re so beautiful.” you blushed at his compliment. Dash planted multiple kisses all over your body, on your neck, shoulders, breasts, everywhere.

Your body temperature went up, not dangerously high though. Subtle moans here and there, you held your legs back by your thighs as Dash rubbed his cock against your pussy. In actuality, you’re a virgin and since you didn’t expect for this to happen it was kinda too late to even tell him.

Dash slowly slid inside and your body twisted slightly in pain when he saw the grimace on your face he stopped. You reassured him that you’re fine, but also told him that you’re a virgin. That discouraged him slightly but you promised him everything was alright and it was fine to continue.

His strokes were everything to you, slow and deep. You could hardly keep your moans in and when you were getting too loud Dash would kiss you. The pace of his thrusting picked up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. You never expected this day to come; always thinking that Dash would never return your feelings.

Dash intertwined both of his hands with yours and leaned down close to your ear. He’s breathing heavy and when he tightened the grip of your hands you could tell he was close to cumming. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed his cheek and felt him release inside of you.

After that day Dash and yourself were a bit inseparable, much to Scott’s annoyance but he learned to put up with it after a while. You accompanied The Revival to their matches regularly and you’ve been dubbed “The Revival’s Lucky Charm”.


The Stray

Summary: You come home with a little extra something and Bucky helps you take care of it. 

Word Count: 1,094

Warnings: none, unless you hate puppies

A/N: Mostly I just wanted Bucky to play with a puppy. Sue me. 

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

“Shh…” you hissed, clutching at the struggling little body in your jacket. The puppy wiggled and made a small squeaking noise as you hurried to your room, praying that no one would see you. Tony had never explicitly told you that you couldn’t have pets, but you were pretty sure the Avengers tower was a dog-free zone. But what were you supposed to have done? Left the poor little guy, shivering in that alley?

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The Boxer

harrys a boxer and really doesn’t like feeling things but then he meet (y/n) and she’s just too pretty and cute and harry can’t help but want her

“It’ll be okay, princess. I promise.”

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«“His very first experience in BDSM was a bad one,” said John as he told Rose what he knew of Matt. “He had an inexperienced Domme who abused him. He got out of the relationship once he realized how unhealthy it was, and he took the opportunity to learn everything he could so he wouldn’t make the same mistake again. Which is why he gives lectures now and also why he’s careful. I’ve already told him that you’ve never Topped before, but he said he trusted me to train you right. Plus, the fact that you’re also a sub, that you’ve been on the receiving end, convinced him to meet with us.”

The more they talked about it and the more John coached Rose, the more excited she became at the prospect of Topping a submissive man. John said that he would be present through everything, not just to support her, but for safety reasons.

“Whenever you play with someone new, especially when you’re not used to being the Dominant, you want someone else present to oversee things. A dungeon master,” he said as he tied his favorite tie, the brown with the blue floral print.

She paused in applying her makeup and giggled, looking at him over her shoulder. “Do I need to get out my twenty sided dice?”

He smacked her playfully on her arse, which she wiggled in return. “Very cute, Rose. We might not have a dungeon, but I’ll still master you.”»

- Claimed, by @licieoic (Chap.2)

Live A Life Without - fic

Characters: Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Jon Kent, Conner Kent
Summary: Jon and Damian are going to die, they think. But not if their older brothers can help it.
A/N: I just have a lot of Conner and Jon, and Tim and Damian feels. This file on my comp is literally titled garbage. I like the headcanon that Kon doesn’t like Jon at first, so that’s an ideal here, as you learn quick. I just want more bro-fics with these four dammit, and of Kon and Tim being ultra protective of the babes.


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EXO reaction to their sick girlfriend


Suho knew it wasn’t something super serious going through many sicknesses himself and taking care of the members.  He ordered you your favourite food and put on your favourite movie. He kept you in bed making sure you had enough rest and enjoying the time you could spend cuddling together.


When Luhan found you crouching and shivering next to him due to your heavy body aches, feeling as hot as a oven he jumped up and got medicine and a cold wet towel for your face. He held you close waiting for the medicine to kick in telling you, you should relax your muscles and just listen to him talking.

(You’re Sehun btw… and this gif is soooooooo cute I am dying)


Lay took this opportunity to stay in bed all day. He kept an eye on your temperature and that you took your medication accordingly. Otherwise you two kept cuddling and talking about all the things that crossed your minds. And of course a lot of napping.


D.o was worried but he did his best not to show you. He kept watching you closely and googled for the best medication and how to make you feel as best as possible. He cooked you a special soup which he had read about on the Internet and made sure you drank enough hoping you would soon be over your illness.


Chanyeol had a different tactic to handle your illness. After being carefully tugged in by him and you took your medication Chanyeol pulled out his guitar and started strumming away. You two came up with new ridiculous songs and when you started to feel tired he started to tell weird made up stories.


Chen was his joking self as always. 

‘Well do you think it was worth it having fun on the balcony?’ He said wiggling his eyebrow and you threw a pillow after him. 

'You’re a perv… but yes’ he made sure you were feeling comfortable and covered with medication. He cheered you up with jokes and silly faces to make sure you kept your spirt up.


Kai was sad because you were sick and he kept pouting and  sighing that you felt bad and he couldn’t really do much to help you. He didn’t leave your side asking if you needed anything and just endured your illness.


Sehun had to work which he wanted to cancel so he could stay with you and make sure you were ok but you insisted on him going to work. He picked up Vivi and started to talk to him in a very serious tone. 

'Vivi, mommy is ill and daddy needs to work so I want you to stay with her and keep her company till daddy is home.. OK? And you if you need anything just give me a call’ you nodded and took Vivi in your embrace. Sehun kissed your forehead gave you one of his jumpers so you didn’t miss him that much and left for work.


Tao wasn’t home but as soon as he got the news that you were ill he sent you a video from his hotel room.                        

'Hi baobei I heard you’re  ill. Drink lots of water and tea and try to rest as much as you can. I make sure to send you some medicine.’ Sehun jumped on the bed in the background whaling around his arms. 

'Get well soon, watch funny shows so you don’t feel alone’ Tao had to end the call but he sent you millions of messages and snapchats. As promised a  few hours later someone knocked on the door and handed you medicine and a giant stuffed toy with a little note. 

>> hope you are getting better soon and don’t be too lonely. Love you loads Tao ♡♡♡<<


Xiumin knew best that you just needed to get cheered up while resting so he went and grabbed a bumblebee headband and started to do aegyo in front of you. You couldn’t stop laughing which made you forget that you weren’t feeling your best.


Kris was a little bid over dramatic so he watched every step you took. Offering you everything you could imagine when he wanted to carry you to the sofa you had a little bit enough. 

'Kris it’s just a flue or a cold’ he looked worried. 

'Babe thousands of people die of the flue each year. I can’t lose you’ you laughed at his silly concern. 

'You giant idiot. Old an weak people die of flue I am a strong person don’t worry’


Baekhyun’s way of dealing with your illness was chocolate, loads and loads of chocolate. He probably bought the store empty to fit all your wishes. Loading all the chocolates on the sofa table Baekhyun watched dramas and cuddled with you till you felt better.

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hope you enjoy it ♥

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BTS Scenario: Three for Mischief.

Request: Can I request a scenario like “two for mischief” but for Yoongi’s baby? and the ones that are taking care of the baby are Vmin plus Hobi? thanks!

Genre: Friendship / Comedy

-I know I will regret this- Yoongi murmured to himself as he watched the trio walking to the front step through the window.

You stood close to him with your son Yonghyun hugging your leg, curious to know who was coming. –I’m sure you’re exaggerating Yoongi, they will be fine-

Your husband looked at you with incredulous eyes. –I have my doubts Y/N, you don’t know these kids like I do-

You rolled your eyes, he was surely exaggerating. –Don’t worry so much-

Yonghyun tugged at your dress to grab your attention. –Mommy who is coming? -

-Mommy and daddy are going out, so you’re staying here with your uncles-

The boy smiled and clapped his little hands. –Uncles! -

As on cue the bell rang signaling that the three uncles had arrived. Yoongi opened up the door for them and Hoseok was the first one to greet everyone with his characteristic enthusiasm.

-Hello family! We are here! –

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Rocky Reunions

He browsed the same stack of junk for what seemed like a million times, gently moving it aside as his blue optics took everything he could in. He had to find that stupid thing, whatever that thing was.. it was important to Rusty’s dad for whatever stupid reason, “ Primus, it’s like I get all of the ridiculous jobs around here! What couldn’t Grimlock do this.. “ he shifted the junk a little bit more with delicate fingers, “ Grimlock would probably just crush everything anyway… “ he frowned, “ Not that he’d do it on purpose, but… “ Sideswipe sighed, “ Whatever, I’ll just tell ’em I can’t find it. I guess Strongarm shouldn’t have lost it. “

No, you lost it.“ Pft, how am I suppose to lie when I can’t even get my inner voice to lie about it? “ he whined, transforming before driving away and back towards base.
Ikon Reaction: You take your kid onstage while telling them to run to the person they like best and he wants to see if his son/daughter runs to him

Request:could i pls have a reaction (for ikon) when his wife or husband comes on stage with their kid and (idk if you have seen shinee hello baby, where they make yoogeun run towards the dad he likes most) and they do what i kinda just explained (see if the bby runs to their dad)

A/N: So I was kind of confused but I think I got it so here goes


He just smiled at his baby across the stage while the both of you walked up and he felt a little worried because for some reason, he thought his baby girl wouldn’t run to him first.

He saw your baby squint a little as she tried to realize where she was and then he looked over to see you giving him a reassuring smile.

Your daughter rubbed her eyes softly and glanced over at all the boys when you told her what she had to do

She locked locked eyes with her daddy and Hanbin smiled nervously until your baby gave him the biggest smile and outstretched her hands while running over to him

He smiled right back and picked up his baby while giving her a kiss on the cheek.

He them grabbed the mic and started talking to the audience again while your daughter clogged to him for the rest of the night

“I got so scared she wasn’t going to run to me”

Originally posted by b-ihanbin


He did get a little worried that his son would be too overwhelmed with all the commotion that was going on in the stadium to run to him.

He crouched in the middle of the stage and waited for you to come out with your son while the other boys just stood around and teased Bobby that they were his sons favorite

However, his worries were cut short pretty quickly because as soon as you walked up on stage wth you son he quickly saw him looking around at all the other members until his eyes settled on his dad.

Bobby smiled and your son squealed while running over to him and almost stumbling so he could hold him.

Bobby met him halfway and took of his hat to put on his baby’s head.

“How’s my little man doing?”

Originally posted by ikonis


He just kind of stood in the background while you and your daughter came onstage because he was genuinely curious as to who his daughter would run to from the group

He smiled while all the boys waved at her and she looked so excited to see them.

He caught his daughters eye and gave her a sweet smile. As soon as they told her to run to the boy she liked most, she walked up to every single member of the group and squeezed their hand as she walked by until she was standing in front of Jinhwan

She smiled up at him and outstretched her little arms and Jinhwan knew she’d made her choice.

He called you over to his side of the stage and he hugged all three of you

I’m so blessed to have you both"

Originally posted by ikonis


In between songs at their concert Junhoe brought you and your son out onto the stage so you guys could try it out. He wanted to settle the claims the boys made once and for all about their nephew liking one of them more than him

Your son was on one side of the stage and boys were lined up other when you asked your son to run person he liked most.

Being just like his dad, your little son turned to give you a mischievous smile and ran over to Jinhwan so he could pick him up.

He stuck his tongue out at his dad and made the boys and the entire audience laugh.

June strode over and grabbed his son from his uncles arms while tickling him

Even though he wasn’t the first person he ran to it was so evident that your son loved his dad the most because they were goofing off and being silly the whole night

“He’s really excited to be here”

Originally posted by ikonis


There was a running bet between Donghyuk and some of the boys because they didn’t think she’d run directly to her dad on the first try

The bet seemed insane to you really, your daughter loved the boys but when she was around Donghyuk it was hard to get her to go with anyone else because they were inseparable

You walked your little daughter on stage while she gripped your hand and you asked her to go run up to the boy she liked the most and give them a big hug

She looked over to all the boys and it almost seemed like she was gonna run to Bobby but she glided past him and wrapped her little arms around your husbands feet while he gave Bobby a smug look and picked her up

“I knew she was gonna run to me”

Originally posted by bi-ai


As soon as he saw his son walking up on the stage it took everything he could to not run over to him and embrace you both. He hasn’t seen the both of you on a while because of promotions and he missed you guys so much.

He stared at his son as he looked around with his hands tucked into his little pockets trying to register where he was,and then as if realizing where he was he began to look at everyone around him until his eyes landed on his dad

He yelled and jumped up and down while you told him to run to the person he missed the most. He ran over Yunhyeong without hesitation so he could hold him.

Your son spent the whole night grabbing the mic from his dad in between songs and talking to the audience about how much he missed his dad in that cute little voice that made everyone laugh

“I’m happy to see you to buddy”

Originally posted by ikonis


The question of whether or not his daughter was gonna run to him was answered almost immediately because as soon as the both of you walked onstage and your little girl laid her eyes on her daddy she pushed through EVERYONE to get to him.

Everyone would erupt into awes while Chanwoo picked up his small daughter and she planted a kiss on his cheek

She would cling to Chanwoo for the rest of the concert and honestly no one would mind it because they were so cute

“My baby loves me the most”

Originally posted by ygboys-ot11

-This one was kind of confusing for me but I hope I got it

myinernerd asked: Could you do a destiel fanfic where they basically grew up together and didn’t really know that what they felt for each other was romantic love until one night, at a sleepover, one of them wants to experiment a bit? Fluff is majorly encouraged! Thank you for asking for prompts and for writing! Thank you for what you do!

“Will you kiss me?”

Dean choked on a piece of popcorn when his mind registered what Cas had asked him. He looked over at him, eyes wide.

They were in Dean’s room, just like every other Friday night. Dean was playing video games while Cas read his book. It was their routine. Now Cas was trying to change that. Majorly.


Cas pulled his knees to his chest and bit his lip.

“I’ve never…I’m seventeen. I’ll leaving college soon, in a place where there will be a chance for me to meet someone. I want to know how to be with someone.”

Cas was blushing a dark red by the time he was finished. Dean frowned and sat up.

“Cas, I know I’m really the last person that should be saying this, but you should save those things for someone special.”

“You are special,” Cas argued. “You’re my best friend, Dean. I know that you’ll take care of me. I won’t tell anyone,” He promised, taking Dean’s hand. “Anything that we do will stay in this room. Please, Dean?”

Dean sighed. Cas was gorgeous, every guy at his college was going to be all over him, and he would feel better knowing that Cas knew what felt good and knew that he could say no. He stood up and went to lock his door before sitting down beside Cas.

“I’ll do this, but only if you promise to tell me if you want to stop.”

“Okay, Dean.” Cas looked at him from up under his eyelashes and it just wasn’t fair for him to be so unintentionally hot. “I don’t want you to do anything that you don’t want to, either.”

“I won’t,” Dean promised.

He cupped Cas’s face with one hand and pulled him in for a slow kiss. Cas’s lips were soft under his, and they moved perfectly with Dean’s.

“Is that okay?”

“Yes, Dean.” Cas pulled him back in and kissed him again, surprising Dean. Dean pressed his tongue against Cas’s lips and Cas opened his mouth. Their tongues slid together and Dean wasn’t so sure that Cas’s was as innocent as he made out to be.

“Dean,” He panted softly as the broke apart. He laid back against Dean’s pillows, and Dean settled over him, pressing their bodies together from lips to toes. Cas’s mouth tasted like honey, despite the pizza and soda and they had had earlier.

Cas’s fingers came up to Dean’s hair and tugged lightly on the ends. Dean moaned quietly and Cas did it again. Dean slipped his fingers under Cas’s shirt, inching it up over his stomach. Cas lifted his arms, allowing him to pull it off.

“Your’s too,” He said, softly. Dean sat up and jerked his own shirt off before leaning back over Cas.

“How far do you want to go, Cas?” He asked.

“As far as you’ll me.” Dean groaned and nuzzled against his neck. He pressed hot kisses there, then sucked a mark onto Cas’s shoulder.

He flipped them over so that Cas was settled onto top of him. Cas looked down at him and titled his head and Dean smiled.

“Just do what you think will feel good,” He encouraged, running a hand down Cas’s back.

Cas leaned forward and kissed him again, then moved his lips slowly down Dean’s neck and chest. Dean sighed and closed his eyes as Cas kissed him.

“Is this okay?” Dean laughed a little.

“Yeah, Cas, it’s great.” He watched Cas’s face flush darker.

“Can I take your pants off?” He asked

“Yeah.” When Cas didn’t make a move, Dean pushed himself up to his elbows. “Cas?”

“I want you to be my first, Dean,” Cas said, not meeting his eyes. “You’re the only person I’ve ever felt comfortable with. You’re the only one I trust. And I understand if you don’t want to, but I–” Dean cut him off with a kiss.

“I want to,” He said. “It might hurt.”

“I know. It’s okay.”

Dean kissed him again, soft and slow, as he changed their positions again.

He took his time, making sure to do everything he could to make Cas feel good. They kept each other quiet with kissed and bites to each others shoulders.

“Are you okay?” Dean asked, later. He had already gotten up and snuck down to the bathroom to get a warm washcloth to wipe them down. Cas smiled up at him.

“I’m very okay,” He said. “Thank you.”

Unable to resist, Dean leaned down to kiss him again. Cas sighed into his mouth. Dean settled down next to him, studying his face.


“Hm?” He hummed, sleepily.

“Don’t do that with anyone else,” Dean requested, running his fingers across Cas’s cheek. “Just me. Only me.”

Cas opened his eyes and looked at Dean for a long time. Finally, he smiled again and nestled closer to him.

“Okay. Just you.” He was quiet for a little while, then he whispered against Dean’s chest: “I’m in love with you, you know.”

“I know,” Dean said, smiling a little. He kissed Cas’s forehead lightly. “Get some sleep.”

Cas was a little disappointed that Dean didn’t say the words back, but he refused to let it get to him. They would get there eventually. Dean was his now, and that was all that mattered to him.

What Are We - Nate Maloley (Part 3)

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You woke up in the middle of the drive back home to the feeling of Nate’s hand interlocking with yours. “My bad,” he glimpsed at you and back at the road. “I didn’t mean to wake you up.” His voice was raspy from the loud rapping to the music he did at the party, and boy, was it heaven to hear that coming from his lips.

You look down at your hand and smiled. “It’s okay, couldn’t really sleep anyways.” 

The car ride was so serene, so peaceful. The music was turned off, the windows were up, and barely anyone was onthe road, giving no muffled sound of roaring from their engines passing by. 

Already midway back to Nate’s house, you impulsively suggested to change plans. “Let’s go somewhere, Nate,” giving a gentle squeeze on his hand while turning your body. You faced him, leaning your left side of the body against the seat.

He cocked his eyebrows up and chuckled. “And where do you suppose we go at,” he looks at the clock, “2:15 am in the morning?”

“I don’t know. Anywhere. Let’s be adventurous!” Excitement was surging throughout your body from having taken that nap. It was the perfect time to escape everything and live in bliss with the one person you could only think of.

“Hmmm, maybe the park? Or how about the beach?” he asked.

You love how Nate starts picking. He doesn’t complain that it’s too late or it’s too cold or he’s too tired or anything like that. He doesn’t think twice when it comes to you and it’s because he doesn’t care, that as long as it’s with you, he’d be willing to do just about anything. He’s down to do stupid things like jump into a dirty lake fully clothed, illegally climb up on the Hollywood sign in the middle of the day, and even have an adventure with you at 2 am in the morning. This made you feel warm, a feeling of such happiness to know he was like this towards you and only you. 

“How about somewhere with a view of the city?” you asked.

Nate smirks. “I know just the place.“ 

You had no idea where he was taking you. All he could answer with was “don’t worry about it, you’ll see,” and that’s exactly what you did. You threw the worries out the window and enjoyed the car ride to the unknown destination of his choice. About 20 minutes into the ride that was filled with jokes and laughter and singing, he tells you to close your eyes. You did as you were told and let go of Nate’s hand to use your palms as an eye mask. But then Nate turns his head and puckers out the bottom of lips. It was like he was 10 years old again and had his lollipop taken from him. Cutest thing you’ve witnessed tonight, even cuter than Nash’s new puppy.

“What? I have to cover my eyes, don’t I?” you giggled as you proceeded to block your vision.

“Yes, but you don’t need your hands to do that. You can just close them,” he smiles. He then softly takes your hand back into his, interlocking his fingers with yours. 

Everything felt normal up to this point, up to today. You never noticed or thought anything of it, of this, until Madison, Sam, and nearly everyone else pointed it out. You were upset because now you don’t know if you’re over thinking it or not. It was frustrating you quite immensely that you felt the need to say something, to say anything. But instead, you kept to yourself. “Not now,” you thought. “It’s no point. Why ruin what this is? Why ruin what we have?” And anyways, this definitely wasn’t the place or scene for it, especially when everything feels so right.

You felt the car slow down to a stop and he signals you, “Okay, we’re here, but don’t open your eyes yet!” You hear the car door open and slam shut and then open again on your side of the vehicle. He takes your arm and guides you out of the car. You then both walk up a what felt like a steep dirt road. “Alright. We’re here,” he says as he ambles behind you.“ You slowly open your eyes and it was like you’ve been hit with a picture so unreal that you secretly pinched yourself.

“Oh,” you step forward. “My,” turning a 360 degree circle. “Gosh,” then ending the circle. Your eyes shine bright from the moon’s light that beamed off your features. He raises up his left hand and moves your hair behind your ear. “Nate…”

Nate, whose body was covering the phenomenal spectacle, stepped aside to give you a full coverage of the view. You were too preoccupied to even noticed him staring at you, to notice him staring at you the way they do in movies where the girl just seems to never catch him at the right time. He took in everything he could with you at that moment; he noticed your eyes and the way they glowed, he noticed your lips and the way they stretched from nearly ear to ear, he noticed your hair and the way the baby hairs were flying everywhere from the wind, he noticed everything about you.

Then he calls out. “What are we, (Y/N)?”

You broke focus. You were taken by surprise, but somehow you knew this question would come up. You just thought you’d be the one asking. “Anything we want to be,” replying to his question. You lift your head to meet his eyes that were already staring so gracefully at you from when you were mesmerized by the view.

“And what if that anything means wanting to be…“ He hesitated. “Together?” a quiet, stretched sigh of relief released through his parted lips. Your eyes were fixated on each other and neither one of you broke attention.

“Nate,” you whispered.

He left eye contact and folded his arms, backing up from you and facing his body towards the city lights. “Shit,” he lets out under his breath. “I’m sorry, (Y/N). I don’t even know what I’m talking about it. Must be the drinking ge-”

You cut him off and grasp onto his arm to get his attention back. “Nate,” you smiled. You bring your left hand up to cup his face into looking down at you while your other hand stays on his arm. “Nate, what we are are best friends, but we live a friendship so different than others that people, that our closest friends, begin to question what we are. And all we’ve been saying is ‘we’re just friends,’ when, in reality, we aren’t, are we? So now I’m asking you. What are we? Because I’ll be anything you want us to be. Just as long as it’s with you, I don’t care, Nate.”

Snap goes a second and the next thing you know, his lips were passionately kissing yours. After realization had hit you, you were kissing back with lips moving so gently along with each other that you couldn’t help but melt to the feel of his lips pressed up against yours while his hands were the ones cupping your face now. Eventually the kissing stops and Nate gazes into your eyes. “I want to be more than ‘just friends.’ I want to us to be together, (Y/N).”

“Then I guess that what we’ll be,” you grinned and brought him back into another kiss that lasted longer than the last one.

The night ended with the two of you soundly peaceful in each others arms with the whole city of Los Angeles below your feet. 

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A/N: It’s finally here! I am so super, super, super sorry for the long wait, guys, but thank you for being so patient with me. Before this, I had started on four other imagines that were incomplete and it was bugging me so I had to finish those before I could finish this. Thank you for being apart of this story with me, guys. (: It’s my first “more than one part” imagine I’ve ever written, but it definitely won’t be the last! I’m sort of nervous, but I hope you guys like it, haha. Please feel free to like, reblog, or hit with me with an ask about anything such as a question, a discussion, a confession, an opinion of the imagine, or even criticism because all is much appreciated. (: