he took everything he could

All His Fault

In the large mansion, isolated from the bustling city, a place was covered in mystery, a place was covered in death. On these grounds, an atmosphere so thick laid like a blanket around the house, suffocating the people in it.

One shouts so loud that the people outside- the butler, chef, and gardener- cringe in hurt. They know what is real. They pack their backs and get ready to get out. They know what is happening. One, sadly, is still shrouded from it.

William shouts as loud as his lungs could give.

Damien? Celine? Come out! You got me! This was an elaborate prank, you got me, now, come out!”

At first, it was a call for them, come on, pleasepleasepleasecomeout. No one’s dead, right? But as time went on, it was becoming a chant. A chant of his heart, for his mind, to keep working, keep moving, keep calling. They’re not dead. They’re playing a prank.

“Come on William.” He whispered to himself, fiddling with his lenses. “Don’t lose it. Don’t lose it. D-Don’t…” He swallowed, a sharp short pain in his dry throat. “They’re not dead. Come on! Damien! Celine-!”

“William.” A voice calls from his back, and he looked at the corner of his eyes.  A cracked mirror. His friend, reflected on the smooth, jagged surface. A look of anger, vengeance, burning. “Stop.”

“You don’t understand, Mark.” He grits out in a faux happy tune, but both knew it was fake as it can get. “Those two- they were— are, my friends. For years!  And you know they love pranks. They’ve got to get out soon!”

The other man steps forward, and it was only this time did William register the familiar cane in his hands. A surge of disbelief ran through him, and blindly, as if his body knew what his mind wanted to do before it instructed him, walked briskly towards the other and snatched the cane, clutching it close to his chest.

“This- this isn’t yours. It’s Damien’s. Not. Not yours.” He stammered, not knowing why. Was it anger? Disbelief? Or was he hurting already? What did it feel to hurt? “You’re not supposed to hold it. It’s his. Mayor’s.”


“You shut your mouth!” He retaliated, hands shaking, and he felt his body drop. ‘Stop.’ He yelled desperately in his mind, a slow hysterical feel creeping in his internal voice. ‘Stand tall! At ease! Parade rest! God fucking-‘

A firm hand landed on his shoulder. A familiar touch, yet not so. It felt cold, as if owner’s anger that he was feeling was ice-hot. William blinked the tears from his eyes, and removed his glasses, drying the tears on them. And-how peculiar was that. He was on his knees. When was he on his knees? Did he do something wrong?

“Did I kill them?” He asked no one, no one in particular, absolutely removing anyone around him from his midst. He was alone in this room, wasn’t he? Or was the man behind him, no, not just a man, Mark, behind him? “No, no, I didn’t, right? Mark’s alive?”

“Yes. But-“

“Oh god. Oh god. Goodness gracious. I thought- and Celine, and Damien, and-and-and, and Y/N, right, I didn’t kill them?” He tried to stand, but his knees were too wobbly, and he had to balance himself upright. “Mark, I didn’t kill them?”

Mark didn’t answer. The anger that was projected on his face earlier waned, morphing into something drastic, pitying, hurting, all at once. “William- I, I’m trying to tell you, please, listen-“

William’s smile grew, a painful one, and his eyes, oh his eyes, filling up with hot tears.

“Mark, I didn’t kill them?!” He asked once more, and he stumbled, losing grip. He stared at the cane first before looking up at the other’s face. “T-Tell me, you’re alive?”

“I-“ Mark brought his hand up to his face, massaging his nose. “It’s hard to explain, but yes, I am alive, but- but not in the way that I used to be. William.” He bent down and gripped the steadily hysterical man. “William, listen to me. I am alive. But I- I am Celine. I am Damien. We’re both here, but- but we’re dead, William. Do you understand?”

The man stared at him, and Dark, who had been just letting his anger reign himself in, bit his lip, seeing the absolute pain in his eyes. Celine and Damien, in his conscious, struggled, gasped. Both tried to control themselves to project the man they wanted to take vengeance as.

Then they heard the ramblings. The ramblings, by god, the ramblings, they figured out, my god, where was their friend going?

“D-Damien in the body? C-Celine in the body? That’s- that’s great! They’re not dead! Mark’s not alive! That’s even greater! No one’s dead! No one’s dead! F-Fuck, no one’s dead!

However when they saw their childhood friend break, absolutely break, Dark knelt, and shed a few tears.

“William, please.” He looked at his friend. “William-“

The other man stood up, fast as lightning, and shouted upwards. “No one’s dead! They’re all alive! Hah! G-Good one, good one!” He smiled, a painstaking, hysterical, twisted, and deranged smile. “That must be pretty harsh! To be there in there! What do you call yourselves?”

In a small, but relenting voice, he whispered, “Dark.” And he winced at the bigger smile that took over his friend’s face. “William, do you understand what I’m trying to say?”

“Yes!” He smiled, and- were those tears? Tears of a man so far from reality. Tears from a man who can’t accept reality and forged his own. Tears that signified the great loss of a man.

Dark stood up, and looked at him, with baited breath. Celine and Damien’s friend’s sanity was long gone. In a broken giggle, William beamed widely.

“No one’s dead! No one is dead!”

And that was the final straw for Damien. In Dark’s mind, he paced gripped his lapels as hard as he can, and grinded out through his teeth his words.

He fucking did this to him! Look at him! Fuck, Celine!” He demanded, and Celine watched his tirade, eyes widening as she saw the anger overtake him. “He took everything away from us! He took me. I could deal with that. He took you, and I couldn’t. But- but William! The man was damaged enough as it is! That fucking son of a bitch-“

“Damien, please-“

“Don’t Damien please me, Celine!” His voice was getting higher. “No matter what we could do, magic arts or not, there is no way with helping William anymore! All he sees is Dark, Mark’s face, accommodating us, and we don’t have any way to show him that we’re here. He doesn’t comprehend it!” He yelled, watching her reactions. “You cannot tell me that I shouldn’t destroy his work, his loved ones, his life! Look at how he destroyed him without an ounce of thought!”

Celine bit her lip and exhaled. “Damien. I-“

A gunshot suddenly brought them out of their reverie. Dark blinked, looking at the scene in front of him. A bullet, on the floor, punctured. William, with a gun on his hand, looking lost, like a child without their parents. His eyes wide, he turned a questioning look at the other, who smiled in response.

“You weren’t responding to me.” He laughed, and something unsettling was in his eyes. “I just wanted to check if you were still there. With me. Alive.” He put the gun in his holster. “Y-You weren’t moving, and I know I didn’t put a bullet in you, so you couldn’t have died- but you weren’t moving anymore, so I figured, why not put a bullet on you?” He chuckled even louder. “That seems to bring people alive!”

Dark chose to be silent, and Celine could only sob in her hands, as Damien stood up tall in Dark’s subconscious, unyielding, and hateful. He watched his childhood friend, his comrade, the man he had grew up with, the man he sought out in times of trouble, break as if he was just a plaything; crumble, as if his sanity was just an insignificant sand in the wind; and disappear into a pit of madness, right before his eyes. 

He commanded Dark’s body to stand, and hug the other man, whispering reassurances that he was alive. William would nod and whisper “No one’s dead” again and again, further angering Dark.

This was all Mark’s fault. This was all Mark’s fault. Mark’s fault. Mark’s fault.

And he will pay.

So. What do you guys think? Hope you like it! Comments will be appreciated ahaaaa

I Don’t Laugh

Prinxiety - [Prince (Fanciful Side) x Anxiety]

Summary: Anxiety claims he never laughs. [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated!


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Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader

Length: 1682+ words

TW: Character Death & a sentence of gory impaling

A/N: This story has been on my mind for a very long time. This is a pretty personal fic for me, but I thought I would share it with you guys anyways! I’m also submitting this for Jen’s (@supernatural-jackles) Birthday Challenge! My mom’s birthday is actually on Canada Day, and we’re going to be spending it in the States lmao. We always celebrate her birthday/Canada Day in USA… It’s now a tradition. 

Feedback is appreciated (AND SO ARE YOU)!

Prompt: “You are enough. No matter what, you will always be enough.”

Dean was angry. He was always so angry lately. He was angry when dad and Sam fought every chance they got, but now that Sam was gone, he was angrier. He was angry at dad for pushing Sam away. He was angry at Sam for leaving. Hell, he was probably mad at you for not convincing Sam to stay. But, you knew that he madder at himself than anyone else. He’d rather have them fight everyday than having Sam gone.

You looked at your older brother across the small motel room. He was glued to his phone, and you knew he was texting the waitress he was flirting with the other day. Dean was your hero. He was more of a father to you than your real dad would ever be. You looked up to him so much, but lately he’s just been so… angry. Every conversation you had with him had been about how annoyed he was that Sam was gone, or the fact that dad kept leaving to hunt on his own. Every question was either about the hunt or whether you had heard from Sam or dad- which you both knew was a silly question to ask. You were the outlier in the family. It was always about the Winchester Boys. You were just the orphan child who nobody wanted. You would never be the first person they would contact. But that was okay because you had Dean. Key word: had. 

You’ve always been his babygirl, but you haven’t heard that term of endearment in months. You hated being so distant with your brother, but what could you do? You tried everything to talk to him like you used to, but he never reciprocated the same way. When they first took you in when you were two, Dean was the first to hold you, marveling at how small you were. The only reason you knew this was because of how much Dean talked about you when you were younger. He always told you stories of the times you’ve clung on to him. His second favourite nickname for you was “monkey.” You grew up close. John was always gone, so that left Dean and Sam to take care of you. The oldest Winchester took responsibility of you to the nth degree. He taught you everything he could so you wouldn’t be on the receiving end of John’s abuse. He always protected you. Always. Whether it was from school bullies, or your own father. He was always there. Standing in front of you, and when you were younger, you used to imagine a cape on his back. When you told him about the cape, he laughed, and ruffled your hair.

“Babygirl, don’t you know it’s dangerous for superheroes to wear capes? What if they trip over them? Or it gets caught in something? Real heroes don’t wear capes, they wear leather jackets.” He pointed to the sleeve of his worn out leather jacket that John had given him.

Your eyes were wide with wonderment as you nodded at your older brother. After that you saved up every bit of money, picking up loose coins from the side of the street to save up for a leather jacket. You were still saving up for that jacket.

Dean’s scowl brought you back to reality.

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First Love CarlXReader Jessie’s 1k Writing Challenge

This is my first one-shot ever and I am so excited to be posting it! Hopefully, you guys will enjoy it. This was written for @grimes-slut ‘s writing challenge. Congratulations on hitting 1k, doll, you deserve it!

Prompt: “Song of your choice” Chosen song: ‘Hey Jude’ by The Beatles

Plot: First loves can happen where ever and whenever. For Carl, his first love happened when he arrived at Alexandria and met a young girl. But not everyone can accept their feelings easily. As Rick watches his son struggle with his feelings and opening up to a stranger. He can’t help but hope that Carl won’t turn away. 

Warnings: None

World Count: 2345

Originally posted by lovely-riggs

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Woo Hee said that if he is Baek Ah, then she is Zhong Ji Kee, referring to an ancient story. In that story, Zhong Ji Kee chanced upon Baek Ah when he was playing his instrument by a river, and complimented him with a poem. They became sworn brothers, in an another word, see each other as soulmate. They agreed to meet at the same place again during the next mid-autumn festival. However, when Baek Ah was at the same river a year after, he found out that Zhong Ji Kee passed away. He was so sadden that he did not touch his instrument again, as he believed the only person who understood him was no longer around. (x)

Their Amy; His Liebling (pt. 20)

Dr. Iplier has Ed and Silver clear the dining room table. “We can’t take him to any hospitals, and my clinic is gone…” He sighs deeply, rubbing at his forehead furiously and trying to scramble for some way to keep Wilford stable, “We’ll do what we can.”

Host is consoling Amy on the couch. She refuses to let Wilford out of her sight for a moment. “This is all my fault. Yandere did this because of me!” she shrieks, but Host pulls her into his chest, hoping to at least muffle her cries to keep the others from panicking. They all heave Wilford onto the table and mill about nervously. Dr. Iplier pushes them back and starts doing what he can to treat Wilford’s burns. “Trimmer.”

Bim, currently holding Poppy close to his chest, looks up, tears in his eyes but with a determined spark. “What can I do?”

Dr. Iplier waves his arms around a bit. “I need equipment. Please tell me you can at least manage something…” He knows he’s asking a lot of the inexperienced Ego, but Wilford needs this desperately.

Bim sets Poppy aside and looks at Wilford who was hurt trying to save him. Bim closes his eyes, concentrating on what the Doctor needs, and grips his hands into tight fists at his sides. He feels a spark in his chest and blinks to see the dining room is now filled with Dr. Iplier’s medical equipment. The Doctor wastes no time getting to work on Wilford, and Bim is forced to step back. He just hopes that it isn’t too late.


Mark gets the call in the middle of recording. It’s Amy, and she’s hysterical. He drops everything and rushes over to what’s left of Ego Inc.

Smoke pours from the shattered windows as the firefighters battle the flames as best they can, but it looks like little will be left no matter what they do. Mark feels his stomach wrench painfully. Amy and the Egos are trapped in the house, wherever it is, and he has no way to get to them.


Amy wakes from where she’s cried herself to sleep in Host’s arms. She feels his entire body go rigid and looks up to find Darkiplier descending on the house. He crashes through one of the windows that shatters at his slightest touch, and the instant he’s inside, the ringing shatters every other thing made of glass in hearing distance.

The Egos swarm to stop him in his path, but he throws them aside with a single wave of his hand. He’s heading for Wilford who still lies unconscious on the dining room table.

Amy jumps to her feet, the Host’s hands grabbing at her to stop her. She races into the kitchen, grabs a knife from the block, and throws herself between Dark and Wilford. “Don’t hurt him, Dark. Please, he could be dying…” Dark waltzes over with a determined smirk. His aura swarms around Amy, holding her in place as he plucks the knife nimbly from her fingers and presses a kiss to her neck before casting her aside as well.

He expertly flips the knife around in his hand and plunges it deep into Wilford’s heart.

Amy wakes up screaming.


Dark appears a few blocks away from the building as the fire is finally put out. He staggers, smashing into a wall and sinking down between two dumpsters. He’s wheezing to catch his breath, and there’s a pain in his chest from using his abilities too much. It took everything he had in him to save what and who he could. His aura makes a horrible grating sound at him, asking to be set free, but Dark refuses to release his hold on the malicious entity that is so closely entwined with him, his personal darkness.

Elsa writhes uncomfortably in his arms, and he lets her go. She scampers away a few feet before stopping and looking back at him almost expectantly. Dark coughs so hard that black blood splatters onto the hand he uses to cover his mouth. “Get help,” he commands the dragon, and she goes.

The dragon quickly spots someone familiar.

Mark feels her nails bite into his shoulder, causing him to scream. He’s been staring at the burning building for what feels like hours now, and suddenly Dark’s gremlin dragon has appeared and is trying to drag him towards an alley a few yards away. “Quit it!” He tries to bat at her, but the dragon is persistent. When he finally sees Dark huddled against the wall, covered in burns and coughing his lungs up, Mark curses and tries to calm the dragon with a few gentle strokes before calling for Tyler to come pick him up.

“We’re going to have a visitor.”

Vampire AU

For the wonderful @kittyboo8015

Kitty, @gouguruheddo and I figured you deserved as many vamps as you could handle :)  Thank you, a hundred times over, for being such a sweetheart.  You’re always so wonderful to chat with.  Keep being amazing, babe <3 We’ll come kidnap you someday. 

[Are you seeing this gorgeous art?? I’m dying.]

[~4.3k Victorian Era Vampire AU, NSFW, angst mixed with gentle loving, as the Eruri’s should be, some blood and injury]

**Arthur Randall is from Kuroshitsuji, shoutout to that AU I crave, and Auguste Dupin was Edgar Allen Poe’s Sherlock before Sherlock. Poor Nile.

[high enough, bloodsport


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Something Just Like Yours

Request: Hey! Can you do a Jughead x reader based on Something just like this by Coldplay & Chainsmokers?:) If you don’t want to do it can you do an angsty and fluffy imagine instead then? Love your imagines!

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Yes, of course you can. I went with the song but i’m not sure I did my best, hopefully it fit with the song and what you wanted. I did try!

Remember, requests are closed!

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by dailyriverdale

But she said, where’d you wanna go?

He’d always thought he was enough for you. It was just a thought that had always been stuck in his mind because when he looked at you, he saw something special. Something more than just another pretty girl with inspiring eyes.

He saw how your eyes watched and analyzed everything. How your mouth only opened when you needed to speak, when you needed to get a point across. You were kind and selfless. He was the opposite.

How much you wanna risk?

He was selfish and he didn’t have anything going for him. He tried. But he was cynical and he could be rude if he wanted. He took everything in a stride and not everything he took in did he take in as important. 

He didn’t have a home. He didn’t have a family. All he had was his brain and even sometimes that failed him.

You deserved the world, he knew it and so did everyone else. Because you were kind and selfless, the way you went out of your way for everyone. You deserved someone who could provide for you and who could give you everything you wanted, so he’d pushed himself away.

No matter how much it hurt. He repeated the words in his head, “because you were kind and selfless and he was not.”

I’m not looking for somebody

But then you shocked him. You fought for him when he pushed away, refusing to let him just walk away. You told him, “you’re in way to deep now.” And he listened, because even if he thought he did not deserved you, he would not defy you of what you wanted.

You were important.

He’d tell you, “i’m not worthy of you. There’s so much more for you out there.” And you’d only shake your head.

With some superhuman gifts

You’d say, “I don’t want them. I want you.” And he’d stare at you in confusion.

Unsure of himself and unsure of you. Because he wanted to except your words but there was a haunting voice in the back of his head remind him of his flaws and your perfection. There was a barrier in his mind refusing to break. 

He would stop himself before he’d say more. But you’d know what he was trying to say and you’d only shake your head.

Some superhero
Some fairytale bliss

You’d sigh, walking up to him and cradle his face while he’d hesitate to let you. He’d feel the stares of others, sure they were glaring at them. Because you were kind and selfless and everyone wanted you.

A friend. Or more. It did not matter.

But you’d refuse his push, only tightening your grip and turning his head to yours, making your eyes connect and you’d see them water with fear. It was the first time you’d seen something so vulnerable on the guarded boy, but you wouldn’t mind and instead poor the same amount of emotion back to him.

Just something I can turn to

You were tired of being used and abused. Thrown to the side when those who had wanted you got sick of you. But he’d never done it to you. Not until now. And you weren’t about to let him get away with it.

Because this time you knew he wasn’t turning away because he was tired of you. No. You’d heard him when he thought no one did and you heard his doubts, his fears and his weaknesses. But they didn’t scare you or make you revolt him, no it only made him more appealing.

He thought he was nothing, but you thought he was everything.

Because he was sweet and kind, and you were not. You were critical and fake.

You needed him.

Somebody I can kiss

And when he pushed away again, you shoved him back and leaned up. You were on your tip-toes, his silly tall self and pressed your lips against his.

He was awkward and you were forceful, trying to prove your point. But eventually he let his tenseness relax and his hands came around your waist and he pulled you into his chest. And you smiled, because finally it felt like he understood.

I want something just like this

You want something like him.

The Foxes + Sexuality (Headcanons)

Neil + no label:

Its never been something he’s dwelled on in the past. He never could. He’s never swung either way because he wasn’t allowed to. When he started to pay attention to girls his mother beat it out of him. It’s not that he doesn’t like girls, they’ve just always been dangerous. And guys (before Andrew) never really seemed to be an option before. And now when asked the question he answers truthfully. He doesn’t feel the need to label something that doesn’t need to be labeled. It’s pointless. At least to him anyway.

Andrew + Homosexuality:

 He’s gay, that’s it

Dan + Bisexuality:

Dan’s had boyfriends and only boyfriends up until she started to work in the strip club. Her fellow stage sisters taught her to be more confident in who she was and what she does.. And that eventually led to her discovering her love for women in her senior year of high school. Reagan Martinez, editor of her school’s newspaper, was the first girl to catch her eye. She wouldn’t be the last. And now she has Matt, but that doesn’t make her sexuality any less valid.

Nicky + GAYYYY:

If you even had to read this, I’m severely disappointed in you

Renee + Asexuality:

Even before she was saved, Renee never really felt sexual attraction for anyone. She was always to preoccupied with her gang and family and then surviving juvie and then her new foster mother Stephanie and letting her in to help her be a better person and then the foxes and her degree. Sex was never a priority, nor was it a concern.  Allison asked when was the last time she got laid and Renee didn’t have an answer. She wasn’t interested in sex, she never had been.

Matt + Heterosexuality :

Matt grew up partying and doing illegal things, thanks to his father not caring enough and his mother not being around. He was rich, had inherited fame from his parents and he was attractive. Since he was fifteen Matt has always had a girl on his arm. Different girl, different week. That is until Dan. But he was never one of those STRAIGHT PERSON, you know, the type to say no home before showing any affection to another person of the same sex. It was stupid and he knew that. He even tried to swing the other way once but it just, it didn’t work for him.

Aaron + Demisexuality:

Aaron wasn’t used to people giving a fuck about him. At least, not in the right way that is. He grew up with an abusive alcoholic mother and then found our he had a brother who didn’t show affection. Because of that, he stayed to himself. Never had a girlfriend, never had a boyfriend. No one cared enough to try and when they did, their small attempts didn’t last more then five minutes. Lack of Aaron’s interest being the main reason. That is until Katelyn. That girl wouldn’t quit. At first, she had no intention of being his girlfriend, she just wanted to figure him out and be his friend. He didn’t know why but he never asked. Katelyn was just a good person like that. She stayed long enough to crack down Aaron’s walls. She actually gave a shit. Something Aaron wasn’t used to. She cared about what he said, what he thought, what he’s been through. That was new. And when the deep feelings for her came, so did the sexual attraction.

Kevin + Bisexuality:

Riko kept him caged up like an animal when he was with the Ravens. Relationships were prohibited and he knew that. But then came Thea. He remembers sneaking around to catch a few kisses and sometimes just to talk to the dark skinned girl. She was the first person he felt safe with.  On her last night, they shared a kiss, a passionate kiss that was dangerous but necessary. Jean caught them but he didnt say anything. Kevin was surprised he didnt turn them in but he didnt dare say confront him. After she was gone, Kevin threw himself even harder into Exy, to ignore the heartbreak he felt.  After months of walking on eggshells around Jean, they both were fed up. Jean was the one to confront him. He asked questions and Kevin answered. And then he left. A few weeks later Jean had caught Kevin staring while he was speaking French. Later that day he offered to teach him the language if he wanted. They spent many afternoons studying and practicing it, whether in the library or on the court. Once Kevin had mastered it, during their last lesson, he kissed Jean. It was in the moment but it felt different. A good kind of different and both Jean and him reveled in the feeling of each other’s lips. They never talked about it only about Exy and other miscellaneous things. Two months later, Riko broke Kevin’s hand.

Allison + Pansexuality:

Allison was used to getting what and who she wanted. Their gender identity were never important. If she found you attractive, she made you her’s. Point. Blank. Period

Seth Gordon + Closeted Homosexuality :

Seth had grown up around hypermasculinity and rejected homosexuality his entire life. He did everything he could not acknowledge his own. He took his insecurities out on everyone around him, mainly Nicky. In some ways he was jealous of how confident his teammate was with his gayness. Other ways, he hated it. He dated Allison in hopes to erase it and that relationship was hell from start to finish. He had a crush on Matt and hated himself for it. The more he was around him, the more Seth tried to bury his sorrows in Allison’s lips. Seth took this secret to the grave. No one knew.


Wymack + Straight Ally

Bee + Gay:

She’s happily married to a beautiful women, this is canon.

Abby + Straight Ally

Jean + No label:

Like Neil, he thinks it’s pointless.

Jeremy + Happy Pansexual:

Come on, have you seen him.

Kiss Me Better (22/?)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Loki x BFF!Reader

Word Count: 2.6k

Summary: After being cleared for field work, Bucky invites Reader to celebrate his milestone.

A/N: More alternate scenarios near the bottom guys! Again, I didn’t tag anyone for those, but the links are there for anyone who wants to read them. 

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Tony wanted to throw a party to celebrate Bucky’s milestone, but Steve put his foot down. He was adamant that the manner in which to honor him be his choice, and Bucky chose a camping trip. When he placed your breakfast in front of you, you thanked and congratulated him for being cleared for missions.

“Thanks,” he gave you a doleful smile. “Uh, you’re gonna come, right? On the camping trip?”

“Ok,” Tony forcefully set his mug down. “What the hell happened while we were gone?”

“Nothing,” both you and Bucky answered a little too quickly.

“She’s never been camping before, and I think she’d enjoy it is all…” Bucky tried to play it off.

“Right, because suddenly you’re Mr. Considerate,” Tony jeered.

“Enough, Tony.” Steve scolded. “When do you want to leave, Buck?” he asked, trying to ease the growing tension in the room.

A little snippet of your favorite song sounded from your phone, indicating you’d just received a message.

“Is that Matt?” Wanda squealed. She and Nat immediately leaned in to read his cute text over your shoulder.

“Hm, he’s kinda cheesy,” Nat commented, earning a smack from Wanda.

“It’s sweet and romantic!”

“Soon,” Bucky glanced your way, swallowing hard. “Maybe this week, if we can?”

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The Stray

Summary: You come home with a little extra something and Bucky helps you take care of it. 

Word Count: 1,094

Warnings: none, unless you hate puppies

A/N: Mostly I just wanted Bucky to play with a puppy. Sue me. 

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

“Shh…” you hissed, clutching at the struggling little body in your jacket. The puppy wiggled and made a small squeaking noise as you hurried to your room, praying that no one would see you. Tony had never explicitly told you that you couldn’t have pets, but you were pretty sure the Avengers tower was a dog-free zone. But what were you supposed to have done? Left the poor little guy, shivering in that alley?

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so i ended up attending the boston con to see tim curry and decided to jump on tumblr and share the experiences. he was the absolute sweetest. on saturday, i was so emotional and nervous. i said hi to him, and the first thing he said to me was “YOU. LOOK. WONDERFUL.” because i was in magenta cosplay. I knew with the package i bought, i had a moment to talk to him and i honestly forgot everything i wanted to say to him, so i chose to break out into this long and dramatic profession of my love for him which i surprisingly dont regret at all. 

i told him he was my world and my everything, literal word for word. i told him how immensely talented he is. the most important thing i told him was that he was a huge inspiration and one of the strongest men in the world to me, all i see in him is strength and perseverance. i thought he can do and overcome anything. i really admired and looked up to him. i elaborated on all of that to the best of my ability. i could tell i hit something in him because often through it, he gave me the sweetest smiles ever and he held intense eye contact with me the entire time and occasionally thanked me. his eyes and his entire face softened so much on certain things i said, and i could feel us connecting on such a personal level. it was so beautiful and felt so intimate. i was in tears the entire time.

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For @goblackhatwithme because I adore her 

Originally posted by imaginesofthings

Their eyes met across the room. The pull between them wanted them to join in any way they could - but they held out, choosing to ignore the need that was growing inside of them.

He brushed his hair from his face, his steel eyes not moving from her face. Her blue eyes staring boldly back as if she was communicating with him in secret. He watched her hold her breath, letting it fester in her chest before slowly letting it out through her nose. She watched him tap his bottle, waiting, wanting, but not breaking first.

Neither could surrender first; not again.

Then it had been about control - it was the very thing that had caused all the mess to begin with.

The lack of it combined with a desire that grew, plus the alcohol swirling and twisting their conscious. Their lips had attached without thought, nails scratching skin needing more from the other and clothes stripped from their backs before being cast to the floor as their skin met. She had run her hand up his back, memorising the way his muscles contorted as he thrust into her. He held her hips, listening to each sound that passed her lips and committing them to memory.

That was then; Now, it was about so much more.

The dancefloor between them, swirling couples all happy and unafraid, the complete opposite of these two. She afraid of him, what he meant for her and what her world would become. He was just terrified, never having felt this for another.

He ran his thumb over his lips, his eyes glancing up and down her frame as he attempted to hide his smile at the way her dress fitted her curves. Her teeth were sinking into the side of her mouth to stop herself from letting a smile break through.

The rhythm of the song changed; their heartbeats were changing to match. Instead of a slow beat, it was now hammering, the bass being felt through their bones. She wasn’t sure she could ignore it for much longer; He had already snapped.

He cast the bottle to the side, running his hand through his hair again as he strode across the dance floor. The act caused her feet to move, her feet gliding across towards him almost as if she was forced too. It had felt like the longest time before they reached one another, his black t-shirt moving with him and occasionally sticking to his muscles. His eyes watching her breasts bob up and down in the low neckline of her dress.

Then they met like an explosion, light flying from them as soon as they touched. Her hair swinging around her shoulders and the air, his hands lifting her as he brought her closer to him. The music seemed to slow, his eyes widening as he stared at her as he brought her lips slowly to where his were. Then like a tidal wave that had been hovering in the air for far too long, it crashed down, drowning them and all in its wake.

Her fingers in his hair; his hand cupping her cheek as he took everything he could from her lips. He put every unspoken word, every apology that had needed to be spoken and every single one that would need to be said in the future. She moved her lips against his with the same emotion. Her lips were telling him how much she needed him, hoping that she wouldn’t need to say it when they broke.

His arms wrapped around her waist, keeping her against his waist as her feet dangled above the ground. Their lips broke, light spreading between them as her eyes opened and doused him in the love that he needed.

He wanted to scream that he was unafraid; that he felt exactly as she did.

She wanted to cry that she didn’t need him to say a thing; being apart was too much.

Their mouths opened to speak at the same time, both pausing as they watched the other and both smiled at their similarities. It was then that he swallowed it; knowing it was a jump off a cliff sort of moment.

“I love you, doll.”

His thumb stroked her cheek, not willing to let go of her out of fear of losing her again.

“I love you too, Sirius.”

Okay….Remember the archway in the department of mysteries?

I saw a post about how if Harry, who had only ever lost his parents at this point, heard voices what had Sirius heard?
Here’s the thought. That moment where Sirius gets hit he hears regulus’ scream. I mean Sirius had lost many people by that time but his brother was the one person he hadn’t known he’d lost forever. Like in the mix of ghosts mourning his life: James, Lily, mar, dorcus. The cry of agony he knew from childhood was the one his brain picked out the cry worse than he’d ever heard it even under crucio. And he just registers what that means.

So then my brain switched to after.
Where Sirius is screaming for remus to hold Harry back because that is all he can think of. Don’t let him get too close. The living can’t cross without going mad Harry has to be okay. And regulus and James and everyone are just watching Sirius dictate the only person that can hear him. And then a dam breaks and Sirius is in the middle of this giant hug of all of them and Sirius is crying because he can feel them for the first time all together in years. And everyone breaks apart and regulus is just crying and Sirius realizes he’s looking at this kid. I mean he always called regulus a kid but there were only three years between them The younger by three years brother he hadn’t seen in years was still NINETEEN.
And after an explanation Sirius has never been prouder of this boy. His flesh and blood brave brother who played the good boy and bided his time until he could take Voldemort down. Who took the dark mark and did EVERYTHING he could to make sure the light won.

He died for the light. They all did.

The Boxer

harrys a boxer and really doesn’t like feeling things but then he meet (y/n) and she’s just too pretty and cute and harry can’t help but want her

“It’ll be okay, princess. I promise.”

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Girl at Home

Not my best title, but I spent about half an hour trying to come up with something and that’s all I could some up with.

Pairing: Christopher Pike/Reader

Summary: Based around the idea that Chris has the long standing habit of overworking. It mentions sex so if the a comment about sex makes you uncomfortable, this is your warning. Anyway, enjoy!

Word count: 1,275

You always knew he had a tendency toward working late into the night at his office. You didn’t mind at first. You would turn his late nights in the office into a date night of sorts by hanging around his office reading while he worked. It worked wonderfully for the first year of your relationship. But then you got a key to his place and started sleeping there more than you slept at your place. And then you moved in officially. For the first week, he seemed to make an effort to be home in the evening. Then he gradually started going back to late nights in his office and your work schedule, which you’d lined up with his so when he was off so were you, got in the way. You would wake up in the morning to find him either passed out asleep next to you or already gone. Then he started sleeping in his office more and you cracked.

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Likeness - Bucky x Reader One-shot

A/N: I don’t know what the hell happened here. Apparently my new coping mechanism for anxiety is writing Bucky Barnes fanfiction. Anyways this story took like 18 different directions while I was writing it. I mad delete this in the light of day but for now I hope you enjoy it. 

Title: Likeness 

Summary: Reader is an empath/can remove emotions from people but can’t make them feel things. She and Bucky grow close due to them being insomniacs/night owls together. Sam and reader are best friends (glossed over) and he encourages her to come to movie night with the team. Nat knows you have a thing for Bucky and for Sebastian Stan because you’ve been watching the movie the Covenant (2006) on repeat. So she picks that movie and you have no poker face. Anyways, hope you enjoy. 

Rating: T 

Warnings: vague mentions of dark emotions (nothing too specific), gets a little heated at the end (nothing too serious), i kinda dump on the Covenant (but in all reality I am a sucker for that movie and everyone in it) 

Disclaimer: I own nothing. 

Word count: 2,465

Your ability to remove emotional energy was what got you an invitation to the Avengers initiative.

At first you kept to yourself, overwhelmed by the high emotions in the tower. Bucky was the same way when he first returned from Wakanda. The two of you often bumped into each other at odd hours of the day and night. You usually respected each other’s space, just offering a nod of acknowledgment or a mumbled hello. Over time, you began to wait for one another late at night. On good nights you would retire to your room or his and watch movies or listen to music or talk until you fell asleep.

But some nights when the nightmares flooded his sleep and you found him gripping the kitchen counter, you would sit to his left and place your hand gently on his metal arm, siphoning the anxious energy that radiated off of him. Despite the anxiety and sorrow that sometimes rolled off of him, you enjoyed being with Bucky. He grounded you, at least when he wasn’t giving your stomach butterflies.

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