he took a photo of her :3

What’s Wrong With Yousef Acar

Hiatus Day 3
Topic: Yousef Acar: theories, thoughts, attempts to find some truth

By far we’ve got

1) He is mad at Sana because she’s invited them & Even to one place while no one was ready

2) He thinks that he’ll never be with Sana because of her beliefs

3) Elias’s told him smth bad about Sana or misinformed him in other way

4) He likes Noora all along (lol okaay)

5) He is gay & had a thing with Even

6) He knows that Sana’s mother is against their relationships & did that for the sake of Sana’s relationships with her family

7) He has an evil twin

8) He is just a fuckboy

9) Noora asked him to help her to get back at Willhelm, and while they were kissing Mari took some photos to post them in Instagram etc

10) It is just Sana’s nightmare

Conclusion: Skam fandom has no chill & won’t survive this week

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ok so in 7th grade we had a english/science teacher (it was a small k-8 school with 60 7th graders) and we absolutely drove crazy to the point where she quit mid year and we were so happy cuz she was really mean. so some other dude took her place he was cool and all he taught us about erasing our digital footprint which was like deleting everythinng about you on the internet,he also always took photos of us which was cool too until one day in the morning before class he gets arrested and we then find out he was a child predator he has touched some kids at a previous school. then we got another teacher he was cool. that was the story on how we had 3 teachers in one year

PaleyFest Recap

My life has been completely crazy in the last 2-3 months (both personally and professionally) and I was sure I can not make it to Scandal PaleyFest even though I kind of wanted to. I stopped watching Scandal after 508, and I am not planning to watch it ever again (unless they fire Shonda and all the cast extras), but I am still a strong Terry fan even though they both annoy me greatly at times

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

Last minute, everything kind of fell into place and I decided to jump on the plane and go (I bought the ticket a whiiiiiile back, just in case).

I had a great seat, 2nd row in the middle, and Tony/Kerry were sitting conveniently right in front of me :-)

I did not want to watch any recent episodes and was very happy when the presenter announced we are watching Sweet Baby aka the pilot. It was great to watch the “real” Scandal on big screen, not have Mellie or Joke or Papa Pope pollute the screen, and whoop and cheer at all things Olitz and Olivia Pope with fellow Gladiators. 

The panel itself was shorter than the ones I attended before, but it still had its gems and things I will never forget. I am not great at taking pictures throughout the panel, so I don’t have any of Terry hand-holding, knee and back-rubbing or touches and kisses and stuff, but I am sure it is all well documented elsewhere. 

I was once again floored by how much love and connection you can sense from Tony and Kerry (I honestly barely paid any attention to anyone else). 

My favorite moment was Tony’s speech (of course!) and I also liked Kerry describing Harrison’s funeral scene. I felt it was genuine and touching, and Kerry became a pro at giving us some BS so it was great to hear her speak candidly. 

After the panel ended, the mass stampede to the stage began (it is truly crazy how it happens). Since I was right in the middle, I was in front of Kerry and she thankfully didn’t veer left or right to sign and take photos, so I was able to catch her attention. We probably had a 3 second interaction where she said hi while looking at me (which felt incredible!), then she took my phone and asked twice at least if I am in a frame :-) She is SO nice and friendly and warm and GORGEOUS, I was not prepared for that, and I saw her before, just not that up close and personal. 

Afterwards I tried to shuffle out of the crowd which was quite a workout and moved to the side of the stage where Tony was. He somehow noticed me too, so I have a selfie with him as well :-)

I also met some of the fellow Gladiators I know from before, so it was great to catch up with them! Even though Scandal is no more for me, I still appreciate the joy I get from interacting with the cast and meeting fans/friends I made though the show. 

p.s. Enjoy the pictures! :-) 

TimSteph and Photography

(With all the dark and angsty headcanons I’ve been doing lately, I need to do some happy ones otherwise my head will explode) 

Headcanon that Tim has a thing for taking candid photos of Stephanie when she doesn’t expect it. He likes to hide where she won’t see him and take pictures of her doing normal everyday things like drinking coffee or folding laundry. He has them all compiled in a huge photo album titled “Stephanie’s Prettiest Moments,” and by now he’s got hundreds of cute photos in there. Some gems: 

• A photo of Steph, taken from behind as she dances around the kitchen in sock feet while making pancakes 

• Blushing Steph standing in a doorway, trying not to smile as a toothbrush hangs from her mouth and her hand can be seen trying to block her face from the camera 

• Steph sleeping on the floor with her legs propped on the couch and Alfred the Cat curled up on her stomach. A book lays sprawled open next to her 

• Angry Steph flipping off the camera as Alfred tends to a gunshot wound on her leg. Dick can be seen laughing in the background 

• Sick Steph curled up on the couch, snuggled cozily in a blanket so only her eyes and nose are visible. Piles of tissues and stacks of DVDs surround her and steam can be seen from a bowl of soup on the coffee table  

• Steph posing with a new CD she got for Christmas, perched happily under the tree with a Santa hat and tinsel wrapped around her neck like a scarf. She’s in fluffy snowman pajamas and reindeer slippers, and there’s the smallest hint of an eggnog mustache on her lip 

• Steph early in the morning without any makeup on yet, smiling as she watches cartoons. The photo is taken from around Tim’s body, and his arm can be seen around Steph’s shoulder, so it’s clear that he was trying to be sneaky and took it while they had been cuddling side by side on the couch together   

• Steph with tears streaming down her face, in the middle of throwing a pillow at Tim while the ending scene from Toy Story 3 can be seen on the tv in the background

• Steph half asleep with a freshly brewed cup of coffee in her hands, wearing one of Tim’s old shirts that stops at her knees paired with knee length cat socks. Her hair is in a wild disarray, and despite her tiredness she’s giving a small smile to the camera  

• Steph sitting in a library, books scattered around her as she reads with a look of intense concentration on her face, her brows wrinkled in thought and her teeth chewing her bottom lip. The camera is angled from just below the table and half the screen is blocked by it, as if Tim was trying very hard not to be seen taking the picture 

• Steph trying to get what looks like eggs and flour out of her hair. Various ingredients scatter the kitchen, and one can easily deduce it was taken after a food fight gone wrong. There’s cocoa powder blurring the camera lens, giving the photo an odd appearance  

• Steph sitting on a picnic blanket atop some grass, gazing at the sky as pink and green fireworks burst above. It’s dark, so you can see mostly only shadows on her face, but the lights from the fireworks make her eyes appear to glow  

• Steph running on a treadmill in workout clothes with ear buds in her ears. The photo’s taken from at least twenty feet away behind an elliptical machine 

• This one is taken from what’s obviously the inside of a closet, and you can only see through a small crack in the door. Steph is seen in their bedroom, wearing an old t-shirt and sweatpants as she dances around the room and sings into a hairbrush 

• Steph with her eyes half closed and pink frosting on the corner of her mouth as she bites into a cupcake 

• Steph laying back on a beach towel, wearing a purple bikini and sunglasses. She can obviously see Tim taking her picture, but she’s too busy relaxing to care 

• There’s one photo where it’s actually Tim in the shot, and this one was clearly taken by Stephanie. Tim’s sleeping with his head on multiple papers and files on his desk, a cold cup of coffee and some old takeout containers beside him 

• Steph sleeping sprawled out and taking up the entire bed, her hair tangled around the pillow like golden seaweed and the covers in a heap on the floor, likely after being kicked off in her sleep 

• Steph sitting on top of Damian, who’s red faced and looks ready to kill. The shot is blurry, as though the person with the camera was laughing when he took it 

• This shot is blurry as well. It’s a close up selfie of Steph’s face with Tim’s face rushing into the frame, planting a huge impromptu kiss on her cheek. Steph looks surprised, as if shocked out of focus, and one can easily deduce that Tim snuck up on her for a peck  

• Steph from behind in a long mauve gown, her arms up and her fingers working intricately on her hair. Her face cannot be seen, and she’s too busy concentrating to notice that Tim’s in the room. There’s a floor length mirror in the frame, so you can see Tim as well, clad in a nice tux and his hair gelled back with a camera in hand  

• A blurry photo of Steph laughing, her nose crinkled and her eyes shut as she giggles at something funny Tim said 

• One is taken by Cass, who hijacked Tim’s camera and snuck up on the couple, getting a shot of them with their faces an inch away from each other, caught as they leaned in for a kiss 

• Steph leaning over the back of the chair to the batcomputer as Bruce points to something on the screen. Jason is next to Steph, but he’s the only one who noticed Tim and his camera. He’s smiling wryly as he holds up the middle finger with one hand and gives Steph bunny ears with the other 

• Steph in the middle of the ocean, awkwardly surfing a high wave. The shot is angled as though Tim was dropping the camera as it was taken, likely to help Steph out because she’s actually falling off the surfboard 

• Steph in the opposite end of a booth at a diner, grinning and laughing as Tim’s finger dots a dollop of whipped cream on the tip of her nose    

Felicity is the most misogynist thing about Arrow.

Felicity has consistently, from as far back as season 1, viewed every other woman has her competition. She’s thrown every other female character under the bus to better herself and it genuinely baffles me that Felicity fans accuse those who dislike her of being misogynist, because Felicity has - since her conception - been the writers primary tool to facilitate their own misogyny.

Felicity dug into Moira’s background (granted she was enlisted to do so, however she continued even after she was specifically told to stop). Felicity then used the information she’d found on Moira (that also involved Thea) as she saw fit, with no regards for the women in question. She told Oliver, simultaneously dismissing Moira’s privacy, driving a wedge in the Queen family, viewing Oliver’s opinion as higher than either Moira or Thea (who the info ACTUALLY concerned) and faciliated the writer’s need for Queen Family Drama and more Oliver-man-pain.

Felicity made a petty remark of “What was it fantasy island?” Because she found out about Shado and Sara being present on Lian Yu. Oliver is traumatized and is hallucinating about a dead Shado, is consumed with guilt over her death and has consistently expressed that the island was too horrifying for him to talk about. And Felicity gets so jealous over the mere existence of a dead girl who was a part of Oliver’s life literal years before Felicity even knew he existed, to the point where she makes scathing comments and flippant remarks about his trauma.

Felicity needs to be reassured and explicitly told that SHE is Oliver’s ‘girl’ when Sara joins the team, because she doesn’t see Sara as an equal and is so threatened and intimdated by another woman joining the team they needed to literally specify that Felicity is The Girl ™. God forbid women work togehter and value each other without being pitted against each other.

Felicity called Oliver’s own mother diabolical AT HER FUNERAL, clearly not having any respect (if not for Moira as a person then she should have AT LEAST have respect for what she meant to Oliver), and this disgusting comment is never addressed or considered out of line in the narrative whatsoever. She also made a similar quip after Amanda Waller was shot.

Felicity is rude, dismissive, ashamed of and disrespectful to her mother near constantly. She looks down on her for not being as intelligent and slut shames her for her dress, despite the fact Donna raised Felicity single-handedly and dotes on her daughter completely.

Before I go on I’d love to point out that ALL OF THIS SO FAR (with the exception of the Waller comment) took place in Seasons 1&2, because people seem to forget that Felicity has always been awful, and they’re viewing the earlier seasons with rose-tinted glasses because seasons 3&4 were just THAT BAD.

When Season 3 started, Olicity was suddenly a thing, and they shoehorned in some flashbacks to try and make it more feasible, one of which included Felicity randomly walking into her boss’ office at QC after hours with no purpose, spying a photo of Oliver on a desk and commenting aloud to herself how cute he is and how “its a pity you’re dead”. This doesnt have anything to do with her treatment of women, but atleast her lack of respect for the dead is a consistent character trait!

Felicity continues to throw Thea under the bus, what started with Felicity telling Oliver about Thea’s true parentage, driving a wedge in the family and neglecting to tell Thea (or moira, who’s secret it was to tell), continues with Felicity outright telling Oliver not to save his sister because it might result in his death (a risk that Oliver has already stipulated that he’s willing to take).

But it gets worse!! A newly resurrected Thea is struggling with bloodlust and is too traumatized to return to her apartment because of what happened there, she moves in with Laurel, because Felicity and Oliver wanted to drive off into the sunset and play house. Months later it’s revealed that Felicity has been consulting with the team behind Oliver’s back the whole time and not once did she suggest they return and not once did either of them consider that Thea might need him. Its also never once addressed that Felicity was wrong for lying and keeping secrets, because Felicity is never wrong!!

(Also in The Flash, Felicity straight up told Eddie that it was completely fine for him to lie to Iris if it was for her own good!)

Then, when Felicity finds out Oliver fathered a child years ago that he didn’t know about, her temper tantrum caused such a distrubance in the team dynamic that they got killed and Barry had to go back in time to correct the timeline to stop it from happening. So Barry obviously knew about the kid.

William’s mother straight up tells Oliver that she doesnt trust him or his intentions and if he wants to get to know his son then it has to be a secret and strictly as a family friend until she’s convinced he’s in it for the long haul (this makes total sense given the Oliver she knew was a selfish, egotistical playboy who was NOT father material, she needs to see that he’s changed, and not overwhelm her son unnecessarily if it turns out that he hasnt).

When William is kidnapped and Felicity finds out about him as a result, she is petty and juvenile while they’re working, completely dismisses and gets snappy with Samantha when she apologizes, even when Samantha takes full responsibilty for what she asked Oliver to do, and not once does Felicity ever ask about William’s wellbeing. Felicity is surpised to discover that William - like Oliver - likes baseball, and makes YET ANOTHER SCATHING COMMENT AT OLIVERS EXPENSE by saying that they should hope the resemblence ends there, because she apparently thinks that her fiancee has absolutely no positive qualities whatsoever that might be nice to pass on.

Felicity then breaks up with Oliver for lying to her, even though he didnt want to but had to if he wanted to know his son. Even though she spent months lying to him mere weeks earlier, even though she told Eddie that lying was okay. Even though she told her mother the prior week that it was okay if Quentin kept things from her because she should trust he had a good reason.

Felicity then keeps the apartment (yknow the one that used to be Thea’s until she had to move in with Laurel to deal with her trauma), as a result Oliver slums it out in the Arrow cave, because depsite running for Mayor, Oliver is unemployed. Felicity has a CEO salary but of course she keeps the apartment. She’s Felicity. God himself shit her out and she is completely right all the fucking time even when shes a self-righteous, hypocritical piece of shit.

Felicity makes bitchy comments about the breakup when theyre trying to work even though she was the one to end it, she then tells Oliver that he will always be who he was on that island. She basically told him the most traumatic experience in his entire life is all he will amount to, and the person he is as a result of his trauma is not someone she can love and its his fault that he’s that way because apparently she’s a victim blaming piece of shit as well as a hypocrite.

Laurel dies and on her deathbed tells Oliver that Felicity is the best thing for him despite the fact she loved him too. The writers wanted to 10000000% make sure that we all know that Felicity is The Girl ™ and anyone at all that might’ve potentially maybe been competition just pales in comparison, my guy.

Diggle is traumatized by the situation with his family and Felicity makes YET ANOTHER INSULTING, DISRESPECTUL “JOKE” AT OLIVER’S EXPENSE by saying Diggle is “one illegitmate child away from a great Oliver Queen impersonation”, making another dig at William, yknow the kid that she dumped Oliver over, the one Oliver didnt know about himself until shortly before she did, the kid that Oliver had to say goodbye to, before he’d even gotten the chance to be a dad to, in order to keep him safe. (But she loves Oliver so much guys! Honest! So totally cares about his wellbeing and whats best for him, even at the detriment of herself, I swear!)

TL;DR in conclusion, Felicity is a misogynist tool that the writers have been employing from day one. Its a common trope in fiction. She’s the token female character that all other females get compared to/dismissed for. They pit women against each other at every available oppprtunity and have Felicity become this untouchable writers-pet that is never called out and can never be wrong and she’s just so great and can do everything and everyone loves her and no one seems to question any of the horrible things she does because she is so righteous in her writers-pet bubble!

And because she’s a woman they try and champion this as ground-breaking and feminist, when its actually extremely misogynist and anti-feminist, especially when you consider that if the tables were turned and OLIVER was the one doing all this shit to Felicity, then people would be out for blood and screaming misogyny from the rooftops, but because Felicity herself is a woman, they think that it makes her exempt.

But felicity isnt a woman, she’s not real, she’s a puppet being controlled by men and theyre using a female character to get away with misogyny.

The whole idea of The Girl ™ and the concept that one female character has to be the 'Alpha’ and something happens to every other female to prove that she is clearly The Best of the women, is always inherently misogynist and exists to fasciliate pitting women against each other.

bi josh proof masterpost

okay so i’ve been getting heaps and heaps of questions recently asking for evidence and proof of why i think josh is bi. keep in mind that this list is fairly short for now but i’ll keep on adding to it whenever something comes to mind/something new happens. i also keep a bi josh tag for everything bi josh lmao. masterpost is under the cut

p.s i’m not forcing anybody to believe that josh is bi nor am i trying to push josh to “come out”. 

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Puppy Cuddles // Joe Sugg

Word Count- 1137


Then could i request a imagine where jack or joe and his girlfriend the reader go shopping for a puppy?


Can i please request a imagine where the Joe and the reader who is his girlfriend go shopping for a dog and at the end joe falls asleep cuddling the puppy?

A/N- im posting twice today bc this got requested twice and i felt inspired. so here ya go :)


You had grown up on the move. Your father’s job prevented your family from settling down. From the day you were born, you hadn’t stayed in a town for more than 5 years.

You and your little brother had grown accustomed to the fast life. You two had grown accustomed to not having many friends. You two had grown used to having all of your memories squished together because you could never remember where or when he had broken his foot. Or where or when you had accidentally crashed the car.

You and Y/b/n were okay with always moving. You were grateful for the experiences you had. The moments you cherished. The photos you took. The long car rides where you would see who could sing the loudest or who could stay quiet the longest. He always won.

But there was one thing that you absolutely hated about always being on the move.

You never had a pet.

No fish, no rabbits, no hamsters, no birds, and no dogs.

You had always dreamed of buying a dog. Ever since you met Frankie.

Frankie was your, one of many, neighbor’s dog. She was a 3 year old Bolognese. For the 4 months you lived in Arizona, you offered to walk her every morning. Her owner, Kelly, was an older woman who loved to bake cookies.

So every morning, after you were done walking Frankie, you would sit and eat cookies with Kelly and talk about anything and everything. It had become your guys’ tradition.

You cried for 2 weeks when you moved. That was by far the hardest transition ever.


So here you were. Seven years later. Your parents finally settled down in South Africa almost 2 years ago. That’s how you met Caspar. Who then led you to Joe.

Joe was absolutely perfect. He was everything you ever imagined and more. He was your soul mate. And you were his.

You had been together for nearly a year now. And he asked you to move in last week.


“Alright, I think that’s the last of it,” you dropped onto the couch next to your boyfriend.

“Thank god,” he sighed, hugging you. “I’m never asking anyone to move in again.”

“What about your other 5 girlfriends?” you asked sarcastically.

“They aren’t worth it,” he paused, “no one is except you.” He brushed a hair out of your face and tucked it behind you ear.

“Awwww such a romantic.” You laughed, pulling his lips to yours.

Once he pulled away he said, “We’re done yet though.”

“Yes we are?” you said confused, you had unpacked the last box merely minutes ago.

“Nope. We need to get one more thing,” he smiled, pulling you off the couch.

“What are you on about?” you asked as Joe pulled on his shoes.

“Just grab your jacket and let’s go!” he opened the door, waiting for you.

Reluctantly, you grabbed your jacket and followed him.

“I hate surprises.”

“I know,” he kissed your hand.

“Can you just tell me where we’re going?” you asked, looking at the shops you were passing.

“You’ll see in about 2 minutes.” He looked at you, winking.

“I hate you, Joe Sugg.”

“Mm, no you don’t.”

“I do. I really do.”

“No, you really don’t.”

“Just tell me where we’re going!” you pleaded.

He stopped, “you tell me.”

You looked at the shop he stopped in front of, gasping.

The Animal Shelter was written in big, bold letters above the door.

“Joe…” you whispered.

“Let’s go pick our new family member,” he smiled.

“Yes! Let’s go!” you squeezed his hand, following him inside the shelter.

Your heart melted as soon as you saw the animals. You wanted all of them.

“You can pick whatever you want,” he said, leading you towards the counter, “but I assumed you would want to look at the dogs.”

“Can we?” you asked, looking at the employee behind the counter.

“Yep! Just follow me.” She led you to a long corridor full of kennels.

Your eyes began watering.

“Y/n, love, are you okay?” Joe wrapped his arm around your waist.

“Yes, I just want them all.”

He chuckled, “maybe someday.” He kissed your temple, letting go of you.

You slowly began to walk forward, spending a few moments with each dog.

It wasn’t until you got about halfway down the corridor when you saw him. He was a very thin German shepherd. You could tell he had been underfed. When you knelt in front of his kennel, he hesitated, but slowly walked towards you.

“Hey lil guy,” you put your hand against the bars, tears slowly falling from your eyes.

He nudged you hand, then licked it.

“Joe,” you whispered, feeling Joe’s presence as he knelt next to you.

“Is he the one?” your boyfriend asked, putting his hand on your thigh.

“Yes. He’s the one.” You smiled, standing up. “Okay, what do I have to sign. He’s the one. I want him.”

The employee smiled, “Very good choice. He’s been here almost 3 months now.” She opened the gate, letting the dog out.

“Can we pick his name?” you asked.

“Seeing as he’s still a puppy, yes.” She smiled, putting a leash on the dog, your dog.

After about a half an hour of paperwork, and many tears, mostly yours, okay all of them were your, you and Joe left with your new family member.


“Not that I don’t like it, but why you choose that name?” he asked, petting the dog that was currently sat on his lap. Joe was spread out on the couch, head in your lap.

You laughed, “The first dog I ever fell in love with was named that.” One hand was running through his hair, the other was lightly petting your new puppy.

“Hmm, well it was a good choice.”

“Thank you.”

“Frankie Sugg. It has a nice ring, don’tcha think?” he looked up at you.

“No seriously, thank you. It means a lot to me that you did this for me.” You smiled at your boyfriend.

“I wanted to share your first memory of having a dog with you.” His eyes sparkled.

“I love you Joseph Sugg.”

“I love you too, Y/n Y/l/n.”

You spent the rest of the night talking about how to tell the fans.

“Maybe we could do a Q&A? Or a something like that,” you said, scrolling through the ideas on your phone. “What do you think babe?”

When you didn’t get a response, you looked down at your boyfriend.

He was asleep. His arms were holding Frankie close to his chest, Frankie’s head was nuzzled into Joe’s neck. They both lightly snored as you snapped a pic.

You knew exactly how you were going to tell the fans you had added a new addition to the family.

Swifthaal/Gyllenswift Timeline 2010

Following the modifications of the Buzzfeed article about Taylor last week, I decided to make a timeline of Taylor and Jake Gyllenhaal’s relationship. (Might be helpful for the newbies, you got to understand the PR side of her short-lived ‘relationships’.)

Do I think that it was a real relationship? No, I believe that it was purely a PR stunt, though somewhat more believable than Connor, Harry, Calvin and Tom (IMO). Now, this brings State of Grace, All Too Well, WANGBT, The Moment I Knew, and other songs on the table. Did she write those songs about him? Who knows; she wrote them, not me. Anyway, I’ll explain more after the timeline (at the bottom). 

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Things You May Have Forgotten About TDM

•Liam was part of the children’s league for a while

•Liam and Cole had a sister named Claire who died instead of gaining powers

•Chubs went to go to the bathroom one night without his glasses and fell to the bottom of an empty pool and couldn’t get out because he twisted his ankle

•Liam was born on a greyhound bus and was the miracle bus boy for 3 years

•When ruby was little she didn’t want to wear a dress on her dad’s birthday so she took it off and walked around in just her batman underwear (and Im not saying liam found out about it and asked for a copy of the picture but there’s an interesting photo in his wallet of a six year old in batman undies that always makes him smile)

•Ruby is basically confirmed as SUPER HOT in the first book when they were in that wal mart with all the kids she still had that red dress on and all the boys were staring at her and she was like ???? and liam goes “they’re just distracted by your…face.”

•In NF when wouldn’t it be nice came on the radio and Ruby cried because she thought everyone was asleep and liam grabbed her hand

•The other orange Ruby escaped Thurmond with (Martin)

•Liam=confirmed superhero nerd
“Steve Rogers is a perfectly legit name”
“[Chubs] Hawkeye here managed to fake to the bottom of a pool”

•Cate’s nasty boyfriend Rob

•the only thing they found of jude was his shoe

•The only reason chubs thought everything was going to be okay was because he thought Ruby and Liam would still be together in NF

•Liam was the only one out of the black betty gang who could pass for 20

•Vida made Chubs glasses so he could see better

•liams motorcycle from ITA

•We never got a backstory for Vida

•Clancy’s face was plastered all over Thurmond because he was the first one there

Just Us- Part 1

Yoongi-Centric *.*

*Word Count* 4,178
*Genre* Angst, Parenting, Happy
*Pairing* None


“Daddy, where’s mommy?”

What the hell was he supposed to say?

Mommy left because daddy couldn’t treat her right, it’s actually daddy’s fault for yelling in mommy’s face and telling her to get the fuck out and leave if she wanted to.


He couldn’t say that.

He didn’t want to risk his daughter hating him too.

See things were perfectly fine 4 hours ago.

He was working of course. working on a new song that he needed- no wanted to finish by tonight. His phone turned off so he wouldn’t be disturbed, he didn’t need any distractions while he was working anyway, if he wanted to get this finished he needed to be concentrated and isolated. He’d been sitting in the same spot since practice ended, which was about 6 hours ago, to say he wasn’t exhausted would be a lie, he was in fact beyond exhausted.

Yet even as tired as he was he was still determined to get his work done, get it over with, then he could move onto the next thing.

And by next thing, he means more work.

His original plans were to finish the song he was working on now then start working on another song he wanted to get halfway finished by tonight also. If he got halfway through the next song then he would be able to finish the entire thing the next day, then work on another song.

Of course, it doesn’t only take a day or two to finish an entire goddamn song that could probably be the next hit, or in their album if it gets accepted. It, in fact, takes days, weeks, months, years. 

Took him years to finally release his mixtape, it could take him years to finish the song he was working on now, but you never know. Yet again he’s determined he knows exactly what words he wants to put in this song, he knows that the beat he created fits well perfectly with this song. He knows it so well to be positively sure he can finish this entire thing by tonight.

As focused as he was, his mind still kept drifting off to unnecessary things when he couldn’t come up with anything, it’s like as soon he went off track, or moved his eyes elsewhere besides his computer screen his mind would think about something else. He didn’t even know what that something else was seeing as the thought left as fast as it came. He couldn’t just simply put words into a song, he wanted his words to have meaning, he wanted the fans he cared so dear for to feel how grateful he was towards them. 

The Fans, no Army, was just 1 of the things he always had on his mind 24/7, the feeling of not wanting to disappoint lingering in each members hearts. He wasn’t planning on letting them down, after everything they’ve done for him and his team. 

For those, he can’t see, for those he can’t remember, for those he can’t personally be close to. He wants them to hear him, to feel how he feels, to speak and have a connection with him through his music. To share something he loves so very much with people that continue to cheer him on, even tho he doesn’t know them(Personally)it means a lot to him. That’s one reason he works so hard.

Another reason he works so damn hard is not only I himself and the fans, but also for his team. Believe it not he believes not everything is about the fans, nor even himself when it comes to music. He thinks about his members to, their dreams too. Jungkook and Taehyung’s love for singing, Jimin and Hoseok’s love for dancing, his leaders love for rapping, and his Hyung’s love for singing also. Not only he but his members enjoy the thrill, the thrill of being on stage, the beating in their hearts louder than the fans screams that proceed to make they go deaf, the sweat trailing from his forehead all the way down to his chin and the music, the music that they enjoy making. For them is also another reason.

Out of sheer anger and hatred, he also works hard because he wants to prove the people that said they couldn’t do it wrong. Wants to tell them that they made it, and there going higher, higher than the very top. Wants to grab their success like a pile of dirt and throw it right in their face, like little children bullying another child. Even tho he’s angry and his hate burns strong somewhere deep inside of him, he’s better than that, and if he ever sees those people again, the ones who looked down on him and his team, he’ll just simply wave and smile. The reason for that is because he’s at the top, and there at the bottom, he could just simply crush them, with the lift of his foot, stomping on them like they were just merely bugs. But he won’t, because again he’s better than that, he’s already successful, but his hatred doesn't just fade away.

The last and 1 of the most important reasons, is because of his child.

His daughter.

His daughter’s existence was in fact known among his fans, his entire relationship was known throughout the country. 

He can still remember the day the media found out, sitting in the living room with his fellow roommates, eating the breakfast Jin had cooked which was always a bit too salty for his liking. His daughter only 3 mouths old in Taehyung’s lap playing with her little fingers, he can still remember the squeaky sound that erupted out of his daughter’s mouth made as he played with her while he simply watched the news. Then there it was. 

“Big News: Rapper Min Yoongi, Also known as Suga from k-pop group called BTS debuting under BigHit Entertainment, only 3 years into his career and he has already been confirmed to be in a relationship with someone and not only that he was caught seen by a fan who took pictures of him and saw him with not only his girlfriend but with a baby! Is this baby his? The fan eventually uploaded the photo on twitter and now fans are demanding answers!  What is Min yoongi hiding! More news on-“ 

His brain could only think about the words that had been said, he can remember how much panic he felt, for himself and for his group, Minhee to. The assuring words they whispered to one another after the news had been shared. The love and fondness, he loved her so much to think how far apart they are now, break his heart a little. 

He and his partner, Minhee at the time, were not married, fortunately, it’s not that he didn’t love her but he just wasn’t ready for marriage, but his dumbass should’ve thought about that before getting her pregnant. Her parents, of course, wanted them to get married, but he and his parents politely refused (It was mostly him, he was rude about it to be honest but he hates her fucking parents), leaving her father frustrated and angry. In all honesty, he could care less about how her father feels, her father claims yoongi’s always been out for all the money that his daughter has, which is so completely untrue and useless he always just drops the subject. He still loves her somewhat, and still takes care of his child but music……his music. He doesn’t want to blame everything on his job but, music is one of the reasons why he and Minhee split up, and because he was supposedly more focused on the fans and work that he didn’t have any time for her, is what she said.

His daughter stays with him and the other boys only on the weekends, he only keeps her for 3 days and unfortunately on some of those days he has to work, which means sometimes she has to sit on the hard wooden floor that’s located in their practice room and watch them dance. Other times she has to sit backstage as they do interviews or on stage performances,  she even has to sit in his studio and watch him type aimlessly on his keyboard. Sometimes he feels bad for her, they only have small conversations when he’s working, but when he’s not he focuses all his attention solely on his daughter. 

But today, things just aren’t going his way. 

His pale fingers went limp on his keyboard, his head snapping towards the door when knocks were heard. He took a deep breath and sighed, relaxing his body, he really didn’t want to be bothered right now, all he was trying to focus on doing was finishing his work. Who could be knocking on his studio door at this time anyway, didn’t the others leave?

“Who is it?”

He felt the words leave his mouth before he could even process he had said them himself. 

With his words, someone opened the door just enough to pop their head in, that head belonging to Jimin. He watched as Jimin slowly opened the door and made his way inside, the light from the hallway brightening up the dark room more than his dim computer screen did so. He wasn’t really curious as to why Jimin was still here, the kid was probably practicing, he just wondered why he didn’t notice him here before.

“What do you want?” He heard himself say

Jimin only smiled shutting the door behind him, yoongi heard the soft click of the door and watched as Jimin lazily leaned against it “It’s nice to see you to hyung" 

Frustration and Irritation are all he felt in this moment. He really didn’t have time for games, not to mention he couldn’t quite come up with anything. In his head, he was so fucking sure he knew exactly what he wanted to do, but being interrupted made all his thoughts fly away. He’s blaming jimin for this. Jimin was basically wasting his time and he needs every second he could get, if Jimin wanted to tell him something, he better hurry up because he can feel himself running out of patience. He wondered if his expression showed how frustrated he was because Jimin quickly lifted himself off the door and stood straight.

“Have you been here since practice ended?” He only nodded, moving his mouse upwards watching on the computer screen as the pointer appeared again from hiding. “I’ve been here the entire time, didn’t you know?” He found himself asking a question, which was taking up more time, the time that he oh so very much needed. Jimin raised his hands up in front of him and shook them along with his head, taking a seat on one of the beanbags next to his chair. “Ani, I’ve been here since practice ended too, but since I didn’t see the guys leave I thought you were with them" 

"Right.” He said squinting his eyes when his computer screen popped up something about a software update, it’s been asking him about an update for months now, it’s not like he didn’t want to update his software, believe me, he would love to get rid of this annoying pop up that seems to even pop up when he’s working. It’s just that he’s afraid that if he updates, then everything will be gone, all his files all his music, it’s happened before too.

Jimin only sat still, quiet with his hands fidgeting in his lap. Yoongi didn’t mind him being in here, but he’d really wish Jimin would stop tapping his foot and biting his nails, and of course the fidgeting is what he hates most. It’s obvious he has something to say. So he decides to just get this over with.

He closes his eyes, let’s out a big breath he didn’t even know he was holding in and turns his computer off. Turning his computer off means he’s done, done for the night anyway, he still has so much work he has to do, he’s not even finished with the first song to move onto the next one. He just shrugs to himself, he guesses that’s just more work for him tomorrow then he had originally planned, oh well he doesn’t care. 

He says this now but in fact, he does care, just thinking about how much work he’s gonna have to do tomorrow, he tries not to get stressed out at the thought.

He spins himself around in his chair and faces Jimin, who’s currently staring at him in confusion.

“What are-”

“Cut the crap, what do you want Jimin" 

Yawning, he puts his entangled fingers behind his head. Jimin only hangs his head down, and for some reason, Yoongi gets the feeling that whatever Jimin’s about to say can’t be very important.

"Hyung……Minhee, she, she called me…" 

Yoongi only rolls his eyes, he’s happy he turned his phone off, he didn’t want to hear from anyone when he was working, if he would’ve heard from her he’d be pissed. Pissed only because she would of most likely started an argument about something completely unnecessary. The love he has for that woman has been slowly fading ever since they called quits on their relationship. 

That was when Nari, his daughter was 2 she’s 5 now.

Even if he’s thinking a lot about the situation his only comment to Jimin’s sudden confession is "What the hell does she want?”

Jimin smiles sadly at his words. “She wanted to know when we were coming home…” Yoongi moved his hands from behind his head letting his left arm fall down on the arm of the chair and using his other arm to combed his fingers through his bright blonde hair. “What does she mean? ‘when are you coming home’ is she at our house?” If she was at their house he would be extremely angry it’s not even Friday so she has no reason to be there, if his daughter isn’t there then he could care less about anything she has to say. He immediately felt his blood boil and rise up to his face. 

“Call her and tell her she needs to leave”  

The look on Jimin’s face showed nothing but pure panic, the venom in Yoongi’s voice was no joke.

“Ah, hyung you shouldn’t-" 

"Fine I’ll do it” He shut jimin up real quick, grabbing his phone and roughly pressing each number, he was clearly angry he could still be working right now instead of dealing with something so unnecessary. As soon as he had dialed the number she had immediately picked up the phone, saying hello and waiting for his reply. 

“Why are you at my house?” He tried to say as nicely as he could, but trying to pretend you’re not angry is hard for him, so he’s pretty sure she heard how irritated he was.

She huffed on the other side of the phone and he’s positive she rolled her eyes.

“Don’t get an attitude with me, I’m not happy to be here either.”

“Good, then you should leave”

“Believe me I wish I could, I’ve been here for hours waiting for you”

“No one said you had to wait for me.”


“You’re wasting my time, what do you want?”

For a few seconds, all he heard was silence, she coughed a little and made him wait a little longer before answering his question. “It’s Nari…..” Instead of leaning back in his chair he quickly rose up from his seat moving things out the way rather roughly on his desk his hands searching for his car keys. With no luck finding the keys on his desk he patted his body with both hands up and down holding his phone between his head and his shoulder until he found the keys. He was ready to leave if there was anything wrong. His anger quickly turned into concern, Jimin not having any clue what’s going on just left the studio but he assumed Jimin was getting his stuff. 

“What happened? Is she okay?”

“I’ll tell you when you get here…”

“No, tell me-" 

The call had ended before he could even finish his sentence "Motherf-” he decided not to let the word completely slip his mouth and breathed out instead, hurriedly putting his phone in his back pocket, rushing to leave he almost tripped as his foot hit the orange beanbag jimin has sat on just a few minutes ago, quickly catching himself he was happy when he found Jimin already ready to go with his bags as soon as he stepped out the room of his studio, without explaining he motioned jimin to follow him out to his car.

The ride home was quiet jimin didn’t ask any questions because he had felt how tense Yoongi was and he didn’t want to make any false accusations and make him tenser. Yoongi even cut on the radio and actually let a very stupid song play just to distract him from his thoughts. It didn’t help much.

Once they had reached home, he had quickly stepped out of his old car and made his way to the doorstep nervously fumbling with his keys, he was in fact so nervous that he even dropped them, twice.

“Hyung maybe I should do it-”

“I got it!" 

Jimin had jumped in surprise at his tone, he hadn’t meant to yell at him he really hadn’t he was just so..he didn’t even know what he was talking about, he rarely ever yelled in the first place he even found his throat hurting a little. He would’ve said sorry for scaring jimin, but a moment after he had shouted the door opened.

Revealing Jin.

"Your home-”

“Where is she?" 

Passing Jin her started to look around the house for his daughter, he headed straight to his and Jins bedroom first, the door being shut, he attempted to open it but Jin stopped him.

"Wait, she’s sleeping”

“I won’t wake her” He said coldly glaring as he looked back at him, he tried to open the door, but he was again stopped, not by jin.

By Minhee.

“Fancy seeing you here”

She said smiling her voice even till this day still music to his ears, quickly taking in her appearance she still looked the same, like the same woman he had fallen in love with, but he and her both knew she was long gone, somewhere far away, probably dead. He didn’t know, but he missed her.

His face hardens doing the opposite of what his thoughts are hinting him to do.

“Oh really?”

Her smile drops hearing the sarcasm in his voice, not like any of her smiles are real anymore.

“Well this is my house” He finishes 

“Whatever…” She mumbles quietly crossing her arms, over her chest. Here she goes again wasting time and not getting straight to the point.

“What’s wrong with Nari?”

“I lied”


"I said I lied okay…”

“What?” He says again but mostly to himself not sure he had heard her completely. “You lied, lied about what?” he continues. She looks down at her hands, and from anyone’s point of view it would seem that she’s feeling guilty for whatever she lied about, but he’s not falling for it, he knows her too well to fall stupid to her tricks.

He’s not buying it.

“Stop fucking wasting time and tell me what’s going on” he snaps

She doesn’t jump only looks at him sternly.

“I lied about Nari, she’s perfectly fine..”

Finally letting go of the door handle he’s been holding onto since he got home, he walks up towards her slowly. “Then why the fuck-" 

"I wanted to talk to you..”

He can’t believe this, he literally can’t.  "You called and made me come all the way fucking home just so you could tell me something? Couldn’t you have said it over the phone? it couldn’t have waited? I was fucking working-“

"It’s important yoongi-”

“So important to the point where you had to lie and bring our daughter into this?” he accused his voice raising just a bit, he could see jin behind him and jimin to his left, them both wanting to do something to stop the argument, he could tell they wanted to, but they dared not to.

“Yes, that important!”


“If I had asked to speak to you in person would you have come?”

“Like hell, i would”

“That’s why I brought up Nari, because I knew you would listen if she was involved, this is important yoongi so how about you listen to me for once in your fucking life!” she said yelling at him his face only inches away from hers now. He stepped back at her sudden outburst putting distance between them rolling his eyes.

“Fine,” his voice still cold even though he agreed to talk.

“Hurry up, I don’t have all night”

Jin reached out grabbed Jimin’s wrist and walking out to the room giving them both a small smile before completely exiting leaving them both standing alone in the silence. 

“I met someone..”

He rolls his eyes, this is so stupid. He moves his hand to his back pocket, hoping to find his cigarettes there, but they aren’t he hasn’t smoked since high school but he had a sudden urge to start again.

Letting the thought leave his mind he focused on the situation again.

“So? what does that have to do with me?”

She lets out a breath and sits down on the only couch in their house, she waits to speak and again he think’s she’s only wasting more time. He’s getting tired, not like he wasn’t tired before, like he said he was beyond exhausted but he had something to keep him focused something he was determined to finish. 

But this, this was just boring and utterly useless, he couldn’t even bring himself to really care.

“I’ll be in America for at least 3 months, with him….” she whispers afraid if her words might start something.

They do.

“How about you fucking stay there forever?”

“That’s not what I’m say-”

“Stop with the bullshit! just fucking leave! that’s obviously what you’re saying right?”

She stands up angrily standing right in front of him, her fist balled up to her side.

“No, yoongi you know that’s not what I meant!”

“It obviously is, you wanna leave, just fucking do it! Please, fucking leave! We’ll be perfectly fine without you, so go up there with whoever the fuck this guy is and don’t come back! we don’t need you-”

He hears it before he feels it, the pain stinging the left side of his cheek.

He was shocked but he didn’t show it on his face, she had never hit him, even when they were together. He would be lying if the tears in her eyes didn’t make his heart ache a little, but no she brought this on herself.

“Why are you so selfish yoongi….why do you only think about yourself, you don’t give a damn about how others feel.”

He listens to her words carefully, but he doesn’t even try to compare himself with her words. 

He smirks.

“Your right, I don’t give a fuck, now fucking leave never comes back.”

His cold words pierce her, and he can see it to them way her eyes widen slightly and the tears in her eyes threaten to fall, but before they can she quickly grabs her purse and hurriedly rushes to the door.


He just stands there. In the silence, his body oddly cold even tho the house is warm. 

She’s joking. 

She’ll come back, right?

He didn’t even mean what he said, he didn’t mean it. He didn’t mean to say any of that, but his brain spoke instead of his heart. Like it usually does.

He sighs making his way to the kitchen, grabbing a glass from the cabinet and filling it up half way with foist water. God, he was such an idiot, he should’ve kept his mouth shut, and usually that’s not even a goddamn problem for him. But as soon as he says her face, heard her voice, he doesn’t know why but he just got so angry, even the thought of her made him angry.

He throws the glass cup in the sink, ignoring the loud clanking sounds it made, walking back into the living room him and Minhee stood in just a few minutes ago, and he lays himself down on the only coach they have. Staring at the TV, staring at nothing but the black screen it displayed.

He just wanted to sleep, sleep his stress away. Minhee would be back tomorrow he knows she will, she wasn’t really gonna leave.

Everything would be perfectly fine tomorrow.

7 am is the last thing he see’s before his eyes close, leaving him in nothing but darkness.


I’m Done! Tell Me What You Guys Think Okay? If I Get A Good Response Maybe I’ll Post A Second Part! *.*

Arsenal WaGs List

1.) Mesut Özil and Amine Gülşe (Here they are together in London <3 and they follow each other on Instagram)

2.) Alexis Sanchez is single. He did date Laia Grassi in the past, however that relationship ended. (photos)

3.) Olivier and Jennifer Giroud (married in 2011) (photos)

4.) Lucas Perez (currently single)

5.) Granit Xhaka and Leonita Lekaj (Married) (Photos)

6.) Mustafi (Married) ( I don’t know his wife’s name but she’s a beauty)

7.) Theo and Melanie Walcott (married) (Here’s her twitter)

8.) Aaron Ramsey and Colleen Ramsey (Married in 2014) (photos)

9.) Héctor Bellerín and girlfriend Shree Patel (They follow each other on private, not confirmed.)

10.) Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and girlfriend Perrie Edwards (Instagram)

11.) Danny Welbeck (single) {and yes i know that tweet is from 2013 but he’s still single from what I can tell lmao :) }

12.) Santi Cazorla and Ursla Santirso (married) (photos)

13.) Petr Čech and Martina Čechová (married in 2003) (photos)

14.) Alex Iwobi and girlfriend Clarisse Juliette (photos)

15.) Mohamed Elneny and wife Lolla Elhenawy (married) (photos)

16.) Laurent Koscielny and wife Claire Koscielny (married in 2015) (photos)

17.) Gabriel Paulista and girlfriend Fernanda Mascarenhas (photos)

18.) Francis Coquelin and unnamed girl @arsenal part 2016 presumed single (photos)

19.) Kieran Gibbs and unnamed girl @arsenal part 2016 presumed single (photos)

20.) David Ospina and Jesy Sterling (married 2012) (photos)

21.) Per Mertesacker and Ulrike Stange (married 2012) (photos)

22.) Nacho Monreal and Isabel Ramos (married) (photos)

23.) Carl Jenkinson (single) (but entertaining prom photos)

24.) Mathieu Debuchy and Ludivine Debuchy (married 2007) (photos)

25.) Rob Holding and TJ Richards (dating recently photos @Bruno Mars concert)

26.) Gedion Zelalem (single)

27.) Josh Dasilva (single)

28.) Calum Chambers (single) (currently on loan @Middlesborough)

10 Thoughts After Watching Doctor Who: The Pilot

1. Extra chips is the best flirt tactic EVER.
2. He went and took a photo of her mother. SO NICE OF HIM!!! HE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW HER THAT WELL!!
3. Nardole’s the best
4. I’m weary of puddles now
5. Someone please tell me who the other person in the photo was? The one that wasn’t River?
7. It breaks my heart how much he wanted to avoid getting another companion again.
8. “penguin with his arse on fire”
9. Bill is bae
10. I don’t want Capaldi to leave.

anonymous asked:

could you please elaborate on Scott being a gentleman at gpf?☺️🌷 ps I will never be able to thank you enough for sharing everything from that competition and I can only imagine how much work that was and I think you're so lovely and I love your blog in general!

Scott was Scott …. He carried all the luggage (he had 3 big luggages and Tessa only had her handbag), he always let her pass first. When she sign my photo he took all that she carried (Tessa didn’t do it when it was Scott’s time 😋)

And at one moment they had to run to skip fans because they had to eat so Scott said sorry we don’t have time and he took Tessa’s wrist and he said to her : are you ready? And he started to run by dragging Tessa by her wrist 😁😁

Thank you it means so much that you love my tumblr😍😍 and thank you for watching my videos !!! I’m so so so so so so happy that a lot of people like them. It was the first time I film a figure skating competition so I tried my best.
I try to post everything I see on social media and some wonderful gifs make by others tumblr😊

anonymous asked:

If the "zero, zero, zero fucks" tweet wasn't meant for shippers they certainly have a poor analysis of timing posting that only a day after Cait's clear message that she and Sam aren't together, showing she is friends with the man's girlfriend by following her after this woman posted a photo in front of a sign suggesting she was letting "baboons" passing by her way and Sam liked the photo, that he probably took. Bad timing as the one of him liking14 tweets that suggested he was in love with Cait

As much as I do not like that young woman and am not required to, I will give her a pass on the baboon pic because if she was trying to send anyone a message, it was meant for those dopes on her IG that just say horrible things.  Those comments just make shippers look bad…and I do not believe it is shippers doing it.  I would guess it is no more than 2 or 3 lunatics that have multiple sock accounts.  Because of that bad behavior, we have all been vilified. However…she seems to have no idea where here block button or her turn off comments button is.  

As far as their SM timing?  I think it is very telling that there has been very little SM activity from them since that belated birthday photo because I am pretty sure Cait’s knows it caused a stir….and not necessarily in the way she intended it.  She did that for one reason only IMHO…it was to shut down the abuse on that girl’s IG.  She didn’t want to step into that minefield, but like I said before–Sam does not have the cahonas to do it himself.  That photo upset a part of the fandom and did not shut down anything.  It did not stop the old geezer or the Italian witch from attacking the fandom…that is still happening.  There are still nasty comments being left on Skipper’s IG.  You.would think that by getting what they wanted, it would make antis and trolls and just meanies in general happy…but they are still on the offensive.  So what purpose did it serve?  

Before episode 7 airs -- random thoughts

These are not necessarily my thoughts. I’ve been scouring the forums at Reddit, PreviouslyOnTV and DigitalSpy, plus listening to review podcasts by the 3 Cuckoos and the Sea Brigade.

1. Do you think that somewhere in the 5219 photos Ed took, is at least one photo of Trish’s attacker? Maybe that’s where Ellie will crack the case.

2. Ian’s girlfriend/ex-girlfriend, Sarah, sent Trish the threatening text message. What did she want Trish to shut up about?

3. Is it a co-incidence that Ellie talked to her therapist in S2Ep1 about wanting to bash Joe’s head in with a hammer and then Mark took a hammer along in his van when he went to see Joe? Plus Ellie destroyed Tom’s phone and laptop with a hammer.

4. Technology reality check. How many phones have enough storage to keep over 5000 photos? And what about the multiple videos Tom’s got – would he be able to keep them all on his phone?
Do teens really access and look at porn on phones?

5. Why wouldn’t Ed get his suit cleaned between the party and his arrest?

6. Like Ed,  Hardy has had trouble expressing his feelings to others. We saw him finally tell Daisy how much he loves her. But do you think it will click in Hardy’s head that he doesn’t want to be another Ed and that will make him realize he has to bare his feelings to Ellie properly.

7. I know Chibnall’s said we’re done with Broadchurch, because only a couple of serious crimes can happen there. But if he has them both leave town for a larger town or city, there could be more stories for them, but not tied to the little town. So will Chibnall give us hope for a Hardy/Miller story in the future?

JuminV Week Day 3: First Meeting
Very late contribution for JuminV Week? A roleplay scenario with @jumin-love 💜💙 Enjoy! Word count: 3,531

Jihyun Kim: Click.

The young turquoise haired boy laid on his stomach on the ground, as he took a photo of a beetle before it flew away. Considering his young age, it was a bit odd to see him all alone in this park, yet here he was. Again. His parents too caught up in their world wind travels to care much about their son, nor his caregiver giving much attention outside of her paycheck to care. That worked well for Jihyun. More freedom to explore, more freedom to go on adventures as he pleased.

He picked himself up off the ground, dusting himself off as he clutched the small digital camera and looked around the park for something else to photograph. A recent gift from his parents during one of their rare times at home, he’d barely been without it since, captivated by the fact he could capture a moment in time for all eternity with it. The ability to capture the beauty of nature before it faded away for good.

He quietly walked through the park, looking around for something else to photograph. There were quite a few couples scattered throughout the park, the women hanging off their lover’s arm. Jihyun gave a small smile and nod in acknowledgement towards them, before coming across another couple, this time accompanied by a boy about his age.

He studied the scene from a distance,  noting the richly dressed woman draping herself around the man who looked to be very well off as well, and then a dark haired boy who seemed to be so distant from the whole situation, a small scowl on his face. While he was with what appeared to be his ‘family,’ Jihyun couldn’t help but feel that the boy felt the same way he did. Lonely. Was it just wishful thinking, brought upon by his own loneliness, or…?

Hesitantly, he approached the scene before him, the man and woman too deep in their own conversation to notice. His stomach twisted slightly as he thought up what to say. “Hello, do you want to see the photo I just took? There was a really cool beetle on the other side of the park.” Jihyun smiled gently to the other boy, gesturing in the direction he came from.

Jumin Han: Jumin followed his father and his wife around the park he had purchased for him to get him out of the library, where he spent hours alone reading his homework reading list and every other thing he could find.  Reading was his escape.

He enjoyed reading and spent a lot of time there alone without interruption,  but now he had to walk around the park and pretend he liked it. His scowl deepened. “I would rather be in my library,” he said to himself. He looked towards his father, who was currently enamored by his new wife. Jumin had yet to acknowledge her.  He didn’t feel the need as women come and go, so it paid to not bother forming troublesome attachments. He yawned, bored with life of the mundane.

He heard a soft spoken voice address him,  and turned his head to see the most unusual blue or green eyes; he could not think of the color. A boy who looked around his age,  a kind expression,  slightly smaller than him and thin, he wondered if he eats anything. This is the first time he had interacted with someone around his own age without being pressured by their parents; it was different having only really been surrounded by adults most of the time. He studied the smaller boy.

He glanced to his father who was currently busy and paying him no mind.  He found his voice. “Good afternoon, I would be pleased to study your photograph,  if you would be so kind as to show me?”

Jihyun Kim: Jihyun smirked slightly at the boys proper manner of speaking. He looked to be around the same age as him, so why was he speaking so formally? Nonetheless, Jihyun giggled slightly before turning the camera on and holding out the viewfinder so the other boy could see.

“See? It may have just been a regular beetle, but the way the sun shone on it, it looked like there were even more colours!!” He stated excitedly, pointing to the close up picture of the beetle. As Jihyun said, thanks to the lighting, the beetle’s wings gave off an iridescent sheen. Jihyun looked to the boy and gave a big smile. “It was actually the same colour as your hair!” He said excitedly as he examined the other boy closer.

“….but it flew away. So now I’m looking for something else to take a picture of! Do you wanna help?” He grinned to the other boy. It was a bit lonely taking pictures just by himself, and judging from how the other boy was, and how the adults with him semi-ignored him, he thought it would be a good opportunity to meet a new friend.

Jumin Han: ‘Such a peculiar person,’ Jumin thought as he studied the other. He was not scared, he was not being forced, he was rather talkative and… ‘Did he laugh at me?’ It was a nice sound. He looked at the camera wondering what was so interesting about a bug, and wanting to hear his soft voice again.

He focused on the picture. It was a beetle, black with rainbow colors on it, the other boys excitement contagious. “It is indeed an interesting specimen. Your photography is to be commended,” he replied as the other said ………”It was actually the same color as your hair!” Feeling the happy boys intense gaze on him, Jumin played with the buttons on his shirt cuffs, not sure whether to thank him or to scowl. “Yes, I am told the color of my hair is likened to that of a night without stars.“

He listened intently as the other asked if he would like to help find things to photograph.  Jumin looked towards his father. “Father, my assistance is required, I shan’t be long.” The chairman looked over, raising his hand, and out of thin air two bodyguards appeared and stood behind Jumin. Jumin’s scowl deepened. “Guards, keep your distance, I do not want to cause a fuss.” He then looked at the boy “Yes, I will assist you in your search. I am Han Jumin, and what am I to address you by?”

Jihyun Kim: Jihyun looked to the two guards that had suddenly appeared, a bit spell bound, but not too perturbed by it. He shook his head to clear his mind of thoughts of the guards, before smiling towards the boy again. “I’m Kim Jihyun! It’s nice to meet you Jumin.” He replied happily. He was glad that the boy agreed to tag along with him, even if it meant they would have two large men following behind.

He grabbed the other boy’s hand, before leading him off towards some trees. The guards followed behind, but created some distance as Jumin requested. Jihyun leaned in closer to the boy and whispered; “It must suck to be surrounded by adults all the time…” While Jihyun wished the adults in his life would pay a little more attention, he couldn’t imagine having them hovering so much nearby and preventing his freedom.

Once they reached the group of trees, Jihyun let go of Jumin’s hands and looked up. The sun filtered down through the leaves creating a beautiful ambiance. He pointed his camera up and took a picture, before turning to the boy and smiling again.  “Do you want to try?” He offered, holding his camera out to the boy.

Jumin Han: His storm cloud gaze rested upon the bright eyed boy as he introduced himself.

…………….“I’m Kim Jihyun! It’s nice to meet you Jumin.

“I am pleased to make your acquaintance, Kim Jihyun.” He filed the name away for future reference. His hand was grabbed and pulled along. He followed him towards some trees which afforded the illusion of privacy. Jumin looked at their hands entwined. This is the first time someone around his age had touched him so casually, he was unsure how to process it.

…………..“It must suck to be surrounded by adults all the time…”

Jumin thought about that statement and replied, “I am worth a lot of money and power to the wrong kind people, so it is imperative that I am well guarded. I do not wish to upset father, as I am his sole heir.” He wondered what Jihyun meant by that as it was the only life he had known.

His eyes followed his new friend’s as he looked up at the sun through the tree leaves and took a photo. He is handed the camera to try. ”I am not a photographer, I do not know how to work a camera.” He looks at the camera intently. “Would you be so kind as to show me, Jihyun Kim?”

Jihyun Kim: Jihyun looked towards him curiously. “I see… and you can just call me Jihyun. You don’t need to call me by my full name.” He told him, before letting out a small giggle. “Do you always speak so formally?” He gently teased, already becoming more and more comfortable around the other boy.

Jumin was definitely an interesting child, but Jihyun couldn’t help but be drawn to him. While they seemed to be completely different outwardly, one who was very proper and reserved, and the other an outgoing, carefree spirit, Jihyun couldn’t help but feel they were more alike than anything.

Jihyun smiled brightly to the other boy. “Taking pictures is really easy, I promise!” He said as he moved closer to him. “You aim the camera at what you want to take a picture of, look at this little screen, and when you like what you see, you press this button!” He explained excitedly, pointing out the necessary parts on the camera. “You can also zoom in on something far away like this, but sometimes it makes the picture fuzzy if you do that.” He said, demonstrating, before setting the camera back to the original setting and taking a step back.

“Try it! I usually take pictures of things that are pretty or interesting!” Jihyun urged with a smile.

Jumin Han: He listened with avid attention. “It would be most improper to address you with such familiarity, Jihyun Kim as we have only recently made acquaintance. This is the way I speak, it is normal, is it not?” Another first in his life. He wondered if there was something wrong with his speech; father spoke the same, as did his nanny and professors.  He tried to address the other in a casual manner. “I will try to converse less formally, as aforementioned j-Jihyun Ki….Jihyun”

He had a slight blush as he used this name casually for the first time, not knowing that this will be the start to a long friendship.  This boy was fearless and treated him differently, he liked it, and was very interested in what made him smile, seemingly so free. He was yet intrigued.

Jumin memorized the instructions, nodded, then aimed the camera at Jihyun with shaky hands. “I would like to take a photograph of you to immortalize this grand occasion.” He pushed the zoom instead of clicking the picture. Puzzled, he looked at the lens, pushing the wrong button again. It flashed in his eyes. He tried again, and ended up switching the camera off. Frustrated, he looked at the boy and proclaimed, “It appears this camera is faulty, Jihyun Kim…. forgive me, I meant Jihyun. It does not seem to want to take any photographs.“ He gave Jihyun a serious look that should not be on a face so young.

Jihyun Kim: Jihyun looked a bit shocked towards the other boy, before responding, “Ok, go ahead!” He smiled brightly waiting for the picture to be taken. He waited as Jumin fumbled with the camera, before flashing himself in his eyes. Jihyun let out a small giggle, before clasping his mouth shut with his left hand, eyes still shining brightly in happiness. He didn’t think taking pictures was that difficult, but it seemed the raven-haired boy was having problems.

“Here, let me try again.” Jihyun offered, moving closer to the boy and taking the camera once more. He tried to suppress another giggle as he noticed that Jumin had managed to turn off the camera. Considering Jihyun hadn’t even pointed out which button was the power button, or how to turn on the flash for that matter either, he was a bit amazed.

“It seems you managed to turn it off.” He explained, as he turned the camera back on, taking a step back and aiming it at his newfound friend. He giggled slightly at his still serious expression, before deciding to quickly snap a picture of the young boy. He lowered the camera, and switched it to review the photo he just took, giving a goofy grin as he saw the same serious expression reflected in the picture. Jihyun wasn’t used to taking photos of others, preferring to take photos of nature or scenery, but regardless, he was happy with how it had turned out.

“See? It still works.” He giggled, as he showed the boy the photo he just took.

Jumin Han: “Surely you must have far more interesting subjects to photograph besides myself?” Jumin said as he viewed the photograph. It was a good pose, firm, stern, serious. “However,  I am pleased with the end result, it is quite good Jihyun Kim.”

He studied the photograph for a while longer. “Are you to become a photographer when you come of age?” He tentatively looked at the smiling boy every passing minute increasingly soothing in his presence. “Because I believe you would do quite well as one.” He gave Jihyun an encouraging glance, then looked away quickly, suddenly interested in a hedge not far from his feet.

He thought he had said too much, and spoken too casually. He kicked his shoe into the grass and mumbled more to himself than to Jihyun, “I wonder what it is like to be so free…“

With a strengthened resolve he held his hand out. “I would like to try and photograph you again.” He took the camera and aimed it, successfully snapping the photograph. He looked at it then frowned, before returning the camera to it’s owner.

“Jihyun Kim, we will be friends so you can teach me how to take better photographs.” The corner of his mouth lifted in an amused way while Jihyun looked at the photograph.

Jihyun Kim: “I thought I told you to just call me Jihyun.” He lightly teased, still a bit amazed by the other boy’s speech. He didn’t mind it too much, but he still wished he’d just call him ‘Jihyun’ instead of using his full name. “I don’t usually take photographs of people, but I thought it’d be nice to take one of you. …although it would’ve been nicer if you smiled.” He explained, giving a small, lopsided grin.

“I might become a photographer someday… I haven’t thought about it really. It’s just fun taking pictures; I like it.” He explained, bringing his hand up to hold his chin as he contemplated the boy’s question. “I come from a family of artists… so who knows. Maybe they’d be happy if I became a photographer.” He shrugged his shoulders slightly, letting his hand fall beside him once more. He didn’t usually enjoy talking about his family, but for some reason, he wanted this boy to know more about him, even if they had just met. He watched him carefully as he glanced away, mumbling something he couldn’t quite catch under his breath.

As Jumin looked back towards him and took the camera once more, aiming it towards him, Jihyun gave a big smile. At least this time the boy managed to actually take the photo instead of flashing his eyes. As Jumin returned to him and handed the camera back, he gently took it and examined the photo, before covering his mouth with his hand to hold back laughter. The picture was very blurry, but it was of him alright.

Once Jihyun had calmed down, he looked to the boy once more and gave a small smile. “I’d really like to be your friend Jumin.” He said, a bit bashfully. He wasn’t sure if he’d ever had a true friend. He gripped his camera tighter in his hands, looking excitedly towards Jumin. “I’ll do my best to teach you how to take better pictures! So can we play again together tomorrow?”

Jumin Han: He carefully listened as Jihyun spoke, then answered, “I am trying my best to address you casually, and I will be more diligent in regards to smiling.”

Jumin straightened his cuff as Jihyun spoke about his family. He visualized a family of painters immersed in their work. It must be peaceful not having adults vying for attention all day. He shut that line of thought down, and thought about the pretty beetle photograph. With a determined look he reiterates his statement, “Regardless Jihyun Kim, I believe in your vision”.

Jumin was surprised at how excited the boy was about being friends. His grey eyes hopeful that he will become better at taking pictures under his tutorial guidance… he stopped and began to worry, ‘If I become better at taking photographs then Jihyun will have no reason to stay friends.‘ Jumin formed the solution in his head, ‘But if I never take a good photograph ever again… then Jihyun will have no reason to leave.‘ Mind made up with renewed vigor, he makes a promise to himself to never take a good picture.

He cleared his throat. “Jihyun, if you allow it, then it would be my utmost pleasure to socialize with you again.”  He held out his hand to shake.

Jihyun Kim: Jihyun smiled brightly. “Finally! You called me by just my first name. I can’t wait to play with you again Jumin.” He responded, eyes twinkling as he draped the camera strap around his neck, letting it hang and eagerly shaking the boy’s hand with both of his own.

“I suppose you should get back to your parents, hey?” Jihyun said next, giving a smaller smile. It had been a lot of fun spending time with the other boy, but he could see the sun beginning to set in the sky. It wouldn’t be long before dusk was upon them. “Besides, I should probably go home before the nanny actually starts caring that I’m gone.” He gently teased, spinning around to walk in the direction they had originally come from, still holding onto Jumin’s hand with one of his own.

“I’ll get the pictures I took today developed later! I’ll get two copies, and then I can give one set to you.” Jihyun smiled brightly once more, making small, excited conversations with him as they made their way back. If he needed to give him the photos, then that would be another reason to see him again.

Jihyun let go of Jumin’s hand as they finally reached where Jumin’s “parents” were, the two of them still seemingly engrossed in each other. “Do you want to meet up here again tomorrow then? It’s not far from my house! I’ll get the pictures developed, and then tomorrow we can either start on your photography lesson, or we can do something else!” Jihyun smiled excitedly, rocking slightly on his heels as he waited for the other boy’s answer. Jumin was a very interesting boy, and he couldn’t wait to get to know him more; especially to get to know the boy that was hidden beneath all the formalities

Jumin Han: Surprised at Jihyun’s overzealous hand shake, but not uncomfortable, Jumin mentioned; “She is not my mother; she is the woman my father married” as they walked hand in hand back in the direction they came from.

The dark haired boy thought about the time he had spent with his new friend. It had not been unpleasant, and went by quite fast. Jihyun smiles a lot and is very talkative; the little heir was interested in knowing more.

He glanced towards his father and his wife with disinterest, then back to the smiling boy. “I would like to share my time with you very much, Jihyun. I shall make arrangements to return here, 1pm on the morrow, where I will look forward to perusing your photographs and anticipate your lessons.“ He moved closer and whispered, “unfortunately they have to accompany me,” and looked sideways to his bodyguards.

Jumin stepped back and gave a small smile while he fussed with his cuff. “My gratitude for a pleasant time had, til the morrow.” Jihyun returned his farewells then Ju watched him wave goodbye, smile and run all at the same time, hoping that Jihyun did not fall.

Once out of view Jumin looked at his hand, it is still warm from his new friends touch. He raised it to the sky, watching the light through his fingers, and said to himself, ‘warm like the sun.’

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Hi! I'm not sure if you're into doing angst but how would the RFA + V and Saeran react when they're in their eighties and their MC passes away from old age?

omg I’ve never done any before but I could try xD. pls don’t hate me if this sucks. also sorry it took so long, I’m kinda slow at writing ><;;


  • it was too sudden for him to digest
  • he wouldn’t eat or sleep, he wouldn’t be able to face the rest of the RFA or even his children
  • for him, it was impossible to believe that the world had once again taken away someone he cherished
  • why does this always happen to me? it’s just not fair.
  • he’d cry day and night wondering if it was his fault, was he the unlucky star that caused pain to anyone and everyone around him?
  • he just didn’t know how to live without MC; MC was his everything
  • and although he never said it out loud, he always secretly hoped he’d die with MC - maybe even be the first of them to die
  • he didn’t want to feel lonely again, he didn’t want to let history repeat itself
  • there was nothing that could take away the pain this time, he was too old to play games, it was so unbearable that he wanted to leave the world too; maybe that way, he’d be able to see MC once again


  • he watched as MC passed away on the hospital bed, yet he still couldn’t believe it
  • how could have MC died before he did? MC was the one who didn’t smoke or drink
  • for a while he’d be angry at himself and blame himself for MC’s passing
  • why didn’t I take better care of MC? what did I do wrong? MC didn’t deserve to die
  • he’d lock himself inside for months, the letters of consolation from his fans did nothing but make him question why he hadn’t spent more time with MC when he took roles for Korean dramas
  • he didn’t even log onto the messenger because he didn’t want to hear their pitiful words
  • and as much as he wanted to exercise his emotions away, he was just too old to move
  • soon, his bad habits started again, smoking and drinking non-stop; he wasted the rest of his life away
  • he just didn’t want to feel anymore


  • she was very rational
  • months prior, she had noticed MC’s health getting worse and worse by the day
  • she researched the best way to take care of MC
  • as much as it broke her heart, she didn’t falter in front of MC; not even until the last moment
  • even after MC really had gone away, she didn’t let go of her calm and collected self
  • she organized a proper funeral, attended to the guests who came to pay their respects, she even told the RFA that she was fine and that she could handle everything when Jumin offered to send help
  • but she was actually so, so hurt
  • why did it have to be MC? why couldn’t it have been me?
  • after the funeral ceremony, she took one last look at MC and closed the coffin
  • that night, she cried herself to sleep, unable to return to her usual self


  • he understood why it happened
  • in fact, there was a very logical, systematic reason as to why MC had left him
  • he constantly repeated to himself that MC had become old just like him, and that it was very reasonable for MC to pass away
  • the doctors had let him know that MC would be gone in about a weeks time
  • but no matter how much he assessed the situation he just couldn’t comprehend the pain in his heart
  • his heart ached, a heavy brick sat on his chest day and night and no matter what he did he couldn’t get rid of the feeling
  • constantly reminiscing about the times MC and him had together made it worse, but he couldn’t help it
  • he wanted to hold MC in his arms again, fall asleep next to MC’s small fragile body and wake up to see MC’s soft eyes gazing into his
  • he still ate properly and went to C&R International occasionally to check on his employees and how his children were handling the company, but deep inside, he missed MC every second of the day and couldn’t bear to look his children in their eyes that reminded him so much of MC


  • he knew what was happening as MC was starting to get less and less lively 
  • he wanted to take MC to the hospital, but MC insisted that they stayed at home 
  • as MC’s eyes slowly drifted to a close, he bit back his tears and held MC in his arms
  • the person who had changed his life, who gave him love, gave him back his brother and a family had finally left him
  • he knew it was selfish to want to keep MC forever, but he couldn’t help it
  • he just felt so guilty 
  • maybe if I hadn’t let MC into my life, MC would have lived longer. if only I’d pushed MC away harder, then MC wouldn’t have had to suffer
  • he didn’t speak to the RFA, he didn’t even see his brother; it was almost as if he disappeared off the face of the earth
  • he knew would never be the same again, not without MC


  • he was so, so angry
  • he couldn’t contain himself; he lashed out at everything that came in his way
  • even his brother couldn’t help him
  • he blamed the doctors, he blamed the RFA, he blamed everyone
  • but he blamed himself the most
  • he knew that he was horrible to begin with, constantly fighting with MC, creating conflict whenever he had the chance
  • in fact, before the last few moments of her passing, they’d had another argument about the most trivial thing ever
  • maybe if I hadn’t pissed her off so much MC wouldn’t have died from heart failure. why am I like this?!
  • he left the house that he felt like he hadn’t deserved to have shared with MC and disappeared into the mountains he used to live in so many years ago


  • it was real this time
  • it wasn’t like the false death of Rika he had told the RFA many years prior
  • was it karma for leaving Rika? maybe if I hadn’t left her for MC…
  • these thoughts kept repeating as he prepared for MC’s funeral
  • at the funeral, he placed pictures of MC he’d taken a few months before MC passed away
  • MC was still just as beautiful
  • a tear slipped out of his eye, but he quickly brushed it away knowing that MC would hate to see him like this
  • he wasn’t bitter about MC’s death… in fact, he was very open minded
  • he knew that everyone had a due date, he could feel his approaching too
  • with his remaining days, he took photos of the places MC had always liked to go, the little trinkets MC liked to buy and play with
  • anything that reminded him of her, he photographed and soon enough, he had an album full of MC and his memories
  • he kept it by his side as he was admitted into the hospital
  • ready to be taken away, he thought only of MC and felt that their souls would meet once again

gahh I hope you liked it! thanks for reading~ <3

-Cherry L.

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Going through the ubermegahood photos and there are a lot of just single ones.  Also it’s been 3 MONTHS since I took these and I don’t exactly remember the context.

1. Puck Summerdream and Tybalt Capp hung out together. 

2. A picture of Vivien Monnet that @sims2simmies made me along with her husband.

3. The oldest Ottomas boy whose name is escaping me at the moment, I think rescued Tommy from endless screaming.  If I’m remembering right.

4. Jill likes using Johnny’s room for homework. It helps her feel close to him now that he’s gone to college.

5. Random townie that I thought had an interesting style.  Can’t remember his name now. I THINK he’s in the Jocque house.

6. Someone in Veronaville?  adopted a dog?   Probably?

7. Baby Ottomas was born.  No clue what I named the baby. I don’t remember.

8. Jenny Smith lost her baby. 

9. Faline Kat?  I think.  Grew up.

10. Sue Meme (i think)  got electrocuted.