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Day 9

Imagine Being The Volturi’s Secretary

Part 2

For My Followers

(Little warning because I know a lot of you liked part one but I’m not sure how many people will like this part, I add in an OT3)

Jane kicks open the double doors and yanks you in roughly. You trip over your feet but keep balance as she takes you to the center of the room.

Your stomach twists as you face the three frowning kings.

“Jane what is the meaning of this interruption?” Caius snaps.

“Who told her? Who told her that we’d kill her? Who told her?” Jane growls but release her grip on you. Your wrist is already bruising so you cradle it against your chest.

“What ever do you mean?” Aro inquires. “We never tell the secretaries they could be killed if they weren’t turned.”

“So then who told her!” Jane yells and stomps her feet.

“If I may interject?” you mumble and all eyes turn to you.

“Please tell us how you found out,” Marcus invites and waves for you to continue.

“I know all of you, you’ve all told me how you came to the Volturi and I noticed none of you started as secretaries. I’m not daft I know you value my life no more than I do,” you explain clearly and frown. “Not to mention I’ve heard you speaking about when you plan to kill me.”

The vampires actually seem slightly surprised. Felix and Heidi seem more angry than anything.

“Brother you are right, she is different,” Caius muses. “Alright we can keep her.”

“Wait what?” I gasp and then suddenly two vampires tackle me into a bear hug. It’s Heidi and Felix, they seem really excited?

“We can turn you (Y/N),” Felix explains and you gape. You signed up for this job to earn some money to leave for your family before you died, you did not sign up to live eternally.

“One one condition!” Caius exclaims making Heidi and Felix hiss.

“What master Caius?” Heidi snaps. This is the first time you’ve seen her angry, she’s always calmly seductive.

“The Cullen’s have brought to attention the new species of half vampire children and even though they had a substantial witness to prove the child will not be a problem I still want to assure-”

“No,” Heidi states as if she knows what he’s going to say.

“Carlisle shared with us how Bella survived and I am sure we could guarantee her survival,” Aro finishes making Heidi and Felix scowl. “And after all Felix, Heidi I know you planned to take her as your mate once we allowed you.” You stand gaping in shock, mates? Wait what is Aro talking about.

“It could kill her,” Felix rumbles and pulls you into his chest. This is all really sudden for you.

“This is necessary for her turning,” Caius states. “It is also an order.” Heidi and Felix scowl but say no more.

“It will be mine, we will raise it right, and no harm shall come to it,” Felix declares.

“Agreed,” Marcus says.

“Swear it,” Heidi presses.

“We swear that the child will be fathered by you, it shall be raised well, and no harm shall ever come to pass to it,” Aro vows and that’s when it all clicks in.

They want you to carry a vampire baby.

“Now go take your new mate, I believe you must discuss some things,” Caius dismisses. Felix wastes no time in scooping you up and sprinting out.


Once the world stops blurring you blink to focus your vision.

Heidi is pacing in front of you while Demetri cradled you to his chest.

That’s when it all really hits you.

“What the hell! You’re keeping me! Then you’re turning me! And now I’m supposed to have a vampire baby!” you scream letting all the surprise and the tiniest amount of fear filter out. “And what’s this about you guys taking me as your mate?”

“I know this is a lot, but please (Y/N) just try to understand. Felix and I have wanted you since the moment we saw you but we could never pursue you because Aro hadn’t decided if he wanted to turn you yet. Now that he’s allowed it we wanted to take you as our mate if you’ll have us,” Heidi murmurs and takes your hands. She kisses your hurt wrist softly and then your forehead.

Her actions make your heart flutter and Felix’s arms around you makes you feel warm.

“But this new development has wrenched the plan,” Felix grumbles.

“What do you mean? You can still have me. You’ll just have me plus one,” you say and shrug. After all your time with royal vampires even this doesn’t faze you for long.

You’ve always wanted a child but it was never in the works for you but now it can be. Plus you know Bella survived so it’ll be fine.

“What? You’re okay with this?” Heidi gasps while Felix chuckles.

“Our resilient little mate,” he coos and you blush.

“You guys gonna knock me up or what?”


In a second flat you abruptly appear in a luscious room on a large bed. Heidi and Felix are standing over you with animalistic grins on their faces.

“Before we start you should know, I’m still human so you gotta hold back a little,” you say.

“Of course precious one,” Heidi murmurs seductively.

“We would never harm a hair on your head,” Felix adds and pulls you on in for an electric kiss. After a moment he pulls away so you can breath but soon Heidi’s lips claim yours in an experienced kiss.

They are dizzyingly attractive and your human body quickly heats up.

“Just rip my clothes off and have your wicked way,” you breathe out.

Your vampires are all too happy too comply.


Request: Could you write something based on 21, 32 & 38 ? :)

Prompts: “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?” “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” 

Imagine~ Kai admitting his feelings whilst you drive him home.

“Y/N, can you please take your lover boy home.” Damon groaned referring to Kai who was currently sitting opposite him. 

You and Kai had been a thing for a while but neither of you had made it official. You knew you had feelings towards him but you didn’t know if his feelings were equally as strong. 

Kai glanced over at you as you entered the room that the two of them were sitting in. “Can’t he walk home?” you sighed as you stood in the door way. 

“It’s pouring it down with rain and to be honest I’d rather spend some time with you.” Kai said, grinning at you. 

Damon looked at you with pleading eyes, clearly not wanting to spend another second with the heretic. 

“Ugh, fine.” you sighed in defeat knowing Damon would keep begging. “Come on.” 

Kai stood up gleefully as you grabbed your car keys off the counter. “Same time tomorrow?” Kai said, turning to Damon. “I’ll pass.” Damon said as he stood up, pouring a bourbon. 

You chuckled at Damon and you pushed the large wooden door open as Kai followed closely behind you. 

Both you and Kai got in the car and you buckled your seat belt before noticing Kai hadn’t. 

“Kai, seat belt.” you said looking over at him. “You do realize I can’t die. Especially not in a car accident.” he chuckled. 

“Yeah and I’m really not in the mood to get pulled over. So I’ll say it again, seat belt.” you said as Kai held his hands up in surrender and he pulled his seat belt over his torso. 

“Thank you.” you sighed as you started up the car. 

“So how’s your day been?” Kai said in an attempt to start up a conversation to help break the silence. 

“Pretty dull, when everyone’s not hating you there’s not much to do.” you said glancing over at Kai who was looking out the window. 

“Thank you.” he said looking over at you as you scrunched your eyebrows together. “For not hating me.”

He gave you a small smile which you returned. You were the only person who didn’t hate him and because of you he didn’t hurt your friends and your friends didn’t hurt him. 

“It’s nothing you don’t deserve.” you sighed, smiling at him. 

“Pull over.” he said looking over at you. 

“Kai it’s pouring down with rain, we’re not pulling over.” you said, acting as if Kai was a 5 year old. 

“I need to tell you something.” he sighed looking over at you with pleading eyes. 

You sighed and pulled over onto the side of the road and since there was no cars around it made it a lot easier. 

“Get out the car.” Kai said unbuckling his seat belt as you looked at him with a cocked eyebrow.

“We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?” you said with a chuckle as Kai’s hand landed on the door handle. 

“Please for me.” he said as he looked at you with puppy eyes that you couldn’t resist. 

You groaned as you opened the door, the cold drop hitting against your face lik bullets. You made your way around the car to Kai who was standing there waiting for you. 

“What did you want to tell me then?” you asked as he looked down at you, his big blue eyes locking onto yours. 

“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” he breathed quickly and you could feel your heart rate quicken. Kai Parker, loved you. 

“When did you come to this realization?” you asked, not entirely sure how to respond. The drops continued to hammer down onto the two of you but it didn’t dampen your spirits. 

“I don’t even know. I just constantly want to be with you, I want to call you mine, I want everyone to know that I’m yours and more than anything I want you to love me back.” Kai breathed, his heart thumping in his chest at his own words. 

“Kai..” you trailed off as his eyes burned into yours. “Please, just please say you feel the same way.” he said and you could see the hurt in his eyes. 

“Of course I do.” you breathed as a large wave of relief washed over him. “Thank god because that means I can do this.” 

He cupped your face and pressed your lips against his. The rain trickled down your face, stopping at your connected lips adding a cold sensation. 

His lips were completely in sync with yours. Everything around you was completely non-existent in your heads and everything within you was focused on Kai. 

It took a few moments but you pulled away, your eyes staying closed. When you opened your eyes Kai was staring at you in complete awe. 

The cold rain hit against your skin and you could feel yourself shivering as goosebumps arose on your skin. 

You pressed your head against Kai’s chest and he wrapped his arm around you, pulling you into his embrace. 

He placed a short kiss to your forehead before you let go to get back into the car. But as soon as you did you became dizzy and light headed. 

You gripped onto Kai’s arm as he looked at you in concern. “Y/N? You okay?” he asked as held you up. 

And then everything went black. 

Your eyes fluttered open as you pushed yourself up from the couch you’d be laying on. 

You looked over the room with you gathered was in Kai’s apartment. Kai was sitting in a chair next you waiting for you to wake up. 

“What happened?” you groaned as you looked over at Kai. 

“You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” he chuckled. 

“How long was I out?” you said, giggling at his comment. You felt fine but you had no idea what had made you faint. 

“About an hour.” he said giving you a small smile. Your mind rushed to how worried Damon must be, you’d taken their current enemy home and you’d been gone for ages. 

“I should get going before Damon thinks somethings up.” you said sitting up, the dizzy feeling returning. 

“I’ve already messaged Damon, you can’t go out on your own straight after that. You can stay here tonight.” he said as he grabbed a pillow putting it beneath your head to keep you comfortable. 

You gave him a small smile as you pushed your head back onto the comfortable cushion he’d placed behind you. 

“Thank you.” you sighed looking over at him. He smiled at you which made you body warm up and your heart race. 

“D-do you remember what happened before you passed out?” he asked, stuttering continuously. 

“The bit where you told me you loved me and then we kissed?” you said smirking as Kai sighed in relief. 

“Yes, that bit.” he said grinning as he walked up to you. He kissed your lips gently and it send electric shocks through your body. 

“Does that mean I get to sleep in your bed tonight? Because this couch isn’t the comfiest couch I’ve ever laid down on.” you chuckled as you looked into his eyes. 

“Of course, baby girl.” he said grinning as your heart fluttered from the nick name. “Come on then.” 

He scooped you up from the couch making you giggle. He carried you into the bedroom placing you gently onto the large double bed. 

“You’re cute sometimes.” you said giggling as you lay on the bed staring up at him. “But I also need to get changed so there wasn’t much of a point putting me on the bed.” 

Kai rolled his eyes, a smile creeping onto his face at your comment. “Shut up.” he laughed, throwing one of his shirts at you to wear to bed. 

You laughed at him and caught the shirt he threw. “Get out so I can get changed.” you said to him as he cocked an eyebrow. 

“Why would I want to leave?” he smirked glancing over at you, winking. You rolled your eyes and crawled under the covers. 

“Why do you make my life difficult?” you sighed as you began to get changed beneath the covers. 

“Because isn’t that what boyfriends do?” he smirked as he pulled some gray sweats on. 

“Oh, so now you’ve promoted yourself to boyfriend?” you said as you cocked an eyebrow, struggling to pull the shirt on. 

“Yeah, I have. Thanks for the position.” he said as he winked at you making you roll your eyes. 

You finally pulled the shirt over your head as you kicked your jeans off and onto the floor. You sighed in relief feeling the comfort of the shirt. 

Kai slid under the covers next to you, staring at you intently. 

“It’s rude to stare.” you smirked turning to look at him as he let out a small chuckle. 

“It’s hard to keep my eyes off something so beautiful.” he winked as your face flushed a shade of pink. 

He wrapped his arms around your waist and you placed your forehead on his shoulder. 

He kissed the top of you head gently as you exchanged body heat. 

“Goodnight Kai.” you spoke softly. 

“Goodnight babygirl.” he replied. 

And with that you both fell asleep in each others arms. 

(a/n) thank you anonymous and @salvatoresprincess2 for requesting this, it was fun to write and it was cool to write Kai all vulnerable and loved up <3


Feeling left behind by her more successful, settled friends, Emma Swan moves to Scotland on a whim. Sure, she’s winning at Instagram, but something is still missing from her new life. Fortunately, her friends back home are on it. #FindEmmaSwanAFriend goes viral. Enter Killian Jones, reluctant columnist, who is on the hunt for his newest subject, and may just have found her. CS AU

also on ff.net

Alright, so this is how it’s going to work, friends. This is the prologue. Whereafter I’ll only be posting one chapter for this story a month. One chapter a month, each month, until the end of the year. But in between those, I’ll also be writing a column. Killian’s column, to be more precise. To complement the narrative, as it were. So 2 things a month. For you. Gratis. Though you’ll actually be getting rather a lot of content this month, seeing as I didn’t make my January posting deadline. So you’ll be getting this, January’s chapter, January’s column, February’s chapter AND February’s column, all this month. Are we all clear? Great. Awesome. Well done.

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It all started with a proposal.

A lot of things do. They precede any big undertaking, after all. Business deals. Engagements. Murders for hire.    

Or if you’re Emma Swan, they might precede awkwardly comforting your crying ex-boyfriend in the parking lot behind an Italian restaurant after you’ve just broken his heart into little, itty bitty pieces.

Maybe if she’d been the type of girl who’d dreamt of her wedding day since she was a little girl, it all would have gone another way. Her friend, Mary Margaret, was like that. She’d had every single detail of her lavish but intimate ceremony planned out in her head a decade ahead of time, a stash of bridal magazines hidden underneath her mattress, like porn.

Maybe if Emma had been more like that, she would’ve scooped that ring right up off that dessert platter, and wept happy tears as her husband-to-be helped slide it onto her finger.

But she wasn’t. So she didn’t.

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Therapy (Bucky x reader)

A/N; Sorry to those waiting for new updates of my series All We Do (Sherlock x reader) I felt after eight parts in a row it was kind of getting a bit samey, so I’m mixing it up a bit, but the next part will be up soon! x

Summary: With Bucky back on the team Wanda offers to try and fix him up, it seems to be going well until it isn’t.
Characters: Bucky Barnes x reader, winter soldier, Steve Rodgers, Wanda Maximoff
Words: 2,087

Bucky’s ‘therapy’ of sorts with Wanda had been going well from what she said. Although I did know that he would sneak off at times to see people about the pain, something to try and numb it or just to talk. I hated that he felt he couldn’t talk to me about it. That I would wake up in the middle of the night and find his side of the bed empty and the heat from his body long gone. Sometimes he could be found drinking vast amounts of strong black coffee in the kitchen, the smell following him and eventually becoming part of the sent that told me it was him. Black coffee. A slight metallic tang. Something sweet that I couldn’t  quite place. Vanilla perhaps.

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Remnants of Rain

So instead of finishing a prompt, I made this instead. Yaaaay. Anyways, this is a little one-shot of my Civilian AU, “The Binds of Yesterday.”

This is dedicated to bat-reputation and safety-dancer, because their batbabies fics are ADORABLE and everyone needs to read them! (They will cheer you up and make you smile, seriously. Go follow them.)

Hope you like it!


“Lorna to front, Lorna to front.”

The intercom clacked off, leaving the shoppers to resume their peaceful meandering. A gentleman nearing a gray age (and yet maintained an impeccable mustache) gracefully turned his cart around the corner. His eyes discreetly checked the package inside. A child of three years was tucked in the interior, a small shoe slipping off a sock-clad foot. His flushed cheeks were still in sleep, frog green pacifier slipping out of his teeth.

Alfred bent slightly to adjust the blanket under the body, stretching it out. Damian had been restless at nights lately. The toddler napped infrequently, so any sleep he was able to garner was welcomed. The man absentmindedly patted his charge’s small span of back. The child’s schedule had been disturbed since the day after his birthday, when…

Alfred shook his head. He returned to the cart handles and maneuvered to the front, deciding to go meat shopping tomorrow. The man stepped into line.

“Hi! How are you?” the cashier chirped, scanning items.

Alfred gave her a small smile. “I am very well, Miss Lorna. May I inquire after you?”

She waved her hand. “Wish the rain would hold up. October’s such a gloomy month in Gotham.”

“That it is.”

Here Damian sighed, fidgeting slightly.

“Oh,” the woman cooed softly, leaning over to look at the child, “this is the little one, hm?”

Alfred nodded and after a moment replied, “Just so.”

She bounced back on her heels and resumed scanning items. “Why, it feels like just yesterday the entire brood was following you in here,” she recalled nostalgically. She grinned. “I remember the dog incident. I had just started here and I laughed for hours afterward. Nearly got fired.”

“Yes,” the man responded, tilting his head in acknowledgement. “This young sir has yet to be banned, thus the shopping experience is far more convenient.”

She hummed, double-bagging several products. “Looks to be my Colin’s age,” she mused. “If the wee thing wants a friend, I can bring him over. Sweetest child you ever did see,” she said, fond at the thought. “It’s a miracle. I fer sure thought that karma would get me for being such a hellion growing up, but he is so gentle.”

“There is always the next one.”

The woman burst out laughing. “Thanks for the warning!” she replied between her giggles. She mock-saluted him goodbye and moved onto the next customer.

Alfred made his way out and glanced at the sign near the front.


The children’s actions had so generously bestowed it upon the warehouse store four years back. The mustache quirked upwards in remembrance.

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Avengers Fic: Fashion Forward, pt 1

((Following the discussion of the same at the end of “Dating the Long Way Around, Spidey delivers on his promise.  Steve regrets it.))


Clint didn’t even look up. “Kid. What have we told you about scampering around on our ceiling?”

There was a beat of silence. “It’s adorable and I should do it more?”

Clint popped the top off of a bottle and held it up over his head. “Try again.”

“I should stop doing it before someone shoots my ass?” Spidey asked, taking the bottle. “Are you giving me beer?”

“Of the root variety.” Clint flicked the bottlecap towards the trash can. It hit perfectly. “What do you want, Itsy-Bitsy?”

“Okay, how am I supposed to drink this?”

“You’re really trying to drink from a bottle while hanging upside down?” Clint asked. He didn’t bother to look up.

“It smells good,” Spidey said, sounding sad.

“If you’re trying to stick your tongue into the neck of the bottle right now-” Clint started.

“Mah, mime mah.”

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