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#MasculinitySoFragile exposes society’s toxic masculinity standards 

California-based writer Anthony Williams was particularly moved to take on rigid views of masculinity this week after reading writer and activist Feminista Jones’ thoughts on egregious acts of domestic violence against women. He decided to compile his thoughts under the hashtag #MasculinitySoFragile — and a new trend was born.


anonymous asked:

I loved your post but I need to ask about Billys f her hashtag that was added Sept time when Sam and MM were in NY together?Was those hashtags part of the plan and he was told to do that? Also his IG likes are naked women. Would he do that if with MM

I’ve always thought he was in on it. Those hashtags were added to an old IG post many weeks after the fact, an IG post that lined up with the timing of when the narrative says Sam got with that girl (antis are been saying spring this year). In order for that to be believed, she and BM would have to have broken up (which they haven’t; she has been spotted with BM throughout the fall and I believe she was with him at start of the new year).

It looks like the way they first drew fan attention to that BM re-edited post is that whoever is behind this (PC?) initiated a huge sock account fight on that girl’s IG which then PC jumped in, called shippers the worst, directed everyone to the BM edited “break-up” hashtag post, Sam jumped in to defend her, and BG wrote a tabloid article about Sam’s new “girlfriend”.

Regarding BMs likes on IG, that’s the same tactic Sam used in the past to convince people he was single; he followed a whole bunch of accounts like that on IG (which he unfollowed around Nov or so 2015, maybe because he was getting/go married?). I wouldn’t put too much stock in it, honestly.

You know it just occurred to me while tweeting with the official hashtag that when Hannibal told Will he thought they had already said their goodbyes, and that he was back picking up the mic all over again, that was totally a message to us. This show may be dropping the mic for now, but this is not the end. There is still one more goodbye left between us and the show we love so much. They’re gonna come around and pick up that mic again, it’s only a matter of time… But we have to fight for it.

It’s kind of sad (whether it was a joke or not) that the actor who plays Dr. Rollins posted a photo yesterday and added this hashtag #emisonfansicomeinpeace — because it meant he probably thought there was a good chance his Instagram was going to be bombarded with hate.

So far it doesn’t seem to have been but I just want to remind people since we’re learning more and more about the upcoming season everyday. Please don’t send him hate just because he is one of the girls love interests and that may interfere with your otp. There’s a real person behind that character and so far seems like a genuinely nice guy who’s “absolutely delighted” to be apart of the family.