he thought it was honey and now he's gay

During Jack and Bitty’s 2nd summer together...

So Jack is in Georgia for a couple of days, right, and he comes back from a morning run to find both Bittle parents in the kitchen eating breakfast (Bitty slowly dragging is ass out of bed, he can hear the bathroom upstairs). 

Suzanne greets him with a smile, Coach with a nod, Jack sits down to eat. Usually, there’s a fair amount of chatter- even without Bitty- because Jack is comfortable with both parents, but now they’re eating in silence. Throwing furtive glances at Jack. At each other. At Jack again.

Jack’s stars feeling the tingle in his fingers that announces his anxiety. He counts the seconds until Bitty leaves the bathroom- no, that was the sound of the shower. Alright then.

Suzanne places her mug back on the table.

- Jack, sweetheart, we need to talk to you.

Coach takes a sip of coffee and sits back straight.

- …Alright? says Jack.

- We’ve seen the way you look at Junior, says Coach in a matter-of-fact voice.

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Scribble-Doodle: Alec Fray #1

A set-up for my new AU where Alec’s been de-runed at 15 and he spends the next few years living with Jocelyn Fray and Clary. (The show never specified if Alec was 21 or 23, IIRC, so I decided to make the age-gap between Alec and Clary 3 years.)

(ETA: Apparently, Imogen said to Valentine that her son died 23 years ago. Which means that Jace’s 22 and Alec’s 23, 5 years older than Clary. Ficlet adjusted accordingly!)

This time, the Clave went too far!

Maryse did everything they asked of her to pay for her crimes against the Clave, for years she toed the line, kept her head down and followed the rules. She did everything they wanted…

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Better than beer

Brendon Urie x Reader

Word count: 814

Warnings: Cursing, Mentally abusive boyfriends, drinking

Summary: Brendon finds you in a bar alone, trying to forget your horrible boyfriend.


You were at a bar, escaping your boyfriend who, let’s be honest, was a little too clingy. Not to say clingy was bad, but it got to the point that you couldn’t leave the house without him either by your side or him calling every moment.

You had no freedom around him. Every waking moment was spent next to him, doing the things he wanted to do. You agreed at first, liking not having to deal with life’s problems, but now you felt like a dog on a leash, all you wanted to do was leave.

But of course every time you brought it up, he threatened to kill himself, cried as he knelt to you, holding your legs to prevent you from leaving… yeah… you know this wasn’t right.

You told him you were going to a restaurant with a few friends (which he deemed okay to be around), and even put your phone in said restaurant so he couldn’t contact you.

You chugged a whole beer.

The men around you looked at you with amazement, watching as you ordered another one. You smirked as you simply sipped it, looking up at the TV that was playing some football team. Half of the people here were already drunk, and you wished you were the same.

You had been a lightweight until your boyfriend came into the picture, banning you from drinking, so you did it anyway to piss him off. You began to sneak beers every night, the only way you could sleep next to him anymore.

It surely made it difficult to forget.

“Crappy boyfriend?” A man asked, pulling up a chair next to you.

“Crappy conversationalist?” You retorted, causing him to let out a small chuckle.

“Sorry, Sorry.” He smiled. “It’s just that, not everyday you see a pretty little lady like you chug a whole beer. So what he do?”

“Did it occur to you that I could be gay?”

“Are you gay?”


“Then what happened with your boyfriend?” He asked again with more concern. “Is he abusive?”

You shook your head. “Not physically anyway…” you sighed. “He’s just so… so goddamn clingy, ya know? At first I thought maybe it’ll change once he learned to trust me, but now…”

“Now you’re at a crappy bar in the middle of town.” He finished. “Whoever this dude is, seems like a total jackass, and so are the rest of the guys in this place.”

“What about you?” You smirked.

“Honey I’m a jackass too, but I can tell when a girl deserves something better than what she’s got.” He smirked.

“Lemme guess, you’re that someone?”

“Damn straight!” He chuckled. “The names Brendon.”

“(Y/N)!” Your boyfriend yelled. “What did I tell you about drinking?!”

“What are you, a fucking stalker now?!” You hissed back at him. “God, just go get a life would you?!”

“I’ve been waiting at home for hours. You lied to me. Fucking lied to me!” He yelled. “God I’m so done with your goddamn attitude-“

Brendon grabbed your wrist, yanking you up, and rushing you into the bathroom. He shut the door, locked it, and pressed a finger to your lips as he had his arm right next to your head. You looked into his eyes, feeling every bit of anxiety or pain leave you.

You were finally calm.

Your boyfriend began pounding on the door, yelling at you to come out. You flinched, only for Brendon to lift up your chin gently. He mouthed ‘it’s okay’, and only a few moments later, did the bouncer kick him out of the bar kicking and screaming.

Brendon took a step back, scoffing. “God He’s such a douche to do that to a woman… let alone you…”

“Well, most men are like that…”

“I’m not.” He shook his head. “Shit your wrist…”

You lifted your arm up, looking at Brendon’s hand print. “It’s fine-“

“No, it’s not.” He sighed. “I’m so sorry (Y/N), I got so caught up in that man being horrible towards you I just… fuck…”

“It’s okay Brendon. No harm done.” You smiled reassuringly. “Thanks for saving me from him.”

“Do you have a place to sleep tonight?” He asked. “Cause you can stay over mine if you wanted…”

“I might just take that up, Brendon.” Your smile widened.

He smiled and walked closer to you, placing a loving kiss against your lips, he backed away with wide eyes. “Shit I-“

You cut him off and kissed him again, staying until he gave in and kissed you back. He lifted you up by your thighs, causing you to straddle him. You wrapped your arms around his neck, your face in the crook of his neck.

“You’re way better than beer, Brendon.” You muttered as you closed your eyes.

He let a low chuckle out. “Shall we exit this pigsty?”

“Abso-goddamn-lutly.” You smiled against his neck.

anonymous asked:

sebastian x reader, your gay friend drags you to this gay bar bc he's too scared to go by himself or something & sebastian comes up to you and offers to buy you a drink and at first you're really confused bc isnt this a gay bar?? & you're a female so?? but turns out he's bisexual (& rlly attractive) & oops your friend left to hook up with some guy & now you have no way to get home. wait how did we end up at your place sebastian i thought you were giving me a ride home, well looks like im staying

“Come on please Y/N! You know I don’t like going to new places by myself! I promise you’ll have fun!” Anthony pleaded, literally on his knees next to my bed.

“How can I have fun in a gay bar? No one there likes what I have to offer,” I pointed out, going back to studying.

“I didn’t mean that sort of fun, I just meant in general! You’ll have the time of your life, I promise! You don’t have to worry about guys grinding on you and you can just let loose for once!” he begged, closing my books and grabbing my hands in his. I stared at his watery eyes and pouty lips for a moment, finally giving in with a sigh.

“If I do this, you owe me,” I scowled, rolling off my bed. He squealed, wrapping his arms around me and spinning us, continuously muttering ‘thank you’ into my ear. “Now leave so I can get dressed.”

“You better wear that new dress I bought you,” he sung, skipping out of the room. I rolled my eyes, eyeing the LBD he bought me a few days ago.

“How did you even get us in here?” I asked over the loud thumping of the music, glancing down at the fake I.D he had given me.

“I know people,” he winked, immediately heading straight for the bar. I followed after him like a lost puppy, ignoring all the strange looks the men in here were giving me. “Here. Drink this.”

“What the hell is it?” I asked, taking the drink he was holding out for me.

“It’s a Midori, extra alcohol. You need to let loose and have some fun,” he urged for me to drink it, sipping his own strange concoction. I slowly drank the drink, knowing that even thought we took a bus here, I would need to be the responsible adult and make sure he got home safely.

“That guy keeps looking at you Ant,” I nudged him, subtly gesturing to a younger boy quite literally staring at my friend. He slammed his glass down dramatically, sauntering off to where the younger boy was sitting. I rolled my eyes at my best friends behaviour, turning back to the bartender and beginning to scroll through my phone. I occasionally glanced up to make sure Anthony wasn’t getting into too much trouble, but for the most part, I tried to stay un noticed by those in the bar.

“What’s a girl like you doing in a gay bar?” a stranger asked, making me look up from where I was intensely scowling at a picture on Instagram.

“My bestfriend was too scared to come alone, so he practically forced me here,” I rolled my eyes, smiling slightly at the boy in front of me.

“You mean the guy dancing with anyone and everyone?” he asked, gesturing to where Anthony was, in the middle of a large crowd of men.

“Yep, that’d be him,” I giggled, shaking my head at my drunk bestfriend.

“Well then, since you’re clearly lacking company, how about I buy you a drink and put you out of your misery,” he grinned, taking the seat next to me.

“Isn’t this a gay bar?” I raised my brows, making the boy laugh.

“I’m bi honey,” he chuckled. “Now, what are you drinking?”

“I have no idea, just get me anything,” I shrugged, subtly (or so I thought) scanning the boy from head to toe, mentally nodding in approval. He was so my type. From what I could tell he is extremely tall and quite lean, with defined muscles but he wasn’t overly buff. He had his brown hair styled into a quiff and from what I could see, he had light coloured eyes, most likely green.

“Would you like to take your drink or are going to just continue ogling at me?” he teased, breaking me from my thoughts. 

I blushed, taking it from his hand and gulping half of it down, apparently trying to drown myself in both alcohol and embarrassment.

“So,” I cleared my throat, making him look at me. “Why are you sitting here talking to me when you’re clearly hot enough to get any guy in this joint?”

“Like I said, you looked lonely and in need of some company. I don’t really feel like getting laid tonight anyway,” he shrugged.

“Well then thank you for taking pity on me,” I raised my glass slightly, making him chuckle.

“You’re very welcome. I do believe that you’re friend has just left you here,” he said, making me whip my head around to see that, yup, Anthony had just walked out the door, arm in arm with some poor sap that’s going to be sorry tomorrow. “And I’m pretty sure the buses don’t run this late.”

“Oh my god you’ve got to be kidding me,” I groaned, dropping my head onto the bar, wincing at the impact. “How the bloody hell am I going to get home now?”

“Well I could drop you if you like?” he smiled, making me turn my head slightly to look at him.

“You don’t even know my name and you want to give me a ride?” I raised my brows suspiciously.

“I’m a nice guy like that,” he winked, downing the rest of his drink and gesturing for me to do the same. “Hurry up buttercup, I’ve got things to do tomorrow and I need my beauty sleep.”

“That’s such a gay thing to say,” I giggled, sculling the rest of my drink and slamming the glass down on the bar, slightly light heated.

“Just remember, I’m not gay babe. Now up you get, and I swear if you vomit in my car, you’re paying for a new one,” he warned me, wrapping an arm around my waist and helping me limp my way to his car, mentally kicking myself for wearing brand new heels. He opened the passenger seat door, slowly lowering me so I was safely inside, grabbing a blanket that was conveniently placed on the backseat and draping it over my legs.

“What a gentlemen,” I giggled, pulling on his shirt collar until he was face to face with me, smacking a loud kiss on his cheek. He rolled his eyes, managing to pry me off before closing the car door and jogging around to his side.

“Remember, no being sick,” he poked my nose, starting the car and turning up the heat. “So, where am I going?”

“Umm…” I began to think over my options. I could either:

Go back to Anthony’s and overhear him and his new toy fuck all night.

Go to my house and be grounded for life for drinking underage.

Spend the night on the street.

“I don’t really know where to go to be honest,” I chewed my lip, not sure of an option D.

“What? Do you not remember where you live?” he bit back a smile, staring at me incredulously.

“I know where I live,” I snapped, scowling slightly. “I just… Anthony’s house it out of the question because I don’t want to hear his repeated orgasms. My parents would skin me alive for drinking and I don’t have any relatives that would take me in for the night.”

“Well then, you can stay at mine,” he said, making me shake my head.

“Won’t your parents kill you for having a half drunk girl in your bed?” I asked, making him chuckle.

“First off, who ever said you were sleeping in my bed?” he asked, making me blush. “I don’t live with my parents. They live in the city and bought me a condo because it was closer to school.”

“Oh,” I mumbled, still flustered from his earlier comment.

“You know I was kidding right? You’ll be sleeping in bed with me, I’m not an asshole. I won’t try anything so don’t worry about that. I prefer my dates to be completely sober so they can remember everything,” he winked, making me blush even harder.

“I don’t even know you’re name,” I said, glancing over to him.

“It’s Sebastian. But you can call me your boyfriend.”