he thought it was his fault

soothe the savage beast

Pairing: Jerome Valeska x Reader
Rating: T (for a brief mention of sex and one or two naughty words)
Words: 700

But when it was just the two of you, alone in the quiet dark, you knew he was struggling. You couldn’t even begin to imagine what kind of horrors awaited him in his dreams and every time you woke to find him pacing in the pale, early morning light, your heart broke a little more.

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i love me some angst, but sometimes i think of the kids not being surprised at all when their parents sit them down to explain that naruto and sasuke are divorcing their wives, and naruto and sasuke are in love with each other.

I think this isn’t actually that far fetched. (In real life) parents tend to underestimate their children a lot when it comes to a failing marriage. A lot of parents tend to think their kids won’t notice that their marriage is falling apart, but they do, always. And because they’re kids, they’ll pretty much always think it’s somehow their fault too. An old friend of my mother was in a situation like that. He found out his wife had been cheating on him (for years), but they decided not to get a divorce ‘for the kids’, cause they thought a divorce (even though they obviously needed one) would be too much for their children (two girls age 6 and 8) to handle. But that’s not how that works at all. Children aren’t nearly as oblivious as some adults tend to think they are. Their girls figured out months ago that things weren’t 100% right between mommy and daddy anymore, but they just couldn’t figure out why. They both just ended up thinking it was somehow their fault instead :/

So to keep a long story short, I think the next gen kids probably wouldn’t be that surprised either, I mean Naruto sleeps on the couch for gods sake, there’s no way in hell they missed that! They’d probably be relieved to finally know why things aren’t working out anymore between their parents. 

In Shackles (Dean x Reader)

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“Well… this is a nice change of scenery”, you mumbled, taking the iron bars in your hands. Dean grumbled in the cell besides yours. “It’s a cell.” He sounded pretty pissed. “I was being sarcastic. And who’s fault is it anyway?” After you said that, Dean sprung up from his bed, gripping the iron bars keeping your cells divided tightly in his fists. “I already said I’m sorry, okay? I thought she was the werewolf…” You huffed, turning to him and crossing your arms over your chest. “Oh, and following her even when I told you not to was a good idea?” Dean pushed away from the wall and plopped down onto the bed again.

Several minutes were spent in silence. You felt slightly bad for blaming Dean, but couldn’t really think of anything to say. Dean glanced over at you every once in a while. Finally, he huffed. “I hope Sammy’s gonna come and get us outta here soon.” You nodded. “Me too.”

Hours later an officer waltzed into the room, keys in hand. Behind him, in the door, were Sam and the woman that had called the police. The officer opened both doors, then looked at the both of you suspiciously before opening your shackles. “It was a misunderstanding, really. Thank you, officer”, the woman smiled. “The hunt’s done”, Sam whispered. Dean grinned and nodded, whilst you raised your eyebrow. “You killed the werewolf?” Sam nodded. “With the help of her. After I explained she felt kinda bad about calling the police on you, and helped find the real one” The woman, obviously unwell with being in the centre of the attention shrugged it off, leaving the police station with only a few words.

Dean climbed into the impala, sighing dreamily as he sat down. Sam was still packing up. You had already plopped down in the back seat, nearly dozing off. “I have to admit, you look pretty good in shackles”, Dean grinned. You opened your eyes to glance at him. “What?” Dean shrugged one shoulder, grin turning into a smirk. “I’m just saying I want to see that again under less police-y circumstances”

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Stiles :)

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: intelligence, loyalty, does everything for the ones he loves
worst quality: he has a temper, he can talk without thinking and offend/hurt people, not very trusting
ship them with: lydia
brotp them with: scott, allison, liam and pretty much everyone tbh
needs to stay away from: evil japanese spirits, ghostie jerks and self-hatred
misc. thoughts: sorry but I’d die for him and despite all his faults he is and always will be the Fave


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Fred Andrews?

General opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

Hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang 

Hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

Best quality: He reassured Archie the whole thing with Grundy was not his fault and that he wasn’t stupid for liking her.

Worst quality: Doesn’t really talk to Archie about what’s going on. He’s too chill.

Ship them with: Hermione Lodge (maybe?)

Brotp them with: Forsythe Jones II

Needs to stay away from: Ms. Grundy (seriously, who asks their kid’s teacher to dinner?)


What she says: I’m fine
What she means: Gandhi was a racist, misogynist, sexist who said that the rape of a woman was her own fault. He slept with naked underage girls to test his celibacy and degraded them to mere sex objects. He talked foul things about his own wife, said that menstruation was the manifestation of the distortion of a woman’s soul, and yet he’s praised by the world for ‘bringing peace’.

“I think about you a lot,” she told him. “Every now and then, you’ll cross my mind, and I just can’t seem to shake the thought of it all… I let go of something that had so much potential to be so beautiful. Just like that.”

His heart started thudding so loud that it echoed in his ears. “You can’t say this to me here,” he said. “Not now. Not after all this time.”

She looked down, embarrassed. “It’s selfish of me to say, I know.” She looked up and met his eyes. “But you were so sweet to me. So kind. And I let the thought of missing someone else drive me away from you.”

He shook his head. “You weren’t ready for love again,” he told her. “Don’t blame yourself for the scars that someone else left on you. It was never your fault that you couldn’t be with me, it was the reminisce of him, still holding you back. Just when you were ready to jump in, he would pull you back. And that was no one’s fault but his.”

She watched him closely as he comforted her. He was always so good at soothing her broken heart — something that was never his job to do, but he did it anyway. “It could’ve been us, you know,” she said quietly. “You and me against the world. And I’m just sorry that it didn’t work out like that.”

Then, in the corner of her eye, she could see his fiancé returning with their drinks. She turned to leave him, but before she did, she heard him say it. It was soft and hidden under his breath, but it was there.

“Sometimes, I am, too.”

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #129 // You were Prince Charming but I sent you away because I was busy missing a toad
RFA as teachers
  • Zen: Fun and flirty but not too over the top or else he would get fired.
  • Yoosung: Nervous, extremely nervous. Would make stupid mistakes like 2 + 5 = 10
  • Jaehee: Strict, thorough and effective. She's a teacher everyone respects although her classes are extremely gruelling.
  • Jumin: If you do one thing wrong in his class you WILL get death stared. Guilt everybody into studying but saying it's not his fault if you don't pass. 100% believes in his students even if he doesn't show it. Call him professor Han.
  • 707: A class more fun than Zen's would be Mr. Choi's. Earned a doctorate in university however he doesn't tell anyone. Mostly jokes around in class only teaching 30% of the time however when students get to exams, they realise they know more than they thought.
  • "Best teacher ever? Seven Zero Seven!"
  • V: His art classes are peaceful and even though everyone knows he has trouble seeing, they do their best to make him feel comfortable in such a visual class. Also teaches literature and everyone loves listening to his voice.

what she says: im fine

what she means: in stay alive (reprise) the drum beats represent philip’s heartbeat - when the drum beat ends, so does his life. also, when he says “mom, i’m so sorry for forgetting what you taught me” it was counting - eliza had taught him to count. he thought he’d forgotten to count, and that that’s why george shot him on the count of 7 - he thought it was his fault and that he had counted wrong. also, while we’re on the fact that george shot philip on the count of ‘7′, let’s mention that philip died while he was on the count of seven, when he was reciting french on his deathbed. philip hamilton did not deserve to die.

shitty appreciation

he’s honestly such a great character, and i feel like he should be appreciated for being him. so many people thought that he did so bad because he said jack had a gf, and made jack feel bad, but then he goes and realizes his faults and i love it.

he notices that he unconsciously made jack and bitty feel uncomfortable and feel like they had to hide their relationship, but then calls himself out on it.

and then jack doesn’t want to keep dwelling on it, bc he’s such good friends with shitty, that he gOES AND MAKES A HOCKEY ROBOT JOKE (thank u ngozi)

Also it killed me that he wants to know all of the deets about zimbits, but totally won’t spill about him and lardo finally becoming an item… relatable


legacy, what is a legacy? it’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see

so basically i’m going with the idea that rome knows lovino is a sign that his time will be up, because he can sense that he isn’t just another of their kind but…a successor. and it’s bittersweet; naturally noone likes the thought of dying— it’s an ending. but lovino is also…continuity. that some part of him lives on and endures, even if in a different shape and form. and that he loved lovino even if he admittedly wasn’t very good at showing it all the time. 

i’m just having too many emotions about baby nations as you can probably tell from my recent stuff

it’s been tough, this year. the way you walked in and made everything okay for a while. the way you walked out and took my heart with you.

I think I learnt more about myself than I did you. I learnt that I’m a lot more forgiving and a lot more patient than I first thought.

summer was kind. it was bright and busy and full of our laughter. it didn’t last long, but it was nice whilst it did.

I was lucky to meet him. he was a great friend and a great listener. he promised he was different, but on the contrary he was more like them than they were.

the night I spent with him will stay with me forever. the soft colours and cold sheets, and the warmth. his warmth. the smell, the sounds, the touch.

it’s been rocky. up and down, up and down. I lost so much. I lost people I never thought I could misplace. maybe it was my fault. for treating them like that. maybe it was their fault for not understanding. or maybe we just grew apart.

I miss you still. each and every one of you. but at least I can say I was lucky enough to have met you, lucky enough to miss you still. you were all so wonderful. I hope we can meet again.

—  to all the people I lost in 2016

‘No one makes me feel the way you do,’ she says into his chest, her voice muffled by his t-shirt, arms entwined in the twilight evening.

He laughs a little, runs his fingers through her hair, and looks up at the brightness of the stars, waiting for her to continue.

'It’s all your fault. When I see you in the mornings and your eyes are sleepy and your hair is still ruffled; when your roll up your shirtsleeves, or lean back and show off that bit of skin above your Calvins; when I look up from working and catch you looking at me as well, and the way you wink and carry on answering the question as if you weren’t reaching for my hand under the table that very minute- I’m incapable of anything other than longing for your touch, for it just to be me and you in that room, forever.’

He looks down then, smiles his beautiful lazy golden smile, and leans in even closer to whisper into her honeycomb curls.

'Oh, you don’t quite understand what you do to me either. You do the most incredible things to my heart, you can’t quite understand.’

—  j.f // and a new love is budding, built on a broken heart and golden smile • excerpts of stories I will never wrote @alotofunansweredquestions
Georgi Popovich deserves better

can we talk about Georgi Popovich for a sec?

Georgi is a nice guy. he just has a really hard time getting over a break up. a really hard time. he is still hang up on his ex but that is somewhat understandable if you realise how those two broke up.

if you watched his routine(short program), it is pretty clear that Anya did not just break up with him. she started dating another guy, right away or possibly even before she broke up with Georgi. there is a possibility that Georgi thought that the relationship was going well but he sees his girlfriend walking down the street with another guy.by his expression you can tell that he is shocked.

he starts questioning what went wrong. the thing is that he still cares and loves her but now that love is becoming twisted. you would think that it is all Georgi’s fault but the break up is too recent for him to have recovered. if you pay close attention to the weather of the scenes that are showing Georgi’s break up you will see that she dumped him right before the season started, so that means that she did not care in the least about how Georgi would perform or how her attitude would influence his career.i am not saying that staying in a relationship that is already over is correct but she could have done it better in a more subtle way .

And Anya doesn’t leave it there.nonono. she immediately started posting selfies (not only the normal but also intimate ones) right away knowing that Georgi will see them. 

Georgi once again is shocked.and really hurt.

and do you remember when Yurio had a scene where he says that he forgot to watch the free program? he remembered about it after he saw the newsfeed of his phone. and guess who appeared in it? Georgi. Meaning he is relatively famous back home AND in the ice skating world. meaning that Anya tried to hurt him on purpose and ridicule him on the media.

Moreover when Yakov tries to help Georgi snap out of it and help him focus on his career, guess who shows up to watch the competition…Anya. seeing that her boyfriend is obviously not competing in single skating as he is watching the program along with her and seeing that she is an ice dancer(perhaps he is her partner?) and competes in a separate venue, we can only come to the conclusion that she purposefully tries to sabotage Georgi as she shows up both to the short AND the free program!!!

he is slowly getting over the break up. he goes from “i will haunt you and curse you, you damn traitor” to “I love you, please don’t leave me”. he goes from denial to bargaining. his choice of music “A Tale of the Sleeping Prince” shows that he is the one who needs to wake up and realise that the relationship is over. slowly but surely he is trying to move on.the lyrics of the song show that Georgi needs an explanation about the reason of the break up, he says that he still loves her no matter what but at the same time it shows that he needs to wake up and move on.

but Anya…that freaking Anya…she knows he didn’t take the break up well, she knows he is sensitive about it and has a hard time moving on and she knows that seeing her with her new boyfriend will hurt him. And not only that ,,she even  gives that “go to hell” sign while he is performing.why would she even show up in the first place is beyond me.

I know that Georgi is taking his love to the extreme and he really needs to snap out of it but Anya is not an innocent in this situation either. she dumped him when he thought that all was well, tried to hurt his feelings and harm his career and performance, ridiculed him and mocked him on social media and she dared to show up in order to rub salt on a still open wound.

he shows big improvement in episode 9 where you can actually see that he is more relaxed and peaceful. his words “ lost love” about Michele Crispino’s free program show that he is starting to accept that his relationship with Anya is over.

Honestly speaking, Georgi deserves better than Anya .

I’m pretty sure the saddest bit in the entirety of Carry On, even including the final fight, is the bit when Baz talks about Santa. Like when he was 6 he thought that he hadn’t got presents because he was being punished for being bad. Just imagine that little boy on Christmas morning, the first Christmas without his mother, without presents, wondering what he’d done that was so bad, assuming it was his fault. Also, remember this was the year he’d turned. Like even if he didn’t fully grasp the concept he probably knew there was something about him that was wrong. Little Baz without any presents on Christmas morning honestly kills me every time

Christmas by the Bottle

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,946

Warnings: just lots of fucking angst and swearing lol 

Request by @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid (who was also the best beta ever!!): Running into dean at a liquor store, your ex and love of your life. You get to talking but he never mentions his pregnant wife until she walks over with a bottle of wine to take to Sam’s for dinner. It’s Christmas and you are very single. 

A/N: Please please please let me know what you guys think of this!!! :D

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hell of a life

Title: Hell of a Life
Pairing: Tyler Joseph/Reader
Rating: Very Mature
Warnings: Daddy kink, slight bondage, choking, spanking, over-stimulation, dirty talk, name calling, punishments, toys, public shenanigans…I think that’s it?? 
A/N: Holy shit, alright. I have no idea how you guys are gonna like this one, but my hope is that you’ll love it. I’m working on a Josh story next, and then probably another Tyler one. Let me know what you guys think.

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so i was a john green fan back went the fault in our stars was first getting published and during its first printing, he signed every copy, which was i think 250,000 copies and i remember following his progress throughout the whole thing and he was starting to crack under pressure from having to sign them all and i never thought id see anyone do that ever again

and yet here we are today

‪When Sherlock told Mrs. Hudson to remind him of Norbury if he were ever being self centered/cocky, it fucking hurt. Mrs. Hudson doesn’t even KNOW.

He wants relive and remember the tragedy of what happened when he let his ego take off last. Mary told him to shut it, and he didn’t listen.

He thinks Mary’s death is his fault, and he wants his heart to break over and over and relive the guilt that his friend died because his head took over his heart.

I needed way more of Eponine, Montparnasse and Gavroche living together and finding a family in each other. Also this is inspired by @unicorngunter‘s fanart.

  • The bathroom schedule is so tight, and it’s all Montparnasse’s fault. His beauty products clog more than half of the available space. Gavroche plays home bowling with the bottles to rile him up
  • Eponine and Montparnasse turn up at every teacher-parent meetings (though Eponine consistantly *drags* Montparnasse for him to go with her.) One teacher thought they were Gavroche’s parents and got REALLY CONCERNED.
  • Montparnasse: “If someone bothers you at school, you tell me.”
    Gavroche: “I can slay my own bitches, thank you very much.”
  • Gavroche and Eponine throw a monthly fashion show in the appartment, meaning they put on Montparnasse’s clothes while he’s not there and parade around the place imitating him
  • Eponine and Montparnasse share lipsticks, some gloves and some leather jackets
  • Montparnasse is by far the tallest and makes small jokes constantly but:
    Gavroche: “You’ve sunk so low, Parnasse. Tie my laces while you’re down there.”
  • Grantaire and Babet show up every fortnight for poker night. Since none of them have money to burn, they use candy for chips.
  • Montparnasse has a special wine for nights Eponine turns into a pining mess. It’s called “Pine-ot Noir”. Eponine said she prefered whisky, but:
    Montparnasse: “This is a classy household, I won’t have that wheat nonsense. Get a grip, Ponine.”