he thinks shes so adorable


PerSalle moment from tonight’s episode; season 4, episode 9

They are so adorable, she mad because bae thinks he’s evil Knievel :)

Oh and them edges have gone for horrible to ‘we just don’t give a fuck anymore.’ seriously, I don’t know whether to be glad they’ve stopped that ‘mess’ they were doing, or be mad that it now looks like they didn’t try. How hard is it to slap a ‘little’ gel on them edges and just brush it all back to blend in with the rest of the hair? Not hard I do it all the damn time :| 



Also, note Captain Lawyer Bang and faithful shipper Lawyer Ji Eun-hyuk sensing something’s up between the lovebirds.

Last time Victoria and Lord M saw each other they parted liked this

If this is how they say goodbye from now on, I will die a happy death.

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Voltron Keith and Shiro headcanon with a very sarcastic and spunky fem S/O pls

hell yeah i love these boys and the spunky, sarcastic s/o. enjoy!!


> At first it would be a bit hard for the red paladin to deal with because he’s quite the spunky, spunky teen himself.

> But, despite the sarcasm, he still finds himself easily joking around with her after a few minutes and he thinks it’s great they can get along after a while. 

> He has long conversations with her that’s literally just a bunch of sarcastic banter and teasing towards each other. Some of the team think it’s entertaining to watch while others tell them to quite it and make out already. 

> Such comments make both of them blush but she purposefully drags Keith away. They don’t really end up making out usually and only do it just to mess with the others.

> Keith knows his limits when it comes to the sarcasm. While both are incredibly determined and ready for any battle they both intensely support each other as well. Sometimes when they get back from battle, they’re abnormally quiet and lay in bed together under the covers. 

> These moments are what Keith cherishes the most. It’s the time he can see the side of her she shows no one else. He gets to watch her be cute, sweet, and just as funny as ever. It makes his heart pound. It makes him love her so much more. 

> Sometimes he’s a little awkward with affection because he wasn’t used to getting it throughout life but she’s slowly helping him through it. She acknowledges this and keeps the relationship slow despite their already immensely close relationship. 

> LOVES the “Shut up!” “Make me!” argument because we all know it leads to making out in front of everyone.

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> As the leader, he’d find trouble with this girl at first. She was so determined and courageous that he wasn’t sure if he was fit to be the leader with her attitude. However, she followed with ease and never really complained either. 

> Her sarcastic comments catch him off guard a l l t h e t i m e 

> He’ll give an order and she’ll make a witty comment right back which makes him stop and stare for a few minutes. He always gets this blank look on his face but ends up bubbling over with precious laughter in the end. It never fails to make him laugh either.

> She finds it adorable that he thinks her sarcasm is so funny but she notices he’s never used it himself. It leads to the horribly embarrassing confession for him actually not knowing how to use it properly. 

> This began a series of lessons in Sarcasm 101 because this poor baby needs it. 

> He catches on more quickly than she expects and it makes her proud. She knew he was such a leader type but she didn’t know he wasn’t sure on how to use sarcasm. Maybe because he felt the need to be serious all the time, he couldn’t be joking around.

> Shiro thanks her every time he uses it now and it’s adorable?? pls protect this boy

> When they’re alone he’ll ask how he did with sarcasm that day whether it was just lounging around the ship or in between battles, he genuinely wants to know. She gives him a good score every time and little tips as well. It makes them all bubbly and giggly and ends up in numerous loving kisses. 

> He’s happy she’s his and his only because without her, he may have never learned he can be a serious leader as well as a goofy one. He’s thankful for her to help him realize that and shows his longtime gratitude in affection and presents.

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Lucy and Her Half-Siblings


My art for @elesianne‘s absolutely charming character Tuilindien!

Tuilindien is a Vanyarin scholar and when she and Caranthir meet and fall in love when she is visiting Tirion, no one is more surprised about it than they themselves are – except Fëanor, who isn’t pleased at all. Caranthir can be just as stubborn as his father, though, and refuses to stop courting Tuilindien.

In addition to being of different peoples, Caranthir and Tuilindien have many other differences, as she is gentler and more patient by nature. But because they feel deeply connected from the start, they work hard to overcome their differences and to reach compromises. They do have some things in common, such as being very close with their families and their shared love of cats, and while their courtship goes far from smoothly, they do eventually marry. They have some happy years together before the unrest of the Noldor makes finding common ground harder than ever.

I have several stories planned about Caranthir and Tuilindien for my Fëanorian marriages series, but at the moment I’m still working on their rather long courtship story, Your spirit calling out to mine.

Of course! Read more under the cut.
I added V and Saeran to this as well!


- honestly not too nervous

- he’s heard you talk to your mom before and she’s really sweet, he’s even talked to her as well

- you’re super nervous though because you’ve never brought a guy home before

- A few high school dates but not someone you’ve been serious about

- He kisses your cheek and let’s you know everything’s going to be fine, no one can resist his charms ~

- as soon as your parents greet you both at the door they’re taken aback by Zen’s looks

- especially your mom

- “ Gosh MC, I never knew this was your taste in men! ”

- you’re so embarrassed

- but Zen thinks it’s the cutest thing!! He kisses your moms hand like a gentleman

- your dad doesn’t really like him at first because he thinks he’s a player

- but once Zen chats with him more throughout the evening he warms up to him

- your sisters are so jealous

- “ if you two break up i call dibs ”

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her impossible hero



Headcanon that Vena touches his face when he blushes~

Apparently I decided the world needed more blushy Vena.

The Joker x Reader - “Mini Monster in Training”

The Joker is going to babysit his daughter alone for the first time. You really need to get away for a little bit so hopefully the two of them will manage without you. How hard can it be?!

“Here she is, baby,” you whisper, handing over your 6 months old daughter to J.  She’s still sleeping and he reaches his hands, impatient:

“Gimme!” he grins, placing Emma on his chest, careful not to wake her up. “I don’t want you to go,” he talks in a low voice, caressing her back.

“I’ll only be gone for a few hours, OK? I really need to dye my hair and get out of the penthouse for a little bit.”

“What if I have to change her? I don’t like that part,” The Joker pouts, pulling on your hand.

“Then just change her, you’ll be fine. Text me or call me if something happens,” you lean over to kiss him, then kiss her little head and sneak out of the bedroom before he complains some more.

“Don’t stay too long!” you hear him before closing the door.

It’s for the first time J is babysitting on his own. Since it’s still morning, he takes a little nap with her, feeling lazy for once. When she starts moving around he opens his eyes, hoping she won’t wake up yet. He keeps on looking at her, amazed on how cute she is.

She’s so adorable, he thinks, mesmerized by her dark blonde, curly hair. I sure made a beautiful baby; I’m such a stud! J praises himself since there is no one else around to do it for him.

Emma starts rubbing her eyes, and finally lifts her head up, babbling something The Joker finds irresistibly sweet so he kisses her forehead, taking a deep breath, not understanding why he feels so ecstatic.

“Hey, Pumpkin Pie, we’re home alone, what do you think about that, hm? Wanna have some fun with daddy?”

She grows more and more impatient and he has to get up, heading towards the living room.

“What are you wearing?” he chuckles, noticing the writing on her little pink onesie: “Miss J - Mini Monster in Training.” You two ordered so many personalized clothes for her she has a room full that will hopefully be worn at least once before she grows older. “That’s right, daddy’s Mini Monster,” he lifts her up really high in his arms and she giggles like a little mouse, showing him the few little teeth she has. “You like that? Daddy knows what you like,” he smirks, putting her down in the crib with a bunch of toys.

“I have to take a shower and I’ll be right back, little Princess,” and he heads towards the bathroom when he gets the text from you:

“I forgot to tell you I fed and changed her before I left so you should be good for a while.”

Thank God, The Joker rolls his eyes, relieved, trying to be as fast as possible while getting ready for the day.

After he’s done he takes his daughter with him in the office, holding her while trying to write down in his agenda. Emma pulls on his diamond earring, trying to get the shiny stone out.
“Auch, little Doll, that kind of hurts,” he moves his head away from her tiny hand and she won’t have any of it so she starts whimpering, unhappy he’s denying her something she was having fun with.

“Oh, no, don’t cry, daddy doesn’t like that,” he frowns, bouncing her in his arms for a bit, then he gives up, resigned, letting her go back to her play while she coos, starting to chew on his shirt. Her hands move from his earring to his hair, pulling on the green strands.

“You like my hair?” he scribbles on the paper, absent minded while she keeps on drooling and biting even more on his favorite shirt. “Pumpkin Pie, not on my purple shirt!” he whines, exasperated when finally notices what she’s doing. J puts her down on the floor, wiping as much as he can off the silk and she starts slowly crawling around his feet, rattling some of the toys she finds around the carpet from time to time.

The Joker feels her by his leg but doesn’t pay attention until it’s too late: she is chewing on his favorite pants now, preoccupied with her task.

“Noooo, little Princess, not my pants too,” J huffs, lifting her up again and he realizes it wasn’t probably a good idea to wear fancy clothes while babysitting. He heads towards the closet and gets a pair of sweatpants out, quickly changing before the baby gets too fussy in the crib.

“There, better,” he concludes and seeing she dribbled all over her onesie, he wants to change her too. He digs around her attire, not being able to decide until he finds the yellow one-piece that gets his attention: “Mommy just wanted a massage and here I am.” He starts laughing, amused, remembering that night: this really is how Emma happened. Of course it was your idea to have it immortalized on fabric.

The Joker puts her on the bed and since he’s doing all this work, might as well change her diaper too, even if it’s barely wet. He is super-fast because he hates diaper duty and after his daughter is all buttoned up in the onesie, he notices he forgot to give her a new Pampers.

“Dammit!”, he mumbles, starting all over again, struggling to keep her in place and she fights him on the verge of crying because he’s taking too long and she wants her freedom. “There, there, you’re done!” he announces, tossing her in the air and catching her, avoiding disaster because now she’s very happy again. “Daddy knows what you like!” he squishes her chubby cheeks together, kissing them and… up in the air again.  After three more rounds he stops and goes on the balcony, showing Emma the city but she couldn’t care less: that bright green hair seems to be her favorite toy today.

“Little Doll, would you like to have a brother or a sister later on?” he switches her on the order arm, looking down from the 30th floor. She baby talks and blows a raspberry, beginning to munch on his shoulder.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he snickers, ticklish at her touch. “You know, mommy will probably disapprove: she says her boobs got as big as Titanic after she had you, but I don’t see the harm in that. Daddy likes it,” he admits, thinking about it for a few moments before coming back to reality, disappointed you’re not there so he can stare at your cleavage. “Are you hungry?” it finally clicks for him and goes back inside, taking some baby food out of the fridge.

He places her in the baby seat in the kitchen and starts feeding her from the small jar. For some reason The Joker decides to taste a bit of her food and it sends shivers down his spine.

“Wow, this tastes like crap, how can you eat it, kid?!” but Emma seems to enjoy it. She is rubbing her eyes again, yawning, refusing the spoon and he suspiciously tries to guess on what she might need.

“Are you tired, Pumpkin Pie?” he pets her little head, wiping the food off her face. She winces when he picks her up, her lower lip quivering and he tries to soothe her.

“I’m tired too, you exhausted daddy to the maximum and only Y/N is usually able to do that. Your mom’s a naughty little fox, did you know that? “ he mutters, stretching his back while his daughter’s eyes are slowly closing, sucking on her thumb half asleep.

He gets in bed too and covers her with the blanket, determined to stay there 5 more minutes until she is completely out before going back to his work.

But he dozes off too because babysitting sure is a difficult chore even for The Clown Prince of Crime.

You were only gone for about four hours and a half, that’s why you are surprised to find both your sunshines passed out in the master bedroom.

“God, that’s sexy,” you softly laugh when you see the dried out drool on his shoulder, barely kissing his cheek so you won’t wake him.

I wonder if he would want another baby later on, you think but then you glance down at your huge boobs and sigh, annoyed. Maybe not a good idea for now.

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Saw Homecoming for the third time and I got SO EXCITED to see Tom again. When the movie started my heart began RACING and when he came on screen I swear I could hear my heart THUMPING

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you've mentioned gabrielle delacour peripherally twice now, so i'm curious, where do you see her life going? what's her relationship with her nieces and nephew? what does she think of ginny, bill, percy - her sister's in-laws? how long does her crush on harry last?

This is great question, thank you so much!! I’ve mentioned her a lot because I’ve shifted my focus currently from Percy to Bill, so his family has become important to me. I also think Fleur is the badass lady we all deserve. 

Fleur adores her. They’re less best friends and more mentor and mentee, at least until Gabrielle gets a little older. She would give Gabrielle the shirt and then the skin off her back if it were every necessary - she wants to teach her everything. And Gabrielle wants nothing more than to be as tall and confident and capable as her sister. She’s already equally as beautiful, but it’s not necessarily something the two of them value, since it comes at a firey price. 

Gabrielle was the only thing potentially stopping Fleur from moving to England, back in France, after a letter from Bill a few weeks after the end of the Tournament that the Order of the Pheonix was recruiting, Fleur jumped at the chance to make life safer and more accepting for her sister. 

Gabrielle is more serious than Fleur is, more withdrawn. She takes longer to warm up, but once she does, she’s yours. Her eyes are deep brown instead of Fleur’s ice blue, but they’re just as captivating and maybe more. She loves her French culture and only speaks English when she absolutely has to - which is the opposite of Fleur who’d rather speak English. 

Her family-in-law was quite a lot for her to take in right away, since they were all louder and closer together than she’s ever been used to, but already knowing Bill, she stuck to his side while getting to know the others. I think she adored Bill because he plays the older brother role so naturally. She’s five years younger than Ginny, which makes her sixteen years younger than Bill. 

Charlie was an excellent dance party at the wedding, but during the attack, it was Ginny, rather than any of the Order members, who thought to shield Gabrielle from the fighting, to Protego the eleven year old and drag her into Arthur’s tinkering shed. 

From that day on, Gabrielle had a new idol, a new girl to emulate, a new perspective on life. Ginny even her learns French for her, and writes her letters from Hogwarts during the Carrow reign in a clumsy mix of French and English. 

She’s a child during the war - she’s scared for Fleur, but she still has so much hope for the world that emerges from it. She has the whole world open to her - and her family right there with her. 


Theirs was the love that was meant to be, but wasn’t meant to last.

black looks good on you. 3

this is the last part of my high school!kylo au! aaaa!

@teapocaiypse made the cuTEST COMIC TO GO WITH THIS AAA

Part 1-Part 2-Part 3

Kylo woke up due to sun pouring into the windows, rubbing his eyes sleepily. A small grin formed on his face when he remembered what had happened the night before. His princess had taken care of him, bandaging his cut up knuckles. Laying his head down back onto the pillow, he tried to think of a way to make it up to her.

It would have to be a special date, one to convince her to attend his band’s show. He would kiss her and ask her to accompany him to the event as his girlfriend. Suddenly, he got the perfect idea.

He sat in bed all day, texting and playing on his phone. His idea would have to take place at night, so even though he was beyond excited to see her, he had to wait. As soon as the sun set, he shot out of bed, putting on his usual uniform of black jeans and a black band t-shirt. Before running out, he stopped in front of the mirror, fluffing his hair. A faint blush came onto his cheeks, realizing that he wanted to look good for his crush.

Brushing it off, he got on his motorcycle, eager to surprise her. His heart rate began to increase as he drove, excitement building in his chest as he realized that he would soon see the girl that he was unable to stop thinking about.

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