he thinks his golden skin is beautiful

Bring It Back

A/N: So for some reason I’m super stocked about sharing this. I have an idea for a part two involving some smutty, smutty action, so let me know if you’re down for that. I would love feedback on this one. Also I know the year doesn’t match what happened in reality, but it’s fiction so I can change it. 

Word count: 1,920

March 1 st 2017
Pickering, Canada

From y/n: Your mom said you were back in town? Want to meet up for coffee?

You felt your heart race only half a second after you sent the message. Today was the day. Today was the day to tell Shawn how you really felt about him. He’d been gone for months and you’d spend those months debating whether or not come clean, but this was draining you to keep in and you weren’t sure how much longer you could bare it.

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Pairing: Hoseok x Reader, Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst, Smut + Punk!Junghope + Gang!AU

Word Count: ~8K

Description: Ride along, so worry can’t get us, so nobody can recognize you. Speed put at the maximum. A Rolling Stones song, play on. But no matter what song I play, already in your heart, the crying has already killed it, no song can save you. I’ll hold you, even when the whole world turns its back on you.

PT1. | PT.2

This is not what you imagined months ago while daydreaming of what you would be doing today. Sitting in class all day or leaning against the counter at work, visualizing hundreds of scenarios where you and your knight in shining armor are having the time of your life on the one day in the whole year set aside just for love. He would be wearing a black suit and tie, his hair brushed and looking at you as if you fished out all the stars in the universe and put them in your eyes. And you would be wearing a dress made of silk that took weeks of extra shifts but it would be all worth it when he’d see you, hair made up and a lovesick smile on your lips.

February 14th is supposed to be a night you’d never forget in your entire life, a night you’d look back on while holding your children and looking at your husband, saying wow, where did the time go? It’s not supposed to end up with you looking at racks and racks of cards for every possible occasion at nine in the evening with a frown as deep. You’re probably the only person in the small 24 hour store beside the clerk himself, who frankly looks like he doesn’t want to be here more than you.

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I had a bad thought

I read somewhere that after a great trauma, hair can start growing white. Like completely white. 

 So what I was thinking was that after the war, Terrasen went back to something similar to what was before Adarlan, but better. 

 A commander of the armies with golden-honey hair and flaming blue eyes, brave and noble and kind. He talks to his men as often as he can and greets them by name, asks about their families, their wives and children. He is a swordsman to behold, a warrior whose tales are told across the continent, who young boys and girls idolize. Though his ears are rounded, he will live for a long, long time. And he will remember a time when Terrasen wasn’t free. When demons plagued the land and darkness threatened the innocent. 

 A black haired Lady, who rules over her land in quiet peace. Who defends it with tooth and claw, literally. Her people love and respect her, but are aware of her power. She cares for her ward, who despite her scars looks beautiful and regal and has learned to be kind to others. And, sometimes, the people catch glances of a brave commander visiting as often as he can, smoothing down his golden hair before walking into her state. 

A black haired King, whose kingdom had once been a foe. Sparkling blue eyes that haven’t stopped reading and will not stop for a while. A pale band of skin mars his throat, and he wonders if it will ever go away. His realm, which was once filled with fear and hate, is now ruled by love and kindness and magic flourished and is wielded to the best capacity of healers, farmers and every other who wishes to do good. 

A moonlight haired witch, who rules not far from Adarlan. Her and her unit of warriors take to the skies, both for the joy of flying and the call for battle. Fearsome and undaunted, they fight battles with impossible odds and emerge victorious. By blood and the strength of her sword, she is Queen and Unifier. She brought her people home, and gave the witchlings land. 

A Lady of Terrasen, young, dark haired, and cunning. Smart, clever, beautiful, kind and strong. Her dresses, reaching down to the floor, hide her ruined ankle, even if she is not ashamed of it. A dark Fae living in her lands, because, for once, he could chose for himself. Both of them ruling together. 

And, in Orynth, in the court of Terrasen, are both the Queen and her Consort. The Queen’s husband is beloved by the people who were once reluctant to welcome him. He takes joy in a prosperous kingdom and in a happy marriage. And when he gazes in the mirror, he no longer sees a story of shame written on his skin, but a story of rebirth and destiny and hope. When he looks around himself, he no longer sees cold-hearted killers, but driven, focused loyal warriors sworn to a Queen worthy of an Oath. 

And the Queen, bent not broken, is no longer a golden haired beauty. In her spare time, she twirls a lock around her finger and refuses to think of that dark time, in a beach, in a coffin, in a dark room filled with blood-curdling screams. She pulls back her white hair, and refuses to break. Her Prince distracts her, loves her and helps her in any way she can, but he can’t drive away every nightmare, can’t light a fire in each shadow. And even though the Queen Who Was Promised is perfectly capable of lighting her own fire, darkness hasn’t left her, and the dreams won’t stop. And she burns and burns with the magic of her Goddess, but she just can’t make dawn chase away the night 

Heat Wave (requested)

Asshole is a term of endearment.


Anon, you’re in for an adventure….

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, feat Taehyung

Word count: 4,807

Genre: Fluff, Angst, HighSchool!AU

Content/warnings: I hope you don’t mind a bit of swearing. Other than that it’s quite tame. Kind of crack-y

A/N: Sorry this took so long, I’m terrible at requests. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing them, they just don’t come as naturally as stories I come up with myself. I assume you wanted the reader to end up with Jungkook? I hope this is okay enough for you 😬

It’s hot as fuck outside.

By the time you get up the steps to homeroom, you’re drenched in sweat. The air conditioner seems to be broken once again, and opening the windows just lets in more stifling heat. You’re glad that the school uniform is a skirt and not pants like the boys have to wear. If you had to wear pants in this weather, you would probably jump off the roof. Still, your standard issue white button down is suffocating, and you try to undo as many of the buttons as you can without getting in trouble.

As you settle into your desk, more students come in, sweaty and panting. Your classroom is on the fourth floor, and on days like these, you wished the elevators were available for student use. But alas, they’re for staff only.

The bell rings, signaling the beginning of the school day. The teacher has just begun the morning announcements when the door crashes open, and in walk Jeon Jungkook and Kim Taehyung.

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Solangelo AU

•AU where Will doesn’t realize he’s a son of Apollo, he just thinks he’s good at being a doctor
•Apollo sends random people to Will’s house when they’re injured, because he’s the best doctor
•So there’s just always some random person on his doorstep who has no idea why they’re there
•one day a scrawny, olive-skinned, emo boy shows up on his porch, his arm broken and a bronze knife sticking out of his leg. He passes out
•Will takes him inside, stops the bleeding, and nurses him back to health.
•"hey,“ Nico says when he wakes up [because of course it’s Nico]. “Where am I? Am I dead? Are you an angel?” •Because he thinks that Will looks so beautiful–his soft, tan skin; his golden blonde hair that reminds Nico of sunshine–he has to be an angel, right?
•"You’re delirious,“ Will laughs. He tries to wipe Nico’s sweaty forehead with a damp washcloth, but Nico’s arm shoots out, quick as lightning, and swats the rag out of his hand
•Nico sits up, breathing hard. He’s freaking out
•"Shh,” Will coos, but Nico doesn’t calm down. Finally, Will wraps his arms around the smaller boy.
•Nico feels like he’s home [but like not those crappy homes he used to have–like an actual home, one he’s never had before]. The boy with sunshine hair and intense blue eyes smells like brownies and vanilla and antiseptic, and that shouldn’t be a very appetizing combination, but it SO is
•Nico’s heart rate lowers and he eventually falls asleep on Will’s chest
•Will doesn’t want to wake up the strangely beautiful boy in his arms, so he just stays, running his hands through the dark hair in front of him
•Nico finally wakes up and tries to move, but Will holds him back
“Wait, you need to stay here. You’re still healing.”
“I’ll be fine, trust me.”
•But when he swings his legs over the edge of the bed, his face goes green. Will hugs him tight and kisses him
on the head, then realizes what he’s done
“Uhm…yeah?” Will asks nervously
“Did you just kiss me?”
•Nico’s face flushes bright red.
“Sorry, I just–” Will’s words are cut off as the smaller boy snuggles into his chest, almost making his heart stop. HOW ADORABLE CAN ONE BOY BE???!
•"You’re warm.“ When Nico intertwines their fingers, Will gives a start. Nico’s hands are freezing!
•"You need to get warmer!” He grabs Nico’s non-broken arm and snuggles it while Nico giggles.
“It’s alright, that’s normal.” Nico says, blushing AGAIN. “I just have really cold hands.”
•they start watching Hercules [the Disney movie] and Nico is just making so many comments about how “Hades doesn’t look like that” and “Zeus is NOT that nice” and “this movie is SO not accurate AT ALL” etc.
•Will’s really confused, but he just holds Nico in his lap, still holding his hand
•they fall asleep on Nico’s bed, cuddling, and they’re still holding hands

Angel ‘o Mine

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Characters- Bucky x Reader
Summary- Sometimes, Bucky just isn’t sure what to make of you.
Warnings- None.
Word Count- 775
A/N- This is part of @plaidstiel-wormstache‘s Push Yourself Challenge. I asked to write for Avengers from my main blog, @lipstickandwhiskey so I hope you enjoy my first Bucky fic!
Tags- @redlipstickandplaid, @mellifluous-melodramas, @fandommaniacx

He doesn’t know what to make of you. You’d think after months of knowing you, he’d be a little more sure of himself. He is, really. It’s just around you that his heart races and his palms sweat. You make him feel alive, and more than that, you make him feel human.

It’s still dark outside when he wakes in a cold sweat, his hands shaky and blood pounding in his ears. All he can think of is the calm that you bring to him, and the safe warmth of your arms.

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Cedric Diggory - Stolen

Warnings: Swearing, crude humor, mention of knives but not threateningly

Requested by: Anonymous

“Yannatos, Wilkins.”

“Griswold, Hale.”

“Diggory, Armistead.”

“Y/L/N, Malfoy.”

Snape finished the list with a drawl, and the potion’s class scrambled to find their assigned partners. Hoping to be placed with her boyfriend, Cedric Diggory, Y/N sighed and tried to catch his glance from across the room. Cedric placed his bookbag on the table and cast a look at Y/N, his golden eyes glimmering in the dim dungeons. He looked relatively sour, but trying to keep in good spirits.

“I thought Cedric didn’t mind Joanna Armistead.” Y/N murmured to herself. “He looks like he just ate a lemon.”

Y/N shrugged and began assembling her work area, arranging her cauldron and ingredients so that she had easy access to the array. Malfoy took up the chair next to her, rolling up his sleeves. Y/N thought Malfoy was alright. He could be a bit of a prick, but he was fine in her company.

“Ready for the next quarter?” She asked, sideyeing him.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” He dismissed. “What first – the drought or concoction?”

“Ohh, surprise me!” Y/N teased, earning a dry chuckle from Draco.

Suddenly, the room was filled with the sound of a clatter. Cedric’s partner jumped back in shock, and Snape glared at the pair. Cedric had broken a vial and the glass glittered across the dungeon floor.

“Ten points from Hufflepuff, for sheer idiocy.” Snape spat.

Cedric cast his eyes to the floor. Y/N knew that he did not like to disappoint academically, but his jaw was firmly set and his teeth were clenched.

“Sorry professor. Just… didn’t know the strength of my own grip.” He said in a bitten tone, glaring at Y/N and Malfoy.

Y/N looked taken aback, wondering what she had done to earn such a glance. Shaking it off, she and Malfoy continued to brew the required potions until the end of the hour. When class was dismissed, Cedric made a beeline for Y/N and clutched her hand tightly, leading her out the door. Y/N struggled to keep up with him in the halls for he was walking so fast.

“Ouch Ced, not so tight!” She said, pulling her hand free and wringing it. “What is making you act this way?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Cedric grunted.

Y/N stopped dead in her tracks. She crossed her arms, sleeves billowing to the sides. Cedric gave a sharp shrug and wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her into his chest.

“I’m sorry baby, I guess I just didn’t sleep well last night.” He said, half-heartedly. Placing a kiss into her hair, he got her to keep moving again.

But Y/N just couldn’t shake the feeling that something else was wrong.


Cedric’s antics continued the next few days in Potions.

She would be working diligently with Draco, and then turned around to see Cedric’s veins popping from his arms in agony. Every interaction between them seemed to rile Cedric up, no matter how casual or forced. Getting fed up, she simply stopped giving him the satisfaction of a glance and focused on her work intently. This only seemed to stir Cedric more.

“Oh, so now she doesn’t even want to LOOK at me while he’s in the picture?” He grumbled, nearly chopping his finger off in his haste.

“Would you cool it?” Joanna said, peeved. “You’re going to trash our potion, and I can’t fail this semester.”

“Yeah, yeah, sorry.”

On the opposite side of the room things weren’t going much better. Measuring out powdered newt, Y/N kept spilling all over the workspace which ticked Draco off. Her mind was focused on Cedric’s bad mood. Everywhere they went, he had a firm hand on her hip. Clinging, but spiteful, like a baby Hungarian Horntail to its mother.

“He’s driving me up the wall.” Y/N murmured to herself, eyebrows set low on her face as she tipped more of the powder onto Draco’s side of the table. Draco slammed his knife down and threw up his hands.

“Yeah, well you’re bloody driving ME up the wall.” He fumed, crossing his arms. “What’s the matter? You’ve been pouting about for a week now, and Cedric looks like he wants to string me up by my tie. Do you two need a therapist? Do you need a friend to confide in? Do you need to get laid? Honestly – I’m asking, because you’re making me fucking nuts.”

Once he finished clucking like a hen, he went back to his work space, shaking his head from side to side. Y/N wiped the sweat from her forehead, letting out a deep sigh. They had been acting foolish lately and it was starting to affect other people. Apologizing to Draco quietly, she made plans to confront Cedric after class.

Of course, the hour seemed to drag consequentially.

Finally being released, Y/N flew to Cedric before he could put up his guard dog act once again. He raised his eyebrows in surprise. She led them from the hall into an abandoned classroom.

“What is the matter?” She demanded.

“Nothing, love, is there something wrong?” He asked, innocently. He bit his lip, which pissed Y/N off because it made her flare up with heat.

“Yes, there is something wrong. Every time another man even dares to cast a glance at me, you start making death threats.” She retorted.

He flew behind her, running a smooth hand down her shoulders and kissing her neck softly, playing innocent.

“That’s because no man should dare to cast a glance at you.” He said, mumbling onto her skin.

“Oh stop it! Why shouldn’t they be allowed to look? You know that nothing will happen. It’s wasted energy on your part.” She huffed.

“Not really.” He said, firmly.

She whirled around. Cedric shrugged his shoulders.

“You really think that some tosspot like Draco Malfoy is going to steal me away from you?”


“Well it’s a stupid thought from such a smart brain.” She said. “There is absolutely no threat to your position as boyfriend, you’re just being a prat.”

Cedric sighed, leaning against one of the tables. He ran a hand through his golden hair, and Y/N had to marvel at how incredible he looked even when his face was furrowed with frustration. Such smooth skin, and beautiful, rich, swallowing eyes.

“I guess I was overreacting.” He said, finally. “But you won’t hear me admit it again. You’re my most valuable possession, Y/N. I’m not gonna let you slip from my hands without a fight.”

Y/N strode over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. Forcing him to look her in the eyes, she placed a soft kiss on his rough lips.

“That makes two of us.”

Imagine when you were just an infant, that kings fought other kingdoms for the usual growth of the kingdom or get allies.

So when you’re kingdom falls your parents, the king and queen, had an escape plan for you. But you being so young don’t remember anything so you grow up as a commoner. Your adoptive parents never tell you (they were in in the plan).

You love exploring the woods and one day find a tall and pale man with raven medium locks and emerald eyes. Love at first sight. Mutual.
He observes your complexion. Golden glowing skin with rosy cheeks and rosy lips. Your hazel soft eyes staring at him as though looking at his soul. Your red fiery hair flowing freely through the wind like your soul.

You can’t help but smile and hide behind a tree.

Both of you think about the fact that you can’t be together because you notice each other’s attire. Loki still questioning your beauty as to why you are a commoner. But you meet every other weekend for three seasons.

Loki asks you to come to the palace so he can see you more but you don’t want to leave your parents behind. When you tell them about Loki they were so happy and ecstatic about your relationship. They pushed you to “live a better life.”

You begin your life as a maid but trouble grows when a suspicious maid begins planning against you because of her envy of your beauty.

Do you think the kingdom ever finds out? Will you become a royal again or go back to the commoner life?

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paris with harry... GO

um, is everyone out to kill me tonight? because the only asks i get is harry and travelling JUST TO KILL ME

but noooo Paris with Harry would be a dream. you know when he looks like a prince? that’s how I picture him. in a flowy white shirt, somehow looking casual as ever, and maybe the hat he’s been wearing lately. and his hair? it would be looking like it did on carpool karaoke. soft enough that it would almost be irresistible to not run your fingers through it, so much so it’s annoying.

he would be in the best mood. being on holiday with you? just you? it’s enough to put him in a mood where he thinks he could light every street light with his happiness. but being in Paris, he’s filled with a little extra love and a little extra compassion for you. he wouldn’t know what it is about the city. the busyness that’s always going on, yet somehow it always seems so calm. how, even surrounded by people from all places (the tourists with their cameras and smiles all around, or the locals who seem so in their place you should be taking photos every moment) he feels as though it is only the two of you.

he’d be looking at you constantly. while you’re walking up the eiffel tower (deciding to take the stairs because “come on, love, we don’t get to do this everyday. got t’ appreciate it in all it’s glory”). when you’d look back at him, a little puffed and slightly red faced from all the stairs, all he’d see is the blush in your cheeks that he thinks he could compare to roses, and the look of awe he thinks fills your eyes - like you’re looking at the entire world in front of you.

or maybe, when you get back to your hotel room, he’d be struck by just how beautiful you look. when you’ve got no makeup on, fresh and bare faced. you’d be standing in door way to the balcony, windows open while the sun begins to set in front of you. he wouldn’t be sure if it was the array of colours that dusted over the city, or the way the sun seemed the melt your skin golden in front of his eyes. how you hair would sit on your skin so delicately that he could compare it to the dew that sits on flowers in the dawn of the morning.

he’d find you irresistible. as you would him, of course. it’s something about Paris, right? something about Paris that makes him stand behind you and brush the hair off the side of your face. his fingertips would be soft, tickling your skin in the most beautiful way. and he’d be warm. warm when he wrapped one arm around your waist to turn you around, and warm when the other hand would rest on your jaw to move your lips to his. you’d been like this a million times before but, the hitch in your breath wouldn’t go unnoticed. with the barely there touch of his lips that burnt each spot they touched, and the heat that sunk into your skin from his tattoo-drawn hands, you truly felt ‘butterflies in your stomach’.

he had decided he would blame in on Paris, the cheesy words that fell from his lips.

“you know” he had whispered on your lips. “i think tha’ we should get married here. when it happens”

he had smiled, before he put his lips on yours. it was the kind of kiss where the world fell away beside you. it was slow and gentle and one of his favourites. you had your small hand against his chest and his finger tips squeezed a bit at the skin of your waist. he decided he would blame it on pairs but, he could stay like that forever.

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prompt: 3 times simon hugs raphael + 1 time raphael hugs simon

“Thank you” Simon breathe against Raphael’s neck as his arms wrapped around the older vampires body. “You didn’t have to do that for me”.

“As you’re clan leader, it was my duty” Raphael answered hesitantly and placed an arm on Simon’s lower back.

The truth was, he didn’t help Simon lie to his mother because it’s his duty as Simon’s leader, the fact was he didn’t know why he helped the fledgling.

Now here they were, in the middle of the streets of Brooklyn, Simon’s arms wrapped tightly around Raphael.

“You can do this, you’re stronger than you think” Raphael encouraged as he set a box on the table infront of them. A beautiful silver menorah was wrapped in a soft golden cloth.

Raphael took Simon’s hand and directed it towards the box “Simon, it’s the only way you’ll be able to go home to be with your family”

It burned and stinged, Simon cried out in pain but Raphael was there to apply an ointment that Magnus had created on the scored skin.

It took them weeks but Simon was able to pray, he was able to light the first candle on the menorah with his mother and sister by his side.

“Raphael” Simon tapped on Raphael’s bedroom door. He quickly pushed the door open when he heard the the faintest ‘come in’

Without thinking he crawled onto Raphael’s bed, drawing him into a hug.

“I did it, I did it” Simon sobbed into the crook of Raphael’s neck.

“I’m proud of you” Raphael smiled softly, and he truly was.

“I loved Clary” Simon’s word slurred as he walked on the ledge of the roof of the hotel DuMort.

“I know” Raphael rolled his eyes more out of jealously than annoyance as he held on to Simon’s out stretched arm.

“She’s known me so long but nope she wants Jace, oh he’s my brother not my brother boohoo” Simon hiccuped and stumbled in his feet.

“Simon, dios” Raphael groaned and pulled Simon off the ledge “you’re going to get yourself killed”

Simon drunkenly smiled at Raphael, all fangs and crinkled eyes. His arms wrapped around Raphael’s neck, closing the gap in between them.

“I know you don’t hate me” Simon slurred and rest his forehead against Raphael’s “I don’t hate you either” he added in a hushed whisper. Simon’s lips brushed against Raphael’s.

“You’re drunk fledgling” Raphael snarled and stepped back.

Simon disappeared that night. And Raphael was sure he was going mad.

Two weeks passed without any sight of him. Maia was sitting across from Raphael in his office, she came often now, the seat in front of him was always occupied, Maia, Luke, Magnus, members of the clan and even Clary came once, they all delivered the same news “he’s nowhere”

“He’s out there, we just have to keep look” Maia sighed and Raphael nodded.

“You don’t have to look very hard” Simon shoulders were slumped when he stepped through the doors, his clothes were dirty and ruffled.

“You stupid idiot” Raphael was immediately out of his seat, knocking over the chair in the process.

“Where the hell have you been? You have some nerves just leave like that” Raphael scolded while he buried his face in Simon shirt and wrapped his arms tightly around Simon’s waist “I hate you so much”

My sunshine (Reggie Mantle x Male Reader)


WARNINGS: Car Accident, Near death experience

A/N: So I was planning on updating the “Little One” series but my shitty computer deleted all my work and I want to cry and scream but instead I wrote up a request that I should have done a very long time ago! Hope you enjoy it :)

Holding hands with Reggie would always be a feeling you wouldn’t get used to. It was a nice warm feeling that started where your hands met and ended in your toes, it filled your body with a nice golden warmth that would radiate from your skin and shine through your smile. You snuck small glances at the beautiful boy walking beside you, swaying your hands a little as you walked together. He was talking about a big football game this weekend and though you had no interest in football you knew that you would be there in support of your boyfriend. “So I was thinking after the game you can come to mine and we can…hang out for the night.” Reggie stuttered out. His face flushed and you grinned, leaning over and kissing him on the cheek before replying.

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How Katniss and Suzanne Collins introduce characters and their physical descriptions

Partly in response to a thread that began with a discussion of ash blonde hair, then evolved into one between @igsy-blog, @randomnoteforfuturereference and @thegreatorangedragon about Collins’ use of descriptions… 

I agree that Collins typically sketches in fairly minimal physical descriptions. In this reread, I noticed this sort of shorthand. In the second paragraph of chapter 1, Prim is described as “lovely as the primrose.” Then Katniss observes, “My mother was very beautiful once, too. Or so they tell me.” (Ouch, Katniss. Harsh.) In the next line, Buttercup is described as “the world’s ugliest cat.” [emphasis added] Katniss doesn’t mention her mother and Prim’s coloring (“light hair and blue eyes”) until page 8, when it comes up in contrast to the description she’s given for herself and Gale: “He could be my brother. Straight black hair, olive skin, we even have the same gray eyes.”

Now that I think of it, Collins does a thoughtful job of introducing characters in the first chapter of THG in a way that also tells us something about her narrator. Katniss begins with subjective descriptions of her family (lovely, faded beauty), but only gets around to mentioning their coloring when it’s relevant to the story. (Katniss wouldn’t have been thinking about their hair or eye color when she first woke up on reaping day.)

It’s telling that Katniss offers little or no physical description of Gale until two pages after his first mention: “In the woods waits the only person with whom I can be myself. Gale.” What’s important is who he is to her, not what he looks like. After saying, “He could be my brother,” and listing the physical traits that describe them both, it’s yet another two pages before she gets around to offering the subjective observation that he’s “good-looking.”

In that same thread, @randomnoteforfuturereference and @thegreatorangedragon also both mentioned Finnick’s bronze hair. I’ve noticed that in fics, Finnick’s hair is often referred to as copper, so in fanon, many people interpret bronze as reddish. The bronze hair may be one of Collins’ more distinctive descriptions. Typically, when I think of bronze being used to describe a personal attribute, it has to do with skin color — and has more to do with being brown or suntanned. (Oh wait — I just looked it up and according to Webster’s, as an adjective, bronze means “having a yellowish brown color.”) In his first mention in Catching Fire (in chapter 14, when she’s watching the reapings), Katniss describes Finnick as “the handsome bronze-haired guy.”  When he appears in chapter 15, Katniss remarks on his “extraordinary beauty” and says he is: “Tall, athletic, with golden skin and bronze-colored hair and those incredible eyes.” This is one of Collins’ more elaborate character descriptions, and overall we’re left with an impression of a shimmering god in human form. In context, it makes sense for Collins to include a more complete description of Finnick in this scene, because Katniss is encountering him for the first time. At first glance, his appearance (and probably his made-for-TV image/persona) is what’s most striking to her about him. After Katniss got to know Finnick as a loyal friend and a damaged soul, she would probably describe him in a very different way.

[Above post edited for better organization, which helps it make more sense. I think. Plus I expanded my thoughts about the description/introduction of Finnick.]

Link to the post I was responding to before I realized the thread was getting really long, and I was digressing…


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Prompt: some of my favorite seconds on this earth are the seconds filled with my lips spilled upon you're collarbone and my hair nestled into you're fist - CP Klaroline

Thank you to such a lovely lady, what a beautiful prompt (pretty sure you should be writing yourself with this vivid description). I hope I did this mini drabble some justice. Points of view will alternate but only slightly. All lyrics from one of my fave songs by Crowded House.

Fall at Your Feet

I’m really close tonight and I feel like I’m moving inside her…

The moonlight spilled into the room through the open window, casting silver shadows upon her soft skin. Klaus was in awe as he ran his fingers over them slowly, relishing in her beauty, pinned tightly beneath him. Her golden waves were splayed across the pillow, those blue eyes clouded with unmistakeable lust and her creamy neck was beckoning for his touch.

Lying in the dark, and I think that I’m beginning to know her…

Immediately his crimson lips were on her, hungrily caressing the length of her neck causing her to moan in his ear only spurring him on further. Klaus continued his journey nipping her skin playfully, her legs now winding their way around his lower back. Klaus dropped his head lower, trailing kisses along her collar bone and moving dangerously close to the swell of her breast. Her hands were lodged in his curls now, massaging them deeply as she writhed beneath him.

It was that moment which struck him, Klaus knew this was all he ever needed even if it was just for a few brief seconds of happiness with her in his arms. If that was all he had then Klaus considered himself the luckiest hybrid in the world.

Let it go, I’ll be there when you call…

Klaus woke with a start, like he did most nights she haunted his dreams. They always felt so real, so much so that Klaus thought she was lying in his bed and he could actually smell the sweet perfume he’d committed to memory. The sad realisation he felt was immense. He figured that one morning he’d know it was all just a dream but Caroline Forbes had that tendency to stir even the smallest glimmer of hope within the darkest depths of his soul, even if he hadn’t seen her in years.

He loved her, that much was clear from the first moment he laid eyes on her but Klaus hadn’t expected just how much she’d effect him, until he was imprisoned. She’d become his saviour, the one who’d got him through those long and torturous days. The disappointment of not having her there was far outweighed by the comfort and much needed solace she provided when all he wanted to do was give up and die. He could just imagine her telling him to fight back and stop being such a baby, he was an Original Hybrid after all. He could see her expressive blue eyes rolling in his direction as she said it.

As it turned out she’d been his saving grace and here he was returned as the rightful King of New Orleans. As much as the power and glory had surpassed anything else before, Klaus couldn’t help but feel that there was something significant missing from his life. Her. Caroline Forbes. His blonde angel.

When Alaric had visited New Orleans unexpectedly and informed him about Caroline’s new direction, Klaus wasn’t surprised. He knew she would do something great and noble for others. Klaus had sat at his desk that night torn about whether to send the letter. Everything he’d written was heartfelt and sincere (even if his however long it takes comment was slightly self indulgent) and the cheque he’d donated was well deserved.

Klaus sent her that cheque ten days ago, not that he was counting or expected to hear anything but he’d be lying if he wasn’t desperate for a glimpse of Caroline, even if it was brief. He’d entertained visiting Mystic Falls but knew he needed to keep his space. He’d wait, hoping that she might call one day, it was all Klaus could hope.

And whenever I fall at your feet…

Caroline had planned on unceremoniously throwing back his cheque but once she ascended the stairs and entered his bedroom that plan flew straight out the open window. Bare chested and lying splayed out on the king sized bed she immediately faltered. Partial nudity wasn’t in her brief. When Kol had gestured upstairs this was the last thing she imagined happening. She really shouldn’t have been surprised the cheekiest Mikaelson had sent her into this precarious situation without warning.

Caroline made her way slowly towards the bed, her eyes unable to leave his attractive physique. Yes, they’d been intimate before but she’d tried to block out that toned chest, crimson lips and blonde curls for her sanity, until now that was.

“Caroline,” he moaned, making her stop still in her tracks. At first she thought he’d caught her sneaking inside uninvited but looking at his face with his eyes shut tight and lips pursed it was obvious he was still dreaming. “Don’t go.” She was taken aback, wondering why he was so upset. Especially by her departure given they hadn’t been together in so long.

Alaric had alluded to some upheavels but hadn’t gone into further detail. Caroline had always assumed given his invincibility, Klaus was untouchable to anyone and anything but given the way he was thrashing about on the bed she wasn’t so sure. It was obvious that even the most powerful beasts had their demons. She leant down at the side of the bed and against her better judgment began to stroke his hair softly. Within an instant he’d stilled, it was like she could feel him gravitating towards her touch, like the wolf he was. Caroline was transfixed unable to take her hands or eyes off him now.

You let your tears rain down on me…Whenever I touch your slow turning pain

Caroline wasn’t sure how long she knelt there rubbing the path between the sticky curls at the nape of his neck to the stubble lining his strong jaw, probably hours. It was like she could feel the peace settle over him as she caressed him slowly. Once she thought he’d eventually calmed, Caroline moved away slowly only to find him moving about again, whimpering in some sort of indescribable pain as he did. They’d had their differences in the past but Caroline couldn’t stand to see him so tortured.

“Caroline,” he pleaded, a few stray tears rolling down his cheek. She instinctively moved towards the bed again, now lying down beside him. His arms had immediately encircled her waist and as much as she wanted to object she finally felt at home as he held her close. It was obvious that he needed her as much as she needed him.

Caroline nestled into his embrace, trailing some kisses along his collar bone before they eventually fell into a deep sleep knowing that tomorrow was going to be the beginning of their new life together.

Whenever I fall at your feet…

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I’m pissed.

Namjoon better square tf up.

I, Admin Dayna of tumblr blog btsreactionsandtexts, hereby announce Kim Namjoon as my arch nemesis. 

Do y’all sEE HOW DELECTABLE AND GOLDEN HIS COMPLEXION IS??? I couldn’t even focus on the BBMAS. I was just lightly salted at how Namjoon looked like a whole ass glazed donut.

I dead be looking myself in the mirror, romanticizing my wonderful, beautiful, golden brown, natural glowing skin on a daily basis. Yo, my skin is bomb asf. When the sun light dances across my complexion boi I’m beaming. But then motherfucking Namjoon decided that he wanted to step foot onto American soil and outshine me(!!!!!), a golden bronzed beauty, with his fresh out the oven honey bun, brown sugar glaze tan??? 


Those were fighting moves Namjoon.

If a bitch wanna fight, we can fight.

I don’t know who tf you think you are, going to Las Vegas, trying to out golden me. 


everytime I see Jimin, he looks so pained???? Like he’s skressed out. SKRESSEDT. Homie looking like he walked straight into the sunken place. Jimin are you okay, tho????

- Admin Dayna

Fashion Of His Love: A Solangelo Fanfiction

Here it is, the long awaited follow up to my Solangelo fic Boys Boys Boys. This fic includes, Solangelo, College AU, bad pop culture references, gas station flirting, and millennial issues a la my own college experience. So if you are interested in those things, i hope you enjoy this!

Read the whole fic here!


  “I haven’t even went on a date with him yet, let’s not jump the gun here.”

              “Look who’s talking, says the guy who wanted to jump his bones at the bar.”

              Nico sighed and buttoned up a slim black shirt and motioned to himself, as Hazel nodded in approval. Okay, yes. He had glimpsed at Will Solace from across the bar, and maybe in his slightly inebriated state had said something about “loving that boy so right that he wouldn’t leave the bed for a week”, but no one could prove anything except maybe the NSA agent who was probably looking at the snapchats that Hazel was sending to their friend Piper. And when Will had actually walked to the bar Nico had clammed up until that asshole has been annoying, so no harm no foul and Nico was pretending it didn’t happen.

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Part 1         Part 2

For @4wksoffluff .

Summary: Baz and Simon are locked out of school together for the night accidentally (the drawbridge goes up). Inspired by the snippet of Cath’s fanfic ‘Secrets, Stars and AeroBars’ in Fangirl.

 I wake up to the sound of scuffling. I sit up abruptly, opening my eyes to see it’s still dark. The scuffling continues, and I can hear that it is coming from somewhere in the trees, behind where Snow and I have slept. I look around and, as I’m scanning the treeline, I see a glowing pair of eyes peeking out of the trees.

“Snow!” I shake his shoulders and he jolts out of his soft snoring.

“What,” he says, still bleary with sleep.

“There’s something in the trees,” I get on my feet, swaying a bit from sleepiness, “get up.”

“Oh, Baz,” he groans, “I’m sure it’s nothing. It’ll be fine.” He closes his eyes again, but then the thing in the trees makes a ‘mroooaaarrr’ kind of sound, and he scrambles up, his sword in his hand a moment later. Then we just stand there, unmoving - him with his sword poised for battle, myself with my wand - like we’re posing for a photoshoot.

“Baz?” He whispers. “Are we just going to stand here, or are we going to do something.” He has a point, but I’m (not that I’d admit it to him) starting to feel jittery and nervous, and I don’t actually fancy going to provoke the thing.

“No,” I reply quietly, “let’s not give it the incentive to hurt us.” The Wavering Wood is full of some freaky stuff, especially at night time - I know from experience.

The thing steps out now, revealing first a sharply clawed paw, then a furry cat face with pointed ears, and a slinky body. It’s a bobcat, and oh - did I mention? IT’S GLOWING LIKE IT’S ON BLOODY FIRE AND IT’S STARTING TO RUN OUR WAY.

“Hold your horses!” I cast, but it only pauses for a minute, then keeps coming. “Hold your horses!” I bellow. Once again, just a pause and then it’s running towards again, all harsh orange glow and evil eyes. I can’t think of any other spells in the moment, and Simon looks terrified, just stood there poised to slice the cat’s bloody head off, so I take his hand and start running. I’m so full of adrenaline and muddled that I don’t even think about the fact that I’m holding his hand until he turns his head, still running beside me, and looks up at me with an inquisitive look in his eyes. Shit, I’ve gone too far. But he’s holding me tightly, like he might never let it go, so I don’t let go. Just keep running. We’re running horizontally since we can’t get back in past the drawbridge, and we’ve come a fair way. I’m panting when we stop. I look around quickly and I can’t see the orange glow of the bobcat at all. We’re safe. It’s cold and the stars are still out, and the grass painted with dew. It’s beautiful. I turn to Simon and he says my name, a soft, scared look in his eyes.

“Baz,” he says, “what was that?”

“I don’t know,” I say, “but I’ve sure never seen it before, and boy have I seen a lot of freaky things in the Wood.”

“When it was getting closer to me,” he’s looking right into my eyes, “I could feel the heat coming off it, like it really was on fire. I don’t know why I froze, but, thank you for saving me.” Saving him. Me, saving Simon Snow. He looks so sincere, and he’s still grasping my hand, and I just want to kiss him so badly. He’s standing there in front of me with his blue eyes and golden curls and freckled, tawny skin and I just think “Do it Baz. Kiss him. You’ve wanted to do it all this time, so just do it. Kiss him.” But I don’t. Because he kisses me. He’s warm and he’s right there in all his adorable, unabashedly Simon bloody Snow-ness. He’s kissing me and I can hardly believe it. After all this time of wanting it, it’s finally happening and I feel like I’m floating through the beautiful darkness up with the stars. I’m in an entirely different place, a new one, and it’s the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me. Simon bloody Snow. He breaks away, and I smile so brightly; he does too. I allow myself to look into his eyes adoringly, and lean in to kiss him again, because after all this time he kissed me, and I am no longer afraid. Simon Snow, I love you.

A/N: That’s it for this fic. I hope you’ve enjoyed it

Okay, so I have this headcannon...

• One day Harry and Draco are just sitting their living room reading. They don’t talk, but just the presence of the other person contents them.

• It’s late afternoon, and the sun is streaming in through the window that Harry is sitting in front of.

• Harry chuckles at something that’s just happened in his book.

• This captures Draco’s attention and he tears his eyes away from his book to look at Harry.

• And all he can think is “wow” because the sunlight makes his skin look golden and surrounds his head like a halo.

• Harry is still oblivious to Draco’s gaze, and still has a slight grin on his face that makes Draco’s heart race.

• “You’re absolutely gorgeous, Harry.”

• Harry looks up to find Draco eyes on him and a slight blush spreads on his cheeks.

• “You’re a duffer.” Harry says lightly. “I’m nothing that special.”

• And Draco just freezes because how can Harry not know how absolutely fucking beautiful he his.

• “No Harry. You are beautiful. Gorgeous. Amazing. Spectacular. Magnificent. Don’t ever say other wise.”

• And Harry just frowns because he really doesn’t believe it. No one has ever used those words to describe him before.

• He says, “you sound like you’re talking about me like I’m a girl.”

• And Draco just stares him in the eyes and says, “no. I was talking about you like you’re a work of art.”

• And Draco marks his book, sets it down and just walks over to Harry and kisses him very softly. He takes Harry’s book out of his hands, places it else where and helps him to stand up.

• He kisses Harry again, more passionately this time, and moves down his jaw and neck. He pulls away and says “I’ll show you just how beautiful you are.”

• And well after the sun has set, and stars twinkle in the sky, Draco has kissed and licked every inch of Harry’s skin that he can reach, all the while mumbling about how gorgeous he is.

Her First Apartment Ch 9 part 2

lol. I wanted to make this a long chapter once i posted it on ff.net so yeah.

inukag: Fluff? check. Bantering? check. Fighting? check, again.

Happy reading!

She openly stared at him, not knowing what to think let alone actually say out loud.

Inuyasha tried to read her but she was blank. Only her eyes were wide as saucers with shock. He leaned forward, placing his hand on her smooth skin. She drew away as if burned, “What about you? Are you affected by the aura?”

Inuyasha felt ashamed though his intentions were pure. To try and comfort her, he soothed, “I won’t be on that night. My strength is weakened under a new moon. You’ll be safe-”

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Fluffy Fridays—Chapter 94: Adventures of a Deckhand

Fluffy Fridays—Chapter 94: Adventures of a Deckhand

Pairing:  Captain Swan

Rating: T

Summary:  A series of unrelated, fluffy one shots featuring  Killian Jones and Emma Swan and the relationship that makes us all  swoon. Will contain both canon and AU stories. My contribution to  Operation Rainbow Kisses and Unicorn Stickers (aka, my attempt to drown  out the season 4 finale angst with ridiculous levels of fluff.)

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CS Genre: Deleted scene (4x22)

Hook returned to the wheel of Blackbeard’s ship—his ship, he supposed, as the lad had handily commandeered it for him—his heart gradually slowing to a normal speed as the golden-haired beauty disappeared below decks.

What a day this had been! He’d never been one for adventure; he was far too timid for that, but somehow on this day alone he’d found himself stealing his captain’s vessel, rescuing a beautiful woman from captivity and fighting a dragon.  What strange spirit had taken over him?  He quaked in his boots simply thinking of the ramifications of his actions.  When Blackbeard found him, as he inevitably would, there would be bloody hell to pay.  He’d be lucky if the fierce pirate captain merely skinned him alive.

And yet…despite the fear, despite the part of him that wished nothing more than to curl up into a ball and hide, despite all of it, he couldn’t find it in himself to dread what had befallen him this day.  From the moment the lad—Henry, was it?—had stepped aboard the Jolly Roger, Killian had felt a kinship with him, almost a sense of déjà vu.  He had no bloody clue why, but he trusted the boy, believed in him, felt compelled to help him in any way possible.

And so, after he’d helped Henry stow Captain Blackbeard’s unconscious body behind crates along the docks, they’d sailed away toward the fathomless sea to rescue the woman trapped in the tower.

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