he thinks he's just one dull gray color

ColorblindSoulmates!AU where one of them is genetically colorblind!

I blame Westley (the ever lovely lovelessayase) for this.

You know the “don’t see color until you meet your soulmate"AU? What about someone who is naturally colorblind? Does the world seem tinted differently? Does it stay the same? Angstangstangst.

Ugh, what if they can see color only when they’re truly connected? Like, ColorBlind!Derek doesn’t see color until he’s having sex with Stiles. First time, friends with benefits sex, right? Because Stiles knows Derek’s his soulmate but he thinks he can’t be Derek’s because Derek can’t see color. So he does whatever he can to stay close to him, thinking one day he’ll lose Derek when he finds his soulmate. And anything Derek gives him in the meantime will be worth it. The benefit arrangement happens when Stiles is in college. They kind of just fall into it.

Derek, meanwhile, has been halfway in love with Stiles for years. He knows Stiles can see color, knows he’s not Stiles’s soulmate. He doesn’t know who is, just knows that something must have happened for them not to be with Stiles. But this, this he can give Stiles. A little bliss. When they finally have sex, just as Derek comes, he can see the world in startlingly vibrant colors. And then it’s gone, back to drab dull tones of gray.

He doesn’t tell Stiles. It probably doesn’t mean anything, right? It’s probably just something he made up because he wanted Stiles so bad for so long.

So he keeps quiet, tells no one. And if he mentally catalogues the color of Stiles’ eyes and moles and sex-flushed skin every time they fuck? Well, that’s Derek’s business.

I’m thinking Cora comes back to BH for a visit and brings a stack of articles with her. She’s doing a college paper on mismatched soulmates, because she remembers their parents being that way but loving each other anyway. And she stumbled on all sorts of technical and science and medical papers on people who are naturally colorblind and only see when they’re orgasming with their soulmate. The magic of their bond only goes so far. She’s excited at the prospect of it, sharing all these details with her brother. “Maybe mom and dad weren’t mismatched!” “Derek?” “Derek, what’s wrong?”

Queue more angst because Stiles IS Derek’s soulmate and Derek just “knows” he isn’t Stiles’.

He breaks it off with Stiles and takes off. Cora eventually stomps over to Stiles’ place because her brother left his phone at the loft and Stiles keeps calling and texting him and she doesn’t know what the fuck happened or where he went. So she blames him.

She’s halfway through a fantastically terrifying rant about “what the fuck did you do to my brother” when she realizes that Stiles appears to have been crying. Seriously, what the fuck is that?!

“I’m sorry, Cora. What the fuck did you expect me to do when my soulmate decided he didn’t want me anymore because he probably finally found HIS fucking soulmate and then he didn’t even bother to pretend he’s one of my best fucking friends anymore?! Throw a fucking party?” Stiles snarls, snapping from his silent stare at the ground once she verbalizes her thoughts about Stiles crying.

It hits her then, of course it does. The fucking strange look in her brother’s eyes when she told him about he articles, the widely known knowledge that Stiles had a soulmate who he wasn’t with, knowing that her brother hadn’t purportedly found his own soulmate yet, the theory that her father was naturally colorblind… Fucking genetics.

“Stiles, man the fuck up. I’m pretty sure Derek is colorblind. I’m probably colorblind.”

“I know Derek was fucking colorblind, Cora. How the fuck do you think I knew I wasn’t his soulmate?”

“Oh my god, the two of you have to be fucking made for each other. Stubborn self sacrificing idiot assholes, the both of you.”

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This isn’t really what you asked for I’m sorry. I can never write what you ask😂 I’m really sorry😂😂 But hey, they do go on a date.

“Truth or Dare?” Piper asked Percy with a sly smirk.

Percy knew the moment he saw Piper’s smirk neither choice were good ideas but after a few too many drinks in his system, he was feeling pretty adventurous. “Dare.”

Piper’s smirk widened. “I dare you to ask goody two shoes Grace out on a date.”

“Piper I don’t thi-” Nico tried to argue.

“He said dare. He doesn’t have to if he’s too chicken.”

“Piper I agree with Nico on this one. I get dares between you two are always extreme but this is kinda crossing the line don’t you think?” Frank suggested.

“He’s done worse. So what’s it gonna be Jackson? Are you gonna go on a date with Zeus’s Golden boy or are you too chicken?” Piper asked.

“Percy I really don’t think you shou-” Hazel tried to say but Percy interrupted her.

“I’ll do it.”

Piper smiled, “Great.”

Percy got up from his spot on the floor at the party and went off on his way to find Jason. Nico staggered off after him. “Percy wait! I really don’t think you should do this. This is a terrible idea. Jason really likes you, this could really hurt him if he finds out.”

“If he finds out Nico. He’s not going to.” Percy pushed past people and spotted the blond beauty sitting on a couch looking miserable next to another blond with gray eyes Percy recognizes as the stuck up snotty know it all in his Psychology class named Annabeth Chase. She looked to be engaging in a conversation with two other girls, one Percy has no idea who she is, and the girl sitting in her lap, he recognizes her as Jason’s older sister Thalia. The girl who’s lap she’s sitting on must be her girlfriend.

“Percy please don’t do this.” Nico pleaded. “Just tell Piper you did but he declined and we can continue on with that stupid game. Please.”

“Can’t do that Nico. Piper’s right, I did worse things, and it’s just a date. Not like I’m gonna end up dating the guy.” Percy ignored Nico’s protests and made his way over to Jason.

Jason looked up surprised to see him, “Hello?”

“Hi.” Percy plastered a charming smile on his face and sat down on the arm of the sofa next to him. “You seem miserable. Parties aren’t your thing?”

“That obvious?”

Percy laughed, “A little bit. Not many kids who come to a frat party sit around on a couch looking like they would like to be anywhere but here. They mostly come to drink. Which you’re not doing.”

“Dancing with drunk sweaty college kids and having drunken one-night stands aren’t really my thing.”

Percy gave him another smile, “Then what are you doing here at a frat party at a well-known fraternity house?”

Jason nodded in the direction of one drunken Leo Valdez dancing, or well trying to, with a very amused looking Calypso. “My friend Leo dragged me here, saying how I need to relieve some stress, and he promised he wouldn’t leave me here alone but the minute we got here he headed off to meet some girl by the name of Calypso or something. So then I found my sister Thalia with her girlfriend Reyna and their friend Annabeth and here I am.”

“Well since your friend abandoned you, and I’m basically the fifth wheel with my friends right now, about we leave this party and go do something? Anything you want?”

Jason tried to hide the blush on his cheeks, “Is this your way of asking me out on a date?”

“What can I say?” Percy gave him another charming smile, “I like you Grace. And I can’t let such a pretty face be miserable at a party they didn’t want to attend.”

“What about your friends?” Jason asked. “Won’t they notice you’re gone?”

“Nah, Frank and Hazel are probably gonna head back to their dorms anyway, they’re not ones for parties like these, Nico’s probably off to find his friend Will. And,” Percy looked in the direction of Annabeth and seen her talking with Piper who gave him a smirk and a subtle wink then turned her attention back to the curly haired blonde in front of her. “Looks like Piper met your friend Annabeth. I won’t be missed.”

Jason thought about it for a moment and nodded, standing up from his spot on the couch. “So where to Jackson.”

Percy smiled to himself and grabbed Jason’s hand and led him out the fraternity house. “The carnival’s in town for the weekend. I heard it makes for pretty awesome first date.”

Jason laughed and allowed Percy to drag him away.


“I’m gonna win you that Nemo.” Jason said looking over at Percy. “You’re gonna have Nemo.”

Percy smiled, “Oh really? I’m gonna win you that Underdog. I’m quite good at this game.”

“I think I might be better Jackson.” Jason teased with a smile.

“In your dreams Grace.” Percy smirked.

“Is that a challenge I hear?” Jason smirked.

“As a matter of fact, it is a challenge.” Percy smirked, “Whoever wins the most stuffed animals gets a..reward..”

Jason chuckled and looked over at Percy with a smile. “So we’ll get stuffed animals and a reward? Sounds good to me. What’s the reward?” Jason asked with a smile.

“Whatever the winner wants.” Percy smiled.


“So..that didn’t really go as we thought.” Jason said holding his Underdog stuffed animal Percy gave him.

Percy smiled and shook his head holding his Nemo Jason gave him. “Looks like we’re not as good at that game as we thought we were.”

Jason chuckled. “At least we tied. Where to now?”

“I think they have a haunted house or something since it’s Halloween weekend. We can go there.” Percy suggested. “Or on some roller coasters.”

“Hmm..roller coasters first. Haunted house before we leave. That way,” Jason stopped walking and smiled. “I can pull the brave boyfriend card who walks their poor scared little girlfriend to their doorstep.”

Percy laughed and grabbed Jason’s hand, entwining their fingers. “So I’m the scared defenseless little girlfriend?”

“Yup. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”

Percy laughed again, “Ah yes I feel so protected.”


“I don’t think that was a very good idea..” Percy muttered as they left the haunted house and made their way back to Percy’s car.

Jason laughed and wrapped an arm around his waist, “Scared are we?”

“I’m not the only one who screamed bloody murder when that chainsaw dude popped out of fucking nowhere and chased us around that house.” Percy sassed.

Jason laughed again and smiled, “I didn’t scream bloody murder. You’ve must’ve heard yourself. I only let out a gasp of surprise. He did pop out of nowhere.”

Percy rolled his eyes. “Yeah, okay Jay. That was fun though. We should do this more often.” Percy smiled, “But maybe next time we shouldn’t go to a haunted house on Halloween.”

They drove in silence for a little bit, the only source of sound coming from the radio and Percy singing slightly off tune to a Halsey song.

“Sold my soul to a three-piece, and he told me I was holy. He’s got me down on both knees. But it’s the devil that’s tryna, hold me down, hold me down. Sneaking out the back door, make no sound. Knock me out, knock me out. Saying that I want more, this is what I live for.”

“So you’re a Halsey fan?” Jason asked looking out the window.

“If you say she’s not your kind of music I swear I’m kicking you out this car.” Percy threatened with a teasing smile.

Jason laughed and looked over at him with a smile. “I actually like her. Just started listening to her and now I’m hooked.”

“Good,” Percy said relieved and gave him a charming smile. “I’d hate to have to kick you out my car for disliking Halsey after the great date we just had.”

Jason laughed again, “So what song’s your favorite?” Jason asked as Percy pulled into the campus parking lot.

“Hmm..that’s a hard one.” Percy thought about it for a moment. “Colors.” He said after think about it for a few moments. “I can kinda relate to that song a bit.”

“How so?” Jason asked confused as they started walking to the dorms.

“The song’s about a guy who’s addicted to drugs and how he can’t find happiness unless he takes them. When he does take them, he pours out deep thoughts into her and kind of turns her into him. But then, he doesn’t like what she’s turned into, so he leaves her. Its also saying how he’s lost his colors and how he’s gray and dull. Back in high school I dated a guy like that named Luke. I met him at a party my junior year of high school. We talked and ended up having a one night stand that kinda turned into more. I liked the bad boy attitude he had, now that I think back on that relationship, I don’t see how. I guess I thought I could change him.”

“What happened?”

“He left.” Percy let out a sigh. “He couldn’t stand what I was turning into, him, so he just left. Not a goodbye or anything. I was devastated, but Hazel and my friend Rachel made me realize it was for my own good. They didn’t want me to end up like him which I’m thankful for. They’re good friends.” Percy turned to him with a small smile, “What about you?”

“Probably New Americana or Drive.” Percy nodded his head in agreement. “They’re good songs.”

Jason smiled slightly, “So who put you up to it?”

Percy’s smile slightly faded, “Excuse me?”

“Who put you up to it?” Jason said turning to face him. “To going on this date with me?” Percy froze. “Before tonight we never spoke, didn’t take any classes together, and we never even made eye contact. Why all of a sudden tonight?” Jason didn’t seem angry in the slightest, just a little bit hurt and confused.

Percy looked down at the ground at a loss of what to say, after a few moments he looked back up at Jason who was staring at him expectantly. “It was my friend Piper.”

“McLean? Yeah figures.” Jason sighed and looked away, running his fingers through his hair. “I met her back in high school. Always trying to set me up on blind dates with people she knew. Should’ve known this was another one of her schemes when she sat down next to Annabeth. And now she dragged you, the guy I been crushing on since freshmen year orientation, into it. Look, this was great and all, you can tell Piper I said thanks a lot, but I can find my own self a date. Thanks though.” Jason sighed and turned around started to walk away.

“Jason wait!” Percy said grabbing his wrist and turned to face him. “I’m really sorry. This did start out as one of Piper’s dares, but it’s not anymore. After spending time with you and talking to you, I really do like you. You’re a great guy and anyone would be lucky to go on a date with you. You’re cute, you have an amazing sense of humor, you’re fun to be around. Honestly, you’re the life of the party.”

Jason blushed, “Oh shut up.”

Percy smiled, “And I’d be honored to take you out again. And again. And again.”

“You’re not just staying this because you feel bad for me right?” Jason asked quietly. “Because if so you can leave now.”

“Of course not.” Percy said softly before entwining their fingers together. “And to be honest, I always thought you were hot. But you’re so far out of my league. Never really thought I had a chance.”

“Should’ve just asked instead of assuming.” Jason sassed. “If I didn’t like you I wouldn’t have agreed to this date. Or the ones after this.”

Percy smiled, “So does this mean I get another chance?”

Jason smiled and made it to his and Leo’s dorm room. “Sure.”

“Goodnight Jason.” Percy smiled and kissed his cheek. “I’ll walk you to class tomorrow.”

When Love Fails

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Fandom: Avengers
Pairing: Steve x Bucky
Word Count: 803 words
Warnings: extremely mild language, angst
Type: One shot
Based on this prompt
Author’s Note: If you get confused, bold = Bucky, bold + italics = Steve.

What time does your flight get in again? 1:02am

1:15pm. 1:03am

And what gate is it? 1:03am

36A. You know all this. Why are you asking again? 1:04am

Just want to make sure it’s fresh in both of our minds :) I’m so excited. Tony has been making fun of me all day but I don’t care. I just want to be able to finally hug you. 1:05am

Stevie, you’re makin’ me blush. 1:05am

That’s what I’m here for, Buck ;) 1:05am

We should probably get some sleep, huh? 1:08am

Probably. 1:10am

You said gate 36A, right? :P 1:11am

Lol Steve. Go to sleep, my captain. Dream a little dream of me. Just think, in twelve hours we’ll be together. 1:15am

Can’t wait! Dream a dream of me, too. I love you, Bucky. 1:16am

Love you, too, Stevie. G’night. 1:17am

Good night. 1:19am

Good morning. :) I’m on my way to the airport right now and just wanted to tell you that I love you and that I’m counting down the hours until we will finally be together. See you soon. 9:27am

I overslept! 12:09pm

I’ll be there, don’t worry! 12:10pm

The airport isn’t far from my apartment anyways. I’ll be there, Buck. I promise. 12:11pm

Just landed. You won’t believe the nightmare I went through at customs. 1:12pm

Lol I can only imagine. 1:13pm

Honestly how long does it take to park a plane and get everyone off it? 1:25pm

Relax, Steve. We’ve waited a year and a half for this, I don’t think a few more minutes will kill us. :P 1:26pm

Yeah, yeah, yeah. :P 1:26pm

I’m the one in the blue hoodie when you finally get off the plane. 1:31pm

They’re finally letting people off. See you in a few minutes! :D 1:33pm

Where are you??? The last person just walked off the ramp. I don’t see you… 1:40pm

Are you at the right gate? I don’t see you, either. 1:42pm

Yeah, 36A, just like you said. And this is the Dulles International Airport. 1:43pm

What are you wearing? I think I see you. 1:46pm

I’m in a red shirt and tan leather jacket. 1:46pm

Oh. Never mind. That wasn’t you… 1:49pm

Steve…what’s going on? 1:51pm

Steve? 2:04pm

Hello??? Oh, captain, my captain, are you there??? 2:11pm

Seriously, I’m the prankster here, not you. Joke is over. I’ve already got my bag. Where are you??? 2:20pm

Bucky… I just asked a person from the airline… She said no one on your flight was named ‘Bucky Barnes’ or even ‘James Barnes’… Did you use a different name? 2:26pm

No, I bought my ticket as Bucky Barnes. What the hell? 2:28pm

What color is the tiling, Buck? 2:33pm

What?? 2:34pm

Just answer. What color is the tiling? 2:34pm

What tile? It’s carpet. Gray carpet. 2:36pm

Are you sure you’re at the right airport? 2:39pm

Isn’t it Dulles International Airport? Did I get it wrong? 2:48pm

-New Multimedia Message- 2:52pm

My ticket says Dulles Int’l. That’s weird. Maybe there’s two different terminals? 2:53pm

Airport person says there’s only one gate 36A. 2:59pm

Are you sure? 3:00pm

I just got off the phone with Tony. Figured he would have an explanation, but… 3:11pm

Buck…he said he’s been playing with the fabric of time and space. 3:13pm

He thinks he created a door to an alternate universe. And that that’s how we’ve been able to talk. 3:16pm

Tony can shove it up his ass. That’s impossible. 3:20pm

He started just over a year and a half ago. 3:22pm

That’s when we started talking. 3:22pm

No, this is just a bad dream, right? I can just pinch myself and I’ll wake up, and then we can actually meet. In real life. Because this can’t be real. 3:30pm

Bucky… 3:31pm

You’re wrong. Tony’s wrong. No. I haven’t gone through all of this just to have the one thing I really care about taken away from me. Steve, please, one of us made a mistake. Give me directions to your apartment and I’ll take a cab, and I’ll see you there, okay? 3:33pm

What airport are you at, Buck 3:34pm

I already told you, Dulles Int’l. Why? 3:35pm

-New Multimedia Message- 3:36pm

So am I. We’re not in the same universe, Bucky. It’s the same airport, but yours has carpet. Mine has black and white tiles. I can’t think of anything else. 3:37pm

So that’s it, then? Your ‘friend’ Tony can’t mess with whatever he’s been messing with some more and bring me to you? 3:44pm

Steve, don’t ignore me. 4:05pm

Steve, Jesus Christ, answer me. 4:12pm

Tony says that wouldn’t work. I’m sorry, Buck, but this is the end of the line. This isn’t something we can fight. 4:27pm

I love you. 4:48pm

Error 8807: The number you are trying to reach has been disconnected. 4:48pm