he then regrets it 5 minutes later

So my friend send me this rant about T.O.P’s marijuana scandal:

So, honestly, this whole T.O.P. marijuana scandal sounds like bullshit to me for multiple reasons:

  1. Why are they releasing this now? They claim T.O.P. smoked marijuana on October 2016 (I may be really bad at math, but it’s been 8 months) They tested his hair for marijuana and he allegedly tested positive, but traces of marijuana only last 3 months in hair follicles so if tested recently, it would’ve came back negative.
  2. He’s in the military: If they tested him before entering the military (which he did Feb. 2017) then it would’ve came back positive and he wouldn’t have been allowed to join the military, let alone as a conscripted policeman.    
  3. BigBang has been down this road before: GD had a marijuana scandal back in 2011 and it was “handled”. I highly doubt T.O.P. would be stupid enough to engage in this reckless behavior without at least making sure he’ll pass the drug test.    
  4. A “friend” of T.O.P. claimed he smoked marijuana with him: Nobody knows where this “friend” came from and why he would suddenly confess to doing this, knowing that he will put his “friend’s” career in jeopardy. With friends like this who needs enemies?
  5. The “friend” mysteriously vanished and now a trainee smoked weed with T.O.P. : Choi Seung Hyun WOULD NOT INVITE A FREAKING TRAINEE TO HIS HOUSE! Seriously guys? Agencies wouldn’t allow that. She’s a freaking trainee and is being held under suspicion of drug use? Probably other drugs besides marijuana. If that was the case and she was being held, she was already screwed on her own. Why drag T.O.P. into this? Desperate for attention? Or just a big pile of lies and this trainee doesn’t even exist!
  6. The dates and details keep changing: First, they said he smoked marijuana in June. Then they said it was in October. Second, news say T.O.P. denied using marijuana; 5 minutes  later YGE releases a statement apologizing for the events and claiming he is “deeply regretting his actions.” Third, news say a friend admitted to smoking with T.O.P. then that changed to a trainee, and now it  is being said multiple women were present and they all recently magically tested positive after smoking weed in October (just refreshing your memory: 8 months ago).
  7. Timing is SUPER suspicious: Not  only do they decide to release this waaaaay later than the date when it  would’ve at least been plausible, but a week before GD’s comeback as a solo artist? Probably a sabotage for his comeback or something. And to top  it off, they want to say the government has a financial stake with YGE (which explains why GD and Park Bom were let off the hook) but now that T.O.P. is involved, he no longer has the protection his label mates had.    

Again, I’m not saying he didn’t smoke the freaking pot. Maybe he did, but why release this now?! It makes no sense at all. This is all really sketchy. Theory is: they’re trying to either get lots of attention or covering something way worse than this because that’s just how it goes in Korea. Maybe it’ll clear up soon or maybe we’ll never know the truth, but one thing’s for sure; A LOT of people are lying here. Hopefully this doesn’t affect the other members, since they have no part in this and he’ll get out of this because he did nothing wrong. 

오빠 화이팅!

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We Have Rules For A Reason [Epilogue]

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Epilogue of We Have Rules For a Reason

Ch1  Ch2  Ch3  Ch4  Ch5  Ch6  Ch7  Ch8  Ch9  Ch10  Ch11  Ch12  Ch13

Series Genre: AU/Smut/Fluff/Angst at times

A/N: Set 5 years in the future from final chapter

You couldn’t believe the club was celebrating 5 years of being in business already. It’s crazy success, due in large part to your efforts led JYP to offer you a joint partnership in this club and all his future business endeavors. You no longer had to run day-to-day operations. You now got to pay people to do such things for you. It felt like you had finally made something of yourself and tonight, you were going to celebrate.

You made your way into the VIP lounge for the first time as a guest, not a manager. 

Your eyes lit up when you saw the 6 familiar faces that filled it.

“Y/N! Welcome to the fun side of the nightlife,” Jackson joked. “Please tell me the new girl is as cute as you. I need someone new to tease”.

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An: This is for @mickeymouse-911 for the prompt Gruvia - Outlaw AU.

Brick bit into Gray’s fingers and palms as he crouched protectively over Juvia’s huddled up form. He was certain they’d lost them, but fear kept him quiet and still as he listened for any sound of continued persuit.

Juvia’s hot breath fanned his shoulder, but she made no noise and kept perfectly still beneath him.

He counted down from a hundred once, twice, then finally let his muscles uncoil. His gaze dropped to hers and their eyes locked and then he was shifting away and his hands and were running over her body checking for wounds.

“Juvia’s fine Gray-sama,” she whispered, even as she did the same with him.

Gray nodded but continued his own assessment anyways before his hands finally came to rest on her stomach. He drew in a breath and let it out trying to calm his frantic heart rate. “I’m gonna kill that asshole. This job was supposed to be risk free.”

Juvia quirked a brow and cocked her head to the side. “Gray-sama knows there’s no such thing.”

He did. He knew that in their line of work everything had risks, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t be minimized. This job was supposed to be as safe as they come, he’d never have taken it otherwise. Not with her.

Anger and frustration welled up in him to replace the fear. “Next time I’m taking someone else.”

Juvia bristled at the statement and glared up at him.

“Don’t. Don’t even try to protest I need my head about me, and I nearly lost it when that asshole shot at you.”

Juvia shoved him off of her and scrambled to her feet. She dusted off the dirt from her clothes and hissed at him. “So what? Juvia is just supposed to sit at home and wait while Gray-sama goes and risks his life? What’s she supposed to do if he doesn’t come home?”

“Better than neither of us coming home. Sides, Erza will make sure you’re looked after.” Gray regretted his choice the minute it left his mouth.

Juvia’s eyes narrowed at him and her mouth was set in a thin line. “Cause that went so well the last time.”

She threw his shirt at him, before turning on her heel and marching off towards their home.

He let it smack him in the face and sighed knowing he’d just lost any chance he had at winning this argument. He tried to figure out the best way to back track as he stood and followed after her.

Their walk back was mostly silent, but as they neared the entrance to their little shack Juvia slowed her pace. She glanced back at him over her shoulder, most of the anger and bitterness having left her. “Why does Gray-sama even need to go on so many jobs?”

Gray sighed, and closed the distance between them, wrapping his arms around her and his hands landed on her stomach again. He leaned forward and nuzzled her neck. “Cause we’re having a baby. They tend to get expensive.”

It was mostly true. Though a part of his brain reminded him that he’d been mostly true with her the last time, and that had blown up royally and left this huge gap between them that he was still trying to find a way to fix.

“We can make do with less.”

His left hand found hers and his fingers traced her knuckles, lingering over her ring finger. He thought about the shiny ring on layaway, and about the hurt and fear in her eyes no less than an hour before. They could, but he didn’t want her to have to make do, and he needed her to know he wasn’t going to disappear. Know it and believe it.

“I know,” he whispered against her skin. “I know, but I don’t want that life for the two of you. We’re wanted, and on the run, and that’s tough enough. I just- I know you wanted more than this.”

Juvia turned in his arms and stared up at him. “Juvia may not have chosen this life, but this life brought her to you. She doesn’t regret that, no matter what the cost.”

Gray nodded and pulled her into him. He kissed her forehead. “Only a few more, please. Then we’ll do it your way.”

“Only if Gray-sama promises we’ll do it together.”

Gray nodded, and rubbed her knuckles again. “Together. I promise.”

AN: Sorry this one got angsty. As you can probably tell these aren’t really 5 minute drabbles. More like 20 min, but I’ll keep writing the rest once I’m at work and will post more later. :)

Joe Biden better get his ass ready for 2020 because I don’t wanna hear him saying he regrets not running in 2016 for him not to run in 2020, that shits like emotional blue balls and I’m not about it.

Although just wait for it, leading up to 2020 we’ll all be begging Biden to run and then he will and 5 minutes later the fake ass “progressive radicals” will label him a neo-liberal and tumblr will have a whole other dumbass discourse session on what’s worse - a paper cut or having a whole chainsaw jammed up your ass, just like we did with Clinton.

Behind the Walls (Chapter 4)

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Pairing: Professor!Bucky X Reader

Words: 1,396

Warnings: Cursing!

Summary: You are currently getting your PhD in Art History, your dissertation being about The Power of Nudity in Art. Your advisor recommends you switch from being her TA to another professor because she feels her health is declining and wants you to get the best help/advice from someone new. She recommends Dr. James Barnes and believes he will be of great help to you. Things don’t turn out as you plan.

A/N: thank you @amxwxxld and @confidentrose for making my day with those comments!! Also, does anyone want to be tagged by any chance???

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wanna make pie?

Pairing: dean x sister! Reader  Sam x sister! Reader

Summary: dean and you get always bored when there is no hunt but what are you going to do to kill the time?

A/N: its was really a weird week for me so its a little late. i hope you guys like it. im sorry that it took so long. i have 4 weeks and then im done with school so this is the hectic week so sorry if my fics are coming late. 

“I’m so bored!” you heard through the whole bunker. It was the day without a hunt and you and dean are bored as hell. Sam can do anything without being bored but you and dean not.

You and dean did everything to do something. Dean already cleaned baby three times. And shoot in the shoot ranch and cleaned his room. You to instead of washing baby because dean don’t want you near the impala.

Dean walked over to the library and let him fall in one of the chairs. He looked over to Sam that was still reading in the book that he started this morning. Dean tried to get Sam interest with clicking his tongue and making weird noise. Sam did his best to ignore it but it was to annoying.

“what!” Sam said and slammed his book on the table.

“I’m bored.” He just said.

Sam rolled his eyes. “can you just annoy Y/N or something?” he asked.

You heard that right when you walked in the library. “then he is done quick because I’m bored to.”

“ughhh! Great.” Sam said and rubbed his eyes. “ why can’t you just make something?”

“uhhmm….. dean, do you wanna make pie?” you asked him. Dean was on his feet real quick and walked already over to the kitchen. “I think that is a yes.” You shot Sam a smile and walked away to the kitchen.

Sam grabbed his book again and continue with reading with a little smile on his face. now finally he can read quietly. But then he remembered that you and dean alone in the kitchen making something is not good.

You entered the kitchen and you saw a too excited dean in front of you. “how are we going to make a pie? All the stores are closed now.”

“calm down Mr. to excited. I have a box for pie where we only need to add a few things in it.” You looked through all the Cabinets. “got it!”

While you were busy with finding the box dean already grab everything that you needed to use to make it. “oke what now?” he asked you.

You read the direction on the box. “we need to put eggs and vegable oil in it.”

Dean looked you with wide eyes. “only that!?” you nodded. “that not fun.” He pouted his face just like a small child.

You rolled your eyes. “do you want pie?” he nodded. “then stop with that pouting face and help me.”

After being busy for a few minutes you felt something hard cracking on you head. It didn’t took while until you felt a slimy subs tens dripping down to your face. “dean!!!!” you yelled. Dean was cracking up from laughing. “you going to regret it!” you took some of the pie mix and smash it in his face.

You were laughing really hard. Whole deans face under the white pouder. He smirked and that was the trigger for you to run so quick as you can. You entered the library and saw Sam looked confuse at you with still egg in your hair. A minute later dean came in with still the white pouder on his face.

You and dean where running around the table like two 5 years old. After a half an hour where you done and let you fall in one the chairs. “and did you make pie? And are you guys still bored?

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Shiro x reader part 1

They all knew it was a dangerous mission. Yet here they were, preparing to risk their lives for the greater good of the universe. After all they were the defenders of the universe. Though there was one paladin, specifically the black paladin, who didn’t want someone to go. That someone was you. He didn’t want anything to happen to you, and it was your first mission after all. The thought of you getting hurt made his whole body hurt. (feels, that’s what feels, feel like)

  Shiro sighed. He knew that this was your first mission with them. And he knew there was the possibility of you getting hurt. But that’s what you trained for everyday. To get stronger, and don’t get him wrong, he knows you’re strong. You sparred with him and landed several hits on him, most of them hurt. He just didn’t know if you were strong enough to fight a galra soldier.

  Shiro stood and walked from his room to your room, which was right across the hall. He wanted you to stay, to make sure you don’t get hurt. It was pretty obvious he loved you. So he would be willing to do anything, anything to make sure you don’t get hurt.

  Before Shiro could knock the door opened and our you came with your hair in a low ponytail. “Hmm? Oh! Hey Shiro!” You smiled enthusiastically which made butterflies in his stomach. Your smile sort of lit up the whole room. Shiro cleared his throat before speaking. “Hey (y-y/n). I need to talk to you.” You nodded and moved to the side so he can pass. He entered your room and noted how everything was either on your selves or the floor. You weren’t the most organized one. Maybe that was why you never let Coran in your room, he would freak!

  Shiro smiled a bit. You waved your hand in front of him to get him out of his daydream. He blinked and grabbed your hand. Shiro then remembered the reason he was here, this brought his smile to a frown. Which made you frown. “Hey, Shiro? You o-”

  “You can’t go on the mission with us.” He inturrupted you. You looked at him with a questioning face. But that sooned turned into a look aof disbelief. “W-what? Why? Did I do some-something wrong?” You could feel your eyes prickling with tears. And Shiro was sure his heart broke.

  ‘because I don’t want you to get hurt.’ Shiro thought, but he couldn’t bring himself to say that. Instead he said something that he regretted immediately. “Because, you’re weak and I don’t want the team to get hurt. You’re better off here.” Crack. That was all you could feel. Your heart cracked and was at a shattering point. 'I didn’t mean that.’ Shiro thought he said out loud. “I just don’t want anyone important to me to get hurt.” That part was said out loud.

  “I’m not important to you?” You asked quietly. Almost like a whisper. Shiro barely heared it, and he mistook it for something else. He heared “I’m important to you too?” Because he misheard. He answered the wrong thing. “Yes.”

   And at that moment, your whole life shattered. Tears fell, and a sob crept up your throat. “G-get out.” You said quietly. Shiro leaned closer because he couldn’t hear. “Excuse me?” Anger built up in you. “Get! Out! I want you out of here! Leave me alone! I hate you Shiro! Get out!” You didn’t realize what you were saying, but man, did it hurt Shiro. You pushed him out, although it was hard considering he was so tall and strong. He stumbled out of your room and looked back and saw you, tears streaming down, eyes squinted and arms strained. “Now leave.” With that you entered your room and locked the door behind you.

   Shiro felt heartbroken. Sad, anger and regret. He really should have just told you from the beginning. That he loved you and didn’t want you to get hurt. Instead he was an idiot, very unlike him. And he lost the most important thing in the world- no the universe. You.

  You weren’t so good either. The man you looked up to, admired and so dearly loved, broke your heart. You knew you shouldn’t have lashed out at him, but you couldn’t help it. He hurt you. Nobody liked being hurt. Especially by their loved one. (unless you’re the type to love angst! I know I do!) So imagine the pain you felt, and the betrayl and-and the anger! Shiro just came and told you, you weren’t even close to being important to him. You would have to show him! You will show him.


   Sneaking into Lance’s lion was easier than you thought. You just artived a couple seconds earlier and hid behind some sort of control panel. You sat as far away from that as to make sure you didn’t touch anything. You moved your head to the side and felt that your hair was stuck. Yanking it away you had to surpress a grunt. About 1 minute later you heared the lion roar to life. It excited you. This was your first time in a lion, though you hoped your first time would have been with Shiro.

  You shook your head of any thoughts of Shiro. He wasn’t important right now. (lies! Lies I tell you!) You sat in your corner until you felt the lion slow down and lower. Then it sped up and did loopty loops and swirls and alot of stuff. You almost threw up. After about 3 minutes of spinning and twirling it stopped and the lion was safely perched (chirp chirp motherchirpers!) onto the landing pad. You heared the door open and close. Assuming Lance left, you stood and walked up to the pilot seat. You looked through the windows and saw Lance and Keith arguing (sexual tension *cough*) with each other. Hunk was sweatdropping and Shiro managed to say something to separate them. Pidge held out a device and pointed to the right. The others nodded and followed them. Once you were sure they were out of sight you opened the door and jumped out. Landing rather harshley you looked around for anyone. Nothing, good.

  You ran to the oppisite direction, fixing your comm. You only brought it to hear what the others are saying. It was on mute so they couldn’t hear you. Back ti the mission! 'if I remember correctly. They were supposed to disable the main control panel and run out. Maybe that was what Pidge’s thingy was for.’ You were lost in thought, you failed to notice the wall in front of you. Only the wall seemed to have arms. It reached out and grabbed you by the neck holding you up. It shook you and the comm fell to the floor, cracking the speaker in the process. Of all the things to break, why the only thing that speaks to them?

  The thing, you soon found out was possibly the boss soldier, slammed you to the ground. You could barely hear the comm before you blacked out. “Guys…to leave…go!”


  The 5 paladins all cheered in delight. They had escaped without harm. And even though they failed the mission they were happy to be alive. What they didn’t know was that Allura had spent the past 30 minutes trying to contact them.

   When they arrived they were greeted by a frantic Coran. “Allura needs to see you all in the main room! Now” The paladins plus Coran all ran to where Allura was. She was pacing back in forth. Mumbling something in a foriegn language. When she saw the paladins she ran to them. “Finally! Do you know how long i’ve been trying to contact you?! Nevermind that! Look at this!” She ran back to her 'pilot thingy’ and projected a video. It was one of you, getting beat by the soldier boss before being dragged away. Apparently the comms have a mini camera you didn’t know about.

   All of them watched in fear as you were dragged farther and farther. Shiro was the first one to react, he fell to his knees. Lance was the second one, he ran to the screen and started calling out your name. Hoping you would hear him and wake up. Hunk looked like he was about to break. You were a sister like figure to him so why wouldn’t he. And Pidge. Oh poor Pidge. It was as if she had lost her brother and father again, bit it was with her sister.

   Allura waved her hand and the projection dissapeared. “Paladins, now is not the time to mope. Train, we will get (y/n) back.” Allura was handling it well. No, she was breaking. You were her little sister after all. Your capsule was discovered a bit later than theirs. When Coran was cleaning your old room. He saw you in the bed in a sleep state, same as Allura and him. Although he freaked out because the room was hella messy.

  “Now. We must prepare.” Allura walked off without another word. Shiro stood up and glared at Allura. “How could you be this calm about your little sister getting kidnapped!? By the Ga-”

  Allura inturupted Shiro with a side glare. If you looked close enough, you could see streams of tears rolling down her cheek. “Shut up.” And with that she went to her room. (my baby. I’m sorry Allura)

  The paladins looked at each other and nodded. They would train everyday! You were imprtant to them. Familly! So they would do anything to get you back.

   Allura was having the same thoughts. She was going to kill every galra soldier. Every Galra allie. And she was going to make Zarkon pay.

   Dark. That was all you could see. You had no idea where you were, or how long. You remembered clearly of how you got here. You foolishly snuck onto Lance’s lion and tried to pull off the mission yourself. But you were captured and the paladins left. It wasn’t their fault though, you sbuck into Lance’s lion, and you snuck out. And honestly you were regretting it.

  The door opened and in came a galra soldier. “Get up. Hagaar has plans for you.” (I don’t know if that’s how you spell her name) You shivered but knew better than to oppose. Standing up you walked next to the soldier and he shoved you the way you were supposed to go. You walked until you came to a door it was big and dark.

  The door opened and there stood the witch. Smilling sinisterly. She pointed to the bed in front of her and you had to obey. You laid on it. No more than 5 minutes later you felt a pain in your head and arm before you felt pain in your leg. All the pain forced you to go unconcious.

   When you woke up, you weren’t yourself.

A/n: I came up with this a while ago. It’s on my wattpad. I know it sucked but there needs to be more angsty shiro stuff.

Imagine: Being Legolas' daughter and calling him a princess

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“Ada! ada! ada!”

“What is it little one?” Legolas looked down at his 6 year old daughter with a soft smile.

“Ada is a princess!” You giggled.

He picked you up and kissed your forehead,“ Why is ada a princess?”

“Because you have long pretty hair and you wear tiaras and you wear a dress.”

He raised an eyebrow at you,“ sweetheart I am no princess.”

“Yes you are ada!” You giggled.

“Well then what is Naneth?” He asked, amused by his daughter’s persistancey.

“Naneth is a princess too!” You started squirming until he set you down,“ stay right here.” You ran of to your mother’s closet and looked through all the dresses until you found a pretty green one. Then you ran off to Legolas’ room and grabbed one of his crowns. Finally you ran back and handed the items to Legolas.

“Ada put dress on!”

“Ada not put dress on,” he said and set the items to the side. He regreted it when he saw you starting to sniffle. You soon broke out into balling and he rushed to put the dress on.

“Shh shhhhhh, look sweetheart, ada put the dress on.”

“Yay!” You squeeled and jumped up and down.

-5 minutes later-

Thranduil walked in and gave Legolas a confused look,“Do I even want to know what is going on?”

“Yay grandpa!” You jumped up and down again.

“Still haven’t taught her to say grandfather in elvish yet?” Thranduil asked his son.

“I’ve been a little busy lately.” Legolas crossed his arms.

“I can see that,” Thranduil tried to hold in his laughter.

“Grandpa Princess too!”

“What?” Thranduil looked down at his grand daughter.

You ran off and got a red dress then ran back and gave it to him,“ put it on!!!”

Thranduil looked at his son for help, but Legolas just laughed. He looked down at you and you gave him the biggest puppy dog eyes ever,“ pweeeeeeeease!”

-10 minutes later-

You were braiding flowers into Thranduil’s hair when your mother walked in with Tauriel. You ran to Tauriel and hugged her legs then turned to your mother and motioned for her to pick you up. When she did she turned to the two men wearing dresses,“ Awwwwww are the boys playing dress up.”

The two women laughed as the men facepalmed. You smiled enjoying this moment. Your mother walked over to Legolas and pushed his hair away from his face,“ Your the greatest dad ever.” He ran his fingers through her blonde hair and smiled. Then he leaned foreward and kissed her.

“Eeeeeew.” You said and ran out of room. Tauriel laughed and followed the little girl. Your mother looked at Legolas and then to Thranduil.

“You two are not living this down.”

It’s late when Rhett calls , it’s real late but Link answers the phone just the same as he always does. He tries to never miss an opportunity to hear his best friend’s voice on the other line.

They’re thousands of miles away right now, instead of only a couple miles.

Link’s voice is low and raspy when he says hello, Rhett chuckles and tells him he’s sorry he woke him up, but they both know he’s not.

He was just as desperate to hear Link’s voice as Link was his own, it was common knowledge at this point.

Link asks how Rhett’s day went and listens as he recounts it, giving him a play by play of every detail he could remember.

The familiar sound of water running brings an image to Link’s mind, Rhett standing in front of his bathroom sink wearing only his boxers and a tank top, his tooth brush poised in front of his mouth as he tells him to hold on a minute.

Link listens as Rhett brushes his teeth and rinses his mouth and toothbrush before he shuts off the water.

It’s so vivid in his mind it’s almost like he’s there, but he’s not and his heart wrenches in his chest at the thought.

He aches to be there beside Rhett in the small confines of his bathroom, brushing up against each other due to sharing such a small space.

Link’s almost fallen back to sleep when he hears Rhett calling him in a sing songy voice.

“Liiiink, oh linkkkster, wake up Bo”

And of course Link stirs once again, his eyes burn as he checks the time on his cell phone.

“It’s almost 4:30 here, man” he rasps sleepily.

He hears the shifting of the phone and then Rhett’s clothes falling to the floor with a soft thud.

“I know, just…stay up a little longer, I have to shower then we can sleep, okay?”

Link can’t say no, well..he could but he doesn’t, the truth is he loves the way Rhett wants him to stick around, wants him to be there in the only way he can be.

“Okay, bo. Anything for you” his voice is low and there’s a hint of teasing to it that causes Rhett to roll his eyes.

Link hears Rhett flip the phone to speaker and the water cuts on in the shower, he imagines Rhett stepping into the water, his lean body dusted with freckles and blonde hair.

He drifts off to sleep while waiting on him to get out, this happens nearly every time they do this. He’s only out for around 10 to 15 minutes before Rhett is beckoning him back from dreamland.

“I’m out, bo.” He says softly and Link mumbles something back that he doesn’t quite catch. “Come on, I’m making my bed and then we can sleep”.

Link cracks open an eye, it’s after 5 now and he knows he’ll regret staying up at some point later in the day, but it’s worth it just to be able to share as much time with Rhett as he can.

“Mmkay, I’m up…don’t worry” Link’s words slur a bit as he speaks and he can hear Rhett snickering on the other end.

The shuffling sound of Rhett climbing into bed and pulling the covers over himself makes Link wish he were there yet again, curled up next to him, holding him tightly to him like a big spoon holding a little one.

Once Rhett is settled they say goodnight and Link closes his eyes again, he knows that Rhett will stay up longer either reading, watching a movie or playing some game but that’s how it always goes.

Link dozes off listening to Rhett telling him something he read earlier about the multiverse theory and Rhett smiles when he hears his light even breathing the sure sign his best friend is sound asleep.

Rhett whispers goodnight one last time before plugging in his phone, leaving Link on the line like always before settling back onto his pillow to fall asleep watching a documentary on beans.

Teenage Dirtbag

Anon: Hey can you write an imagine where your date to prom ditches you and Patrick Stump offers to be your replacement date? This is v specific I’m sorry if you don’t wanna write it that’s cool lol

A/N: this is obviously based off the song Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus. If you know the song then you’ll see I played around with the POVs from the song a little but everything’s still derived from the lyrics


I watch (Y/N) from afar, admiring her as she sits at a lunch table with a bunch of her friends. They’re the cool but not super popular kids who stay in their own lane, have a good taste in music, and don’t give a single fuck about anything. (Y/N), as usual, rocks her black Keds and tube socks as she crosses her ankles under the table. The bell rings, pulling me out of my trance and reminds me that I have gym in half an hour and should change my shoes now so I won’t have to later. As I walk out of the lunch room, I glance back at (Y/N) as she picks up her bag and her lunch tray, giving me a full few of her grey band shirt and the flannel tied around her waist. I smile to myself and keep walking to my locker, getting ready for my next class. 

 After I get out of 7th period, I take the long way to gym, just because I know (Y/N) is coming from the science lab and I might be able to catch a glimpse of her before class. I look through the window in the door and see the classroom is full meaning her class if running late. I go to the water fountain to waste some time and not look like I’m waiting for someone because everyone knows I’m not, I’m infamous for being the weird kid without friends. I look up and see a prom poster on the wall. It’s coming up this weekend and I obviously don’t have a date. I don’t want one, because I know it’s not gonna be (Y/N). I have to remember that she doesn’t even know who I am nor does she give a damn about me. It’s just the facts of my life and I’ve come to terms with it. 

 I sigh as kids flood out of the classroom and I see (Y/N). For a split second I get the idea to ask her to the prom, worse case scenario she says no, I have no pride at this point and nothing to lose. But then I see her boyfriend walking behind her and remember she’s taken. Her boyfriend’s a fucking dick. He lives a few houses down from me so I see (Y/N) a lot when she’s over there. I sometimes debate on just saying hi to her but I don’t, more or less because of her douchebag boyfriend. If he ever found out how I feel about (Y/N), he would kick my ass. But at the end of the day I’m invisible to him just like I am to (Y/N) and everyone else in this shit hole school. I exhale and walk to gym. I almost wish I hadn’t stopped to see (Y/N) today.

(Y/N)’S POV 

You sit on the curb across the street from your boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend rather, Jake’s house, bawling your eyes out. You couldn’t believe he would do this to you! You came to his house so the two of you could go to prom together and he was fucking some other girl in the backseat of his car. You didn’t even wanna go because it’s really not your scene but he insisted. You had gotten dolled up and kinda excited to just hang out with your friends but now you were left alone. You weren’t crying because of prom, just over the realization that your long time boyfriend was no longer yours. What now? Who do you go to? All of your friends are his friends. You regret ever letting someone get so close for this exact reason. You never wanted to be so dependent on someone to the point where you cry when they’re gone. 

 You drop your head in your hands and sob as you realize exactly how stranded you are. It’s prom night and you’re alone, wishing for someone, anyone to come make you feel less lonely. Low and behold, not even 5 minutes later, you see someone walking over to you: Patrick Stump. 

 "Hey (Y/N).“ He says with a hopeful smile. 

 "Oh, hey Patrick.” You say sadly with a quivering lip. You don’t really know him that well even though you’ve been in the same class for years. He’s pretty much a loner but if you have to talk to anyone besides your friends at school, you’d definitely choose him before anyone else. 

 "Woah, you know my name?“ He chuckles trying to cheer you up. You smile a little and nod. 

 "I’m surprised you know who I am. Or give a damn for that matter….since apparently no one else does…” you trail off, your voice laced with sadness and a hint of anger. As he sits down next to you on the curb, you swear you heard him scoff at your self pity as if it was ridiculous. As if it was impossible for that to be true. You didn’t even want to believe it yourself but you have to accept the truth, denying it won’t help anything. 

“What happened?” He asks, concerned. You wipe your eyes again. 

“I uh, I came here to go to prom with my boyfriend, caught him fucking some whore in the backseat of his car, left without a boyfriend.” You shrug. You can see Patrick in your peripheral shaking his head in disappointment. 

“I knew he was a fucking dick….” he mutters under his breath. 

“He never deserved you, (Y/N). I hope you know that.” You shrug your shoulders. 

“That’s what I keep trying to tell myself….” you sigh. He turns to face you and just stares for a moment. You look over at him in confusion.

“What? I know I look like shit right now but…” you chuckle a little and wipe under your eyes where the black mascara was smeared. 

“Well I believe that people are the prettiest in their most vulnerable state. And if it means anything to you, I think you look absolutely beautiful. Not just now, not just ‘cause we’re in this situation. I’ve always thought you’re just….amazing.” You feel your face heat up and look down at your lap. 

“Well thank you…” you smile a little. Jake never said anything like that to you. Sure, he’d say you look “hot” or compliment the way your ass looked in jeans, but never anything that sounded honest and sweet. You look up at Patrick and for the first time notice his beautiful glossy eyes. He purses his lips which shows the extremely prominent pairs of dimlples on his cheeks and at the corners of his mouth. He wrinkles his forehead and looks down at his lap in thought for a second before speaking. 

“So, I have an idea. I’ve got two tickets to Iron Maiden and no plans tonight. How about you come with me to see Iron Maiden next Friday, no buts, no maybes, and in return, I can take you to prom tonight? It be a shame for such a night to be ruined by him…especially when you look so gorgeous…” It’s adorable how he comes off nervous and sympathetic even while trying to be overly confident. You look over to him with a genuine smile. 

 "Well, Patrick, I happen to really like Iron Maiden and I also think you’re really cute, so it sounds like a win-win to me.“ He turns so pink you could almost feel the heat radiating off his face. He stands up and offers you a hand which you gladly take. 

 After both of you make yourselves look decent, you get in his car and head over to school. You can hear the loud music from outside. He grabs your hand as you walk inside, hand off your tickets and make your way into the gym. It looks completely different, couples everywhere, cool lights, cloth covered tables. It’s totally transformed. You and Patrick both agree that this isn’t your scene and decide to go sit on the bleachers. You get to know each other, drinking out of the flask you hid away and your purse. You talked about so much random stuff that you completely forget about how you ended up here. All of a sudden, the lights go down low and a slow song starts playing. You look at each other, Patrick’s face is struck with fear. 

"Come dance with me.” You stand, holding his hand as you try to convince him to get up. 

“I don’t- I don’t know, (Y/N). I’m not very-” you cut him off, pulling him to his feet 

C’mon Patrick. Just one dance. That’s all.” He gulps as you pull him towards the dance floor where lots of other couples are dancing. You place his hands on your hips and you sling your arms around his neck. You rock from side to side but he still seems very tense, as if he’s afraid to touch you. 

“Patrick, relax.” You smile at him, cupping his cheek with your hand. 

“I’m just a…” you inhale as you think of the right words. You gently lean your forehead against his and close your eyes. 

“A teenage dirtbag. Just like you.” You open your eyes and breathe deep before connecting your lips. Once you pull away, you smirk and raise an eyebrow. He smiles at you and pulls you close as you rest your head on his shoulder. 

“I’m kinda glad Jake cheated on me….” you giggle, eyes still closed and head resting in the crook of his neck. 

“He honestly has no idea what’s he’s missing, (Y/N). You’re incredible. Don’t ever think you’re anything less than enough.”

Imagine having really rough sex with Sonny and someone asks why you have bruises. 

Requested by anon. 

Warning: Smut, spanking, hair pulling, scratching, roughness, name calling, hardcore , anal, oral, Dominant;Sonny, Submissive;Reader

This is completely consensual sex. They have a safe word.

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While initially i might have wanted a more solid reuniting by the end of this season, I am 1000% happy with this moment. We didn’t get a big proclamation of love or a big 5 minute scene where they declare all their regrets over the break up. No, instead we get this beautiful, brief moment within the chaos. And that to me signifies the importance of this relationship and the writers’ understanding Olicity and where they want to take them. The biggest complaint for Olicity in season 4 was the poorly thought out writing and execution of their story. Marc even said later on that the writers were blinded by their timeline and regretted how quickly everything happened between them. I believe he believes they made a mistake in how they wrote season 4. It happens, we’re all human. But what makes those mistakes important is if we learn from them, and I believe the writers did. So instead of big declarations of love, we got this little moment that is reminiscent of early Olicity: they’re roots. And this shows me that their reunion won’t be slapped together for the sake of it. They are going to work they way back to each other slowly, and it is going to be a beautiful journey to witness. A journey both the characters and the fans deserve.  

Fallen Flat

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Genre: fluff, angst

Pairing: Chanyeol x reader

Length: 4,912 words

A/N: this is the much angst-ier version of the Chanyeol Birthday Drabble I did. Fluff in the beginning and then it’s all down hill from there. It hurt more than I thought it would. Also, I think I edited, but I’m so tired I don’t remember.

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From what I have seen about simon might or might not do something stupid,he is seen at the dumort upset but as luke said intense emotions can affect his bloodlust so maybe he did something bad like in the books and asks raphael what he should do or maybe he didn't do anything but is afraid he is losing control and asks for help. It is possible and no matter the issue bloodlust control is something too serious issue for raphael to ignore. Or for simon.

that could be the case. i mean, bloodlust might be connected with vampires’ emotions just like transformation is for werewolves

i kinda hope it’s simon being afraid he might lose control instead of him actually losing control and maybe even hurt someone. because i remember that situation from the books with maureen

simon is such a good person, i just don’t want him to make sth that he will absolutely regret later just because clary broke his heart cause she couldn’t handle being single for 5 minutes

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MAFIA FATHER LEN, dude ever since that one gifset with mob boss Len from coldflashweek I have had a need for Len to be that. LIke, an au or something where Barry, still as a csi, somehow gets seduced by a mob boss until he's welcomed into the family but he has no idea how that happened cause he's like, uh im kinda a cop, but they dont care and Len's happy cause he always gets what he wants and now he has barry. i dunno man i just need a fic like yesterday

OMG yes! Like Len is the mafia boss that even if he and his family do criminal things it actually makes the city better, so there’s a sort of a stand still with Central, but Len sees CSI barry Allen one day and just wants him, lusts after him, will do anything to have him. 

Then, Barry gets caught in the crossfire of one of the mafia family wars and it’s Len that saves him. Barry is thankful, but somehow ends up seeing Len everywhere now. It seems the other family’s have targeted Barry after Len’s stunt and Lisa’s furious because he made the kid a liability to them. He’s jsut a kid Le. You should have left him alone. He doesn’t need to be in this life.

“He chose to enter this life when he decided to work for the CCPD.” Is Len’s only reason. 

So Len continues to seduce Barry with expensive gift, food, clothes and barry wonders when he picked up  sugar daddy. he finally tells Len that he likes the gifts but gifts don’t make a relationship.

“So we’re in a relationship now? If I remember correctly you blatantly shut me down.” Len says as he hands Barry a wrapped box.

Barry blushes. “I thought about it and decided you were right. We are in some sort of relationship. It’s a bit complicated though, isn’t it?” 

“It doesn’t have to be.” 

“But it is. I’m a CSI. I work at CCPD. I have my job that I’ve been working my whole life for because of-” 

“Your parents right?”

“How did you know?” Barry hadn’t told Len anything about his parents. 

“I’m the head of a mafia family, Barry.” 

Barry splutters. “Y-you’re the head?” 

“What did you think I was?” 

“A- a member?! Len this is bad. The head of the Cold Family Mafia cannot be my boyfriend.” 

“We’re boyfriends now?” Len perks up. 

“Not the point, Len!” 

“Calm down, Barry. I told you you were a target. You need to be safe.” 

“But I’m only a target because you…. That’s why I’m a target. They’re using me to get to you.”  

“I didn’t mean for that to happen.” 

“I know you saved me, but this just got even more complicated.” 

“It’s not, Barry. Just join the family.” 

“Len- Len I can’t.” 

“At least get my mark. People will know to leave you alone. That you belong to me.”

“Len, I like you a lot, but this is a huge leap in such a short time. I just admitted we were in a relationship 5 minutes ago and now you want me to done your mark? I may be in a relationship with you now, but what about if we break up?”

“I’d never hurt you, Barry. Even if we did break up the mark means you are under my protection no matter what.” 

Barry bit his lip as he looked at Len. This was bad. Iris knew about Len and so did Joe knew he was having relations with someone from the mafia, but nont the mafia head. He hoped he wouldn’t regret this later. THese things were permanent, but he trusted Len. He’s saved his life multiple times in the past 6 months already. 

He looked Len in the eye for a few seconds searching for something. “Okay.” he said softly.

jacksbbgxo said:Hi, I really love your imagines! Your work is great. And I don’t know if you have anytime but if you do could you do a Nate Maloley imagine where we fight and then you can finish what’s gonna happen. Thanks💘

Hey y'all, I’m back. I wanted to say, that if you guys have any requests you sent me and they haven’t been posted, know these next couple days I will be working on them. As you guys know, I’ve been stressed out with drama and school, that I’ve been posting less and less on here. But I just got suspended from school for fighting, so in the mean time Imma just update like crazy on here! Stay tuned 😌❤️.

Toxic Tranquility:

Being with Nate, is so toxic but relieving, it’s confusing, I know. He puts off this Dickish fuckboy personality, but with me he’s so sweet and caring. But he’s hard headed, and can be really hurtful. We fight, like any other couple, but with both our personalities being literally the same, our fights are worse than normal ones. We both are in the music business, with me being loyal to him, I always tell him what videos I’m shooting, and make sure I get his permission when it means I have to get intimate with a guy, him on the other hand, doesn’t let me know anything. He tells me about his music, but never tells me his shooting days, and what he’s doing in the videos. He recently filmed a video for his new project ‘Skaterade’, and I had to find out through social media that he was intimate with another female. With me I wouldn’t have been mad at him for being intimate with a girl IF he would have asked me about it first. I’m getting pretty sick and tired of having to find out shit about him through his fans, love is about trust and if he supposably is in “love” with me, he should trust me enough to tell me certain things. I was sitting on the sofa, drinking a bottle of Hennessy, when I heard the door unlock. 1am, was the time, 1am was the time he decided to come home, and 1am was the time we were gonna have this fight. I got up from the sofa, and went to the island in the kitchen, grabbing the almost empty bottle of Hennessy. I heard the door open, and close. In walked Nate, different outfit then this morning, which I take as a sign, he just filmed a video. I didn’t look him in the eye, I went around the island to the living room, and got my sweater.

“Hey lil mama” he said placing his arms on my waist, kissing my neck. I detached his arms and ignored him, placing my sweater on. “Are you okay?” He said walking up to me, placing a hand on my left cheek. I didn’t reply, I simply slapped his hand away, and went back to the island, this time sitting on it, and chugging the remainder of the Hennessy. “Stop” he said attempting to grab the bottle. I smacked his hand away, and finished drinking, and that’s when I notice his face shift to anger. He hated when I drank too much, he was scared that one day I’d drink to much and hurt myself, but in this moment I didn’t give a fuck about what he thought.

“What the fuck is your problem?!” He yelled, trying to control his anger. I got up and went to the fridge getting another bottle. “Y/N, can you fucking stop?” His voice shook as he tried grabbing it again. I laughed to myself, opening the bottle and taking a drink. “Why are you doing this? What’s your problem?” He yelled louder, “your my fucking problem” I slurred a bit, but managed to seem normal. “Me?” He chuckled “what did I do now” he threw his arms up “what did you do?…. You know what Nate, I’m tired of telling you over and over what you did wrong” I laughed “I’m so exhausted… So exhausted. I’m worn out, I’m tired.” I said taking another drink “exhausted of what?” “You, everyone, but mainly you” I said taking another drink “why me?” He questioned “I’m fucking fed up with the lack of respect I get, I’m sick of the trust issues and I’m fucking over you not telling me shit.” I hit my hand against the table, causing a sharp pain to go up my body, and causing me to wince in pain. “Stop.” Nate said trying to come near me “get the hell away from me” I backed up with the bottle “you act like I’m some sort of monster, I’m your boyfriend, you should know me well enough right about now” he said fumbling with his hair “that’s the thing, I thought I knew you.. I really did. But it seems as if the fans know more about you than me.” I chuckled “what the fuck do you mean?” He yelled “you never fucking tell me when your going to the club, you never ever consult me when it comes to getting it on with a female in your fucking videos and lately it seems as if your single, rubbing on hoes in the club instead of me” I took another drink.

“I don’t have to tell you what I do in MY videos” he yelled “THE HELL YOU DO!” I yelled louder “YOU DONT FUCKING GET IT DO YOU? YOU PUT ME DOWN AND GO DAYS WITHOUT SPEAKING TO ME IF I DO THAT SHIT BUT WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO ME BEING MAD AT YOU FOR THE SAME FUCKING THING, IM THE BAD GUY?… Fuck you honestly. I’m so loyal to you, telling you everything I do because I don’t want you to be mad or not trust me. And when I ask for the same shit in return? I get nothing but a “I don’t have to tell you what I do in my videos” type of response? Man, you got me fucked up if your gonna have me at some type of bullshit standard where the rules don’t apply to you” I said pushing past him with not only the full bottle of Hennessy but the empty one also. “I DIDN’T ASK FOR YOU TO TELL ME SHIT! YOU MADE THAT DECISION” “but when I told you, you didn’t stop me.” I said letting a tear fall. “All I want, is to know what my boyfriend is doing. Is that so hard to ask for? I wanna know your okay, because God forbids, you get into an accident far from here and I’m not gonna know shit because I won’t know where the hell you are” I cried “you track me like I’m a fucking animal though, let me breath” he yelled. Is he fucking serious? I told him how worried I am about him, and that’s all he can reply? I don’t know if it was all the alcohol I had, or the fact that I have a bad temper, but what I’m about to do next… I don’t have an explanation for myself. “Fuck you” I yelled throwing the empty bottle of Hennessy, he ducked and it went straight into the wall, shattering into a million pieces. I started shaking “you want space? You can have it. I’m fucking done Nathan, as much as it kills me… I’m done. I know I can find someone way better to appreciate me and be as upfront as i am with you. I hope everything you just said was worth it, because here I am drunk at 1:30 in the morning dumping you, all because I cared.” With that I walked out the door.

I ran down the steps of his apartment, stumbling and falling here and there. I was crying, not because of him but because I cared, because I actually cared. I stumbled to the door, hearing steps behind me, I knew it was him. One part told me to stop, let him hold me, let him apologize, and go back to what we were because I wasn’t ready to step away. But my pride, my stupid drunken pride, told me to walk away, to not be like those couples that fight and break up, to only get back together 5 minutes later. “Y/N!” I heard him yell, I could tell he was crying but I couldn’t stop. I opened the door, and ran into the street. I was in the middle of the street, when he called again “Y/N! Please don’t leave me..” He sobbed, I couldn’t let go. I turned back, and saw the regret in his eyes, his hair messy, and his breathing unsteady. Nate raps about never chasing any female, and here he was chasing me… The one thing he said he’d never do, he was doing for me. He was chasing after something he loved, and that’s when it hit me. I couldn’t leave him, even if I wanted to.. I couldn’t. “Nate…” I said stopping, it’s like he had this control over me. I slowly walked back and that’s when everything went blank. I saw white and heard him yell “Y/N look out!” I looked and before I could react.. Boom, pitch black.

I woke up in a bed, I felt pain. Everywhere. I tried to talk, but I couldn’t. I started to have a panic attack, and I heard all these noises. Beeps here and there, getting louder. “NURSE, SOMEONE GET A NURSE” I wanted to see who was calling but I couldn’t move. I felt my hand take grasp of another one “shhh, it’s me” my hair got pulled outta my face, and that’s when I saw him. With such regret and pain in his eyes, Nate. The once happy, smiling, smart ass of a boyfriend, turned into this sad sack because of me. I felt pain, not in my body but my heart, my eyes became wide and tears flowed out “stop crying, stop crying. I’m okay” he said kissing my cheek. I couldn’t control my body, I just shook and that’s when the nurses and doctors busted into the room, I couldn’t tell what they were doing. I felt my hands become restrained and the tube in my throat, slowly come out. The doctor went over to the side, and before I knew it my body became relaxed. A short time later I saw the doctor “hi there!” He smiled, I felt dryness In my throat, but managed to get a couple words out. “Where am I?” I sat up, a bit. “Your in the hospital sweetie, you were hit by a car while you were drunk. You were in a coma for 2 weeks and even though he hit you pretty badly, you don’t have serious injuries, you may feel a bit of pain, but that’s from the impact your body had with the windshield. Everything is healed up, pretty good. But we need you here for 2 more days to make sure your in top shape” he said holding my hand. I stood there as I tried to remember what happened. “Where’s Nate?” I started to panic “I’m right here babygirl” he said, coming beside me grabbing my hand and kissing my forehead. The doctor left to give us a bit of privacy.

I scooted over in the bed, and gently hit the side that was free. He quickly climbed in, and snuggled me into his chest. “I’m so sorry” I started sobbing “no, stop. This isn’t your fault” he said rubbing my cheeks, “everything you said, was true. I should respect you and let you know what I’m doing, because I know if you hadn’t told me where you was heading and shit like that, I’d be mad. I care for you a lot, and I know I’m hardheaded but I never meant to hurt you. Your my fucking baby girl, you make me feel these weird feelings and you manage to make shit easier for me. When I have a bad day at the studio, coming home to you makes me forget everything. I love how loyal you are to me, but my dumbass never returns the loyalty back. All that shit I said, I said because I was angry, I knew me being hard on you pushed you to that point yesterday, and it hurt me. It hurt me seeing the girl I love, the girl I’d give up my life for, the girl I wanna marry, destroy herself because I can’t get my shit together. But no more, from now on I’m gonna tell you everything, imma talk to you when it comes to my videos and I’m not gonna be on females in the club, because I have a beautiful girl like you I’d rather be on. I’m mad at myself for not admitting this earlier, because if I would have you wouldn’t be here. Lil mama, you don’t know how much of me you took with you when you got hit. I almost lost you that day, and I don’t plan on losing you now. I hope that you can forgive me, and find it in your heart to give me a second chance to prove to you, I can be the man you want me to be.” He said kissing my hand.

“Nathan, you know I could never be mad at you” I chuckled, “good, because then this makes what I’m about to do, a whole lot easier.” He said getting up “what do you mean?” I said sitting up a bit, wincing in pain. “Y/F/N, will you make me the happiest rapper alive and be my future wife” he said getting on one knee. I couldn’t respond, my eyes over flowed with tears, “FUCK YES” I chuckled as tears cascaded down my face. His face lit up, as he stood up, and slipped the ring on my finger. He got back in the bed with me, placing sloppy but caring kisses on my lips “I love you” he said “I love the timing you had with this proposal” i busted out laughing “oh come on, you totally ruined the moment” he started to laugh “I’m sorry, but the timing was just perfect” I laughed to myself “we get into a huge fight, I almost die, I wake up from a coma 2 weeks later and you propose…..this is like a fairytale proposal” I balled out laughing “fuck you” he laughed “not now, when I get outta here” I laughed harder “man, I’m gonna be stuck with this for the rest of my life” he said rubbing his head, laughing “you love me, so this doesn’t change a thing” I said turning to his chest “ you got that right” he said kissing my forehead, as we both drifted off into a long much deserved slumber.

'24, 29, and/or 28 with Luke'

“I told you not to go to the club!” I yelled at the almost completely drunk Luke. “I’m sorry I just wanted to have some fun!” He yelled back. “That’s all you do when you’re home! You drink! And it’s all about you! You know there’s two of us in this relationship, it’s not just about you!” I screamed at him. “You’re so fucking annoying! All you do is nag me about drinking!” He shouts just inches from my face. “Get out of my face Luke!” I say taking a step back from him. “Why are you moving back?!” He asks slamming his hand on the wall next to my head. “Because you fucking scare me when you’re drunk!” I blurt out, but instantly regret. “What?” He asks no longer yelling. “You heard me.” I try to fight back tears after saying this. He takes his hand away from my head emotionless and goes to sit on the couch. I immediately run upstairs to our bed room and lay on the bed crying. Moments later I hear the shower start in the guest bathroom. About 15 minutes later Luke comes into our bed room and I’m still crying. I quickly wipe away my tears so he can’t see. He sits down next to me on the bed but I refuse to look at him. I bite my lip to stop the tears that are impatiently waiting to spill. “Look at me.” He says lifting my chin to look at him. ‘At least he doesn’t smell like alcohol any more.’ I think to myself. He pulls me into his chest. “Quit biting your lip, it’s ok to cry.” As soon as he says this all the tears break free. “I’m sorry I scare you when I drink. I don’t mean to be so mean and aggressive. You are my everything and I don’t want to lose you.” He explains while rocking us slowly back and forth.

ReaderxCastiel best friends or more?

Request- Cas and the reader are best friends and in love with each other.

Request- Angels can sleep and Cas and the reader have to share a bed. 

People, even the boys, always assumed Cas showed up when Dean called but that wasn’t the case Cas was more likely to show up if his best friend called. Her name was Y/N Y/L/N. She was absolutely beautiful even if she didn’t see it her self. She has gorgeous Y/H/C hair that seemed to shine under light and stunning Y/E/C eyes that stood out against her delicate features. And if Cas was perfectly honest with him self he was in love with her. And the winchesters knew it. Castiel, Angel of the Lord, was in love with his best friend. 

“Y/N!!” Dean called out as he entered her room that morning.“Get your ass up we have a hunt.”

Y/N groaned in response and rolled over throwing her pillow over her head. 

“You’ve got 5 minutes to get outta bed and be in the kitchen or your gonna regret it.” Dean warned before closing the door and heading back to the kitchen where Sam and cas were talking. Y/N just ignored him and went back to sleep.

5 minutes later as promised Dean strolled back into Y/N’s room with a bucket of ice cold water and pored it over her head. She dived out of bed cussing loudly at Dean when Sam and Cas rushed in to find out what was going on. Sam chuckled Cas just stood there trying not to laugh.

“Dean I am going to kill you!” Y/N screamed. 

“You should of got your ass out of bed then.” Dean laughed before running off with Sam close behind leaving just Y/N and cas in her room. 

Y/N was completely drenched. Cas couldn’t help but admire the way her clothes clung to her figure and her hair framed her face and her white vest top had gone completely see-through. 

Y/N started to get self conscious about how Cas was staring at her but then she started to shiver violently revealing just how cold she really was. Within seconds Cas had crossed the distance of her room and wrapped her up in his arms and started to run his hand up and down her arms to warm her up. 

“Cas your going to get soaked.” Y/N said trying to push Cas away which only resulted in him pulling her closer to his chest and holding her tighter. 

“I don’t care, I can’t just let my best friend freeze.” Was all Cas replied. Y/N just smiled into the warm embrace. 

After a few minutes Cas left Y/N room to let her shower and went in search of Dean to borrow some of his clothes. 

When Y/N walked into the library to find the boys she stopped dead in her tracks Cas was wearing dark blue jeans, black army boots and a black t-shirt that hugged his muscular chest and damn he looked good in casual clothes. Dean speaking brought her out of her thoughts.

“Y/N now your up do you actually want to help with the case.” Dean smirked. 

“Dean it’s a good job your like my brother or I would kill you.” She threatened before turning to Sam. “What’s the case?”

“Looks like a siren were just trying to load pictures of the victims now.”

When the picture loaded the boys gasped in shock. The siren definitely had a type all the victims had Y/H/C hair, Y/E/C eyes and were stunningly beautiful. Sam spoke up first.

“Err guys is it me or do all the victims look a lot like…”

“Y/N” Cas interrupted. 

“What guys they look nothing like me for a start there all gorgeous.” She protested.

“And you really think your not?” Cas asked. “Because you are and you look very similar to those women." 

Y/N was taken aback by Cas’s words she didn’t know what to say.

"So guys as much as I hate to say it I guess this means Y/N is going to have to be bait on this one.” Cas didn’t look at all happy about this plan. 

7 hours later the 4 of them climbed out of the impala and got a room in the small towns only motel. 

“I can’t believe they only had one room.” Dean complained walking into the motel room. It was exactly a 5 start hotel but it wasn’t your typical dump of a motel either. The walls were painted an ocean blue colour and had tasteful decorum and the beds were pretty comfy. 

“Well I guess one person can have the couch, one person can have one bed and then 2 people could share the other bed.” Sam suggested.

“Sounds like a plan.” Dean agreed. “Y/N you realise it’s you who’s going to share with somebody since your the only girl."  "Yeah I guessed as much." 

"Well I’m taking the couch.” Dean replied. 

“I’m taking this bed.” Sam added throwing his bag onto the bed furthest away from the door. 

“Well I guess it’s you and me then.” Cas said turning to talk to Y/N.

“I guess it is.” Y/N replied trying and failing not to blush. Cas couldn’t help but notice how cute she looked when she did that. 

“I suggest we do some more research and try to find out where the siren is finding its victims.” Sam spoke up after a while. And that’s exactly what they did. 

“Hey guys it’s says here that 4 of the 5 girls were last seen in a local club called club inferno. It’s probably where the siren is finding these girls.” Y/N told the boys after about an hour of research. 

“Yeah we should go check it out tomorrow but right now I’m going to bed.” Dean answered. 

“Yeah we probably all should.” Sam added. 

After everybody had got changed Y/N climbed into bed with Cas. Cas visibly gulped at the sight of her in her shorts and vest top. This girl was driving him Crazy how could she have this affect on him she was an angel of the Lord of goodness sake. 

Y/N didn’t have it any better either Cas was only wearing a pair of sweats. How was she supposed to sleep with him that close to her shirtless!

No matter how hard Y/N tried she just couldn’t get comfy. After about an hour of her tossing and turning, Cas finally threw his arms around her waist and pulled her to him placing her head on his chest over his heart and started running his finger threw her hair. 

“Better?” He asked in a low whisper. 

“Better.” She replied. Thanks to the gentle rhythm of Cas’ heartbeat and his fingers still running through her hair Y/N finally drifted off to sleep. 

The next day Sam and Dean were out getting supplies for that night such as the blood of a sirens victim leaving Y/N and Cas alone in the motel room. 

“So what do you want to do Cas we’ve got a few hours to kill before we go out ‘clubbing’ tonight." 

"We could watch a movie.”

“I like the way you think. I’ll see what’s on Netflix” As she said this Y/N grabbed Sam’s laptop and sat down on the bed next to Cas who was sitting up against the head board.

“Oh how about divergent? I read the book it was actually pretty good.” Y/N suggested.


Half way through the film Y/N'a back was starting to hurt from leaning against the head board of the bed and her legs were starting to burn from the laptop sitting in her lap, so Cas pushed them both down the bed so they were lying down placed the laptop on his legs and placed her head on his chest again so she could see the screen better, or at least that’s what he told himself, and wrapped his arm around her waist.

That’s how Sam and Dean found them together fast asleep, curled up together with their 3rd movie playing on the laptop.

Later that Day Y/N was just about to go to the bathroom to go get ready when Dean started to talk to her.

“Hey Y/N, you have faced a siren before right?”

“Never, why?"Dean cringed at her answer.

"They kind of present them self to you in the form of your deepest desire so maybe Cas shouldn’t go into the club with you or else you won’t know which is which.”

“How did you..”

“I’m not blind Y/N. Just remember you can see there true form in their reflection.” Dean said before walking away to let her get ready. 

An hour later Y/N was ready she looked at herself in the mirror. She had loose curls in her hair that framed her face a minimal amount of natural make-up and she was wearing a strapless black dress that stopped halfway down her thigh and had a slit running up one side and a pair of black converse all stars. She always refused to wear heels especially if she was going to be running away from monsters. 

When she walked out of the bathroom the boys reaction was priceless. Sam’s eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head. Deans jaw dropped. And Cas was just frozen of the spot staring at her. Dean was the first to come out of his shock and smirked at Cas reaction.

“You look amazing Y/N.” Sam said.

“Yeah you look hot.” Dean agreed. Cas didn’t say anything just stood there staring at her.

“We’re gonna go wait in the car.” Sam said before dragging Dean out to the impala.

“Hey Cas you ok?” Y/N asked after a minute of him still staring at her.

“Yes I’m fine it’s just you look beautiful Y/N I mean not that you don’t anyway it’s just that you look..” Cas rambled on.

“Cas it’s fine I know what you meant and thank you.” She replied kissing him on the cheek. 

“Maybe you shouldn’t come tonight” Y/N told Cas. 

“What I’m not letting you go by yourself." 

"I won’t be alone Cas I’ll have Sam and Dean.” She missed the look of hurt flash across Cas’ face.

“You don’t want me there?" 

"No I do it’s just.. You know what never mind it’s not important. Let’s go.” Y/N said leaving the motel room and climbing into the back seat of the impala. 

At the club it had been about half an hour and still no sign of the siren.

“Do you know what I need to go to the bathroom.” Y/N said before getting up and leaving. When she came out of the bathroom Cas was waiting there for her. 

“Hey can we talk?” He asked.

“Yeah sure.”

“Look Y/N I’m just gonna come out and say it I love you and I always have.”

Y/N was shocked it took a minute for her brain to kick back in before she replied “ I love you too.”

Cas leaned in close and whispered in her ear “want to get out of here?”

“Yes.” was all she replied with before the two started to leave but Y/N mind started to work overtime 'since when is Cas so forward. when did he become so confident he couldn’t even tell me I looked good earlier without rambling on. Since when would Cas abandon a case… Oh shit!’ Y/N looked up at a big mirror hanging by the entrance and there it was clear as day. The siren with its arm wrapped around her shoulders.

She needed to find a way to get the boys attention but she couldn’t see them anywhere. 

She pulled her phone out of her purse and started to dial a familiar number as she left the club. 

In the club Cas phone started to ring and he panicked when he saw 'Y/N’ flash across the screen grabbing Sam and dean and pulling them over to a quiet area of the club he listened he could tell she wasn’t actually on the phone by the muffled sound of her voice but am he could just make out her saying “are we just gonna stand out here on the car park on night or what?” Followed by a mans voice but he couldn’t make out what he was saying. 

All 3 men burst out of the club doors just in time to see Y/N and a tall man with dark hair walk into an alleyway. They rushed after her. They still couldn’t see the sirens face but he definitely looked familiar. Y/N was doing a great job of distracting him while the boys crept up on him Sam pulled out a small mirror and stood with his back to the siren to see his reflection before giving Dean the go ahead that it definitely was the siren but before Dean could do anything Cas stole the knife from him and stabbed the siren through its back straight through its heart. 

The siren dropped to the floor and Sam and Dean were not really that shocked to see 'Cas’ lying on the ground dead although the real Cas was a whole different story. Sam and Dean decided to do something about the body leaving Y/N and Cas to talk. 

“Your deepest desire is… Jimmy I’m confused you to never met” Cas said giving his signature head tilt. Y/N couldn’t help but laugh at Cas’ innocence.

“No Cas my deepest desire is not Jimmy." 

"Then why.. Oh” Cas said the pieces finally falling into place before a massive grin spread across his face. Not that Y/N saw as she was looking at her shoes.

“Y/N look at me.” Cas said. But she just shook her head so Cas stepped forward and hooked a finger underneath her chin before tilting her face up so her eyes met his. Before he slowly leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers which she immediately responded to. After a minute the need for air became to strong and they broke apart both smiling. 

“I love you.” Cas whispered against her lips. 

“I love you too.” and then they were kissing again like they were the only two people in the world but they could hear the faint sound of clapping and shouts of “finally” from none other than Sam and Dean.

Preference #02 How You Meet


It was an unusually cool summer day and you decided to go on a jog in the park. You put in your headphones and put on your favorite song. You were keeping to yourself and as you went to look down at your phone to change the song you ran right into someone. You immediately looked up to apologize to the stranger that you had hit. When he turned you were instantly lost in his deep blue eyes. “Im so sorry!!”, you had to have said this at least 5 times before the man smiled and responded: “It’s quite alright, I should’ve seen you coming”. You smiled and your eyes travelled down to the dog that was standing beside the blonde gentleman, “Well aren’t you a cutie!” you smiled and pet the golden retriever puppy. “His name is Scout…and can I ask for your name?” he said shyly. “Oh of course, how rude of me to not introduce myself! I’m Y/N” “I’m Niall, it’s nice to meet you, considering how we bumped into each other haha”. You returned a smile and could just not stop staring at the attractive man that was standing before you. When he started talking again it snapped you out of your trance, “I see you’re here alone, would you like to walk with me and Scout? Maybe we could get to know each other a little better” he was so polite how could you say no? Today was just the beginning of a wonderful relationship.


It was June and hotter than ever. You and your 2 best friends were making it a beach day. You all left early to get breakfast and a good spot in the sand. You were all enjoying yourselves and when your 2 friends left to get something at the snack shack, you decided to take a dip in the ocean. You lost all train of thought when you saw one of the most beautiful people you’d had ever seen. You caught yourself staring and quickly looked away. Before you knew it he was coming over towards you, surfboard in hand. “Couldn’t help but notice you watching me as I was surfing, was I alright love?” you couldn’t believe he was talking to you. “Yeah, yeah you were amazing out there!” “Well maybe if you’re not too busy I could teach you sometime..and the name is Liam by the way!” “My name’s Y/N…and I would love that” you said with a smile. You two spent the rest of the day walking on the beach getting to know more about each other. You planned a surfing lesson next week, and you just couldn’t wait until you could see him again. 


It was a cool November day in London and you decided to stop by your favorite little cafe for some coffee and breakfast. When you arrived you ordered a Spiced Caramel Latte and blueberry muffin, you took your breakfast to a small table in the corner. You loved sitting here by the window so you could watch as the people would bustle past to escape the cold. A little while into your meal you noticed that business really seemed to pick up, it was crowded with people trying to keep warm by ordering a hot drink. You didn’t notice someone standing in front of you until he made a small coughing noise. You looked up and the man smiled, “Mind if I sit here love? It’s quite crowded and I love a good seat by the window!”. You returned the smile and told him to sit, you extended your hand “Hi, Im Y/N! And I’m totally the same way, I love sitting near the window..” he returned the gesture and replied “The name’s Louis”. You both sat at the table for hours talking and getting to know each other, not caring about how many people were looking for a table. You guys actually had a lot in common, and you both made sure to exchange numbers so you could meet back up in the little cafe. You definitely wanted to see each other again.


It was around 11:30pm and you decided to make a late night market run. You were in sweatpants, a baggy hoodie, a messy-bun, and had no makeup on. You were hoping not to run into anyone you knew because you were just not up for a social confrontation at this hour. When your parked your car you headed in to grab a few things: milk, fruit, juice, and ice-cream. About 5 minutes later, there you stood in front of the mass array of ice-cream flavors..every time you were here you had trouble picking a flavor. You were scanning your eyes over each flavor until someone spoke up, “Can’t decide? … Me either. It seems like theres a new flavor every time i’m  here”. You looked over and instantly regretted going out in public dressed like you were. There was a very attractive man looking over at you. You laughed in response to what he said, trying to hide your face at the same time. “I know, it’s become quite overwhelming!” you said with a laugh. He laughed as well nodding in agreement. He was dressed in sweatpants, a t-shirt, and a beanie, but he still looked good. You thought he was going to pick something and leave but he continued to stand there. “Maybe we can help each other pick something out..” he said in a friendly tone. “Yeah, that sounds good” you said back. After you both decided on Chocolate Chunk, you browsed the store together, occasionally picking up a few necessities. You were glad you made this late night market run, and left with an attractive boy’s number.


You had to pick up a few things from the store and do some shopping, so when you woke up you got dressed and headed for town. After you got the necessities, you found yourself browsing a flea market. You were looking through a box of vintage music tapes, occasionally picking out a few that you wanted to buy. As you continued to browse, you found yourself looking at different art pieces and canvases. You were infatuated with one piece in particular and were considering on buying it. “You like it?” you heard someone beside you say. “Yeah, it’s really lovely” you said smiling, “It took me a while to finish, but I’m quite happy with the turnout” the dark haired boy said. “You made this!?” you said in a more shocked manner than intended, “It’s unbelievable, you’re so talented, I wish I knew how to do art like this..”. “If you like it, you can have it. I always like making art for beautiful people” he smiled, and you blushed at his words. “I’m Zayn by the way, and if you would like, maybe I could teach you one day how to draw”. You couldn’t believe how nice this boy was, and the fact that he was attractive was even better. “That sounds lovely…would you like to grab coffee? Maybe talk more about art? I’ve always wanted to learn more about it.” you said. “Sounds great!” The both of you had a wonderful time discussing art over a nice cup of coffee. You couldn’t wait to see him again.