he the deceiver

ranking of octopus emojis

he scares me 1/5

a party boy! a happy boy! 4/5

too many thick lines, too serious 2/5

the friendliest of all!! and has the right amount of legs!! 5/5!

there is no life in those eyes 1/5

doesnt look like an octopus, not good, not organic 0/5

i love him!!!! very unique!!! 5/5

a very fancy boy, i fear him 3/5

he’s shaped like a friend, but dont be deceived, he has no soul 1/5

a good boy! his tentacles are uneven but thats okay! 4/5

the perfect friend, the perfect octopus 10/5

noot noot 3/5

I made a Nightkiller child (Nightmare sans x Killer sans) Yeah… is a new otp.

Well here is Dark Moon, you can call him Dark.

He is an asshole, he likes to bother his parents. 

Sadist, likes to kill for fun. 

Is really energetic, sometimes he travels into the dimensions and intimidate some monsters and if he has the opportunity he tries to kill them. 

The best weapon for him are his arms, thanks to daddy Nightmare. But usually he uses a knife.

Don’t trust in him easy… couse he is a really good deceiver. He will show you a smile and wait until you trust in him but then he would kill you. or maybe not

Nightmare: @jokublog

Killer: @rahafwabas

Animals live from day to day doing what their instincts tell them to do, enjoying whatever pleasures they can, giving no thought to the future, totally unaware of the pain, suffering and death that await them. But man is acutely aware of the potential suffering he faces and of the inevitability of death, except to the extent that he can distract or deceive himself. Moreover, this endless game of birth, growth, reproduction, suffering and death goes on and on, and as is true for all life on earth, the game is totally meaningless. It’s not really going anywhere, and there are no real winners. In the long run you’re dead. Life is absurd. It’s a cruel joke of nature, a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Man is the only creature that can appreciate the joke and realize that he has been thrown into a situation that is absurd, without meaning or purpose. This is the human predicament.
—  The Human Predicament

Based on this photo, which was found on Google, which doesn’t really mean anything but I’m saying it anyway.

It was October 31st and Dick was trying to convince his brothers to get into the costumes he had picked out months ago.

So far, it was proving more difficult than he thought.

“I swear, if you fucking think I’m going to wear that piece of junk, I’m taking you to Arkham myself,” Jason stated aggressively, not in the mood for Dick’s antics.

“Why do I have to wear the pink one?” Tim complained, tossing the outfit onto the couch.

“What about me? Why must I be the monkey?” Damian seemed about ready to fight his eldest brother.

“I thought that you guys would like it.”

As each of them gave their version of a scoff, Dick decided that he would have to deceive them.

“Well I already told everyone that we would be dressing up as the Powerpuff Girls.”

Damian cleared his throat.

“…and Mojo Jojo.”

“Oh yeah?” Jason called his brother’s bluff. “Who’s everyone?”

“Umm… Babs, Steph and Cass.”

“So it’s okay if we call them and make sure-” Tim was cut off by Dick.

“No! I mean no, I don’t want to bother her, she’s probably uh, doing her makeup for her costume or something. We shouldn’t interrupt her or anything.”

“Even this ape you wish for me to dress as would not believe your pathetic lies,” Damian said, making Dick give up his charade.

“Okay, fine. I didn’t tell anyone, except maybe Alfred, but you have to wear them.”

“Why should we?” Damian asked, crossing his arms.

All three of the vigilantes standing in front of the boy would have intimidated almost anyone, but Dick Grayson wasn’t one of them.

“Because I made them by hand and it took me a really long time to get them to look like dresses and not like blankets.”

Getting tired of Dick’s hopeless pleas, the group started to disperse, and as a last resort, the original Robin shouted “I’ll make cookies!”

“Yeah right, Grayson,” Jason spat out bluntly.

“You would unintentionally kill us all,” Damian continued.

“Tim?” the eldest asked hopefully, looking to his final brother with sad eyes.

“Sorry, Dick. I don’t want food poisoning.”

And with that, Dick was left all alone with the pile of rejected costumes.

It was about an hour later when Alfred brought it to the attention of the Batkids that Dick was moping around in his room, upset that nobody liked or would wear his costumes.

Tim was the first to start feeling guilty. After a while, the feeling grew, and the boy confronted his both his older and younger brothers.

“Come on, guys. Dick’s upset. When we’re upset he does everything he can to help cheer us up. Why don’t we do the same?”

“Because he’s fucking annoying.”

“I agree with Todd. Grayson does not know when to let someone be.”

“It’s the thought that counts.”

“Not really.”

“Jason please, for Dick.”

“Ugh, fine. Come on Demon Spawn.”

“I never said that I would dress as the ape-”

He was cut off by Jason and Tim’s respective batglares.

“Fine, but you both owe me.”

“Dick?” Jason knocked on the door to his older brother’s bedroom. He and his two younger brothers were wearing their costumes. Jason was dressed as the green powerpuff girl, Buttercup. Tim as Blossom, the pink one, and Damian as Mojo Jojo, the evil monkey. Jason and Tim’s hair was styled to look like their respective characters, Tim’s hairstyle even included Buttercup’s signature ponytail, including the bow, though in reality it was more like just the bow, because his hair was too short.

“Dick, can we come in?”

“No. Not unless you’re going to wear the costumes.”

Damian opened the door and the trio stepped inside awkwardly.

Dick was in his pajamas, watching TV on the bed, and when his head turned and he saw his brothers with their lovely costumes on, he leaped out of bed, grabbed his costume, and ran into the bathroom. When he emerged, he was in full costume, and he had his hair in Bubble’s famous pigtails, grin as wide as can be.


The over excited teen went to his closet and took out a white folded bundle and took some pens from a cup holder at his desk.

The eldest of the four grinned almost sadisticly. “It’s time for phase two of the plan.”

Dick took off running, the other three brothers following in confusion.

“Dick, what are you doing?!“

Dick ignored his brother’s confused cry and continued running down the stairs.

“Oh Brucie!”

Bruce was sitting at the table, sipping coffee when he heard Dick calling him. He did not like the tone of his son’s voice, which hinted that he would not enjoy what was coming.

When the four batboys made it to the dining room, Bruce spot out his coffee.

“What the…”

His boys were wearing dresses and an alien monkey costume.

“Oh Bruce,” his eldest said too sweetly.

“What is it Dick?”

“Put this on,” he said thrusting the white bundle into his arms. “It’s good that you already have your suit on.”

Cautiously, the man unfolded the white blob, which turned out to be a lab coat.

Sighing, he put it on and buttoned it. Bruce knew that if Dick had managed to convince his brothers to wear dresses, he would not stand a chance.

“Great! You already look like Professor Utionium , now all we need is the pens.”

The boy proceeded to take out his pens and spent a good minute arranging them to perfection in the lab coat breast pocket.

“There. Now all we need is to get Alfred into his Mayor costume.”

Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted. Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. For if anyone thinks he is something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself. But let each one test his own work, and then his reason to boast will be in himself alone and not in his neighbor. For each will have to bear his own load.

Let the one who is taught the word share all good things with the one who teaches. Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap. For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life. And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.

—  Galatians 6:1-10

||So… Ryohgo Narita himself says in a tweet that Izaya likes Shinra as a friend, and the narrator of the light novels say “Not a friend by Izaya’s standards but a ‘friend’ as defined by most humans in the world” before Izaya punches a telephone pole when he is trying to tell himself there’s no reason to be afraid of Shinra being mad at him since he has simply always lived his life like that. How much more obvious does it have to be? This is IZAYA we’re talking about. He isn’t gonna come right out and SAY aloud that he cares.

No, he will stubbornly try to deceive himself to believe he doesn’t(even if he did, nobody would believe him). I simply think too many people forget and purposely ignore the very important, but subtle things(which he has done in relation to Shinra to support the canon truth of their friendship as well) just because they refuse to see Izaya as anything but cold-blooded, therefore they simply reject truths to justify their hatred in their minds.

People want to insist that Izaya can’t and won’t ever change. You’re not Narita. You don’t know. Period.

He has changed some. He at least has admitted that he failed to accept Shizuo as human before, in the Sunset novel.

And he has also said that his love for humanity was “impure”.

This is IZAYA.

He’s not just gonna change over night, especially if nobody feels inclined to give him a chance.

Izaya is childish and as such, you have to work with him, at his own pace and be willing to put up with him.

In return for that, you’ll be extremely surprised how far he’ll go for you after afterward.

But even you probably won’t know he’s going that far.

Even so, he’s actually being more honest about his feelings and even admitted the he had “a bit of a personal trauma”(in regards to his and Shizuo’s fight)

He doesn’t know how to deal with his own emotions and, subconsciously or not, constantly avoids them, avoids what he’d rather not face, even if it means denying love.

Narita has also said himself that Izaya’s parents’ absence may have been part of the reason he turned out the way he did, and emotional neglect can be detrimental to the child. He doesn’t know how to handle love, nor reciprocate love.

He may bring it on himself, but he actually doesn’t know how to function any other way.

He has even told Mikado(or Shinra’s sister, one) that he is self-conscious, so that much implies something.

He’s jealous of Shizuo especially for being loved and being able to accept love.

He was jealous of Mikado.

He was jealous of Shinra.

He was obviously also a bit jealous of Celty as well.

Shinra calls him a masochist.

He actually feels a deep jealousy towards the world.

Multiple times, he basically says, “Even I can’t trust me.” and admits, as the narrator, to not being able to control himself at times and leading himself into terrible situations because of it.

He said he felt guilty for how his sisters turned out, but said he didn’t know how to deal with them when his parents put them on him to raise.

They idolized him, and held him to a higher standard than he could probably deal with, and he likely resented it in some way or another.

Izaya obviously has problems.

And he is human. You can’t just ostracize him and decide that he doesn’t deserve to be given a chance and say that he can’t care, when you can’t read him, and especially when he says himself that he even lies to himself.

I don’t know, guys… That scene where everyone’s discussing the most traumatizing part of their life, and Reigen says his was not showing up with bento when he was a kid? I don’t buy it. Reigen’s good at deceiving people. Something he must have picked up as a survival skill when he was growing up. Who’s to say he wasn’t deceiving everyone because he didn’t want to open up to them?

My mind also keeps going back to that part where Mob cries at the thought of beating up a woman. Mob nearly never cries. And although I know part of the reason behind him crying was because he sincerely doesn’t like the thought of hurting women, we also know his mind went to something Reigen said rather than his own thoughts. And unlike other times Mob thought about a lesson Reigen taught him, he cried on the spot.

Had Reigen been particularly emotional when telling Mob this lesson? Had Reigen seemed sad and bothered? Did that add to Mob’s anxiety about breaking one of Reigen’s rules, even in self-defense against a full-grown woman?

Maybe Reigen’s own father was violent towards women. Maybe him and the his mother left his father when they could, and that’s why his mom calls him to make sure he’s doing okay. 

And maybe this could be part of the reason why it’s so important for Reigen to be a father-figure to Mob. Why it’s so important for him to not only set this kid on the right path, but also take him out to dinner and protect him in situations where it’s so likely he could die himself. He wants to prove to himself that he could be a better father than his own. He got so caught up in it, he said something extremely manipulative to Mob, and when he left, he thought he couldn’t change who he was and where he came from.

That’s why it was so important to him when Mob told him he was a good person. Maybe it gave him hope that he really was different.

Snowbarry fanfic

The Start of Something | Read on FF.net

Description:  “Cait?” he asks her quietly, having no idea what he’s doing. “Do you ever think about it?” My take on how Barry finds out about the shapeshifter that kissed Caitlin and what follows from then on. One shot. Snowbarry. AU Season 1. 

Episode 119 - ‘Who is Harrison Wells?’

The little crowd in his lab gradually thins; Cisco, Eddie and Joe all head for the exit, until it is only him and Caitlin in the room, standing with their backs at the sinister proof of Wells’s false identity. Her gaze is on the broad window on the far wall, her lips parted in shock. He half-turns toward her and presses his lips together.

“Caitlin… I’m sorry. I know this is difficult for you to accept…”

“All these years I’ve trusted him”, she whispers. “I can’t believe he’s been deceiving us all along”. She shakes her head and squeezes her eyes shut. “I was so naive.”

Barry shakes his head with force.

“No, you’re not”, he defends. Caitlin looks at him. Barry takes a step in her direction. She backs ever so slightly and he stops in hesitation, examining her. She’s calmer than before, at the lab, but it’s like a restrained terror, rather than a lack of it.

“We were all deceived”, he continues in a softer, controlled tone. “You can’t blame yourself. No one could have known. ”

“You don’t understand, Barry. Before… I didn’t want to believe you. I was so certain about Wells’s innocence, I was willing to visit him at his house and have a heart to heart conversation. Now I realize how idiotic that would have been.”

“It’s not idiotic to have faith in your friends. Your faith has helped me believe in myself countless of times, Cait. It’s an amazing quality to have the courage to stand up for your value. It’s not your fault that some people don’t share them.”

Caitlin smiles warmly, the light of the streets reflecting on her eyes. “Thank you, Barry. You really know how to make me feel better.”

His eyes squeeze into a smiling expression. “Well, I might know you better than you think.”

She chuckles softly and her angelic beauty captivates him for a moment. She’s so… peaceful. He doesn’t want to lift his eyes. After a while, he realizes he’s staring, because Cait smiles awkwardly and looks away.

“Umm.. We should get going. Cisco will be waiting for us”, he says, his fingers lightly brushing her elbow.

She doesn’t flinch back this time, but he can feel her muscles tense. He drops his hand and catches her gaze. She gives him an awkward, guilty smile. This time, he’s determined to figure out what her problem is. He blatantly searches her eyes.

“Every time I touched you today” he starts in a low voice, “you curled away. Is that because of the situation with Wells or have I done something wrong? Because if it is the latter, I need to know, Caitlin”.

She meets his gaze, and wrinkles her nose. “I’m sorry”. Her voice sounds clean and rational for once. “It’s not something you did”. She hesitates. “While you were unconscious, Bates… took your form, and thinking it was you, I told him about the serum. Anyway, I think he wanted to distract me from it, because he kind of tried to… seduce me”. She spills the last words in a rush. She stares at him with eyes wide-open.

“He tried to- Oh”. His gaze falls on her lips. He tries to pull it away, but it only results into an awkward flicker between her eyes and mouth. He wasn’t expecting that answer. 

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so judging by that clip, ed already knows oswald not only killed isabella, but also loves him, when he pulls the knife at the wedding. that lends ground to one of my first theories that even if ed knows oswald did it out of love, it’s not going to be enough to sway him. like it’s bad enough to learn that his best friend killed isabella, but realizing that he’s been deceived by oswald for all this time (and the fact that other people like babs put the pieces together before he could) is going to be such a severe blow to his pride. this is a man who went on a paranoid rampage when he thought jim was onto him, and he couldn’t stand to think that someone outsmarted him. and now, the person he trusted most has outsmarted him, and everybody knew it but him. for ed, that’s an emotional and humiliating blow on multiple levels, and i’m pretty sure it’s going to end with oswald bleeding at the wedding (unless someone manages to interfere of course).

i could ramble on and on about this, but i’ll leave it at that. ouch, my heart.

Which Haikyuu!! Character Should You Fight: Karasuno Edition

Hinata Shouyo | Who wins: Hinata
Okay, first of all, why would you want to fight Hinata? Hinata is literally joy personified. Do you also go around kicking puppies and spitting on old ladies? If you’re just doing it because it’s an easy win, think again. Hinata might be small, but he has the willpower of a sports anime protagonist. You could literally beat him with an inch of his life and the kid would just stand up, stare at you with that scary face he makes sometimes, and say something about how he’s going to nationals. He’s too stubborn to defeat. Also, he’s fast as fuck and has canonically jumped over Ushijima before. At some point he’ll scale the wall and then drop kick you from above. Don’t fight Hinata.

Kageyama Tobio | Who wins: You
Kageyama looks really intimidating, but don’t be deceived. He’s only making that face because he’s confused. Remember that time Oikawa was about to punch him in the face? He just stood there and let it happen. He is completely unable to recognize and respond to danger. You could probably beat the shit out of Kageyama before he even realized what was happening. However, are you really gonna gain any satisfaction from that? Kageyama doesn’t want to hurt you. Kageyama just wants to play volleyball and aggressively drink milk. You just beat up an innocent nerd. Fight Kageyama if you want.

Nishinoya Yuu | Who wins: Nishinoya
Nishinoya is extremely small, but remember that time Aone aggressively pointed at Asahi and Noya had to be physically held back from punching him in the face? Aone is a giant wall of meat and Noya showed no fear or hesitation. That kind of confidence does not come from nowhere. He also sorta smacked the vice principle that one time? Noya has no concept of fear, consequences, or chilling the fuck out. He will show no mercy. Don’t fight Nishinoya.

Tanaka Ryunnosuke | Who wins: You
Okay, Tanaka enjoys threatening to fight people, but have we ever actually seen him in a fight? All he really does is make weird ass faces at people from afar. There’s no way that kid actually has any idea how to fight. Just punch him in the face while he’s yelling and trying to be intimidating and you’re probably good. Also, getting the shit beat out of him would probably be a good experience for Tanaka. Do it. Fight Tanaka.

Daichi Sawamura | Who wins: Daichi
Good lord. Why would you fight Daichi. Have you seen Daichi? The guy has tree trunks for legs and arms that come second only to Iwaizumi and Bokuto. He also spends all day watching over a bunch of volleyball-playing toddlers, so he has a shitload of pent up rage just waiting to come out. If you really have that much of a death wish, there are much less painful ways to die. Do not fight Daichi.

Sugawara Koushi | Who wins: Nobody
If you make an attempt to fight Suga, he’s not going to retaliate. No, he’s just gonna give you that really nice, wide smile, pat you on the shoulder, and give you life advice. You will be rendered stunned by the fact that you are speaking to a literal angel and will completely forget that you ever intended to fight him. However, the life advice you get from him will probably make you a better person, so go ahead. Try to fight Suga and grow as a human being.

Asahi Azumane | Who wins: Nishinoya
Okay, you can 100% take on Asahi. I’m aware that the man is large, but he’s a complete baby. He will probably burst into tears even thinking about the concept of fighting someone. He does not have the mental strength to handle a fight. However, as covered earlier, Noya was ready to throw down when someone pointed at him, so actually try anything and Nishinoya will spontaneously appear out of nowhere and beat the shit out of you. And he will show no mercy. Do not fight Asahi.

Tsukishima Kei | Who wins: You, but at what cost?
Alright, Tsukki is really tall, but he is also incredibly skinny and he spends his spare time playing with dinosaur toys and learning about very specific types of fish. You can definitely beat up Tsukishima with little to no difficulty. However, he will retaliate later by finding all of your deepest insecurities and weird traumatic middle school social blunders and then following you around and mocking them. Tsukishima will destroy you mentally until you are a pile of self loathing. Can you really handle that? Think carefully before fighting Tsukishima.

Yamaguchi Tadashi | Who wins: Not you
Could you beat Yamaguchi in a fight? Maybe. However, after you have beaten Yamaguchi in a fight, he is going to go back to volleyball practice and all of Karasuno is going to see that someone has harmed the most innocent, pure, undeserving of pain member of their squad, and they will come after you with a thirst for blood. Shimada will probably tell the entire Neighborhood Association that someone beat up his sweet little student, so then they’ll all come after you too, and Tsukki will tell Akiteru about it and he’ll join, and Bokuto and Kuroo will probably also hear about it from Tsukki and they’ll join in for shits. Also, me. I will personally come after you if you try to harm Yamaguchi, you absolutely monster. Do not fight Yamaguchi unless you can beat a literal army of angry volleyball players.