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Puppy- Dmytro Timashov

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Ok so I love Timashov! He’s a baby Leaf who’s so smiley and giggly. I love it! Anyway everyone thank @thewanderingdreamer for giving me the idea because I was stumped as to where to go with it! So enjoy!

Warning: cuteness

@kaz-in-the-impala Request: You take requests from the Marlies??? (If not completely ignore this, I’m sorry!) if you do, can you do one for Dmytro Timashov?? What a sweetie! P.S. I love your blog! 💙💙 also if I didn’t misread I hope you have a blast at the game Thursday!



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Shawn's so competitive its adorable

He is, he really is! I can imagine him being such a bad loser, like… Calling out that someone cheated, getting so fucking grumpy and crossing his arms madly, blaming it on everything and everyone else instead of accepting the fact that HE lost.

But also imagine how much of a sucky winner he would be? Like pointing at people’s faces, clapping his hands, dancing a little victory dance with them salsa hips, making fun and giving sassy comments. :)

Pen Pals (Newt Scamander X Reader)

Requested: Yes

@thatthinghasclaws :  Newt Scamander soulmate AU? Where you can see what the other one writes on their skin. :)

Word Count: 2 248

A/N: Arg, this is probably so bad. Sorry for making you guys wait for so long! I’ve been super busy but I finally finished! Thank you so much for waiting patiently!


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

A lot of strange things started happening ever since you turned eleven and found out about a magical world that was living parallel to the only world you thought existed; the Muggle world. That is, if you could even call it a world at all, what’s a world without magic? But, if possible, things were getting even weirder now.

You were sitting at a desk in a boring Transfiguration class, fighting hard to keep your eyelids from falling. Professor Dumbledore was happily explaining about some fancy Transfiguration spells, preparing you and all of the other Fifth Years for the upcoming O.W.L.s. Oh, the dreadful O.W.L.s. You shivered at the thought, reminding yourself that you still had a little over a week to prepare.

Still bored, you discreetly glance over at Newt Scamander, who was sitting a few seats away to your left. He looked as enthusiastic about all this as the rest of the class. You watched him scribble down a few notes and admired his neat-messy handwriting from afar before he snaps his head up and his green eyes meet yours. You quickly avert your eyes and pretend that nothing happened.
You and he had a…“strictly platonic”…okay fine, “not even really friends yet” type of relationship. There was no denying you had a massive crush on the freckled Hufflepuff, but you were sure that he didn’t share the same feelings. Ah well, maybe something would happen eventually, but that was currently the last thing you wanted to worry about.

“(Y/N), are you following along? You seem distracted.” Professor Dumbledore says curtly, snapping you out of your thoughts.

You nod your head furiously, hair flying everywhere, desperately hoping you looked alert or better yet; awake. He smiles.

“Well if that’s so, will you please tell the class what I was going to turn this goblet into?” he asks with a sweet smile, his eyes twinkling from behind his glasses.

“Umm, a potato?” you say idiotically, mentally facepalming yourself and giving up on life in general, as the whole class started giggling uncontrollably. Some boys even fell out of their chairs, for dramatic effect of course. You rolled your eyes and giggled too, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

You hopefully glanced at Newt and your heart jumped slightly as you saw him chuckling too. Yes, you made him laugh! Well, he was probably laughing at you but you still made him laugh and that was good enough for you.


~Newt’s P.O.V.~

He laughed softly and looked at you through his long lashes. There was no denying it, he had strong feelings for you but he was always too shy to gather the courage to talk to you.
Sighing quietly, he admired your handwriting from his seat, thinking that the tiny letters looked as adorable as you did.


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

“Please pay attention now (Y/N), I want you to do well,” Dumbledore says gently yet firmly and you nod, relieved that you weren’t getting detention.

Minutes passed and the class returned to its boring state. You sighed and picked up your feathered quill and dipped the tip in ink.
You lazily proceeded to draw on the back of your hand, writing random little phrases and words.


~Newt’s P.O.V.~

He jumped slightly in his seat as he felt a tingling sensation tickling the back of his left hand.
He cautiously looked around to make sure no one else saw his little jump and he peered at his hand. The words I’m so bored appeared on his hand in what appeared to be black ink, as if the letters were being written on with an invisible pen in the air.

He blinked a couple times, utterly confused. What was going on? Were these words reflecting his feelings? He definitely felt bored but this hasn’t happened before?…

He felt tingling again and he quickly looked down.

Lalalalalalalalala was scribbled across the palm of his hand now.
Yeah, these definitely weren’t his thoughts and this was all getting more than a little strange.

He picked up his own quill and dipped it in a vial of ink. He was going to try something…
The tip of his quill moved swiftly across the soft flesh of his hand.


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

You yelp as you feel tingling on the back of your hand next to your own little scrawls.
You watch in surprise and wonder as delicate little letters appear, spelling out Hello?

Professor Dumbledore turns to you again after hearing your surprised little sound and quirks up an eyebrow.

“What is it this time (Y/N)? Would you like to share with the class why you felt the need to take such a sharp intake of breath?” he smiles kindly as you shake your head furiously, and he resumes his lesson.

Shaking nervously you grip your quill and write on your hand again. All the ink of your precious conversations, if you even call them conversations, was still etched onto your soft flesh.

Hi. What’s going on and who are you? you write.

The tingling comes back.

Beats me, though I must admit this is rather fascinating. Who are you?

No fair, I asked first.

Well, I asked last.

Okay fine, just tell me this; you aren’t some murderer, right?

Oh no, definitely not. If it makes you fell any better I attend Hogwarts and I’m sitting in a rather boring class right now. This is quite the highlight of my day.

Oh thank goodness, I’m at Hogwarts too! Maybe we could try finding each other?

You were slowly starting to inch your way up your arm for you were running out of room on your hand.


~Newt’s P.O.V.~

Well, this is very interesting, he thought as he dipped his quill in ink again.

Or maybe we should keep this anonymous? That way we could talk without feeling awkward around each other. What do you say?

He waits patiently, drumming his fingers on his desk, eagerly waiting for a reply.

Sure! We could be pen pals! Cheesy, I know but it will definitely keep us entertained during boring classes, like the one I’m in right now.

Pen pals it is! Who’s class are you in right now?

Dumbledore. You?

Same, actually! So we have now established that we are also in the same year, how exciting!

Yay, this will definitely be fun. But do you have any idea why all this is even happening?

No idea. But I’m glad I’ve found a new friend, even if I don’t exactly know who you are. I’m terribly sorry if this is getting weird, but I already like you.

Brilliant, I like you already too! And don’t worry, it will definitely get weirder once you’ve seen my doodles. Now, on to more pressing matters; we seem to have run out of space on our left arms, how do we erase all this?!


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

Turns out that a little bit of soap and water did the trick, no magic was needed. You and your pen pal had become rather close in the next few weeks and you learned that the two of you were of the opposite gender. That made it even more exciting for you in a way.

You always felt like you had a secret, a good secret, making sure to cover up your arms with your robes after a long class.

You were making your way to the nearest washroom to rid your skin of ink when you bumped into Newt on the way.

You blush as you realize who you just crashed into and your hand instinctively pulls down the sleeves of your robes, hiding the smudges of ink and your conversations with your secret friend.

“Ah, sorry about that…” Newt apologizes with a gentle smile.

“It’s fine,” you say quickly and you mentally slap yourself. Great job, the one time you ever talked to your crush and you had to say “I’m fine”? Arg, you always blew it.

Without saying another word, you scurry off to your next class, plop yourself down in your chair and pull out a vial of ink. You try to find a bare spot on your arms and you manage to squeeze in a tiny sentence.


~Newt’s P.O.V.~

He was still blushing after your little encounter and he felt a tingle on his arm as he sat down in the library to study for he was done all his classes for the day.

Hey, we’re like, super tight now right?

He smiles and pulls out his own quill, swiftly replying.

Yeah, I mean, we have been chatting for over a month now. I’d say we’re pretty close and we know quite a bit about each other.

Okay, good because I wanted to ask you for some advice. I have a crush and he’s a dude and since you’re a dude too you know stuff that I don’t, am I right?

Umm, sure? I guess that makes sense.

Well, here I go anyways. So I’ve liked him for quite some time now and I just bumped into him in the hallways but I really couldn’t bring myself to say anything, what should I do?

Blimey, I just met my crush in the hallways a few minutes ago! he wrote, shaking his head in wonder. You two were more alike than he thought.

Ah! Okay, answer my questions later. Tell me all about her!

Well, I’m in the same situation as you. I’ve liked her since I’ve laid eyes on her but I’m too shy to make a move.

I suggest talking to her! How bad can it be? You’ve got to work up some courage and I’m sure you’ll do great! I believe in you!

I could say the same to you! Why don’t we both attempt to talk to our crushes and meet up to see how it went.

Wait, did you just say meet up!?

Yeah, I’d say it’s about time to see each other, wouldn’t you?

Yes!!! I’ve been waiting for this moment! I’m sure you’re lovely!


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

You agreed to meet up with PP (your nickname for your pen pal) by the main entrance. But before that happened, you had to try to work up the guts to talk to Newt. Yeah, that was the tricky part.

He found you before you saw him.

“Umm hi (Y/N),” he said with a shy grin, his beautiful hair falling like a halo on his head. You stood there like an idiot, no words coming out.

Abort mission! Abort mission! you scream in your head.

“I’m sorry Newt, I can’t talk right now. I need to meet someone.” you blurt before rushing off towards the main entrance.

Well, that failed.
You hold back tears as you run.


~Newt’s P.O.V.~

Well, that failed.
He miserably watched you go and felt something odd in his chest. His breathing got heavier. Did you just reject him or were you just really busy? He couldn’t say.

He finally decided that he should probably go meet his pen pal. At least that would cheer him up.

“Oh, Mr. Scamander! Will you help me move these textbooks to another room?” Professor Dumbledore asks Newt, beckoning him over.

Newt opens his mouth to tell him that he was busy but the professor would hear none of it. Newt sighed and made a mental note to apologize to his pen pal later.


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

Hello? you write, standing alone by the entrance, finally beginning to calm down after the very one-sided conversation with Newt. You hadn’t meant to seem rude, you just…panicked.
You’ve been waiting for 20 minutes now and no one showed up.

I’m on my way!

A frantic scribble appears next to your sentence and you huff, slightly annoyed yet still tingling with excitement. Even though you had failed to talk to Newt, you were finally going to meet your new friend!

Soon, you hear footsteps running towards you and you turn, only to see Newt panting a couple feet away from you. What was he doing here?

“Hi, Newt. Umm, what are you doing here?” you ask, your voice coming out as a little squeak as he straightens up.

“Uh, I am here to meet someone.”

Your heart fell as he looked away, clearly avoiding eye contact. When would your pen pal show up?


~Newt’s P.O.V.~

Oh no, why was she here? He was even more nervous now than before!
He hastily looked away before blushing furiously, refusing to face her.

The two of you stood opposite to each other, both leaning against the wall, waiting and not daring to speak to each other for you were both nervously shaking.


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

You frantically pull out your quill and shakily start to write.

Where are you?

A tingle.

I’m here waiting for you!

You blink as the writing appears and your breath hitches in the back of your throat. It couldn’t be…

You and Newt both turn and spontaneously walk towards each other.

You shakily lift up your arm and he does too, like a mirror mimicking your precise movements.

Your arms are now side by side and the words you just exchanged were both printed on your forearms.

You tilt your head up just enough to look at him and your eyes brighten with realization.

“It’s you.” you both murmur at the same time.

Waking up in the mornings


  • Up by 4 AM every day to do his hair and go on a jog
  • “An athlete can only be good as his diet lets him be!”
  • No, seriously, he eats almost enough food for the entire Miyagi prefecture every single morning and it’s the most disgusting thing anyone’s ever seen
  • Fuck him, he’s a morning person


  • Grumbles as he forces himself out of bed at 5 to go jogging with Oikawa with sheer willpower
  • Likes to spend his breakfast sipping coffee and reading whatever catches his interest
  • His favorite breakfast meal includes a bowl of rice, two fried eggs, and fish
  • Not a morning person, but 8:30 to him is the regular person’s 10:30 so it’s chill


  • Is an absolute force of bitter death and destruction until he gets a cup of coffee into him
  • Once at the Seijoh Sleepover™, Oikawa hid Makki’s coffee grounds and was consequentially forced onto the ground in a strangle hold until they were given back to him
  • He can function as a human being and deal with people’s (Oikawa’s) shit much better after a cup of coffee as black as his soul
  • Favorite breakfast meal includes toast with sides of butter and jam, boiled eggs, and juice


  • Wakes up almost-late every day
  • Laziest motherfucker on this planet #2
  • Would eat a piece of paper for breakfast and not care in the least
  • His tongue is as dead as Squidward’s hopes and dreams
  • Coffee doesn’t really affect him so he has to suffer through the drowsiness on his own, rip


  • Is the most adorable thing ever waking up
  • Makes tiny yawning and grumbling noises for the first 15-20 minutes of consciousness and is extremely embarrassed that everyone says its the cutest thing in the world
  • Has and will fight you for all the meat on the table during breakfast
  • @ the Seijoh Sleepover™, he stared at Matsun with such intensity that he handed over the last octopus sausage over without argument


  • Will punch you if you try to talk to him when he wakes up
  • Glares at people like they murdered his entire family
  • Yahaba’s cutesy act leaves him speechless and red in the face
  • Really fucking loves rice
  • Usually eats convenience store crap for breakfast so he get’s really excited when there’s actual rice and shit


  • “He’s probably a monster when he wakes up”
  • “There’s no way someone can be so happy all the time, after all”
  • Rises with a smile so bright it’s like Jesus blessed his teeth
  • Wakes up and greets the day with a warm “Good morning! Wow, I slept so great last night!”
  • #ActualChildofGoodness2k16
  • Will eat anything and everything and comment on how delicious it is, and then offer to do the dishes
  • Hanamaki once threatened to slap him for being too happy


  • Goes to sleep at a responsible time
  • Wakes up blinking and lethargic for three minutes
  • Afterwards is completely normal
  • Loves greasy food in the morning


  • Laziest motherfucker on this planet #1
  • Didn’t go to sleep last night until 5 AM
  • Favorite breakfast items include poptarts, commercial cereal, extra sugary coffee, and a jar of melted salt caramel, i.e. enough sugar to kill a medium sized water buffalo
  • Is a literal zombie until he gets to school, falls asleep through his first three classes, and then starts functioning normally around lunch time

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I love your blog! Too shy to send a request before though. Can you write something about the chocobros stealing kisses from their s/o when they're not allowed to. My bf is having tonsillitis and he won't allow me to kiss him to prevent the infection from spreading. But it's hard and I've tried to kiss him so many times that he just wear a mask around me now, except when he's sleeping so I kiss him a lot when we wake up and now I have tonsillitis too. Worth it. Thank you in advance ☺️

First off, thank you so much! I loved this request. Second, that is the cutest thing I have ever heard. You and your bf sound absolutely adorable. I hope you enjoy these scenarios!


You coughed into your tissue, tugging your blanket closer around your shoulders. Noctis sat beside you on the couch, flipping through channels on the television, and frowned. He scooted closer and rested his chin on your shoulder, which was made several inches thicker by your blanket shield.

You turned to him, puffy eyed and red-nosed. “What?”

He just looked at you with those baby blue eyes. You swore he made them glisten on purpose to get you to feel bad for him.

“Babe, I told you, no kisses,” you frowned, pressing your index finger to his forehead and pushing him away. “You’re gonna get sick. And you can’t, you’re the prince and you have an important—” your hands went up in the air dramatically when you lost your words, “thing you have to attend with the king in a few days. You can’t risk getting infected by me.”

“I hate those ceremonies,” he groaned, leaning his back against the couch. “They’re always so boring and go on forever.”

You should have known he would have tried this, but at that second, Noctis leapt onto you and pressed his lips against yours, kissing you far too deeply to be healthy at the given moment, and you pushed on his shoulders playfully when he didn’t immediately try to pull away.

When he eventually moved, he had a sly grin on his face. “Maybe I can call in sick and we can just spend the day together.”

You rolled your eyes, but scooted closer to him. “You big goof.”


You hated being bed ridden. It was infuriating, having no strength to get out of bed to even go to the kitchen to get yourself a cup of tea. You tried sitting up, but your bones absolutely ached. This fever was trying its damnedest to kill you.

Prompto came in with a damp cloth, pressing it to your forehead. “Here, babe, this’ll help,” he said, smoothing your hair away from your face. You sighed under his touch.

“Thank you for helping me, Prom. I really appreciate it.”

“No biggie,” he shrugged. Then he wiggled his eyebrows. “How about a thank you kiss?”

You stared at him, unblinking. “You do realize I have a fever of over a hundred, right?”

He blinked. “Are fevers contagious?”

“Gonna have to be firm on this one,” you stated. “Sorry, Prom.”

He whined, flopping backwards dramatically on the bed. “Oh, I think I’m dying too.”

“Prompto, get up, you’re squishing my legs.”

“How can I ever go on, I feel my body slowly being drained of life. If only someone out there could give me the cure to this disease, a simple kiss—”

He sat up onto his elbows briefly to gage your reaction. You were still frowning. He flopped back down.

“Looks like I’m going to die here on this bed. Tell my parents I love them, and that at my funeral I want there to be a hoard of chocobos…”

You sighed and forced your self up, and leaned over to give him a kiss. His hand immediately came up and held your head in place, keeping your mouth on his. You let out a moan and tapped his forearm when he tried to deepen it.

“Wow,” he breathed once you pulled away. “I feel miraculously better.”

You didn’t want to admit it, but you kind of did too.


You sighed. It was day five of you being sick, and while you were getting better, you’d lost your voice. A combination of a lingering cold as well as laryngitis decided to get the best of you, and you were on the mend.

You were grateful that Gladio was around to help you out around the house, but not being able to talk around him did have its disadvantages. Your doctor had put you on strict voice rest and said that you were not allowed to talk, and had to drink a special herbal tea to help soothe your throat.

“Hey babe,” Gladio called from the kitchen. “I have your tea ready for you over here.”

You got up from the blanket pile you’d created on the couch and shuffled over. You were wearing one of his hoodies that was far too big for you, cotton pajama pants and house slippers. You looked like an absolute mess, but he still regarded you with adoring eyes.

He handed over the mug and you nodded your head in thanks.

You took a sip and noticed that he was still looking at you. You cocked an eyebrow. As you did this, he made a kissy face at you. You shook your head, pointing at the mug and then pointing to your face. You were sick, and you didn’t want him catching your germs.

He kept making that silly kissing face and moved closer to you. You whined and nudged his face away, setting your mug down so as not to spill the tea everywhere. But he was persistent, making sillier and sillier faces to try and get you to laugh.

“Come on babe,” he wrapped his arms around your waist and made loud, over the top kissing noises in your ear. “Gimme some sugar.”

You laughed, and it came out as a coarse sound that hurt your throat. In that moment of vulnerability, Gladio laid one on you with a loud mmmmuah.

You blushed and buried your face in his chest. His laugh rumbled through you, and you just held him tighter to hide the smile that was hurting your cheeks.


It was flu season and it had claimed you as its victim. You didn’t get sick often, but when you did, Ignis always waited on your hand and foot. You protested of course, but it fell on deaf ears as he went around your apartment, tidying things up and getting whatever it was that you needed.

He checked your temperature with an at-home thermometer. “You know what would help?” he said, stroking his chin in thought. “I’m going to run you a bath.”

You sat up to tell him that it would be too much effort, but he was already gone, disappeared into the bathroom. You heard the faucet start, and sighed, sinking back into your pillows.

After a few minutes, he came back. “Come, love,” he came to your side and easily scooped you up in his arms. You squealed as he hiked you up a little higher in his grip. “I’ve put some epsom salts in the bath for you. A good soak will do wonders.”

Ignis helped you undress (with more protesting on your part), and lowered you into the tub. You sank in until only your head was above water, loving the feeling of the warm water all around you.

“This is perfect,” you admitted, allowing yourself to relax. “Thank you, Iggy. You’re too good to me.”

“Hardly,” he replied, sitting next to the tub and smoothing your hair away from your face. “You know I would do anything for you.”

You closed your eyes and leaned your head back. Just then, you felt a pair of lips quickly pecking yours. You opened your eyes and frowned at Ignis.

“You’ll get sick if you do that,” you chastised half-heartedly. He shrugged, a small smile gracing his features.

“It’s a risk I’m willing to take,” he replied, and he kissed you again.

Touch // Spencer Reid

The Senses: Hearing / Taste 

A/N: Just a short little piece written at 4 am. I’ve been thinking about physical affection a lot lately. I apologize for any typos or for how shitty this turns out to actually be once I wake up tomorrow and actually fully process what I’ve written.

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Dating / Riverdale

Dating Archie Andrews Would Include:
• Wearing his varsity jacket, always.
• Him often singing you to sleep.
• Being there at every football game, cheering him on.
• Him being there for your important events, screaming ‘That’s my girl.’
• Laying in bed with him at night, enjoying each other’s company.
• Hella cringe/cute nicknames for each other.
• Calling him by his real name, Archibald, when he’s done something wrong.
• Rough car sex?? Yes??
• Sneaky music room kisses.
• Him always having to touch you, Arms around shoulder, waist, lips.
• Walking to school every morning.
• Him often surprising you at work.
• Always getting into trouble with him.
• Writing songs about you.
• Sneaking into his room late a night when he’s ‘grounded.’
• Dinner at Pops’ as its your go to place.
• Having known him and Juggie since you were kids.
• Kissing the scar between his brows when he’s angry.
• Sex, always, anywhere, anytime.

Dating Jughead Jones Would Include:
• ‘Borrowing’ his beanie and wearing it always.
• Being absolute smartasses with each other.
• Him reading his novel or newsletter entries to you.
• Playing with his hair whilst he writes.
• Kissing always, PDA even at its minimalist.
• Finding out Juggie is asexual and loving him just the same.
• Holding hands whenever you’re out.
• Jughead being protective over you whenever you’re out and about.
• Him living with you and your parents.
• Your parents absolutely adoring him and his quirky attitude.
• Movie marathons.
• Conspiracy Theory marathons that leave you two talking to each other in the early hours of the morning.
• Date night at Pop’s.
• FP Jones approving of your relationship as you’re also looking out for his son.
• Sarcasm wars? Always.
• Helping him and Betty with solving Jason’s murder.
• Kissing him just to shut him up when he’s ranting about something.

Dating an Alive Jason Blossom Would Include:
• Wearing his varsity jacket, loud and proud.
• Being a River Vixen alongside Cheryl and getting along with each other.
• Him always checking you out during practise and vice versa.
• Helping each other study, often leading to make out sessions.
• Sneaky locker room sex.
• Him defying his parents to date you.
• The Blossoms slowly coming around to accepting you as they notice you’re bettering their son.
• Being there for all of his games, whether it’s football or water polo.
• Being his little cheerleader.
• Dates by Sweetwater River.
• Being the power couple of Riverdale.
• Him sneaking out at night to see you and vice versa.
• Him being extremely jealous whenever another male talks to you.
• Him finding it so hard to believe he got so lucky with you?? Yes??
• Him buying you little gifts time to time because he adores the look of shock on your face.
• Him also adoring your face when you’re all flustered.
• Sex against a Maple Tree as a silent (not so silent) ‘fuck you’ to the Blossoms when they refused to acknowledge your relationship.
• Talking late at night about the future and your future together.
• Him being the first one to tell you he loves you.

Dating Betty Cooper Would Include:
• Wearing each other’s clothes because you sleepover too much to remember whose is which.
• PDA?? A lot of kissing in public. Yes.
• Meeting her through Archie and instantly clicking.
• Her being hella kinky.
• Roleplay? So much roleplay.
• Helping her cope with her relationship with her parents.
• Being there for her when Polly gives birth.
• Not being afraid to get into a fistfight when people from school make comments about your relationship.
• The two of you constantly pranking Archie or Juggie.
• Calling her Elizabeth when she’s annoyed you.
• Assisting her and Jughead with solving Jason’s murder.
• Making out in the editorial room when you’re supposed to be helping her write a new column.
• Being River Vixens and the team being supportive of you two.
• Not being afraid to speak your mind when her parents are being out of line.
• Your parents adoring Betty.
• Being the first to say ‘I love you’.

Dating Veronica Lodge Would Include:
• Dates at the spa.
• Shopping for lingerie together.
• Spoiling each other.
• Making sure everyone knew you two were an item.
• Hermione loving you just as much as Ronnie.
• Supporting her during her fights with her mom.
• Supporting her with problems regarding her dad.
• Calling her Ronald to annoy her.
• She’s dominate AF.
• Loving it when she’s wearing her pearls and only her pearls.
• Shopping sprees.
• Sex in the change rooms.
• Flirting nonstop. Sexual tension always.
• Ronnie being very jealous of any girl or guy that gets too friendly with you.
• Cheesy Pick up lines.
• Surprising you with flowers.
• So. Much. PDA.
• Getting into fights with people who make inappropriate comments.
• Her patching you up and kissing your forehead after she’s done.
• She’s hella kinky cmon now.

Dating Cheryl Blossom Would Include:
• Her spoiling you all time.
• Being the Power couple of Riverdale.
• Aggressively protective over you.
• Being best friends with Jason.
• Her getting her red lipstick stains all over your skin and clothes.
• Helping her deal with her parents.
• Supporting her through Jason’s death and vice versa. (If dead)
• Being the three musketeers with her and Jason.
• Fancy dinners.
• Sleepovers.
• Sleepovers but not a lot of sleep.
• Talking about your future together almost every night.
• Checking her out whilst she’s practicing with her River Vixens.
• Getting possessive when girls get too close to her.
• Dates by Sweetwater river.
• Running the Maple business with her once her dad passes it over.
• Constantly laughing together over the littlest things.
• Your parents being weary at first about your relationship due to her family.
• Your parents slowly accepting Cheryl and vice versa.


I include Jason Blossom because he’s my beautiful ginger boy !!
Requests are open 💕

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Bridie x

The Oscars

Summary: The night of the night takes a rather unexpected turn. (Words : around 2350)

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Warnings: F L U F F !!!!!

A/n: probably everything about this is not so overwhelmingly awesome but I just wanna rase awareness of the fact that the speech the reader gives is something I’m really sorry for ! 😅😅😅

Requested: by @sebatianstanisbae

The academy awards were always a really big deal.
Everyone dresses up nice, looks nice, feeld nice. It was by far one of the most popular and greatest event when it came to award shows.
So of course your answer was not long considered when your boyfriend asked you if you would go to the Oscars with him.

Both of you had a part in it this year anyway, Sebastian as nominated and you as a presenter.
So when the day came you were all excited and totally impatient, however you saw Sebastian being all nervous all day long but you didn’t think much of it, assuming he was just freaking out about the fact that he was nominated as best actor in a leading role.

You didn’t question him about it, you didn’t confront him about it you were just there for him.

So the morning was mostly spend cuddling and stealing kisses from one another.
Both of you didn’t leave the bed since you woke up, Sebastian only left once to get some breakfast for both of you but came back quickly.

There was a movie playing on TV but neither of you paid attention to it as you were preoccupied with each other.
You looked into Sebastian’s eyes deeply with a smile playing on your lips, and he glanced right back at you looking worried and overwhelmed.

Your hands were on each other without a pause, whether it was him caressing your cheek or pushing your hair out of your face, or you running your hand through his hair or drawing patterns on his arm, you would always be in touch. Still you weren’t able to get the frown off his face, no matter what you did.

You couldn’t see him like this anymore and so you decided to offer him to talk about it.
Your hand went up to cup his jaw and he leaned into your touch, closing his eyes.

“What is it ,seb?” You asked softly, your gaze never once leaving his furrowed brows, which only frowned deeper at your question.
“You’ve been nervous and worried all day long, are you okay?” You questioned and he leaned his head back to the other side so he was now in the position he was in before, opening his eyes and looking at you with deep adoration and love.

“I am just nervous I think” he frowned, looking at you deeply.

“Its gonna be fine” you told him, capturing his lips in a soft , tender kiss.

Sebastian wished he could stay like this forever, just being with you ,seeing you, feeling you, hearing you. He wished he could take this moment and live in it forever.
Because here, with you, he felt at ease even if there was something bothering him, he would always feel comfortable and safe around you and it was just the exact same the other way around. This sort of comfort was one that made it seem like you have been knowing each other for years but instead it was just the love you felt for each other that made everything so much better. And every single day both of you would be surprised that this wasn’t only a dream, because it felt so surreal even if it was reality.

He never wanted to let you go again but you pulled away from him eventually, getting lost in his eyes as always.
Seeing the ocean in them, the stars, the sky, everything.
He eyes were all you wanted to see, at once, they shone so bright every time yours met his.
It was the thing you loved about him the most, that you could look at him and get lost for days.

You managed to come out of your haze and stroked his cheek and jaw “we gotta get ready” you told him in absence, your eyes still looking into his and you gave him a last small peck on the lips before turning around and leaving the bed.

Sebastian stared after you, watching you leave the room and once he was sure you were far away enough, he got the box from his night stand.

He opened the little velvet box to reveal a beautiful silver ring with a diamond placed onto it.
It was the ring your mother told him to buy, it was one of his favorites too, yet he was very insecure when he stood in the shop, but your mother , who was with him to help and support him, just like his mother, telling him to buy it finally convinced him.

He was worried about it all day long, he wanted to propose to you today.

He started doubting when he woke up, scenarios came to his mind, images of how you said no , one worse than the other. He thought of stuff he did making you want to turn him down, he counted the cons of himself and that didn’t really made him feel good but he couldn’t stop himself.

But this moment right now, this moment he shared with you gave him New strength, new confidence.

He’d propose, no matter what ,that was sure all the time ,but you somehow made it clear to him that there wouldn’t be a no.

You took all his fear away and he was so amazed at how good you made him feel by just being there for him.
He smiled down at the ring in contention and thoughts about how good it would look like on your finger.
He loved that imagination, somehow, he just loved it.

He closed the box again, put it into his sweats and stood up from the bed going to get ready for one of the most important nights in his life.
He smiled at himself as he thought about it, this was going to be the best night of his life.

At least until he’d marry you.

Both of you stood in the living room, being all ready and cleaned, your stylists left about twenty minutes ago and you looked amazing.

Sebastian wore an all black tux and his short hair was nicely styled to the back.
You thought he looked incredibly handsome.

You had a long, black, mermaid kinda dress which hugged your curves perfectly but loosened up from your thighs on and flew down to the ground nicely.

You said you wanted to match Sebastian’s outfit, even if it was a little cheesy, but they gave you an all black dress anyway.

Your hair and make up however made up for the plainness of the dress. You looked great, without being arrogant.

Your eye make up was intense, it was very dramatic with the black catwing eyeliner and the voluminous mascara, your eye shadow however was in golden tones, making your eyes sparkle and shine even brighter.

You loved all of your make up, from the lips to the eye-shadow but your hair was incredibly awesome too.
It was in loose waves, falling over your shoulders in voluminous manner and some were loosely pinned up. The Jewelry was a nice TouchUp to the amazing rest.

Your first glance to the mirror was supported by a gasp, you didn’t recognize yourself as you slowly looked over the person in the reflection.
You looked amazing and if you’d have to you couldn’t find one single thing that you liked the most because everything about it was so amazing that it took your breath away, just as Sebastian’s.

Both of you made your way down and into the almost luxurious black car.
Sitting inside, Sebastian’s hand found yours immediately and you looked at him with a smile playing on your lips.
The drive was spend in silence, only the touch of each other bringing both of you comfort.

Once there, both of you exited the car and walked down to the red carpet,Sebastian’s hand on the small of your back, leading you and protecting you from whatever may be.
You took some photos, gave some interviews, shared hugs with friends and finally made your way into the building, searching your seats.

“Are you okay?” Sebastian asked concerned as both of you sat down. You looked at him with a smile and nodded “are you?” You asked, a frown taking over as you rested your hand on his arm.
He smiled back at you and nodded as well, he then leaned over to you, capturing your lips in a sweet kiss.

The night went out better than you thought it would, and it wasn’t even nearly over. You just loved everything about it, being joyful and cheery the whole time.

Suddenly a woman came over to you telling you it was your turn to present and you smiled at her before looking at Sebastian, laying a hand on his cheek and getting lost in his eyes for a moment before pulling him in for a short kiss.
“See you in a minute.” You told him with a smile and stood up, walking to the stage as the woman took a seat in your place.

You went backstage and another woman checked your make-up and a man, a staff member, gave you an envelope and you suddenly felt the nervousness hitting up as your stomach turned, this was a huge deal, you’d be presenting best actor in a leading role and that was not nothing, but you took a deep breath and decided to push that feeling to the back of your mind.

Someone waved you over, signaling it was time for you to get on stage, you closed your eyes for a second before opening them and walking out on stage with a tight smile.

You immediately searched for Sebastian, knowing it would be easier to talk when you looked at him.
You could talk to him about everything, his calming eyes were all you needed to feel better.
Once you found him on his seat looking at you with a smile, you started talking.

“We are here today to celebrate movies and films.
But what would movies be without their actors?
The actors are the ones who bring the movie to life, who make us feel with the characters, who make us fall in love with them through their movies, whether they are actresses or actors, they are the most important persons”

You began having to smile a little wider at the ridiculousness that your boyfriend was an actor as well and you fell in love with him through a movie

“They make us laugh, cry or even shout at the TV.
Without the great job of the actors, a movie wouldn’t be a movie.” You finished your speech, a little insecure since you didn’t even know if it was good or made no sense at all.
“I’ll present the best actors in a leading role, and the nominees are:” you stopped letting the computer voice introduce all the actors as your eyes stayed on Sebastian’s the whole time until he blushed and looked down with a smile after hearing his own name as a nominee, making you grin at the adorable sight.

As the voice muted you stepped a bit forward again talking in the microphone “and the winner is…”
You started as you opened the envelope, immediately breaking into a big smile as you saw the name

“Someone who deserves 20 Oscars but who am I to judge” you shrugged with a giggle before turning the envelope to the cameras “Sebastian Stan” you cheered looking to him seeing his head shooting up to the mention of his name, seeing you smiling at him and he didn’t know what was happening until it clicked and he shot up from his seat going on stage to you, pulling you in for a kiss which was probably to calm his nerves but you didn’t care as his hand found yours before he pulled away receiving his academy award looking at it in disbelief.

He turned to the microphone and started talking
“Wow…” he started with his eyes fixed on the Oscar in his hands but then turning to the audience wide eyed “I never thought this would happen, that’s crazy” he said receiving a few laughs and giggles “ but I really really wanna thank my family and friends for supporting me in every situation, I wanna thank my fans for everything and of course I wanna thank y/n y/l/n.” He said looking back at you and signalling you to stand next to him as he took your hand in his and looked into your eyes.

“you are here for me whenever I need you, you support me in every way possible and you help me in everything” he started and your eyes started to get watery already “you are the love of my life and I want to thank you for everything you’ve done, without you I wouldn’t be here.” He told you adoration sparkling in his eyes before he gave you a nervous smile and handed his award to the woman standing behind him and took your other hand in his now as well.

“y/n I love you so much and I want to love you for the rest of my life, I want us to grow old and I want us to be together forever.” He told you a spark in his eyes and you already had tears streaming down your face, you smiled at him a nervous laugh escaping your lips every now and then to hide your excitement.

But then he went down on one knee looking up into your eyes as your hand flew to your mouth in disbelief
“Y/n will you do me the honor, of marrying me ?” He finally asked and you zoned out now, happy tears streaming down your face as you chocked on a ‘yes’ but you knew he understood when he broke into a huge grin and got a ring out of his pocket to slide it onto your finger.

The whole room erupted in cheers, whistles and claps but none of you noticed as you were too lost in each other.

You pulled him up to you in a salty yet emotional kiss full of love. Your hands on his cheeks just as your tears which he felt wet on his own skin as his hands rested on your hips rubbing circles into the fabric of your dress with his thumb.

He deepened the kiss and you wished you could stay in this moment forever but you pulled away after a moment or two and looked at him with a tight smile that matched his and both of you had a glow in your eyes showing all the love for each other.

He pecked your lips one last time before taking his Oscar and turned to the microphone, his arm found its way around your shoulders and he held his award up in the air
“Best night of my life” he cheered into the microphone making the whole room clap and cheer again as he lead you backstage, his arm around your shoulders and yours around his waist and when you finally arrived he pulled away and turned capturing your lips in another loving tender kiss, knowing this was just the beginning of a wonderful and great life.


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small things about namjoon that are nice:

-the thing he always does when hes wearing long sleeves n he pulls the sleeves over his hands
-pokes his own dimples at fansignings
-inevitably always next to jin in videos
-sometimes when his voice is used too much n its all croaky and low!!!!!
-can’t cook even if he tried
-gets embarrassed by the members but still smiles n adores them (u can see it in his face too its cute damn it)
-studied philosophy to get a better understanding of people & so he can make hyyh better
-his general interest in literature and life and his awareness of the world
-always talking to the lady staff in the bg of bangtan bombs & making them laugh
-at the end of each concert he’ll say something n for each country/state that hes in it’ll be something different and special to those fans
-his love for younha

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YES! I've noticed protective!tae too!! Please, for the love of everything! MAKE A MASTERPOST! i will love you forever

oh man okay this isnt gonna be too long bc thats alot of references lmao

so i didnt rlly start to notice until i saw the christmas vid they did and it was when jin started yelling bc namjoon got upset that he was touching his gift

like tae was literally giggling .5 secs before this pic and then once jin started getting upset, tae’s whole demeanor changed and then he grabs him

and for the rest of the vid tae is just holding him like that (x)

and then recently when everyone was bashing jin for his age and taehyung told everyone to stop and that’s hes at “blooming age” (i cant find a reference for it but im sure yall kno what im talking abt) that was just rlly cute bc im sure jin doesnt always like being picked on for his age

I think tae just is a pretty protective person in general and i believe he rlly adores jin and doesn’t want him to be upset. He also seems like an affectionate person and thats how he lets people know that he enjoys them being around idk thats my opinion tho its rlly cute tho

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How would things turn out if Fushimi and Yata were turned into 4 year olds during their homra days together? Totsuka and Kusanagi having to act as their caretakers and struggling to get them to drink milk and eat veggies respectively(I see Fushimi picking out all the vegetables in his omurice while Yata makes faces at his milk) and seeing their differences when interacting with Mikoto with awe and fear. How will they keep up with these very different kids each with their very different needs?

Aw they would be so cute, tiny Sarumi babies being taken care of by their Homra daddies. Like Kamamoto comes back from a mission taking care of some gang that was moving in on Homra’s territory, he was supposed to be accompanying Fushimi and Yata but instead he’s got one kid on each arm. Tiny Yata is trying to squirm out of Kamamoto’s grip because he’s energetic and wants to escape while tiny Fushimi sits there quietly sucking his thumb and staring at everyone with wide scared eyes. Totsuka would be so charmed by the two kids, like he wants to take a million pictures and have the kids come and play hobbies with him. Kusanagi’s a little more cautious about it, like the kids are cute but he’s not sure about taking care of them in the bar, he can already see all the glasses that tiny Yata is going to break. Mikoto just shrugs and says it’s fine, they can handle the kids, and Kusanagi kinda sighs and notes that Mikoto’s helping too, like he’s not letting Mikoto go take a nap and dump all this on him. Mikoto walks over to take a look at the kids and Yata thinks he’s cool, like you’re so tall and you have cool hair while poor Fushimi is scared and goes to hide behind the couch.

So the Homra trio try to keep an eye on the kids for the rest of the day, tiny Yata totally latches on to tiny Fushimi and starts dragging him places and wanting to play with him. Fushimi’s a lot shyer of course and at first he tries to get Yata to leave him alone because he doesn’t know how to deal with having someone pay him all this attention. Totsuka thinks it would be good for the kids to get along and tries to play little games for them, imagine him showing them his flame butterflies as like a magic trick and they’re both amazed, Yata tries to chase them and even little Fushimi is reaching for them (since this is pre-anthill Fushimi he’s not afraid of the fire and is more enthralled by the shiny). Kusanagi tries to corral the kids for lunch, he has them both sit on stools at the bar and brings them their food. Yata’s very excited for lunch and is using his fork to make little shapes in the rice while Fushimi makes a face and probably picks at his food and refuses to eat anything. Kusanagi gives this tight smile and is like I thought this one would be a difficult one. He tries to convince Fushimi to eat a couple vegetables and Fushimi keeps refusing, it becomes a battle of wills between the two of them before Yata’s just like ‘I’ll eat them for Saruhiko!’ and thus earns Fushimi’s undying affection. Fushimi also returns the favor later when Kusanagi’s trying to convince Yata to drink some milk (maybe Kusanagi attempts the ‘it’ll make you grow big, you know?’ line and in the background Totsuka just covers his mouth to hide a laugh).

Mikoto isn’t so sure how to handle the kids and probably tries to keep out of the way but imagine him ending up being so good with them too, like he’s all gentle and awkward the way he sometimes is with Anna. Yata of course thinks Mikoto’s super cool but Yata’s also a little ball of energy and it’s hard for Mikoto to keep up, he’s trying to sleep and Yata’s just climbing all over the couch wanting to play lion tamer. Unexpectedly Mikoto and Fushimi end up getting along well, at first tiny Fushimi is totally terrified of Mikoto and keeps hiding from him. Mikoto just lets him be, figuring no point in scaring the poor kid, but at some point maybe he ends up having to take charge of Fushimi for a bit. Like Totsuka takes Fushimi and Yata out for a trip down to the store or something and Fushimi gets distracted by a line of ants marching by. When he looks up Yata and Totsuka are gone and Fushimi doesn’t know what to do, like he can’t bring himself to yell for them and he’s just sitting there looking around everywhere and getting increasingly more upset, thinking he’s been abandoned. Then Mikoto just appears from around the corner, having been contacted by a worried Totsuka (who’s probably accompanied by a crying Yata). He just holds out a hand to Fushimi and Fushimi nervously takes it, not sure what to do. Mikoto just puts a gentle hand on his head and tells him not to worry, taking him back to the bar. By the time Totsuka and Yata come back Mikoto’s asleep on the couch with Fushimi curled up beside him like a contented kitten.

THIS WOULD BE THE PERFECT PRESENT FOR HARRY ! 😱😍❤️ the missus knows him and his weird love for puns very well… 😊and it’s pink.

This is adorable. And it screams the missus and Harry, so much, because they’re always sharing adorable puns with one another. She’d gift it to him before he goes off to Jamaica to record and write his songs, popping into the bedroom with the box in her hand, a smile on her face when he sees his guitar - freshly brought and waiting to be played by his skilful hands - placed on the bed in its case. 

“V’got somethin’ for you,” she’d grin, walking into the room and watching as his head popped up from setting neatly folded dad-shirts into the case. Thinking she was just bringing him a clean pile of laundry to stick in, in case he needed it, despite him turning it away - because he really didn’t need to take every single pair of boxers from his drawer and he really didn’t need to take his socks because he was sure he’d spend most of the time bare foot or in flip flops. “S’nothing too crazy. I just, I found something online and I thought you’d like it.”

“You,” he’d bump his hip to hers, throwing an arm around her shoulders to bring her close to him, booping her nose cheekily, “don’t have to buy me anything.”

“I had to get this,” she’d smirk, handing him the small box, “open it. I want to see what you think.”

He’d pull at the ribbon before opening the lid, a baby pink pick coming into his sight as he tipped the box into his open palm and chuckled when he read the black print scribed into the plastic. “I Plucking Love You” making his chest warm up and his eyes begin to get slightly misty.

“You like it?” She’d ask, looking up and kissing his chin softly, “I know you don’t have many left to play your guitar with so I found a website th-”

But she’d be cut off when he’d press his lips to hers in the most intimate kiss, knocking her breathless.

“I plucking love it,” he’d whisper against her lips, “just like I plucking love you,” he’d snicker. xx

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I really need just Morality having a tea party with his stuffed animals and one of them be stich. So when one day Mo invites some one else to the tea party. They speak to stich in a joking manner. But since Thomas does an amazing stich impression stich can actually speak.

“Why did I agree to this?” Logan groaned sitting at the small table with his knees above the table and on a chair too small. At least he didn’t get the one with the arm rest.

“Because its great!  You’ve never had a tea party before  so I’m giving you one!!” Morality insisted. Logan sighed, not really wanting to do this, but curious about  it’s appeal.

“So what do I do? Sit here and wait for Chuckles to give me the tea?” Logan asked pointing to a overly grinning teddy bear.

“He’s actually Mx Emory.” Morality said pouring water into a small pink plastic cup before handing it to a stuffed Stitch.

The stitch stuffed animal creeped Logan out a bit. He wasn’t sure why, but he did. Normally he found stitch bearable, but for now it just felt… strange.

“-And that’s how it came to be!”  Morality said. Logan glanced over at Morality confused. he was used to Morality rambling, but he didn’t realize he had been talking.


“That’s how it worked!”

“Oh uh cool!” Logan said sneaking another glance at stich. Okay, he was adorable but he was also kind of creeping him out.

”Here’s your “tea!″ its actually just water, but we didn’t have any tea. Plus I don’t usually like drink tea, but I do like pretending its tea!” Morality handed Logan his tea. Logan took it and decided to try to pretend he was at a tea party (although he had no idea what would happen.)

“Well this is good tea! how is everyobody’s tea?” Logan teased before taking a sip.

“Fine, thank you.” Sitch asked. Logan chocked on his water.

“Wh-what??” Logan was a bit confused.

“I say it’s good. Thank you” stitch replied, but he didn’t move.

“wha-?” Logan was startled and Morality just continued as if nothing had happened.

“uh- how-” Logan felt hesitant. he didn’t like feeling this way. Surprises were not sometime he enjoyed.

“I am Sitich. From “Leo & Stitch” Thomas knows how to speak me, so I can talk.”

“Huh, uh okay?” Logan didn’t know how to handle this.

“Don’t worry, Stitch doesn’t bite!” Morality said smiling

“That’s because I can’t move.” Stitch pointed out. now it was Moralitys turn to cough out his “tea.”

Logan smiled. Maybe tea parties and Stitch weren’t so bad after all.

Bringing home a new pet (reaction)

I’m still not feeling well, so stuff is going slowly with my bigger writing things, but here is something I had lying around for the meantime. 

It’s a reaction when the boys randomly bring home animals. I hope you like it. :D


You came home to find Seunghyun sitting on the sofa in the living room, busy with something on his tablet. Being very tired after a long day, it took you a moment to notice what was different today, but then you noticed the dog sitting beside the sofa. It cocked his head and looked at you with curious brown eyes, you crouched down to greet it. “Hey there buddy,” the dog wagged his tail as you started stroking his head. You turned towards your boyfriend, “darling, whose dog is this?”

Seunghyun looked at you casually over the top of the screen in his hand. “Oh, he’s mine, I picked him up yesterday.”


Coming home from work, you opened the door to discover your boyfriend’s shoes. You smiled to yourself, you loved it when Jiyong came for surprise visits. Before you had time to say hello though, a cat came dancing into view. Your eyes went wide, before you called out “Jiyong, why is there a cat in my apartment?”

“I can’t keep it with my cat before it has been checked for diseases and stuff,” came the muffled answer from the living room.

“I see…. But why is there a cat? Why is it in my apartment?”

“It’s yours. It looked sad, so I picked it up.” You still couldn’t believe what was happening.

Walking into the living room you muttered in disbelief, “but Jiyong, I don’t have a cat.”

“Now you do,” he grinned at you.


You were lounging on the sofa when you heard Youngbae’s voice from behind you. “So, jagiya you know how we both love dogs?” You had heard him come in a couple of minutes earlier, now both of his hands were behind his back.

“Yes?” you were starting to suspect where this was all going.

“And you know we talked about getting a new dog,”

“What? I never?” you paused for a minute, before you continued, your voice stern, “Youngbae?”

“Here he is!” Youngbae shot you one of his famous eye-smiles, and pulled out a small adorable puppy from behind his back. The dog was wearing a ribbon around its neck, and as you looked into the depths of its dark sad-looking orbs, you fell in love.

You held out your arms towards Youngbae, “fine, just give it here and then you can tell me everything about it.”


Daesung had sent you a message yesterday that he was bringing home a surprise for you, so you were looking forward to having him home today, even more than usual. When he finally arrived, Daesung carefully poked his head through the partially opened door. “Hey baby, are you prepared for the surprise?” he grinned at you.

You just opened your arms at him, “just get over here Dae, I missed you.”  

“Promise you won’t be mad?” his eyes twinkled mischievously.

“Fine, whatever you did I won’t be mad,” you chuckled. Daesung shot you a beaming smile, pushed the door open, and walked in with his bag in one hand, and a dog on a leash in the other.

“Surprise! We have a dog now! I adopted her from a shelter in Japan.”  


Your stomach growled, it had been quite a while since Seungri had called to let you know he would be home soon and was bringing dinner. You set some plates ready in the kitchen, before you heard the door open, and a loud, “baby I’m home!” from the hallway.

You poked your head out, to see your boyfriend and a happy-looking dog. “Who is your friend?” you asked, bewildered by what the fuzzy creature was doing in your apartment.

“I have no idea,” he shrugged, “but I couldn’t get him to stop following me.”

You both agreed that the dog would stay the night, and then you would find some shelter he could go to. When you came back from work late the next day, you found your boyfriend and the dog cuddled up on the couch together, sleeping peacefully. You grabbed a snack and went out to a shop to pick up some supplies for the dog that was apparently part of the family now.

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Would you please write a story in which Kylo finds out something embarrassing about Hux?

Hux had told Ren, many, many times before to not go rummaging through his things, but this was different. This was a matter of his own personal health, damn it! Besides, Hux had practically invited him to do this. A few nights before, Hux had mentioned that he’d been given a tester sample of a special kind of medication that immediately eliminated pain without dulling the senses or causing sleepiness or any other side effects at all. And now, after a particularly rough training session, his head was ringing, aching like nothing he’d ever encountered. Not just a headache but a pain that felt like it was echoing through his entire body, starting from the top and working its way down. Hux would just have to understand. He knew how to deal with Hux getting all snappy. It’d be fine. All he would have to do would be find the fucking thing–

He wasn’t even going to make a mess. Everything had a place, and he’d put everything back where it belonged. The refresher yielded no results, which puzzled him, but maybe it was in the closet? Nowhere among the folded clothes, the neatly hung jackets, the perfectly matched socks and the boring, standard-issue underwear that was neatly piled on top of the actually-fun underwear Ren had gotten him. Nothing.

Was this just a joke? Had he already used it on himself? He supposed he could just go to the medbay, but by now it was a matter of determination. Hux had talked this thing up so much that now Ren just had to try it. He’d keep looking. Maybe in the lowest drawer–?

Not there. But what was inside made him, for a minute, anyway, forget about his headache entirely. 

Kittens. Not live ones, of course, but toys, plushes, of every shape and size and colors. Because they belonged to Hux, they were all meticulously arranged and cared for, each one in its place in the drawer. Kittens of every type, gathered from every imaginable planet. The collection tended towards the soft, plush and adorable. He couldn’t help but reach out his hand to stroke one, just to assure himself that this discovery was real.

His first instinct was to laugh. Hux! Kittens! He was already formulating the perfect barb to throw when Hux came back into the room. But something about this felt strangely tender, something he maybe shouldn’t poke fun at him for. Maybe it was because some of them seemed pretty old, like maybe Hux had been keeping them in hiding through his academy years. Old like maybe he’d had them since he was a baby.

Ren touched one of the kittens on the head, almost like he was comforting it. He could hear Hux coming down the hall, nad he closed the drawer and straightened up.

Maybe he could make fun of him about it later.

“Where’s that painkiller, General?”

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How would you think Goku and Vegeta's domestic life would play out?


× Vegeta, being a royal, never actually learned to cook (not counting cooking the bodies of his victims over a fire OTL.) Goku, on the other hand, is an amazing chef, and Vegeta loves to eat anything Goku makes.

× Goku and Vegeta going to the grocery store at 3 AM because they were out of milk or smth, it gives me life

× Vegeta gets really jealous of women who talk to Goku, and whenever a woman talks to him, Vegeta grabs his hand or just kinda… leans all over him or smth

× Vegeta casually telling Goku about their culture !!!!!!!!!

× they stay in bed all day and cuddle naked while the soft white light shines in through their window aw

× Vegeta and Bulma like to get together to drink wine and talk about Goku lmfaoo

× Vegeta has frequent break downs and nightmares about Freeza, and Goku didn’t realize this until they started living together. Goku knows exactly what to say to calm him down.

× Vegeta is super super affectionate all the time, but he choses to act upon it at rly inappropriate times; standing in line at the store, talking to friends, eating at restaurants, etc.

× Goku loves Vegeta but I think he might be aroflux !! And sometimes he just doesnt feel like being romantic with Vegeta. This is problematic because on the other hand, Vegeta loves the attention.


× Goku often wants to shower with Vegeta but the shower is the only place Vegeta likes being alone.

× Goku proposes very casually to Vegeta, who starts to cry,

× Goku waking Vegeta up really early in the morning because he misses his voice


× Kakarot is how its pronounced in english, but in saiyan, its pronounced like Kakarotto, and when Vegeta is feeling rly sentimental or romantically stimulated, he calls Goku Kakarotto. (This is a rly old one my friend and I made up lmao)


× I usually headcanon Goku as asexual but….. spars filled with innuendos and sexual tension leading to gross n rough sex


× Theyre just. Happy. Theyre just happy, no battles going on, no bad guy to defeat, Goku and Vegeta are happily married with no drama whatsoever

..okay I’ll stop kddhkdhd if anyone has anymore feel free to add !!


Note: It’s been foreverrrr since I’ve written, but I’ve got an Oak fic for y’all. This one’s pretty humorous. :)


  1. can i request literally anything with oak??like anything u wnat to write bc oak is precious and he doesnt get as much love as he deserves
  2. You said you had very few oak requests so here you go Oak fluff Oak smut Oak angst Oak jealous Oak over protective/possessive Oak misunderstanding Oak first date Oak insecure Oak EVERYTHING I honestly don’t care what you do with any of these just PLEASE WRITE MORE OAK HE’S SO PERFECT AND UNDERAPPRECIATED *dies*

Word Count: 1480

Pairing: Oak x Reader

Warnings: None, just fluff

Summary: Reader keeps talking about ‘Jake’ and Oak thinks that Jake is the reader’s boyfriend only to find out that, ooh surprise! He’s not.

Originally posted by imayhavepunchedhim-itsablursir

Oak sighed, deflated as a heavy weight settled on his chest because of his realization. You had a boyfriend. Or so he thought.

He had heard you talking about ‘Jake’ for the past two days. How he was ‘perfect’ and ‘adorable’ and that you were sad that you hadn’t found him sooner. It hurt him to hear you talk about someone else like that. Oak had wanted to be the reason that you were happy, not some other guy who you’d just met.

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The King Is Back Part Two

Title: The King Is Back Part Two

Catch up on Part One here: xxxxx

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam, Mary, Cas, Crowley

Word Count: 1,650

Warning: Talks of death and trying to figure out they’re going to do

A/N: Enjoy! Let me know if you want to be tagged in part three!

“I…Dean…I’m pregnant.”

Mary’s hand flew to her mouth as she gasped. Sam’s eyes went wide as the words settled in. Cas closed his eyes letting his head fall back. Dean just stared at you. And you, you broke down and sobbed.

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Jakob  Chychrun Imagine - “Day Off”

Request : Could I request a cute Jakob Chychrun one where you guys have a cute lazy day, take cute pics, maybe he makes fun of your shortness and like you compare your hand sizes? and have your first kiss together :) 

this was really fun to write!! keep sending in requests:))

Originally posted by ryanhartman

my eyes opened and a killer headache made its appearance. i let lot a loud groan and looked over to my left at the night stand. the clock shined brightly showing the time as 10:30, jakob should be at practice right now, the apartment is quiet. 

i snuggled closer into the blankets of the bed that jakob let me sleep in and he being the gentleman he is took the couch. after celebrating a big 6-3 win against the capitals we all got carried away with the drinks and that’s how i ended up here with a mega hangover.

the door creaked open and some light came in making my headache worse. “here’s some water and advil for when your ready to get up” jakob gave a shy smile and put the two things on the bed stand next to me. 

“thank you” i said my throat dry which made my voice sound strained. i grabbed the waters and quickly took the pill hoping the headache pain would go away quickly.

“hows your head?” he gave me a small smile and took a seat next to me on the bed. jakob and i have only been dating for a month but it has been pretty great and i enjoy being with him. 

“ive had better days” i did my best to smile but flinched at the pain that was going on around my head. 

“come here” he gave me a smile that made me melt and wrapped his arms around me pulling me close. i slid over so we were more towards the middle of the bed. 

“dont you have practice today?” i asked placing my head lightly on his chest, i could hear his heartbeat it was steady and relaxing.

“what your already tired of me?” he joked. a small laughed escaped my lips but a great deal of pain went through my head. 

“we have a few days off so coach said to take this day to ourselfs, you know?” jakob pulled me closer his big arms were comfortable and his messy morning hair was adorable. i looked up at his beautiful blue eyes and nodded admiring there colour. 

i laid my head back on his chest. i could already feel my eyes begin to close and soon enough i was sleeping again. after a while i could hear a clicking noise, my eyes fluttered open quickly.

“what was that noise?” i asked my eyes adjusting to light, he must have gotten up and opened the windows. i noticed the headache wasnt there anymore. i saw him looking at his phone screen smiling. 

“your super cute you know that right?” jakob asked placing a light kiss on my forehead. i felt a blush rise to my cheek. 

“common get up lazy butt” he laughed attempting to get me up but i just grabbed on to him tighter, my height and size was no match for his hockey player body but i still tried to weight him down so he wouldn’t get up.

“my ass isnt lazy” i tried to sound offended but it ended with me smiling. 

“maybe it isnt lazy but it sure is cute” he laughed and picked me up like it was nothing carrying me out of the bedroom and brought me to the couch. i smacked his back laughing. 

“yours so tiny” he laughed giving me a small squeeze as he placed me on the couch. i huffed and pretended to be offended, crossing my arms i turned the other way and looked out the window.

“baby are you mad?” jakob asked coming closer and placing a kiss on my cheek, then on my forehead, then on my temple, and lastly on my nose. i nodded pouting as he was sitting a kneeling position infront of me and our heights practically matched. 

“im sorry” he tried to hide his smile but it didnt work, he ended up laughing and i eventually joined in. i went to stand up but he pulled me on the ground and began laughing like and idiot. 

i leaned closer to him so my head was in the crook of his neck. “your so beautiful, i dont know how i landed myself a girl as amazing as you y/n i really dont” i gave him a smile and leaned closer hoping he was at the same place i was at. 

jakob leaned closer to me placing his lips on mine for a sweet and slow kiss that made time stop. the zoo in my stomach was out of control. we pulled away out of breath and smiling. 

“those lips” he mumbled a small smile on his red lips.

i returned the smile as i pulled him up and dragged him to the fridge. “lets make breakfast!” i said excitedly. he shook his head laughing. 

“its noon” my mouth dropped which made jakob laugh like a third grader. 

“then we make mac and cheese, i dont care what your macho hockey player diet says today you are going to eat mac and cheese.” jakob let out a loud laugh.

“i guess my macho hockey player diet can be paused for one day” he smiled mimicking my words. i suck my tongue out at him laughing. 

“oh so you wanna go there?” he said chasing after me laughing as i was running, he was about to catch me but i ran as fast as i could jumping over the couch making it flop backward.

“y/n!” he playfully yelled laughing, he looked at it for a moment then chased after me again. i screamed and laughed while trying to run faster he eventually gained more speed and caught up to me wrapping both arms around me. 

“busted” he whispered in my ear. i let out a small chuckle and went to help him lift the couch back up. after the couch was back in its rightful spot we were both laying on it. i was laying between his legs my back placed on his chest. his arms rested around me and he peeked over my shoulder so he could see his phone.

 “whats that?” i asked as he was scrolling through some photos on Instagram he flashed me a goofy smile the began scrolling back up to a picture that was taken in the morning when i was asleep on him and he was placing a kiss on my forehead with his eyes closed. 

“this is cute” i smiled. 

“well yeah, its because im in it” he smirked.

“yeah totally” i said sarcastically.

“are you sassing me bec-” jakob had begun talking but i placed my finger on his lips shushing him. i gave him a small smile then kissed him lightly, i could feel him smile into the kiss then grab my hand. he pulled away and looked down at my hand.

“your hand are so small, how have i never noticed this” he laughed analyzing my hands. i pulled my hand away playfully smacking him in the head. 

“dont worry, they”re cute” he smiled trying to be adorable. 

“kinda like a smurf” he let out a loud bark of laughter at that comment. 

“your such an asshole chychrun” i hit his shoulder. 

“you love me” he laughed kissing my head, trying to hug me.