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Lady in Red pt. 2

Welp, I never knew I would get that much notes on Lady in Red. Honestly guys, this is really my first time writing fanfics so when I say idk what the hell I’m doing, I really mean it.

Also, what kind of Jason fanatic am I?! I freaking spelled Lazarus wrong in part 1!!

I feel so ashamed!! 😫😫

Some stuff in italics are your thoughts btw.


That night, you and Jason hit it off pretty well. After revealing how you both look like behind your masks, you got his number and he got yours. After that night, the both of you never stopped talking.

It’s only been a week after that night and Jason invited you over back to the manor. The manor looked even bigger during the day. You texted Jason saying you were outside but the person who opened the door was a kid instead, “Uhh hi?” You said, not as a greeting, more like a question.

He’s a lot shorter than you with black short hair.

 The child blushed, “You must be the lady in red,” He held out his hand, “Good afternoon. My name is Damian Wayne, son of Bruce Wayne.” You blinked, lady in red? 

Oh, right the dress, you smiled and shook Damian’s hand, “I’m (y/n), it’s really nice to meet y-”

“Damian! Give me back my phone!” 

It all clicked. Damian must’ve taken Jason’s phone so he could know when to open the door for you instead. You smiled at how adorable that is.

Jason appeared, wearing a black v-neck, black jeans and boots, “I’m going to fucking slap y-,” He didn’t realize you were standing right in front of him since he was glowering darkly at Damian, once he saw you, he smirked, leaning against the door frame, “Oh, hey (Y/N).” He said, coolly. 

Damian looked up at his older brother with annoyance, “Todd, can’t you see the lovely (Y/N) is trying to get in? Move your idiotic self out of the way would you?”

Jason rolled his eyes, pretending he didn’t hear anything, and grabbed your wrist, gently pulling you inside, “Come inside, (Y/N),”

“How dare you? I was the one who wanted to invite her inside.” Damian held your hand as you started walking with Jason towards a humungous living room.

You slightly giggled as you sat down on one of the couches, letting go of their hands, “Jason, you didn’t tell me your little brother is so adorable.” 

Damian smirked as he sat next to you, but we all know that inside he’s burning with fiery butterflies. 

Jason groaned, crossing his arms, “Damian isn’t adorable, he’s a demon, and he should leave us alone now.” He raised his voice a bit in order for Damian to hear the last part more clearly.

You gasped, “Jason, why would you say-”

“No, he’s right,” Damian stood up, “I’m just a kid who shouldn’t be in anyones business, I guess I’ll just go to my room and play with my action figures, you know, like what other kids do.” He covered his face with both hands, and prettended to cry.

“D-Damian wai-” You reached out for him. 

“No, I must go.” He said, dramatically sobbing, leaving without another word.

Jason knew something was up and glared daggers at Damian’s back as he left the living room.

He finally sat next to you.

You smacked his arm making him jump in surprise, “Jason!?”

“Hm? What?”

“Aren’t you going to apologize?” 

He raised an eyebrow, “Why should I?”

You figured this is how brothers usually act, “Uhh well, because….nevermind.”

He shrugged and wrapped his arm around your shoulder, bringing you closer to him. As if you two weren’t close enough. Your body went stiff, you’ve never been this close with a guy before. He was wearing the same cologne from the ball which made you swoon a bit.

He let out an exhausted sigh, ”Alone at la-”

Someone jumped over the couch and squeezed in between you two, “Hellooo, beautiful.“ 

 "What the fuck, Dick?!” Jason was aggravated. 

 The man, who you assumed was Dick, swung his arm around you, ignoring the amount of insults coming from Jason, “A little robin told me Jason’s lady in red just arrived, I’m guessing that’s you.“ 

 You were very flustered so you just nodded in agreement. 

 Dick is very ah, how could you put this? Handsomely special? 

 Dick gave you a toothy grin, “You’re even more beautiful in person. Are you free tomorrow ni-“ 

 "Yo! Fuck you mean tomorrow night?! Leave us be, Dick!" 

 Dick’s arm recoiled off your shoulder. He raised both hands up as if he was surrendering, "Alright, alright I get it. She’s all yours, bro." 

 Jason was trying to hold back his anger, "Leave before I fucking punch that pretty face of yours." 

 Dick just smiled and slapped Jason’s shoulder in a playful manner, "I got condoms if you need them, don’t worry." 

 You didn’t hear that since Dick whispered it into Jason’s ear. You felt so very confused. 

 Jason pushed Dick, making him stumble off the couch, "It’s not like that!" 

 Dick chuckled, "Yet.” And winked at you before he left. 

 Jason rolled his head back and growled, “(Y/N), let’s just head over to my room, I can’t deal with my brothers anymore." 

 You both got up and started walking upstairs. You let out a breathy laugh, "Yeah, Dick seems fun." 

"Pfff, fun? Yeah ri-" 

 Before you made it up the second floor, another boy appeared at the top of the stairs, "Woah, Damian wasn’t wrong about you." 

 Jason squeezed the bridge of his nose, "You have got to be kidding me." 

 The boy seemed older than Damian but younger than Jason. He walked down to reach you two and raised his hand, “I’m Tim, you could say I’m the smartest out of all my brothers, Damian just told me you arrived.”

Jason had a feeling Damian had something to do with all this. He mentally cursed the little brat.

You smiled at Tim and shook his hand, “I’m (Y/N), it’s nice to meet you, Tim.”

“Likewise, I saw you at the ball. Everyone is calling you The Lady in Red.”He leaned in and whispered in your ear, “Red is Jason’s color by the way.” 

You grinned and nodded, thinking that you picked the right choice for a dress.

Tim smirked at Jason as he pulled back, “What’s wrong, Jaybird? Got your hood in a twist?”

Jason gritted his teeth, “Don’t. Start.”

Tim shrugged, “Whatever, anyway,” He walked around you two,” I’m starving, see you later (Y/N).”

You waved bye at Tim.  

Jason grabbed your wrist once again and made his way upstairs in a faster pace.

Before you knew it, you were now in his room. It’s very neat for a guy

But in reality, Jason spent his entire morning making sure his room was decent just incase he had to take you in here.

The both of you laid on his bed. Jason’s long legs were hitting the floor while yours just dangled on the side.

You broke the silence, “You seem disappointed.”

He let out a suffering sigh, “I just wanted to spend this day with just you.”

You turned your head to face him, reaching for his hand, grabbing it gently. He happily took your hand in his and intertwined your fingers, “And now it’s just the two of us.”


Okayyy, Artza here.

It’s almost 1am now. I’m so tired. So I’m going to end it here. Idk of theres going to be a part three. Maybe. But yeah, I just really need to sleep right now. 

If there’s any mistakes, I’m sorry. 

Thank you so much for reading!!


Single Dad!AU - Bellamy Blake

warnings: single parents, custody stuff and legal stiff, some curse words, abandonment, police involvement

a lot of dot points omg i’m sorry

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  • in a modern situation i recon bellamy would’ve been out one night like celebrating lets say monty’s birthday
  • he go a little bit too drunk and ended up in someone else’s bed the next morning
  • so with his prompt leave he would’ve thought that was that and moved on with his life right
  • wrong
  • like a fair few years later when bellamy has his life pretty much sorted, he has a decent job, he’s got himself a pretty good car, a pretty good apartment that he shares with lets say murphy and rocks up to work and working away at his detective desk when he gets a phone call
  • it’s from an unknown number he answers thinking it’s a wrong number call bc most people call his work number if they need him urgently
  • and he gets the shock of his life when there’s a quiet little voice on the end of the phone; “is this bellamy blake?”
  • and his eyebrows furrow and he’s like ‘uh, yeah, how can I help you?”
  • “so i’m at the police station and i need you to come pick me up”
  • and he sits there for like a few seconds and is like “who is this?”
  • “long story, can you please come?”

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Can i request a really nervous nb reader X cricket rat with kind of a "I'm your biggest fan!" vibe. (sfw or nsfw, whatever you're feelin)


You had a passing interest in sport but never really got into it until your team had gotten a new player and you had fallen for him. He was so gorgeous to you, his spikey blonde hair, sharp features, interesting coloured eyes that you had never seen before and that massive grin he always had. The fact he was missing an arm and a leg hadn’t stopped him playing the game or even being one of the best players the team had ever seen, you admired that so much.

In every interview you had watched with him he was always laughing and joking, you were well and truly hooked on him. Jamison Junkrat Fawkes. When there had been a contest to meet the team you had jumped at it, never in your wildest dreams would you think you would win, but here you were shaking like a leaf with such sweaty palms. 

The team was nice, they all chatted to you and signed a few things but the person you were most looking forward to meeting was at the back, soon the team filtered out and you saw him.. You could already feel a warm hue on your cheeks as he eyed you up, he wasn’t one to hide intentions after all and he gave you a shameless look over, a smirk on his face.

“Cat got ya tongue?” he chuckled and leaned on a locker as you gripped your autograph book and cell phone.

“N..no…I just..” you couldn’t find your words as you soon opened and shut your mouth a few times.

Junkrat just laughed, his shrill manic laugh but it held no malice and you relaxed a little, he wasn’t laughing at you just he found the situation amusing. He held out his good hand and wriggled his fingers, you blinked before he took your book and sighed it, handing it back to you, he noticed you had your cell phone out.

“Want a selfie or something darl’?” he asked raising one of those cute bushy brows of his.

“O..oh please if you don’t mind”

He nodded once more and hobbled to be at your side, as you got your phone ready he slung an arm around your shoulders and you could tell you had gone even redder then you had before. You took the photo and grinned to yourself.

“Oh better take another jus’ incase?” He suggested, you just grinned like a loon.

When you got ready to take this one you suddenly felt a kiss on your cheek. You made a squeak which caused the very tall man to cackle and move away, he ruffled your hair and picked up his bag from the floor.

“‘ave a good one luv, hope ya enjoyed the game” He winked before limping away leaving you in the empty changing room.

You soon grinned ear to ear and opened up your book to where he had signed, it was a massive name, so messy and ink smudged, somehow that just fit him perfectly, then you blinked.. gawking at the page… There in the corner under his massive mark was his cell phone number.

GoT: Eastwatch

I wish people would realize two things about the Jon and Gendry meet up: 

 1)Jon doesn’t know that Arya and Gendry know each other. There’s no reason for him to mention her. 

 2)Gendry last saw her when he was sold and thought she was going to meet her family at the Twins. We all know how that turned out, but Gendry more than likely thinks she’s dead. I don’t see why he’d mention her when they’ve literally just meet. 

 (But let’s be real the showrunners could’ve had Gendry bring it up when they were traveling to Eastwatch. He could offered his condolences and Jon could’ve been like:


I also think Sansa does want power, but not in the way Arya (and people who don’t like her) thinks. Every person that has ever hurt her used their knowledge and power over her to do so. She wants power for defensive reasons. 

I don’t think she’ll betray Jon or anything, but I believe she knows Jon won’t hurt her or use his power against her. But a small part of her is still like But what if? Take it just incase… just in case he does. 

I think that she is trying to understand why she wants it so much, and how she can work through that. 

I hate that they are trying to pit Arya and Sansa against each other just so it can be more “satisfying” I guess when they become closer, but it’s stupid.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

This or something like this is what should of happened:

A: “Why do you want it?”

S: “Want what?”

A: “Power.”

S: Starts getting annoyed and starts defending herself.

A: “What I mean is why do you feel like you need it? I don’t think you’ll take it from Jon, but I see that you want it.”

Then they talk, bond and be a united front and the showrunners should find another way to lead their story line to Littlefinger’s death (cuase we know that’s happening soon).

And another thing… Arya trained with the House of Black and White. Like really Littlefinger shouldn’t have pulled one over on Arya at least not so easily. *eye roll* Effin’ showrunners.

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Better This Way (Part 3/3)

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: Fluff/Smut 

Words: 1,200

“Ya take it easy, for the rest of the day.” Daryl told you pulling the blankets up to your shoulders. You weren’t paying attention to what he was saying, so you just smiled because he was being so affectionate. You really liked this side of Daryl and it made you excited to think that he was doing this just for you. “Are ya listenin’ to me woman?” he asked you noticing you were just smiling widely at him. “Mhmm.” you said, chuckling a bit. “Ya better not move, or I’ll tie you to the bed.” he threatened making your eyes widen. He instantly realized what he said and a blush crept over his face. Seeing him so awkward made you laugh.


A week or so past and you were finally starting to feel better. The entire time Daryl was by your side, fussing over you and you loved every second of it. At the moment he was helping you take off your bandage for the last time. “It’s so ugly.” you mumbled, looking at your scar. “Don’t say tha’, it’s a part of ya now.” he said placing soft kisses around it. “It’s beautiful.” he said in between kisses.  He kissed all the way up your neck and you cupped his face and brought his lips to yours. You kissed him passionately with everything you had, your tongues slowly swirled around each others, making the both of you groan in pleasure.

Daryl pulled back and you made a disappointed sound, making him chuckle. “We should get downstairs.” Daryl stated, putting his forehead against yours. “Yeah, you’re probably right.” you replied, rather annoyed that you were being interrupted once again. 

Everyone was waiting for you and Daryl to arrive. As soon as you came down the stairs Maggie gave you a knowing look and you winked at her, making her chuckle. For about an hour Rick was discussing tactics for taking on the governor, just incase he was going to make another appearance. “Alright, so everybody understands their job?” Rick asked looking around the room, and we all nodded. “Ok then.” he said and went to go comfort a crying Judith.


It was late at night now and Daryl was laying next to you on the small cot that barely fit one of you. You didn’t mind though because you were wrapped around him like a vine. You watched him as he read a book that he had found in the prison library. “No pictures in this one either?” you asked making him chuckle a bit, at your reference back to the farm. Suddenly a wave of arousal washed over you, feeling him move like that beneath you. Noticing your position even more than before.

You rubbed your hand over his chest and kissed his cheek. You felt him tense up beneath you, but you decided to take it a little further and bit his earlobe. “I want you Daryl.” you whispered into his ear, almost making him drop the book in his hands. You took the book from him and put it on the floor. You moved yourself so you were now on top of him and started to kiss him. Daryl’s hands were placed firmly on your waist, feeling his rough hands on your skin drove you insane. You broke contact for a moment and pulled your shirt over your head and carelessly tossed it next to you. Daryl leaned forward and with a skilled hand unclasped your bra, hurriedly throwing it behind him, making you laugh. His eyes were glued to you as his lips met yours once more. You slowly began to unbutton his shirt and slid it off his broad shoulders enjoying the view.

Daryl pulled you against him, loving the skin to skin contact. He cupped your breast with one of his hands, kneading the soft flesh, while his mouth began to suck on the other one. “Fuck, Daryl.” you breathed, running your hands through his hair and he hummed against you. He turned you over so he was now on top and you watched him as he unbuttoned your jeans and pulled them, along with your panties, in one try. There you were, completely naked in front of him and you began to feel self conscious. However, that feeling fleeted when he began to kiss you again. You felt him slide a finger up and down your folds and you pressed your head harder against the pillow. “Goddamn girl, wet already?” Daryl asked, while nipping at your neck. “Only for you baby.” you answered, closing your eyes.

You watched him with eyes full of lust as he stood at the end of the bed taking his pants and boxers off. His cock sprang free and you bit your lip with anticipation. He laid on top of you and started kissing you harshly. You felt him grind against you for some friction and you arched your back towards him in response. Needing more of him, you reached over to your nightstand and pulled out a familiar square packet. He took it from you, ripped it open with his teeth and rolled it on promptly. “Ya sure yer feeling up to this?” he asked concerned, not forgetting your shoulder. You eagerly nodded your head, which made him smirk. He lined himself up with your entrance before slowly sinking into you, giving you time to adjust to his size. “Holy shit.” you moaned rubbing your hands down his arms.

He started to thrust faster and after a while you were able to match his rhythm. Your bodies moved perfectly together, it was something that you’ve never experienced before and you were sure Daryl was the only one that could ever make you feel this way.

Daryl noticed you were getting close and he definitely wasn’t going to last long now. “Ya like that? Huh baby?” he asked, when he brought his hand in between your bodies and hastily rubbed your clit.  “Mmm yes! Please don’t stop.” you mewled, wrapping your arms around his neck. “I’m gonna.. I’m.” you trailed off, feeling yourself begin to lose control. “Daryl!” you shouted his name as you came hard. “Fuck, (Y/N).” he groaned in your ear, when he too found his release, feeling your walls clench around him. He thrusted a few more times riding out his orgasm.

He fell next to you, catching his breath. You turned to look at him and brushed his bangs out of his face. Daryl’s blue eyes made contact with yours and the both of you laid there for a while, with your arms wrapped around each other, never breaking eye contact. “What are you thinking about?” you eventually asked. “I don’t ever wanna lose ya.” he stated. “You won’t.” you replied, shaking your head. He gave you an expression full of uncertainty. After everything that happened he still believed he wasn’t good enough for you. “I love you.” you said, full of sincerity. “I love you so much Daryl. And I am not going anywhere.” you stated with determination.

“I love ya too.”

This will be the final part of this short series. I had so much fun writing it. Please comment if you would like more stories like this! 

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Dad Jokes Go for Broke.

Description: 10,000 never thought he would be a dad, let alone a good one.

Reader/10k, set after Cassandra’s death reader has joined group shortly after, aprox. 5 mo after. Part two is here! I cannot link it presently but you go to my blog and search fanfiction it should be easy to find.

Rating: Teen and up

Warnings: pregnancy, seazon 3 spoilers

Length: about 10k. ( ;) )

Author’s notes: Because the last episode gave me 10k dad feels. Dad joke 10k is the best @stowytime

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Darus/TWD headcanons bc I'm bored af

•Jesus steals the sheets at night. All of them. And all of the pillows. Basically everything on the fucking bed except Daryl Dixon himself. And Jesus ends up kicking everything off the bed before morning anyway, so they both end up cold & it pisses Daryl off more times than not.

•Jesus fucking LOVES to give Daryl affection during the day especially when TF is around. Why? Bc pissing Daryl off is fun to him & kissing him in front of TF is certainly a way of accomplishing that goal.

•Daryl’s plan one night: get a ton of blankets so even if Jesus pulls them off there will still be more. Jesus’s plan while he sleeps: pulling off all of the blankets yet again ON ACCIDENT. ( lmao it probably wasn’t on accident tbh )

•Jesus wears his hair in a bun on hot days & it legit makes Daryl melt into a fucking puddle


•Daryl talks in his sleep a ton. And he snores. And he mumbles names of people he lost & it sometimes worries Jesus so he has to wake Daryl up



•Aaron & Eric almost always make dinner together & they playfully hip check each other & talk about dumb things & drink cheap wine & fall asleep together on the couch like. Its legit their little nighttime tradition

•Jesus & Aaron having conversations about their guys & Tara joining in about Denise


•Michonne playing with Rick’s hair in the morning if she wakes up before him.

•Michonne & Rick doin it in the shower 👌👌


•Morgan has a lowkey crush on Carol even tho Carol doesnt rly like him(?) and she has Tobin but Morgan admires her from afar bc hes in love w her. And he never brings it up, hes just in love w her and vows to protect her secretly.



•tobin treating Carol like a princess ( oh wait thats canon already oops )


•ROSITA DOESNT HATE SASHA & ENDS UP W EUGENE ( or stays w her current bf but tbh I ship Eugene & rosita oops )

• DENISE WEARING TARA’S HOODIES ( canon?? I think it is already oops )


•Maybe when things settle down,,,,, abraham & Sasha have a baby too

• basically alexandria is full of babies

•Glen taking pictures of TF to have just incase he loses one of TF

•daryl secretly steals a pic of jesus & judith together & keeps it in his back pocket. Bonus if Jesus’s hair is up in the pic

•Jesus doesnt know about it at all. He finds it one day probably in the morning ( the morning after they 👌👌👌👌) and he kinda just chuckles to himself & puts it back where it was

•Tara & Jesus singing along to Criminal by Britney Spears (jesus probably refers to the criminal as Daryl in his case)

•Daryl & Jesus having rly quiet intimate goodbyes before they have to go somewhere dangerous. Just incase one of them doesnt get back.



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What he thinks when someone hits on you in public

Luke: “i can’t believe this guy is trying to hit on my girlfriend i’m going to talk to this guy in a very polite manner buT I WILL NOT HESITATE TO HIT HIM WITH MY NOODLE ARMS" 

Michael: "you’re no threat to me my dicks probably 10x bigger than yours" 

Calum: "ok cal relax he’s just admiring your hot girlfriend don’t worry..maybe i’ll just makeout with her right now just incase he doesn’t take the hint to back the fuck off” 


In His Arms (Dillon Rupp Imagines)

As Requested by : aaroncarpenterfan69

Here they are sweetheart, sorry for the lateness. i hope you like it^^


“You sure your brother wont be here?” Dillon whispered as he stares into my eyes.

I furrowed my eyebrow as he flashed me a smile.

“You were just kissing me, quite passionately might I said. And now you’re asking about Taylor?” I can hear Dillon’s melodious laugh as I pushed him off of me and I walk off the bed. Dillon wraps his arm around my wrist and pulls me back to his arms.

Seeing his grin, I can’t help to smile along.

“Come on, Car I’m just asking just incase he comes barging right when we take our clothes off.” I can’t help to let my smile get wider when he pronounced each word teasingly.

I let Dillon linked his lips to mine before moving into a slow steady pace. I smiled as I can feel Dillon’s hand slowly making it’s way under my shirt and onto my back.

As the kiss became urgent and the air around us became hotter I slowly climb my way up to Dillon’s lap and straddled him and I can feel Dillon’s grin before he makes his kiss way down to my neck as I closed my eyes and bit back a moan.

The sounds of hurried footsteps bring my eyes wide open and I can feel Dillon’s glaring eyes to me as I focused on my door.

Sure enough seconds later the door barge open and Taylor’s fuming figure stood behind it. Taylor marches toward us, his eyes sets hot to Dillon and I can feel Dillon’s arm pushed me back into the bed right before Taylor sent a left cut to Dillon’s jaw.


“MY SISTER DILLON? REALLY!!!!!” Taylor sends another sets of punch to Dillon’s stomach as I can only stayed still in my place. Hopeless.


Before Taylor can send another blow, my body reacts on it’s own and makes a run to Dillon’s side.

“Please, Taylor don’t do this.” My voice came out too weak and I can hear Dillon’s painful groan from under me as I manage to cradle his head.

“Don’t cry Car.” My lips trembling as I stare into Dillon’s eyes while he wipe the tears off of my cheek.

“Please Taylor, don’t hurt him.”

“But he WILL hurt you Carin!! He will!! And I will beat the living daylight out of him before he does it!!”

“I WON”T HURT HER YOU KNOW IT TAYLOR!!” Dillon rises and shouts right before Taylor could lay another punch.

“I love her Taylor. And you know I wont hurt your beloved little sister. Why? Because I. Love. Her.” Dillon’s voice is rough as his ragged breathing signing the pain he felt.

Taylor is silent as I manage to caught Dillon’s weak body and Taylor surprisingly helping me to lay Dillon on my bed. Taylor stood beside the bed, seriousness washing his face.

“If he hurts you in any way. Don’t even think about seeing his face anywhere near you.” Taylor words came through his clenched jaw and I simply nod at him.

“I mean my words.” With that Taylor exits my room and closed the door behind him.

I hurriedly make my way to my bathroom and pick up the first aid kit and walk back to Dillon.

“Babe, I need to tend that nasty cuts on your cheek.” I whispered right before dabbing the cotton pad soaked with alcohol to his wound. To this, Dillon groans loudly and grabs my hand in the process.

“That seriously hurt, Carin.”

“And so does Taylor’s words.” Dillon cupped my cheeks and strokes it softly.

“You know I won’t hurt you and I will protect you from any harm in the world.” Dillon smiles as I keep my head down.

“Here just lay with me will you?” Dillon scooted away from me and patted the space beside him. I willingly lay myself on his arm as he wraps it around my shoulder. Dillon places a reassuring kiss on my hair as I closed my eyes and inhales his scent mixed with alcohol and blood.

All is well in the world when I’m on Dillon’s arm.

I feel safe and sound.

All night.


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