he swaggin

but lets take a moment to analyse all of bts’ unique outfits

  • jhope looks like the supportive always drunk dad that accompanies the kid to all of their sport competitions but mainly baseball
  • jimin looks like a trying to/ halfway nerd gone bad: stripe shirt still there but jeans are ripped
  • rapmon is mixed between a lunch lady and the layout of one of those bamboo products stores and a hippie
  • jungkook has high water pants and high low shirt- what is up with this kid seriously is he expecting cold weather or hot weather
  • jin looks like one of these moms that dont actually know whats going on but hey just go with the flow
  • suga is the definition of swag- he be rockin rollin swaggin swagger later on. insanely tough street boy that ran away from home because he didn’t get that hat he wanted
  • taehyung literally looks like a toddler who just threw some shit together because why nott. oooooohh baggy shirt?? leTS PUt iT ON WiTh BAggY PANTs