he suspected and wanted to see on jax's face when he walked in

Little Things

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Request: Opie imagine, something cute & fluffy.

So I was recently reminded how much fun I had with Shorty, so I decided to use that as my inspiration for this. Opie with a short girl is adorable. Hope you guys like it xx

Timeline: First season, obviously for this one there is no Donna or kids.


“Stay still.” You ordered.
Opie obeyed, stilling his movements from his position on the floor. You sat on the bed behind him, your legs either side of his shoulders as you braided his hair.
He had a beer in front of him and was rolling a blunt while you worked on his hair, both of you absentmindedly watching reruns of The Simpsons on the small tv in his dorm room.
His hair was soft and long and you liked the way your fingers felt when they touched it.
Without moving his head he reached out for his lighter and sparked up the joint, taking a long drag and blowing out a plume of smoke before he passed it to you.
You took a drag, letting the smoke fill your lungs and you relaxed your grip on his hair as you held the smoke in. You turned your head to the side and blew out a long, slow cloud before you passed it back down to him and you continued working on his hair, running the wide tooth comb through his locks.
“Really man?”
You both looked up as Tig spoke. He was leaning against the doorway between Opies dorm and the hallway.
He had his eye brows raised as he watched you braiding your old mans hair and Opie shrugged.
“What? It makes her happy.”
You couldn’t help but smile at his words and the hint of a blush crept onto your cheeks. Somehow after all these years Opie still had that affect on you.
Tig shook his head and you stuck your tongue out at him before he left.
Opie stretched his arms out and began to stand.
You pouted up at him, putting on your best puppy dogs eyes.
He laughed. “Im just going to get some snacks.”
“And then can I finish your hair?”
Opie frowned, as if the answer was obvious. “Of course.”
You grinned and met his lips as he reached down to kiss you and he passed you the rest of the joint.
He walked out of the room and you smiled to yourself, finishing off what was left of the blunt. You blew out your last cloud and stubbed it out in the ashtray beside the bed when you decided to help him.
Opie always underestimated how many snacks you could eat. You may be little, but you could almost eat your weight in food, especially when you were high.
You jumped off the bed, his large t-shirt dropping around you like a dress and padded across the carpet to the kitchen.
You were just about to enter when the mention of your name made you stop.
You hung back and backed up against the wall and tilted your head, listening carefully.
“Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great girl. But why go for a girl thats so short when you’re so tall?” Tigs voice asked. “Doesn’t make sense to me.”
“I don’t care how tall she is man.” Opie answered. “I love her. She always wears my clothes even though they’re huge on her but I love it. And I can pick her up whenever I want, even though she always tries to fight me.”
They both sniggered and you smiled to yourself.
“She stood by me for five years when I was inside, man. Visited me every week for five years. Not many old ladies could put up with that. But her, she never missed a visit. She’s a smart girl, she coulda gone anywhere, been with anyone she wanted. But she chose to stay with me and I’ll always love her for that.”
Your smile spread wider as you heard the love in Opies voice and you silently turned the corner.
His back was facing you and you snuck up behind him and leapt onto his back.
He didn’t even move, your weight slamming into him having no affect on his strong stance.
He let out a laugh and grabbed your legs, hoisting you up further onto his back and you draped your arms over his shoulders.
“I love you.” You whispered against his ear.
He turned his head to the side and pecked your lips before grabbing the bag of potato chips and candy in his hands and nodded to Tig.
And Tig watched in awe as Opie piggybacked you back to his dorm, the love the two of you shared clear to see.


The front door opened and Opie followed Jax inside.
You had told him this morning you were spending the day at Jax’s house, helping Gemma get the place ready for Abels homecoming.
‘Im in here!” You called, your voice slightly muffled.
The boys walked into the kitchen and took in the sight.
You were standing on the counter, on your tip toes, desperately trying to reach the top of all the cabinets with your feather duster.
“You need a hand?” Opie asked while Jax sniggered.
You glared over your shoulder and reached a little further.
“I can reach.” You said. You swiped over the top of the cabinets and turned to face them.
“How was your day?” You asked, a sweet smile on your face.
“Good.”Opie said and moved towards the counter and reached for your hands, helping you down.
“Don’t you wanna stay up there, ya know, see what the world looks like to normal people.”
Opie laughed as he took you by the waist and lifted you off the counter and you kicked your feet in Jax’s direction.
“Fuck you, Teller.” You said, raising your middle finger and thumping Jax’s arm with your fist once Opie placed you on the ground.
Jax laughed and leant his arm on your shoulder as if you were an arm rest.
You rolled your eyes. You were used to Jax leaning on you all the time and as much as you argued with him you knew he would never stop. And you would never admit it, but you didn’t really mind.
“Thank you for helping.” He smiled down at you.
You nodded in response. “Anytime.”
“You finished?” Opie asked, peeking out of the kitchen and scanning the spotless house.
“Yeah, Gems just finishing up in the nursery.”
The three of you walked down the hallway to the nursery and found Gemma smoothing over the quilt in the bottom of the cot.
“Hey sweetheart.” Gemma smiled when she saw her son.
He walked into the room and kissed her on the cheek.
Opie stood behind you, pressed against your back, and his hands resting on your sides
“It looks perfect Gem.” You smiled at the matriarch, admiring the work she had done in the room.
“Thankyou baby.”
Jax stared between the you and the cot, an amused look on his face.
“What?” You muttered, suspecting he had thought of something new to tease you about.
“I think you could fit in here.” he gestured towards the cot and leapt towards you.
You squealed and ran behind Opie, using your boyfriend as a human shield.
Opie rolled his eyes while Jax laughed and Gemma gave him a scolding look, but she wore a smirk.
“Thats enough, Jax. Shes been a huge help.. Well, maybe not huge.” She smirked and looked you up and down.  “But she’s been a help.”
You gasped and stared at Gemma. “How dare you join the dark side.”
They both laughed and Opie sniggered before leaning down and  kissing your forehead.
“C’mon, lets get you home before you kill someone.”
You said your goodbyes and you led the way outside and Opie took your hand as you walked.
You walked in comfortable silence as you made your way to his bike and he handed you your helmet when you finally reached it.
“I can, you know.” You said in a hushed tone, turning towards him with a wild spark in your eyes.
Opie looked at you questioningly, one eyebrow raised. “What?”
“I can fit in the cot.”


You sat in Opies lap. both of you smiling as you watched Jax rocking his tiny newborn.
Gemma stood behind him, a proud, teary smile on her face and Wendy sat to the side, watching her child and the man she loved.
The club was crowded around the room and everyone watched the SAMCRO prince with his son.
Jax looked up and eat his best friend eye and he shuffled towards you and Opie.
Ever so carefully he handled you the baby and you smiled down at Abels sleeping face.
“Hes perfect.” You smiled up at Jax.
Jax grinned down at you and Opie squeezed your thigh.
“Its a shame he’s not a girl, then you two could have shared clothes.”
You kicked your foot out, colliding with Jaxs shins while the rest of the club laughed.
Opie rested his head on your shoulder and the two of you watched Abel as everyone else began to mingle.
“You want one?” Opie whispered in your ear.
You turned to look at him.
His eyes were sparkling and your heart soared, your love only growing stronger as you pictured what a great father Opie would be.
“More than anything.”
Opie smiled and kissed your lips.
“But Id have to have a c-section.” You continued.
“Why?” Opie asked as he took a swig of his beer.
“Jesus, Ope have you seen the size of you? Your baby would destroy me.”
He let out a deep laugh and nodded in agreement.
You stood carefully and walked over to Wendy, handing her back her son.
She smiled at you and you kissed her cheek.
“Hes beautiful, Wendy. You did good.”
She didn’t need to say anything else, your supportive words were enough and she thanked you silently.
You turned back to Ope and took his large hand, tugging him up to his feet.
“Cmon.” You whispered to your bearded giant. “Lets go make a baby.”


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We’ve Gone Way too Fast for Way too Long (Part Four) (Final)

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Pairing: Sister!Reader x Jax Teller (Sons of Anarchy)

Words: 2,960

Based Off: This imagine

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Warnings: Knives, blood, guns, drugs, someone getting knifed, some people get shot

Author’s Note: Here it is! The last and final part to my sister!reader x Jax Teller series! I’m glad you all loved it so much as I have. I would’ve loved to have a crossover between the two shows, but SOA has been over for a while (and it seems like supernatural won’t ever end). Now that this little series is over, I will be finishing up my Demon!Dean one and then finally finishing Standford!Sam. I hope you all have an amazing Sunday! The title is taken from Young and Menace by Fall Out Boy. – Haley xx

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Part One

Part Two

Part Three

I gasped loudly as the sharp smack of a hand across my cheek woke me up. A hand snaked its way to the back of my head and pulled on my hair, making my head snap up. “Well, look who’s awake.” My eyes opened to see Romeo Parada crouching down to my eye level.  “Y/N Winchester, Prince Jax’s old lady. It’s an honor to have you in my den.”

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Imagine: Darby going after you because you’re with Jax. And when you come back all beaten up, Jax does anything he can to make you feel better.
A/N I just started watching Sons of Anarchy and I love it. I just had to write this.

“What happened?” Jax asks with his jaw clenched. He curls his fingers into fists as he watches you. The rest of the club is standing behind him watching you as well. You’ve been beaten and bruised for days. Darby wanted to send a message. Jax has tears in his eyes as he walks over to stand in front of you. 

“Who did this to you, baby?” he mumbles caressing your cheek. Although he’s being gentle it still hurts like hell. Your bottom lip is swollen and has a cut. Your entire body has been beaten and every step you take hurts. 

“Darby,” you croak. All you want is to have a shower and wash away the dried blood and Darby’s hands. 

“I’m going to kill him,” Jax says and you can see the fury burn in his eyes. He’s ready to drive now, but you’ve just gotten back. He can’t leave you. 

“Can you take me inside? I’m not sure if my legs are going to hold me up for much longer,” you whisper and immediately Jax changes into the caring and loving boyfriend you know. He takes you in his arms and carries you inside to his room. Outside you hear some of the motorcycles drive away and you suspect they’re going after Darby. 

“I want a shower,” you whisper with closed eyes. You’re leaning your head against his shoulder as he opens the door to his room. Once in the bathroom he sits you down on the toilet and starts undressing you. This is probably the first time he’s going to see you naked without it being for a sexual purpose. 

“Will you join me?” you say a bit louder. You’re slowly getting your voice back. But the cut on your lip still hurts.

“Of course. Anything you need.” The thing about Jax is that he’s not afraid to defend your honor. If anyone wrongs you, he’ll beat them up and teach them a lesson. To be fair he’s ready to kill them, but the two of you made a deal a long time ago that he doesn’t kill anymore - not for you anyway. But he’ll not just beat them up; he’s there for you. He’s there for you whenever you need him. 

“Thank you.” He strips down and soon enough you’re standing under the steaming water in his arms and you can finally relax. You feel safe in his arms and the feeling overwhelms you. Burrowing your face in shoulder you sob finally letting yourself feel. 

“This will never happen again. I swear to God, I will never let him touch another hair on your head.” Jax is almost shaking with anger, but he doesn’t let go of you. 

“I love you, Jax,” you say. You need him to know that even though what happened to you is a message to Jax, you still love him. 

“I love you, too.”


Obsessive - Part 23

How long will The Reader be under SAMCROs watchful eye?

(This will be multi parts so check back for my next installment. As always, if you want to be notified of my updates just let me know and I will message you when I post new chapters)

**Disclaimer: I do not suffer from OCD so I cannot begin to imagine what it is like. Any and everything that I am writing is what I’ve learned from people I know and the internet as well as asking advice from friends who know more about it than me. If anything is wrong or inaccurate of someone with OCD, please excuse my ignorance, as I said I am asking questions to help with the descriptions but I’m sure I will get something wrong eventually.

Juice Ortiz x Reader

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The next couple of weeks dragged on. You were not only miserable, having Juice or Happy in your living room every night, but Juice was acting as if he couldn’t see the hurt all over your face every time you were forced to speak to him. Happy knew exactly what was wrong and had no idea what to do about it. 

You thought, maliciously, that you would hurt him as bad as he hurt you, wanting to tell your dad that he had treated you like a crow eater and made you into a one night stand. Unfortunately your conscience wouldn’t let you do that to him. After all, you still had feelings for him and Clay would murder him, as would Jax, Bobby, Tig and probably the rest of the guys as well. Honestly you were surprised that Happy hadn’t caused a bigger problem with Juice than he had. You noticed they didn’t speak to each other, Juice wouldn’t look him in the eye either, and Happy made comments from time to time that made you feel like he was backing you on the whole ordeal.

You had begun obsessively cleaning again. Your OCD was out of control lately, actually, in overdrive. Nothing was ever right and you cringed any time someone walked in your apartment, disturbing your sense of peace. You realized how calm Juice had made you feel, how his presence had been a positive impact on your rituals, making them less burdensome when he was around. The fact that he had fucked you over made you even more upset upon realizing, though, because now you were obsessive like never before.

Aside from your elevated stress levels, things had started to get back to normal. In fact, none of your things had been touched or moved since the night Juice decided to blow you off. A part of you wondered, in some recess of your brain, if Juice had been moving things just to worry you and stay close to you, and maybe the break in was an isolated incident, but then you remembered the shadow that first night you slept with Juice and you knew someone was definitely still poking around. Now, though, it seemed all of the stalking and whatnot was over with and it was safe to say you were relieved that you would soon be rid of Juan Carlos Ortiz. You had spoken with your dad the day after Juice called you a mistake and told him you felt safe again. It was a lie but you felt it necessary to get away from him after what he did to you, and the longer you had to look at his face the more you wanted to toss him under the bus. Finally, Clay relented, telling you that if nothing strange happened for two weeks he would take everyone except a prospect outside off of you. That was good enough for you.

As the second week since your fall out with Juice and talk with your dad came around, you were eager to hear from Clay as to whether or not he would keep his promise and get Juice away from you. Things were tense in your apartment and it was obvious Happy was not happy about being stuck between the two of you quarreling. Juice had opted to stay outside for the night and you and Happy were inside on the couch watching the History channel when you heard Juice’s cell phone ring from outside. After a moment Juice unlocked the door with his key and opened it, stepping in and completely avoiding your gaze to speak to Happy.

“That was Clay. He wants us at the clubhouse, now. Church. Both of us. He said leave the prospects,” he filled the man beside you in on his conversation. Happy furrowed his eyebrows and looked at you, “You gonna be alright?” he asked and you nodded in return so he shrugged and stood to follow Juice out.

Juice was afraid this would happen. He suspected one of the topics in church was going to be pulling him and Hap off of your detail and he was praying that wasn’t the case. He knew you couldn’t be left alone with that freak able to come and harass you whenever he wanted. Over the last two weeks, Juice had searched for anything that would give him a clue as to who had threatened him, of course turning up short. Whoever the threat was, he knew how to keep a low profile.

He and Happy didn’t speak on the walk to their bikes at all. Happy had made it abundantly clear that what he had done to you was not okay with him and deep down Juice hated himself too. He knew you were trying to act tough, mask the hurt you felt under a hateful glare and generally acting as if he didn’t exist. It was killing him, knowing that he had feelings for you and couldn’t show them. When you turned away from him two weeks ago and he knew you were crying, he wanted nothing more than to be the one to wipe your tears away. It was starting to feel like that’d never happen.

The gavel slammed down and it was like nails on a chalkboard to Juice’s ears. He really didn’t want to be in the chapel at the moment, his brain drowning out Clay and Jax’s voices as he thought about the envelope in his home. The sound of his name snapped him back to reality.

“Juice. You listening?” It was Chibs who sat across from him that was calling his name while everyone else at the table stared.
“Yeah, I’m here,” he sighed, looking up to the head of the table where Clay was sat. 
“You and Happy are going back to your regular schedule. (Y/N) said nothing strange has been going on for a while so it looks like the threat is past,” Clay told him and he nodded slowly in response and the gavel slammed down, releasing the men from their obligations for the day. This was it, Juice thought. He had to talk to Clay, at least tell him that you were still in danger. He just had to figure out how to do that without incriminating himself.

He was still sat in his seat, staring down into his lap when the room cleared, save for Jax and Clay who had their eyes on their Puerto Rican brother.
“What’s going on, Juice?” Jax asked, turning his body towards the younger man.

Juice kept his eyes down for a moment before taking a deep breath and forcing it out, looking up at his President and VP. He lost his nerve. He couldn’t do it, not right now.

“Nothing,” he forced a weak smile and the two officers narrowed their eyes at him but stood anyway, heading out of the chapel and through the bar.

Its not nothing, he thought as he sat alone, staring at the reaper carved into the tabletop, “Its NOT nothing,” he whispered aloud to himself, tapping the wooden surface with this knuckles as the contemplated to himself. Juice knew the only way to protect you was to be with you, and that order had to go through Clay. If he allowed you to spend a night unprotected, anything that happened to you would be his fault. He couldn’t let it happen. He couldn’t allow you to get hurt because he was too afraid to oppose Clay and Jax. 

Thick of It-Juice Ortiz Imagine

Requested: Yes

Warnings: flashbacks of violence, swearing, some sensuality

A/N: It’s a continuation of my Sons of Anarchy series and I finally decided to make the pairing between the reader and Juice. Let me know if you want a final part :)

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     When Y/N woke up, the first thing she noticed was Juice sitting in the chair next to her bed, eyes trained on her. The second thing she noticed was how well the morphine that Tara gave her worked.

     “There she is,” Juice muttered with a small grin.

     “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with the other guys?” Y/N’s voice was husky and laced with fatigue.

      “They’re working on finding the bastards who put you in this hospital bed. Opie and I are playing bodyguards right now.”

       “I feel so much safer,” Y/N teased.

       Juice didn’t seem to appreciate her joke as the line between his eyebrows deepened and he pressed his lips firmly together. “You know I would kill for you, right? Same as Ope, maybe even more.”

       “Yeah, I do know, it’s just…making fun of it ‘s nice way to cope with it.” Y/N placed her hand over Juice’s and stroked his knuckles. It was one of the few ways she tried to relax him when they were alone outside of more intimate, strenuous activities.

        Juice sighed and leaned forward. “I wanna tear him apart and I will as soon as we catch him.”

        “Get in line, I think I deserve first punch,” Y/N said.

        Juice shook his head. “You didn’t—couldn’t see how you looked when you first came in. All bloody and beaten—-you looked dead and…and I was so f-cking scared. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I can’t stand the thought of-of you being taken away form me.”

        There were tears in Juice’s eyes and Y/N almost gasped at the sight. He was always strong, albeit a little dim at times, but he always maintained a tough exterior. Seeing him so vulnerable in that moment made something stir in the heart that Y/N didn’t know she had. Over the past year they had been secretly seeing each other, he had never been too vulnerable around her, but Y/N had never been extremely vulnerable around him either. He did have his moments of being super romantic, like their first Valentine’s day together when he got her a nice box of chocolates and two dozen roses because he couldn’t decide which she’d like better. It was the first time Y/N told him she loved him and about the fifteenth time Juice confessed his love for her, but that was just how their relationship worked. No one in SAMCRO knew about them partially because no one would expect Juice’s stupid charm to win over the tough, independent Y/N. He flirted with her endlessly when Y/N first started bar tending and ignored her many threats of beating him up or stabbing him because he knew she wasn’t serious. Then, after a particularly wild night at the bar, Y/N and Juice had an intense, whiskey-fueled conversation about the deeper things in life. Seeing Juice be so thoughtful made him extremely attractive in Y/N’s eyes and after he took her home, she thanked him with the best kiss he ever had. Keeping the relationship a secret was her idea since Juice was more than happy to make her his old lady during their first week of dating. Y/N thought it would make things complicated in the club and so far, keeping the relationship a secret was only complicating things. Juice would have to hold himself back when someone tried to get frisky with her and Y/N would have to bite her tongue and keep her hands busy whenever some croweater tried to flirt with her man.

    Y/N moved her other hand to cup the side of Juice’s face. “I can’t stand the thought of you being taken away from me either, that’s why I fought so hard to stay.” She slid her hand down to wrap around his neck and pulled him close. 

    “Y/N,” Juice whispered.

    “Please,” Y/N whispered against his lips.

    Juice hesitated before kissing her as gently as possible. As far as he was concerned, Y/N was a porcelain doll that could break at any second. He knew she was strong and tough, but she looked so weak in that bed. Y/N kissed back stronger and more passionately, quickly losing herself in it. She was nearly stunned when Juice pulled away and rest his head against her chest. His hand came up and grazed her collarbone, making her shiver a little bit.

    “I want my crow right here,”  he said. “When all this is over, I want everyone to know you’re mine.”

    “Collarbone tattoos hurt like hell, though,” Y/N muttered.

    “You can take it.” He kissed the bone and pulled away a bit. He couldn’t help but be surprised that Y/N agreed to be open about their relationship. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that she had nearly died.

    Someone knocked on the door and Tara walked into the room a second later. Juice snatched away from Y/N at the first knock so Tara didn’t suspect anything. 

    “How are you feeling?” she asked.

    “Groggy and pissed,” Y/N dead-panned. 

    “Understandable.” Tara looked at the monitors that were to the left of Y/N. “Your vitals look good, we just have to change your bandages and give you some more pain meds.”

    “Morphine,” Y/N said with a wide grin. 

    “Don’t get hooked on that stuff. Last thing we need’s a bartender hooked on morphine,” Juice said.

    Y/N rolled her eyes and Tara smirked. “You’ll be fine, Y/N.”

   “I’ll be even better when someone gives me a gun.”

   “Not happening,” Juice said.

   “A nurse will be in to change out your bandages and give you food and meds,” Tara said.


   As soon as Tara left, Y/N sighed. “Are the guys making any progress?”

  “Based on what you said last night, I think they’re doing okay.”

   In Vegas, Clay, Tig, Jax, and Chibs were in the clubhouse with Adam and the rest of the Las Vegas chapter. There was a grim tension in the air due to the severity of the meeting.

   “All right, we got some new information on the man who attacked Y/N,” Clay said. “She said it was a redneck who she ran into outside of a bar.”

   “There aren’t any rednecks in any of the gangs in Vegas, but we did just learn that there was a gang visiting from Shreveport around the time Y/N and her friends were there, call themselves Louisiana Locusts,” Adam said. 

    “Never heard of ‘em,” Tig said.

    “Because they’re into small time stuff, move cocaine once in a while from Alabama, dabble a bit in extortion, and from what we’ve gathered in Vegas, they are not above attacking women,” Adam said.

    “Where are they now?” Clay asked.

    Adam smirked. “For some reason, they thought it was a good idea to stop in Reno for a couple of days.”

   Clay glanced at Jax. “Maybe we’ll go over and give ‘em an old Charming welcome?” 

   Jax nodded in agreement. “Did anyone find out exactly which one put their hands on Y/N?”

   “No, only person who would know that is Y/N, sorry,” Adam said.

   “That’s all right,” Clay clapped the man on the back, “you’ve been a great help.”

    Tig stood from his seat. “Let’s go show those Locusts what happens when you mess with one of us.”

    The rest of the Sons yelled in agreement because they knew that once the boys from the Charming chapter caught up with the Locusts, the rednecks were nowhere near prepared for what would hit them. 

    “Can you describe what happened to you, Miss Y/L/N?” Unser asked.

    Unfortunately, as much as Juice, Opie, and Tara tried to keep the cops away from her, Unser forced his way into Y/N’s room and the young woman was less than pleased to see him. She picked at the cherry Jell-O in front of her, tossing the occasional glance Unser’s way.

     “I was in a bar with some friends—”

     “Were you drinking?”

     “What’s the point of being in a bar if you’re not drinking?”

     Unser’s grip tightened around his pen as he took down notes. He decided to write “Miss Y/L/N was drinking at the time of the incident”. “Do you think this inhibited your perception of the events?”

     “It’s pretty difficult to misunderstand being beaten to a pulp and then dropped outside of a hospital,” Y/N seethed.

     “So, you were beaten? Was it by one or more assailants?”

     Y/N shrugged. “I don’t know, it’s kind of a blur.” 

     “Very well then. One last question, Miss Y/L/N: do you believe that your attack has anything to do with the motorcycle game known as the Sons of Anarchy?”

     Unser gave her a warning look that he truly didn’t need to give her. Y/N had spoken to the Charming police plenty of times to know just how to wriggle her way out of any situation and stall until one of the guys got her out of there. 

     “No, not that I can think of,” she said.

     “Thank you, Miss Y/L/N, my associates and I will do our best to apprehend the people responsible for this,” Unser said.

      “I hope you do.”

      As soon as Unser left, Gemma stormed in, carrying a large white paper bag and looking as though someone keyed her car.

     “I’m guessing it went okay if you’ve got that look on your face,” Gemma said.

     “Yeah, what’s in the bag?” Y/N asked.

      “Real food, better than the crap they serve you in here.” Gemma tossed a distasteful glance at the Jell-O and plate of turkey with gravy and green peas on Y/N’s bed table. She grabbed the tray, threw it in the trash, and set the white bag of food on the table.

      Y/N grabbed a corn beef on rye sandwich out of the bag as well as a bag of plain Lays and a granny smith apple. “At least you tried to be a little healthy.”

      “Real food actually feeds you, eat up.” 

      Y/N began nibbling at the sandwich and chips, grinning like an idiot at the taste of some of her favorite foods. “Clay call you yet?”

     “No, I just know he, Jax, Tig, and Chibs are in Vegas. You have nothing to worry about, though, they’ll catch the people who got you in this hospital.”

     “I don’t doubt that they will.” Y/N sighed. “This just had to happen when I took some time off.”

     “Could’ve been worse—-you could’ve gotten knocked up.”

     Y/N snorted, which made both she and Gemma laugh even harder. Unfortunately, Y/N had to stop because her ribs were beginning to get sore due to her laughter.

    “I can’t even laugh without some pain,” she said with a groan.

    “It’ll pass, honey. Have you talked to your parents?”

    “No, but according to Opie, they’ll be here by tomorrow along with all my brothers. Did we have to tell them what happened?”

     “Course we did, they’re family. If we didn’t, your mom would tear everyone a new one, especially me.” Gemma ran her hands through Y/N’s hair. “You know, we always thought that you and Jax would end up together.”

     “No, you didn’t.”

      “Yes, we did. We thought it was sweet how you would try to fight him and he’d never really fight you, but if someone messed with you and you couldn’t beat them up, he and Opie would do it for you.” Gemma sighed as she reminisced. 

      “Good times.”

      “Simpler ones. Plus, your crush on Jax was extremely adorable.”

       Y/N groaned. “That was ages ago, why can’t you let it go?”

       “Because it was so precious. Besides, I know now that both of your are grown up and have different tastes.”

       Y/N paused from taking another bite of her sandwich and looked at Gemma as a chill ran up her spine. She felt the way she imagined rabbits felt when they were cornered by a wolf. In that moment, Gemma’s mouth may as well have been filled with razor sharp fangs as she grinned at Y/N. There was no way she could possibly know about Y/N and Juice, Y/N needed to play it cool.

       “What do you mean by that?” Y/N asked.

       “Well, he prefers stuffy, pretentious doctors like Tara while you seem to drift more towards the other rugged bikers, am I right?” 

       “I wouldn’t say Tara’s stuffy or pretentious….” 

       “I guess you wouldn’t.” Gemma stood. “Well, I hope you enjoy the food. Just call me if you need anything.” 

       “I will.”

       When Gemma left, Y/N hesitated to breathe a sigh of relief. On one hand, the last two people she dated before getting with Juice were other bikers who were allies of the Sons so most people could guess she liked bikers. On the other hand, Gemma had an eerie way of knowing about everything and maybe Y/N’s relationship with Juice wasn’t an exception. 


Hi everyone! This is part one of my first request, I hope you enjoy it 😘😘

You sat in your seat at Church, your stomach aching with nerves. Your hands were clenched into fists and your knuckles were white.
It wasn’t easy being the only female in the Sons Of Anarchy. You had to work harder than the rest to earn your patch, and you knew that not all of your Brothers took you seriously. You killed for them, fought for them, anything you could to prove your worth.
You watched as the rest of the club took their seats. You sat next to Bobby and couldn’t help but notice the empty seat next to you. Juices seat.
Everyone looked at Jax as he took his seat at the head of the table and began to speak.
“There is a rat at our table” he said.
Your heart sank, your worst fear coming true.
Juice had come to you last night and told you everything. He had made a deal with Roosevelt and Potter, stolen the coke and killed Miles to cover himself.
He had suspected that Jax knew, and now you knew that he was right.
You’d been seeing Juice secretly for months now, but you’d never realised what he was doing behind the clubs back. You didn’t like it, no you hated what he’d done. But you understood it. His whole life Juice had wanted to fit in, to have a family. He had found that with the Sons and when that was threatened he panicked.
Your hands shook as you waited for what was coming. You didn’t hear what everyone was saying because you knew what this meant. He had betrayed the club, there was only one way to handle it.
“Let’s vote. Juan Carlos Ortiz to meet Mr Mayhem.” Jax said, his face grim.
You watched as all your brothers voted yes, voted to kill Juice, voted to kill the man you loved.
All faces looked at you and you stood.
“I can’t do this” you said, your voice shaking.
They watched as you removed your kutte, confused looks on all their faces.
“I love Juice. We’ve been together for months. I can’t be a part of this” you said and dropped your kutte on the table before leaving the room.
You could hear the uproar as you walked out the doors.
Gemma looked at you as you passed her, her eyes watching you curiously.
“What’s going on sweetheart?” She asked as you pushed past her.
“I’m sorry, Gem. I have to go” you said and stormed out of the clubhouse.
You sat on your bike and fired her up, buckling your helmet before driving out of TM for the last time.

You ran into your house, you’d seen Juices bike outside so you knew he was there.
He stood when he heard you slam the door.
“Juliet, what are you doing here?” He asked you, worry all over his face. He wrapped his arms around you.
“Get your bags, Juan. We need to hurry” you whispered as you broke away from him and headed to your room. You grabbed all the clothes out of your drawers and wardrobe, tossing them into the duffle bags you’d had out just in case it had turned out like this.
Juice stood in the doorway watching you, unable to move. Your hair was a mess and your face was stressed as you moved around the room, grabbing things off shelves.
“You should stay, I can’t let you go down for my mistakes” he said solemnly.
You stopped moving and turned towards him.
“I will not let them kill you Juan, not until my body is cold. I’m with you”
You turned to the bags and zipped them shut before lifting them and marching towards him.
“We need to go. Now.”
“I love you Juliet”
“I love you too Juan”

Jax stormed into your house, Happy and Chibs right beside him.
They stormed through the house til they reached your room and saw the scattered clothes and empty drawers.
“Shit!” Jax shouted, realising you had ran away with the rat.
“It’s okay Jackie boy, we’ll find them” the blond president nodded, and walked out of the house.

It had been 10 months since you’d left Charming. It hadn’t been easy, you and Juice had spent the first months on the run, shifting from town to town, never believing the club would stop looking for you.
You’d ended up in a small town in Florida, staying at a cheap motel that became your home.
You got a job at a local supermarket and Juice found work at a video game store, which he loved.
That night, you were sat in front of the tv, absentmindedly rubbing your small bump. You were four months pregnant.
Juice was ecstatic when you told him, and went straight into fussing over you.
You both knew it wasn’t ideal, you both wanted kids and you knew he’d be a great father, but starting a family on the run wasn’t exactly the plan.
You watched as the lotto draw came on the screen. You never really cared for the gambling, but you’d bought a ticket today, deciding to Try your luck. The numbers began to appear on the screen for the jackpot and you grabbed the ticket next to you.
Your mouth dropped as you stared between the ticket and the screen, your heart beating out of control.
“Juan!” You screamed.
He came running out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around him loosely.
“What is it? Is it the baby?” He asked as he knelt beside you, still wet from his shower.
You couldn’t speak, just stared at the ticket in your hands.
“Juliet! What’s wrong?”
“Juan” you whispered before shoving the ticket in his face.
He looked at you confused before looking at the ticket. He raised an eyebrow and you pointed at the screen.
His mouth dropped and his eyes went wide.
“Does this mean..”
“We won Juan! We won!” You screamed and threw your arms around him.
He stared at the numbers on the screen again.
You’d just won $670,000

You woke up a year later, to the sound of your screaming daughter.
You rolled over and looked at the clock next to you: four in the morning.
You groaned and sat up.
“Stay babe, I got her” you smiled at Juice and watched as he got up, wearing only his boxers and walked into the nursery.
After you won the lotto, Juice had played the stock markets, tripling your money overnight.
He did this the whole time you were pregnant and now you had enough money to never work another day.
You’d bought a mansion in Florida, making sure to put everything in your daughters name, Isabella Jones, still nervous the club could find you.
You’d decided to use your mothers maiden name as her surname. You didn’t want to risk the club finding out and you’d left both yours and Juices names off her birth certificate.
You laid back in your king bed, stretching and looking up at the beautiful white ceilings and hanging chandeliers. Who woulda thought a girl like you would end up with chandeliers in her goddamn bedroom.
You heard Juice talking to Isabella in the next room, her nursery.
You knew you wouldn’t get back to sleep so you stood, your feet touching the soft white carpet, and walked in.
It was a real princess room, Juice had picked out everything, from the pink wall paper, to the four poster bed, with pink and white silk draped over it that she wouldn’t even use for a few more years.
You smiled as you watched them.
He held her to his chest, rocking her gently and telling her stories.
He spotted you watching him and smiled widely. God, you’d never get sick of that smile.
You walked over and wrapped your arms around them, kissing her forehead.
“I love you Juan. I love you Isabella” you cooed.
He smiled at you “we love you too mommy”

That night you and Juice were curled up on the couch, next to the cracking fire and watching your tv. Your tv that filled half the wall, that is.
You were waiting for the chinese you’d ordered to arrive. You had hired staff when you bought the mansion, mostly locals, but you’d let them have the day off, enjoying having the house to yourselves.
You heard a knock and Juice stood.
“Chinese is here” he grinned at you as he dropped your hands and walked into the foyer.
You heard the door open.
A minute passed and he hadn’t returned.
“Juice?” You called, standing and heading to the foyer to see what was taking him so long. “Is the Chinese here?”
He stood on the marble tiles, frozen in place.
You looked at him and walked over to the hall table that stood against the large oak walls. You quietly opened the drawer and grabbed the gun inside. Never taking your eyes off Juice.
“It’s not Chinese,” he whispered, still not moving.
You walked over quietly and stepped behind Juice, your gun pointed.
Your heart dropped as you looked into a face you never thought you’d see again.
The face of Jax Teller.

You’re my only hope

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A/N: This was requested anonymously. I hope you enjoy!

Request: “ Firstly thank you. Wow, you did such a great job with Hale x reader. I loved it, was totally different and interesting. He had such a sweet side. Hmm, I guess Clays daughter the Samcro princess could end up falling for Hale, which the club notice her crush on him and the club is not happy making her hide the relationship that happens? I don’t mind if you make it fluffy, smut and etch I think your a fantastic and really talented writer.” 

Warnings: swearing, violence, and mentions of sexual intercourse.  

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Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Review

Legends of Tomorrow was definitely the most improved of The CW’s superhero series this season, it was so good! I enjoyed the series last year, but there were a few missed opportunities and missteps that kept me from loving it. Finding its groove in season 2, Legends was able to focus on fun, fast-paced adventures, touch on some of the crazier aspects of the DC universe, and focus on developing the core cast. Season 2 fixed the biggest concerns I had about the show and made the Legends competent heroes facing equally competent villains rather than letting the Legends’ personality conflicts trip them up like amateurs. If you had doubts about the show last year, I think you’ll definitely enjoy rejoining the Waverider crew!

Full Spoilers…

Sara Lance/White Canary
Sara (Caity Lotz) was as awesome as always! Season 2 saw her ascend to Captain of the Waverider and she immediately proved she deserved the position. Her plans were infinitely better than Rip’s (Arthur Darvill)—though I do wish the Invasion Crossover mission to save the President (Jerry Wasserman) had included Sara suggesting a stealthier approach—and she was able to inspire hearts and minds much better than Hunter did. In addition to her new role and new responsibility with the crew, Sara continued to be the fun badass—with gravitas and a dark side she’s working to atone for—I love. Lotz balanced the weight of Sara’s past, her fun-loving side, and the responsibility of leadership very well. I’m not a huge fan of Damien Darhk (Neil McDonough)—he was a fine villain, but I got my fill of him last season on Arrow—but I really liked that his reappearance immediately brought up Laurel’s (Katie Cassidy) death, giving Sara a villain who could get under her skin. Since she couldn’t kill past-Darhk without destroying the timeline, shattering his dreams of victory when they met in the 80s was a cool way for Sara to win without “winning.“ Sara getting to kill an imaginary Darhk in the Invasion Crossover was a great moment of catharsis too. However, Sara’s most badass moment came fighting Malcolm Meryln (John Barrowman) on the Waverider. Right before completely taking Merlyn down, Sara got the best response to any villain’s “I’m about to teach you a lesson” boast ever: “Those who can’t do, teach!”

With Sara’s resolution not to change time to save Laurel, I understood why she’d call Stein’s (Victor Garber) Time Aberration-created daughter Lily (Christina Brucato) “not real,” but that assessment was still a little cold. More surprising was that she didn’t trust Mick (Dominic Purcell) more; she was an assassin and she’s changed, so I felt she should’ve extended some belief in his ability to do the same…though perhaps she knows how hard it is to keep walking the good path and didn’t think he could cut it. And as phoenixfive reminded me in the comments of this post, the reasons behind Sara and Mick’s past transgressions are vastly different, Mick did allow them to stay trapped in the Legion’s future for a long time, and he still enjoys being a criminal. Plus, Sara’s worked much harder and made greater strides towards redeeming herself from her past (something she clearly wants) than Mick, who is inching towards heroism, but still bristles at the idea of being good. While I liked Sara talking Jax (Franz Drameh) down from becoming a killer and shooting Rip, I wish she’d shot Hunter in the leg to incapacitate him immediately after Jax lowered his gun rather than hoping there was still good in him. However, I’m glad that lost chance for a victory was brought up and dealt with in the following episode instead of being forgotten. While Sara seducing famous women across history was a fun running gag (and I totally called her being “Sara Lancelot” right after she met Guinevere!) and a cool reversal of skirt-chasing male heroes, Ray (Brandon Routh) and Sara being down with screwing with Guinevere’s (Elyse Levesque) marriage—even if Stargirl (Sarah Grey) also loved Arthur (Nils Hognestad)—was a little morally suspect (but in keeping with Sara’s character as she was introduced on Arrow, I suppose). Despite these few questionable moments, the season finale was a true showcase for Sara! Not only did Rip confirm she was better as Captain than he ever was, she got closure with Laurel and saved the whole timeline. I really liked the twist that it wasn’t a pure heart that was needed to wield the Spear of Destiny, but someone who knew and had fought through darkness (which made those questionable moments reminders that Sara has never been perfect). Sara’s one of my favorite Arrowverse characters—she’ll always be THE Black Canary in comics or shows/movies to me—and it’s awesome to see her get her due. At the same time, a glimpse of where she’d come from as an assassin in the Legion of Doom’s alternate timeline was a fun look at where she could’ve gone had she not grown into the heroine she is. On the other hand, it was cool to see another alternate Sara happy and vigilante-free in the Dominator fantasy world. I can’t wait to see what new sides and possible evolutions Season 3 will explore!

Mick Rory/Heatwave
Mick’s my second-favorite character on the show and another of my favorite Arrowverse people. I was surprised at how well he was developed in Season 1 and while he did get stuck in a bit of a rut this year (due to filming commitments for Prison Break, perhaps?), I liked a lot of what they gave him. Bits like Mick just eating an éclair as they were about to die were hilarious, but Rory’s constant hunt for food or beer teetered on the verge of becoming an unfunny running gag as the season wore on. Still, I love that he retained his ability to bluntly cut through his teammates’ crap and force them to deal with their issues. Along those lines, his rendition of the Series Sell, opening by calling the audience “idiots” and chastising us for not knowing what the show’s about by now, was brilliant! Bringing Snart (Wentworth Miller) back in various forms—as a memory, as Mick’s mind manifesting his criminal instinct as Snart, and ultimately the real deal pulled from the past—was a great arc and produced some excellent material for Purcell. Mick felt Snart betrayed him by going good last season, so I liked the warped idea that he’d imagine evil Snart berating him for doing the same. What a clever way for him to torture himself! Mick eventually setting Cold on the path to making them both better men, even though it’ll lead to his best friend’s death, was perfect.

Since Season 1, Mick has been able to challenge and bring out the best in his teammates; this year, that was especially true of Ray, Stein, and Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers). I loved the idea of Ray becoming a new “Captain Cold”/Mick’s partner in crime and wish it had continued, because playing Boy Scout Ray off barely heroic Mick is always a good idea. Mick vs. Stein over who had the better brain was comedic gold too! Bringing back Mick’s Chronos expertise is always welcome and any time he gets to teach Stein a lesson (frustrating Martin to no end), it’s hilarious. I really enjoyed Mick nudging Amaya towards a walk on the less heroic side and I’m glad they paid off their early unexpected connection when Amaya believed in him in the end. Mick’s connections with people in the past were also great: befriending Turnbull (Jeff Fahey) in the Old West was a fun surprise and Rory inspiring George Washington’s (Randall Batinkoff) guerrilla warfare tactics was awesome (they should definitely visit Mick’s monument sometime!). I loved that the moment he’d change most is burning his parents alive; he’s got more depth than the team gives him credit for, even if he doesn’t want to admit it. Though he felt somewhat sidelined for a lot of the year, I’m glad Mick got more to do in the last two episodes, and they were packed with great moments for him.  Here’s to more of that next season!

Jefferson "Jax” Jackson & Martin Stein/Firestorm
Jax and Stein seem to be working together better this year than last. I like them both and Firestorm has cool, unique powers, but the show has a bad habit of saddling these two with expository dialogue that makes them sound like fools. For example, Jax had a moment where Rip “revealed” that he’d been teaching him about the Waverider by making him the engineer; why would Jax be surprised that learning to fix the ship would teach him about it? Another conversation between Jax and Stein went like this: “Why would Rip hide this room?” “He must not have wanted us to know about it.” Well, obviously. I also find it pretty hard to believe Stein didn’t know how a speakeasy worked. I get that the audience needs to be brought up to speed sometimes, but give us more credit than this. 

While I originally thought they relied on his family drama too much to feel fresh, Season 2 introduced a daughter Stein had never met, making for an interesting arc that gave Garber a new dynamic to play both with Lily (Christina Brucato) and against his crewmates, who initially saw her as a time aberration that needed correction. Lily was a likable and fun addition to the world, so I hope we see more of her. I liked that Stein’s arrogance was toned down a bit (except when played to comedic perfection against Mick) and enjoyed his historical fanboy tendencies. Realizations like “time gives you what you need” and “just live and you’ll figure yourself out” were great moments of clarity for Martin. They also gave Garber some great comedy bits, be it singing as a distraction, referencing Star Trek’s Dr. McCoy, and any time he interacted with Mick. Sorta-bad Stein from the Legion of Doom’s dark alternate timeline was a fun departure too. Garber seemed to be having a blast with the role this year and I’m definitely interested to see where he takes Stein next season.

Stein’s partnership with Jax is coming along nicely and the younger half of Firestorm had some great development. I loved Sara making Jax second-in-command of the Waverider (as well as chief engineer) and all the growth Jax got this year! Sara asking “Is that a promise?” about Jax’s assertion they’d still save Rip, only to be answered with “It’s a prophecy” was possibly his best line yet. Jax standing up to evil Rip was great, as was his reaction to witnessing slavery in action, and I’m eager to see him continue to grow as the series goes on. I like Jax a lot and Drameh is great in the role, but I want to see more of what he brings to the Firestorm mix. Jax could definitely use an arc of his own in general, particularly since his Season 1 role was being the newbie dragged onto the team who had to adjust to superhero life. Where does he go from here? Does he still want to be a hero? How will he handle being second-in-command if he has to give orders to the rest of the team? His role has been immensely expanded from what it was in the comics and I’d like the show to run as far as they can with it!

Amaya Jiwe/Vixen
Amaya was my favorite addition to the team this year! While the show’s second episode threw a lot of Justice Society characters at us, Vixen was the clear standout and the most compelling. Her no-nonsense attitude played against the rest of the Legends pretty well and I’m glad they didn’t relegate her to making annoyed comments about the team’s infighting like Rip in Season 1. Mick getting Amaya to walk on the bad side reminded me of Cold, Snart, and Ray’s interactions last year, even if her biggest crime was stealing illegal goods from criminals. I loved the unexpected chemistry she had with Mick early on and it was great to see that pay off at the end of the season when she was the only one to really trust him (though I expected her to go with him when he left for the Legion of Doom near the end). I would’ve liked to see more of the “woman out of time” aspect of Amaya being pulled from the 40s, but I suppose that’s negated a bit on a time travel show where everyone’s out of their own time. The touches they did add, like not believing in ninjas and never having seen Star Wars, worked well. Trying her hand at a “modern” no-strings relationship was a nice way to both reflect on her out of time status and to throw Nate’s (Nick Zano) expectations in his face; I loved when she took the idea and ran with it, shooting down his concerned/bordering-on-controlling attitude later on. I didn’t mind her relationship with Nate; I just wish I liked him more. The one time their burgeoning relationship really felt out of place was when they were paired up to go undercover as husband and wife in colonial America. I get pairing them up to stoke their attraction, but since their cover didn’t result in them having to play husband and wife beyond a brief appearance at a party, it would’ve made more sense for Sara to play Nate’s wife. It should’ve raised more attention from the other guests for a black woman and a white man to be married.

I’d like them to be more creative with the use of Amaya’s Vixen powers next season: when the team was searching through a forest, she could’ve been using bat echolocation to detect enemies, for example. I’m glad they later gave her things like eagle eyes as small, practical uses of her powers and hope to see more of it. I also love it when they find new animal spirits for Vixen to invoke and I’d like to see more about how her powers inform her outlook. Settling Gertrude the T-Rex and Amaya’s attitude toward a snake they encountered were good starts, but I wonder if wielding animal essences could define her personality and choices a bit more. Richardson-Sellers proved herself a great asset to the show and I hope they stretch Amaya’s personality and explore her perspectives next year. I was shocked when Amaya died in the Legion’s alternate world and I was even more surprised when she decided to stay with the team rather than go back to 1942. I’m happy she’s sticking around, but with something of a ticking clock over her need to return and take part in the timeline in Zambezi, I wonder how much longer she’ll be with the team.

Ray Palmer/Atom
Ray improved a lot from Season 1: he felt smarter in general and his personality seemed more distinct from Stein’s. Last year, they seemed to trade off being arrogant and geeking out about history, and this year seemed to settle them into distinct characterizations a bit more. For the most part, Ray seemed more competent this season too. I guess they wanted Ray to have his powers for the crossover, but I wish he’d had a bigger arc without his suit. I was hoping that without the ATOM suit—which had been stolen, broken, or manipulated into a problem an awful lot—Ray would be driven to adapt on the fly. Acting as Mick’s new partner/Junior Captain Cold seemed like a promising start, but it ended too quickly to really force Ray to think outside the box. That said, Mick (as always) brought out the best in Ray by evening out his goofiness and the two of them gelled quite well. Nate, on the other hand, seemed to bring out the worst in Ray. Their bickering and straight-up fighting on the Waverider (and blaming Sara for being uptight when she told them to stop) was childish and really tried my patience. 

Still, I think the show found a balance that works for Ray in the Apollo 13 episode, “Moonshot.” Not only was his standoff with Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher) great, but Palmer was written very well. When Ray’s written like in that episode—smart, resourceful, wide-eyed about the adventure he’s on, and hopeful—he’s a great, fun character who I can’t help but like. It’s when any of those characteristics are thrown out of proportion that he gets super goofy (instead of just having a childlike fascination with how cool all of this is) or egotistical (instead of just being a competent genius). Here, though, episode writer Grainne Godfree and Brandon Routh nailed it! Ray’s powers also allow for some unique, fun gags, like being stuck small and chased by a rat, acting like a “gremlin,” etc. I love it when the writers get creative with his powers and hope that continues next season! Routh also got to have a lot of fun playing a Cretaceous Era survivalist, love expert for Nate, and not-so-bright janitor in the Legion’s terrible future. It was also a nice character moment that Ray was the first to say yes, they’ve treated Mick like crap. Even without going as far with their partnership as I’d hoped, that was a nice payoff. I did think it was odd the Dominators’ fantasy world had him with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) instead of his dead fiancée, whom we’ve never even met. They even referenced Anna Loring’s death via the Mirakuru soldier he fought to escape, but I thought she was an odd loose end. Given I don’t think Ray ever needed a dead fiancée to drive his superheroics and she barely seems like a factor anymore, I’m not entirely sad we haven’t met her, but this highlighted how unnecessary that bit of angsty backstory is to his character.

Nate Heywood/Steel
While this “time detective” (cool title!) started off fine and I liked how enthusiastic about being a hero he was, by the end of the season I was hoping Nate would either grow up or leave the Waverider. His interactions with his grandfather (Matthew MacCaull) added depth to him (particularly in “Moonshot,” which featured some great acting from Zano), but I’m not sure why he was necessary to the team or what he added to the dynamic. Yes, he’s an expert at history, but Vixen’s powers double his super-strength and the team already has Gideon (Amy Pemberton) for historical records; as I saw pointed out on Twitter, the crossover even featured Nate “deciphering” the location of a Dominator battle, information that should’ve been obvious since Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson) told the heroes about it in the Flash portion (surely she knew where her footage had been recovered and when it was recorded). I also couldn’t help but think a history expert is exactly the role Kendra (Ciara Renee) and/or Carter (Falk Hentschel) should’ve been playing last season, since they’ve lived through most of those time periods. Oh well. Still, Nate’s reactions to just about everything early on were very entertaining and I loved that he named the villains the “Legion of Doom”…and that no one else on the team wanted to call them that. His Steel suit was super corny, but even knowing the two guys who built it (and the fact that it’s comics-accurate), it didn’t translate very well to live-action. My biggest issue with Nate was that, particularly as the season wore on, he got increasingly whiny about what felt like everything. He got injured being a hero (exactly what he aspired to be) and whined about it, he complained that “the future is boring” and “legends aren’t real,” he complained about not having water and food in the event that the Waverider even survived burning up (focus on the problem at hand!), he moped instead of helping plan an attack on the Legion, etc. It became grating and I hope he improves next season. 

Rip Hunter
I was happy to see the crew function without Rip’s poor leadership skills and his complaining about how the team couldn’t get along, so I was wary of his return later in the season. However, the show surprised me when Eobard reprogrammed Hunter, making Rip a member of the Legion of Doom! I agree with Mick: he was much better as a villain. Evil Rip was a lot of fun (Darvill seemed to be having a blast!) and I was hoping he’d stay a villain: not only were the Legends not represented by a show-specific enemy in the Legion, but the personal conflict of their former leader now being their enemy was great! Attacking the team with an EMP was a brilliant way to knock the heroes back on their heels and I actually thought Rip had killed Sara when he broke her neck (good thing Gideon’s magic!). I hadn’t even considered he could still control the Waverider, so Rip calmly taking over Gideon from inside the Waverider’s cell was such a cool way of demonstrating how truly scary and dangerous evil Rip could be! I would’ve liked to see the ship vs. the Legends for a bit longer, but it was enjoyable while it lasted. I also thought the inside of Rip’s mind could’ve been a little more symbolic, but I enjoyed seeing Sara and Jax go up against evil versions of themselves to save Rip. With Rip once again something of an obstacle for the team—though not evil—next season with his Time Bureau correcting the timeline “the right way,” I’m hopeful his new role will recapture the fun of Rip vs. the Legends.

The Legion of Doom
I loved the Legion of Doom plot and thought it was a huge step up from Vandal Savage (who I liked initially, but ultimately felt his evil plan was lacking in planning and depth and thought he could’ve evolved more through the decades). I’ve long loved the ability of Arrow and Flash to bring back minor villains for random guest spots—it makes the world feel like the comics, where anyone can show up at any time because it’s just a matter of drawing in whoever you want—so bringing back three (eventually four) of the Arrowverse’s biggest enemies like this was a great payoff. Eobard Thawne, Damien Darhk, and Malcolm Merlyn worked really well together, making for an excellent villain team-up! All of them totally chewed the scenery—though not too much to take them seriously or to prevent them from being threats—and I loved it. Thawne, Malcolm, and Darhk had some great banter, my favorite exchange being Thawne’s “We have one other advantage over them.” “What’s that?” “They’re idiots.” That we even got an episode dedicated to the Legion’s point of view—right down to the credits and the Series Sell—was a masterstroke. I can’t believe the show gave us live-action versions of the Hall of Justice (in the Invasion crossover) and the Legion of Doom base in their alternate timeline; I love that these shows are willing to go so far into the more “cartoony” aspects of this universe! 

Thawne was my favorite of the three—one of my favorite Arrowverse villains overall—and I couldn’t wait to see what his plan was. I initially thought he wanted to use the Spear of Destiny to kill Barry (Grant Gustin) while retaining his powers, but the personal focus on just staying alive was brilliant. Making Hunter Zoloman the Black Flash hunting Eobard was a great use of the shows’ shared universe. I loved how smart Thawne was about fighting the heroes, like when he separated the halves of Firestorm at the speakeasy so they couldn’t merge (though to be fair, he also had a chance to kill Martin and didn’t take it). As dumb as “the villain keeps the heroes alive” plots can be sometimes, Thawne allowing the Legends to continue living without their memories in his alternate universe worked really well (except letting Rip keep his memories in a fully-functional, if miniaturized, Waverider). I loved that he had to rely on Ray to get off the moon in “Moonshot” and I thought the lack of gravity inhibiting his ability to move at superspeed was a clever workaround for his powers (I don’t mind that he still should’ve been able to vibrate his hand at superspeed: he needed Ray anyway). I was skeptical at giving Thawne his swan song here instead of on Flash—it just seemed like he should face Barry in his final scheme—but this storyline proved an excellent, worthy finale to this version of Thawne. The Legion of Eobards made for an insane finale, and even though it seemed like they should’ve been able to kill the Legends in seconds, Sara’s emotional victory made the scene work. I’d hoped he could be trapped in the Speed Force for a while instead of dying, but Sara taking him down was great. Besides, this was Eobard at the oldest he’d ever get, after he’s clashed with Flash countless times; there’s still young Eobard out there to torment Barry!

I’ve long wanted Merlyn to have one final supervillain arc on Arrow and while this wasn’t what I was expecting, I enjoyed it a lot. I liked that his ideal world included bringing Tommy (Colin Donnell) and his wife Rebecca back to life and gave him a great relationship with Thea (Willa Holland). That was a great way to honor the fact that as horrible as Malcolm is, he’s always truly cared about the people he considers family. It would’ve been cool to actually see those characters reappear, though. Merlyn was my favorite villain on Arrow and I’m glad he got one last evil hurrah. It was smart of the writers to have Merlyn comment on how foolish it was to keep the Legends alive while also being wary of Thawne himself, echoing Malcolm’s continually shifting and always self-serving alliances. 

While I think bringing him back after so recently having been on Arrow was a bit much, Darhk made for a good, calm presence in the Legion, even if he’s not as threatening as Malcolm and Thawne without his magic. On that note, I would’ve liked some clarification on his powers and when he got them in the timeline. Even without magic, he made a great black knight when the Legends went to Camelot. He was the most affable of the villains, so I appreciate what his personality brings to the mix even if he isn’t too imposing anymore. I’m interested to see what the resurrected Darhk will be like next season, though.

After several imaginary visits to Mick, it was awesome to have Leonard Snart back for real! I was hoping he’d be rewritten into reality by the end of the season so he could return, but I was satisfied with his reunion with Heatwave. I love their chemistry and Snart was another of my favorite characters last season, so I wish we could’ve had the real Snart back for longer than we did. I’m definitely intrigued as to how different the “bizarro Snart” will be next year!

General notes
The season as a whole was fast-paced, fun, and exciting! I loved that they reformed the team within one episode rather than dragging out the hunt for the Legends across the opening weeks. The season premiere’s missile threat to New York was an intense sequence, outdoing anything in Season 1 besides Snart’s death. The improved pacing aside, they did sometimes allow it to overtake plot logic, like not showing us the team confiscating the laser guns in old France and not showing Ollie (Stephen Amell) leave the Waverider. Likewise, Ollie just handing the ship to Nate—a total stranger—felt rushed, even if Mick was also there. Leaps in logic like those aside, I loved how much fun this season was! The vast majority of episodes mastered marrying eventful done-in-one adventures to a continuing arc via the search for the Spear shards.

I’ve never been a big JSA fan and I could take or leave this version as well, mostly because they didn’t get much time to make an impression. I didn’t feel like their legacy really connected to or impacted our present day heroes at all (Nate and his grandfather aside), and not just because they were secret agents. Does Mari McCabe (Megalyn Echikunwoke) even know about Amaya’s time as Vixen? Did the JSA really make a difference in the world? However, I did enjoy Lance Henrikson’s guest stint as Obsidian and I wouldn’t mind seeing him again. Commander Steel also provided a good amount of emotional grounding for Nate. Avenging Rex Tyler’s (Patrick J. Adams) murder was a fine introductory drive for Amaya and she sold their relationship (and her anger/sorrow over losing it) well without us really getting to see them together, but I didn’t feel the impact of Tyler’s death because we barely knew him. It helped immensely that his death didn’t drive her to be a hero or anything; while she had real feelings involved, Rex dying wasn’t just something to fuel her heroism or to make her mad. Props to the writers for including the fact that interracial relationships and LGBTQ people existed in the past too! When the team visited the 1980s, I was really glad to see there was no longer an operational JSA: it would’ve strained credibility that no one on Arrow or Flash had ever mentioned those government agents if they were still around as recently as 30 years ago. That the government didn’t take their files when it mothballed the JSA base was odd, though. I enjoyed that the show delved into Katana’s (Rila Fukushima) lineage; that was an unexpected bonus! Merlyn mentioning the Zambezi totems was a cool connection to Vixen’s animated side of this universe.

I feel like Legends sometimes works better when using DC Comics’ alternate history rather than real historical figures—that seems more the purview of Timeless—though I did like this show’s George Washington better than the NBC show’s version and how Legends handled Einstein (John Rubinstein) and his wife/secret collaborator Mileva (Christina Jastrzembska). JRR Tolkien (Jack Turner) also fit into the season arc very well, and his inspiration to write courtesy of the Legends felt much more natural than how the show handled George Lucas (Matt Angel). While I enjoyed the toll Indiana Jones and Star Wars never existing took on Nate and Ray, their attempts to spark Lucas’ creativity felt especially blunt (particularly a scene where Lucas was approached by Ray, Nate, and Amaya in a parking lot). Likewise, screaming at Lucas in a trash compactor to conjure an epiphany about his future didn’t work for me. I’m not sure how I would’ve done it differently; maybe, as I saw suggested online, if Darhk had his powers Lucas could’ve witnessed his use of the “Force.” Perhaps A New Hope and Raiders could’ve been Lucas’ attempt to tell the world some version of the truth after realizing no one would ever believe the reality of this adventure. On a smaller scale, I was impressed that the Secret Service was immediately on Sara when she pulled a knife in the White House in the 80s: that was a great bit of competency from random guards you don’t always see, even if I was left wondering where they were when Ray declared there was a bomb. 

Legends wrapped up the Dominator saga—The CW’s best crossover so far—very well, even with a few bits that didn’t work as well as they could’ve. None of the episodes felt overburdened with recapping multiple shows (as the Flash crossover episodes have tended to be in the past), even with Arrow celebrating 100 episodes. The subplots from the other shows played into the crossover events organically (aside from Supergirl, though they built up Barry’s appearance there well), and Legends provided a really good finale! It also felt like a huge amount of subplots neatly came to a head during this episode, clearing the board for new ones. I liked the Dominators’ plan and reasons for attacking Earth: preventing metahumans from becoming a threat and causing things like Flashpoint. Everyone rallying around Barry despite his instinct to turn himself in to save the others was great. Long-awaited moments like Felicity and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) geeking out in the Waverider were everything I hoped they’d be! The crossover’s missteps were minor. I wish we’d seen a scene of Thea and the rest of Team Arrow fighting Dominators in Star City during the climactic battle. Two dialogue bits bugged me: Mick’s “That’s a first; talking to an alien” (totally forgetting Kara), and Kara’s “On my Earth, it’s just me and my cousin” (what about J'onn (David Harewood), the DEO, Guardian (Mehcad Brooks), Mon-El (Chris Wood) that vigilante she’s mentioned Clark working with, etc.?). Ray’s comment about Kara looking like his cousin was funny, but the awkward exchange of glances between him and Felicity dampened its effect for me. I would’ve liked a little more clarity on why it was OK to use such extreme force against the Dominators from characters like Barry and Kara too (them not being humans shouldn’t count when Kara isn’t one either). Dodgy morality aside, the climactic battle was great and the crossover ended in spectacular fashion! I wondered why Kara didn’t just go and catch the metabomb at first, but Firestorm transmuting it was definitely cooler. The Earth-1 heroes and Kara are totally a secret, unofficial Justice League now and that’s awesome! Ollie and Sara commenting that everything started with the two of them was perfect; I’d forgotten that and was glad to be reminded. It felt like the best way to cap off this crossover, honor the CW universe, and Arrow’s first 100 episodes all at once. Ollie and Barry getting drinks at the end was another great moment, and not at all where I expected an episode of Legends to end. 

I enjoyed the hunt for the shards of the Spear of Destiny and liked that it gave an impetus to visit several different time zones with a ticking clock. While I would’ve liked more time in the year 3000, the twists to Camelot and Arthur’s Knights were fun! Stargirl as Merlin wasn’t something I saw coming, but I liked it. I wish they would’ve fleshed out the JSA in general if they were going to introduce them, but small visits like this worked well. Also, given the Christ allusions in the Arthurian legends, hiding the shard in Excalibur was a clever choice! The production values in Camelot were also great, though (as I saw pointed out on Twitter) Ray’s “lightsaber” probably should’ve delivered more damage than any other random sword could. My other favorite hiding place for a shard was the American flag on the moon; what a cool idea! The later hunt for Christ’s blood to destroy the Spear was a cool last-ditch effort, but I’m not sure why they couldn’t just time travel to a point in the past where there wasn’t a World War on to grab the blood then. You could even twist it so that they fail to get it during the War, go back, drain the vase of blood and rebury it, so their earlier selves could still dig it up but don’t realize it’s already empty. Nevertheless, I loved that they went to the worst-case scenario with Thawne destroying the Spear, because the team having to pull a heist on themselves was great!

Season 2 proved to be a strong and much-improved season that totally stuck the landing in its finale! Not only were the Legion of Doom excellent villains, but moments like the Legends’ Christmas party worked perfectly to continue molding this team into a family. I was very satisfied with the season arc and can’t wait to see how the team deals with the very mixed-up timeline the team found themselves in at the end! My theory is that time didn’t break down when Mick was Chronos and he attacked the team because he had the Time Masters stabilizing history for him, so without them everything has gone insane. The concept of “anachronisms,” historical figures displaced throughout history, sounds like a lot of fun! I can’t wait to see the Legends sort things out!

High Women Tell No Tales-Sons of Anarchy Imagine

Requested: Yes

Warnings: some swearing and violence

A/N: it’s going to be another general imagine since not enough people voted for a particular pairing.

Originally posted by karladahmer

 All Y/N could feel was pain, a deep throbbing, annoying ache that reverberated throughout her entire body. For a second, she thought it hurt to blink, but she realized it was just her imagination. She glanced around her surroundings for a second before recognizing that the white walls and the monitor beeping next to her signaled that she was, indeed, in the local Charming hospital.

   “Crap,” she muttered.

   “Sleeping Beauty finally woke up.” Y/N winced as she turned her head slightly to see Jax sitting in the chair next to her bed. His shoulder length blonde hair was messy and his eyes had bags underneath them.

   “You look like sh-t,” Y/N said.

   “Well, I was up most of the night worrying about you, like the rest of SAMCRO,” Jax said.

    “Where are they?”

    “In the waiting room. Tara is making us take turns to see you.”

    “Sounds like her.” 

   Jax stood up, walked to Y/N, and ran a hand over her head. “What happened to you?”

   Y/N swallowed as she tried to remember what exactly had landed her in the hospital. “Me and Y/B/F/N and her roommate went to this bar near the strip. There were a lot of drinks and bikers around.”

   “Did someone in particular catch your attention?” Jax asked.

   Y/N closed her eyes and remembered a hazy, red-colored view of a large man in a biker jacket. He had stereotypical biker tattoos and he wore a dark scarf around his hair. 

    “All I know is that he smelled like Miller Light and had a deep voice.”

    “We’re gonna catch this guy, Y/N, I swear,” Jax said, anger seeping into his voice.

    “If I can remember anything. You talked to the guys in Vegas, yet?”

    “We’re waiting for an update.”

    Y/N tried to relax against the pillows but hissed in pain. “Where’s the doc with my pain meds?”
    Right at that moment, Tara walked in, hands shoved into the pockets of her scrubs pants. “I’m right here and I’m guessing you are not feeling well.”

    “I want all the painkillers you have: morphine, Vicodin, whatever,” Y/N groaned.

     Tara walked over to the other side of Y/N and she examined her wounds. “Well, it looks like you’re healing up nicely but you’ll have to stay here for the next couple of days for observation.”

    “That makes me a virtual sitting duck,” Y/N said.

    “No, we have adequate security to keep you safe,” Tara said in an attempt to be comforting.

    “Whoever did this to her will probably be able to get past your security, Tara,” Jax said. “I’ll have a couple of guys stick around here to watch her.”

   “Or, someone could just give me a gun or bat and I’d be equipped to protect myself,” Y/N said.

    “No way. You are not in any condition to wield any sort of weapon let alone stand up,” Tara said.

   Y/N grumbled. “I hate hospitals.”

  “We know,” Jax said.

  “I’ll have a nurse come in with your meds, okay?” Tara said.

  “They better be strong enough to knock me out,” Y/N said.

  “We’ll see.”
  Jax leaned down to Y/N. “I gotta go now. Try not to get too high off of your meds.”

   “No promises.”

   Tara pursed her lips as Jax kissed the top of Y/N’s head before walking out of the room with him. “So, you haven’t had any updates on who could’ve done this to her?”

    “We’re working on it. You just have to focus on getting her better and keeping Unser and the other cops away from her. They’ll screw everything up investigating this,” Jax said.

   “I’ll do my best, but I don’t know how much I can do to keep them from seeing her,” Tara said. 

   Jax simply nodded and they continued walking back to the waiting room. Juice was passed out in his seat; Tig was fiddling with his thumbs; Chibs was fake reading some magazine; and Opie looked worried. Gemma and Clay were no where to be seen.

   “Hey, where’d my mom and Clay go?” Jax asked Opie.

   Opie blinked and looked up at Jax. “Your mom’s outside smoking and Clay left to call around. How is she?”
   “She’s awake but she doesn’t remember much,” Jax said.

    “Poor lass. We’re gonna have to teach whoever did this a lesson,” Chibs said.

    “Yeah, if we can find them.” Tig elbowed Juice and he jumped up.

    “Wh-what happened?” Juice asked.

    “She’s awake but Tara’s about to give her some meds to get rid of the pain so there’s no use in anyone else going to talk to her right now,” Jax said.

    “Oh, that’s convenient: Y/N gets drugged up only after you see her.” 

   “I didn’t make the call, Tara did. Don’t get your panties in a twist, Juice.”

   “Too late,” Tig muttered.

    The other guys burst out laughing while Juice chose to punch Tig in the arm.

    “Anyway, we have to have some of the guys stay here just in case whoever attacked Y/N tries to come back. I don’t think she saw anything she wasn’t supposed to but she also doesn’t remember much.”

    “I’ll stay,” Juice said.

    “I might as well too,” Opie said.

    “Great, the rest of us’ll help Clay and the others find the son of a b-tch who tried to mess with our Y/N,” Jax said.

    The other men nodded.

    “The only other thing we have to worry about is the cops. Even though they hate us, they’re obligated to investigate something like this. When they come in, try not to bust their balls too much. Besides, Y/N knows how to handle them anyway. The main priority is to keep her safe and to catch the people who landed her in here. Understood?” Jax asked.


    Back in her room, Y/N couldn’t feel any pain. She felt numb and light thanks to the morphine. She would’ve tried escaping from the hospital then, but the numbness and cords attached to her helped keep her down. Though she was fully conscious, she felt the meds lead her into some sort of dreamlike haze. Soon, she was no longer in the hospital but back in that dimly lit bar in Vegas.

    “Y/N, what are you doing?” Y/B/F/N asked through a laugh.

    The music was loud and Y/N couldn’t tell whether it was country or rap. The people in the small bar were dancing and it was hot and sweaty. Y/N was standing on the bar, dancing and waving her hands above her head.

    “Living!” Y/N shouted.

   She tossed back another shot of tequila, grinning at the burning sensation as it ran down her throat. She spun around on the bar, men and women yelled at her and she couldn’t tell whether it was out of praise or drunken belligerence.It had been years since Y/N had danced on a bar without trying to get tips from drunken bikers. She felt calm and free.

    “Nice moves, little lady,” some man with dark hair and piercing gray eyes said.

    “I know,” Y/N said.

    “Why don’t you come down here and be my partner.” He had a thick southern accent and he wasn’t terrible looking at all. Then again, tequila made everyone look good to Y/N.

    “Make me,” she teased.

    Swiftly, the man grabbed her and pulled her down from the bar, ignoring the playful swats Y/N gave him. He set her on her feet and they began dancing. He wore all black and some sort of black leather vest. 

    “You’re not too bad yourself,” Y/N called over the music. 


    Suddenly, Y/N was out in the parking lot, her two friends trailing behind her. The guy she had danced with was gone and she was ready to go back to her hotel. Y/N bumped into someone and shoved them away.

    “Watch where you’re going!” she snapped.

    “Y/N, shut up,” Y/B/F/N’s roommate warned.

    But her warning fell on deaf ears. Y/N hadn’t picked a fight since she came to Vegas and she was itching to punch someone, anyone. The man turned around but Y/N couldn’t make out his face or anything.

    “What did you say, b-tch?” 

    And then, Y/N’s eyes snapped open and she jumped a little when she realized Juice was standing by her door. 

    “Hey, Y/N,” Juice said. “How are you feeling?”

    “Great, Nurse Ratchet gave me some drugs.” Y/N lifted the hand that had the IV in it and beckoned to Juice. “Come closer.”

    Juice hesitated before walking closer to Y/N. He looked worried and angry at the same time. “I’m not really supposed to be in here, you know. I just wanted to see how you were holding up.”

    “I’m great,” Y/N said with a laugh. 

    “You look good, you always look good,” Juice said.

    “Don’t flirt with me right now, I’m hideous.” Y/N covered her face with her hands.

   “No, you’re not. Listen to me, Jax, Clay, and Tig are looking for the bastard that did this to you. Opie and I are staying here in case they come back. The cops might come to interview you but hopefully you won’t be as high as you are right now if that happens,” Juice said.

   However, he knew his words were falling on deaf ears as Y/N cocked her head at him in confusion. This was definitely going well.

   “Redneck,” Y/N said.

   “They’re looking for a redneck,” Y/N said slowly, sounding more sleepy.  

   Juice’s eyes widened and he leaned forward. “Are you sure, Y/N?”

   “I got into a fight with a redneck at…at the bar.”
   “Do you remember what he looked like?”

    “Bigger than Opie,” Y/N said with a giggle. “I’m gonna go to sleep now.”

    “Y/N,” Juice hissed.

    However, Y/N had already drifted back to sleep. Juice sighed as he stood. Hopefully, Y/N really had realized something in her high state because this information did help narrow down suspects. Juice walked into the hallway and ran right into Tara.

   “Why are you just leaving Y/N’s room?” Tara demanded quietly.

   “Don’t worry about it, doc, it’s all under control,” he said.

   Tara stopped him from getting past her. “Look, Y/N’s my friend too and I’m trying to help her get better. You trying to talk to her while she needs rest is not helping. I’ll let you know when you can talk to her again.”

   “Whatever you say, doc.” Juice smirked at her as he continued walking into the waiting room.

   Opie stood. “Did she say anything?”

  “She said that it was a redneck and I think she might be telling the truth. She is on morphine after all.”

   “Alright, I’ll call Clay. Hopefully, it’s a solid lead,” Opie said.

   “Yeah,” Juice said, “hopefully.”

Stepping Up: Part 6

Pairings: Chibs x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, murder (sort-a canon but reader did warn the bitch…), angry followers that have waited entirely too long for this part? Oh, and fluff

Word Count: 2,840

A/N: This is the long awaited finale!!! Enjoy!

Stepping Up Masterlist   Aesthetic by @ravenangel33

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5


“Did she think I was kidding?” You asked more to yourself than of your step-daughter. Kerrianne shook her head and shrugged as the two of you watched Tara turn down the end of one of the isles in the grocery store and head toward the other.

“Wha’ does tha’ mean?” She asked as you made your way down the isle Tara had just left. You glanced down at your sleeping two week old son before looking over at Kerrianne.

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[[ Request: imagine where the guys rescue you from a dangerous situation and juice is the one to get you out and take you back to the clubhouse and keep you safe and you both kinda fall for each other ]] - I decided to make this one kind of fluffy, because Juice is adorable, and I just really like to see him happy. 💘

“You okay?” 

You looked up, eyes wide. 

Today had been the day from hell, and you were still shaken. You nodded your head at Jax and took a deep, shaky breath. You were trying your best to calm your nerves, but it just wasn’t happening. You had been at home, minding your own business and going about your day just like it was any other day. That is until you heard the sound of someone kicking in your front door. You ran to the bedroom and hid in the closet, listening to the sound of several sets of feet stomping noisily through your home. You called Jax in a panic. You were close with the MC. That was no secret around Charming. And you knew this was more than likely some rival MC retaliation. Your voice shook as you hurriedly whispered into your phone, telling Jax exactly what was happening and praying the people in your home didn’t hear you. The next thing you remember is hearing the low rumble of motorcycles in your yard, shortly followed by yelling and a few silenced gunshots. You heard footsteps running towards your room, and Juice had stormed in, pulling you out of the closet and looking you up and down to make sure you weren’t hurt. It turned out to be Mayan retaliation, just as you’d suspected. The guys had handled it, and you were safe now, back at the Sons clubhouse. But you were still terrified after the day’s events. 

Jax patted a hand on your back and placed a friendly kiss on top of your head. “You’re safe now, sweetheart.” He glanced towards the bar. “You wanna stay here tonight? A bunch of the guys will be here to watch over you. Keep you safe.”

You nodded your head. You didn’t want to go back home. Not yet anyway.

Jax smiled lightly and nodded his head. “Okay, sweetheart. I’ll get Gemma to set you up a room.” He turned to walk away when Juice walked up.

“What’s up?” Juice asked, glancing down at you and back to Jax. Juice had been the one to save you, and he was the one who brought you back to the clubhouse. You instantly felt safe in his presence.

“Y/N’s staying here tonight,” Jax answered. “I told her we’ll have some of the guys watch over her and make sure she’s safe.” 

Juice nodded his head quickly. “I can stay with her.” 

Jax raised an eyebrow and smiled. He turned to you. “That okay, babe?”

“Yeah,” you answered, smiling at Juice. It was more than okay with you. You liked being around Juice. He was cute, funny, sweet, and he made you feel safe. There was no one else you’d rather stay with you.

“Cool.” Juice grinned. “You can stay in my room.” 


“So.” Juice motioned his hands around his room in the clubhouse, flashing you a cheesy grin and shrugging. “This is it.” 

You let out a small laugh and smiled back at him. “It’s lovely.” 

His smile grew. “Yeah?” He placed your bag on the floor by the bed. “I always thought it could use a woman’s touch.”

You bit your lip, trying to hide your smile. Something about Juice made you feel like you were back in elementary school, crushing on the cutest boy in homeroom. Except now, you were a grown woman crushing on a biker with a faux hawk and scalp tattoos. You were sure Juice wasn’t interested in you, at least not in that way. The rest of the guys had always treated you like a little sister. You assumed Juice felt the same way.

“So,” you glanced around the room. “I’m sleeping in here?” 

Juice nodded his head. 

“Where will you be?” 

“Oh, uh,” Juice motioned to the door. “I’ll crash on one of the couches or something.” 

“You could stay in here,” you suggested, biting your lip. “With me.” 

He raised his eyebrows, and his mouth opened in surprise. “Oh. Uh - “

You felt your cheeks turn pink and immediately wished you hadn’t said anything. “I just - I meant because I’m still kind of freaked out, and I - “ you paused and shifted your eyes to the floor. “It’s just, I would feel safer if you were in here. With me.” 

You looked up to see Juice smiling at you, a look of pleasant surprise on his face. “Yeah.” He nodded his head. “Sure. I can stay in here.”


You woke up the next morning with a sugar hangover and an arm thrown lazily across your waist. You rolled over to see Juice asleep beside you, his head buried in a pillow.

You and Juice had sat on the floor in front of the bed all night watching movies. The two of you had talked and joked around for hours. You had laughed so hard, your stomach ached. The more you talked with him, the more you realized you had in common with him. You felt yourself falling for Juice. You had always thought he was cute, but now you felt yourself making this new connection with him. And he felt it too. He had been watching you all night, though you hadn’t noticed. He felt himself falling for you, and he knew he was going to fall hard. He knew he could love you, if you ever gave him the chance. He hoped you would give him a chance.

You thought of the ridiculous grins plastered on both of your faces for the entire night. You hadn’t stopped smiling from the moment you talked Juice into staying with you. Your cheeks still ached in the happiest way, and you loved it. 

You felt your heart flutter as you remembered how Juice had shifted his position on the floor and scooted himself closer to you. You had pretended not to notice and tried to hide your smile, but you knew he could still see the happiness twinkling in your eyes. Juice had reached out suddenly and grabbed your hand, taking you totally by surprise. He had turned to look at you and grinned. You remembered how gently he had squeezed your hand. When you asked him why he grabbed your hand, he shrugged and answered “just because”.

Juice snored softly beside you, bringing you out of your thoughts and back to the present. You watched him sleep for a few moments. He looked so peaceful and innocent. You smiled lovingly and leaned down to place a kiss on top of his head. 

He let out a deep, muffled sigh and wrapped both arms around you, pulling you closer to him. “Good morning,” he mumbled sleepily. He lifted his head from the pillow and smiled at you before placing a soft kiss on your lips. You melted into him and snuggled closer, sighing in content. This felt like the beginning of something really great.

Request: Please, don’t go

Request: The reader receives a letter from her work in which she gets an offer to work in New York, Juice finds out and they fight?

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You were already awake, watching him sleep. His head was resting over your stomach, his arms wrapped around you as he slept. Juice had tossed and turned last night in bed, not able to sleep. You had calmed him down, caressing his scalp as he hugged you, slowly diving into sleep. His anxiety was in stratospheric levels lately, the spotless house was an evidence of it.

He groaned and slid his hand over your belly, waking up. You smiled, seeing Juice stretch on bed and look up at you, “Morning gorgeous”.

“Morning love”, you caressing his cheek. “I’m glad to see you got some sleep”

“Yeah”, he laid facing you, pulling your body to his. “Thanks to you baby. You always calm me down. I don’t know what I’d do without you”

“I love you Juan”, you whispered, cupping his face. “I’ll always be here baby, always”

You made sweet love, ignoring the alarm for a while before get up for another day.


You were in a meeting when the intern passed by your office, letting the mail, so the letters were under your door when you opened it. Careful not to step over them, you knelt to catch the envelopes, looking each one of them, stopping when you saw the company logo.

It was a letter from your boss. You slowly sat on your chair, covering your mouth. It was an offer to work in New York!

You liked you job, the money was good and you had time to be with Juice and your friends. You also knew that the company was expanding, but you hadn’t applied to any spot, you didn’t want to leave Charming. Everybody always said you were a hard working person and you had no problems at your job, so this might be for your effort on the company. It was a big opportunity, for sure, but all you could think about was Juice and the family you had in Charming.

You let all the mail over your desk, closed the door, took the elevator, going to decide your future before lunch.


Juice had been typing in his laptop all morning, trying to find some information for the club. Clay and Jax were trying to solve this problem before it got out of control and they had to face another lockdown. He was nervous about it, seeing what club problems were doing with the VP’s family. He didn’t want to go through that, he knew how much you hated lockdowns and only God knew when you could get tired of that life. That was his constant fear; lose you, the best thing that had happened in his life.

Church was over now and he was feeling better, problems giving the club a rest for a while. Juice thought that would be nice to have lunch together, so he decided to surprise you, showing up at work. The receptionist tried to call you, but she got no response. Juice decided to wait there for a while before try to call you; he didn’t want to ruin the surprise.

“Hey Juan”, he heard someone calling. “It’s Juan, right?”

“Yes, it is”, he answered, but didn’t smiled back to the man in front of him. It was some guy named Mike or Mitch…He didn’t know, but he hated the guy, a jerk who was always looking at your butt when you weren’t looking.

“You came to see Y/N?”, Mike/Mitch smiled wider. “You guys decided to celebrate with lunch? Good choice! I have a recommendation, if…”

“Celebrate?”, Juice cut off the guy.

“Yes”, he thought there was a mischievous look in that guy’s face, but decided to ignore it in that moment. “I heard she got a letter today, a promotion. You must be happy, New York is a big change, but also a big chance”

“New York?”, Juice clenched his fists on his sides. What the hell was happening there?

“Yes!”, Mike/Mitch grinned. “Anyway… If you guys need some tips about apartments, let me know. I got the number of a guy…”

Juice wasn’t listening anymore, he only nodded and waited until Mike/Mitch walk away and then left the building. He had lost his appetite.


Thankfully, your boss was very comprehensive and you solved the problem just in time to leave for lunch with your coworkers. The rest of the day was good and you were able to leave early. You were planning to make a nice dinner for Juice, maybe his favorite food and then relax on the couch. Well, if he wasn’t busy with club business, of course. You suspected that the problem were club business, things that were worrying him and not letting Juice sleep well lately. You stopped at the supermarket to buy a few missing ingredients and drove home, just to be surprised seeing Juice’s bike at the driveway.

“Juan!”, you called out when you opened the front door, but got no response. You put your purse at the table and that was when you noticed the bags next to it.

“I packed your things”, you looked up to see Juice standing there, arms crossed over his chest, eyes red.

“My things?”, you creased your brow, completely confused. “What is happening?”

“I thought that… Since you are so eager to move out, I should help…”, he said between teeth, his jaw clenched hard. “I only forgot one thing… You tickets to New York”

“New York?”, you tried to touch him, but Juice took a step backwards. “What are you…?”

You suddenly realized what was happening and that somehow, Juice knew about the promotion. You could see he was angry and nervous; you would need all your patience to put some sense back in his mind.

“Apparently, you already know about the offer I got”, you calmly said.

“Yes”, he barked. “I was at your office, thinking about surprise you for lunch when saw Mike…Mitch… Whoever he is, and that jerk told me about it”

“So… You got angry, left without talk to me, came home and packed my things?”, you raised a finger for every action as you spoke. “You only have Mitch’s word, which you believe more than your old lady’s word”

“Why would he lie?”, Juice was losing control, fast.

“Mitch is a jerk, you just said it”, you crossed your arms too. “I know you freaked out, but maybe you should have waited for me, listen the whole story from my mouth!”

“What story?”, Juice raised his voice, uncrossing his arms, his fists clenched on his sides. “The story about my ruined life? The story about how you said always would be here, but it was lie!”

“No!”, you lost it. You couldn’t stand this irrational Juan, no matter how much your loved him. “The story about how I meant it and about a promotion that I refused”

“Refused?”, he creased his brows, now finally listen to you.

“Yes”, you sighed. “I got the letter this morning. I didn’t know other people knew about it until I left for lunch with my coworkers. As soon as I got it, I went to my boss’ office. I talked to him and refused the promotion. I didn’t apply for that job, I earned it, but I don’t want it”

“So… You didn’t ask for this job in New York?”, Juice’s voice was low, careful.

“No”, you let your arms fall down your sides. “I don’t want another job, I’m happy in this one. I’m not leaving Charming. I’m not leaving YOU”

“Jesus!”, Juice closed his eyes, letting out his breath and then ran to you, wrapping his arms around your body. “Forgive me, please baby. Forgive me for being a paranoid, a jerk…”

“It’s okay”, you whispered. He was hiding his face on the crook of your neck as you caressed his scalp. Yes, we was paranoid and sometimes it was hard to keep up with it, but you loved him and you had went through so much together.

“I freaked out”, Juice said, his voice muffled on your neck. “I can’t lose you baby. I was worried about the club, about another lockdown and you getting tired of this life, of me…”

You pulled back, cupping his face and locking your eyes with his, “Listen to me Juan. I’m not going anywhere, okay?”

“Okay”, he mumbled and crushed his lips on yours. You held his neck, enjoying his kiss, his touch. “So… Do you forgive me?”

“Yes”, you smiled, your arms still around his neck. “Well… I probably should make you put all my things back on the closet”

“Absolutely”, he nodded. “I’ll do it now”

“No”, you held him, no letting Juice go. “Later. Now, I want a proper apology”

“I have an idea”, Juice smirked and lifted you, walking towards the bedroom, a place you surely never wanted to leave.

Juice deserves to be happy. ❤️


“I wonder if this is what Ray and Kendra felt like in 1958.” You wondered aloud to Jax as you two unpacked random things into an empty dorm room on campus. 

Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff happened in this small town (you don’t like listening to the big science explanation, you get the basics with Doctor Who references) and you and Jax were sent to see what’s going on. The biggest thing this town has is the university, anything big happening here would be happening on campus.

“I don’t know, maybe, but they were already kind of a couple when they went undercover, and, you know, it’s 1997, I think we’ll be better here rather than there.” Did you mention that you and Jax were going undercover as a couple? Maybe not, but you simultaneously couldn’t wait and didn’t want to think about it. Yes, you liked Jax, and yes, you wanted to be with him, but a fake relationship was indulging you and making your heart hurt. 

You only hoped Jax liked you too. Sometimes you thought so because of the way Jax (and Stein) acted around you sometimes. You two get caught taking glances at each other, and sometimes Jax holds your hand a little to long. (The first time was when Jax was teaching you some small things with the engines on the Waverider so you could help him in the future. Holding a screwdriver, he took your hand in his and you suspected that he’s tried to take every opportunity to touch your hand again.) But, yours and Jax’s possible (hopeful) relationship isn’t something to talk about now, time stuff is.

“Where does the team want us to go?” You asked, slipping on a faded and ripped jean jacket. 

“They traced it back to the quantum physics wing, of course, we might wanna go meet with one of the professors.” 

“Let’s head out then, yeah?” Jax nodded his head and you two exited the dorm room and walked down the corridor. As you two strolled down, Jax took his fingers and brushed them against yours l before linking your fingers together. You took a quick intake of breath and looked up at Jax, locking your fingers with his.

“We are a couple, right?” Jax asked, biting his lip. You smiled and nodded, and in doing so made a grin appear on Jax’s face. You hoped maybe this feeling will last for a while.

“So, dudes, what’s your guys’, like, favorite movies?” One of the two students asked us. You two had introduced yourselves to two of the quantum physics majors and they had wanted to hang out together with you and Jax. You and Jax happily complied, hoping to get more information about the shady things their university department was doing.

“Well,” you drawled, scooting closer to Jax in the booth seat you shared, “This one,” you pointed to Jax, “-likes those old-timey horror movie from the 50s and 60s.“ You two smiled at each other.

“And this one doesn’t like ‘em,” Jax retaliated, poking you playfully in your side. “They’re all to scary for them to handle.”

It’s true, you didn’t like horror movies, even cheesy ones from way back when. Jax had figured this out when you two had gotten Gideon to play a movie in your room and Jax insisted on his favorite genre. You couldn’t sleep for a little bit, but that just meant that Jax was super apologetic and offered to stay with you until you were okay again. Those moments, Jax decided to tease you with because you were scared of everything.

“Jax hates me for it.” You told the students.

“Nah, I could never hate you.” Jax told you, leaning over and kissing your cheek. You felt your stomach flip and you smiled so big.

“Aw man,” one student told the other, “-why can’t we be as cute as them?”

“If this isn’t terrifying.” You whispered to Jax as you two walked down in the empty basement of the science building. The power was out and all you two had for light was a small flashlight that could fit in the palm of your hand. You held the flashlight with your left hand snd with your other one you reached back to grab Jax’s hand. Jax squeezed your hand.

“Just see if you can see anything useful. If you see someone, don’t make contact with anyone.” Sara gave instructions through yours and Jax’s communication devices.

You heard footsteps slowly creeping to the place where you and Jax were. You shut off the flashlight and Jax drug you behind a few dust covered shelves. When Jax had drug you back he had grabbed you by the waist and held your back against his chest until you saw it was one of the campus security guards. The both of you had breathed a sigh of relief, but Jax didn’t immediately let go of you, and you didn’t want him to.

“I think I’m gonna miss this little dorm.” You thought out loud, looking at the bland and bare walls of the university dorm room.

“Really?” Jax asked, taking a look around the room.“We only spent one night in here, and I’m pretty sure it was because we were so tired after we fixed the time anomaly.“

“I don’t know why.” You looked at Jax, his 90s fashion making him look like Will Smith as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.Yeah, you were gonna miss Jax’s arm around your waist and your hands locked in his, and wearing his way too big for you jacket when it got a little cold out. “Maybe I’ll just miss this. Hanging out here,” you paused, “-with you.”

Jax glanced down to the floor, and bit his lip. “Yeah, I’m gonna miss this too.”

You considered his words and you hoped you had courage to face rejection. “I think I’m gonna miss us the most.”

Jax shot his head up to meet your eyes and once he did, the biggest grin you have seen on him grew incredibly wide. “You mean that?”

“I wouldn’t lie to you Jax.” You told him, all sincerity in your voice.

Jax moved from the side of the room he had claimed over to you. He stood in front of you, you looking up to him because he was a little less than a head taller than you. Your breath was caught in your throat. “C-Can I kiss you?”

You subtly nodded your head, but Jax saw it all the same and leaned his head down and you leaned your head up to meet him. His lips touched yours and Jax lightly held your waist and you hooked one arm around his neck. You pulled him closer to you, but before you could he pulled himself away and held his forehead against yours.

“I don’t want this to end,” Jax whispered, taking your waist closer to him. You relaxed in his embrace, taking the arm that wasn’t around his neck and wrapped it around the back of his waist.

“It doesn’t have to,” you told him in a repeated whisper. “We don’t have to only be a couple in 1997. We can be together all the time- all throughout time.”

Jax leaned his head down to rest on the crook of my neck, burying his face into my clothes. After moments of silence, he gave a short laugh. You rested your hand on the back of his neck and asked, “What’s so funny?”

“Last week I was going through Grey’s stuff and found a betting pool between the team over when we were going to get together.“ You gave out a short laugh, gently pushing Jax up from your shoulder so you could look at him. You pecked the corner of his mouth with a kiss.

“Maybe that’s why they sent us undercover.”

“Yeah, maybe they were trying to force it out of us.”

“I can’t believe someone’s going to get money because of us.”

“Oh, it’s not money.”

“What?” You asked, taking Jax by the face. Jax’s lit up at your gesture and laughed again.

“The winner doesn’t have to make dinner for three weeks.” You joined him in laughter then paused to think.

“I hope Stein wins. I might need to get my stomach pumped if I eat another ounce of his food.”

“Please, I know the man can’t cook. I just want pizza all the time!”

(Sara won. You and Jax got pizza to celebrate.)

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