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i am very passionate about south park siblings


Red is him, blue is me

Dear Tumblr: This was my late-night motivation for that ealier post about tickling.

My friend texted me this a week ago, and after much persuasion I snapped and told him. He then proceeded to take a minute before saying that it was adorable and honestly:

I couldn’t find a reason for it being weird.

I bet you guys can’t either.

Then… yknow… he demanded I come over and show him what its all about so that’s a fucking +1… but seriously guys.

Don’t overthink it. It might not turn out like this for everyone, but maybe this can be some inspiration not to hate your little tickle bug interest. Love the little bug.

Love yourselves.

The 100 Hogwarts AU - John Murphy in Gryffindor


They say discrimination is dead, the Wizarding community. Everyone is accepted, they say. Well somebody forgot to tell them Murphy existed. He was the Gryffindor that the other Gryffindors hated, tried to shove him over to the Slytherins - who, also, wouldn’t have a bar of him. But, to be fair, he had tried to murder Jasper numerous times for snoring too loudly. 

His father had been arrested for stealing medicine Murphy had needed when he was sick. Their family was poor, but when Murphy got sick it was when they hit the ultimate low. Nobody could figure out what it was, and the medicine his father had ended up stealing was apparently dangerous. They said that they were convinced his father was going to start dealing it. They couldn’t afford a lawyer.

His mother blamed him, and the rest history.

It was only when his Hogwarts letter arrived that he, not his mother, had to attempt to write a letter to send back explaining he couldn’t go because he was too sick. It was then, and only then, did the Ministry of Magic swoop in to take him to St. Mungos, and he was cured over night.

His mother’s blame only strengthened. 

He had never had many friends as a kid, so eleven year old Murphy may have come on too strong when attempting to make friends. He found himself hovering around Bellamy, who was a few years his senior.

There was only so much pain, suffering, and bullying that someone could take until they either cracked or became one.

Murphy became an asshole. 

His friends digged it. He was cool. He was finally getting attention. And then princess swooped in, reformed Bellamy, and Bellamy kicked him off the Quidditch team.

Oh yeah, did he mention he was a chaser? Not anymore. 

Mudblood. Nobody. Asshole. Killed your father. Devil child.

Just another day in the life of one John Murphy.


My part of the art trade with the very lovely @tsurakerusartandcraft​ ♥ ♥
Hope you like it!! qwq I’ll draw you something better soon I swear ;; v ;;

I did a cute chib just for you look at him love is blind zfdzfdzfdqsdd

can we just like talk abt how pure ronan’s love for adam is like damn he never expected him to feel the same way and just did all those things like fixing his rent and helping out with other stuff just to make adam’s life a bit easier jfc can you even imagine how happy he must have been when adam kissed him back

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Kagami relationship Headcanons with the s/o??

omg omg ok this one will be fun because i love this bae so much

  • He absolutely loves cooking for you. When he wants to stay in for a date, it’s not because he’s cheap but he loves seeing your face light up whenever he produces a homemade meal
  • HUGE CUDDLER. Oh my God, he loves you sitting in between his legs with his arms wrapped around you as you watched the television
  • Secretly loves it when you steal his jerseys or shirts and puts them on and wears nothing else but that. It’s a huge turn on for him, like major major turn on.
  • Tries to impress his s/o with cool basketball moves but he’ll end up screwing it up like breaking the hoop or knocking his forehead against it because this dork got too excited.
England vs Iceland
  • England: *loses*
  • France: Wtf Iggy?!
  • America: hah loser
  • Spain: Omg how did you lose he's like 17
  • Romano: wtf
  • Germany: I didn't know you was that bad
  • England: SHUT UP!!
  • Iceland: yay
  • Denmark: how tf did you win??!?
  • Norway: Jesus how
  • Finland: OMG Emil
  • Sweden: *not even in EM anymore* good job
  • Iceland: thanks sve, at least you understand my situation *cough*
  • Denmark, Norway and Finland: RUDE

Bert: “Wow, you drew me. Ok I’ll draw you, and I’ll give you a rad thumbs up and a big heart because I can tell you have a big heart”